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									                                                                8 December 2009



 Fifteenth session
 Copenhagen, 7–18 December 2009

                                  Provisional list of participants

                                                  Part Two

                                            Observer States;
                     Entities having received a standing invitation to participate
                as observers in the sessions and the work of the General Assembly and
                     maintaining permanent observer missions at Headquarters;
                             United Nations Secretariat units and bodies;
                           Specialized agencies and related organizations;
                                    Intergovermental organizations;
                                Non-governmental organizations (A–H)

1.       The attached provisional list of participants attending the fifteenth session of the Conference of
the Parties and the fifth session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to
the Kyoto Protocol, as well as the thirty-first sessions of the subsidiary bodies, has been prepared on the
basis of information received by the secretariat as at Friday, 4 December 2009.
2.       A final list of participants will be issued on Friday, 18 December 2009, taking into account
additional information received by the secretariat prior to that date and including any corrections
submitted. Corrections should be given to Ms. Heidi Sandoval (Registration counter) by 12 noon,
at the latest, on Wednesday, 16 December 2009.
3.      Because of the large number of participants at this session, the provisional list of participants is
presented in three parts.

FCCC/CP/2009/MISC.1 (Part 2)


                                      Participation statistics

                                                        States/Organizations   Registered participants
Parties                                                         191                     8041
Observer States                                                  3                       12
Total Parties + observer States                                 194                     8053
Entities having received a standing invitation to                1                       11
participate as observers in the sessions and the work
of the General Assembly and maintaining
permanent observer missions at Headquarters
United Nations Secretariat units and bodies                     33                      451
Specialized agencies and related organizations                  18                      298
Intergovernmental organizations                                 53                      699
Non-governmental organizations                                  832                    20611
Total observer organizationsa                                   937                    22070
Total participation                                                                    30123

Registered media                                               1069                     2941
 Observer organizations marked with an asterisk (*) in this document have been provisionally admitted
by the Bureau of the Conference of the Parties.

                                                Observer States
Andorra                                   Mr. Celestino Migliore                  Somalia
                                          Permanent Observer of the Holy See to
                                          the Untited Nations
S.E. M. Vicenç Alay Ferrer                                                        H.E. Mr. Buri M. Hamza
Minister                                                                          Minister
Minister of Territorial Planning,         Mr. Hugo Cabrera Aramayo                Ministry of Environment
Environment and Agriculture               Member of the Delegation
                                                                                  Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Issa
M. Xavier Cuenca Burzón                   Mr. Paolo Conversi                      Advisor to the Minister
Director, Environment                     Member
Minister of Territorial Planning,         Secretariat of State
                                                                                  H.E. Mr. Khalid Omar Ali
Environment and Agriculture
                                                                                  State Minister, Council of Ministers
                                          Mr. Luke Swanepoel
Holy See                                  Member of the Delegation

Mr. Dominique F. Mamberti                 Mr. Marcus Wandinger
Archbishop/Secretary for Relations with
States                                    Mr. Mariano Cardiello
Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy    Member of the Delegation
See to the United Nations, New York

   Entities having received a standing invitation to participate as observers in
      the sessions and the work of the General Assembly and maintaining
                 permanent observer missions at Headquarters


H.E. Mr. Salam Fayad                   Mr. Jamal Zakout                       Mr. Majdi Ibrahim Ahmad Yassin
Prime Minister of the Palestinian      Media Advisor to the Prime Minister
                                                                              Mr. Jameel Mtoor
                                       Mr. Manal R. Zeidan                    Deputy Chairman
Mr. Riyad Mansour                      Head of International Relations Unit   Environmental Quality Authority
Ambassador                             Prime Minister's Office
Office of the Permanent Observer for
                                                                              Mr. Nedal Abdelqader Abdallah
Palestine to the United Nations, New
                                       Mr. Ammar Hijazi                       Katbehbader
                                       Firest Secretary                       Deputy Director General
                                       Office of the Permanent Observer for   Environmental Quality Authority
H.E. Mr. Amro Alhourani                Palestine to the United Nations, New
Ambassador of Palestine to Denmark     York

Mr. Shadad Attilli                     Ms. Leila Stockman
Head of Palestinian Water Authority

                                United Nations Secretariat units and bodies
Convention on the Conservation of         Ms. Lieke Bruinooge                       Mr. Walter Kälin
Migratory Species of Wild Animals         Associate Expert                          Representative of the Seceratary General
                                          Programme Management Division             on the Human Rights of the Internally
                                                                                    Displaced Persons
Ms. Aline Kuhl
Special Assistant                         Economic and Social Commission
                                          for Western Asia                          Ozone Secretariat
Department of Economic and
Social Affairs                            Mr. Bader Omar Al Dafa                    Mr. Marco Gonzalez
                                                                                    Executive Secretary

Mr. Tariq Banuri                          Mr. Anhar Hegazi
Director, Division for Sustainable                                                  Mr. Lambert Kuijpers
Development                               Mr. Nabil Abu-Dargham
                                                                                    Secretariat of the Convention on
Mr. Jan McAlpine                                                                    Biological Diversity
                                          Economic Commission for Africa
United Nations Forum on Forests                                                     Mr. Ahmed Djoghlaf
Secretariat                               Mr. Abdoulie Janneh
                                                                                    Executive Secretary
                                          UN Under-Secretary-General and
                                          Executive Secretary
Ms. Maria Pohjanpalo                                                                Mr. Tim Christophersen
Associate Legal Expert, Department of                                               Environmental Affairs Officer
Economic and Social Affairs               Mr. Josue Dione
United Nations Forum on Forests           Director, Food Security and Sustainable
Secretariat                               Development Division                      Ms. Marie Aminata Khan
                                                                                    Information Officer and Gender Focal
Ms. Barbara Tavora-Jainchill              Mr. Amr Nour
Programme Officer, Department of
Economics and Social Affairs                                                        Ms. Anne-Marie Wilson
                                          Mr. Yinka Adeyemi
United Nations Forum on Forests                                                     Consultant
                                          Communications Officer, Information and
                                          Communications Services
                                                                                    Secretariat of the United Nations
Mr. Ivan Vera                                                                       Convention to Combat
                                          Ms. Isatou Gaye
Sustainable Development Officer,                                                    Desertification
                                          Chief, Environment and Sustainable
Emerging Issues Branch
                                          Development Section
                                          Food Security and Sustainable             Mr. Luc-Marie Constant Gnacadja
                                          Development Division                      Executive Secretary
Mr. Andrew Yager
Officer in Charge, Water, Energy and
                                          Mr. Adeyinka Adeyemi                      Mr. Sergio A. Zelaya Bonilla
Strategies Branch
                                          Communications Officer                    Coordinator, Policy for Advocacy on
DESA                                                                                Global and Emerging Issues Unit
                                          Ms. Sophia Denekew
                                          Media Relations                           Mr. Marcos Montoiro Allue
Department of Public Information
- New York                                                                          Associate Programme Officer, Awareness
                                          Ms. Nafkot Girma                          Raising, Communication and Education
                                          Protocol                                  Unit
Mr. Eric Falt
Director, Outreach Division
                                          Office High Commissioner for              Ms. Wagaki Mwangi
                                          Human Rights/Centre for Human             Programme Officer, ARCE Unit
Ms. Wangari Muta Maathai
Founder / Chair
Green Belt Movement*                                                                UNAIDS - Joint United Nations
                                          Ms. Kyung-wha Kang                        Programme on HIV and AIDS
                                          United Nations Deputy High
Economic and Social Commission            Commissioner for Human Rights
for Asia and the Pacific                                                            Mr. Michel Sidibe
                                                                                    Executive Director
                                          Mr. Ibrahim Wani                          UNAIDS - Joint United Nations
Mr. K. V. Ramani                          Chief, Development and Economic and       Programme on HIV and AIDS
Regional Adviser, Energy Security         Social Issues Branch
Office of the Executive Secretary
                                                                                    Mr. Manuel Caballo
                                          Mr. Ulrik Halsteen                        Executive Director, ICMH
Mr. Sangmin Nam                           Human Rights Officer/Focal Point for
Environmental Affairs Officer             climate change-related matters
Environment and Development Division                                                Mr. Leo Kenny
                                          Research and Right to Development         Team Leader
                                          Division                                  UNAIDS - Joint United Nations
                                                                                    Programme on HIV and AIDS

UNAIDS - Joint United Nations            Ms. Elizabeth Weidmann                    Ms. Martina Donlon
Programme on HIV and AIDS                Appointments Secretary                    Information Officer
(continued)                                                                        Department of Public Information - New
                                         Ms. Aida Njanja Fassu
Olavi Elo                                Secretary
Director                                                                           Ms. Amalie Schmidt
UNAIDS - Joint United Nations            Mr. Mark Garten
Programme on HIV and AIDS                UN Photographer                           Ms. Enrica Baessato

Ms. Emelia Timpo                         Mr. Americo Canepa                        Mr. Jorge Miranda
United Nations Joint Programme on AIDS   Telecommunications Specialist             Special Assistant to Mr. Lagos
UNAIDS - Joint United Nations                                                      Club of Madrid
Programme on HIV and AIDS
                                         Mr. Thomas Bryant
                                         Security Officer                          Mr. Arne Olav Brundtland
United Nations                                                                     Spouse of Ms. Gro Harlem Brundtland
                                         Mr. Andre Lawrence
Mr. Ban Ki-moon                          Security Officer                          Mr. Sergei Chernikov
Secretary-General                                                                  Programme Officer
                                                                                   United Nations Office for Outer Space
                                         Mr. Mohammed Abdul-Hussein
Mr. Sha Zukang                           Security Officer
Department of Economic and Social                                                  Mr. Lorant Czaran
                                         Mr. Kingsley Opoku
Affairs                                                                            Head of Delegation, Head of Bonn Office
                                         Security Officer
                                                                                   United Nations Platform for Space-based
                                                                                   Information for Disaster Management and
Ms. Ban Sook-taek
                                         Mr. Adnan Z. Amin                         Emergency Response
                                         Director, United Nations Systems
Mr. Ricardo Lagos                        Chief Executives Board for Coordination
                                                                                   Ms. Natalie Epler
President of the Club of Madrid, UN
                                                                                   Associate Expert
Special Envoy on Climate Change
                                         Mr. Georgios Kostakos                     United Nations Office for Outer Space
Club of Madrid
                                         Senior Policy Adviser, United Nations     Affairs
Mr. Festus Mogae                         Chief Executives Board for Coordination
                                                                                   Ms. Michele Kasdano
Special Envoy
                                         Ms. Phyllis Lee                           United Nations Office for Outer Space
Ms. Gro Harlem Brundtland                Secretary, High-Level Committee on        Affairs
Special Envoy                            Programmes
World Health Organization                Chief Executives Board for Coordination
                                                                                   Ms. Jenty Kirsch-Wood
                                                                                   Humanitarian Affairs Officer - Disaster
Mr. Srgjan Kerim                         Ms. Katja Gregers Brock                   and Vulnerability Policy
Special Envoy                            Associate Expert                          Office for the Coordination of
                                         Chief Executives Board for Coordination   Humanitarian Affairs
Mr. Vijay Nambiar
Senior Adviser                           Mr. Luis Jimenez-McInnis                  Mr. Florian Lux
                                         First Officer
Mr. Robert Orr                                                                     Ms. Florah Mmereki
Senior Adviser                           Mr. Paul Manan Mubinya                    Special Assistant to Mr. Mogae
                                         Team Assistant
                                         Chief Executives Board for Coordination
Mr. Janos Pasztor                                                                  Ms. Marina Ploutakhina
Director, Climate Change Support Team                                              Industrial Development Officer, Energy
Secretary-General's Climate Change       Mr. Mohammad Reza Salamat                 and Climate Change Branch
Support Team                             Senior Programme Officer on Sustainable   United Nations Industrial Development
                                         Development                               Organization
                                         Secretary General's Climate Change
Ms. Linda Taylor
                                         Support Team
Trip Coordinator                                                                   Mr. Joerg Szarzynski
                                         Department of Economic and Social
                                                                                   Senior Expert
                                                                                   United Nations Office for Outer Space
Ms. Marie Okabe
Deputy Spokesperson
                                         Ms. Gelila Terrefe
                                                                                   Mr. Xiaochen Zhang
Ms. Cynthia Scharf
Speechwriter, Climate Change Support
                                         Mr. Heba Abdelatif
Team                                                                               United Nations Centre for Regional
                                         Team Assistant
Ms. Silva Bonacito
                                         Mr. Kai-Uwe B. Schmidt
Second Officer, EOSG (Advance)                                                     Ms. Sareka Jahan
                                         Senior Programme Officer
                                                                                   Bangladesh Local Facilitator

United Nations Children's Fund         Caroline Osander                           United Nations Conference on
                                                                                  Trade and Development
Ms. Kathryn Ann Donovan                Rasmus Tolstrup
                                                                                  Mr. Lucas Assuncao
Mr. Joâo Felipe Scarpelini             Dorte Salomonsen                           Chief, Biodiversity and Climate Change,
National Coordinator                                                              Trade, Environment and Development
Peace Child International                                                         International Trade on Goods and
                                       Gerrit Beger                               Srevices and Commodities

Mr. Guillaume Hagop Jacques Simonian   Frederik Carl Felding                      Ms. Anne Miroux

Mr. Antony John Spalton                Ms. Michele Ferenz                         Mr. Mongi Hamdi
                                       Senior Adviser
Toriqul Islam Momen                    Governance, UN and Multilateral Affairs
                                                                                  Ms. Regina Asariotis

Darwin David Temo Pena                 Dheepa Pandian
                                                                                  Ms. Jo Elizabeth Butler
                                                                                  Officer-in-Charge - Intergovernmental
Marie Moise Louissaint                 Mr. Dan Rohrmann                           Support Service/Secretary of the Trade
                                                                                  and Development Board
Lourine Millicent Oyodah               Ms. Isabel Ortiz
                                                                                  Ms. Lalen Lleander
Mohammed Axam Maumoon                  Ms. Stephanie Hodge
                                                                                  Mr. Malte Schneider
                                       Mr. Carlos Vasquez                         Group of Sustainability and Technology
Khadidiato Diop
                                                                                  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
                                                                                  ETH Zurich
Bridgette Cindy Makhubedi              Mr. James Rogan

                                                                                  United Nations Development Fund
Kondwani Joe Banda                     Dermot Carty                               for Women

A. H. Towfique Ahmed                   Ms. Christine Knudsen                      Ms. Inés Alberdi
                                                                                  Executive Director
Claudia Bertha Paredes Tardio          Ms. Heidi Peugeot
                                       Early Warning and Risk Reduction           Ms. Anne Stenhammer
                                       Officer                                    Regional Programme Director, South Asia
Gilbert Buteau                         United Nations Children's Fund - Geneva    Sub Regional Office

Ms. Sabrina Jamila Azaiez              Ms. Veronique Taveau
Energy Crossroads*                                                                Ms. Govind Kelkar
                                                                                  Regional Programme Coordinator
                                       Ms. Joan Howe
Ruth Kuya Itabo
                                                                                  Ms. Tracy Raczek
                                       Mr. David Parker                           Climate Change Focal Point and
Della Ablavi Koutcho                                                              Partnership Analyst
                                       Ms. Sian Williams
Lindiwe Mavis Nzutha                   Caribbean Early Childhood Development      Mr. Bengt Magnus Magnusson
                                       Adviser                                    Chief, Partnership Unit, UNCDF
Lackson Chipampa                                                                  United Nations Development Programme
                                       Mr. Anthony Hodges
Victor Karunan                                                                    United Nations Development
                                       Ms. Jennifer Pritheeva Samuel              Programme
Kerry Constabile                       Producer, Photographer
                                       PBS FRONTLINE                              Ms. Helen Clark
Sue Lee
                                       Mr. Abu Hasnatn Tofique
                                                                                  Mr. Olav Kjorven
Lorenzo Casullo
                                       Mr. Abdulla Rasheed Ahmed                  Assistant Administrator and Director,
                                                                                  Bureau for Development Policy
Steen Andersen
                                       Mr. Arturo Romboli
                                                                                  Tegegnework Gettu
Karin Aaen Nedergaard                                                             Assistant Administrator and Director
                                       Mr. Troels Karlstkov Jensen                Regional Bureau for Africa
                                       UNICEF Denmark
Anne-Mette Friis
                                                                                  Mr. Amat Alsoswa
                                       Mr. Johann Petter Hubertus Becker-Jostes   Assistant Administrator and Director
Jakob Thamsen Ebeling                                                             Regional for Arab States

United Nations Development                   Mr. Pablo I. Mandeville                     Mr. Minoru Takada
Programme (continued)                        Resident Representative in Uruguay          Head, Sustainable Energy Programme
                                             United Nations Development Programme        Bureau for Development Policy,
                                             - Uruguay                                   Environment and Energy Group
Ms. Ligia Elizondo

                                             Mr. Nicholas Rosellini                      Mr. Friedrich Barth
Mr. Ajay Chhibber                            Deputy Regional Director of the Regional    Senior Advisor
Assistant Administrator and Director         Center Bangkok                              European Water Partnership*
Regional Bureau for Asia-Pacific

                                             Mr. Babacar Cisse                           Mr. Yamil Bonduki
Ms. Veerle Vandeweerd                        Deputy Director, Regional Bureau for        Global Manager, National
Director, Environment and Energy Group       Africa                                      Communications Support Programme
                                                                                         Environment and Energy Group, Bureau
Mr. Bisrat Aklilu                                                                        for Development Policy
                                             Mr. Omer Ishag
Executive coordinator, Multi-Donor Trust     Assistant Country Director, UNDP Sudan
Fund Office                                                                              Mr. Charles Ian McNeill
                                                                                         Senior Policy Advisor, Environment and
                                             Ms. Alison Drayton
Ms. Rebeca Grynspan                                                                      Energy Group
                                             Director, Division for External Relations
Assistant Administrator and Director
Regional Bureau of Latin American and                                                    Mr. Tim Clairs
Caribbean                                    Ms. Winifred Byanyima
                                                                                         Environment Finance Adviser
                                             Director, Gender Unit

Abdoulaye Mar Dieye                                                                      Mr. Matt Spannagle
Director of the Executive Office and Chief   Ms. Anne Sofie Schrøder
                                                                                         Technical Manager, MDG Carbon Facility
of Staff                                     United Nations Development Programme
                                                                                         - Bratislava
                                             - Nordic Office
                                                                                         Environment and Energy Group, Bureau
Mr. Jakob Simonsen                                                                       for Development Policy
Director Nordic Office                       Ms. Heather Simpson
United Nations Development Programme         Special Advisor, Office of the
                                                                                         Mr. Tom Twining-Ward
- Nordic Office                              Administrator
                                                                                         Capacity Development Specialist

Mr. Yannick Glemarec                         Ms. Camilla Bruckner
                                                                                         Ms. Mirey Atallah
GEF Executive Coordinator and Director,      Deputy Director of Executive Office and
                                                                                         Regional Team Leader and Regional
Environmental Finance                        Deputy Chief of Staff
                                                                                         Technical Advisor
United Nations Development Programme
- Global Environment Facility                Mr. Pradeep Kurukulasuriya
                                                                                         Mr. Nicolaas PJM Neefjes
                                             Technical Advisor, Climate Change
                                                                                         Polict Advisor Climate Change, Vietnam
Mr. Jens Wandel                              Adaptation
Deputy Regional Director for Europe and
CIS                                          Mr. Christopher Nuttall
                                                                                         Mr. Pasi Rajala
                                             Director, Hub for Innovative Partnership
                                                                                         Head of Communications
Mr. El-Mostafa Benlamlih                                                                 United Nations Development Programme
Resident Coordinator/Resident                Ms. Bo Lim                                  - Nordic Office
Representative Indonesia                     Special Climate Change Advisor to the
                                             Director for Climate Change Adaptation,
                                                                                         Mr. Jorge Moreira da Silva
Ms. Michele Gyles-Mc Donnough                Development Partnerships
                                                                                         Senior Financial Advisor
UNDP Resident Representative in
Barbados                                     Ms. Adriana Dinu
                                                                                         Ms. Cassie Flynn
                                             Practice Leader Environement and
                                                                                         Climate Change Knowledge Management
Mr. Fidele Sarassoro                         Energy/Regional Technical Advisor
Resident Coordinator, Ethiopia
                                             Mr. Maxx Dilley
                                                                                         Ms. Daniela Yordanova Stoycheva
Ms. Magdy Martinez                           Chief, Disaster and Recovery Team
                                                                                         Environment Specialist

Mr. Frode Mauring                            Mr. Marcel Alers
                                                                                         Ms. Hannie Meesters
UNDP Resident Coordinator/Resident           Principal Technical Advisor, Climate
                                                                                         Policy Specialist, Gender Team BDP
Representative in Russian Federation         Change Mitigation
                                                                                         Mr. Henrik Kastoft
Mr. Pedro Conseicao                                                                      Communications Officer
Director, Office for Development Studies     Mr. Leo Horn-Phathanothai
                                                                                         United Nations Development Programme
                                             Policy Specialist
                                                                                         - Nordic Office
Ms. Nileema Noble
Resident Coordinator/Resident                Ms. Anne Marie Sloth Carlsen
                                                                                         Ms. Stephanie Elissa Dunstan
Representative in Samoa                      Climate Change Advisor
                                                                                         Special Assistant to the EEG Director

Mr. Khalid Malik                                                                         Mr. Stanislav Saling
Resident Representative in China                                                         Communications Officer

United Nations Development             Mr. Marco Keiner                           Mr. Ed Pepke
Programme (continued)                  Director, Environment, Housing and Land    OIC, Timber Section, Trade Timber
                                       Management                                 Division

Ms. Emma Torres
Senior Adviser                         Ms. Eva Molnar                             Mr. Roman Michalak
                                       Director, Transport Division               Programme Officer, Timber Section,
                                                                                  Trade and Timber Division
Ms. Piedad Martin
Programme Analyst, Colombia UNDP       Ms. Christina von Schweinichen
Office                                 Team Leader, Environment Housing and       Ms. Franziska Hirsch
                                       Land Management Division                   Programme Officer, Timber Section,
                                                                                  Trade and Timber Division
Ms. Iwona Rummel-Bulska
UNDP Consultant                        Ms. Catherine Masson
                                       Team Leader, Environment, Housing and      United Nations Economic
                                       Land Management Division                   Commission for Latin America and
Mr. Simon Billett
UNDP Consultant                                                                   the Caribbean
Bureau for Development Policy,         Ms. Paola Deda
Environment and Energy Group           Secretary to the Committee on Housing      Ms. Julie Lennox
                                       and Land Management, Environment,          Representative
                                       Land Management and Housing Division
Ms. Anna Lisa T. Viray
UNDP Consultant                                                                   Ms. Doris Thurau
Bureau for Development Policy,         Ms. Francesca Bernardini                   Sustainable Development and Human
Environment and Energy Group           Secretary to the UNECE Water               Settelements Division Committee
                                       Convention, Environment, Land
                                       Management and Housing
Ms. Anna Sofie Schroeder                                                          United Nations Environment
UNDP Consultant                                                                   Programme
                                       Ms. Sonia Koeppel
                                       Associate Expert, Environment, Land
Ms. Nritya Subramaniam                 Management and Housing Division            Mr. Achim Steiner
UNDP Consultant                                                                   Executive Director
                                       Mr. Jeremy Wates
Mr. Goerild Heggelund                  Secretary to the Aarhus Convention,        Ms. Angela Sarojini Cropper
UNDP China Climate Change Adviser      Environment, Land Management and
                                       Housing Division
                                                                                  Mr. Maxwell Gomera
Mr. Alexander Anatolyevich                                                        Special Assistant, Office of the Executive
Averchenkov                            Mr. Michael Stanley-Jones                  Director
UNDP Russia Climate change Adviser     Programme Officer, Environment, Land
                                       Management and Housing Division
                                                                                  Mr. Nick Nuttall
Mr. Sebastien Cheynet                                                             Spokesperson, Office of the Executive
                                       Ms. Laura Altinger                         Director
Mr. Carlos Ferreira de Abreu Castro    Programme Officer, Environment, Land       Division of Technology, Industry and
Programme Specialist                   Management and Housing Division            Economics

Mr. Alex Heikens                       Mr. Gianluca Sambucini                     Mr. John Scanion
Technical Advisor, Environment Unit    Secretary of the Committee on
United Nations Development Programme   Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Energy
                                       Division                                   Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw
- Jakarta

                                       Mr. Martin Magold                          Mr. Yemi Katerere
Mr. Selim Lika                                                                    Head Secretariat
UNDP Montenegro                        Chief, Sustainable Transport Section,
                                       Transport Division                         UN-REDD

Mr. Ulrich Weichert                                                               Ms. Ravindra Prabhu
United Nations Development Programme   Mr. Juan Ramos Garcia
- Nordic Office                        Chief, Vehicle Regulations and Transport
                                       Innovations Section, Transport Division    Mr. Serge Bounda
                                                                                  Senior Programme Officer
United Nations Economic                                                           freshwater&Terrestrial Ecosystems
                                       Mr. Romain Hubert
Commission for Europe                  Mechanical Engineer, Transport Division    Branch

Mr. Jan Kubis                                                                     Ms. Jacqueline Alder
                                       Mr. Miodrag Pesut
Executive Secretary
                                       Economic Affairs Officer, Transport
                                       Division                                   Mr. Jian Liu
Ms. Susan E. Bartolo                                                              Chief, Climate Change Adaptations
Chef de Cabinet
                                       Ms. Vania Etropolska
                                       Statistics Division                        Mr. Bakary Kante
Ms. Patrice Robineau                                                              Director, Division of Environmental Law
Special Adviser to the ES                                                         and Conventions
                                       Ms. Tiina Luige
                                       Statistics Division
                                                           - 10 -

United Nations Environment               Mr. Eric Usher                            Ms. Miriam Liliana Suarez Hinostroza
Programme (continued)                    Head Renewable Energy and Finance Unit    Senior Economist
                                         Energy Branch                             UNEP-RISOE
                                         Division of Technology, Industry and
Mr. Arkadiy Levintanus                   Economics
Officer in Charge, Climate and Energy                                              Mr. Glenn Stuart Hodes
Law and Governance Unit                                                            Energy Economist
Division of Environmental Law and        Mr. Bernard Jamet                         UNEP-RISOE
Conventions                              Programme Officer
                                         UNEP/Division of Technology, Industry,
                                                                                   Mr. Todd Ngara
                                         and Economics
Mr. Kilaparti Ramakrishna                                                          Senior Researcher
Senior Advisor, Environmental Law and                                              Risoe National Laboratory for Sustainable
Conventions                              Mr. Pavan Sukhdev                         Energy
                                         UNEP/Division of Technology, Industry,
                                         and Economics
Mr. Robert Ondhowe                                                                 Ms. Joyti Prasad Painuly
Programme Officer
Division of Environmental Law and        Ms. Sandra Averous
                                                                                   Mr. Subash Dhar
Conventions                              Special Assistant, Division Office
                                         Division of Technology, Industry and
Ms. Masline Atieno-Oketch                                                          Mr. Jørgen Villy Fenhann
                                                                                   Senior Scientist
                                         Ms. Seraphine Haeussling
Mr. Aniket Ghai                                                                    Centre on Enerdy, Climate and
Programme Officer                                                                  Sustainable Development
Environment Management Group (EMG)       Ms. Joanna Benn
                                                                                   Ms. Mette Annelie Rasmussen
Ms. Ingunn Lindeman                      Ms. Satinder Singh Bindra                 Outreach and information Officer
                                                                                   Risoe Centre on Energy,Climate and
                                                                                   sustainable Development(URC)
Mr. Joseph Alcamo                        Ms. Rozica Fanina Kodre-Alexander

                                                                                   Mr. Peter Acquah
Mr. Volodymyr Demkine                    Mr. Enock Chinyenze
                                                                                   Deputy Regional Director, Regional
Environmental Affairs Officer, DEWA                                                Office for Africa
Division of Early Warning and            Ms. Julie Marks
                                                                                   Ms. Easter Njenga
                                         Mr. Ashik Miah                            United Nations Environment Programme -
Ms. Monique Dube                                                                   Regional Office for Africa
                                         Mr. Anthony Polak
Mr. Barney Dickson                       SMI (Distribution Services) Ltd           Mr. Zhijia Wang

Ms. Monika Bertzky                       Mr. George A. Manful                      Ms. Merlyn Van Voore
                                         Senior Task Manager, Climate Change
Mr. Mozaharul Alam                       Enabling Activities
                                                                                   Mr. Jan Kappen
Research Fellow                          Division of Global Environment Facility
                                                                                   Programme Manager
Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies   Coordination

                                                                                   Mr. Bubu Pateh Jallow
Mr. John Crump                           Ms. Ermira Fida
                                                                                   Senior Programme Officer, CC DARE
Polar Issues Coordinator                 Task Manager, Adaptation
                                                                                   Project, Energy Branch
GRID Arendal                             DGEF
                                                                                   Division of Technology, Industry and
Ms. Tiina Kurvits                        Mr. Geordie Colville
UNEP/GRID-Arendal                                                                  Ms. Janet Kabeberi-Macharia
                                         Ms. Jyoti Mathur-Filipp                   Senior Gender Advisor
Ms. Valentin Yemelin                     Programme Officer
                                                                                   Mr. Liu Kai
Ms. Sylvie Lemmet                        Mr. Nijavalli H. Ravindranath
Director                                                                           Mr. Theodore Oben
Division of Technology, Industry and     Levi Neretin
                                                                                   Mr. Shen Ruiqing
                                         Mr. John Mobjerg Christensen
Mr. Kaveh Zahedi                         Head of Centre
Climate Change Coordinator                                                         M. Amadou Malick Thiam
Division of Technology, Industry and                                               Ministère de l'environnement et de la
Economics                                                                          protection de la nature, des bassins de
                                         Sr. Mauricio Ernesto Zaballa Romero       retention et lacs artificiels
                                         Scientist, National Laboratory for
Mr. Mark Radka                           Sustainable Energy
Chief Energy Branch                      UNEP Risøe Centre on Energy, Climate
Division of Technology, Industry and     and Sustainable Development
                                                             - 11 -

United Nations High Commissioner            United Nations Institute for              Mr. Julio Alfredo Garcia Vargas
for Refugees                                Training and Research                     Regional Officer, Americas

Mr. Antonio Guterres                        Mr. Achim Halpaap                         Mr. Jerry Velasquez
                                            Associate Director, Training Department   Senior Regional Officer
                                            and Head, Environment Unit
Mr. Jean-Francois Durieux
Deputy Director, Division of Operational                                              Ms. Ana-Christina Thorlund
Services                                    Ms. Marielza Oliviera                     Associate Programme Officer
                                            Associate Director, Training Department
                                            and Head, Governance Unit                 Mr. Adam Salberg
Ms. Melissa Fleming
head, Media Relations and Public
Information Service                         Mr. Mahenau Agha                          Mr. Walter J. Ammann
                                            Donor Relations annd Partnerships         President and CEO Global Risk Forum
                                            Adviser                                   Davos
Mr. Hans Ten Feld
Regional Representative for Scandinavian
and Baltic Countries                        Mr. Moussa Mamadou Diakhité               Mr. Marc Stal
                                            Manager, Climate Change Programme         Project Manager, GRF
Mr. Yoichiro Tsuchida
Senior Advisor, Division of Operational     Ms. Lilia Naas                            Ms. Hellen Luhunga Amisi Sabwa
Services                                    Manager, Local Development Programme

                                                                                      United Nations Non-Governmental
United Nations Human Settlements            Ms. May East
                                                                                      Liaison Service
Programme                                   Director
                                            Associated Training Centre
                                                                                      Ms. Barbara Adams
Ms. Anna Tibaijuka                                                                    Senior Consultant
Executive Director                          Ms. Sharon Oseku
                                                                                      United Nations Non-Governmental
                                            Training Assistant, Climate Change
                                                                                      Liaison Service - New York Office
Mr. George Deikun
Special Advisor to the Executive Director                                             Ms. Jolanda Groen
                                            Mr. Oliver Fruchaud
                                                                                      Associate Programme Officer
                                            Associate Programme Officer, Local
Mr. Rafael Tuts                             Development Programme
Chief, Urban Environmental Planning                                                   United Nations Office for Project
                                            Ms. Pauline Buffle                        Services
                                            Individual Contractor
Ms. Cecilia Njenga
                                                                                      Mr. Jan Mattsson
Human Settlements Officer
                                            Ms. Anita Beck                            Executive Director
                                            Environmental Governance Programme
Ms. Karen Buhren
                                                                                      Mr. Vitaly Vanshelboim
                                            United Nations International              Deputy Executive Director
Mr. Sharad Shankardass
                                            Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Spokesperson, Head of Press and Media
                                                                                      Mr. Andrew Menz
                                                                                      Deputy Regional Director, Europe and
                                            Ms. Margareta Wahlström
                                                                                      Middle East office
                                            Special Representative of the Secretary
Ms. Lucia Kiwala
                                            General for Disaster Risk Reduction
Chief, Gender Unit
                                                                                      Mr. Rasoul Mikkelsen
                                                                                      Special Advisor
                                            Ms. Brigitte Leoni
Mr. Graham Alabaster
                                            Acting Head of Communications
Chief, Water and Sanitation Branch
                                                                                      Mr. Siddharth Chatterjee
                                            Mr. Sálvano Briceño
Ms. Inge Jensen
                                            Director                                  Mr. Nicholas George
Human Settlements Officer

                                            Mr. Glenn Dolcemascolo                    United Nations Population Fund
Mr. Vincent Kitio
                                            Programme Officer
Chief (Ag), Energy Section
                                                                                      Mr. Jose Miguel Guzman
                                            Ms. Helena Molin-Valdes                   Chief, Population and Development
Mr. Esteban Leon
                                            Deputy Director                           Branch
UN-HABITAT Geneva Office

                                            Ms. Silvia Llosa                          Ms. Jana Simonova
Mr. Lars Reutersward
                                            Programme Officer                         Senior External Relations Advisor
Director, Global Division
                                                                                      Information and External Relations
                                            Mr. Reid Basher                           Division
                                            Senior Coordinator
                                                                                      Mr. Daniel Schensul
                                                                                      Population and Development Consultant
                                                               - 12 -

United Nations Population Fund               Mr. Can Huang                               Mr. Robert Toe
(continued)                                  Research Fellow, UNU Mastricht              Programme Specialist
                                             Economic and Social research and
                                             Training Centre on Innovation and
Mr. Victor Bernhardtz                                                                    Ms. Heidi Nabel-Meyer
Consulant, Technical Division                                                            Finance Assistant

                                             Mr. David Passarelli
Ms. Salla Matilainen                                                                     Mr. Hadi Syed
                                             Project Assistant, Office of the Rector
Nordic Office                                                                            Administrative Assistant

                                             Mr. Robert Davis
Ms. Camilla Salvesen                         Managing Editor, UNU Press                  Universal Postal Union
Nordic Office

                                             Mr. Akhilesh Surjan                         Mr. Edouard Dayan
United Nations Regional                      Programme Associate, UNU Institute for      Director General
Information Centre                           Sustainability and Peace
                                                                                         World Food Programme
Mr. Arni Snaevarr                            Mr. Yang Zhi
Information Officer                          Visiting Professor, UNU Maastricht          Ms. Josette Sheeran
                                                                                         Executive Director
Mr. Asa Dahlvik                              Mr. Oran R. Young
Public Information Assistant                 Chair of the IHDP Secretariat               Mr. Staffan de Mistura

