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Be Your Own Boss – @ The Empower Network
by Ashley Smith | on November 19, 2012



 Be Your Own Boss – @ The Empower Network
So you want to start up your own Online Business and Be your own Boss? You’re ready to
take on the world, make yourself financially independant and Fire your Boss. Awesome! There
are many rewards for taking the initiative and stepping out on your own. First of all there’s the
money – you earn what you’re worth, not what someone else says you’re worth.
Taking on the business world isn’t as daunting as it may sound. What you need is support and
guidance through the first steps until you’re ready to take the reins by yourself. I understand.
Most people want to be their own boss but hesitate with the thoughts like: I don’t have any
experience. I don’t have much money. I can’t do “everything” all by myself. I’ve never run my
own business before I don’t know if I’ll be able to cope…

                                                                                                    The Empower Network

                                                                                                    The Empower Network

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                                                                                                    be LAZY :-D

                                                                                                    How To Start Earning 100% Commissions
          Be Your Own Boss – @ The Empower Network
                                                                                                    Meet two leaders that want YOU to get to
What if you could start from $25? Would that take some of the risk out? $25, what sort of           the top…

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business will I get for that? How much can i make from that? If you keep asking yourself “What
does it cost?” Then you are not thinking about making a proper and informed business decision.        Our Vision, and how YOU can Get Money
As with everything in life there is a Cost and a Value.                                               Today…
The cost is $25. The value: of having control of your life – utterly immense. If you’re serious
about starting a traditional business. How much money does that usually take? $10,000,                Welcome The The Home Of Automation,
                                                                                                      Viral Marketing and 100% Commissions
$100,000 or more. Don’t get these two things mixed up as they are totally different. How can
you put a price on having control of your life? The thing you cannot do is ”nothing”! Doing
nothing for years got you here. The answer is Be Your Own Boss.

               Be Your Own Boss – @ The Empower Network
To have something you don’t already have well then you have to do something you’ve never
done before. If you’re gung ho about this incredible business and don’t want to read any more
then click here and if you read on there are more good reasons as to why this is the best
decision you will make in 2012. I wouldn’t know anything about Online Marketing, how can I be
my own boss?
I remember something that Tim Sales said in one of his CD’s “When I was born do you think I
was a born Networker?” That makes me laugh! Of course it doesn’t, no-one is a born anything.
Some people are more disciplined than others. Some people get discouraged and give up. And
some people just don’t have big enough dreams for themselves.

               Be Your Own Boss – @ The Empower Network
All you need to be successful is passion and discipline, you’ll pick the rest up on the way. Nobody
comes into Online marketing knowing everything there is to know – EVERYONE had their first
day in the business. There aren’t any wonderful tales of overnight riches, just hard work and
dedication. Have the attitude of a winner and you will attract winners. If you believe in yourself
then you can Be Your Own Boss @ The Empower Network.
My goal is to help other in Online Marketing by providing value and service to others.
Yours in success and happiness,
Ashley Smith

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Break free of the rat race and get control back of your life and Be Your Own Boss. The value to
you could be indefinable. For step by step training to get yourself financially free click here and
add your email address for more information.

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                    About The Author: Ashley Smith
                    Hi, my name is Ashley Smith. I've been in a few traditional MLM companies over the
                    years, and, having no real success to speak of it w as about time that I embraced
                    technology, got w ith the times and got Online, though it w as a fantastic learning
                    experience w hich gave me a solid foundation of know ledge. Now I have started
 marketing my Online business full time w ith the techniques and strategies I have adopted from the
 Top Producers in the Internet Marketing Industry. After years of struggling just to get by I've taken
 full responsibility to reach my financial goals, my dreams, by am now applying them to succeed in
 Online Marketing and then to help others succeed w ith their Online business. I w ish you all the very
 best in your venture and I am alw ays looking to be of value and service to others in the Online
 Marketing Industry and those looking to get into it. Sincerely, Ashley Smith You can connect w ith me

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