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									              Why Ohio Health Insurance Costs are Rising

Many factors contribute to rising Ohio health insurance premiums. Being aware
can help you protect yourself to some extent.

Having health insurance is necessary and unavoidable. However, the costs of
health insurance in Ohio are rising, just as they are for the rest of the country.
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average annual single premium
in 2012 is 3% higher than the average annual single premium in 2011, and the
average annual family premium in 2012 is 4% higher than the average annual
family premium in last year. Experts at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washing-
ton point out that many factors are responsible for this increase in medical
costs. Being aware of these factors can help you protect yourself to some ex-

   ·   Repetitive medical tests: Overtreatment and repetitive medical tests
       add to medical costs. Under the fee-for-service system, insurers, including
       Medicare, pay physicians and hospitals for every visit, test or procedure
       that is performed. This often results in overtreatment and repeated tests,
       driving up costs. It is also reported that doctors may prescribe unneces-
       sary tests or treatment to avoid facing a medical malpractice lawsuit!

       Health reform is seeking to correct this with a system of payment ‘bund-
       ling’ under which hospitals, doctors, and providers will be paid a flat rate
       for an episode of care rather than billing Medicare separately for each ser-
       vice or test or bundles of items or services. This system is expected to
       come into effect by January 1, 2013. Electronic medical records will also
       help streamline care and avoid unnecessary repeated tests.

   ·   Unhealthy lifestyles and an aging population: Obesity, smoking, al-
       coholism and chronic conditions resulting from them mean an unhealthy
       population that demands more medical care, resulting in rising medical
       costs. With baby boomers, moving into retirement, Medicare spending will

   ·   Technological advancement: Health insurance Ohio is getting costly
       because of expensive technology. Research has resulted in expensive new
       drugs, services, procedures and technology. Physicians as well as their
       patients seem obsessed with using advanced, costly technology regard-
       less of whether it is necessary or not. In fact, in many cases, cheaper
       substitutes could be available, but they are not considered because every-
       body wants only the ‘best’. The results? Higher treatment costs, of course!

       One interesting argument put forward by Dr Willard Gaylin is that good
       medicine keeps people alive, even if they are chronically ill. The health-
       care system has to support them too.

   ·   Tax exemptions: It is said that the tax breaks that Ohio employers and
       workers get on Ohio group health insurance encourage enrollment in
       expensive plans with more benefits. Moreover, if office co-pays and de-
       ductibles are low, workers may be encouraged to go in for unnecessary
       medical tests and procedures, again contributing to rising costs. With em-
       ployers seeking to shift the cost of care to their workers with high deduct-
       ible plans, the growth in premiums may slow down.

   ·   Healthcare providers and insurers charging higher prices: An in-
       creasing number of individual physicians are giving up private practice to
       join larger healthcare facilities. Mergers and partnerships among hospitals
       are allowing them to command a larger share of the market and charge
       more for their services. Mergers have also taken place among many Ohio
       health insurance companies, helping them raise premiums for various
       plans. The shortage of primary care physicians also leads people to rely
       more on specialist care which is much more expensive.

Consumers and the Rising Cost of Health Insurance Ohio

The first thing you can do is stay healthy. The right diet, regular exercise and a
healthy lifestyle can minimize the need to use the healthcare system. If you do
not have health insurance, enroll in an Ohio health plan as soon as possible. If
you do not and fall ill or have an accident, your medical costs could be much
higher than you can afford. There are various types of Ohio health insurance
plans. An experienced broker can help you get an Ohio health insurance quote to
suit your needs and provide you with all the help you need to enroll in the plan.

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