Mr. Jorge Varas-Mardones                     Mr. Falk Schmidt                            Ms. Sheila Sisulu
Information Tehnology Assistant              Office in Charge, IHDP, UNU Vice
                                             Rectorate in Europe
                                             United Nations University - International   Mr. Amir Abdulla
United Nations University                    Human Dimensions Programme
                                                                                         Mr. Manuel Aranda da Silva
Mr. Konrad Osterwalder                       Mr. Christian Prip
Rector, United Nations University and        Adjunct Research Fellow, UNU Institute
United Nations Under-Secretary-General                                                   Lauren Landis
                                             for Advanced Studies

Mr. Kazuhiko Takeuchi                                                                    Ms. Nanacy Roman
                                             Ms. Lorraine Telfer-Taivainen
Vice-Rector, UNU and Director, Institute     Secretary to the Director, UNU World
for Sustainability and Peace                 Institute for Development Economics         Mr. David Stevenson
                                             Research                                    Director, Policy, Planning and Strategy
Mr. Finn Tarp                                                                            Division
Director, UNI World Institute for            Mr. Michael Zisser
Development Economic Research                Research Assistant, UNU Institute for       Mr. Mustapha Darboe
                                             Environment and Human Security
Mr. Tony Addison                                                                         Dali Belgasmi
Deputy Director, UNU World Institute for     Mr. Sönke Kreft
Development Research                         Climate Policy Adviser                      Mr. Thomas Yanga
                                             GERMANWATCH                                 Regional Director
Mr. Srikantha Herath                                                                     West Africa
Senior Academic Programme Officer,           Ms. Catherine Grace Williams
Environment and Sustainable                  Documentary Producer, UNU Media
Development                                                                              Ms. Paula Hunker

Mr. Sam Johnston                                                                         Mr. Paul Larsen
                                             Ms. Megumi Nishikura
Senior Research Fellow                       Media Producwer, UNU Media Studio
United Nations University - Institute of                                                 Mr. Timo Pakkala
Advanced Studies                                                                         timo.pakkala@wfp.org
                                             United Nations Volunteers
Mr. José Antonio Puppin de Oliveira                                                      Mr. Claude Jibidar
Assistant Director, UNU Institute for        Ms. Flavia Pansieri
Advanced Studies                             Executive Coordinator
                                                                                         Ms. Erika Jorgensen
                                                                                         Deputy Regional Director for Asia
Mr. Tony Gross                               Ms. Donna Keher                             WFP Regional Bureau for Asia
Adjunct Senior Fellow, UNU Institute for     Chief, Partnerships and Commuications
Adavanced StudiesI                           Group
                                                                                         Haladou Salha

Ms. Koko Warner                              Mr. Marco Van der Ree
Head of Section, Institute for Environment   Management Officer                          Mr. Carlo Scaramella
and Human Security                                                                       Climate Change Coordinator, Policy,
United Nations University - Institute for                                                Planning and Strategy Division
                                             Mr. Scott McQuade
Environment and Human Security
                                             Head, Communications Unit
                                                           - 13 -

World Food Programme                      Mr. Jordi Renart Vila                     Mr. Kassu Kebede
(continued)                               Policy Officer
                                          Policy, Planning and Strategy Division
                                                                                    Mr. Niels Balzer
Ms. Isatou Jallow
                                          Ms. Rebecca Richards
                                                                                    Mr. Andreas Hastrup Clemmensen
Ms. Georgina Stickels
                                          Ms. Judith Schuler
                                                                                    Ms. Penelope Urquhart
Mr. Haile Menghestab
Programme Advisor                         Ms. Catherine Zanev
                                                                                    Ms. Gabriella Gregorio
Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping Unit   Climate Change Officer
                                          Climate Change Coordination Office
                                                                                    World Intellectual Property
Mr. Jan Delbaere
                                          Ms. Maria del Mar Requena                 Organization
                                          Special Assistant to the CC Coordinator
Ms. Volli Carucci
                                                                                    Mr. Carlos Mazal
Programme Adviser, Programme Design
                                          Mr. Oscar Ekdahl                          Senior Counsellor, Department of
and Support Division
                                          Climate Change Office                     External Relations

Asif Niazi
                                          Mr. Jakob Bak Pedersen                    Mr. Sherif Saadallah
                                                                                    Executive Director, Department of
Mr. Gregory Barrow                                                                  External Relations
                                          Ms. Ahnna Gudmunds

Ms. Evelyn Chung                                                                    Mr. Nuno Pires de Carvalho
                                          Ms. Kristine Ugstad                       Deputy Director, Global Challenges
Mr. Ralf Suedoff
                                          Ms. Kati Puhakka
                                                            - 14 -

                              Specialized agencies and related organizations
Food and Agriculture Organization        Ms. Cassandra De Young                      Sra. Marcia Levaggi
of the United Nations                    Fishery Planning Analyst, Fisheries and     Senior Adaptaion Officer
                                         Aquaculture Economics and Policy
Mr. Jacques Diouf                                                                    Mr. Maureen Lorenzetti
Director-General                                                                     Senior Communications Officer
                                         Ms. Leslie Lipper
                                         Environmental Economist
Mr. Alexander Muller                                                                 Mr. Ramesh Ramankutty
                                         Agricultural Development Economics
Assitant Director General                                                            Special Advisor
Natural Resources Management and                                                     Head of Operations &Strategy
Environment Department                                                               World Bank
                                         Mr. Reuben Angelo Sessa
                                         Programme Officer, Environmental
Mr. Jan Erik Heino                                                                   Mr. Rawleston Moore
                                         Assestment and Management Unit
Assistant Director General                                                           Adaptation and Country Relations Officer
Foresty Department
                                         Mr. Jasper Tranberg
                                                                                     Mr. Robert Keith Dixon
                                         Associate Professional Officer, Forest
Mr. Peter Holmgren                                                                   Team Leader, Climate and Chemicals
                                         Management Division
Chair and Director, Inter-Department
Working Group on Climate Change                                                      Mr. Sekou Toure
Climate Change and Bioenergy Division    Mr. Danilo Mollicone
                                                                                     Conflict Resolution Commissioner
                                         Technical Advisor
                                         Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Mr. Moujahed Achouri                                                                 Mr. William Ehlers
Chief, Forest Conservation Service                                                   Team Leader, External Affairs
                                         Mr. Antoine Gouiffes-Yan
                                         Warner Music
Mr. Henning Steinfeld                                                                Mr. Christian Severin
Chief, Livestock Information, Sector                                                 Environmental Specialist
Analysis and Policy Branch               Mr. Jean Hebrail

                                                                                     Mr. Zhihong Zhang
Mr. Jeff Tschirley                       Ms. Angelique Kidjo
                                                                                     Cluster Coordinator, Climate Change
Chief, Rehabilitation and Humanitarian                                               Mitigation
Policies Unit                            Mr. David Ragni
                                         Assistant Rep
                                                                                     Mr. Henri Petitgand
Mr. Cary Fowler                                                                      GEF Observer
Executive Director                       Ms. Anggun Cipta Sasmi
Global Crop Diversity Trust              FAO Goodwill Ambassador
                                                                                     Mr. Jan Cedergren
                                                                                     Chair, Adaption Fund Board
Ms. Wendy Mann                           Global Environment Facility
Senior Adviser, Natural Resouce
Management and Environment                                                           Mr. Paul Dolan
Department                               Ms. Monique Barbut                          Sr. Public Private Partnership Officer
                                         Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson
Ms. Susan Braatz                                                                     Mr. Gustavo Fonseca
Senior Forestry Officer, Forest          Mr. Alexis Mariani                          Team Leader, Natural Resources
Management Division                      Senior Climate Change Specialist
                                                                                     Mr. Yue Zhang
Ms. Caterina Batello                     Ms. Bonizella Biagini                       Board Member
Senior Officer, Plant Production and     Cluster Coodinator, Adaptation to Climate
Protection Division                      Change
                                                                                     Intergovernmental Oceanographic
Agriculture and Consumer Protection
                                         Mr. Christian Hofer
                                         Senior Communications Officer
Ms. Marja-Liisa Tapio-Bistrom                                                        Mr. Patricio Bernal
                                                                                     Assistant Director General
Senior Officer                           Mr. Dirk Gaul
Natural Resorces Management and
                                         Junior Profession Officer
Environment Department                                                               Mr. Ehrlich Desa
                                                                                     Head, Capacity Building Section
                                         Ms. Ganna Onysko                            Intergovernmental Oceanographic
Ms. Yianna Lambrou
                                         Junior Professional Associate               Commission
Senior Officer
                                                                                     United Nations Educational, Scientific
Gender, Equity and Rural Employment
Division, Economic and Social            Mr. Lars Christiansen                       and Cultural Organization
Development                              Junior Professional Officer
                                                                                     Mr. Joannès Berque
Mr. Alberto Sandoval                     Mr. Lucas Suzuki                            Category 5 Consultant
Senior Natural Resources Management,     Junior Professional Associate
UN-REDD                                                                              Ms. Christina Ann Reed
                                                            - 15 -

Intergovernmental Oceanographic            Mr. Ali Mohammed                              Mr. Denis Jean Chagnon
Commission (continued)                                                                   Public Information Officer, External
                                                                                         Relations and Public Information Office
                                           Mr. Antonio Hoguane
Mr. Henrik Enevoldsen                      Professor Mozambique
Project Coordinator                                                                      Mr. Tetsuya Tanaka
IOC Office in Denmark                                                                    Environment Officer (Emissions)
                                           Mr. Cherif Sammari
                                                                                         Environment Section, Air Transport
Ms. Irina Bokova
Director-General                           Mr. Michael Schleyer
                                                                                         Mr. A. Al-Hamili
                                                                                         Representative of the United Arab
Mr. Hans D'Orville                                                                       Emirates of the Council of ICAO
Assistant Director General                 Mr. Thomas Gross
                                           Programm Specialist
                                                                                         Mr. O.B. Aliu
Tosin Animashawun                                                                        Representative of Nigeria on the Council
Office of the Director General             International Atomic Energy                   of ICAO
Mr. Nino Munoz Gomez                                                                     Ms. Jane Hupe
Director, Bureau of Public Information                                                   Chief, Environmental Section
                                           Mr. Ferenc Laszlo Toth
                                           Senior Energy Economist, Planning and         Air Transport Bureau
Mr. Peter Dogsé                            Economic Studies Section
Manager, Intersectoral Platform on         Department of Nuclear Energy                  Mr. Roberto Kobeh
Climate Change                             International Institute for Applied Systems   President
Natural Sciences Sector                    Analysis
United Nations Educational, Scientific
and Cultural Organization                                                                International Finance Corporation
                                           Mr. Werner Burkart
                                           Deputy Director General
Ms. Fathima Ghina                          Department of Nuclear Sciences and            Mr. Alan Miller
Consultant                                 Applications                                  Principal Climate Change Specialist
Intersectoral Platform on Climate Change                                                 Environment and Social Development
                                           Mr. Minh-Long Nguyen
Mr. Samy Mankoto                           Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear
Chief of Section Sustainable Development   Techniques in Food and Agriculture            Ms. Shilpa Patel
of Coastal Regions and Small Island        Department of Nuclear Sciences and            Chief
Mr. Douglas Nakashima                                                                    Mr. Vikram Widge
                                           Ms. Maria Betti                               Global Head, Senior Carbon Finance
                                           IAEA Marine Environment Laboratory
Mr. Hans Thulstrup
                                           Department of Nuclear Sciences and            Mr. Lasse Ringius
Programme Specialist
                                           Applications                                  Senior Environmental Specialist
                                                                                         Environment Department
Mr. Peter Bates                                                                          World Bank
                                           Mr. Tuerker Kurttas
                                           Division of Physical and Chemical
                                           Sciences                                      Ms. Rachel Kyte
Mr. Bernard Combes                         Department of Nuclear Sciences and            Vice President
Kishore Rao                                                                              Mr. Lars Henrik Thunell
                                           Mr. William Andrew Garner                     Executive Vice President and CEO
                                           Office of the Deputy Director General
Mr. Ram Boojh
                                           Department of Nuclear Sciences and
Programme Specialist                       Applications                                  Ms. Katia Theriault
Ecological and Earth Sciences                                                            Communications Officer
                                           Mr. Mark Howells
Mr. Olcay Unver                            Planner, economist                            Ms. Lucie Cecile Giraud
WWAP Coordinator                           Planning and Economy Studies Section          Senior Communications Officer

                                           Mr. Hans-Holger Rogner                        Ms. Gregory Radford
Mr. A. Szollosi-Nagy                       Section Head, Planning and Economic           Director
                                           Studies Section (PESS)
                                           Nuclear Energy
                                                                                         Mr. Euan Marshall
Ms. Moud Fontenoy                                                                        Program Manager
Spokesperson for the Ocean
                                           International Civil Aviation
                                           Organization                                  Mr. Brunno Faria Maradei
Ms. Valerie Fourrier                                                                     Program Officer
Assistant to Spokesperson for the Ocean                                                  Warsaw Financial Center
                                           Mr. Raymond Benjamin
                                           Secretary General
Ms. Isabelle Niang                                                                       Mr. David Blitzer
ACCC Project Coordinator
                                                          - 16 -

International Finance Corporation       International Labour Organization          Mr. Björn Kjerfve
(continued)                                                                        Professor
                                                                                   World Maritime University
                                        Ms. Sachiko Yamamoto
Mr. Steve Rive                          Regional Director, Asia Pacific Region
                                        International Labour Organization - Asia   Mr. Roger Gregory Jones
                                        and the Pacific Region                     Vice President of the University
Mr. Matthew McAdam

                                        Mr. Peter Poschen Eiche                    International Monetary Fund
International Fund for                  Senior Advisor, Sustainable Development
Agricultural Development                and Climate Change
                                                                                   Mr. Michael Keen
                                        Policy Integration and Statistics
                                                                                   Assistant Director, Fiscal Affairs
Mr. Kanayo F. Nwanze                    Department
                                                                                   Mr. Elliot Harris
                                        Ms. Ana Belén Sanchez Lopez
                                                                                   Assistant Director, Strategy, Policy and
Mr. Rodney Cooke                        Climate Change Specialist, Policy
                                                                                   Review Department
Director, Technical Advisory Division   Coherence Group
                                        Policy Intergration Department
                                                                                   Mr. Benjamin Jones
Mr. Elwyn Grainger Jones                                                           Special Project Officer, External Relations
Executive Co-ordinator                  Marek Harsdorff
Global Environment and Climate Change
Unit (GECC)                                                                        Ms. Simonetta Nardin
                                        Mr. Vincent Jugault
                                                                                   Special Projects Officer
                                        Senior Specialist in Environment and
                                                                                   External Relations
Mr. Nadim Khouri                        Decent Work
Director                                Regional Office Bangkok
                                                                                   International Telecommunication
                                        Ms. Lene Olsen                             Union
Mr. Atiqur Rahman
Policy Coordinator, Climate Change
Policy Division                         Mr. Andrew Dale                            Mr. Hamadoun I Toure
Mr. Brian Baldwin                       International Maritime
Senior Operations Management Adviser                                               Mr. Malcolm Johnson
                                                                                   Director, Telecommunication
                                                                                   Standardization Bureau
Mr. James Heer                          Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos
Head of Broadcast Communications        Secretary-General
                                                                                   Mr. Alexander Vassiliev
                                                                                   Counsellor for ITU-R Study Group 7
Ms. Silvia Donato                       Mr. Miguel Palomares
Climate Change Programme Officer,       Director, Marine Environment Division
Technical Advisory Division                                                        Mr. Arthur Levin
                                                                                   Telecommunication Standardization
                                        Mr. Eivind Vagslid                         Bureau
Mr. Naoufel Telahigue                   Head, Chemical and Air Pollution
Programme Manager                       Prevention Section
                                                                                   Mr. Antoine Dore
                                        Subdivision for Pollution Prevention,
Mr. Jesus Quintana                      Marine Environment Division
Programme Manager, Global                                                          Ms. Maria Cristina Bueti
Environment and Climate Change Unit                                                Policy Analyst, Strategic Planning and
                                        Ms. Karin Sjolin-Frudd
                                                                                   Membership Department
                                        Senior Adviser, Marine Environment
Ms. Katie Taft                          Division
Media Consultant                        Sub-Division for Pollution Prevention      Mr. Toby Johnson

Mr. Pascal Corbe                        Ms. Lucy Essuman                           Ms. Maritza Delgado
Communciations Division                 Principal Secretary, Chemical and Air
                                        Pollution Prevention Section, Sub-
                                        Division for Pollution Prevention          Abdulla Bin Mohammed Al Thani
Mr. Christoph Langenkamp                Marine Environment Division
Task Leader, Agricultural and Rural                                                Mr. Waleed Al Sayed
Global Donor Platform for Rural         Mr. Olof Lindén
Development                             Professor                                  Mr. Hamad Al Marzouki
                                        World Maritime University
Ms. Adriana Bombardone                                                             Mr. Neves Luis
                                        Mr. Neil Bellefontaine
                                        World Maritime University
Mr. Vincent Sineau                                                                 Mr. David Eurin
Policy Assistant, Policy Division
                                        Mr. Agnate Dahl
                                        Professor                                  Mr. Simon Jones
                                        World Maritime University
                                                                                   Ms. Laina Greene
                                                         - 17 -

International Telecommunication         Mr. Christopher Field                      Ms. Jamsranjav Baasansuren
Union (continued)                       Working Group II Co-Chair                  Programme Officer, IPCC NGGIP
                                        Department of Global Ecology               Technical Support Unit
                                        Carnegie Institution for Washington*       Institute for Global Environmental
Mr. Kim Rasmussen                                                                  Strategies
Nokia Siemens Networks
                                        Sr. Vicente Ricardo Barros
                                        Working Group II Co-Chair                  Ms. Renate Christ
Mr. Leonard donnelly                    Center for Sea and Atmosphere Research     Secretary of the IPCC

United Nations Industrial               Ms. Margaret Holden                        Mr. Gilles Sommeria
Development Organization                Center for Global Environmental            IPCC Secretariat
                                        Research                                   World Meteorological Organization
Mr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella
Director General                        Mr. Ottmar Edenhofer                       Ms. Carola Traverso Saibante
                                        Co-Chair Working Group III                 Information and Communication Officer
                                        Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact
Mr. Dimitri Ivanovich Piskounov
Managing Director                                                                  Ms. Brenda Abrar-Milani
                                                                                   Eernal Relation and Partnership Officer
                                        Sr. Ramon Pichs Madruga
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Monga
                                        Co-Chair of Woking Group III
Director, Energy and Climate Change                                                Ms. Laura Biagioni
                                        Centro de Investigaciones de la Economía
Branch                                                                             World Meteorological Organization
Vienna International Centre
                                                                                   M. Philippe Freund
                                        Mr. Youba Sokona
Mr. Morgan Bazilian                                                                Le Compagnie Benjamin de
                                        Co-Chair of Working Group III
Special Adviser, Energy and Climate                                                Rotschild/Directeur Services Carbone
                                        Observatory of Sahara and Sahel
Change                                                                             BeCitizen

                                        Mr. Carlo Carraro
Mr. Dolf Gielen                                                                    M. Abdou Mourahib
                                        Vice Chair of Working Group III
Chief, Energy and Policy Unit                                                      La Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild
                                        Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
Vienna International Centre                                                        BeCitizen

                                        Mr. Takahiko Hiraishi
Mr. Manuel Welsch
                                        Co-chair, Task Force for National          World Bank
Junior Professional Officer
                                        Greenhouse Gas Inventories
Vienna International Centre
                                        Institute for Global Environmental         Mr. Robert Zoellick
                                        Strategies                                 President
Mr. Patrick Nussbaumer
                                        Ms. Pauline Midgley                        Ms. Katherine Sierra
                                        Head, IPCC Technical Support Working       Vice President, Sustainable Development
Mr. Sebastian Hermann                   Group I
Junior Professional Officer             University of Bern
                                                                                   Mr. James Warren Evans
                                                                                   Director, Environment Department
Mr. Sidi Menad Si Ahmed                 Ms. Kristie Ebi
Director                                Executive Director, IPCC Technical
Multilateral Environmental Agreements   Support Unit Working Group II              Mr. Juergen Voegele
Branch                                                                             Director, Agriculture and Rural
                                                                                   Development Department
                                        Mr. Harold Simon Eggleston
Ms. Rana Ghonheim                       Head, Technical Support Unit
                                        IPCC National Greenhouse Gas               Mr. Jamal Saghir
                                        Inventories Programme                      Director, Energy, Transport and Water
Ozunimi Lillian Iti                     Institute for Global Environmental
                                        Strategies                                 Ms. Inger Andersen
WMO/UNEP Intergovernmental                                                         Regional Coordinator (GEF)
Panel on Climate Change                 Mr. Kiyoto Tanabe                          Regional Bureau for Arab States
                                        Programme Officer, Technical Support       United Nations Development Programme
Mr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri             Unit of the IPCC TFI
Chairman of the IPCC                    Institute for Global Environmental         Ms. Laura Tuck
The Energy and Resources Institute      Strategies                                 Sector Director, Latin American and
                                                                                   Caribbean Region
                                        Ms. Nalin Srivastana                       Sustainable Development Department
Mr. Hoesung Lee
IPCC Vice chair                         Programme Officer, Technical Support
Keimyung University                     Unit of the IPCC TFI                       Ms. Michele de Nevers
                                        Institute for Global Environmental         Senior Manager, Environment Department
Mr. Thomas Stocker
Co-Chair Working Group I                                                           Ms. Joelle Chassard
Climate and Environmental Physics       Mr. Nalin Kumar Srivastava                 Manager, Carbon Finance Unit
Institute                               Programme Officer, IPCC NGGIP
University of Bern                      Technical Support Unit
                                                            - 18 -

World Bank (continued)                     Mr. Gerhard Dieterle                  Mr. Richard Mills Mills
                                           Adviser                               Driver for accreditation
                                           Agricultural and Rural Department
Ms. Patricia Bliss-Guest
Program Manager, Climate Investment                                              Mr. Robert Bisset
Funds                                      Mr. Gordon Mcintosh                   Senior Communication Officer
                                                                                 Sustainable Development Department
Ms. Ksenyia Lvovsky                        Ms. Habiba Gitay
Program Manager, Climate Change            Senior Environmental Specialist       Mr. Robert Hunt
Environment Department
                                           Mr. Herbert Acquay                    Mr. Todd Johnson
Mr. Charles Di Leva                        Program Coordinator
Chief Counsel                                                                    Ximena Talero
EESD and International Law                 Mr. Ian Noble
                                           Lead Climate Change Specialist,
                                                                                 Ms. Xueman Wang
Mr. Konrad von Ritter                      Sustainable Development Network
                                                                                 Counsel, Cofinancing and Project Finance
Sector Manager, World Bank Institute       Environment Department
Sustainable Development Division
                                           Ms. Isabel Hagbrink                   World Health Organization
Idah Pswarayi-Riddihough
                                           Mr. Ivan Zelenko                      Ms. Maria Neira
                                           Lead Financial Officer/ Head of       Director, Department of Public Health and
Ms. Aditi Maheshwari
                                           Derive&Structure Finance              Environment
Carbon Finance Specialist, Sustainable
Development Network                        Capital Market Department
Environment Department                                                           Mr. Roberto Bertollini
                                           Mr. Jari Vayrynen                     Coordinator, Evidence and Policy on
                                           Senior Environmental Specialist       Environmental Health
Ms. Akiko Nishimae
Environmental Specialist                   Carbon Finance Unit
Environment Department                                                           Mr. Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum
                                           Mr. Jarl Krausing                     Scientist, Evidence and Policy on
                                           Senior Environmental Specialist,      Environmental Health
Mr. Ethelstan Angus Friday
Climate Change Consultant                  Sustainable Development Network
Environment                                Environment Department                Ms. Marina Maiero
                                                                                 Technical Officer, Evidence and Policy on
                                           Ms. Johanne Holten                    Environmental Health
Mr. Benoit Bosquet
Lead, Carbon Finance Specialist, Carbon    Junior Professional Officer
Finance Unit                               Sustainable Development Department,   Ms. Ravini Senanayake
                                           Middle East and North Africa Region   Technical Officer, Evidence and Policy on
                                                                                 Environmental Health
Mr. Brian Sloan
                                           Mr. Jonathan Caldicott
                                                                                 Mr. Luis Augusto Galvao
Mr. Charles Joseph Cormier
                                           Mr. Kenneth Andrasko                  Area Manager, Sustainable Development
                                           Senior Methodology Specialist         and Environmental Health
Secretariat of the United Nations
                                           Carbon Finance Unit                   WHO Regional Office for the Americas
Framework Convention on Climate
                                           Ms. Leonida S. Vista                  Mr. Carlos Corvalan
                                                                                 Regional Adviser on Sustainable
M. Christophe de Gouvello
                                                                                 Development and Environmental Health
                                           Mr. Marcos Castro                     WHO Regional Office for the Americas
Mr. Christopher Farrell
                                           Ms. Martina Bosi                      Mr. Hamed Bakir
Ms. Dorte Verner                           Carbon Finance Specialist             Regional Advisor, Department of Health
                                                                                 and Environment
                                           Ms. Megan Meyer                       WHO Regional Office for the Eastern
Mr. Eduardo Dopazo
Senior Operations Officer
Carbon Finance Unit                        Nomaan Mirza
                                                                                 Mr. Abdul Sattar-Yoosuf
                                                                                 Director, Department of Sustainable
Ms. Eimi Watanabe                          Mr. Patrick Verkooijen                Development and Healthy Environments
Associate Administrator                    Senior Partnership Specialist         WHO Regional Office for South-East
Bureau for Development Policy              Agriculture and Rural Department      Asia
United Nations Development Programme
                                                                                 World Health Organization Regional
                                                                                 Office for South-East Asia
                                           Mr. Richard Damania
Ms. Ellysar Baroudy                        Lead Environmental Economist, South
Senior Carbon Finance Specialist, Carbon   Asia Region                           Mr. Marc Danzon
Finance Unit
                                                                                 Regional Director
                                                                                 WHO European Centre for Environment
                                           Mr. Richard Zechter
Mr. Erik Fernandes                                                               and Health - Italy
Agriculture and Rural Development
                                                                - 19 -

World Health Organization                   Mr. Jonathan Abrahams                     Ms. Carine Richard van Maele
(continued)                                 Coordinator, Risk Reduction and           Chief, Communications and Public
                                            Emergency Preparedness, Health Action     Affairs Office
                                            in Crises
Mr. Nata Menabde
Deputy Regional Director                                                              Mr. Amir H. Delju
                                            Mr. Jet Li                                Senior Scientific Coordinator, Climate
                                            WHO Goodwill Ambassador                   Coordination Division
Mr. Nedret Emiroglu                                                                   Climate Prediction and Adaptation
Director a.i., division of Health                                                     Branch, Climate and Water Department
Programmes                                  Mr. Jie Song
                                            Adviser to Mr. Li
                                                                                      Ms. Marie Heuzé
Mr. Imre Hollo                                                                        Communications and Public Affairs
Director, Division of Administration and    Mr. Andy Haines
Finance                                     Dean, London School of Hygiene and
                                            Tropical Medicine
                                                                                      T. Peterson
Mr. Srdan MAtic                                                                       NOAA
Unit Head, Non-Communicable Diseases        Mr. Franklin Apfel
and Environment Unit                        Managing Director, World Health
                                            Communication Associates Consultant for   Mr. Claus Kern-Hansen Ernstsen
                                            WHO Media Relations                       Danish Meteorological Institute
Mr. John O'Toole
Unit Head, Partnership and
Communications Unit                         Mr. Domenico di Raffaele                  Mr. Martin Drews
                                            Chauffeur                                 Danish Meterological Institute

Mr. Gerald Rockenschaub
Regional Adviser, Disaster Preparedness     World Meteorological                      Mr. Bjarne Siewertsen
and Response                                Organization                              Danish Meterological Institute

Ms. Bettina Menne                           Mr. Michel Jarraud                        Ms. Kathleen Love
Medical Officer of Global Change and        Secretary General
Health                                                                                Mr. William Westermeyer
Division of Health Programmes                                                         Senior Scientific Officer
                                            Mr. Hong Yan
WHO European Centre for Environment                                                   Global Climate Observing System
                                            Deputy Secretary General
and Health - Italy

                                            Ms. Elena Manaenkova                      World Tourism Organization
Mr. Karim Benthami
                                            Director of Cabinet and External
Supply and Conference Officer
                                            Relations Department                      Mr. Taleb Rifai
Division of Administration and Finance
                                                                                      Secretary-General a.i.
                                            Mr. Avinash Tyagi
Ms. Svenja Herrmann
                                            Director, Climate and Water Department    Mr. Luigi Cabrini
Technical Officer, Partnership and
Communications Unit                                                                   Director, Department of Sustainable
                                            G. Love                                   Development of Tourism
                                            Director, Weather and Disaster Risk
Ms. Viv Taylor Gee
                                            Reduction Services Department             Ms. Sofía Gutiérrez
Consultant, Partnership and
Communications Unit                                                                   Programme Officer
                                            Mr. Carolin Richter
                                            Director, Global Climate Observing
Ms. Tanya Mikkelsen
                                            System Office
                                                                                      World Trade Organization
Administrative Assistant, Special Events,
                                                                                      Ms. Vesile Williams-Kulacoglu
                                            Mr. Mannava V.K. Sivakumar
                                                                                      Director, Trade and Environment Division
                                            Director, Climate Prediction and
Ms. Anna Roepstorff
                                            Adaptation Branch
Programme Assistant, Partnership and
                                            Climate and Water Department              Ms. Ludivine Tamiotti
                                                                                      Counsellor, Trade and Environment
                                            Mr. John Zillman
Ms. Olga Safronova
                                            Chair, Steering Committee/Chair of
Secretary, Division of Health Programmes
                                            WCC-3 International Organizing            Ms. Doaa Abdel Motaal
                                            Committe                                  Counsellor, Office of the Director General
Mr. Eric Laroche                            Bureau of Meteorological Research
Assistant Director-General, Health Action   Centre
in Crises                                   Global Climate Observing System
                                                                 - 20 -

                                          Intergovernmental organizations
African Development Bank                      Mr. Luc Zambo Zambo                      Mr. Bernard Namanya
                                              Principal Interpreter, French            Consultant
Mr. Donald Kaberuka
President                                     Mr. Thomas-Alain Nchinda                 Ms. Suzanne Nyinawandoli
                                              Principal Interpreter, English           Secretary
Mr. Kamal El Kheshen
Vice President, Sector Operations II          Ms. Angela Delfino                       Ms. Simone Abala
                                              Principal Legal Counsel, Environmental   Chief of Protocol
Mr. Paul Martin
Co-Chair, Congo Basin Forest Fund                                                      Ms. Habiba Mejr-Cheikh
                                              Mr. Boniface Murefu Barasa               Head of Division of Communication and
                                              Environmental Specialist                 Information
Mr. Wangeri Mathaai                           Yale Student Environmental Coalition
Co-Chair, Congo Basin Forest Fund
                                                                                       Mr. Bather Kone
                                              Mme Clotilde Ngomba                      Biosafety Expert
Mr. Aly Abou-Sabaa                            CBFF Coordinator
Director, Agriculture and Agro-Industry       Global Environment Facility
Department                                                                             Ms. Estherine Lisinge Fotabong
                                                                                       Christian Aid
                                              Mr. James Acworth
Ms. Sunita Pitamber                           CBFF Chief Operations Officer
Head, Gender and Climate Change Unit                                                   Mr. Stephen Karagizi
                                                                                       Assistant Secretary General
                                              Mr. Alex Forbes                          Common Market for East and Southern
Mr. Yogesh K. Vyas                            CBFF Consultant                          Africa
Lead Environmentalist

                                              Mr. Pierre Nguida                        Mr. Maclay Kanyangarara
Mr. Serge Bounda                              CBFF Forest Management and Climate       Climate Advisor
Assistant to Professor Wangeri Mathaai        Change Expert                            Common Market for East and Southern
Mr. Graham Stegman                            Mr. Youssef Arfaoui
Advisor to President Kaberuka                 Senior Investment Officer                Mr. George Mulama Wamukoya
                                                                                       Climate Advisor
Ms. Cecile Ambert                                                                      Common Market for East and Southern
                                              Mr. Kurt Lonsway
Assistant to President Kaberuka                                                        Africa
                                              principal Portfolio Management Officer

Mr. Alexandre Gingras                                                                  Ms. Nengela Nalumino
                                              African Union Commission                 Common Market for East and Southern
Assistant to Paul Martin
                                              H.E. Mr. Jean Ping
Mr. Anthony Nyong
                                              Chairperson, Head of Delegation          Mr. Johnson Boanuh
Principal Climate Change Officer
                                                                                       Director of Environment
                                              Ms. Jeanine Ping                         Economic Community of West African
Mr. Abdoulaye Dagamaissa                                                               States
Acting Coordinator, Congo Basin Forest
Fund                                          Ms. Tumusiimi Peace Rhoda
                                              Commissioner of REA                      M. Bougonou Kouassivi Djeri-Alassani
Mr. Al-Hamndou Dorsouma                                                                Economic Community of West African
Senior Climate Change Expert, Gender          Mr. Mahmoud Moustafa                     States
and Climate Change Unit                       Policy Officer, Water Resources and
                                                                                       Mr. F. Olufemi Fajana
Ms. Deborah Glassman                                                                   International Negotiation Expert, Trade
Communication Expert                          Mr. Khalil Timamy                        and Industry

Ms. Sarah Baudin                              Ms. Olushola Olayide Sodeko              Mr. Mourad Ben Dhiab
Climate Change Expert                         Senior Policy Officer, Environment and
                                              Water Resources / Acting Head of
                                              Division, Environmnet and Natural        Mr. Louis Sylvain-Goma
Ms. Uzoamaka Nwamarah                                                                  Secretary General, ECCAS
Climate Change Expert, Gender and
                                              Department of Rural Economy and
Climate Change Unit
                                              Agriculture                              Mr. Mahamat Saleh Annadif
Ms. Awa Coulibaly
                                              Mr. Julius Kagamba                       Mr. Million Asseged
Principal Interpreter, French
                                              Special Assistant to the Commissioner

Mr. Sache Ngwa                                                                         Mr. Claude Alain Djally
Principal Interpreter, Englsih
                                                           - 21 -

African Union Commission                 Mr. Srinivasan Ancha                      Mr. Joseph McGann
(continued)                              Senior Climate Change Specialist          MACC Project Manager and Technical
                                         Agriculture, Environment and Natural      Leader
                                         Resources Division
Ms. Beatrice Egulu
                                                                                   Mr. Edwin Carrington
                                         Mr. Johannes Verantvoort                  Secretary General
Ms. Benchehida Hafida                    Counsel                                   Caribbean Community Secretariat

Mr. Augustin Iyamuremye                  Mr. Sharad Saxena                         Mr. Edward Greene
                                         Climate Change Specialist                 Caribbean Community Secretariat
Mr. Stephen Kisiigha
                                         Mr. Philip Wood                           Mr. Garfield Barnwell
Mr. Mazri                                Media Relations Specialist                Director, Sustainable Dvelopment
AU Geneva Office                         Department of External Relations          Caribbean Community Secretariat

