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Google Website Analytics
by Ashley Smith | on November 22, 2012



                     Google Website Analytics
If you’re running an Online Business and want to keep up or overtake your competitors then
you need to use google website analytics, read on and I’ll share how it will add value to your
Online Business.
What all business’s need to be competitive is the ability to see what their competitors are doing,
how they are ranking and how they can take some of their market share. If you haven’t already
become acquainted with google website analytics then let me take you on a quick run through –
showing you how your Online Business will benefit.

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                          Google Website Analytics
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                               Google Website Analytics
Tracking how visitors came to see your site will help you eliminate wastage in your advertising
campaigns and allow to focus on increasing the advertising that is bringing you the results that
you’re wanting. Was it Organic traffic – directed there by search engine listings? Direct traffic –
this could be people typing your URL directly into the website browser. Or referral traffic – linked
from another site?

The more you break down your understanding of your website and how much traffic you
receive the more you’re able to fine tune the promotional aspect of how you tell people about
your website. Such as the geographical aspect: it’s totally different if you’re in internet marketing
compared to if you have a florist or a car repair as you are able to narrow down specifics.

                               Google Website Analytics
Creating an account is as simple as going to google and following the tutorials, they are step by
step and if you’re still having difficulty then there are several videos avail on youtube ranging in
length from 5 – 10 minutes. This article is not meant as a tutorial itself. If you have hit a plateau
in your business and can’t figure out what to do next then your next step is to learn google
website analytics.

The value to you is a better understanding of how people come to visit your site and how to
optimize your site so that people spend longer on it. As the longer they spend on it the better
chance that they will buy from you.

If you’re new to how to increase your Online web presence then this is the first tool that you
need to have in your command. An understanding into google website analytics is an essential
element of your Online success.
Yours sincerely,

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Ashley Smith

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