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									ResearchAarkstoreEnterprise New Responsibilities for the Chief
Mobile Officer: Managing Internal Mobile Resources for
Employees as well as External Mobile Resources for Customers

CIO, Mobile and Wireless, Internal vs. External Responsibilities,
New Responsibilities for IT Management


It wasn't too long ago that enterprise IT was primarily focused on
their local area network serving the computing requirements of
their employees while 'tolerating' the few people who were
issued laptops, so they could be productive while on the road.
Enterprise mobility was a subset of 'true IT management' -
something that was dealt with as an aggravation rather than an

This report focuses on the evolved role of the CIO in enterprise,
the impact of mobile and wireless on that position, and the new
responsibilities for IT management.

Note: This report is sold separately and is also provided to
subscribers of the Mobile Insights Market Research Service.

Target Audience:

• Exporters, Importers and Traders
• Regulatory and Policy Individuals
• Associations and Technology Groups
• Government and International Bodies
           • Business and Financial Institutions
           • Corporate and Institutional Investors
           • Lawyers, Bankers, Libraries, Embassies
           • Patent Offices and Technology Executives
           • Venture Capitalists, Consultants and more...

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