Mr. Chaib Mohamed                        Mr. Mu Shin Kim                           Mr. Stein Hansen
                                         Investment Specialist                     Deputy Resident Representative
                                                                                   Subregional Office Barbados and OECS
Ms. Mary Mugyenyi                                                                  United Nations Development Programme
                                         Ms. Lauren Sorkin
                                         Young Professional, Climate Change
Mr. Mohamed Mustoofa                     Regional and Sustainable Development      Ms. Michelle Gyles-McDonnough
                                         Department                                UNDP Representative
Mr. Mekonen Negatin                                                                UNDP Barbados and the OECS
                                         Mr. Ara Kazandjian
Mr. Sisa James Njikelana                 External Relations Officer                Archalus Tcheknavorian-Asenbauer
                                         European Representative Office            UNDP Representative
                                                                                   UNDP Barbados and the OECS
Mr. K. Shinkaiye
                                         Association of Southeast Asian
                                         Nations                                   Mr. Murray Simpson
Antonio Tete                                                                       Co-Director CARIBSAVE Partnership
AU New York Office                                                                 Senior Research Associate, Oxford
                                         Mr. Surin Pitsuwan                        University Centre for the Environment
                                         Secretary General
Asian Development Bank
                                                                                   Mr. David Carty
                                         Mr. Raman Letchumanan                     Representative from Anguilla
Ms. Ursula Schafer-Preuss                Head, Environment Division
Vice President
Knowledge Management and Sustainable                                               Ms. Lisa-Ann Maree Hurlston-McKenzie
Development                              Ms. Fika Fawzia                           Manager, Sustainalbe Development Unit -
                                         Programme Officer on REDD                 Cayman Islands Dept. of Env.
                                         ASEAN-German Regional Forest
Mr. Robert J. Dobias                     Programme
Senior Advisor for Climate Change,                                                 Ms. Jewel Batchasingh
Regional and Sustainable Development                                               Deputy Director, Department of
Department                               Caribbean Community Climate               Environment and Coastal Resources
                                         Change Centre
Mr. Nessim Ahmad                                                                   Mr. Clyde Lettsome
Director                                 Mr. Ulric Trotz                           Permanent Secretary, Min. Natural
Environment and Social Safeguard         Science Advisor                           Resources and Labour and the Climate
Division (RSDD)                                                                    Change Focal Point for the BVI
                                         Mr. Leonard A. Nurse
Mr. David McCauley                       Special Envoy on the Environment
Principal Climate Change Specialist,     University of the West Indies             Ms. Abigail O'Neal
Regional and Sustainable Development                                               President and CEO of Green Technology
Department                                                                         BVI Ltd.
                                         Mr. Mark Bynoe
                                                                                   Green Technology BVI Ltd.
                                         Environmental Economist
Mr. Toru Kubo
Senior Clean Energy and Climate Change                                             Mr. Joseph Augustus McGann
                                         Ms. Ethlyn Valladares
Specialist                                                                         National Climate Change Programme
Regional and Sustainable Development     Executive Assistant to the Director
Department                                                                         Directorate of Environmental Affairs
                                         Ms. Terry Ann Audinett                    Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Mr. James Leather                        Receptionist/Filing Clerk
Senior Transport Specialist                                                        Mr. Reynold Murray
                                         Mr. Earl Green                            Deputy Resident Representative
Mr. Tae Yong Jung                        Project Manager, Belize Second National
                                         Communication Project
Senior Climate Change Specialist
Economic Analysis and Operations
Support Division
                                                              - 22 -

Center for International Forestry          Mr. Kim Jong Ho                          Ms. Louise Buck
Research                                   Scientist                                CIFOR Partner

Sr. Frances Seymour                        Mr. Gen Takao                            Mr. Michael P. Wells
Director General                           Scientist                                CIFOR Partner

Mr. Mike Kopetski                          Arlid Angelsen                           Mr. Johnson Nkem
                                                                                    Scientist, Environmental Services and
                                                                                    Sustainable of Forests Program
Mr. John Colmey                            Ms. Monica Idinoba
Director of Communication                  Scientist, TroFCCA West Africa
                                                                                    Mr. Bernard Foahom
Mr. Markku Kanninen                        Ms. Erin Sills
                                                                                    Environmental and Soil Science
Senior Scientist, Environmental Services   Senior Associate
and Sustainable of Forests Program
                                           Mr. Fobissie Kalame                      Commission de l'ocean Indien*
Mr. Tim Cronin                             Consultant
                                                                                    Mr. Callixte D'Offay
                                           Ms. Lucille Cronan Heffern               Secretary general
Mr. James Clarke
Media Liaison and Outreach Manager         Consultant
                                                                                    Ms. Gina Bonne
                                           Mr. John Lindon                          Head of Mission
Ms. Levania Santoso
Research Officer, Environmental Services   Resource Mobilization & Donor Relation
and Sustainable of Forests Program         Specialist                               Mr. Brice Montfraix
                                                                                    Regional Project Coordinator
Ms. Lucya Yamin                            Ms. Liwei Lin
                                           Consultant                               Mr. Yadowsun Boodhoo
Mr. Bruno Locatelli                                                                 Mauritius Meteorological Services
                                           Elinor Ostrom
                                           Speaker at Forest Day 3
Mr. Daniel Murdiyarso
                                                                                    Commission des Forêts d'Afrique
Senior Scientist, Environmental Services
and Sustainable of Forests Program         Mr. Jeff Haskins                         Centrale
                                           Media Consultant

Ms. Kristell Hergoualch                                                             Mr. Raymond Mbitikon
Research Fellow                            Ms. Coimbra Sirica
                                           CIFOR Media Unit                         Mr. Martin Tadoum
Ms. Hety Herawati                                                                   Technical Assistant
Research Officer                           Mr. Nathan Russell
                                           CIFOR Media Unit                         Mr. Dietmar Schorlemer
Mr. Louis Vincent Verchot
Principal Scientist - Climate Change       Ms. Brenda Kelly                         Mr. Hans Schipulle
                                           CIFOR Communications

Mr. Olufunso Somorin                                                                Ms. Irina Dvorak
Associate Expert                           Trish Connolly                           Climate Technical Adviser
                                           CIFOR Media Unit

Mr. Dennis Sonwa                                                                    Mr. Michel Ndjatsana
                                           Ms. Urmilla Hardial                      Consultant, Climate
Ms. Sheila Wertz-Kanounnikoff
Associate Researcher                                                                Commonwealth Secretariat
                                           Ms. Susan Nansereko
Mr. William Sunderlin                                                               Ms. Janet R. . Strachan
Scientist                                                                           Economic Adviser
                                           Ms. Christine Frigaard Weinreich
Ms. Maria Brockhaus                                                                 Mr. Graham Banton
Scientist, Forest and Governance Program                                            Researcher Officer
                                           Mr. Yasuhisa Tanaka
                                           Chief Advisor
Mr. Sven Wunder                            Japan International Cooperation Agency   Mr. Julius Mucunguzi
Principal Scientist
                                           Ms. Sara J. Scherr                       Congress of Local and Regional
Ms. Stibniati Atmadja                      President                                Authorities of the Council of
Research Fellow                            Ecosystem Services                       Europe
                                           Forest Trends
Ms. Cyriaque Sendashonga
Regional Coordinator                                                                Mr. Ian Micallef
                                           Mr. Seth Shames                          President
                                           CIFOR Partner
                                                         - 23 -

Congress of Local and Regional           Mr. John Prescott                      Mr. Thomas Iskov Jensen
Authorities of the Council of            Deputy Prime Minister
Europe (continued)                       Department for Environment, Food and
                                         Rural Affairs                          European Bank for Reconstruction
                                                                                and Development
Ms. Dubravka Suica
Vice President                           Mr. Bill Etherington
                                         Chairman of the Sub-Committee on       Mr. Josué Tanaka
                                         Sustainable Development                Corporate Director, Energy Efficiency and
Mr. Günther Krug                         Council of Europe, Parliamentary       Climate Change
Vice President                           Assembly
                                                                                Mr. Thomas Mirow
Mr. Knud Andersen                        Mr. Nigel Evans                        President
Vice President                           Council of Europe, Parliamentary
                                         Assembly                               Mr. Hans Peter Lankes
Ms. Gaye Doganoglu
Chair of the Committtee on Sustainable   Ms. Francine John-Calame               Ms. Maike Scheumer
Development                              Council of Europe, Parliamentary
                                                                                Ms. Terence McCallion
Ms. Antonella Cagnolati                                                         Director, Energy Efficiency and Climate
Director                                 Mr. Bernard Marquet                    Change
Council of Europe, Parliamentary         Council of Europe, Parliamentary
Assembly                                 Assembly
                                                                                Ms. Marta Simonetti-Whitford
                                                                                Associate Manager, Official Co-Financing
Ms. Paula Baker                          Mr. Edward O'Hara                      Unit
                                         Council of Europe, Parliamentary
Mr. Jean-Louis Joseph                    Assembly
                                                                                Mr. Andreas Biermann
                                                                                Principal Policy Manager, Energy
Ms. Kay Twitchen                         Ms. Carina Ohlsson                     Efficiency and Climate Change
                                         Member of Parliament
                                         Swedish Parliament
Ms. Marité Moras Rodriguez                                                      Mr. Grzegorz Peszko
Secretary, Committee on Sustainable                                             Senior Energy/Environmental Economist
Development                              Mr. René Rouquet
                                         Council of Europe, Parliamentary
                                         Assembly                               Mr. Craig Davies
Corporación Andina de Fomento                                                   Principal Environmental Advisor
                                         Mr. Rainder Steenblock
Mr. Jose Carrera                         Council of Europe, Parliamentary       Mr. Axel Reiserer
Vicepresident of Social and              Assembly                               Advisor, Press Office
Environmental Development
                                         Mr. Rudolph Vis                        Mr. Jan-Willem van de Ven
Ms. Martha Patricia Castillo             Council of Europe, Parliamentary       Head, MCCF Secretariat
Latin American Carbon Program (PLAC)     Assembly
                                                                                Mr. Jason Kitts
Mr. Ubaldo Elizondo                      Ms. Angès Nollinger
Latin American Carbon Program (PLAC)     Head of the Committee Secretariat      Mr. Friso de Jong
                                         Council of Europe, Parliamentary       Carbon Finance Analyst
Sra. Mary Gómez Torres
Senior Executive                                                                European Investment Bank
Latin American Carbon Program (PLAC)     Ms. Dana Karanjac
                                         Co-Secretary of the Committee
                                         Council of Europe, Parliamentary       Mr. Philippe Maystadt
Mr. Camilo Rojas                         Assembly                               President of the EIB
Latin American Carbon Program (PLAC)

                                         Ms. Hazel Bastier                      Mr. Simon Brooks
Ms. María Teresa Szauer                  Assistant of the Committee             Vice-President
Environment Director                     Council of Europe, Parliamentary
                                                                                Mr. Grammatiki Tsingou-Papadopetrou
Council of Europe                                                               Director
                                         EUROFISH International
Mr. Alan Meale                           Organisation*                          Mr. Peter Carter
First Vice-Chairman                                                             Associate Director
Committee on the Environment,
                                         Ms. Aina Afanasjeva
Agriculture and Local and Regional
Affairs                                                                         Mr. Christopher Hurst
Council of Europe, Parliamentary         Mr. Behnan Thomas                      Director Transport and Energy
                                         Mr. Sebastian Rodriguez
                                                         - 24 -

European Investment Bank                Mr. Volker Liebig                           Global Biodiversity Information
(continued)                             Director                                    Facility
                                        Earth Observations Programmes
                                        European Space Agency - ESRIN
Mr. Andrea Pinna                                                                    Mr. Nicholas David King
Lead, Climate Change, Environment and                                               Executive Secretary
Social Office                           Mr. Stephen Briggs
                                        Head of Science, Application and Future
                                        Technology Department                       Mr. Francois Rogers
Ms. Monica Scatasta                     Earth Observation Programme Directorate     Senior Programme Officer for
Senior Economist                        European Space Agency - ESRIN               communications and Outreach

Ms. Viviana Siclari                     Mr. Mark Doherty                            Ms. Catarina Schwedt
Communication Officer                   Head, Exploitation and Services Division    Communications Programme Assistant
                                        Earth Observation Programme Directorate
Mr. Richard Willis                      European Space Agency - ESRIN               Ms. Anne Mette Nielsen
Communication Officer                                                               ICT Support Manager
                                        Mr. Olivier Arino
Ms. Giulia Macagno                      Head, Projects Section                      Mr. Samy Gaiji
Consultant                              Earth Observation Programme Directorate     Head of Informatics
                                        European Space Agency - ESRIN

Mr. Christoph Gleitsmann                                                            Mr. Juan Bello
Deputy Technical Advisor                Mr. Frank Martin Seifert                    Senior Programme Officer for Nodes
                                        Earth Observation Application Engineer
                                        Earth Observation Programme Directorate
Ms. Jane Feehan                         European Space Agency - ESRIN               Mr. Vishwas Chavan
Natural Resouces Specialist                                                         Senior Programme Officer for DIGIT
Environmental Protection Agency
                                        Ms. Simonetta Cheli
                                        Head                                        Mr. Éamonn O Tuama
Mr. Richard Pelly                       Public and Institutional Relations Office   Senior Programme Officer for IDA
Chief Executive                         European Space Agency - ESRIN
European Investment Fund
                                                                                    Mr. David Pratt Remsen
                                        Mr. Wolfgang Lengert                        Senior Programme Officer for ECAT
Mr. Cyrille Arnould                     ERS and ADM-Aeolus Missions Manager
GEEREF Head of Operations               Earth Observation Programme Directorate     Mr. Alberto Gonzalez-Talavan
                                        European Space Agency - ESRIN               Training Officer
Mr. Gunter Fischer
Investment Manager                      Mr. Francesco Palazzo                       Mr. Hugo von Linstow
                                        Remote Sensing Application Specialist       Deputy Director for Management and
Mr. Tao Ren                             European Space Agency - ESRIN               International Relations
GEEREF Investment Officer
                                        Ms. Ulla Vayrynen                           Ms. Mélianie Raymond
Ms. Emilie Prel                         Serco S.p.A                                 Programme Assistant for Nodes
GEEREF                                  European Space Agency - ESRIN

                                                                                    Global Water Partnership
                                        Mr. Thomas Häusler
European Patent Office*                                                             Organisation*
                                        Project Mananger GSE Forest Monitoring
                                        GAF AG
Mr. Konstantinos Karachalios                                                        Ms. Ania Grobicki
Senior Advisor                                                                      Executive Secretary
                                        Ms. Sharon Gomez
                                        REDD Specialist
Mr. Nikolaus Thumm                      Forestry Department                         Mr. Mohamed Ait-Kadi
Chief Economist                         GAF AG                                      Rabat Instituts

Mr. Rainer Osterwalder                  Mr. René Ngamabou Siwe                      Mr. Arnold Michael (Mike) Muller
Director, Media Relations               REDD Implementor for Cameroun
                                        GAF AG
                                                                                    Ms. Nicole Zantkuijl
Ms. Sabine Linau
Administrator, Media Relations          Mr. Gernot Ramminger
                                        GAF AG                                      Mr. Steven Downey
                                                                                    Head of Communications
Mr. Oswald Schröder
                                        Mr. Carsten Brockmann
                                        Remote Sensing Specialist                   Helsinki Commission*
European Space Agency                   Brockmann Consulting
                                                                                    Ms. Anne Christine Brusendorff
Mr. Jean-Jacques Dordain                Ms. Emma Doherty                            Executive Secretary
Director General                        Centre for Environmental
                                        University of Oxford                        Ms. Monika Stankiewicz
                                                                                    Professional Secretary
                                                            - 25 -

Helsinki Commission* (continued)         Mr. Arnaldo Vieira                       Ms. Elisabetta Bettini
                                         Sustainable Energy Specialist            Manager
Ms. Maria Laamanen
Professional Secretary                   Mr. Camilo Garzon                        Mr. Glauco Maglio
                                         Water and Sanitation Specialist          Official
Mr. Mikhail Durkin
Professional Secretary                   Ms. Cornie Huizenga                      Ms. Martina Salvadori
                                         Consultant                               Official
Mr. Nikolay Vlasov
Information Secretary                    Ms. Maria Cordeiro                       Mr. Stefano Bruni
                                         Consultant                               Assistant of the President
Ms. Hanna Paulomäki
Scientific Secretary                     Mr. Fernando Carrillo-Florez             Mr. Tassoua Liboukou Bibale Bibay
                                         Mordernization of State Specialist       Attache Financier Economique charge du
                                                                                  materiel of the President of the ESC
Institut International du Froid
                                         Ms. Maria Eugenia Netto
                                         Climate Change Policy Adviser            International Centre for Integrated
Mr. Didier Jean Coulomb                  EEG/BDP/UNDP                             Mountain Development
Director                                 United Nations Development Programme

                                                                                  Mr. Mats Eriksson
Mr. Jean-Luc Dupont                      Inter-Parliamentary Union*               Senior Water Specialist
Head of the Scientific and Technical
                                                                                  Water, Hazards and Environmental
Information Department
                                         Mr. Theo-Ben Gurirab                     Management
Ms. Celine Bazard
                                                                                  Mr. Robert John Zomer
                                         Mr. Anders B. Johnson                    Environmental Change Specialist Position
Inter-American Development Bank          Secretary General
                                                                                  Mr. Julie Dekens
Mr. Snatiago Levy                        Mr. Serguei Tchelnokov
Vice President, Sectors and Knowledge    Programme Manager                        Mr. Surendra P. Singh

Mr. Leandro Alves                        Ms. Elizabeth Azevedo                    Mr. Pushkin Phartiyal
Chief, Energy                            Programme Manager                        Executive Director, Livelihood and
                                                                                  Sustainable Development Programe
Mr. Juan Pablo Bonilla Arboleda          Ms. Emilie Vulpillière                   Central Himalayan Environment
Chief, Sustainable Energy and Climate    Secretary                                Association

                                         Ms. Emilia Mkusa                         Mr. Ngamindra Raj Dahal
Mr. David Wilk                           Assistant to the President               Research Officer
Senior Policy Urban Environmental                                                 King Mahendra Trust for Nature
Specialist                                                                        Conservation
                                         International Association of
                                         Economic and Social Councils and         Mr. Bhaskar Singh Karky
Ms. Hilen Meirovich
Climate Change Policy Specialist         Similar Institutions                     Researcher Fellow, Sustainable
                                                                                  Livelihood and Poverty Reduction
                                         Mr. Antonio Marzano                      Programme
Ms. Amal-Lee Amin                                                                 Economic Analysis Department
Climate Change Specialist, Sustainable   President
Energy and Climate Change Unit
Infrastructure and Environment           Mr. Patrick Venturini                    Rameshananda Vaidya
                                         Secretary General
Ms. Helga Flores Trejo                                                            madhav Karki
Director                                 Ms. Francesca Santoro
Heinrich Böll Foundation - North         President of the International Affairs   Mr. Partha Jyoti Das
America Office                           Commision
                                                                                  Mr. Vijay Ratan Khadgi
Mr. Eirivelthon Santos Lima              Mr. Stefano Cetica
Rural Development Specialist             Councillor
                                                                                  Mr. Mohammed Fawad Kahn
Ms. Carla Tully                          Mr. Claudio Falasca
Investment Officer                       Coucillor                                International Centre for Research
                                         National Economic and Labor Council of   in Agroforestry
Ms. Sara Valero                          Italy (CNEL)
Consultant                                                                        Mr. Dennis Garrity
                                         Mr. Michele Dau                          Director General
                                         Director General
                                                            - 26 -

International Centre for Research         International Development Law              International Energy Agency
in Agroforestry (continued)               Organization
                                                                                     Mr. Nobuo Tanaka
Mr. Anthony Simons                        Mr. Paul Crowley                           Executive Director
Deputy Director General                   Manager, Social Development Programs
                                                                                     Mr. Richard Jones
Mr. Michael Hailu                         Mr. William Thomas Loris                   Deputy Executive Director
Director, Communications                  Director General
                                                                                     Ms. Ingrid Barnsley
Mr. Henry Neufeldt                        Mr. Pekka Saavalainen                      Special Assistant to the Executive
Global Research Project Leader, Climate   Managing Director and Chief Operating      Director
Change                                    Officer
                                                                                     Mr. Marco Baroni
Mr. Meine van Noordwijk                   Ms. Patricia Anne Parkinson                Energy Analyst
Regional Coordinator                      Associate Program Legal Counsel
ICRAF Indonesia                                                                      Ms. Becky Black
                                          Ms. Isabelle Delas                         Senior Adviser, Strategic Marketing and
Mr. Brent Swallow                         Programme Development and Legal            Development
Global Research Project Leader            Research Officer
World Agroforestry Centre                                                            Mr. Fatih Birol
                                          Mr. Greg Levendusky                        Chief Economist
Ms. Joyce Kasyoki                         Acting Director, Communications
                                                                                     Ms. Barbara Buchner
Ms. Vanessa Meadu                         Mr. Robert Buergenthal                     Analyst, Energy Efficiency and
                                          Director, Programs Management              Environment Division
Mr. Peter Akong Minang
                                          Ms. Francesca Pispisa                      Ms. Laura Cozzi
                                          Publications Officer                       Principal Analyst
Ms. Sonya Dewi Santoso                                                               Economic Analysis Division
                                          Ms. Nebat Sukker
Mr. Robin Mathews                                                                    Mr. Bo Diczfalusy
                                          Press Officer
Office in UK

                                          Mr. Kevin Clune                            Ms. Charlotte Forbes
Mr. Rodel Lasco                                                                      Assistant, Energy Efficiency and
                                          Pro-Bono Legal Officer
ICRAF Philippines                                                                    Environment Division
                                          Ms. Elena Incisa di Camerana
Mr. Ujjwal Pradhan Prasad                                                            Mr. Paolo Frankl
                                          Program Legal Officer - Land
Regional Coordinator ICRAF SEA                                                       Head, Renewable Energy Unit
ICRAF Indonesia
                                          Mr. Patrizio Civili
                                          Permanent Observer - UN                    Mr. Lew Fulton
Mr. Andreas Joshua Wilkes                                                            Senior Analyst, Energy Technology
Program Leader, China NRM                                                            Policy Division
Office in China                           Mr. Thomas Bianchi
ICRAF Indonesia                           Director, External Resouces Development
                                                                                     Ms. Jenny Gell
                                                                                     Assistant, Energy Efficiency and
Ms. Susan Chomba                          Ms. Karen Widess                           Environment Division
Research Associate                        Project Development and Compliance
Climate Change                            Manager
                                                                                     Ms. Stefanie Held
                                                                                     Senior Consultant, Cement Sustainability
Mr. Dennis Rangi                          Mr. Thomas McInnerey                       Initiative
                                          Director, Research, Policy and Strategic   World Business Council for Sustainable
                                          Objectives                                 Development
Ms. Virendra Pal Singh
Office in India
                                          Ms. Ilaria Bottigliero                     Mr. Nigel Jollands
                                          Senior Researcher                          Senior Analyst, Energy Efficiency and
Ms. Patti Kristjanson
                                                                                     Environment Division
                                          Mr. David Patterson
Ebbe Schioler
                                          Senior Legal Officer - Health              Mr. Tom Kerr
Office in Denmark
                                                                                     Energy Analyst, Energy Technology
                                          Mr. Georges Braidi                         Policy Division
Ms. Lindsey Norgrove
                                          Regional Director
                                                                                     Mr. Jens Laustsen
Janny Vos                                                                            Energy Efficiendy & Environment
                                                           - 27 -

International Energy Agency               Ms. Gail Neudorf                           Ms. Randi Bjerre
(continued)                               Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate          HR-Advisor
                                          Change Advisor

Mr. Henning Lohse                                                                    Ms. Nicoline Norgaard
Communications Officer, Communication     Mr. Pytrik Oosterhof                       Finance Administrator
and Informaiton Office                    EU advisor
                                                                                     Ms. Majbrit Sunesen
Ms. Maggy Madden                          Ms. Madeleen Helmer                        Execute Secretary
Web Designer / Content Editor             Head, Red Cross/Red Cresent Climate
                                                                                     Ms. Nana Wiedeman
Mr. James Murphy                                                                     Head
Head, Information Systems Division        Mr. Maarten van Aalst
                                          Lead Climate Specialist / Associate
                                                                                     Ms. Hedinn Halldorssen
M. Cedric Philibert                                                                  Communication Advisor
                                          Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Ceneter
Principal Administrator, Energy
Efficiency and Environment Division                                                  Ms. Mette Fjalland
                                          Mr. Pablo Suarez
                                                                                     Strategy and Partnership Advisor
Ms. Sylvie Stephan                        United Nations Development Programme
Communication and Information Officer                                                Ms. Carina Sorensen
                                                                                     Communications Assistant
                                          Ms. Lina Nerlander
Mr. Peter Taylor                          Health and Climate Change Specialist
Acting Head, Energy Technology Policy     Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Change    Mr. Jeppe Toft Hansen
Division                                  The Netherlands Red Cross                  Volunteer

Mr. Tim Dixon                             Ms. Kari Eik                               Ms. Rebekka Abildtrup Hansen
GHG R and D Programme                     Consultant                                 Volunteer

International Federation of Red           Ms. Arame Tall                             Ms. Laura Jentsch
Cross and Red Crescent Societies          Consultant                                 Volunteer

Mr. Bekele Geleta                         Mr. Justin Stephen Benn                    Ms. Semine Lykke Brorson
Secretary General                         Film Maker                                 Volunteer

Mr. Anders Ladekarl                       Ms. Anna Zinecker                          Ms. Cecilie Toudal Pedersen
Secretary General                         Inter-Agency Standing Committee            Volunteer
                                          Taskforce on Climate Change
Ms. Yasemin Aysan                                                                    Ms. Marie-Louise Schaumburg-Müller
Under Secretary General                   Mr. Jesper Gerner Jensen                   Volunteer
                                          Head of International Department
Mr. Mohammed Omer Mukhier                                                            Ms. Helga Björk Jónsdóttir
Head of Department                        Ms. Dorte Busch                            Volunteer
                                          Head of Programmes                         Ministry of Water and Environment
Mr. Bhupinder Tomar
Senior Officer, Disaster Preparedness     Ms. Ulla Godtfredsen                       Ms. Marie Skovgaard Henriksen
                                          Head of Policy & Planning Unit             Volunteer
                                                                                     Ministry of Water and Environment
Ms. Jette Michelsen
Coordinator, IASC Task Force on Climate   Ms. Birgitte Bischoff Ebbesen
Change                                    Head of Disaster Management Unit           Ms. Henriette Beck Andersen
                                                                                     Ministry of Water and Environment
Mr. Paul Conneally                        Ms. Anne Mette Meyer
Manager, Media Relations                  EU and Climate Change Adviser
                                          Danish Red Cross                           Ms. Meaghan Elizabeth Daly
Mr. Zach Abraham
Campaign Manager                          Mr. Kasper Bro Larsen                      Mr. Ian O'Donnell
                                          Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor            Senior Officer
                                                                                     ProVention Consortium
Mr. Stephen Ryan
Communications Officer                    Mr. Tobias von Platen-Hallermund
                                                                                     International Network for Bamboo
Mr. Erling Kvernevik                      Mr. Rasmus Stuhr Jakobsen                  and Rattan*
Senior Advisor, Norway                    Advisor in Resource Mobilisation Unit
                                                                                     Ms. Coosje Hoogendoorn
Mr. Bruno Haghebaert                      Ms. Lise Bægaard                           Director General
Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate         Logistic Support
Change Advisor
                                                           - 28 -

International Network for Bamboo          International Water Management          Mr. Peter Neil
and Rattan* (continued)                   Institute                               Coordinator of Regional Forest
                                                                                  Programme and Climate Change Focal
                                                                                  Point, Asia
Mr. Yiping Lou                            Mr. Vladimir Smakhtin                   IUCN - Asia Regional Office
Director, Environmental Sustainability    Team Leader - Water Availability and
Programme                                 Access
                                                                                  Mr. Richard Lawrence Ottinger
                                                                                  Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law
Ms. Violeta Gonzalez                      Mr. Terry Clayton
External Relations Coordinator            Writer
                                                                                  Mr. Maurice F. Strong
Mr. Guomo Zhou                            IUCN - International Union for          Earth Council
                                          Conservation of Nature
International Organization for                                                    League of Arab States
Migration                                 Mr. William Jackson
                                          Global Programme                        Mr. Ashraf Nour Eldin Shalaby
Mr. William Lacy Swing                                                            Senior Expert on Meteorology and
Director General                                                                  Climate Change
                                          Mr. Stewart Maginnis                    Environment and Sustainable
                                          Director, Environment and Development   Development
Ms. Michele Klein-Solomon
Director, Migration Policy and Research
                                          Ms. Claire Nihoul Parker                Mr. Emad Adly
                                          Senior Policy Consultant
Mr. Philippe Boncour
Head, International Dialogue on                                                   Mr. Abdul Wahab Teffaha
Migration Division                        Ms. Carole Saint-Laurent
                                          Senior Forest Policy Adviser
                                          IUCN - Canada Office                    Ms. Manal Diab
Mr. Jean-Philippe Chauzy
Head, Media and Public Information
                                          Mr. Neville Ash                         Ms. Nada El Agizy
                                          Head, Ecosystem Management              Head of Division
Ms. Linda Eriksson Baca
Liaison and Project Officer
                                                                                  Ms. Fatma Elmallah
                                          Ms. Ninni Ikkala                        LAS Contact Point for Climate Change
Ms. Alina Narusova
                                          Climate Change Coordinator
Migration Policy Specialist, Migration
Policy and Research                                                               Nordic Council of Ministers
                                          Ms. Fidaa Haddad
                                          Azraq Project Coordinator               Mr. Halldor Asgrimsson
International Transport Forum
                                          Mr. John Costenbader                    Mr. Hans Skotte Møller
Mr. Philippe LeRouie Crist                Legal Officer, Climate Change and
Administrator, Joint OECD-ITF Transport                                           Project coordinator
                                          Energy Issues
Research Centre                           IUCN - Environmental Law Centre
                                                                                  Mr. Jens Nytoft Rasmussen
                                                                                  Senior Advisor
International Tropical Timber             Mr. Joao de Queiroz
Organization                              IUCN - Regional Office for South
                                          America                                 Ms. Anita Broden
                                                                                  Member of the centre Group
Mr. Emmanuel Ze Meka
Executive Director                        Ms. Pia Drzewinski
                                                                                  Mr. Michael Tetzschner
                                                                                  Member of the Conservative Group
Mr. Eduardo Mansur                        Ms. Annelie Fincke
Assistant Director, Reforestation and     Junior Professional Associate
Forest Management Division                Social Policy                           Mr. Jukka Ahonen
                                                                                  Communications Director
Mr. Ma Hwan-Ok                            Mr. Lorenzo Guadagno
Projects Manager                                                                  Ms. Pamela Schönberg
Division of Forest Industries                                                     Communications officer
                                          Ms. Dorothée Herr
                                          Marine Programme Assistant
Ms. Rosemarie Jungheim                    IUCN - USA Multilateral Office          Mr. Johnny Aakerholm
Secretary, Office of the Executive                                                President and CEO
                                          Mr. David Frankel Huberman
                                          Junior Professional Associate           Mr. Harro Pitkänen
Mr. Noriyuki Kobayashi                                                            Executive Director
Professor                                                                         Nordic Environment Finance Corporation

                                                                                  Mr. Johan Ljungberg
                                                                                  Senior Director
                                                       - 29 -

Nordic Council of Ministers           Ms. Helena Wallin            Mr. Per-Gunnar Dahl
(continued)                           Senior Advisor               Senior Adviser

Ms. Kyra Koponen                      Ms. Melita Ringvold Hasle    Gaute Rossnes
Communications Assistant              Communications manager       Communications advisor

Ms. Nina Monsen                       Ms. Simone Heinz             Ms. Karin Arvidsson
Communications Assistant              Senior Advisor
                                                                   Ms. Karin Backlund
Ms. Jessica Kathle                    Mr. Michael Andersson
Director                              Senior Advisor
                                                                   Mr. Patrik Edman

Mr. Morten Rasmussen                  Ms. Lisa H. Ekli
                                                                   Mr. Mats Ekenger
Section Leader                        Communications advisor
                                                                   Senior Advisor

Mr. Roland Von Bothmer                Mr. Fredrik Melander
                                                                   H.E. Mr. Jan-Erik Enestam
Professor                             Senior Advisor
                                                                   Ministry of the Environment
Mr. Simon Jeppson                     Ms. Heidi Hautajarvi
Seed Store Manager                    Senior Advisor
                                                                   Mr. Tryggvi Felixson
                                                                   Head of Department
Mr. Erik Persson                      Ms. Anne S. Kaslegard
Environmental                         Advisor
                                                                   Mr. Michael Funch
                                                                   Communications advisor
Ms. Jennie Westlund                   Mr. Erik Framstad
Advisor                               Forskningssjef
                                                                   Ms. Anna Gran

Mr. Bosse Parbring                    Jannica Pitkanen-Brunsberg
                                                                   Mr. Mats Holmström
Advisor                               Coordinator
                                                                   Communications advisor

Ms. Bettina Lonnholm                  Mr. Stefan Aastrom
                                                                   Mr. Harald Holst
Information                                                        Corrdinator
                                      Antti Tohka
Ms. Susanne Mannberg                                               Mr. Johannes Jansson
Coordinator                           Mr. Jesper Leth Bak
                                                                   Ms. Ann-Kristine Johansson
Mikala Klint                          Mr. Carl Liungman            Leader of the social Democratic group
Head of section                       Project Manager
                                                                   Ms. Silje Bergum Kinsten
Mr. Lars Thostrup                     Ms. Josefin Lindberg         Communications Adviser
Director                              Project Manager REClimate
                                                                   Ms. Merete Madslund
Mr. Jakup Sorensen                    Ms. Petra Berggren
Information and project coordinator   Project promotor
                                                                   Ms. Mia Rahunen
Ms. Sofie Ulrik Neergaard             Ms. Marianne Neraal
Staigiare                                                          Mr. Mads Randbøll Wolff

Mr. Harry Zilliacus                                                Ms. Anne Riiser
                                      Ms. Helena Trulson
Senior Advisor                                                     Head of communication
                                      Project promtor REClimate

Ms. Janne Marijke de Jong                                          Ms. Dorthe Elise Svinth
                                      Ms. Tanja Staahle
Advisor                               Research assistant
                                                                   Mr. Niklas Talling
Mr. Ola Yndeheim                      Nino Simic
Senior Advisor                        Informations Manager         Ms. Kristen Touborg
                                                                   Member of the Left-Wing socialist Green
Ms. Therese Johansen                                               Group
                                      Mr. Lars Rottem Krangnes
Project Coordinator                   Information officer
                                                                   Ms. Maria Vuorelma
Pouline Terpager Rasmussen                                         Project coordinator
                                      Mr. Fredrik Waitz
Senior Advisor                        Student
                                                                   Mr. Niels Wanning
                                                             - 30 -

