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silica mineral



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									Earth-Friendly Insecticides

silica is commonly used for pest control, in the agriculture industry, it is the most reliable,
natural and cheapest insecticide in the market. silica has an excellent absorbing property.
Commonly known and distributed as insecticides in the market, it is the most
environmentally approved insecticide in the agriculture industries. But now, people can
be able to get top silica products because consumers now have the option to use a more
natural, effective and cheaper insecticide compared to the leading chemically
manufactured product.

Composed of 86 percent silicon, with the remaining percentages composed of other trace
minerals, it is an excellent source of silica or silicon dioxide. It is harmless on the soil and
other animals on the field. It is also good for the soil. However, insecticides are not the
only silica products available in the market. There are silicon products that are safe to
consume by both animals and humans.

They are either used directly from powder form, or used along the manufacturing of other
food products as a filtering agent. DE is also heated to treat pool filters, or used raw by
industries to clean up oil or chemical spills. It’s most valuable properties are its ability to
absorb liquid, due to silica; and its ability to filter out fine particles due to its porous

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