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									     Effects of Common Toothpastes on Gum

A recent research shows that Gum Disease is just like the rust or corrosion
on cars in wet environment. Here same situation occurs with gum disease as
it destroy your mouth in wet environment of saliva but the big difference is
that you could replace your damaged car not your teeth or gums.

Our mouth is the perfect environment for Bacteria. Numerous harmful
bacteria live and double their population after every 20 seconds inside our
mouth, especially in night times. Bacteria live every where in our oral cavity,
on the surface of our tongue, inside of our cheeks, on the outer surface of
our teeth, teeth cavities and in all other corners and gaps inside our mouth.

“This is something unusual that occurs in your mouth each and
every second”.

Such bacteria use small food particles left after taking meal. In reward of
your feeding they excrete their wastes matter inside your mouth. This sulfur
waste is distributed throughout your gums and teeth and smells like rotten

“This is what your Oral Bacteria Does 24 hours a day and 7 days a week ″

You may notice this bad breath as the very first thing while you get up early
in the morning, after the bacterial feeding, multiplication and their wastes
elimination inside your mouth.

This bacterial accumulation also hardens into “plaque” on surface of our
teeth. This plaque is the beginning of the problem because we cannot see
and clean it.

In short, these bacteria are responsible for the no. of gum diseases such as
periodontal disease, gingivitis and etc. Gingivitis is a disease that slowly eats
up our gum tissues, teeth bones and converts them into bubbles inside our
mouth. We always need to be careful and have an eye on the early stages of
Effect of common toothpastes on these Bacteria
New research proves that these bacteria mostly remain unaffected with routine
toothpaste and mouthwash. A great product with natural ingredients is available in
the market known as Naturessmile Gum Balm. Nature'sSmile™ Gum Balm includes
more than 7 natural herbs and each of which fights with periodontal disease by
using their specific qualities. Nature’s Smile is a thicker paste which adheres to the
gums, goes deep inside the gums pockets and wiping out all the bacteria that are
come in contact with. When joined together they create a strong armed force that
attacks and kills the germs that your body can't do, while creating a hidden
protection shield inside those pockets of your gums to keep the bacteria away from
mouth. At first simply brush with your regular tooth paste, this works for loosing
and then remove the initial bacteria rinse out and after that brush with Nature's
Smile. Direct the toothbrush bristles underneath the gum-line while brushing,
in order to help break up the bacterial progression and development of sub
gingival plaque and calculus.

Another great thing is that you can use Nature's Smile™ for two
months that is absolutely risk FREE and make your own assessment
of this amazing product. To book your order call us at
1.877.411.1321 or visit www.NaturesSmile.com

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