Nordic Environment Finance                  Mr. Marcos Bonturi                         Ms. Katia Karousakis
Corporation                                 Deputy Chief of Staff of the Secretary     Administrator, Climate Change,
                                            General                                    Biodiversity and Development Division
                                                                                       Environment Directorate
Mr. Ashvini Kumar Sharma
Head, Carbon Finance and Funds              Ms. Jan Corfee-Morlot
                                            Principal Administrator, Climate Change,   Mr. Céline Kauffmann
                                            Biodiversity and Development Division      Economist and Project Manager, Climate
Ms. Lotta Aho                               Environment Directorate                    Change and Water Investment Projects
Legal Counsel, Carbon Finance and Funds                                                Investment Division
                                            Mr. Robert Visser
Ms. Janika Blom                             Acting Director of Environment             Ms. Tamara Levine
Legal Counsel                                                                          Policy Analyst, Policy Coordination
Baltic Sea Region Testing Ground Facility                                              Development Cooperation Directorate
                                            Mr. Shardul Agrawala
                                            Principal Administrator, Climate Change,
Ms. Hanna-Mari Ahonen                       Biodiversity and Development Division      Mr. Jan Keppler
Project Manager, Carbon Finance and         Environment Directorate                    Acting Head, Principal Economist
Funds                                                                                  Nuclear Development Division
                                            Mr. Robertus Dellink
Ms. Maija Saijonmaa                         Economist, Policy Analyst Modellor         Mr. Jens Lundsgaard
Project Manager                             ENV/CBD                                    Deputy Chief Tax Economist, Tax Policy,
                                                                                       Tax Statistics and Horizontal Programme
Mr. Helge Semb                                                                         Division
                                            Mr. Jean-Marc Burniaux
Managing Director                           Principal Administrator, Climate Change,
Nordic Development Fund                     Biodiversity and Develeopment Division     Ms. Joy Aeree Kim
                                            Environment Directorate                    Administrator, Climate Change,
Ms. Leena Saavalainen                                                                  Biodiversity and Development Division
Senior Manager                                                                         Environemnt Directorate
                                            Mr. Alain Serres
Nordic Development Fund                     Senior Economist, Economics Department
                                                                                       Mr. Arthur Mickoleit
Ms. Martina Jagerhorn                                                                  Policy Analyst, Information Economy
                                            Mr. Jørgen Elmeskov
Program Manager                                                                        Group
                                            Acting Chief Economist and Director
                                                                                       Directorate for Science, Technology and
                                            Policy Studies Branch
Ms. Stella Eckert
Manager                                     Mr. Michael Donovan
                                                                                       Ms. Naoko Kubo
                                            Urban Specialist, Regional
                                                                                       Project Co-ordinator, AMSDE
Observatory of Sahara and Sahel             Competitiveness and Governance
                                                                                       Ms. Helen Mountford
Ms. Aissa Toure                                                                        Head, Climate Change, Biodiversity and
Research for Development Coordinator        Ms. Helen Fisher
                                                                                       Development Division
                                            Manager and Media Coordinator
                                                                                       Environment Directorate
                                            Public Affairs & Communication
Mr. Jihed Ghannem                           Directorate
Special Assistant to the Executive                                                     Mr. Wilfried Legg
Secretary and Communications Officer                                                   Head of Division, Agricultural Policies
                                            Mr. Thierry Dujardin
                                                                                       and Environment
                                            Deputy Director Science and
Ms. Dorothy Amwata                          Development
Research for Development Officer            Nuclear Energy Agency                      Mr. Brian Ngo
                                            OECD Nuclear Energy Agency                 Technical Advisor, African Partnership
Ms. Rania Mlika
                                            Mr. Anthony Gooch
                                            Director                                   Mr. Giuseppe Nicoletti
OPEC Fund for International                 Public Affairs and Communications          Head of Structural Policy Analysis
Development*                                                                           Division
                                                                                       Economics Department?Policy Studies
                                            Mr. Alain Dupeyras
Mr. Rachid Bencherif                                                                   Branch
                                            Head of the Tourism Unit
Senior Planning Analyst
                                                                                       Mr. Pascale Rossignol
                                            Ms. Lamia Kamal-Chaoui
Organisation for Economic Co-                                                          Administrative Assistant, Climate
                                            Head, Urban Development
                                                                                       Change, Biodiversity and Development
operation and Development                   Programme,Regional Competitiveness
                                            and Governance
                                                                                       OECD Environment Directorate
                                            Directorate ofr Public Governance and
Mr. Angel Gurria
                                            Territorial Development
                                                                                       Ms. Patricia Nilsson
                                                                                       Assistant, Climate Change, Biodiversity
                                            Ms. Jane Ellis
Ms. Christa Clapp                                                                      and Devlopment Division
                                            Principal Administrator, Climate Change,
Climate Change Analyst, Climate Change,
                                            Biodiversity and Development Division
Biodiversity and Development Division
                                            Environment Directorate                    Mr. Jean-Luc Schneider
Environment Directorate
                                                                                       Deputy Director, Policy Studies Branch
                                                             - 31 -

Organisation for Economic Co-               Mr. Fabrice Banon                           M. Yan Turgeon
operation and Development                                                               Rédacteur en chef du bulletin 'Objectif
(continued)                                                                             Terre'
                                            M. Sibi Bonfils
                                                                                        Université Laval
                                            Directeur adjoint, chargé des programmes
Mr. Joaquim Oliveira Martins
Head of Division, Regional                                                              M. Moussa Sinon
                                            Mme Rajae Chafil
Competitiveness and Governance                                                          Responsable de projets coopération
                                            Responsable de projets
Development Directorate                                                                 Unite Jeunesse

                                            M. Louis-Noël Jail
Mr. Ronald Steenblik                                                                    Mme Alix Mazounie
                                            Responsable du service information et
Senior Trade Policy Analyst, Trade Policy                                               Chargée des négociations climat
Linkages and Services Division                                                          Futur Facteur 4
Trade and Agricultural Directorate
                                            Isaac Yves Nyengue Bahanak
                                                                                        Mme Émeline Diaz
Mr. Rémy Paris                                                                          Chatgée des négociations climat / ONG
Head of Unit, Environmental and             M. Nicolas Biron                            Futur Facteur 4
Sustainable Development                     Stagiaire, adjoint au responsable de
Policy Co-ordination Division               programme
                                                                                        M. Emmanuel Goetz
                                                                                        Chargé projet NECTAR
Mr. John Stephenson                         M. Christian Brodagh                        Futur Facteur 4
Principal Advisor, Round Table on           Directeur de recherche
Sustainable Development                     École nationale supérieure des mines de
                                                                                        Mme Xing Fu-Bertaux
                                                                                        Chargé du projet NECTAR
Ms. Florence Poppe                                                                      Futur Facteur 4
Policy Analyst                              M. Thierry Verdel
Development Cooperation Directorate         Directeur, département environnement
                                                                                        Mme Marie Cheron
                                            Université Senghor
                                                                                        Futur Facteur 4
Ms. Alexandra Trzeciak-Duval
Head of Division,Policy Coordination        M. Paul Vermande
                                                                                        Ms. Caroline de Vit
Development Co-operation Directorate        Responsable du réseau de chercheurs
                                            'environnement et développement durable'
                                                                                        ÉcoRessources Consultants
                                            Institut national des sciences appliquées
Mr. Simon Upton                             de Lyon
Chairman, Round Table on Sustainable                                                    Ms. Hélène Lauzon
Development                                                                             President
                                            M. Khalef Boulkroune
                                                                                        Centre patronal de l'environnement du
                                            Administrateur délégué du programme
Mr. Grahan Vickery                                                                      Québec
                                            développement et environnement
Head, Information Economy Group             Agence universitaire de la francophonie
Directorate of Information Economy                                                      M. Ivan Kabacoff
Group                                                                                   Responsable communication
                                            M. Marc Dufumier
                                                                                        TV5 Monde
                                            Directeur UFR agriculture comparée
Ms. Monique Meche                           agricole
Director, Environment Policy adn            Centre de Grignon                           Mme Agnès Benayer
Sustainability                              AgroParisTech                               Directrice des communications
2754209C/ passport PS0945119                                                            TV5 Monde
                                            M. Mihail Nikolovski
                                            Député à l'assemblée de Bulgarie            Mme Michèle Jacobs-Hermès
Ms. Hanni Rosenbaum                         Assemblée parlementaire de la               Directrice de la francophonie, de la
Business and Industry Advisory              francophonie                                promotion du français et des realtions
Committee to teh OECD                                                                   institutionnelles
Business and Industry Advisory                                                          TV5 Monde
Committee to the OECD                       M. Quali Diawara
                                            Président de la commission des finances
                                            Assemblée national du Mali                  M. Pietro Sicuro
Mr. Markus Terho                            Assemblée parlementaire de la               Directuer, Institut de la Francophonie
Director, Markets Environmental Affairs     francophonie                                numérique (IFN)
                                            M. Saleh Abdel-Aziz Damane                  Mme Nina Sophie Treu
Mr. Gregory Thomas Briner                   Secretary General of the APNCC/CWA          Chargée du portrail Médiaterre
OECD Environment Directorate                Questeur à l'assemblee nationale du Tchad
                                            Association des clubs des amis de la
                                                                                        Mme Christiane Maltais
                                            nature du Cameroun
Organisation internationale de la                                                       Chargée des relations médias
francophonie                                                                            Administration et coopération (OIF)
                                            Ms. Jocelyne Néron
                                            Chargée de communications
M. Clément Duhaime                                                                      Mme Nathalie Heneman
                                            Université Laval
Administrateur de l'OIF                                                                 Chargée des relations médias
                                                                                        Administration et coopération (OIF)
Mme Fatimata Dia Touré
                                                            - 32 -

Organisation internationale de la        Mr. Mohammad Taeb                         Secretaría General de la
francophonie (continued)                 Environmental Policies Analyst            Comunidad Andina

Mr. Ange David Emmanuel Baimey           Parliamentary Assembly of the             Mr. Freddy Ehlers Zurita
Comité de Jeunesse Mediaterre            Mediterranean*                            General Secretary
Unité Jeunesse
                                         Mr. Rudy Salles                           Sra. Maria Teresa Becerra Ramirez
Ms. Fatimata Kone                        PAM President                             Responsable, Area de Medio Ambiente

Mr. Kossivi Nevaeme Adessou              Mr. Suleiman Ghneimat                     Ms. Camila Polo Florez
                                         Vice President of PAM
Mr. David William Noble                                                            Sr. Pablo Barriga
Youth Climate Campaigner                 Mr. Jacques Blanc                         Gabinete del Secretario General
Young Friends of the Earth Europe        Member of the French Parliamentary
                                         delegation to PAM
                                                                                   Mr. Luz Maria Ramirez
Mr. Rachid Tcheou
                                         Ms. Camille de Rocca Serra
                                         Member of the French Parliamentary        South Centre
Mr. Rostano Eloge Mombo Nziengui
                                         delegation to PAM
                                                                                   Mr. Martin Kok Peng Khor
Organisation of Eastern Caribbean        Mr. Abdelkader Fedala                     Executive Director
States*                                  Vice President of PAM
                                                                                   South Centre (continued)
Mr. Len Ishmael                          Mr. Francesco Maria Amoruso
Director General                         Vice President of PAM                     Ms. Nirmalya Syam
                                                                                   Programm Officer
Mr. James Fletcher                       Mr. Mohammed Abou El-Enein
Director, Social and Sustainable         Head of the Egyptian parliamentary        Mr. Mukul Sanwal
Development Division                     delegation of PAM                         Associate

Ms. Keith Nichols                        Mr. Sergio Piazzi
Head, Environment and Sustainable Unit                                             Southern African Development
                                         Secretary General
Organization of American States          Mr. Bertrand de Cordovez
                                                                                   Mr. João Samuel Caholo
                                                                                   Deputy Executive Secretary, Regional
Mr. Mark Stephen Lambrides                                                         integration
Senior Energy Specialist                 Mr. Miltiadis Makrygiannis
Unit for Sustainable Development and     Head of the department for Regional
Environment                                                                        Ms. Margaret Nyirenda
                                         Cooperation and Partnerships

Ms. Adriana Lucia Jauregui zabalaga      Ms. Susanna Radoni
Environmental Law Specialist                                                       Mr. Nyambe Harsen Nyambe
                                                                                   Senior Programme Manager
                                         Senato della Repubblica, Rome, Italy
                                                                                   Natural Resources, Environment and
Organization of Arab Petroleum                                                     Sustainable Development
Exporting Countries                      Askin Asan
                                                                                   Mr. Alex Miston Banda
Mr. Abbas Ali Naqi                       Ramsar Convention on Wetlands             Advisor, Environment and Sustainable
Secretary General                                                                  Development
                                         Mr. Anada Tiéga
Ms. Rola Fuad Nasreddine                 Secretary General                         Mr. Moses Chakanga
Energy and Environment Expert                                                      Forestry Advisor, Natural Resources
                                         Regional Environmental Center for
Organization of the Petroleum            Central and Eastern Europe
Exporting Countries                                                                Mr. Freddie Motlhatlhedi

                                         Ms. Judit Balint
Mr. Abdalla Salem El-Badri               Project Manager                           Mr. Phera Ramoeli
Secretary General                                                                  Advisor, Water Resources Management
                                                                                   SADC - Water Unit
                                         Mr. Jozsef Feiler
Mr. Hasan M. Qabazard                    Head of Unit
Director, Research Division              Office of Parliamentary Commisiones for   The European Organisation for the
                                         Future Generations                        Exploitation of Meteorological
                                         Ministry for Environment and Water        Satellites
Mr. Mohamed Hamel
Senior Adviser
                                                                                   Mr. Lars Philipsen Prahm
                                                                                   Director General
                                                          - 33 -

The European Organisation for the     Paul J. Crutzen                     Mr. Diego Winterborg
Exploitation of Meteorological        Director Emiritus                   Climate Information Officer
Satellites (continued)
                                      Mr. Makoto Kajii                    Mr. A.J. Dolman
Mr. Ernst Koenemann                   Associate Executive Director        Professor
Director of Programme Development
                                      Mr. Chiyoshi Kawamoto               Mr. Ivan Balenzio
Mr. Mikael Rattenborg                 Planning Manager                    Kelly Service
Director of Operations                                                    European Space Agency - ESRIN
                                      Takashi Moriyama
Mr. Neil Fletcher                     Earth Observation Research Center
Communications Manager and Outreach   Fellow

Mr. Nicholas Fiorenza                 Ms. Satoko Miura
Press and Media Coordinator           Associate Senior Engineer
                                                               - 34 -

                                     Non-governmental organizations (A-H)
A SEED Europe                               Ms. Jeannette Oelschlaegel                Sr. Alberto Salas
                                                                                      Policy and Environment Unit Officer
                                                                                      IUCN - Regional Office for Meso-
Mr. Flip Vonk                               Ms. Maya Forstater
Coordinator, Agricultural Campaign          Associate Partner

                                                                                      Sr. Nelson Vanegas
Ms. Andreea Dumitriu                        Mr. Paul Begley
                                            Senior Principal
Ms. Leen Nicolas
                                            Mr. Aris Vrettos
                                                                                      Mr. Marcedonio Cortave
Mr. Michael Dirik                                                                     Executive Director
                                            Ms. Jane Nelson                           ACOFOP
Ms. Monika Bricke
                                            ACICAFOC                                  Sr. Efrain Medina
                                                                                      Secretary General
Mr. Tadzio Mueller                                                                    Consejo Superior Universitario
                                            Sra. Ruth Martinez                        Centroamericano
                                            Executive Assitant
Mr. Harry Halpin
                                                                                      Sr. Celeo Alvarez
                                            Sra. Victoria Flores                      President
Mr. Leo Broers
                                            Vice President                            Organization of Ethnic Community
Ms. Olga Ignatenko
                                            Sr. Arturo Ureña
                                                                                      Mr. Juan Mario Dary
Mr. Vitalii Kulik                                                                     President of the Mesoamerican Members
                                            Ms. Ingrid Figueroa
                                            Executive Director                        of IUNC
Ms. Nadiia Shevchenko                       Cenpromype                                IUCN

Mr. Aleh Novikau                            Ms. Cecilia Olivares                      Sr. Randall Garcià Viquez
                                            Coordinator of Programs and Projects      National Institute of Biodiversity
                                            IUCN - Regional Office for Meso-
Ms. Tetyana Nosach                          America                                   Sr. Carlos Issac Pérez
                                                                                      Executive Director
Academy for Educational                     Ms. Haydee Castillo                       CC-SICA
Development*                                Rural Women's Networker
                                            CC-SICA                                   Sr. Norberto Romero Palacios
Mr. Gregory Niblett                                                                   Director
Senior Vice President and Director, AED     Sra. Zuleika Pinsón                       Confepesca
Social Change Group                         Executive Director
                                            Fundación Natura                          Sra. Patricia Duran Valladares
Mr. Richard Bossi                                                                     President
Vice President and Director, AED Center     Sr. Carlos Molina                         Federación de Municipios del Istmo
for Environment Strategies                  President                                 Centroamericano
                                            CC-Sica Sindicatos
Mr. Nicholas Wedeman                        CC-SICA                                   Sr. Ivan Buitron
Senior Technical Advisor, Global Climate                                              General Manager
Change, AED Center for Environmantal        Sr. Melvin Jimenez                        Programa de encadenamientos
Strategies                                  President                                 empresariales, Division de Desarrollo
                                            Iglesia Luterana
Ms. Carmen Tedesco                                                                    Sr. Julio Cesar Escalante Rodriguez
Program Officer, AED Center for             Sr. Victor Morales                        President and Legal Representative
Environmental Strategies                    Consultor                                 Asociación de Comunidades Forestales de
                                            Red Conges Economia Social                Petén
Ms. Mary Worzala
Director, Energy Programs                   Sr. Hubert Méndez                         Mr. Ishwor Pathak
                                            Coordinator Policy and Environment Unit   youth Volunteer
                                            IUCN - Regional Office for Meso-          ASMITA
AccountAbility Strategies
                                                                                      Mr. Ghan Shyam Pandey
Mr. Simon Zadek                                                                       Chairperson
                                            Sr. Donald Rojas
Managing Partner                                                                      Federation of Community Forestry Users,
                                            CC-SICA-CICA                              Nepal
Mr. Alex MacGillivray                       CC-SICA
Senior Partner and Head of the
Responsible Competitiveness Programme
                                                            - 35 -

ACICAFOC (continued)                      Ms. Natalie Duck                         Mr. Titus Alexander
                                          Advocacy Advisor
Mr. Bharati Kumari Pathak                                                          Ms. Estelle Rouhaud
Treasurer                                 Mr. Amador Gomez                         Programme Assistant
Federation of Community Forestry Users,   Technical Director
Nepal                                     Spain
                                                                                   Ms. Becky Luff
                                                                                   Programme Assistant
Mr. Dil Raj Khanal                        Action by Churches Together
Policy Facilitator                        (ACT) International*                     Ms. Poppy Philippa Whitfield
Federation of Community Forestry Users,                                            Director
                                          Mr. Peter Rottach
                                          Head of Food Security, Agriculture and   Mr. David Aubertin Grace
Mr. Bishnu Pandey                         Environment Desk                         Secretary
National Executive Member
national Agro Forestry Farmers
Association                               Mr. John Nduna                           Mr. Philip Riches
                                          Director                                 Director
                                                                                   International Court for the Environment
Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Karki                                                           Coalition
Steering Committee Member                 Ms. Elisabeth Gouel
Federation of Community Forestry Users,
Nepal                                     Mr. Tomm Kristiansen                     Mr. Murray Carroll
                                                                                   Chair, Academic Working Group
Mr. Apsara Chapagain                      Ms. Marian Casey-Maslen
Steering Committee Member                 Policy Officer                           Mr. Ryan Jeffrey Lukas
Federation of Community Forestry Users,
                                          Ms. Asa Elfström                         Ms. Marianne Louise Sulay Dologuin

Mr. Patrice André Pa'ah
                                          Ms. Selina Chepkorir Mayodi              Mr. Kenneth L. Smith
General Director
                                                                                   US Director
                                                                                   International Court for the Environment
Ms. Mairanella Feoli Peña                 Ms. Sandra Cox                           Coalition
Fundecooperación para el Desarrollo
Sostenible                                Ms. Kendra Nerrissa                      Mr. Esten Johansen Odegaard
Mr. Danilo Saravia                        Ms. Joycia Thorat
Climate Change Coordinator                                                         Ms. Elina Ulrika Vaananen
                                          Mr. Dinesh Suna                          Student
Action Against Hunger (UK)
Limited*                                                                           Mr. Michael Francoise
                                          Action Committee for the Three
                                          Global Conventions of the United
Mr. Phillippe Crahay                      Nations
Climate Change Research Officer                                                    Action pour la taxation des
Action Contre La Faim
                                          Mr. Gregory Lazarev                      transactions pour l'aide aux
                                          President                                citoyens*
Mr. Jean-Michel Grand
Executive Director
                                          Ms. Valeria Barbi                        Ms. Amélie Canonne
                                                                                   General Manager Attac France
Mr. Andrew Mitchell
Research officer                          Mr. Gabriel Bellenger
Action Contre La Faim                                                              Ms. Geneviève Azam
                                                                                   Economist/Scientific Council Attac
                                          Ms. Tatjana Bellenger                    France
Ms. Isobelle Livovschi
Liaison Officer
                                          Action for a Global Climate              Mr. Christophe Aguiton
Action Contre La Faim
                                          Community                                Sociolologist/Scientific Council Attac
Ms. Lucile Grosjean                                                                Europe
Communications Officer                    Mr. Peter Luff
Action Contre La Faim                     Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                   Mr. Maxime Combes
                                                                                   Economist/Scientific Council Attac
Ms. Helene Deret                          Mr. John David Stephen                   France
Food Security and Livelihoods Senior      Associate
                                                                                   Ms. Hélène Cabioc`h
Action Contre La Faim                     Mr. Robert Whitfield                     Attac delegate
Ms. Morwenna Sullivan                     Envirostrat
                                                                                   Mr. Benoit Kubiak
Food Security Advisor
                                                                                   Attac Delegate
                                                            - 36 -

Action pour la taxation des                Ms. Anne-Catherine Claude                Mr. Joakim Bergman
transactions pour l'aide aux               EU Policy Officer                        Senior Advisor to Campaigns
citoyens* (continued)                      EU Office
                                                                                    Mr. Nis Benn
Mr. Ronack Franck Dessenne-Monabay         Mr. Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir             Vice-Chair
Attac Delegate                             Asia Regional Policy Coordinator         MS Actionaid Denmark

Ms. Nathalie Péré-Marzano                  Ms. Nobuntu Mbele                        Ms. Liv Elbirk
Attac Delegate                                                                      Information Officer
                                                                                    MS ActionAid Denmark

Ms. Marie-Jeanne Planche                   International Affairs Advisor
Attac Delegate                                                                      Ms. Henriette Winther
                                                                                    Information Officer
                                           Mr. Elias Mtinda                         MS ActionAid Denmark
Mr. Nicolas Haeringer                      Advisor, Agriculture and Food Security
Attac Delegate                             ActionAid Tanzania
                                                                                    Mr. Peter Bischoff
                                                                                    Information Officer
Mr. Jean-Paul Duarte                       Ms. Baureaksmey Prak                     MS ActionAid Denmark
Attac Delegate                             Program and Grants Manager
                                           ActionAid Cambodia
                                                                                    Ms. Vibeke Vinther
Mr. Jean Depena                                                                     Director of Communications
Attac Delegate                             Mr. Paul Lokuta Ojuman                   MS ActionAid Denmark
                                           Agriculture Regional Program manager,
                                           Eastern Uganda
Mr. Michael Vasold                         ActionAid Uganda                         Ms. Vanessa Dick
Attac Delegate                                                                      Senior Legislative Assosiate for int'l
                                           Mr. Abubakari Iddi                       InterAction
Ms. Sabine Gruber                          Senior Programme Officer, Food Rights
Attac Delegate                             ActionAid Ghana
                                                                                    Ms. Ama Marston
Mr. Henri Purje                                                                     Policy Officer at Bretton Woods Project
                                           Mr. Mohammed Sajid Raihan
Attac Delegate                             Manager, Climate Change Adaptation -
                                           DRR                                      Ms. Rachel Whitworth
Mr. Jussi Saramo                           ActionAid International - Bangladesh     Policy Reseacher
Attac Delegate                                                                      Bretton Wood Project
                                           Ms. Farah Kabir
Mr. Otto Bruun                             Country Director                         Mr. Brian Kagoro
Attac Delegate                             ActionAid Bangladesh                     Pan-African Policy Manager

Ms. Fanny Simon                            Mr. Phan Van Ngoc                        Mr. John Samuel
Attac Delegate                             Country Director                         International Director for Asia
                                           ActionAid Vietnam

Ms. Sylvie Voillemin                                                                Mr. Tanjir Hossain
Attac Delegate                             Mr. Truong Quoc Can
                                                                                    Adelphi Research
                                           Actionaid Vietnam
Action Solidarité Tiers-Monde
a.s.b.l.                                   Ms. Phan Thi Anh
                                                                                    Mr. Alexander Carius
                                           Community Member
M. Dietmar Mirkes                          Actionaid Vietnam
North South Coordinator Climate Alliance                                            Mr. Dennis Tänzler
Luxembourg                                                                          Research Fellow
                                           Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong
                                           Community Member
ActionAid International                    Actionaid Vietnam                        Mr. Walter Kahlenborn
Mr. Tom Sharman                            Mr. Harjeet Singh
Climate Justice Coordinator                Human Security Policy Advisor            Mr. Geoffrey Dabelko
                                           ActionAid International - India
Ms. Anne Jellema                                                                    Mr. Simon Hirsbrunner
International Policy Director              Ms. Pushpa Dougall
                                           European Campaigns Co-ordinator
                                                                                    Mr. Achim Mass
Ms. Ilana Solomon                                                                   Project Manager
Policy Associate                           Ms. Karin Wall Härdfeldt
ActionAid International - USA              Head of Campaigns
                                           Actionaid Sweden                         Mr. Tobias Hausotter
                                                                                    Project Manager
                                                           - 37 -

Adelphi Research (continued)            Akatu Institute*                     Mr. Carlos Guerrero Lucendo
                                                                             Assistant to the secretariat
Mr. Johannes Langemeier                 Mr. Helio Mattar
Intern                                  President                            Mr. Bernhard McNelis
ICAP                                                                         Managing Director
                                                                             IT Power
                                        Ms. Mariana Chammas
Ms. Corinna Lindau
Trainee                                                                      Alliance to Save Energy
                                        Alliance for Climate Education*
Mr. Birger Prüter                                                            Ms. Kateri Callahan
Project Manager                         Mr. Pic Walker                       President
                                        Executive Director

Mr. Michael Frerk                                                            Ms. Alexandra Fazeli Fard
                                        Mr. Mike Haas                        Associate, Executive Affairs
                                        Chairman of the Board
African Centre for Technology
Studies                                                                      Ms. Marcia Devaney
                                        Mr. Matthew Lappe                    Director, Public and Corporate Relations
                                        Lead Educator
Mr. John Mutunga
CEO                                                                          Mr. Christopher Yee
                                        Ms. Emily Adler
National Climate Change Consortium of   Partnership Coordinator
Kenya and Kenya Federation of                                                Mr. Bo Rygaard
Agricultural Producers                                                       Executive Vice President
                                        Mr. Alec Loorz
                                        Youth Advisor
Mr. Obiero Og'ang'a                     Kids vs. Global Warming              Ms. Cathy Snyder
Executive Director                                                           Vice President, Energy and Environment
Friends of Lake Victoria
                                        Ms. Victoria Loorz
                                                                             Mr. Greg Caplan
African Centre of Meteorological                                             Director, Energy and Environment
Application for Development             Alliance for Responsible
                                        Atmospheric Policy
                                                                             Ms. Lauren Dennis
M. Adama Alhassane Diallo                                                    Policy Associate
Directeur Général                       Mr. Dave Stirpe
                                        Executive Director
                                                                             Mr. John Cowan
M. Mohammed Kadi                                                             Chair of the Board
Secrétaire Général                      Mr. Steven Bernhardt
                                        Honeywell International
                                                                             Mr. John Cahill
Ms. Marie Christine Dufresne
Advisor                                 Ms. Amy Yi-Ling Chiang
                                        Director of International Affairs    Mr. Peter Smith
                                        Department of Energy
African Forest Forum*                                                        Mr. James A Williams
                                        Mr. Hal Kivlan
Mr. Macarthy A. Oyebo                                                        Mr. Kent Anson
Chair, Governing Council
                                        Mr. Mack McFarland
                                        Environmental Fellow                 Mr. Thomas Dreessen
Mr. Godwin Sifueli Kowero               DuPont
Executive Secretary
                                                                             Mr. Kurt T Werner Dabt
                                        Mr. Mark V. Stanga
Mr. Mahamane Larwanou                   Daikin Industries, Ltd/McQuay
Senior Programme Officer                                                     Mr. Robert Wilkins

                                        Mr. Todd Gerarden
Ms. Linda Mossop-Rousseau                                                    Mr. Mark Newton
Technical Support Team                  Alliance for Rural Electrification
                                                                             Mr. Robert Dixon

Mr. Humphrey Mwaniki Ngibuini           Mr. Ernesto Macias Galán
                                                                             Mr. Andreas Schierenbeck
Member, Governing Council               President

                                                                             Mr. John Fielder
Agriconsulting S.p.A.*                  Mr. Guido Glania
                                        Secretary General
                                                                             Mr. Volker Dragon
Mr. Ottavio Novelli
Head Climate Change Unit                Mr. Simon Rolland
                                        Policy and Developer Officer         Ms. Sabrina Soussan
Mr. Carlo Paolini
Climate Change Senior Expert                                                 Mr. Ralph Loomis
                                                          - 38 -

Alliance to Save Energy               Mr. Bruno Nobrega                          Mr. Fabio Leite
(continued)                                                                      Coordinator of Program Managment Unit
                                                                                 Brazilian Biodiversity Fund
                                      Ms. Ane Alencar
Mr. Tom Catania
                                                                                 Ms. Erika Polverari
                                      Mr. André Lima
                                                                                 Program Management Unit
Ms. Leslie Cordes                                                                Brazilian Biodiversity Fund
Director of Partnership               Mr. André Nahur
Development,Energy and Climate
International Programs                                                           Mr. Tiago Ricci
                                      Ms. Eliza Leal                             Lawyer / Partner
                                                                                 Ludovino Lopes Lawyers
Mr. Will Parker
                                      Ms. Isabel Castro
                                                                                 Ms. Maria Fernanda Gebara Abifadel
Mr. Victor Smith
                                      Ms. Elsa Mendoza
                                      Rio Branco                                 Mr. Itanor Neves Carneiro Junior
Mr. Derrick Freeman

                                      Mr. Britaldo Silveira Soares Filho         Mr. Ludovino Lopes
Mr. Ole Daubjerg                      Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais       Ludovino Lopes Lawyers

Mr. Harry Verhaar                     Ms. Silvia Weel                            Mr. Alexandre Jorge Padua
Senior Director                       Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Energy and Climate Change
Philips Lighting                                                                 Ms. Ruth Slinger
                                      Mr. Manoel Silva da Cunha
                                      Conselho Nacional dos Seringueiros
Amazon Association*                                                              Ms. Enrica Duncan

                                      Mr. Antonio Marcos Alcantara de Oliveira
Ms. Emanuela Evangelista                                                         Ms. Erika Magami Yamada
                                      Coordenação das Organizações Indígenas
Ms. Chiara Tosi                       da Amazônia Brasileira                     Mr. Franzisco de Salces Coutinho

Mr. Robert Pasley-Tyler               Ms. Sonia Bone de Sousa Silva Santos       Mr. Gustavo Tosello Pinheiro
                                      Vice Coordinator
                                      Coordenação das Organizações Indígenas
Mr. Humberto Quiroga                                                             Mr. Marcelo Hercowitz
                                      da Amazônia Brasileira

Ms. Simona Zandoña                                                               Mr. Maximiliano Menezes
                                      Mr. Pedro Prudencio Casanova Romero
                                      Asociación de Agricultura Ecologica
                                                                                 Mr. Saulo Andrade
Amazon Conservation Team*
                                                                                 Policy Officer, Climate Change Initiative
                                      Mr. Jose Maria Barbosa de Aquino
                                                                                 GTR Mudancas Climaticas
                                      Conselho Nacional dos Seringueiros
Mr. Vasco van Roosmalen                                                          Instituto Socioambiental

                                      Mr. John Cain Carter
Mr. Mark Plotkin                                                                 Mr. Sergio Mauro Santos Filho
                                      Executive Director
                                      Alianca da Terra
Mr. David Benjamin Stone                                                         Mr. Yanukula Suia
Director, Information
                                      Mr. Pedro Leitao
                                      Executive Director                         Amazon Institute of People and the
Mr. Javier Ortiz                      Brazilian Biodiversity Fund                Environment*

Mr. Thiago Avila                      Ms. Rosa Lemos                             Sra. Brenda Brito do Carmo
                                      Chief Program Officer                      Executive Director
                                      Brazilian Biodiversity Fund
Ms. Ivaneide Bandeiras
                                                                                 Sr. Paulo Amaral
                                      Mr. Angelo dos Santos                      Senior Researcher
Almir Surui                           Coordinator of New Oportunities
Amazon Environmental Research         Brazilian Biodiversity Fund                Sr. Paulo Barreto
                                                                                 Senior Researcher
                                      Mr. Manoel Serrao
                                      Coordinator of Conservation Finance Unit   Sr. Heron Martins
Mr. Paulo Roberto De Souza Moutinho
                                      Brazilian Biodiversity Fund                Assistant Researcher
Climate Change Coordinator

                                      Ms. Daniela Lerda                          Sra. Priscilla Santos
Ms. Raquel Dieguez
                                      Coordinator of Applied Knowledge Unit      Auxillary Researcher
                                      Brazilian Biodiversity Fund
Mr. Ricardo Rettmann
                                                             - 39 -

Amazon Institute of People and the          Ms. Anne Fitzgerald                       Mr. Terence Alfred Edward Fenge
Environment* (continued)                                                              Advisor
                                            Mr. Avner Gildron
Sr. Sérgio Henrique Hudson de Abranches                                               Mr. Stanley James
Executive Director                                                                    Elder Advisor
                                            Mr. Ron Dudai
Instituto Ecopolitica
                                                                                      Mr. Liard McMillan
                                            Ms. Lisa Blinkenberg
Sr. Renato Aparecido de Farias                                                        Representative
Instituto Centro de Vida
                                            Ms. Fiona Koza
                                                                                      Mr. Chief Gary Harrison
American Council on Renewable                                                         International Chair
                                            Mr. Sebastian Jodoin
                                                                                      Ms. Colleen Henry
                                            AMPLA Limited*                            Project Coordinator
Ms. Jing Su
Director of the US/China Program
                                            Mr. Doug Young                            Ms. Darcie Matthiessen
                                                                                      Climate Change Policy Analyst
Mr. Walker Rutherfurd
                                            Arab Forum for Environment and
                                            Development*                              Mr. Robin Urquhart
Mr. Erwann Couesbot

