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									Choosing the right Marble Countertops for your home
Marble, as we all know, is a crystallized limestone and capable of being polished to achieve a sparkling finish, to make it look truly gorgeous. Marble is hard and compact and easily one of the most expensive material for countertops in one’s home. Marble has many properties that make it the ideal countertop material. If the marble countertop is maintained well, then it can ever look new. Marble countertops are heat-resistant and will not burn or catch fire and hence can be safely used as kitchen countertops. However, the fact remains that the finish of the marble countertop may catch fire if hot items are placed directly on the countertop without using ant intermediate mat or stand. If a potholder, coaster or a mat is not placed beneath the hot vessel, then the surface of the countertop may become darker spoiling the overall appearance of the countertop. Besides, as marble countertops are made up of natural stone they are susceptible to scratches, cracks and breakages.

There are two types of marble countertop. The first type is the marble slab, which is quite costly though it is highly durable. The second type of is marble tiles which are less expensive but prone to damages if too much weight is placed on them. As a result, marble tiles have to be maintained carefully though the initial buying cost is low. Maintenance of marble countertops, however, is very simple and merely wiping the stone with a wet rag or disinfectant can keep your countertop glowing for a long time.

The kitchen countertop is the central piece of attraction in a kitchen. Many homemakers therefore are very choosy what material they should use for kitchen countertops. Although different materials are available like Formica and ceramic most homeowners would choose marble simply for its majesty. Marble countertops are more found in eateries and restaurants. Restaurant marble countertops are kept slightly porous to disinfect them with cleansers aimed at getting rid of germs and bacteria. Restaurant and other commercial establishment owners favor marble countertops because it provides a neat look and creates a good impression on the minds of the customers. Likewise, if you choose marble countertops for your home, then you can impress your visitors. The unique appearance of marble countertops can dramatically enhance the value of your house, as marble is considered a prestigious, sophisticated material. Marble countertops are available in a wide range of colors from delicate blushes to vibrant blacks – one color as resplendent as the other is. Polished marble is prone to etching when acidic liquids are spilled on it and they may completely mar the finish of your countertop. Therefore, you should choose a honed finish in place of a polished finish. There are many colors, designs, surface textures, and patterns in marble countertops and you can select the ones you fancy most. Cultured marble is an artificial, man-made material formed with marble dust and resin. Cultured marble countertops can have the veining and translucency of original marble. Please know cultured marble is an economical replacement for real marble and a great upgrade from laminate countertops. People who want to spend less and still have the looks of marble can opt for cultured marble counter tops.

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