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How to Increase Blog Traffic
by Ashley Smith | on December 5, 2012



                   How to Increase Blog Traffic
Blogging away… Getting any traffic? In this article are some proven methods that will get your
articles seen by people who are actually searching for them. Keep reading and I’ll share with you
some proven strategies that will get customers to your website and Increase Blog Traffic for
your online business.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned blogger or new to the game – there are a few
simple things to remember when you’re typing your article and want to get your latest post
seen by as many prospective customers as possible.

                         How to Increase Blog Traffic
Keyword research is number #1. If you spend 5 or 10 minutes planning which will be your
keywords so you can structure your article around these words then this is going to help you
be able to pinpoint your chances of getting the #1 Ranking.
I use Google Keyword Tool, it’s free and reliable. You want to sign in, you don’t have to fill out a
captcha form and you will get more keywords than if you don’t have an account, I advise you            The Empower Network
to create an account: either a new gmail account or a google +1 account if you don’t already
have one. Google +1 is a great way to share your article’s in social media and get another             The Empower Network
backlink for yourself to increase blog traffic.
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                            How to Increase Blog Traffic
Your article should be at least 500 words, if it’s a really compelling article and you head up
towards 600 / 700 words then that’s ok but remember some people might not want to read a
really long post – if it’s great content then write it anyway and your readers will be glad you
spent the extra effort on it.
Keyword density: the number to times your keywords appear in the article divided by the total
number of words in the article eg. (500 / 5 = 1%), for best SEO results try for around 2 –
2.5%. But try to not over use keywords as the article may read a little strange or not have a
good flow to it.
You want to be choosing keywords that have a low competition and keywords that are
somewhat popular in searches – choosing a keyword or string of keywords that gets a million
Global Monthly Searches is going to be a big challenge to compete against so use your common
sense – there are a lot of video’s on explaining the basics – there are quite a few
that are around the 5 minute mark that will give you enough information.

                            How to Increase Blog Traffic
Use pictures. It’s easier on the eye to break up an article by using a few well placed and relevant
images that can increase your meaning or add another layer or dimension to the typed text.
When you’re Uploading the images – don’t forget to make the File name, the Alt Text and the
Description (if you want a Caption too, then that too) the Keyword – this will increase your
keyword density.
Proof read your article, add images and check the presentation and make sure you are pleased
with the finished product – as it will be on the internet for… Ever. So make sure it’s something
that you will be proud of.
Thanks for reading my article on How to Increase Blog Traffic I hope you have enjoyed reading
it. My goal is to provide service and add value to my readers.
Yours sincerely,
Ashley Smith

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