American Farm Bureau Federation             Mr. Najib William Saab
                                            Secretary General                         Mr. Stephan Roddick
Mr. Russell Williams
Director of Regulatory Relations            Mr. Philip Skaff
                                            Green Party Lebanon                       Ms. Chelsea Charlie
American Geophysical Union
                                            Ms. Mary Terez Merhej Seif
                                            Bureau Member                             Ms. Barbara Blake
Mr. Jon Padgham                             Green Party Lebanon
Program Director, Risk, Vulnerability and                                             Ms. Beatrice Grewal
                                            Ms. Sawsan Bou Fakhreddine
                                            Green Party Lebanon                       Mr. Brice Eningowuk
Mr. Tom Newbury
                                            Ms. Anne Saab                             Ms. Cheri Johansen
                                            Legal Advisor
Mr. Ronald Blom
Member                                                                                Ms. Alyce Todd
                                            Ameera Ameen Ayta
American Society of International           Biology Department                        Ms. Elizabeth Rexford
Law                                         Taibah University
                                                                                      Mr. Freddie Olin IV
Ms. Anita Halvorssen                        Mr. Refat M. Felemban
                                            Head of Inspection                        Ms. Julie Pinkowski
                                            Saline Water Conservation
Amigos de la Tierra Asociación
civil*                                                                                Ms. Karen Petersen
                                            Mr. William Saab
                                            Intern, environment and Energy Policies
Sra. Laura Guadalupo Lopez Torres                                                     Ms. Katie Freeman
Foreign Affairs and Environmental Policy
                                            Architectures Sans Frontiers -
                                                                                      Mr. Loren Anderson
Mr. Adil Drissi
Charge of Communication                                                               Ms. Patricia Gillam
                                            Ms. Sabina Jallow
Ms. Renu Marley                                                                       Ms. Margretta Exendine
Chief Executive Officer                     Ms. Kristina Sahlestrom
Phoenix Business Academy                    Member of the Board
                                                                                      Mr. Hitomi Marsh
Ms. Seneka Weeraman                         Arctic Athabaskan Council
Phoenix Business Academy                                                              Mr. Michael Davis
                                            Ms. Cynthia Dickson
Amnesty International*                      Executive Director                        Mr. Joli Morgan

Ms. Emily Nevins                            Mr. Michael Stickman                      Ms. Kay Thomas
                                            International Vice-Chair
                                                                                      Ms. Brendolyn Jenkins
                                                   - 40 -

Arctic Athabaskan Council         Artists Project Earth*                     Ms. Soh Lai Yee
(continued)                                                                  Assistant Director, Public Affairs
                                  Mr. Kenny Young
Mr. Earl Tulley                   Director and Trustee                       Ms. Katelijn Verstraete
                                                                             Assistant Director, Cultural Exchange

Mr. Kazu Haga                     Ms. Sophie Molins
                                  Arts Coordinator                           Ms. Anupama Sekhar
                                                                             Project Executive, Cultural Exchange
Ms. Teresa Juarez
                                  Ms. Lorna Howarth
                                  Development Director                       Mr. Christian Hegemer
Mr. Miguel Moreno                                                            Director of the Institute for International
                                                                             Contact and Co-operation
                                  Ms. Suzanne Joy Tharani                    Hanns Seidel Foundation
Ms. Mildred McClain               APE Coordinator

Mr. Paul Haible                                                              Mr. Ulrich Klingshirn
                                  Asahi Glass Foundation*                    Director

Mr. Joe Linklater
                                  Mr. Tetsuro Yasuda                         Asian Resource Foundation*
                                  Secretary General
Ms. Bridget Larocque
Executive Director                                                           Mr. Abdus Sabur
                                  Mr. Shunichi Samejima                      Secretary General
Gwichin Council International
                                  Senior Executive Director                  Thailand
Ms. Amy Thompson
                                  Mr. Hiromichi Seya                         Mr. Emranul Huq Chowdhury
                                  Chairman                                   Director
Mr. Francois Paulette                                                        Uddipan
                                  Asia Society
                                                                             Ms. Kathy Coughlan
Mr. Eric Morris                                                              Board Member
Delegate                          Mr. Orville Schell
                                                                             Mr. Ghansahyam Kandel
Ms. Rachel Lewis                                                             Program Coordinator
Delegate                          Mr. Bassey Ewa-Henshaw
                                  President                                  Nepal Office
                                  Parliamentarians for Global Action
Ms. Emmie Fairclough                                                         Ms. Anna Karina L. Jardin
Delegate                                                                     Secretary General, Philippines Chapter
                                  Mr. Brian Kett
                                  Parliamentarians for Global Action         Australian Youth Climate Coalition*
Ms. Cynthia James
Delegate                                                                     Asociación AK Tenamit*
                                  Mr. Ike Ekweremadu
Ms. Cherish Fairclough            Parliamentarians for Global Action         Ms. Dolores de Jesùs Cabnal
Delegate                                                                     Vice President
                                  Mr. Kola Folarin
Mr. William Gordon                Senator                                    Mr. Steve Dudenhofer
Delegate                          Parliamentarians for Global Action         Chief Technical Advisor

Article 19 Research Information   Mr. Olalekan Mustapha                      Mr. Jorge Caal Bolom
Centre on Censorship*             Senator                                    Secretary
                                  Parliamentarians for Global Action
Ms. Agnes Callamard                                                          Mr. Marvin David Chirix Sotz
Executive Director                Asia-Europe Foundation*                    Program Manager/SOTZIL

Ms. Tahmina Rahman                Mr. Dominique Girard                       Mr. Carlos Enrique Batzin Chojoj
                                  Executive Director                         Director/SAQBE
Ms. Sejal Parmar                                                             Centro Maya Saqb'e
                                  Ms. Sol Iglesias
                                  Acting Director, Intellectual Exchange     Mr. Felipe Gomez
Ms. Paula martins
                                                                             Director/Oxlajuj Ajpop
                                  Ms. Susanne Wallenoeffer
Ms. Nathalie Losekoot
                                  Project Executive Intellectual Exchange,   Ms. Andrea Rocche Chavajay
                                  ASEF                                       Prgram Manager/Oxlajuj Ajpop
Ms. Nicola Spurr
                                  Ms. Tan Lian Choo                          Mr. Dennis Patrick Martin
Mr. Martin Clark                  Director, Public Affairs                   Director/Carpenters Without Borders
                                                             - 41 -

Asociación Proteger                         Association de Recherche sur le        Mr. Joseph Marie Edzamba Mbarga
                                            Climat et l'Environnement              Ecologist, Adaption Programme
Mr. Erick-Johan Sirén Ricard                                                       Adaptation Programme
                                            Mr. Salah Sahabi Abed                  African Parliamentarian Network for
Ms. Maria Florencia Caminos Erimbaue        President                              Climate Community - Central and West
Mr. Jeremie Reichenbach                     Aminata Diallo
                                            REDD                                   Ms. Francois Noupanja
                                                                                   Public relation officer
Mr. Deivinson Cavalcante Pedroza                                                   Partnership Development
                                            Mr. Mohamed Senouci
                                            Head                                   ANCC West and Central Africa
Mr. Rafael Couto Guimarâes
                                            Mr. Dielika Moctar Diallo              Ms. Michiele Stephanie Nguemeleu
Assembly of First Nations                   REDD                                   Parliamentarian Environmental Assistant,
                                                                                   APNCC/West and Central Africa
                                                                                   African Parliamentarian Network for
Mr. Roger Augustine                         Mr. Mohammed Zoheïr Taleb              Climate Community - Central and West
National Co-chair                                                                  Africa
Council of Indigenous Environmental
Research                                    Association des amis de la Saoura
                                                                                   Mr. Raymond Michel Nzongne Kamda
Mr. Stuart Wuttke                           M. Mohammed Bendada
Acting Director, Environmental              President
                                                                                   le Réseau Africain pour une
Stewardship Unit                                                                   communautéclimatique en Afrique de
                                            Association des Badinga du             l’Ouest et du Centre
Ms. Kristin Stark                           Congo*
Jr. Policy Analyst, Environmental                                                  Mr. Simplice Bania Yves
Stewardship Unit                            M. Blaise Kayiba Tshimanga             Programme deputy officer
                                            Secretaire execitife                   ACAN
Mr. Dave Porter
Political Executive                         Ms. Ruth Massamba Ludi                 Ms. Fideline Kengne
First Nations Summit                        Head of CDM Group                      CDM Programme, ANCC - Afrique de
                                                                                   l'Ouest et Centrale
Mr. Paul Blom                                                                      ANCC West and Central Africa
                                            Mr. Didier Mputu Kenga
Carrier-Sakani Tribal Council               Sustainable Energy Manager
                                                                                   Ms. Eliane Benedict Ngo Mahop
Ms. Terry Teegee                                                                   Youth Climate Change Campaigner
                                            Mr. Nordy Mampuya Kilolo
                                            Secretary to the CDM Executive Board
Ms. Rosanne Van Schie                                                              Mr. Noussiga Gildas Touko
                                                                                   Adaption Programme
                                            Ms. Bibiche Nzinu Malenga
Associacao de Protecao a                    Gender, Youth and Family Manager
                                                                                   Ms. Christelle Merveille Touangue
Ecossistemas Costeiros                                                             Houmba
                                            Ms. Marthe Mujinga Mukendi             Gender and Youth Programme ACAN
Sr. Sérgio Mattos Fonseca                   Development Project Manager
President                                                                          Ms. Nadine Ayangma
                                            Association des clubs des amis de la   Comminication and Media Officer
Ms. Solange Mattos                          nature du Cameroun                     Association feminine pour le droit et
Director                                                                           l'environnement au Cameroun
                                            Mr. Raphael Hanmbock
Ms. Maria Elizabeth Morales Carlos          Chairman/Regional Coordinator of the   Ms. Mba Odette Djoussi
Observer                                    African Network for a Climate          Public Relation Assistant
                                            Community in the West and Central      Association feminine pour le droit et
                                            Africa (ANCC/CWA)                      l'environnement au Cameroun
Association congolaise d'education
et de prévention contre les
                                            Ms. Alice Dieupe                       Ms. Clarisse Claire Nguessong
maladies et la drogue*                      Gender Programme Cooridantor, APNCC    International Cooperation Officer
                                            West and Central Africa                Association feminine pour le droit et
M. Louis Bahakoula Mabidi                   African Parliamentarian Network for    l'environnement au Cameroun
Président coordonnateur                     Climate Community - Central and West
                                                                                   Ms. Michele Nyapeye Noute
Mr. Anicet Gervais Milandou Babassana                                              Programme Officer
Chargé de Programmes                        Mr. Fidele Mbag Mbag                   Association feminine pour le droit et
                                            Communication Officer                  l'environnement au Cameroun
                                            ANCC West and Central Africa
Mr. Arvel Valery Siassia
Assistant chargé aux affaires climatiques
                                                            - 42 -

Association des clubs des amis de la      M. Bâ Amadou                                  Association européene des
nature du Cameroun (continued)            Directeur des aires protégés et du littoral   expositions scientifique, techniques
                                          ANCC / West and Central Africa                et industrielles*
                                          ANCC West and Central Africa
Mr. Par Granstedt
Secretary General of AWEPA                                                              Ms. Sheena Bates Laursen
International                             Mr. Michel Ngapanoun                          Director, International Affairs
The Association of European               General Manager
Parliamentarians for Africa               Hygiénne et Salubrité du Cameroun
                                                                                        Ms. Stine Krog-Pederson

Ms. Femke Brouwer                         Ms. Arlette Laure Noumedem Tchapoya
Programme Mangaer of AWEPA                Operation Manager                             Ms. Mette Stentoft Therkildsen
International                             Hygiénne et Salubrité du Cameroun
The Association of European                                                             Ms. Catherine Franche
Parliamentarians for Africa               Mr. Claude Eboute Mbappe                      Executive Director
                                          Sanitation Services Manager
Mr. Jeff Balch                            HYSACAM                                       Mr. Hans Gubbels
Director Research and Evaluation          Hygiénne et Salubrité du Cameroun
The Association of European
Parliamentarians for Africa                                                             Mr. Michael Creek
                                          Ms. Therese Mbongo Alima
                                          Research and Development Assistant
Mr. Adja Ameyo                            ANCC West and Central Africa                  Ms. Maya Høffding Nissen
Treasurer of APNCC, West and Central
Africa                                    Association des constructeurs                 Mr. Henrik Helsgaun
APNCC Togo Chapter
African Parliamentarian Network for
                                          européens d'automobiles
Climate Community - Central and West                                                    Mr. Eric Gorman
Africa                                    Mr. Ivan Hodac
                                          Secretary General                             Ms. Juanita Schläpfer-Miller
Mr. Romuald Mba Dalieu
Awareness Camapign programme              Ms. Sigrid de Vries                           Ms. Irène Hediger
ANCC West and Central Africa              Director
                                                                                        Ms. Maya Halevy
Mr. Luc Da Matha                          Mr. Wolfgang Schneider
Chairman APNCC Benin Chapter              Vice President
Benin National Assembly                   Ford of Europe                                Mr. Ehud Halevy
African Parliamentarian Network for
Climate Community - Central and West                                                    Mr. Jens Laursen
Africa                                    Mr. Daniele Chiari
                                          Senior Vice President
                                          Fiat                                          Ms. Paula Havaste
Ms. Agathe Belei Telou
Member APNCC Togo Chapter
Togo National Assembly                    Ms. Valeria Albizzati                         Mr. Mikko Myllykoski
                                          Institutional Relations
African Parliamentarian Network for
Climate Community - Central and West      Fiat
                                                                                        Ms. Sanna Reponen
                                          Mr. Sina Marek
                                          Senior Manager                                Mr. Erik Jacuemyn
Ms. Josephine Drabo
Member of APNCC Burkina Chapter           Daimler AG
Burkina Faso National Assembly                                                          Mr. Steven Roeland
African Parliamentarian Network for       Mr. Colin Hensley
Climate Community - Central and West      General Manager                               Ms. Bruna Valettini
Africa                                    Toyota Motor Europe

                                                                                        Mr. James Lewindon
Ms. Pauline Ndoumou                       Mr. Bent Mikkelsen
Deputy Chair of APNCC, Cameroon
Chapter                                                                                 Ms. Eva Jonsson
Member of Parliament, Cameroon            Mr. Mette Nilsson
National Assembly                                                                       Ms. Helena Lilja
African Parliamentarian Network for       Ms. Agnethe Skovbye Nissen
Climate Community - Central and West
Africa                                                                                  Mr. Kim Gladstone Herlev
                                          Ms. Kathryn Clay
                                          Professional Staff Member
Mr. Boubakar Diarra                       Energy and Natural Resources Committee        Mr. Tal Berman
Member of APNCC Mali Chapter              United States Senate
Mali National Assembly
                                                                                        Mr. Ronen Mir

Ms. Stephanie Ngo Mbem
                                                                                        Ms. Debby Mir
Cooperation and Partnership Development
ANCC West and Central Africa
                                                         - 43 -

Association européene des              Mr. Philippe De Rougemont            Ms. Shangrila Wynn
expositions scientifique, techniques   President                            Graduate Teaching Fellow
et industrielles* (continued)                                               Environmental Studies
                                                                            University of Oregon
                                       Mr. Steve Honsberger
Ms. Irina Orekhova                     Chief Economist
                                                                            Mr. David Lòpez-Carr
                                                                            Associate Professor
Ms. Katrin Jame                        Mr. Jerome Strobel
                                                                            University of California, Santa Barbara
                                       Scientific Advisor

Mr. Morten Fabricius                                                        Ms. Anna Carla Lòpez-Carr
                                       Ms. Martyna Olivet
                                       Public Relations
Mr. Ari Martin laakso                                                       National Institute of Health
                                                                            University of California, Santa Barbara
                                       Ms. Yael Nissim
Ms. Eva Cecilia Sjöstedt               Event Organizer
                                                                            Association of Chambers of
Ms. Marianne Hedberg                   Ms. Aarti Agrawal
                                       Event Organizer
                                                                            Mr. Michael Kügler
Ms. Sara Hornborg                                                           Brussels Office
                                       Mr. Anouk Zosso
Mr. Viktor Tyrberg                     Administrator
                                                                            Association of Consulting
Ms. Kerstin Åkesson                    Mr. Thierry Stegmuller
                                                                            Mr. Thomas Kraneis
Ms. Karina Goyle                                                            Executive Director
                                       Association of American
Mr. Brent Johan Poulsen                                                     Association of Former Diplomats of
                                       Mr. John Harrington Jr.
Ms. Tina Dalhoff                       Professor
                                       Kansas State University              Mr. Ji Peiding
Camille Pisani                                                              President
                                       Mr. Jimmy Adegoke
Mr. Georges Pichot                     Chair                                Mr. Wang Yongzhan
                                       Department of Geoscience             Vice President & Secretary General
                                       University of Missouri Kansas City
Ms. Anne Franklin
                                                                            Mr. Wang Chungui
                                       Mr. Andrew Baldwin                   Vice President
Hanne Bornstein                        Lecturer in Human Geography
                                       Durham University
                                                                            Association of German Teachers in
Mr. Michaël Renvillard
                                       Mr. Charles Mark Cowell
Mr. Thomas Secher Jensen               Associate Professor
                                       University of Missouri Kansas City   Mr. Frank-Michael Czapek

Mr. Henrik Sell
                                       Mr. Brandon Barclay Derman           Mr. Eberhard Schallhorn
                                       Department of Geography
Mr. Bernard Alaux                      University Of Washington             Mr. Peter Tobies

Mr. Keld Nielsen                       Mr. Jordan Howell                    Association of Overseas Countries
                                       Michigan State University
                                                                            and Territories of the European
Mr. Lars Riemann                                                            Union
                                       Mr. Iwan Ramirez
Ms. Luisa Filipponi                    Department of Geography
                                       Michigan State University            Ms. Vaia Tuuhia
                                                                            Co-Chair, Environmental Group
Association Nodde Nooto*
                                       Mr. Moulay Anwar Sounny-Slitine
                                       University of Texas                  Ms. Naja Lund
M. Oumarou Boureima Cisse                                                   Secretary of the Embassy Greenland
Chef des programmes                                                         Representation
                                       Mr. Jeffrey Underwood
                                       Assistant Professor
Association Noé 21                     Department of Geography              Ms. Angela Burnett Penn
                                       University of Nevada                 Climate Change Coordinator

Mr. Chaim Nissim
General Secretary                      Mr. Michael Urban
                                       Associate Professor
                                       University of Missouri Kansas City
                                                          - 44 -

Association of Science - Technology   Mr. Gopi Thampi                      Mr. Brendan Pearson
Centers, Inc*                         Chief Operating Officer              Deputy Chief Executive
                                                                           Minerals Council of Australia

Mr. Anthony (Bud) Rock                Ms. Nuzhat Jabin
                                      Project Associate                    Mr. Miles Prosser
                                                                           Executive Director
Mr. Walter Staveloz                                                        Australian Aluminium Council
International Director                Mr. Mario Claasen
                                      Senior Specialist
                                                                           Mr. Michael Buffier
Ms. Sallie Crawford                                                        Group Executive, Corporate Affairs,
                                      Ms. Carmen Alpin
                                                                           Government&Industry Relations and
                                      Senior Researcher
Ms. Catherine Buteau-Boisseau                                              Sustainable Development
                                                                           Xstrata Coal
                                      Mr. Akeel Hajat
Ms. Goele Jacquemyn                   ANSA-Africa Climate Change
                                                                           Ms. Cassandra McCarthy
                                                                           Group Manager Climate Change
Association pour la promotion de                                           Xstrata Coal
la recherche sur l'economie de        Manycwu Mutamba
carbon                                Agricultural Budget Analyst
                                                                           Mr. Malcolm Roberts
                                                                           Executive Director
Ms. Malika Boumaza                    Leslie Nyagah                        National Generations Forum
                                      Agriculture Researcher and Project
Association pour UN                                                        Mr. Harry Schaap
Développement Durable                                                      Senior Policy Analyst
                                      Mr. Elmer Albert Almeda de Guzman    National Generations Forum

Ms. Ambika Usha Chawla
                                      Australian Coal Association          Mr. Aiden Hayes
                                                                           Group Manager
Association québécoise de lutte                                            Thiess Pty ltd
                                      Mr. Ralph Hillman
contre la pollution atmosphérique     Executive Director
                                                                           Australian Koala Foundation*
M. Patrick Bonin
                                      Mr. Peter Morris
Coordinator Energy-Environment
                                      Director Economics Policy            Ms. Deborah Tabart
Coalition Québec-Vert-Kyoto                                                Chief Executive Officer
                                      Mr. Christian Taubenschlag
Mr. René Audet
                                      Director, External Communications    Mr. Douglas Kerlin
Researcher, Climate Change                                                 Chief Ecologist

Ms. Ariane Lafortune                  Australian Conservation
                                      Foundation                           Ms. Abyilene McGuire
Researcher, Climate Change                                                 Girl Guides Delegate
                                                                           Girl Guides Australia
Association tunisienne des            Mr. Don Henry
                                      Executive Director
changements climatiques et du                                              Australian National University
développement durable
                                      Mr. Tony David Mohr
                                      Manager, Climate Change Program      Mr. Will Steffen
M. Yadh Labane                                                             Executive Director
President                                                                  The Fenner School of Environment and
                                      Mr. Owen Pascoe                      Society
                                      Climate Change Campaigner            Australian National University-Climate
Mme Latifa Larbi Ep Henia
Vice Présidente                                                            Change Institute
                                      Mr. Joshua David Meadows
                                      Media Advisor                        Mr. Lance Clive Heath
Ms. Maike-Christine Potthast
Adhérant á l'Association 2C2D                                              Project Manager
                                      Mr. Ian Lowe                         Institute for Environment
                                      Presidnet                            Australian National University-Climate
Ateneo de Manila University*          Climate Action Network Australia     Change Institute

Ms. Mary Jean Caleda                  Mr. Peter Christoff                  Ms. Roslyn Smith
Assistant Dean                        Vice-President                       Communications and External Relations
                                                                           Australian National University-Climate
                                                                           Change Institute
Ms. Angelita Gregorio-Medel           Australian Industry Greenhouse
Project Director
                                                                           Mr. Robert Andersen
Ms. Joanne C. Dulce
                                      Mr. Michael Hitchens
Research Associate                                                         Mr. Charles Anderson
                                      Chief Executive Officer
                                                         - 45 -

Australian National University         Mr. Jonathan Pickering                  Ms. Yumiko Asayama
                                       Mr. James Pittock                       Ms. Kathryn Bowen
Mr. Michael Bradley                    WWF Research Associate                  Researcher / Scholar

Mr. Grant Bransgrove                   Mr. Farhad Pocha                        Mr. Luke Menzies

Ms. Isabela Perez Burgher              Mr. James Prest
                                       Lecturer, Australian Centre for         Mr. Imran Habib Ahmad
                                       Environmental Law and the Center for    The Fenner School of Environment and
Ms. Fern Cadman                        Climate Law and Policy                  Society
                                       Centre for Climate Law and Policy
Ms. Sarah Chubb                                                                Mr. Benjamin Grono
                                       Ms. Stephanie Pulsford
Mr. Owen Cordes-Holland                                                        Australian Plantation Products and
                                       Ms. Shannon Ryan                        Paper Industry Council Ltd.*
Ms. Maria Noelyn Dano
                                       Ms. Angela Rymer                        Ms. Marion Niederkofler
Mr. David Dumaresq                     Department of International Relations   Manager Climate Change Policy
Senior Lecturer
                                       Mr. Thomas Sloan                        Australian Youth Climate
Ms. Jahla Gato                                                                 Coalition*
                                       Mr. Joel Smith
Mr. Marcus Hayes                                                               Mr. Joshua Lawrence Wyndham-Kidd
                                       Ms. Megan Smith                         International Division Member
Ms. Phoebe Howe                                                                Climate Action Network Australia
                                       Ms. Hayley Stevenson
Ms. Molly Johnson                      Postdoctoral Research Fellow            Ms. Amanda McKenzie
                                       Political Science Program               National Co-Director

Mr. Joel Johnsson
                                       Mr. Luca Tacconi                        Ms. Anna Rose
                                       Associate Professor                     National Co-Director
Mr. Frank Jotzo                        Crawford School of Economics and
Research Fellow                        Government
Research School of Pacific and Asian                                           Mr. Braden Hill
Studies                                                                        Australian Youth Delegate
                                       Ms. Anita Talberg

Mr. Luke Kemp                                                                  Mr. Declan Kuch
                                       Mr. Alexei Trundle

Mr. Rakhyun Kim                                                                Ms. Ellen Sandell
                                       Mr. James Tyson                         Australian Youth Delegate
                                       College of Law
Ms. Helen King
                                                                               Ms. Gabrielle Howlett
                                       Ms. Joanna Wallis Greenlees             Australian Youth Delegate
Ms. Michelle Knight
                                       Ms. Kirien Whan                         Mr. George Leipnik
Mr. Robert Law                         Tutor                                   Australian Youth Delegate

Ms. Janette Lindesay                   Ms. Sue-Lin Wong                        Mr. Joel Dignam
Deputy Director                                                                Australian Youth Delegate
The Fenner School of Environment and
Society                                Mr. Peter Wood
                                                                               Ms. Lucy Manne
                                                                               Australian Youth Delegate
Ms. Jasmin Logg-Scarvell               Mr. Shaun Wykes

                                                                               Mr. Michael Clay
Ms. Karen Lummis                       Ms. Laura Wynne
                                                                               Australian Youth Delegate

Mr. Alexis William Macleod             Mr. Garry John Middle
                                                                               Ms. Natasha Lay
                                       Head of Department of Urban and
                                                                               Australian Youth Delegate
                                       Regional Planning
Ms. Joanna McMillan                    Curtin University of Technology
                                                                               Mr. Nicholas Mueller
Mr. Erik Olbrei                                                                Australian Youth Delegate
                                       Ms. Jacqueline de Chazal
                                       Post-doctoral fellow
Mr. David Pearson                                                              Mr. Osman Faruqi
                                                                               Australian Youth Delegate
                                                            - 46 -

Australian Youth Climate                 Ms. Lauren Waugh                   Mr. Julius van de Laar
Coalition* (continued)                   Base & Support Team                Senior Campaigner
                                         Project Survival Pacific

Ms. Ramya Krishnan                                                          Mr. Ricken Patel
Australian Youth Delegate                Ms. Melissa Neighbour              Executive Director
                                         Base & Support Team
                                         Project Survival Pacific
Mr. Rohan Porteous                                                          Mr. Paul Hilder
Australian Youth Delegate                                                   Campaign Director
                                         Ms. Olivia Greenwell
                                         Base & Support Team
Ms. Sadhana Abayasekara                                                     Mr. Luis Morago
                                         Project Survival Pacific
Australian Youth Delegate                                                   Campaign Director

                                         Mr. Shobazdeep Kandola
Mr. Sam Millar                                                              Ms. Alice Jay
                                         Base & Support Team
Australian Youth Delegate                Project Survival Pacific
                                                                            Mr. Pascal Vollenweider
Ms. Sheena Watt                                                             Global Campaigner
                                         Ms. Zoe Whitton
Australian Youth Delegate                Base & Support Team
                                         Project Survival Pacific           Ms. Graziela Tanaka
Ms. Wendy Miller                                                            Global Campaigner
Australian Youth Delegate                Ms. Subhashni Raj
                                         Fijian Youth Delegate              Ms. Paula Brufman
Ms. Larissa Brown                        Project Survival Pacific           Global Campaigner

Ms. Emma Peppler                         Ms. Emma Airu Chrisopher           Ms. Alice Wynne Willson
Youth Ambassador for Development                                            Media Director
Project Survival Pacific                 Mr. Max Bourke
                                                                            Ms. Veronique Graham
Ms. Gillian Cook                                                            Logistics Coordinator
                                         Mr. Paul Nalau
Youth Ambassador for Development         Vanuatu
Project Survival Pacific                                                    Ms. Margaret Mikkelsen
                                                                            Operations Director
                                         Ms. Rebecca Asigau
Ms. Jennifer Jean Riesz                  Papua New Guinea
Project Founder & Youth Ambassador for                                      Ms. Rewan Al-haddad
Develpment - Solomon Islands                                                Administrative Assistant
Project Survival Pacific                 Mr. Krishneil Narayan
                                         Fiji Islands
                                                                            Mr. Sam Mclean
Ms. Kellie Raab                                                             Senior Campaigner
Youth Ambassador for Development         Mr. Simon Rowan Duncan Watt
Project Survival Pacific
                                                                            Mr. Benjamin de Gachons
                                         Ms. Diana Salili
                                                                            Senior Campaigner
Ms. Sarah Burrows                        Vanuatu
Youth Ambassador for Development
Project Survival Pacific                                                    Mr. Ben Margetts
                                         Ms. Luana Bosanquet-Heays
                                                                            Coordinator, Action Factory
                                         Cook Islands
Ms. Stephanie Smith
Youth Ambassador for Development                                            Mr. Josh Lynch
                                         Mr. Carlos Kusto
Project Survival Pacific                                                    Coordinator, Action Factory
                                         Federated States of Micronesia

Mr. James Tilbury                                                           Mr. Nick Magel
                                         Mr. Matthew Fossey
Base Team Leader                                                            Fellow
                                         Base and Support Team
Project Survival Pacific
                                                                            Mr. Blaine O'Neill
                                         Ms. Charlotte Wood
Ms. Emily Davies                                                            Fellow
                                         Australian Youth Delegate
Base & Support Team
Project Survival Pacific                                                    Mr. Leon White
                                         Avaaz Foundation                   Fellow
Mr. Fergus Green
Base & Support Team                      Mr. Ben Wikler                     Ms. Hilda Tong
Project Survival Pacific                 Campaign Director                  Fellow

Ms. Kirsty Albion                        Ms. Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman   Ms. Susanne Jacoby
Base & Support Team                      Senior Climate Campaigner          Fellow
Project Survival Pacific
                                         Mr. Iain Keith                     Mr. Niklas Maria Kuhlendahl
                                         Global Campaigner                  Fellow
                                                     - 47 -

Avaaz Foundation (continued)      Ms. Helene Juel             Ms. Mandie Mckeown
                                  Fellow                      Fellow
Ms. Sandra Toepke
Fellow                            Mr. Ingvar Jacob Nielsen    Mr. Paul Golding
Ms. Brianna Marie Cayo Cotter     Ms. Marybelle Stryk
Fellow                            Fellow                      Ven. Ngawang Woeber
Mr. Ibrahim Ceesay                Ms. Kirsten Westergaard
                                  Fellow                      Mr. Palden Tsering
Mr. Timothy Lee Hemsley
Fellow                            Mr. Hansha Raj Sanjyal
                                  Fellow                      Ms. Matthew Whitticase
Ms. Paulina Monforte Herrero
Fellow                            Mr. Vince Celli
                                                              Ms. Charlotte Mathiassen
Mr. David Sievers                 Mr. Jesse Marshall
Fellow                            Fellow                      Mr. Tenzin Norbu
Mr. Anastasis Giannousakis        Mr. Morgan Kauffman
Fellow                                                        Ms. Chokyi
                                  Mr. Bruce Stinebrickner
Mr. Sara Svensson                 Fellow
Fellow                                                        Ms. Tenzin Dhardon Sharling
                                  Ms. Arlene Keenan
Mr. Wilson Ang                    Fellow
Climate Policy Advisor/ Climate                               Mr. Anthony Ketchum
Advocate                                                      Fellow
                                  Ms. Julia Keenan
Mr. Christian Gade                                            Mr. Paul Ferris
Fellow                                                        Fellow
                                  Mr. Pedro Ralda
Mr. Taylor Cantril                                            Mr. Ran Fuchs
Fellow                                                        Fellow
                                  Mr. William Katende
Mr. Anthony Baratta                                           Mr. Hewson Baltzell
Fellow                                                        Fellow
                                  Ms. Sabine Roan
Ms. Elizabeth Wikler                                          Mr. Douglas Cogan
Fellow                                                        Fellow
                                  Ms. Jennifer Helfrich
Ms. Lynn McDonald                                             Mr. Mario Lopez-Alcala
Fellow                                                        Fellow
                                  Mr. Kent Buchanan
Ms. Kelsey Kauffman                                           Ms. Shannon Gibson
Fellow                                                        Fellow
                                  Ms. Hana Peters
Ms. Anna Camille Keenan                                       Tyler Hess
Fellow                                                        Fellow
                                  Ms. Evelina Strandfeldt

Mr. Elie Chachoua                                             Mr. Jacob William Bonifield
                                  Mr. Gabriel Lafitte
Fellow                                                        Fellow

Mr. Michael Podhorzer                                         Mr. Alex Lopatka
                                  Ms. Kate Saunders
Fellow                                                        Fellow

Mr. Luke O'Hanlon                                             Mr. Andrew Maddocks
                                  Ms. Dolkar Lhamo Kirti
Fellow                                                        Fellow

Mr. Jens Casupei                                              Yi Wang
                                  Lama Lobsang Darjy
Fellow                                                        Fellow

                                  Ms. Stephanie Brigden
Ms. Linda Petersen                                            Ms. Amy Renee Richmond
                                                  - 48 -

Avaaz Foundation (continued)   Mr. Orban Wallace              Ms. Dian Elvira Rosa
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Xinxin Liu
                               Ms. Sama Bakr                  Mr. Ibnu Najib
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Mr. John Jeffrey Wellik II
                               Ms. Biz Bliss                  Ms. Mariko Iinuma
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Mr. Ryan Brown
                               Ms. Maya Zomer                 Ms. Hiroko Okami
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Khin Khin Myat Thu Hlaing
                               Mr. Sumeru Chatterjee          Ms. Saki Fujiwara
Ms. Kathryn Blume
Fellow                                                        Ms. Sara Tomizawa
                               Ms. Keelin Kelly               Fellow
Ms. Alison Freeman
Fellow                                                        Ms. Satoko Shirai
                               Mr. Brett O' Bannon            Fellow
Mr. Daniel Lau
Fellow                                                        Mr. Sei Morimoto
                               Ms. Valerie Rudolph            Fellow
Ms. Sylvia Diane Wilson
Fellow                                                        Ms. Yuina Misaki
                               Ms. Carol Steele               Fellow
Pucong Han
                               Mr. Robert Steele              Mr. Abir Al Helou
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Mengxiao Han
                               Mr. Richard Cameron            Mr. Lionel Harith Sebastian Daraup
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Mr. Ashley Anderson
                               Mr. Raymond Grenfell           Ms. Peck Ying Tan
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Mr. Charles Cain
                               Mr. Martin Alexander Whisson   Mr. Batdorj Davaajargal
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Ms. Rebecca Melhuish
                               Ms. Fabienne Babinsky          Mr. Wilson Wong
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Ms. Indi Hicks
                               Mr. Jürgen Koprax              Mr. Khishigdorj Zolboo
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Mr. Daniel Hall
                               Mr. Philipp Schoeffmann        Mr. Khanal Abhinav
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Ms. Charlene Whitehead
                               Ms. Nurul Alam Masud           Mr. Anil Rimal
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Mr. Jethro Gauld
                               Ms. Hong-Ling Chang            Mr. Arjun Subedi
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Mr. Douglas Gordan
                               Mr. Wang Zekai                 Mr. Bhuwan Chhetri
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Ms. Leonie Kalkman
                               Mr. Cheung Chin Fai            Mr. Dineshwar Chaudhary
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Ms. Alaina Van-Thiel
                               Mr. Chung Ka Kui               Mr. Janak Raj Tiwari
                               Fellow                         Fellow
Mr. Tom Chadwick
                               Ms. Jan Yung Ka Yui            Mr. Nischal Kumar Acharya
                               Fellow                         Fellow
                                                   - 49 -

Avaaz Foundation (continued)    Mr. Duygu Caymaz                       Bangladesh Centre for Advanced
                                Fellow                                 Studies
Mr. Ram Chandra Paudel
Fellow                          Mr. Murat Dadayli                      Mr. Atiqur Rahman
                                Fellow                                 Executive Director
Mr. Ramesh Kumar Thapa
Fellow                          Mr. Selcuk Balamir                     Ms. Nasreen Banu Rahman
                                Fellow                                 Fellow
Mr. Rup Bahadur Sunar
Fellow                          Mr. Ziya Magsudov                      Mr. Khandaker Mainuddin
                                Fellow                                 Fellow
Ms. Sushila Pandit
Fellow                          Mr. Ziya Cemre Kutluay                 Mr. Dwijendra Mallick
                                Fellow                                 Research Fellow
Mr. Yadav Prasad Bhattarai
Fellow                          Mr. Matthieu Balle                     Mr. Sarder Shafiqul Alam
                                                                       Research Fellow
Mr. Jessie James Marcellones    Ms. Ninette Birck
Fellow                                                                 Mr. Ibrahim Azam Khan
                                Mr. John Philip Ferrar Ketchum         Head of Accounts
Mr. Chang Younghou              Fellow
Fellow                                                                 Mr. Muhammad Jahedul Huq
                                Mr. Dan Gagnon                         Policy and Political Intern
Ms. Eileen Lee Yi Hui           Fellow
Fellow                                                                 Ms. Syeda Rizwana Hasan
                                Mr. Bent Lexner                        Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers
Ms. Eleina Ailmchandani         Media-Coordinator                      Association
                                Regan Payne                            Mr. Abdus Slalam
Ms. Hu Ching                    Videographer                           Chief Executive
Fellow                                                                 Gana Unnayan Kendra

                                Mr. Abdul-Wahid Reino Arild Pedersen
Mr. Lee Zhe Yu                  Media coordinator                      Ms. Shamima Mahmuda Yasmin
Fellow                                                                 Executive Committee Member
                                                                       Gana Unnayan Kendra
                                Mr. Ian Samoil
Ms. Melissa Low Yu Xing         Videographer
Fellow                                                                 Mr. Anjum Nahed Chowdhury
                                                                       Programme Manager
                                Mr. Jesse Savath                       Gana Unnayan Kendra
Mr. Khoo Chin Hean              Videographer
                                                                       Mr. Mohirul Islam
                                Mr. Robert Van Waarden                 Programme Manager
Mr. Tang Haisheng Benjamin      Photographer                           Gana Unnayan Kendra
                                Baltic and International Maritime      Mr. Rokonuzzaman Zillulla
Ms. Natalya Ann Thora Twohill   Council                                Project Manager
Fellow                                                                 Gana Unnayan Kendra
                                Mr. Robert Lorenz-Meyer
Mr. Ng Zhi Kai                                                         Mr. Mohon Kumar Mondal
Fellow                                                                 LEDARS
                                Mr. Torben Skaanild
                                Secretary General
Mr. Teo Kok Leong Gabriel                                              Mr. Mohammad Saidur Rahman
Fellow                                                                 Joint Secretary
                                Mr. Søren Larsen                       SDS Shariatput
Mr. Wong Dan Chi
Fellow                          Mr. Niels Bjøren Mortensen             Mr. Fahmida Akter Khatun
                                                                       Additional Director
Ms. Yi-Chun Lai                 Mr. Peter Grube                        Centre for Policy Dialogue
                                Mr. Michael Lund                       Mr. Khorsed Alam
Ms. Yu-Chen Huang                                                      Executive Director
                                                                       Alternative Movement for Resources and
Fellow                          Mr. Christian Schack                   Freedom Society
                                Head of Department
Ms. Liang-Yi Chang
Fellow                          Ms. Kaity Kiriaki Arsoniadis
                                                          - 50 -

Bangladesh Centre for Advanced           Ms. Martina Nilsson                    Mr. André Støylen
Studies (continued)                      Programme Coordinator
                                         The Swallows India Bangladesh
                                                                                Mr. Andreas Aamodt
Mr. Khorshed Alam
Executive Director                       Mr. Tobias Petersson
                                                                                Mr. Andreas Drufva
Alternative Movement for Resources and   Member of the Board
Freedom Society                          The Swallows India Bangladesh
                                                                                Mr. Andreas Kokkvoll Tveit
Mr. Nurun Nabi                           Ms. Ann Bergerlind
Department of Population Sciences        Information Officer                    Mr. Andrew Sweetman
                                         The Swallows India Bangladesh

Mr. Mahfuz Anam                                                                 Mr. Andrey Ozharovsky
The Daily Star                           Ms. Monica Erwer
                                         Team Leader
                                         The Swallows India Bangladesh          Mr. Andrey Ponomarenko
Mr. Matiur Rahman                                                               Nuclear Project Coordinator
Editor                                                                          Bellona Murmansk
The Daily Prothom Alo                    Ms. Maria Persson
                                                                                Ms. Ane Torvanger Brunvoll
                                         The Swallows India Bangladesh
Mr. Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul                                                       Section Head
Daily Sangbad
                                         Ms. Karin Ralsgard
                                                                                Ms. Anette Van Ouden
                                         Member of the Board
Mr. Toufique Imrose Khalidi              The Swallows India Bangladesh
Chief Editor                                                                    Angeal Sundbäck
bdnews 24.com
                                         Ms. Eva Hagerstrand
                                         Coordinator                            Ms. Anna Aabø
Mr. Zahirul Islam Mamun                  The Swallows India Bangladesh
ATN Bangla TV
                                                                                Ms. Anna Bystrom
                                         Bellona Foundation
Mr. Harun Rashid
Deputy Director general                                                         Ms. Anna Engstrand
Bangladesh Television                    Mr. Aage Stangeland
                                                                                Ms. Anna Kireeva
Mr. Anjan Roy                            Mr. Adam O'Toole                       Journalist
NTV                                      Mr. Adam Smith                         Ms. Anna Wieslander

Mr. Zahirul Alam                         Ms. Aina Berg                          Ms. Anne Guerin-Moens
NTV                                      Council Chairman
                                         Centre for Environmental Initiatives
                                                                                Ms. Anne Helseth
Mr. Saleh Biplob
Cannel 1                                 Mr. Aleksander Melli
                                                                                Ms. Anne Magrethe Melbye
                                         Council Chairman
Ms. Katrin Aidnell                       Centre for Environmental Initiatives
Swallows                                                                        Ms. Annette Gleichmann
                                         Mr. Alexander Fedorov
Mr. Mohammad Mozibur Rahman              Council Chairman                       Ms. Annicken Vargel
                                         Centre for Environmental Initiatives

Bangladesh Environmental                                                        Annsie Kumlin
Lawyers Association                      Mr. Alexander Nikitin
                                         Project Coordinator
                                                                                Arild B. Iversen
                                         Bellona Oslo
Mr. Fazlul Azim
                                                                                Arild Vatn
                                         Mr. Alexey Loginov
Mr. Mosharraf Hossain                    Chairman
                                         NW Sberbank                            Mr. Arne Inge Olsen
Mr. Jayanta Kumar Basak
                                         Mr. Amund Aune Nilsen                  Mr. Arne Mathias Bredesen
Bangladesh Resource Centre for
Indigenous Knowledge                     Mr. Amund Vik                          Mr. Arne Marius Hågensen

Mr. Sukanta Kumar Sen                    Mr. Anders Backlund                    Mr. Arnfinn Kirkenæs
Executive Director                       Uppsala University
                                                                                Mr. Arnt Gøran Hartvig
                                         Mr. Anders Nygaard
                                                                                Mr. Arve Husby
                                                    - 51 -

Bellona Foundation (continued)   Mr. Christian Berg            Eli Pollak

Ashok Koshla                     Mr. Christian Eidem           Ms. Elin Kleven

Mr. Ask Helseth                  Mr. Christian Jahr            Ms. Elisabeth Brinch Sand

Åsne Seierstad                   Mr. Christian Jebsen          Ms. Elisabeth Molander

Åste Haukvik                     Mr. Christian Rekkedal        Ms. Elisabeth Sæther

Mr. Åsulv Løvdal                 Mr. Christian Ringnes         Elon Musk

Audun Haldorsen                  Ms. Christiana Wyly           Mr. Emil Jacobs

Ms. Aurelia Setton               Ms. Christina Lampe-Önnerud   Mr. Eric Ringsby

Ms. Beate Barth-Nossum           Ms. Christine Karlsen         Mr. Erik Eid Hohle

Ms. Benedicte Gude               Mr. Christoffer Braathen      Mr. Erik Hammer

Bengt Telland                    Mr. Christopher Bennett       Mr. Erik Kikkenborg

Mr. Benjamin Haffner             Ms. Claudia Tomescu           Mr. Erik Lynne

Benno Wirsma                     Mr. Claus Sonberg             Mr. Erik Pilgaard

Mr. Bill Watts                   Mr. Constantin Stefan Sava    Mr. Erik Sauar

Mr. Bjarne Børresen              Mr. Dag Hotvedt               Mr. Erik Skjelbred

Mr. Bjørn Sund                   Mr. Daniel Foa                Mr. Erik Widing

Mr. Bjørn Utgård                 Mr. Daniel Huth Ommundsen     Mr. Erlend Engh Brekke

Brage Wårheim Johansen           Mr. Daniel Rasse              Mr. Esben Pedersen

Mr. Brent Constantz              Darien Sturges                Mr. Eskil Vestheim Kjemperud

Brigt Aune                       Mr. Darren Smith              Mr. Evan Andriopoulos

Ms. Camilla Hall                 Ms. Debbie Stockwell          Ms. Evengia Fedorova

Ms. Camilla Haugsten             Diarmuid O'Connell            Mr. Fernando Zancan

Mr. Carl Hartmann                Ms. Sarah Ferguson            Mr. Finn Langeland

Ms. Carmensita Constantin        Mr. Edgar Hertwich            Mr. Frederic Hauge
Ms. Catherine Cunningham         Egil Niclaes Reksten
                                                               Mr. Frederik Elnæs
Ms. Cato Kjølstad                Mr. Einar Johansen
                                                               Mr. Frode Geitvik
Cecilie Nustad                   Mr. Einar Wilhelmsen
                                                               Mr. Geir Arne Drangeid
Mr. Charles Digges               Eivind Hjertnes
                                                               Mr. Geir Elsebutangen
Mr. Charlie Paton                Mr. Eivind Hoff
                                 Policy Adviser                Mr. Geir Fuglseth
Mr. Walter Martin Comins
                                 Ms. Elena Kobets              Mr. Geir Vintervoll
                                                     - 52 -

Bellona Foundation (continued)   Mr. Igor Koleniskov                  Mr. John Winterbourne

Mr. Geir Vollsæter               Mr. Igor Kudrik                      Mr. Johnny Weiss

Mr. Gheorghe Oaie                Ilias Vazaios                        Mr. Jonathan Foley

Mr. Gisle Løhre Johansen         Ingar Skaug                          Mr. John Olav Tande

Mr. Gjermund Løyning             Ms. Ingrid Stange                    Mr. Jonathan Temple
                                                                      Director, USA Office
Gøril Tjetland                   Ingunn Larsen
                                                                      Mr. Jørn Eilertsen
Graeme Stewart Sweeney           Ms. Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol
                                                                      Ms. Josefin Carlring
Mr. Gregory Altman               Mr. Ivar Simensen
                                                                      Mr. Josip Pojicic
Ms. Grey Rohde Nordhus           Mr. Iver Iversen
                                                                      Jostein Tenmann
Ms. Gunny Sandvik                Mr. Jack Herheim
                                                                      Ms. Juliet Balgobin
Guro Wasa                        Mr. Jan Helge Pile
                                                                      Ms. Karen Onsager
Mr. Guy F. Reinaud               Mr. Jan Olaf Willums
                                                                      Kari Ekelund Thørud
Ms. Halfrid Hagemoen             Mr. Jan Presttun
                                                                      Ms. Katharina Bramslev
Ms. Hanne Ulleberg               Mr. Jan Roberg
                                                                      Ms. Katrin Knoth de Zarruk
Mr. Hans Abrahamsen              Mr. Jan Roger Bjerkestrand
                                                                      Mr. Kjeill Ursin Smith
Mr. Hans Johan Tofteng           Mr. Jan W. Sørensen
                                                                      Mr. Kjell Ivar Kasin
Mr. Hans Petter Bergheim         Ms. Jane Ricci
                                                                      Mr. Kjetil Stake
Mr. Harry Jørgensen              Ms. Janet Larsen
                                                                      Mr. Knut Arnesen
Mr. Håvard Lundberg              Mr. Jannik Stanger
                                                                      Mr. Knut Bjørnstad
Mr. Heine Skogseid               Mr. Jens Ådne Rekkedal
                                                                      Mr. Knut Helland-Hansen
Ms. Helene Tofte                 Mr. Jens Ismar
                                                                      Mr. Konrad Pütz
                                                                      Adviser Transport and Shipping
Mr. Helge Hafstad                Mr. Jens Maseng

                                                                      Mr. Kristian Marstrand
Mr. Helge Otto Mathisen          Mr. Jens Strøm

                                                                      Kristin Jørgensen
Mr. Henrik Fleischer             Ms. Jillian Stirk
                                                                      Russian Group Coordinator

Ms. Hermoine St. Leger           Mr. Jim Garrison
                                                                      Kristin Rechberger

Ms. Hilde Glomseter              Mr. Joachim Bakke
                                                                      Kristin Westby

Ms. Hilde Sem Fassland           Mr. Joakim Hauge
                                                                      Ms. Kristine Meek

Hiu Ng                           Ms. Johanna Bernstein
                                                                      Mr. Kristoffer Gerilja

Mr. Hugh McLaughlin              Mr. John Arne Ulvan
                                                                      Ms. Laetitia Birkeland

Mr. Hussein Chechenov            Mr. John Nustad
                                                                      Mr. Lars Otto Andresen
                                                    - 53 -

Bellona Foundation (continued)   Mr. Mats A. Kjeldberg           Ms. Nina Lesikhina

Leiv Askvig                      Mr. Matthew Dring               Mr. Olaf Brastad

Mr. Lennart Engelhardt           Mr. Mattias Klum                Mr. Olav Mosvold Larsen

Ms. Lillian Olsen                Ms. May Liss Thorsen            Mr. Ole Enger

Ms. Lina Samko                   Ms. Mette Vågnes Eriksen        Mr. Ole Jacob Broch

Ms. Linda Christin Halvorsen     Ms. ann davlin                  Mr. Ole Jacob Selvaag

Ms. Lisa Bryers                  Mr. andreas enge                Mr. Ole Jacob Sunde

Ms. Liv Monica Stubholt          Mr. Michael H. B. Hayes         Mr. Ole Robert Reitan

Ms. Lois Quam                    Mr. Aleksander Johansen         Mr. Ottar Starheim

Mr. Magnus Borgen                Mr. Alan Knight                 Mr. Otto Frøseth

Ms. Margarethe Azar              Mr. alexander schwedeler        Mr. Oystein Wasteson

Ms. Margrethe Snekkerbankken     Mr. Svend Soyland               Mr. Oyvind Briså
                                 International Adviser
Ms. Margrethe Valler                                             Mr. Oyvind Eriksen
                                 Mr. andreas stokke
Ms. Marian Dobrin                                                Mr. Paal Frisvold
                                 Mr. Michael B. Knagenhjelm      Chairman
Ms. Marianne Aasen
                                 Mr. Michael Ma                  Mr. Paal Holter
Ms. Marianne H. Aandahl
                                 Mr. Michael Pawlyn              Mr. Patrik Ankarstad
Ms. Marianne H. Johansen
                                 Ms. Michele Groenbech           Mr. Paul Furgeson
Ms. Marianne Knarud
                                 Mr. Miguel Dabdoub              Mr. Per Brevik
Ms. Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal
                                 Mr. Mikael af Ekenstam          Mr. Per Ellingsen
Ms. Marie Andersson
                                 Mr. Mikkel Storm Glomstein      Mr. Per Kristian Olsen
Ms. Marie Smedsrød
                                 Mr. Michael Skaugen             Mr. Per Otto Dyb
Ms. Marisa Lopez
                                 Mr. Morten Skjæveland           Mr. Peter Groth
Ms. Marissa Jackson Ræstad
                                 Mr. Nathan Ratledge             Peter Östlund
Ms. Marit Berg
                                 Mr. Nathaniel Mulcahy           Mr. Peter Van den Dorpel
Mr. Marius Dalen
                                 Ms. Nickole Powe                Mr. Peter Foster
Mr. Marius Hansen
                                 Mr. Niclas Kjellström-Matseke   Mr. Rahim Kurji
Mr. Marius Holm
                                 Mr. Niels Damkær                Ms. Randi Kvissel Haugen
Mr. Marius Wormdal
                                 Mr. Nikolay Rybakov             Ms. Rikke Bjurstrøm
Mr. Mark Allen
                                 Mr. Nils Bøhmer                 Mr. Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Mr. Martin Hviid Nielsen
                                 Mr. Ola Innset                  Mr. Rolf Iver Hagemoen
                                                    - 54 -

Bellona Foundation (continued)   Mr. Terje Berntsen              Mr. Vladislav Nikiforov

Mr. Rune Flaaen                  Mr. Terje Mikalsen              Wal van Lierop

Ms. Ruth Herbert                 Mr. Terje Ostensen              Mr. William Brown

Mr. Sam Wyly                     Mr. Terry Garcia                Yngve Buksås

Mr. Samuel Svensäter             Mr. Thomas Harttung             Mr. Yury Sergeev

Ms. Sarah Rizk                   Mr. Thomas Røed                 BioRegional Development Group*

Mr. Seamus Makim                 Mr. Tim Delany                  Ms. Sue Riddlestone
                                                                 Executive Director
Mr. Sergey Filippov              Tiril Reutz
                                                                 Mr. Pooran Desai Desai Obe
Mr. Sergio Persoglia             Mr. Tom Carter
                                                                 Ms. Freya Seath
                                 Mr. Tom Erling Moen             Researcher to the Director
Mr. Sigurd Braathen

                                 Mr. Tom Hagen                   Ms. Hayley Bell
Mr. Sigurd Enge

                                 Mr. Tomas Andersen              Ms. Jennie Organ
Ms. Silje Skjei Tveitdal

                                 Mr. Tommy Norlav                Mr. Greg Searle
Mr. Snorre Lamark

                                 Mr. Tone Foss Aspevoll          Robin Stott
Sorin Anghel
                                 Communications manager
                                                                 Ms. Stephen Irvings
Mr. Stefan Kennholt
                                 Mr. Tone Knudsen
                                                                 Mr. Sam Smith
Mr. Stefan Nystedt
                                 Mr. Tore Schiøtz
Mr. Stein Erik Skilhagen                                         Biotechnology Industry
                                 Mr. Tore Strandskog             Organization*
Mr. Stein Fredriksen
                                 Mr. Torfinn Johnson             Ms. Stephanie A. Batchelor
                                                                 Manager, State and International Policy
Mr. Stein Lier Hansen
                                 Mr. Torgeir Wemmestad Haaland
                                                                 Mr. Matthew Carr
Mr. Stein Rømmerud
                                 Ms. Tove Pettersen
                                                                 Ms. Lila Feisee
Mr. Steinar Bysveen
                                 Ms. Tove Solberg
                                                                 Ms. Caroline Ruggieri
Ms. Sue Winters                                                  International Affairs Consultant
                                 Mr. Tristan Azbej
Ms. Suzanne Farver                                               Mr. Garrett Screws
                                 Ms. Ulla Sommerfelt
Ms. Suzanne Stensen                                              Ms. Kay Gamble
                                 Ms. Ulrike Graalfs
Mr. Svein Ole Strømmen                                           Ms. Jennifer Hutchins
                                 Ms. Veronica Håkaby
Mr. Svein Sørlie                                                 Mr. Dan Miller
                                 Veslemøy Aurmo
Mr. Svein Wilhelmsen                                             Mr. Lloyd Ritter
                                 Vidar Lunde
Mr. Sven Søyland                                                 Mr. Brent Erickson
                                 Vigleif Næss
Ms. Sylvia Lofthus
                                 Mr. Viktor Jakobsen
Mr. Terje Andersen
                                 Mr. Vladimir Kuznetsov
                                                              - 55 -

BirdLife International                      Mr. Togarasei Fakarayi                      Mr. Michael Borch Grell
Mr. John Lanchbery                                                                      Mr. Søren Ferdinand Hansen
The Royal Society for the Protection of     Ms. Hala Nayel Barakat
Birds                                       Nature Conservation Egypt
                                                                                        Mr. Henning Heldbjerg

Ms. Ruth Davis                              Mr. Mengistu Wondafrash Jimma
                                                                                        Mr. Thomas Vikstrøm
The Royal Society for the Protection of
Birds                                       Mr. Daniel Dauda Siaffa
                                                                                        Ms. Anja Eberhardt
                                            Conservation Society of Sierra Leone
Ms. Melanie Coath
The Royal Society for the Protection of                                                 Ms. Vicky Knudsen
                                            Mr. Agus Budi Utomo
Birds                                       BirdLife International / Burung Indonesia
                                                                                        Mr. Knud Flensted
Ms. Joanna Phillips                         Mr. Yoppy Hidayanto
Head of Int. Sustainable Development        BirdLife International / Burung Indonesia   Ms. Anne Eskildsen
RSPB Sustainable Development Dept
                                            Mr. Hendi Sumantri                          Ms. Ingrid Pedersen
                                            BirdLife International / Burung Indonesia
Mr. Zbig Karpowicz
The Royal Society for the Protection of                                                 Mr. Thomas Lehmberg
Birds                                       Mr. Rakhmat Hidayat
                                            Komunitas Konservasi Indonesia WARSI        Mr. Niels Timme Nyegaard
Mr. Norbert Schaffer
The Royal Society for the Protection of
                                                                                        Michael Fink Jørgensen
Birds                                       Mr. Rudi Syaf
                                            BirdLife International / Burung Indonesia
                                                                                        Mr. Lars Engmark
Mr. Dieter Hoffmann
The Royal Society for the Protection of     Mr. Blas Tabaranza
Birds                                                                                   Ms. Bolette Hindø
                                            Ms. Maria Belinda de la Paz
Mr. Zoltan Waliczky                         Head, Advocacy Unit                         Ms. Joy Klein
                                            Haribon Foundation for the Conservation
                                            of Natural Resources
Mr. Clifton George Bain                                                                 Mr. Ole Friis Larsen
                                            Mr. Kanitha Krishnasamy
                                            Malaysian Nature Society                    Mr. Stefan Stürup
Mr. Igino Emmer

                                            Ms. Rosa Ma Vidal                           Mr. Hans Meltofte
Ms. Eszter Kovacs

                                            Ms. Yvonne Arias                            Mr. Magnus Bang Hansen
Mr. Michael Evers

                                            Mr. David Howell                            Mr. Michael Køie Poulsen
Ms. Melanie Heath                           Sociedad Española de
BirdLife International Secretariat          Ornitología/BirdLife                        Mr. Mikkel Kure Jakobsen

Mr. Robert Munroe                           Mr. Linus Blomquist                         Ms. Sanne Busk

Mr. Richard Grimmett                        Mr. Leg Dudkin                              Mr. Jens Boesen

Ms. Jane Waruguru Ngugi                     Mr. Volodymyr Tymofieiev                    Mr. Niels Riis

Ms. Herlinde Herpoel                        Mr. Jan Ejlsted                             Mr. Ole Frode Jakobsen

Ms. Alessia Pautasso                        Mr. Jørn Lennart Larsen                     Gitte Nielsen Larsen

Mr. Konstantin Kreiser                      Ms. Eva Utzon Svendsen                      Mr. Gert Thorhauge Andersen
BirdLife International/ European Division
                                            Ms. Tina Moller Pedersen                    Borneo Tropical Rainforest
Ms. Carolyn Ah Salaamah Tiry Shene-                                                     Foundation
Verdoorn                                    Mr. Martin Holm
Division Manager, Policy and Advocacy                                                   Ms. Marinah Embiricos
BirdLife South Africa                                                                   President
                                            Ms. Tine Stampe Rasmussen
                                                     - 56 -

Borneo Tropical Rainforest          Mr. Gustavo Gatti                       Ms. Bettina Hartmann Bender
Foundation (continued)              Senior Environmental Project Analyst    Project Manager
                                                                            Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual
Mr. John Embiricos                  Ms. Rachel Biderman
Chief Executive Officer             Director
Global Eco Rescue Foundation, Ltd                                           Ms. Inga Therkildsen
                                    Mr. Juarez Campos
                                                                            Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual
Mr. Ion Tsakonas                                                            University
                                    Mr. Roberto Strumpf
Mr. Tedi Gunawarman                 Global Sustainability Project Manager
                                                                            Ms. Helle Birkedal Martinussen
Mr. Fauzan Azima                    Mr. Ricardo Barretto
Head                                Communication Manager
                                                                            Ms. Winnie Elisabeth Nielsen
Aceh Province BPKEL                                                         Teacher
                                    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual          Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual
Mr. Luke Swainson                   University*                             University

Mr. Michael Griffith                Ms. Jayanti M. Kirpalani                Mr. Robert D.E. Elkjær
                                    Main NGO Representative, Geneva         Teacher
                                    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual          Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual
Mr. Niels Madsen                                                            University

Boston University*                  Ms. Julia Grindon-Welch                 Mr. Kristoffer Olivier Lange
                                    NGO Representative, New York            Teacher
Mr. Saleem H. Ali                   Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual
Visiting Fellow                     University                              Ms. Hanne Overgaard
Pardee Center                                                               Designer
                                    Ms. Sonja Maria Ohlsson
Mr. Dovev Levine                    National Coordinator, Denmark           Brighter Green, Inc.*
Visiting Fellow                     Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual
                                                                            Ms. Mia MacDonald
Mr. Nalin Kulatilaka
Professor                           Ms. Valerie Anne Bernard
School Management of Economics      UN Representative, Geneva               Mr. Martin Rowe
                                    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual
Mr. Paul McManus                                                            British Council
                                    Mr. Piero Senatore Musini
                                                                            Mr. Do Mong Linh
                                    Organic Farmer
Mr. Jonas Meckling                  Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual
                                    University                              Mr. Zia Hassan Siddique
Ms. Rachel Szakmary
                                    Mr. Joachim Pilz                        Ms. Sumaiya Sharmin Kabir
Ms. Divya Mankikar                  Advisor Renewable Energy
                                                                            Ms. Sofia Martins Carvalho
Mr. Jordan R. Winkler               Ms. Patricia Milagros Iturregui Byrne
                                    Alternate Member Enforcement Branch
                                    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual          Mr. Rubens Lopes Pereira da Silva
Both ENDS Foundation                University
                                                                            Ms. Cassandra Lee Andrew
Ms. Annelieke Douma                 Mr. Renaud Russeil
Programme Officer                   Quality Security Environment Manager    Mr. Jesper Minor Hansen
                                    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual          Climate Advocate
Mr. Tobias Schmitz                  University
Policy Director                                                             Ms. Lily Kate Henry Jackson
                                    Mr. Arnold P.E. Beekes
Ms. Danielle Hirsch                 Managing Consultant
                                    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual          Mr. Liu Congbin
                                                                            Mr. Wang Yimeng
Boticário Foundation for Nature
                                    Mr. Louis de Graf
Protection*                         Teacher                                 Mr. Huo Da
                                    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual
Sr. André Rocha Ferretti            University
                                                                            Mr. Zhou Hongyong
Program Officer

                                                                            Mr. Xiao Yonghong
                                                             - 57 -

British Council (continued)                Ms. Franka Stöhling                       Ms. Joanne Mary Doherty

Ms. Zhang Xi                               Ms. Christine Grabs                       Ms. Awonaike Olufunmilayo

Ms. Shi Xinyu                              Mr. Bice Obour Osei Kuffour               Mr. Haitham Abdullah Mohammed Al-
Ms. Liu Ngai Kan                           Mr. Akos Lukacs
                                                                                     Ms. Mumbi Esnart
Ms. Shum Wai Yee                           Ms. Agnes Eva Vertesi
                                                                                     Mr. Nguyen Thuy Duong
                                                                                     350.org Vietnam Field Organizer
Mr. Shi Xin                                Ms. Trina Talukdar
                                                                                     Sustainable Markets Foundation - 350.org

Mr. Pan Xuewei                             Ms. Soji Susan James
                                                                                     Mr. Luu Duc Hiep

Ms. Xia Yujun                              Ms. Kavita Venugopalan
                                                                                     Mr. Hoang Duc Minh

Ms. Xu Ying                                Mr. Anujan Krishnamoorthy
                                                                                     Ms. Sultankhodjayeva Guzal

Mr. Xie Lai                                Ms. Kasturi Mitra
                                                                                     Mr. Khamidov Aziz

Ms. Irikefe Vivienne                       Ms. Supriya Subhash Nayak
                                                                                     Mr. Adam Reed Raudonis

Mr. Ukko Elias Metsola                     Mr. Agastya Muthanna
                                                                                     Ms. Kayla Ann Clark

Ms. Johanna Julia Johansdotter Zilliacus   Mr. Goris Mustaqim
                                                                                     Ms. Astrid Akoyoko

Mr. James Robert Price                     Ms. Inggried Dwi Wedhaswary
                                                                                     Mr. Nduka Ephraim Ugboh

Mr. Antti Viktor Bergholm                  Mr. Andrea Grondona
                                                                                     Ms. Fathima Asrifa Mohamed Ali

Ms. Kaori Kume                             Ms. Satoko Shirai
                                                                                     Ms. Simone Helena Carolissen

Ms. Fanny Hadjara Mody                     Mr. Mizuki Konagaya
                                                                                     Mr. Wong Chong Wai Kenneth

Ms. Estelle Mandigout                      Ms. Yasuyo Tatebe
                                                                                     Ms. Baby Ruth Quinones Villarama
                                                                                     Climate Advocate
Ms. Stephanie Barrows                      Ms. Reimi Yohena
                                                                                     Ms. Tolosa Marisol Hernandez
Mr. Leon Chen                              Ms. Saki Fujiwara                         Climate Advocate

Ms. Mary Josephine Walsh                   Mr. Wilfred Odhiambo Otieno               Ms. Anastasiya Yerkovych

Mr. Rory Stewart Crawford                  Ms. Hong Bogang                           Mr. Jakob Gaard Nielsen

Ms. Helen Jane Burston                     Mr. Ahmad A A S A Al Mogahwi              Metta Wiese

Ms. Susan Caroline Poupard                 Mr. Mohamed Abdulrahim Gibril             Jasper Steinhausen

Ms. Susan Marie Williams                   Ms. Brenda Berenice Villegas Valenzuela   Neil McInroy

Ruth Carruthers                            Ms. Kanchan Shrestha                      Bettina Nada Fellov

Ms. Fiona Tokple                           Ms. Amita Thapa Magar                     Ms. Katrine Vejby

Ms. Louise Willneff                        Ms. Laura Dunggan                         Ms. Nina Lousie Jensen

Mr. Sönke Schmidt                          Mr. Alexander Thomas Peter Craig          Ubaid Tariq

Mr. Gregor Münch                           Mr. Andrew James McClenaghan              Lene Larsen
                                                 - 58 -

British Council (continued)   Hans Marcus Cruse                       Mr. Isaac Bare

Mr. Thomas Gjerulff           Ki Andersson                            Mr. ahmad A. A. S. A. Almogahwi

Colin Doyle                   Ms. Julia Rawlins                       Ms. Melody Hossaini Motlagh
                              Project Manager                         Climate Advocate
Kirsten Brochner
                              Conor Snowden                           Ms. Falon Kisundas Kisundas
Mr. Mona Beckzada
                              Simon Raeside                           Brot für die Welt
Ms. Maria Magdalena Estevez
                              Duan Xinyu                              Mr. Michael Hansmann
Asger Olesen
                              Jacob Urup-Nielsen                      Mr. Siddharth D'Souza
Anja Wejs
                              Janni Baekkelund Nielsen
                                                                      Ms. Nafisa Goga D'Souza
Asger Trier
                              Ms. Brid Conneely                       LAYA*
                              Partnerships and Projects Manager
Ida Blinkenberg Lidell        British Council-Denmark                 Mr. Shaikh Ferdausur Rahman
                                                                      Executive Director
Fintan Keenan                 Hans Andersen                           Prodipan Bangladesh

Khurram Shahzad               Tiina Johanna Ruohonen                  Ms. Saudia Anwer
Ezra Goldman                  Ms. Rebecca Louise Nadin
                                                                      Mr. Aminur Rahman
                                                                      Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service
Ian Choo                      Mr. David Viner
                              Programme Area Leader, Climate Change
                                                                      Fe'iloakitau Kaho Tevi
Christoffer Hansen                                                    General Secretary
                              Ibnu Najib                              Pacific Conferences of Churches
Pernille Berg
                              Margret Brady                           Mr. Thomas Hirsch
Nina Sindballe Lauritsen                                              Policy Advisor, Climate Change and Food
                              Mr. Christopher Howard Palmer           Security
Mie Kongstad Sogaard          COP 15 Global Coordinator
                                                                      Mr. Bernhard Walter
                              Mr. Steven Jeremy Lipscombe             Food Policy Advisor
Faye McAuley

                                                                      Ms. Pamela Metschar-Kafi
Rie Haugaard                  Ana Irene Contreras Gutiérrez

                                                                      Mr. Stefan Hochhut
Louise Pape Thomsen           Andrew Picken

                              Mr. Martin Stewart Davidson             Mr. Mulugeta Worku Ayele
Zuzana Koprnovà                                                       CRDA
                              Chief Executive
Ms. Laura Martonovà                                                   Ms. Katja Göbel
                              Mr. Christopher Thozamile Mashilo
Ms. Zuzana Vàclavovà                                                  Mr. Sophia Maria Wirshing
                              Candice Howarth
Mr. Jozef Pecho                                                       Mr. Rainer Lang
                              Mr. Guy Wigmore
                                                                      Media Officer
Ms. Julie McGee
                              Mr. Louis Carraz
                                                                      Mr. Norbert Glaser
Mr. Antony Watson
                              Ms. Ari Sutanti
                                                                      Mr. Miges Baumann
Adebowale Akande                                                      Bread for All
                              Ms. Natalia Mayer
Nazzina Binte Mohsin                                                  Ms. Evelyn Kamber-Schulz
                              Johana Grohova                          Bread for All
                              Communications Manager
Johan Eriksson
                                                                      Mr. Thomas Bhend
                                                          - 59 -

Brot für die Welt (continued)          Sra. Myanna Lahsen                   Mr. Philip Wadsworth
                                       Research Scientist                   Legislation-Qualcomm
                                       National Space Research Institute
Mr. Marius Keller
                                                                            Ms. Molly Gavin
                                       Mr. Nathan Hultman                   Senior Director, Government Affairs
Ms. Cornelia Füllkrug-Weitzel          Assistant Professor
Director                               James Martin Institute
                                                                            Mr. Alin Stanescu
                                       University of Maryland
                                                                            Manager, Government Affairs
Mr. July Frank-Otfried
Bishop                                 Mr. Ranjit Deshmukh
Evangelische Landeskirche                                                   Mr. Santanu Mukherjee
                                       Senior Research Associate
Badenwürtenberg                                                             manager, Government Affairs
                                       Prayas Energy Group
                                                                            Qualcomm-India Office
Mr. Gerhard Ulrich
                                       BUKO Agro Coordination*              Ms. Judith Amber Leonard
Evangelical Church in Nordelbien                                            Project Manager
                                       Ms. Ursula Groehn-Wittern            Meg LLC
                                                                            Institute for Global Communications
Ms. Cornelia Ulrich
                                       Ms. Mireille Honicke
                                                                            Mr. Irving Mintzer
Mr. Martin Haasler                                                          Principal
Nordelbisches Kirchenamt               Ms. Sandra Blessin                   Meg LLC-IGS

Mr. Jan Christensen                    Business Council for Sustainable     Mr. Jim Peters
Nordelbisches Kirchenamt               Development Malaysia                 Winrock International

Ms. Ingrid Junghans                    Mr. Marcus Chee                      Mr. Bernard Tod Delaney
                                       Director, SED                        President
Mr. Johannes Küstner                                                        First Environment Inc.
                                       Business Council for Sustainable
Mr. Thorsten Göbel                     Energy                               Mr. Bob Previdi
                                                                            First Environment, Inc.
Mr. Joachim Jung                       Ms. Lisa Jacobson
                                       President                            Mr. Clay Nesler
                                                                            President, Global Energy and
Mr. Eckhard Röhm                                                            Sustainability
                                       Mr. James Wolf
                                       Global Policy Associates
Mr. Dirk Sam                                                                Mr. Steve Thomas
Netz Bangladesh                                                             Manager-Global Energy and
                                       Ms. Laura Tierney                    Sustainability
                                       Senior Policy Associate
Ms. Anke Jansen
                                                                            Ms. MaryAnn Wright
                                       Mr. José María Calvo-Sotelo
Mr. Jan Papendieck
                                                                            Mr. Tom Watson
                                       Mr. Juan Alvàrez                     VP, Hybrid Engineering and Strategic
Brown University - Watson
                                       Mr. Roberto Asín
                                       Deputy Director, Market Analysis     Ms. Jennifer Mattes
Mr. Timmons Roberts
Director of Center for Environmental
Studies                                Ms. Vanesa Aragonés                  Ms. Anna Pavlova

Ms. Anna Liisa Aunio                   Mr. Marc Stuart                      Mr. Christian Rosenkranz
Postdoctoral Fellow                    Founder and Director, New Business
Centre de Recherche en Éthique de      Development
l'Université de Montréal                                                    Mr. Agostino Renna
GRIP Québec - University of Montréal   Ms. Meghan Schloat
                                       EcoSecurities                        Mr. Adam McCarthy
Mr. Jeffrey Broadbent
Associate Professor                    Ms. Sonia Medina                     Ms. Rebecca Fitzgerald
University of Minnesota                Country Director, USA
                                       EcoSecurities                        Mr. Don Furman
Ms. Leticia Guimaraes
Graduate Student                       Mr. Pedro Moura Costa
University of Maryland                                                      Mr. Rich Glick

                                       Mr. Toby Tiktinsky
                                                             - 60 -

Business Council for Sustainable          Mr. Anders Aarsoe                        Mr. Mike Taylor
Energy (continued)                        Interl Corporation-Business and          VP sales, Clinton Climate Initiative
                                          Marketing Director

Mr. Jeff Moe                                                                       Mr. Scott Petersen
Director, Global Regulatory and           Mr. Stevan Christensen                   Marketing Director-Energy Solutions,
Conformance                               Intel Ciorporation                       Europe

Mr. Dave Schnaars                         Mr. Tim McEnery                          Mr. Martin Baisch
Manager, Environmental Strategies                                                  Marketing Manager-Honeywell
Solar Turbines                            Mr. Mike Murphy
                                                                                   Mr. Eric Leslie Turner
Ms. Karen Utt                                                                      Executive VP, Global Environement
                                          Ms. Saskia Feast

Mr. Adam Stern                            Mr. Jeff Cohen
Policy Consultant, EnerNOC Inc.                                                    Mr. Richard John
                                          EOS Climate-Senior VP, Science and
                                                                                   Director, Sustainability AECOM
Mr. Jared Blum
President, Polyisocyanurate Insulation                                             Ms. Claire Bonham-Carter
                                          Mr. Jonathan Wolfson
Manufacturers Assoc.
                                                                                   Mr. Paul Woods
                                          Mr. Harrison Dillon
Mr. William Ichord                                                                 Technical Director, Sustainability,
                                          Solazyome-President and Chief
                                                                                   Building Engineering
                                          Technology Officer
Ms. Kate Offringa
President and Chief Executive Officer     Mr. Jeff Broin
North American Insulation Manufacturers                                            Mr. Jason Prior
                                          CEO, Poet LLC
                                                                                   Mr. Gregory Rowe Picker
                                          Mr. Greg Breukelman
Mr. Michael McLaughlin                                                             Associate Director-Sustainability &
                                          VP,Poet LLC
                                                                                   Climate Change
Ms. Leslie McLaren                        Mr. Doug Berven
                                                                                   Mr. Ole Hedegaard Madsen
Mr. Ken Mentzer                           Mr. Richard Leung
                                          CEO,Secured EnvironmentCo., LLC
                                                                                   Mr. John Veje Olesen
Ms. Katherine Hamilton                                                             CEO, Babcock &Wilcox Vølund
                                          Mr. Doug Woodring
Mr. Thomas M. Kirlin                      doug@projectkaisei.org
                                                                                   Ms. Lori VanArsdale
                                                                                   President, Green World International
Mr. John Paul Moscarella                  Mr. George Orbelian
                                          Advisor, Secured Environment Co., LLC
                                                                                   Mr. General Wesley Clark
Anadi Jauhari                                                                      WesPAC-Securing America's Future
                                          Mr. Markus Becker
                                          European Energy Policy Executive
Mr. William Barnes                                                                 Mr. Ali Abboud
                                          GE Wind Energy GmbH

Mr. Benjamin Hoyne                                                                 Mr. Carl Spadaro
                                          Ms. Sharmila Barathan
                                          Director, Energy Policy
Mr. Arnaud Viel                                                                    Ms. Elizabeth Ladt
                                                                                   Associate Counsel
                                          Mr. Carl B. Horton
Ms. Stella Thomas                         Chief Intellectual Property Counsel-GE
                                                                                   Mr. George David Banks

Mr. Bill Bradley Bowers                   Mr. Feng Yan
                                          Director, Energy Policy-GE               Mr. Michael Eckhart
Mr. Geoffrey Mason                                                                 American Council on Renewable Energy*
                                          Mr. John Robert Muir

Mr. Colette Mason                                                                  Mr. Thomas Weirich
                                          Ms. Amy Chiang
                                                                                   ACORE-VP of Corporate Relatiions
                                          VP, Honey well
Ms. Francois Ajenstat
                                                                                   Mr. Stephen Brugger
                                          Mr. Steve Turner
Mr. Steve Lippman                                                                  Executive Director-AmChamDenmark
                                          Advanced Solutions Consultant,
Director, Microsoft                       Honeywell
                                                                                   Ms. Genet Garamendi
Mr. Mariano Davies                        Mr. Bjarne Hansen
                                                            - 61 -

Business Council of Australia             Ms. Vicky A. Tilman                     Mr. John G. Bernander
                                                                                  Director General
                                                                                  Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
Ms. Maria Frances Tarrant                 Mr. Bjorn von Euler
Director Policy
                                                                                  Mr. Henrik Madsen
                                          Ms. Katherine Winkler
Ms. Lorraine Carmel Stephenson                                                    Det Norske Veritas
National Climate Change Leader            Mr. Chris Keuleman
Ernst & Young
                                                                                  Ms. Elisabeth Torstadt
                                          BUSINESSEUROPE                          Vice President
Ms. Gwen Andrews                                                                  Det Norske Veritas
Vice President, Power and Environmental
Policy                                    Mr. Philippe de Buck
Alstom Power                              Director General                        Ms. Marianne Harg
                                                                                  Teknisk Naturvitenskapelig Forening
Ms. Bianca Sylvester                      Mr. Daniel Cloquet
Analyst                                   Director Industrial Affairs
JP Morgan Chase Bank                                                              Mr. Tarje Bjorgum
                                                                                  Senior Strategist
                                          Mr. Folker Franz                        Abelia - Business Association of
Business Environment Council              Senior Advisor Environmental Affairs    Norwegian Knowledge-and Technology
Ltd.*                                     Environmental Affairs                   Enterprises

Ms. Teresa Au                             Ms. Michaela Seelig                     Ms. Katrine Vinnes
Executive Committee Member                Advisor Environmental Affairs           Political Advisor
                                                                                  Teknisk Naturvitenskapelig Forening
Mr. Mark Watson                           Mr. Neil Bentley
Best Practice Committee Member            Director Business Environment           Mr. Nils Rokke
                                          Confederation of British Industry       Vice President Climate Change
Ms. Jeanne Ng                                                                     SINTEF Energy Research
Executive Commmittee Member               Mr. Rhian Kelly
                                          Head of Climate Change                  Ms. Pernille Aga
                                          Business Environment                    Assistant Director
Mr. Robert Gibson                         Confederation of British Industry       Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise

Mr. Glenn Frommer                         Mr. Matthew Sheldon
Chairman                                                                          Mr. Oyvind Lind Petersen
                                          Policy Advisor, International Climate   Assistant Director
                                          Change                                  Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
Business Roundtable                       Confederation of British Industry

                                                                                  Mr. Baard Meidell Johannesen
Mr. Channing Barringer                    Mr. Rene Winkin                         Special Advisor
                                          Secretary General                       Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
                                          FEDIL (Profilarbed S.A.)
Mr. Anthony Calandro
                                                                                  Ms. Kaja Lene Brundtland Edren
                                          Ms. Bryndis Skuladottir                 Assistant Director
Mr. Stephen Boston                        Head of environment                     Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
                                          Federation of Icelandic Industries
Mr. Terrence Clark                                                                Mr. Rune Nostvik
                                          Mr. Geir Høibye                         Assistant Director
Mr. John Crosson                          Manager                                 Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
                                          The Business Sectors NOx-fund

Mr. James E. Davis                                                                Mr. Ray Pinto
                                          Ms. Anne-Marie Hoibye                   Senior Government Affairs Manager
                                          Manager                                 Microsoft Europe LCA
Ms. Patricia Jacobs                       The Business Sectors NOx-fund

                                                                                  Ms. Claudia Toth
Mr. James McDonald                        Mr. Roland Verstappen                   Communications Director
                                          Vice President, International Affairs   Microsoft B.V.
Mr. Andrew J. Portnoy
                                                                                  Mr. Paul Lloyd Robson
                                          Mr. Karl Buttiens                       Environmental Sustainability Lead -
Ms. Vanessa Stiffler-Claus
                                          General Manager Environment             Nordics
                                          ArcelorMittal                           Microsoft
Ms. Alison Taylor
Democratic Chief Counsel
                                          Mr. Koen Coppenholle                    Ms. Marina Ahlenblad Strandberg
Environment and Public Works
                                          Head of European Affairs                HVAC Engineer
                                          ArcelorMittal                           Af Consult AB
United States Senate
                                                             - 62 -

BUSINESSEUROPE (continued)                Mr. Johan Holmqvist                       Mr. Niels-Erik Pedersen
                                          Af Consult AB                             General Manager
                                                                                    Envac Denmark A/S
Mr. Kjiell Andersson
Section Manager                           Ms. Inge Horkeby
Af Consult AB                             Director Environmental Affairs            Mr. Ulf Perbo
                                          AB Volvo                                  Vice President
                                                                                    BIL Sweden
Ms. Helena Axelsson
Director Energy & Environment             Mr. Marten Jegenstam
The Swedish Steel Producers Association   Trade Commisioner                         Mr. Ulf Petersson
                                          Swedish Trade Council                     Chief Analyst
                                                                                    Saab AB
Mr. Gunnar Bark
Senior Advisor                            Mr. Hans Straberg
Af Consult AB                             President and Chief Executive Officer     Mr. Anders Persson
                                          AB Electrolux                             Business Development
                                                                                    Af Consult AB
Ms. Alice Bah Kuhnke
Sustainability and CSR Manager            Ms. Annica Johannson
Af Consult AB                             Corporate &Government Affairs Director    Mr. Bjorn Qvist
                                          Krafts Foods Nordic                       Business Manager Installations
                                                                                    Af Consult AB
Mr. Gunnar Bengston
Director Environmental Affairs            Mr. Tomas Kaberger
AB Volvo                                  Director General                          Ms. Birgitta Resvik
                                          Swedish Energy Agency                     Director-Energy and Climate Policies
                                                                                    Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Mr. Marten Bergman
Deputy Director                           Ms. Jane Larsson
Confederation of Swedish Enterprise       Consultant                                Ms. Maria Sandqvist
                                          Af Consult AB                             Director
                                                                                    Swedish Association of Engineering
Mr. Hakan Dahlfors                                                                  Industries
Director Public Affairs                   Ms. Julika Lamberth
Swedish Trade Council                     Consultant
                                          Swedish Trade Council                     Ms. Cecilia Schartau
                                                                                    Swedish Trade Council
Mr. Peter Domini
Business Development                      Mr. Stig-Goran Lind
Stena Metall AB                           Green & Cool                              Ms. Christina Stafstrom
                                                                                    Section Manager
                                                                                    Af Consult AB
Mr. Stellan Fryxell                       Ms. Anneli Liljemark
Architect SAR/MSA                         Service Area Manager, EHS
Tengborn                                  Af Consult AB                             Ms. Inger Strömdahl
                                                                                    Senior Environmental Advisor
                                                                                    Environment and Energy Department
Mr. Goran Gardtman                        Mr. Frederik Linden
                                                                                    Federation of Swedish Industries
Regional Manager Installation             Vice President
Af Consult AB                             Swedish Trade Council
                                                                                    Mr. Jonas Svensson
                                                                                    Senior Consultant Sweco
Ms. Monica Gullberg                       Ms. Josephine Bahr Ljungdell
Lic.Eng                                   Director
Af Consult AB                             Swedish Energy Agency                     Ms. Karin Svensson
                                                                                    Project Leader
                                                                                    Swedish Trade Council
Mr. Berit Gullbransson                    Per Malmberg
Director                                  President adn CEO
Swentec                                   MalmbergGruppen AB                        Mr. Anders Tuvlind
                                                                                    Scandinavian Biogas
Mr. Andreas Gyllenhammar                  Ms. Susanne Mattsson
Senior Consultant Sweco                   Project Manager
                                          Invest in Skane                           Ms. Annika Widmark
Mr. Niklas Gustavsson                                                               Af Consult AB
Vice President Public and Environmental   Mr. Mikael Moller
Affairs                                   Head of Industrial Policy
AB Volvo                                  The Swedish Plastics- and Chemicals       Mr. Joachim Ahlander
                                          Federation                                Chairman of the Board
                                                                                    Scientific Holding &BioHygien
Ms. Ulla Hamilton
Vice Mayor of Stockholm                   Ms. Elisabeth Nilsson
City of Stockholm                         President                                 Ms. Emma Odling
                                          The Swedish Steel Producers Association   Project Coordinator Sustainable Travel in
                                                                                    the Umea Region
Ms. Anna Henstedt                                                                   Municipality of Umea
Environmental Advisor                     Mr. Johan Olsson
BIL Sweden                                Divisional Manager
                                          Af Consult AB
                                                           - 63 -

BUSINESSEUROPE (continued)               Mr. David Johnson                           Ms. Laura Gallego Garnacho
                                         Chairman of the Eurogas Supply adn          Responsable del Area de Cambio
                                         Markets Development Committee               Climatico
Ms. Anna Graaf                           Centrica plc                                Confederation of Employers and
Director of Sustainability R&D                                                       Industries of Spain
White arkitekter ab
                                         Ms. Simona Basiu
                                         Senior Manager Media Relations              Ms. Katarina Larsson
Mr. Patrik Holmstrom                     European Union of the Natural Gas           Political Advisor Environment and Traffic
Svensk Fjarrvarme AB                     Industry                                    Division
                                                                                     City of Stockholm
Ms. Annalisa Oddone                      Mr. Stephan Herbst
Confindustria                            Senior Manager, Environmental Analysis      Canadian Bar Association*
                                         and Strategy
Mr. Paul-Chr. Rieber                     Toyota Motor Europe
                                                                                     M. André Turmel
Conferderation of Norwegian Enterprise   Mr. Didier Stevens                          Fasken Martineau DuMoulin
                                         Project Senior Manager
Ms. Anne Liv Eriksen                     Toyota Motor Europe
                                                                                     Ms. Selina Lee-Anderson
Senior Advisor
Innovation Norway                        Ms. Miriam Munnich                          Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Ms. Lykke Gill Haanshuus                 Econ Poyry AB
                                                                                     Ms. Jeniffer Cleall
Senior Advisor
Innovation Norway                        Mr. Giovanni Cecconi                        Davis LLP
Ms. Line Merete Amlund Hagen
                                                                                     Ms. Barbara Henrickson
Innovation Norway                        Mr. Per Anker-Nilssen                       Vice President
                                         Assistant Director Energy&Climate           Legal League Assets Management Inc
Ms. Desiree Vikse                        Conferderation of Norwegian Enterprise
Senior Advisor
                                                                                     Ms. Margot A. Hurlbert
Innovation Norway                        Mr. Petter Haas Brubakk                     Assistant Professor
                                         Executive Director for Industrail Affairs   Department of Justice, Sociology and
Mr. Per Christer Lund                    Conferderation of Norwegian Enterprise      Social Studies
Counsellor Science and Technology                                                    University of Regina
Innovation Norway                        Mr. Enzo Gatta
                                         President                                   Ms. Christie Kneteman
Mr. Jan Bjerkestrand                     Unione Elettricita Italiana                 Law Student
Aker Clean Carbon                        Mr. Wolfgang Weber                          Mr. Robert A. Seidel
                                         Communications & Government                 National Managing Partner
Mr. Kjell Hugo Bendiksen                 Relations                                   Davis LLP
Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment    BASF AG
                                                                                     Mr. Marty Venalainen
                                         Ms. Canet Cengiz                            Associate
Mr. Lars F. Askheim                      Delta-Eco                                   McMillan LLP
Managing Director
REC ASA                                  Mr. Zeki Aybar Eris                         Mr. Robert Wakulat
                                         CEO                                         Lawyer
Mr. Jon Andre Lokke                      Polat Enerji San.ve Tic.A.S.
Senior Vice President
REC ASA                                                                              Canadian Electricity Association
                                         Ms. Kumru Adanali
Ms. Beate Habhab                                                                     Mr. Pierre Guimond
Sweco Norge AS                                                                       President and CEO
                                         Ms. Sila Kilic
                                         Supervisor - COntracts and Carbon
Mr. Morten Heiss Schoyen                 Markets                                     Mr. Eli D. Turk
Chief Marketing Officer                  Polat Enerji San.ve Tic.A.S.                Vice President
Eltek Valere                                                                         Government Relations

                                         Mr. Erik Zsiga
Mr. Olav Dehli                           Media Relations Manager                     Ms. Elizabeth Majeau
Chairman of the Board                                                                Senior Advisor
Cleantech Mid-Norway                     Mr. Henrik Sundstrom
                                                                                     Ms. Alicia Dubois
Mr. Jan Ingwersen                                                                    Compliance Counsel
Vice President regulatory Affairs &
Infrastructure Energy Markets                                                        Ms. Ashley Meek
DONG Energy                                                                          Environmental Specialist
                                                             - 64 -

Canadian Electricity Association          Capacity Building International           Mr. Dominik Sauer
(continued)                                                                         Consultant
                                          Mr. Klaus Knecht
Mr. Greg Moffatt                          Senior Project Manager                    Mr. Tim Michlswirth
Director, Environmental Regulation                                                  Consultant
                                          Ms. Johanna Bergmann
Mr. Srikanth Venugopal                                                              Mr. Bernd Schleich
Director, Environmental Risk and Carbon                                             Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft e.V.
                                          Mr. Uwe Singer
Offsets                                   Project Manager
                                                                                    Ms. Christina Kamlage
Canadian Parks and Wilderness                                                       Senior Projekt Manager
                                          Ms. Beate E. Wilhelm
Society*                                  Head of Department
                                                                                    Ms. Maria Diaz
Mr. Christopher Paul Henschel             Mr. Werner Uka
National Manager, Domestic and            Project Manager                           Ms. Gülay Kizilkaya
International Policy Conservation and
Climate Change
                                          Mr. Sebastian Paust                       Mr. Philip von Zwehl
                                          Chief Executive Director
Ms. Allegra Newman
                                                                                    Ms. Julia Schweigger
                                          Ms. Anja Glatzel
Mr. Joshua Greenberg                      Project Manager                           Ms. Jessica Frick
Media Advisor
Business Environment Council Ltd.*
                                          Mr. Michael Schwartzkopf
                                          Senior Project Manager
                                                                                    Carbon Capture and Storage
Mr. Graham Knight                                                                   Association
Media Advisor
Business Environment Council Ltd.*        Mr. Christoph Hinske
                                          Consultant                                Mr. Luke Lloyd Warren
                                                                                    International Policy Executive
Ms. Maggie MacAulay
Media Assistant                           Mr. Sebastian Abel
                                          Consultant                                Mr. Jeffrey Chapman
Business Environment Council Ltd.*                                                  Chief Executive

                                          Mr. Megussie Zergaw Gorfe
Canadian Wildlife Federation Inc*                                                   Ms. Judith Shapiro-Kønigshøfer
                                          Associate Statistician
                                          United Nations Economic Commission for
Mr. Wade Luzny                            Africa                                    Mr. Eric Drosin
Executive Vice President
                                          Mr. Yoseph Kanaa                          Mr. Peter Holland-Lloyd
Ms. Luba Mycio-Mommers                    Data Organizer, Coordinator and Analyst
Director, Education                       UNDP/UNV
                                                                                    Mr. Mike Farley

Mr. Richard Mrazek                        Mr. Edrissa Ceesay
Fellow                                    Senior Statistician                       Ms. Lindene Patton
                                          The Gambia Bureau of Statistics
Mr. Yves Jean                                                                       Mr. Michael Engell-Jensen
Fellow                                    Mr. Choice McIninsell Ginindza
                                          Head of Agriculture Statistics and        Mr. Nigel John Jenvey
                                          Environmental Statistics Department
Mr. Grant Gardner
                                          Swaziland Government
Fellow                                                                              Mr. Lars Egholm Hende

                                          Mr. Bernd Gutterer
Mr. Leo Elshof                                                                      Mr. David S. Miller

                                          Ms. Sarah Malelu                          Ms. Suzanne Samuels
Ms. Heather Robinson
Media and Community Relations Officer
                                                                                    Mr. Christopher Norton
                                          Ms. Patricia Scannapieco
Mr. George Gallant
                                          Consultant                                Ms. Anne Baldock

                                          Ms. Jessica Schendzielorz                 Mr. Gareth Price
Ms. Leigh Edgar
Conservation Researcher
                                                                                    Mr. Matt Townsend
                                          Mr. Bjorn Kalscheuer
Mr. Rick Bates
Executive Director                                                                  Ms. Jenny Wallace
                                                     - 65 -

Carbon Capture and Storage         Mr. Tom Carnac                          Ms. Liisa Jauri
Association (continued)            Head of Public Sector                   Head of CSR

Ms. Rebecca Lawson                 Mr. Conor Riffle
                                   Project Officer CDP Cities              Carbon Markets and Investors
Mr. Owen Lomas
                                   Mr. Takejiro Sueyoshi
                                   Chair CDP Japan                         Ms. Alexandra Galin
Mr. Richard Tredgett
                                                                           Manager, Policy and Working Group
                                   Mr. Christopher Schroeder               Secretariat Communications
Carbon Disclosure Project          Trustee
                                                                           Ms. Leticia Labre
Mr. Paul Dickinson                 Mr. Espen Højlund                       Strategy Consultant
CEO                                CEO & Partner
                                   Advice A/S                              Mr. Jakub Zielkiewicz
Mr. Paul Simpson                                                           Advocacy and Communications
Chief Operating Officer            Ms. Samantha Dunn
                                   Head of Sustainable Procurement         Mr. Abyd Karmali
Ms. Kate Levick                    Office of Government Commerce           Managing Director
Head ofGovernment Partnerships
                                   Ms. Heather Stevens                     Mr. Richard Folland
Mr. Lois Guthrie                   Chair                                   Senio Climate Change and Energy
Technical Advisor                  The Waterloo Foundation                 Advisor
Ms. Joanna Lee                     Ms. Kristin Parello-Plesner
Communications Director            CRS Manager                             Mr. Miles Austin
                                   PFA Pension                             Principal Consultant
Ms. Lisa Lee
Communications Manager             Mr. Alan McGill                         Ms. Anna Lehmann
                                   Partner                                 Senior Climate Change Officer
                                   PriceWaterhouseCoopers - Australia
Mr. Nigel Topping
Director of Innovation                                                     Ms. Sandy Nicolson
                                   Mr. Nick Silver                         Treasurer
                                   Advisor                                 KPMG
Ms. Kirstin Hill
Project Officer
                                   Mr. Ma Weihua                           Mr. Geoff Sinclair
                                   CEO & President                         Head of Carbon Sales & Trading
Ms. Laura Bergedieck               China Merchants Bank                    Standard Bank PLC
Project Officer
                                   Mr. Michael Izza                        Mr. Andrew Hedges
Ms. Marianne Gillis                Chief Executive                         Partner
Project Officer                    Institute of Chartered Accountants of
                                   England and Wales
                                                                           Mr. Christian del Valle
Mr. Viktor Andersson                                                       Director, Environmental Markets
Manager                            Mr. Peter Head
                                   Director of Global Planning
                                   Arup                                    Mr. Charles Robert Purshouse
Sr. Pedro Faria                                                            Associate Director
Technical Advisor
                                   Ms. Dominic Jeremy
                                   Managing Director                       Mr. Frank Sangster
Ms. Andrea Smith                                                           Head of Environmental Tax & Incentive
                                   UK Trade + Investment
IAE Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme                                           Groups
                                   Mr. Chrisitan Clausen
Ms. Michiyo Morisawa                                                       Mr. Jon Williams
                                   Group CEO
Head of CDP Japan                                                          Partner, Sustainability & Climate Change
                                                                           Group Sustainable Development - HSBC
Ms. Amanda Haworth-Wiklund
                                   Mr. Sasja Beslik
Director Nordic Region                                                     Mr. Graham Stuart
                                   Director ESG Analysis
                                   Nordea                                  Partner
Mr. Caspar von Blomberg
Head, CDP Germany                                                          Mr. Paul Curnow
                                   Ms. Thina Margarethe Saltvedt
                                   Senior Analyst                          Partner
Ms. Friederike Jebens              Nordea
Partnership Manager                                                        Mr. Andreas Gunst
                                                        - 66 -

Carbon Markets and Investors           Mr. Peter van Eijndhoven                Mr. Anders Brendstrup
Association (continued)                Vice President                          Managing Director, China

Mr. Steven Gray                        Mr. Jan Fehse                           Mr. Wiley Barbour
Associate                              Head, Forestry Services                 Vice President

Mr. Stephan Bognar                     Mr. Till Neeff                          Mr. Manfred Stockmayer
Associate                              Principal, Forestry and Ecosystem       Managing Director, New Markets
                                       Services                                CAMCO
                                       Rome, Italy
Ms. Elisa de Wit
Partner                                                                        Mr. Rupert Edwards
                                       Mr. Robert Harley                       Head of Research and Market Analysis
                                       Land Use and Forests Policy Director
Mr. Tim Baines
Senior Advisor on Climate & Clean                                              Mr. Nigel Scott
Energy                                 Mr. Christiaan Vrolijk                  Managing Director, Head of Portfolio
                                       Principal Carbon Emissions Specialist   Management

Ms. Georgina Shelley
Paralegal                              Ms. Marianna Doria                      Mr. Ben Caldecott
                                       Consultant                              Associate

Ms. Gabrielle Somers
Associate                              Mr. Robert Tippmann                     Ms. Gemma Hunt
                                       Director                                Vice President

Ms. Ying Ding
Associate                              Ms. Sumalee Khosla                      Mr. Shaun Mays
                                       Principal Consultant

Ms. Gemma Walker                                                               Mr. Henrik Dalsgard
Associate                              Mr. Louis Perroy                        Associate
                                       Associate Principal Consultant

Mr. John Metzler                                                               Mr. Martin Berg
Senior Origination                     Mr. Timme van Melle                     Vice President - Carbon Markets
                                       Consultant                              Origination

Mr. Karl Schultz
Climate Policy Advisor                 Mr. Manon Dufour                        Mr. Odin Knudsen
                                       Senior Analyst                          Managing Director

Mr. John Green
Chief Operations Officer               Mr. Michael Dwyer                       Mr. Chandra Shekhar Sinha
                                       Senior Trader                           Executive Director

Ms. Seleha Lockwood
Climate Change Officer                 Mr. Nittin Tanwar                       Mr. Dewen Mei
                                       Carbon Associate                        General Manager
                                       Cargill PLC
Mr. Andrew Prag
Principal Consultant                                                           Mr. Guoliang Jin
Policy                                 Ms. Lucy Mortimer                       Vice General Manager
                                       Global Manager, CDM & JI Business
                                       TFS Energy
Mr. John E. Lynch                                                              Mr. Junsong Gong
Managing Director, Head of Power                                               Director
Africa, Middle East, Africa            Ms. Gabrielle Tipple
                                                                               Ms. Lina Shen
Ms. Maria Luz Castilla                                                         Operating Supervisor
Director                               Mr. Christiaan Norval
PricewaterhouseCoopers                 Executive Chairman
                                                                               Mr. Peter Sweatman
                                       Green Gas International
Mr. Gregory Dunne
Director                               Mr. Mike Bess
                                                                               Ms. Stephanie Kwan
ICECAP Ltd.                            Head Policy and Strategy
                                                                               Climate Change Officer

Ms. Elaine Radford                     Mr. Jeffrey Paul Kenna
                                                                               Mr. Partho Sanyal
Head of CR - Europe Asia Middle East   Vice Chairman
                                                                               Director, Global Energy and Power
                                       ESD Ventures Ltd. Overmoor
                                       Camco Global
Mr. Stephen Hibbert                                                            Mr. Mike Kenna
Global Head of Emissions Products                                              Vice Chairman
                                       Ms. Madeleine Rawlins
                                       Qualification Director, China
Mr. Stirling Andrew Habbitts                                                   Mr. Nitin Tanwar
Vice President                                                                 Senior Associate
                                                  - 67 -

Carbon Markets and Investors   Mr. Nico Haen                           Cassian Sianga
Association (continued)        Head of IT                              Coordinator

Mr. Mike Ross                  Ms. Vera Staiger                        Mr. Abdul-Razak Saeed
Head Policy and Strategy       Intern                                  Climate Change Coordinator
Camco International
                               CARE International                      Maksha Ram Maharjan
CarbonFix e.V.                                                         Natural Resource, Environment and
                                                                       Climate Change Advisor, CARE Nepal
                               Mr. Muhammad Teguh Surya
Mr. Pieter van Midwoud         Head of Advocacy and Networking
Executive Secretary            Department, WALHI                       Ms. Cynthia Awuor
                                                                       Regional Climate Change Focal Point,
                                                                       Eastern Africa
Mr. Moriz Vohrer               Ms. Vu Thi Bich Hopp
Chairman                       Executive Director, Sustainable Rural
                               Development (SRD), Vietnam              Ms. Sofia Sprechmann
                                                                       Advocacy Coordinator
Ms. Sarah Katherine Shippam
Public Relations               Mr. Bhola Bhattarai
                               General Secretary                       Ms. Becky Myton
                                                                       Natural Resource Coordinator
Mr. Holger Feser
Legal Advisor                  Mr. Suvas Chandra Devkota
                               Member, FECOFUN, Nepal                  Awaiss Yahaya
                                                                       Assistant Technique S&E
Mr. Edmund Bell King
CEO                            Nabaraj Dahal
Haftrust                       Social Forestry Officer                 Evarest Nashanda
HAFTrust                                                               Senior Forest Officer
                                                                       Forestry and Beekeeping Division,
                               Mr. Bryan Bushley                       Ministry of Natural Resources and
Mr. Matthias Baldus            Volunteer                               Tourism, Tanzania
Forest and Carbon Management
global-woods                   Mr. Birkha Bahadur                      Mr. David Sumbo
                                                                       Programme Coordinator for Agriculture
Mr. Dirk Walterspacher         Ms. Indrawati Moktan                    and Food Security, CARE Ghana - Gulf of
Managing Director              Member, HIMAWANTI                       Guinea
CO2OL Forest Finance Service

                               Hari Prasad Neupane                     Mr. Frederik Asiamah
Mr. Manfred Vohrer             Advisor and Founder Chairperson,        Staff Writer for Public Agenda, Ghana
CEO                            FECOFUN, Nepal
global-woods                                                           Ms. Celestina Akoto Pabby
                               Ram Poudel                              Officer, Ghana Community Radio
                               Programme Officer, FECOFUN, Nepal       Network, Ghana
Ms. Monika Vohrer
Global-Woods                   Pralad Neupane                          Ivan Awudu Domasaa
global-woods                   Executive Director, NAFA, Nepal         Senior Producer, Radio Progress Ghana

Mr. Eduard Merger              Ms. Rahima Njaidi                       Mr. Charles Ehrhart
Reasearch Fellow               Executive Director, MJUMITA             Climate Change Coordinator

Mr. Rainmund Kropp             Mr. Benedict Komba                      Ms. Tamara Plush
Administration                 Senior Programme Producer               Media and Communications Officer
global-woods                   Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation
                                                                       Ms. Julie Webb
Mr. Tobias Depnering           Mr. Charles Meshack                     Climate Change Coordinator
Project Manager                Executive Director
Global Woods                                                           Ms. Sandra Bulling
global-woods                   Ms. Secelela Balisidya                  Media Coordinator
                               Information Officer, EMPAFORM
Ms. Andrea Cortes              Programme                               Mr. Heribert Sharrenbroich
HAFTrust                       MJUMITA                                 Chairman, CARE Germany

Ms. Marta Kowalska             Ms. Nike Doggart                        Ms. Angie Dazé
Intern                         Technical Adviser                       Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator

Mr. Gilbert Wathum             Mr. Jonas Olsen                         Mr. Marcos Athias Neto
Division Manager               Technical Advisor, MJUMITA, Tanzania    Director of Partnerships & Special
global-woods                                                           Initiatives
                                                            - 68 -

CARE International (continued)          Mr. Rolf Hernø                          Flemming Frandsen
                                        Programme Coordinator                   Member of CARE Denmark's Board
Mr. Phil Franks
Poverty, Environment & Climate Change   Ms. Lea Hansen                          Ms. Anette Følsgaard
Network Coordinator                     Programme Coordinator                   Member of CARE Denmark's Board

Ms. Tonya M. Rawe                       Mr. Benjamin Irani                      Mr. Andreas Hastrup
Policy Advocate                         IT Officer                              Member of CARE Denmark's Board

Mr. Raja Jarrah                         Trine Kromann                           Mr. Ole M. Jung
Social Policy Advisor                   Fundraiser                              Member of CARE Denmark's Board
CARE International - Brazil
                                        Dorte Dalgaard                          Orla Grøn Petersen
Ms. Christina Chan                      Journalist                              Member of CARE Denmark's Board
Senior Policy Analyst
                                        Mr. Frank Lausten                       Caritas Internationalis
Ms. Angelika Gerstacker                 Head of Administration
Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, CARE
                                                                                Ms. Lesley Anne Knight
Austria                                 Saada Mbamba                            Secretary General
                                        Programme Secretary                     Caritas Internationalis
Mr. Geoffrey Denis
National Director, CARE UK              Line Gamrath Rasmussen                  Mr. Patrick Nicholson
                                        Information Coordinator                 Head of Communication Department
Mr. Gill Amos                                                                   Caritas Internationalis
Head of Media, CARE International UK    Ms. Marie-Sisse Brown
                                        Journalist                              Mr. Jann Sjursen
Ms. Sharon Jane Moynihan                                                        Secretary General
Advocacy Manager                        Ms. Ulla Jepsen                         Caritas Internationalis
CARE International - UK                 Communications and Marketing Director
                                                                                Ms. Floriana Polito
Mr. Kevin McCort                        Ms. Marianne Daugaard                   International Delegate
Senior Vice President                   Management Secretary                    Caritas Internationalis
CARE Canada

                                        Troels Kølln                            Ms. Christine Campeau
Ms. Barbara Durr                        Journalist Intern                       Environmental Justice Assistant
Senior Director of Development                                                  Caritas Internationalis
Foundations, CARE USA
                                        Mr. Poul Erik Lauridsen
                                        Climate and Advocacy Coordinator        Ms. Janet Mangera
Mr. Robert Glasser                                                              National Executive Secretary
Secretary General                                                               Caritas Internationalis
                                        Mr. Morten Fauerby Thomsen
                                        Programme Coordinator
Marte Gerhardsen                                                                Ms. Natalia Peiro
National Director, CARE Norway                                                  Caritas Internationalis
                                        Ms. Liv Helstrup Ostergaard
                                        Program Officer, Climate Change
Mr. Ulrich Bang                                                                 Mr. Martin Lago
Sustainable Energy Adviser                                                      Responsible of Caribbean Area
CARE International - Ghana              Ms. Christina Gadiel                    International
                                                                                Caritas Internationalis
Mr. Niels Tofte                         Mr. Anders Aalbæk
Secretary General, CARE Denmark         Country Programme Coordinator           Mr. Firmin Kami Adjahossou
                                                                                Programme Officer in Charge of
                                                                                Campaign and Advocacy
Ms. Lisbeth Møller                      Hanne Hübertz
                                                                                Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of
Programme Director                      Member of the Project Committee
                                                                                Africa and Madagascar

Ms. Marianne Haahr                      Mr. Leo Bjørnskov
                                                                                Mr. Jose Luis Perez Larios
Progamme Coordinator                    President of CARE Denmark's Board

                                                                                Mr. Walter Grazer
Janne Lykke Facius                      Mr. Christian Nissen
                                                                                Special Advisor
Project Officer                         Co-President of CARE Denmark's Board
                                                                                National Religious Partnership for the
Mr. Gert Schou                          Mr. Sven Kaare Jensen
Finance Officer                         President of the Project Committee
                                                                                Ms. Anita Grazer
Sutikamon Højrup                        Ms. Ulla Röttger                        Grazer and Associates, LLC
Visual Designer                         Member of CARE Denmark's Board
                                                          - 69 -

Caritas Internationalis (continued)      Ms. Rosa Maria Oertved Knudsen            Guayana Páez-Acosta
                                         Information Coordinator
                                         Caritas Danmark
Mr. Erny Gillen                                                                    Healy Hamilton
International Cooperation Desk
Caritas Europa                           Mr. Roberto Urbina
                                                                                   Mr. Rick Ridgeway
                                         Coordinador Nacional y encargado de
Mr. Christian Varga                      Caritas Chile                             Ms. Roberta Martin
International Cooperation Desk
                                         Mr. Czeslaw Kozon                         Mr. George Powell
Mr. Aine Hughes                          Caritas Danmark
Zonal Coordinator                                                                  Mr. John Clark
Caritas South Africa
Caritas South Africa                     Mr. Manuel de Jesus Moran Hidalgo
                                         Director adjunto de caritas El Salvador   Catholic Institute for International
                                         Caritas El Salvador                       Relations*
Mr. Inmaculada Cubillo
Education for Development Technician
Caritas Española                         Mr. Peter Kristvik Risholm                Mr. Tim Aldred
                                         Information Officer                       Advocacy Manager
                                         Caritas Norwegen
Mr. Stephan Guenther
Communication Officer                                                              Ms. Petra Elinor Kjell
Caritas Germany                          Mr. José Wilfredo Cervantes Rubio         Policy and Advocacy Coordinator
                                         Environmental Cooridantor
                                         Caritas Honduras                          Ms. Brie O'Keefe
Mr. Sunil Simon
Team Leader                                                                        Campaigns Officer
Caritas India                            Mr. Samuel Milafulafu
                                         National Director                         Ms. Maria Fabiola Quishpe Pilatasig
                                         Caritas Zambia                            Community Promoter
Mr. Gustavo Vega
President of Caritas Mexicana                                                      Institute for Ecuadorian Studies
Caritas Mexicana                         Mr. William Kenny
                                         Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham            Ms. Aline del Pilar Arroyo Castillo
Mr. Theotonius Gomes                                                               National Training Coordinator
President of Caritas Bangladesh          Mr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga                 Natural Resource Training Consortium -
Caritas                                  Vice President                            CAMAREN

Mr. Francisco Jao Silota                 Mr. Francis Ndamira                       CECODHAS - European Liaison
Second Vice President of SECAM, Head     National Director                         Committee for Social Housing*
of Justice, Peace and Development        Caritas Uganda
                                                                                   Mr. David Orr
Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of    Mr. Berhard Hallermann                    Chief Executive
Africa and Madagascar                    Agent of Caritas
                                                                                   Ms. Sorcha Edwards
Mr. Martinus Dogma Situmorang            Ms. Alphonusus Lagrue                     Deputy Secretary General
President of Caritas Indonesia           Sister
Caritas Indonesia                        Rosary Priory
                                                                                   Mr. Luciano Caffini
Mr. Michael Mackenzie                    Ms. Christine Decker
Vicar General Diocese of Tarawa und      Head of Communications
Nauru                                    Caritas Germany                           Ms. Claire Roumet
Caritas International                                                              Secretary General

                                         Mr. Paul Eusebius Kaiuea Mea
Mr. Kim Rattana                          Diocese of Tarawa and Nauru               Ms. Alice Pittini
Executive Director Caritas Cambodia                                                Secretary General
Caritas Cambodia
                                         Mr. Achim Reinke
                                         Press-Officer                             CEDA Trust
Mr. Simson Mwale                         International Department
Programme Officer                        Caritas Germany
Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of                                              Mr. Israel Arul Aram
Africa and Madagascar
                                         Mr. Gauthier de Locht                     Mr. Arumugam Renganathan
                                         Desk Officer, Asia
Mr. Michael Edwards
Climate Change Programme Development                                               Mr. Nallathambi Rajendra Prasad
Officer                                  Carnegie Institution for                  Director
Catholic Fund for Overseas Development   Washington*                               People's Action for Development

                                         Gregory Asner                             Mr. Errachi Vellaichamy
                                                             - 70 -

CEDA Trust (continued)                    Ms. Vera P. Pardee                         Ms. Teresita Vistro
                                          Senior Attorney, Climate Law Insitute      Secretary General
                                                                                     National Ferderation of Peasant Women
Mr. Savarimuthu Martine
                                          Mr. Timothy Krantz
                                          Senior Advisor, Climate Law Institute      Ms. Marcella Ballra
Mr. Lourdusamy Antonysamy                                                            Assistant
Chairperson                                                                          International Council for Adult Education
                                          Ms. Karen Ross
                                          Senior Advisor, Climate Law Institute
Mr. Mananjeri Basu Nirmal                                                            Ms. Jane Ward
Founder and Chairman                                                                 National Institute of Adult Continuing
Exnora International                      Center for Clean Air Policy                Education

Mr. Sujoy Mammen Thomas                   Mr. Edward (Ned) Alfred Helme              Ms. Lisa Ito
Secretary - Kerala State Exnora           President                                  Research and Education Coordinator
Kerala State Exnora
                                          Ms. Ellina Levina                          Mr. Windel Bolinget
Mr. R. Nagendran                          Director, International Climate Dialogue   Secretary General
Centre for Environmental Studies                                                     Cordillera Peoples Alliance
Anna University
                                          Ms. Diana Movius
                                                                                     Ms. Marjorie Pamintuan
Mr. Ramnarayanan Vinod                                                               Secretary General
                                          Mr. Matthew Ogonowski
                                          International Program Manager              AGHAM Youth
Mr. Royee Mathai Kunjappy Perumkuzhi
                                          Mr. Timm Krägenow                          Ms. Laudemer Mejia
CEE Bankwatch Network                     Director, Brussels Office                  Coordinator
                                                                                     Advocates of Science and Technology for
                                                                                     the People
Ms. Katerina Husova                       Mr. Mark Houdashelt
International Climate Coordinator         International Policy Analyst
                                                                                     Ms. Rosa Lizarde
Mr. Ondrej Pasek                          Mr. Marty Spitzer                          Education and Networking for Latina
National Climate Coordinator                                                         Cooperation and Empowerment
                                          Mr. Anmol Vanamali
Mr. Ondrej Rut                                                                       Mr. Vince Cinches
Green Circle (Zeleniy Kruh)               Mr. Thomas Polzin                          Director
Mr. Karel Polanecky                                                                  Central Visayas Fisherfolk Development
                                          Mr. Juan Osornio                           Center
Environmental Expert
Friends of the Earth - Czech Republic
                                          Mr. Lawrence Pacheco                       Ms. Maria Finesa Cosico
                                          Assistant Vice President                   Advocates of Science and Technology for
Mr. Petr Dobry                            Dittus Communications, Inc.
Friends of the Earth International                                                   the People

                                          Mr. Grieg F. Asher                         Ms. Yvonne Underhill-Sem
Mr. Jiri Kozelouh
Environmental Expert                                                                 Director
Friends of the Earth - Czech Republic     Ms. Brigitte Obrman                        International Council for Adult Education
                                          Climate Policy Advisor                     University of Auckland

Mr. Jan Dolezal
Police Officer                            Ms. Sarah Love                             Mr. Roger B. Bason
Glopolis o.p.s.                           Department for International               Technical Advisor
                                          Development                                Global Coral Reef Alliance

Ms. Katerina Pleskova
                                          Ms. Stacey E. Davis                        Mr. Nagesh Babu Anantha
                                          Manager                                    Chairman/President
Mr. Matej Hollan                                                                     National Association of Fishermen

Ms. Hana Chalupska
                                          Center for Environmental
                                          Concerns                                   Center for Food Safety*

Center for Biological Diversity                                                      Ms. Vandana Shiva
                                          Ms. Frances Quimpo Dongeto
                                          Executive Director                         Advisory Board Member
Ms. Kassie Siegel
Director, Climate Law Institute, Senior                                              Ms. Maria Grazia Mamuccine
                                          Mr. Giovanni A. Tapang
Council                                                                              Advisory Board Member
                                          Board of Directors

Mr. Brendan Cummings                                                                 Mr. Roberto Mannucci Droandi
                                          Mr. Clemente Bautista Jr.
Director, Public Land Program, Senior                                                Advisory Board Member
                                          Climate Change Campaigner
                                                     - 71 -

Center for Food Safety*            Ms. Tora Skodvin                         Mr. David Hunter
(continued)                        Senior Researcher
                                                                            Mr. Skye Bougsty-Marshall
Ms. Natale Bazzanti                Ms. Irja Vormedal
Advisory Board Member              Research Fellow
                                                                            Ms. Addie Haughey

Mr. Francesca Longhi               Ms. Rosa Marie S. Berg
                                                                            Mr. Blake Mensing
Advisory Board Member
                                   Mr. Anne Nyeggen
                                                                            Ms. Alice Bullard
Ms. Rosemarie Clouston
Project Assistant                  Mr. Lars-Otto Reiersen
                                   Executive Secretary                      Center for International Relations*
Mr. Ali Bektas Tonak               Arctic Monitoring and Assessment
Project Staff                      Program                                  Ms. Honorata Nyga-Lukaszewska

Center for International Climate   Mr. Harald Aas                           Ms. Katarzyma Snyder
and Environmental Research
                                   Mr. Knut H. Alfsen                       Ms. Anna Serzysko
Mr. Pal Prestrud
Director                                                                    Ms. Ewa Stepan
                                   Mr. Terje Berntsen
Mr. Cristian Bjørnas                                                        Center for Natural Resource
                                   Ms. Lisbet Jære                          Studies*
Ms. Jorunn Gran
Senior Information Officer         Mr. Simen G. Jenssen                     Mr. Mokhlesur Rahman
                                   Management                               Executive Director
                                   Climate Dept.
Erlend Hermansen
                                   Nature and Youth (FOE)
                                                                            Mr. Abu Mostafa Kamal Uddin
Ms. Silje Iren Pileberg                                                     Chairman
                                   Mr. Nils Kristian Nakstad
Information Officer

                                   Ms. Turid Helle Enova
                                                                            Central Research Institute of
Ms. Linda Innbjør                                                           Electric Power Industry
Senior Advisor
                                   Mr. Øyvind Leistad
                                                                            Mr. Takahiro Ueno
Mr. Petter Haugneland                                                       Researcher, Socio-economic Research
Information Advisor                Mr. Knut Espen Solberg                   Center

Mr. Tove Kolset                    Mr. Erik Tollefsen                       Mr. Kenji Asano
Information Director               Raadgiver
                                                                            Mr. Masahiro Sugiyama
Ms. Grete K. Hovelsrud             Mr. Trond Vedelid                        Researcher
Senior Research Fellow                                                      SAEI (SFC Alternative Energy
                                   Mr. Jonas M.T. Vevatne                   Innovators)
Mr. Asbjorn Torvanger              Adviser
Senior Research Fellow             Ministry of the Environment              Mr. Lee Hyun Young

Mr. Andreas Tjernshaugen           Center for International                 Mr. Taishi Sugiyama
Research Fellow                    Environmental Law                        Senior Researcher
                                                                            Socio-Economic Research Center
Ms. Jennifer J. West               Mr. Stephen Porter
Research Fellow                    Director, Climate Change Program         Centre de coopération
                                                                            internationale en recherche
Mr. Steffen Kallbekken             Ms. Niranjali M. Amerasinghe             agronomique pour le
Mr. Asbjorn Aaheim                 Ms. Kristen Hite
Senior Researcher                  Staff Attorney, Climate Change Program   M. Bruno Locatelli
Ms. Cecilie Mauritzen              Mr. Daniel Magraw, Jr.
Senior Researcher                  President                                Mr. Michael Dingkuhn
Mr. Armando Lamadrid               Mr. Dalindyebo Bafana Shabalala
                                   Director, Intellectueal Property and     Mr. Driss Ezzine de Blas
                                   Sustainable Development Project          Researcher
                                                         - 72 -

Centre de coopération                    Mr. Nduka Augustine Steve Agwu           Mr. Ayangbulem Francis
internationale en recherche              Assistant Director                       Executive Secretary
agronomique pour le                      African Foundation for Environment and   Civil Society on Environmental
                                         Climate Change                           Management
développement (continued)

                                         Ms. Oseye Blessing                       Mr. Onua Ekene John
Ms. Claudine Basset-Mens
                                         Programme Officer                        Project Coordinator
                                         African Foundation for Environment and   Civil Society on Environmental
                                         Climate Change                           Management
Mr. Pablo Tittonell
                                         Ms. Odeh Benedicta Ineh                  Mr. Ehiabhi Jude
                                         Community Development                    Senior Programme Officer
Mr. Renaud Lancelot                      African Foundation for Environment and   Civil Society on Environmental
Researcher                               Climate Change                           Management

Ms. Cécile Bidaud Rakotoarivony          Ms. Lei Chu                              Centre for Community Economics
                                         Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable      and Development Consultants
                                         Future                                   Society
Mr. Julien Monnery

                                         Mr. Joseph Peter                         Mr. Sharad Joshi
Centre for Built Environment*            National Coordinator                     Secretary
                                         African Foundation for Environment and
Ms. Sonia Gupta                          Climate Change
                                                                                  Mr. Alka Awasthi
Ms. Arunima Guha                         Mr. Mgbemena Kingsley Ikechukwu
                                         Project Coordinator
                                         Nigeria Climate Change Network           Mr. Vivekanand P. Vimal
Centre for Climate Change and                                                     Coordinator
Environmental Studies*
                                         Mr. Okolo Stanley Chinedu
                                         Senior Programme Officer                 Mr. Bhaskar Goswami
Mr. Aminu Zakari                         Nigeria Climate Change Network           Programme Editor
Director                                                                          Forum for Biothechnology&Food
                                         Ms. Uzoma Onyinye Agbonma                Forum for Biotechnology & Food
Mr. Kenneth Etta Obi                     Assistant Project Manager                Security
Project Director                         Nigeria Climate Change Network

                                                                                  Mr. Om Prakash Thanvi
Mr. Efosa Collins                        Mr. Nnamdi Godfirst Munachi              Editor
Programme Officer                        Executive Secretary                      India Express Group
                                         Nigeria Climate Change Network           India Express Group
Mr. Tafida Najibullah Umar
Zonal Director                           Mr. Onwuasoanya Augustine Emeka          Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh
                                         Assistant Director                       Convener
                                         Civil Society on Environmental           SADED
Mr. Nwosu Obiora Raymond
                                         Management                               South Asian Dialogues on Ecological
Project Coordinator
                                         Mr. Agu Emelike Martin
Mr. Iwu Peter Akujobi
                                         Project Director                         Mr. Anil K. Singh
Community Development Officer
                                         Civil Society on Environmental           General Secretary
                                         Management                               SANSAD
Ms. Inegbenehi Gloria Ose                                                         South Asian Network for Social
South-South Project Coordinator                                                   &Agricultural Development
                                         Mr. Okafor Vincent Ugochukwu
                                         Programme Officer
Mr. Okoh Ifeanyi Christian               Civil Society on Environmental           Mr. K.S. Gopal
Programme Coordinator                    Management                               Secretary
                                                                                  Centre for Environment Concerns
Mr. Akinyosoye Igbekele Yomi             Mr. Ezeoha Duru Prince                   Centre for Environment Concerns
Executive Secretary                      Regional Coordinator
African Foundation for Environment and   Civil Society on Environmental           Mr. Ravindra Vijayvargiya
Climate Change                           Management                               Kisan Sewa Samiti

Mr. Lawal Yakubu Gada                    Ms. Marian John                          Mr. Akash Vijayavargia
Executive Director                       Regional Coordinator                     Programme Coordinator
African Foundation for Environment and   Civil Society on Environmental           ASHA
Climate Change                           Management                               Association for Self Help Actions

                                                                                  Mr. Suresh Singh
                                                                                  Youth Leader
                                                               - 73 -

Centre for Community Economics               Mr. Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed                   Ms. Dona Oksenberg
and Development Consultants                  Professor                                  Network member
Society (continued)                          Suez Canal University
                                                                                        Mr. Faiz H. Shah
Seemantinee Shashank Khot                    Ms. Ratna Devi Nadarajan                   Network member
                                             Secretary General
                                             Malaysian Association for Standard Users
Pana Chand Jain                                                                         Centre for European Economic
                                             Mr. Victor Ricco
Mr. Bhagirath Mal                            Executive Advisor
                                             Centro de Derechos Humanos y Ambiente      Mr. Andreas Löschel
                                                                                        Head of Research Department
Mr. Puran Singh Ranwa                                                                   "Environmental Economics"
                                             Mr. Indrani Thuraisingham
Remo Giovanni Abbondandolo                   Head-Consumer International-Asia Pacific
                                                                                        Ms. Victoria Alexeeva-Talebi
Mr. Banamali Dash                            Ms. Habiba Al Marashi
Secretary                                    Chair Person
                                             Emirates Environment Group                 Mr. Sebastian Voigt
NIPDIT                                                                                  Researcher

Mr. Satish Dasharath Rao Kakade              Mr. Ali Rilwan
                                             Executive Director                         Mr. Manuel Adolphsen
                                             Bluepeace                                  Researcher
Claudia Mossa                                                                           University of Mannheim
                                                                                        University of Mannheim
                                             Mr. Souleymane Bassoum
Ambra Pasqualetto                            Network member
                                             AGRECOL Afrique                            Mr. Peter Heindl
Mr. Alberto Pintus
                                             Mr. Khuong Sopheak
                                             Network member                             Centre for European Policy Studies
Ms. Stefania Valentini

                                             Mr. Daniel Ku                              Mr. Christian Egenhofer
Centre for Environment and                   Director                                   Senior Research Fellow, Head of Climate
Development*                                 Bella Cycla Association                    Change and Energy Unit

Mr. Demuni Darshana Uchita de Zoysa          Ms. Jeanne Bloch                           Mr. Noriko Fujiwara
Excecutive Director                          Network member                             Research Fellow, Head of Climate Change
                                             Green Arts Lab
Mr. Harsha Ratnaweera                                                                   Ms. Monica Alessi
Advisor                                      Mr. Khoung Sopheak                         Programme Manager
                                             Executive Secretary
Mr. Bruce Davison                            Cambodian NGO Network                      Mr. Anton Georgiev
Projects Coordinator                                                                    Researcher
                                             Ms. Flora Ijjas
Mr. Jeffrey Barber                           Network member                             Ms. Louise van Schaik
Executive Director, Integrative Strategies   Budapest University of Technics and        Associate Fellow
Forum                                        Economics

                                                                                        Mr. Vladimir Maksimov
Mr. Gopal Kumar Jain                         Mr. Richard Fo-Yam                         Associate
Coordinator                                  Network member
South Asia Youth Environment Network         Bella Cycla Association
                                                                                        Ms. Hannah Ormerod
                                                                                        Associate (secondee to UK Government)
Mr. Simron Singh                             Ms. Gail Karlsson
Senior Researcher                            Network member
Institute for Social Ecology                 Citiziens' Network for Sustainable         Mr. Neil Morisetti
Ms. Ambreen Waheed                                                                      Centre for International
Executive Director                           Mr. Bas de Leeuw                           Governance Innovation*
Centre for Environment and Development       Network member
                                             Sustainability Institute
                                                                                        Mr. Jason Blackstock
Mr. Mohiuddin Babar                                                                     Research Fellow
Convener - Nature Alliance                   Mr. Atmanand
                                             Network member
                                                                                        Ms. Jane Long
Mr. Simad Saeed
Managing Director                            Ms. Victoria W. Thoresen
                                             Network member                             Ms. Kathryn Hochstetler
CDE Consulting
                                                                                        Chair and Professor
                                                           - 74 -

Centre for International                 Rosemary Lyster                          Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Kanchan
Governance Innovation*                                                            Research Associate
(continued)                              Bryce Rudyk
                                                                                  Sugandh Juneja
Mr. Nelson Sewankambo                                                             Research Associate
                                         Benedict Kingsbury
                                                                                  Mr. Jaisel Vadagama
                                         Mr. James Chapman
Ms. Irene Sage                                                                    Consultant
Associate Director                       The Daily Mail
                                                                                  Souparno Banerjee
Mr. Hany Besada                                                                   Coordinator
                                         Shane Christensen
Senior Researcher and Programme Leader
                                                                                  Somnath Batabyal
                                         Mr. Damien A. Cote
Mr. Jason Thistlethwaite                                                          Researcher
Balsillie Fellow
                                         Sonja Klinsky
                                                                                  Matti Pohjonen
Ms. Linda Swanston                                                                Independent Researcher
Project Officer                          Mr. Christopher Tung
                                                                                  Mr. Ambuj Sagar
Ms. Erica Dykenbo                                                                 Professor
Research Information Officer             Mr. Markus Gehring                       Harvard University - Belfer Center for
                                         Lead Counsel-Sustainable International   Science and International Affairs
Mr. Kenneth Barigye                      Investment and Competition Law
Country Representative                                                            Mr. Surya Prakash Sethi
                                         Ms. Tracy Coates
Mr. James K Tumwine                      Climate Action Network Canada
Professor                                                                         Mr. Muhammad A. Khan
                                         Ms. Laura Zizzo
Mr. Christopher Orach Garimoi            Executive Director
Head                                                                              Shachi Chaturvedi
Community Health and Behavioural                                                  Assistant Coordinator
Sciences                                 Ms. Maria Leichner
                                         Lead Counsel
                                                                                  Anumita Roy Chowdhary
Mr. John Mango
Deputy Dean                              Ms. Sophie May Chapman
                                                                                  Saachi Bhalla
                                         Research Assistant
                                                                                  Research Associate
Mr. John D Kabasa
Dean                                     Michael Livermore
                                                                                  Centre Hélios

Mr. Paddy Musana                         Meera de Mel
                                                                                  Mr. Philip Raphals
Lecturer                                                                          Directeur exécutif
                                         Shahreen Reza
Centre for International                                                          Mme Shelley L Kath
Sustainable Development Law              Centre for Science and
                                         Environment                              M. Peter A Jaimes
Ms. Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger
Director                                 Ms. Sunita Narain                        Emery Lusamba Kangudie
                                         Director                                 Chargé de Developpement
Mr. Sebastien Jodoin
Legal Research Fellow                    Mr. Pradip Saha                          M. Jean Bernaud Mukenge Lusaka
                                         Associate Director                       Secretaire General
Alexandra Harrington
                                         Mr. Chandra Bhushan                      Dominique Diaman Kambetch
Ms. Sylvie Trottier                      Associate Director                       Président

Ayse Bayraktar Gauthier                  Mr. Kushal Pal Singh Yadav               Baby Mazela Mundele
                                         Coordinator                              Adjoint Chargé de la Formation
Verki Michael Tunteng
                                         Nivit Kumar Yadav                        Pitshou Nkoko Yese
                                         Assistant Coordinator                    Adjoint Chargé de la Communication
Mr. Richard Janda
Senior Research Fellow
Faculty of Law MacGill University        Mr. Kapil Subramanian
                                         Research Associate

Kate Miles
                                                         - 75 -

Centre international de recherche       Ms. Sandra Guzmán Luna                   Mr. Jeffrey Swartz
sur l'environnement et le               International Liaisons Coordinator       President and Chief Executive Officer
                                        Ms. Magolis Briones                      Mr. Rob Miller
Mme Céline Guivarch                     Communication Area                       VP Legal
                                        Mr. Francisco José Muñoz Jiménez         Ms. Cornelia Rindt
Mme Meriem Hamdi-Chérif                                                          Director
Researcher                              Ms. Margarita Campuzano
                                        Media Strategy Area                      Mr. Greg Lucier
M. Stéphane Hallegatte                                                           Chairman and CEO
Researcher                              Mr. Pablo Quiroga
                                                                                 Mr. Mark O'Donnell
M. Valentin Przyluski                                                            SVP, Global Operations & Services
                                        Mr. Carlos Alberto Mier Salgado
                                                                                 Ms. Cristina Amorim
                                        Mr. Gabriela González-Merlo Laguna
M. Christophe Cassen                                                             VP, Global EHS & Citizenship
                                        Mr. Fernando Ausin
                                                                                 Ms. Meredith Raymond
M. Fabio Grazi                                                                   Sr. Manager, Global EHS & Citizenship
Researcher                              Mr. Adrián Martínez Espitia
                                                                                 Mr. Tim Anderson
Mme Miriame Cherbib                     Mr. Roberto De La Peña                   Distinguished Professor and Director
Researcher                                                                       Florida Energy Systems Consortium
                                        Mr. Alberto Carmona Velázquez
                                                                                 Mr. Matt Atwood
Centro Alexander von Humboldt
                                        Ms. Lilia Rodriguez Tapia
Ms. Tania Gabriela Osejo Carrillo
                                                                                 Mr. Jon Callaghan
Environmental and Climate Change        Mr. Jorge Armando Morales Novelo         Portfolio Manager
Ibis - CAM
                                        Ms. María del Carmen Mejía               Mr. Bob Dallari
Ms. Maria Isabel Olazabal Prera
Assesor                                 Ceres, Inc.*
                                                                                 Mr. Howell L. Ferguson
                                        Ms. Anne Kelly                           Chairman & CEO
Mr. Victor Manuel Campos Cubas
Executive Sub Director                  Co-director, Policy Program; Director,
                                        Investment Programs                      Mr. Blake Gable
                                                                                 Vice President for Read Estate
Mr. Jaime Íncer Barquero
                                        Mr. Chris Fox
                                        Co-director, Policy Program; Director,   Mr. John Godbee
Mr. José Alejandro Alemán Treminio      Investment Programs                      Vice President, Forest Certification &
Advocacy Officer
                                                                                 Environmental Compliance
                                        Mr. Peyton Fleming
Ms. Nelda Sánchez                       Director, Strategic Communications       Mr. Randy Hanna
Advocay Officer
                                                                                 Managing partner
                                        Ms. Ladeene Freimuth
Mr. Rubén Pasos                         Deputy Director                          Pegeen Hanrahan
Advocay Officer
                                                                                 Mayor of the City of Gainesville, Florida
                                        Mr. Christopher Miller
Mr. Jaime Guillén                       Inspirator, Corporate Consciousness      Ms. Mary Ellen Hogan
Advocacy Officer
                                        Ms. Sarah Severn                         Zoa Hough-Maguire
Ms. Martha Beatriz Recinos              Director of Horizons                     Managing Partner
Advocay Officer
                                        Ms. Hannah Jones                         Mr. James O'Berry Lang
Sr. Giovanny Martin Manrique Martinez   Vice President                           Coordinator
Advocay Officer                         NIKE

                                                                                 Mr. George Longo
Centro Mexicano de Derecho              Ms. Letitia Webster                      Managing Director
Ambiental                               Director Corporate Sustainability &
                                                                                 Ms. Christelle Maffre
Ms. Tania Mijares Garcia                                                         European Union Representative
Air and Energy Program Director         Ms. Sarah Greenwood
                                        Government Relations Manager
                                                               - 76 -

Ceres, Inc.* (continued)                     Ms. Simone Hofner                           Mr. Bangbo Cheng
                                                                                         Academic Secretary
                                                                                         Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mr. Lewis Milford                            Ms. Beth Stone
                                                                                         Institute of Geographical Sciences and
President                                                                                Natural Resources Research, Chinese
Clean Energy Group                                                                       Academy of Sciences
                                             Chartered Institution of Water and
                                             Environmental Management
Mr. Tim Morgan                                                                           Mr. Jungsheng Li
Managing Partner                                                                         Chief Scientist
                                             Mr. Paul Stuart Horton
                                             Director, International Development         Chinese Research Academy of
Mr. Jeff Nash                                                                            Environmental Sciences
Director North America
                                             Mr. Geoff Darch
                                             Senior Consultant                           Ms. Guo Li
Mr. Olaf Roed                                                                            Research Assistant
President & Chief Executive Officer                                                      Chinese Research Academy of
                                             Mr. Julian Wright                           Environmental Sciences
                                             Policy Advisor, Climate Change
Mr. John Sebree                              Environment Agency
Vice President, Office of Public Policy                                                  China NGO Network for
                                                                                         International Exchanges*
                                             Mr. Richard Pagett
Ms. Kathleen M. Shanahan
Chair of Board and CEO                                                                   Mr. Liu Kaiyang
                                             Mr. William Pope                            Research Fellow
Ms. Cynthia Shelton
Director of Investment Sales                 Ms. Joanna Cooper                           Mr. Wang Liyong
                                                                                         Research Fellow
Mr. Rob Szumowski                            Ms. Laura Grant
Vice President                                                                           Ms. Fan Guifen
                                             Mr. Nicholas John Art Murry                 Assistant Research Fellow
Mr. Harvey Ruvin
County Clerk                                 China Association for Science and           Mr. Zhang Zhaomin
International Council for Local              Technology                                  Research Fellow
Environmental Initiatives - U.S. Office

                                             Mr. Jiuyi Qin                               Mr. Yang Decheng
Chamber of Commerce of the                   Deputy Division Chief
United States of America                                                                 Mr. Xu Qiang
                                             Ms. Chenchen Wang                           Project Coordinator
Mr. Stephen Daniel Eule                      Project Manager
Managing Director and Vice President of      China International Conference Center for   Ms. Gu Jiacheng
Climate and Technology, Institute for 21st   Science                                     Project Coordinator
Century Energy
                                             Mr. Quansheng Ge                            Mr. Liu Jinru
Mr. Mike Demster                             Deputy Director / Professor                 Project Coordinator
Vice President                               Institute of Geographical Sciences and
                                             Natural Resources Research, Chinese
                                             Academy of Sciences                         Mr. Xu Enyuan
Changing Climates Educational                                                            Project Coordinator
                                             Mr. Michael H. Glantz
                                             Senior Scientist                            Mr. Zheng Dawei
Ms. Alysia May Garmulewicz                   Consortium for Capacity Building            Research Fellow
Director                                     University of Colorado at Boulder
                                                                                         Mr. Ma Xiangqun
Changing Climates Educational                Mr. Qian Ye                                 Assistant Research Fellow
Society (continued)                          Research Associate
                                             Instarr                                     Mr. Li Lianghong
Mr. Peter Gill                               University of Colorado at Boulder           Research Fellow

Mr. Dominique Henri                          Mr. Genxing Pan                             Mr. Tan Morgan Copsey
                                             Professor                                   Development Manager
                                             Nanjing Agricultural University             ChinaDialogue
Mr. Amol Verma
                                             Mr. Jiansheng Qu                            Ms. Antonia Walford
Ms. Nina Hall                                Professor                                   Researcher
Mr. Brian Robert Logan Coulter               Mr. Wei Gao
                                             Senior Research Scientist
Mr. Bronwyn Tarr                             Colorado State University*
                                                             - 77 -

Christian Aid                            Mr. Christian Friis Bach              Mr. Sindre Stranden Tollefsen
                                         International Director                Communication Advisor
                                                                               Norwegian Church Aid
Mr. Nelson Muffuh
Senior Climate Change Advocacy           Ms. Kirsten Auken Nielsen
Coordinator                                                                    Mr. Jens Aas-Hansen
                                                                               Climate Change Campaigns Adviser
                                         Ms. Gritt Holm Hedehus
Mr. Paul Brannen
Head of Campaigns                                                              Mr. Kristoffer Saevre
                                         Ms. Anna Molgaard Thaysen

Mr. Eliot Whittington                                                          Mr. Atle Sommerfeldt
                                         Ms. Anne-Sophie Lahme
Senoir Climate Justice Adviser
                                                                               Ms. Wenche Fone
                                         Ms. Tanja Haagh Jensen
Ms. Alison Doig
Senior Advisor, Climate Change and                                             Ms. Anne Kristin Sydnes
Sustainable Development                  Ms. Lasse Perrild Mathiasen
                                                                               International Director

Mr. Sorley McCaughey                     Ms. Nikoline Agger
                                                                               Mr. Eivind Archer
Advocacy and Policy Officer              Campaign Coordinator
                                                                               Thematic Advisor on Climate Change
Ireland Office                                                                 Norwegian Church Aid
                                         Ms. Malene Haakansson Christiansen
Ms. Amanda Farrant                       Advocay Officer (Ethiopia)
                                                                               Mr. Claes Book
Communications and Information Officer
                                         Ms. Rajyashri Waghray
                                                                               Mr. Hans Jürgen Schorre
Ms. Mariana Paoli
International Campaigner
                                         Ms. Philo Morris
                                                                               Ms. Linn Marie Holberg
Ms. Sarah Spinney                        Mr. John McCullough
Climate Campaign Policy Manager                                                Mr. Sven Oppegaard

                                         Mr. Torben Krab
Ms. Jayde Bradley                                                              Ida Thomassen

                                         Ms. Helene Tommerup
Ross Hemingway                                                                 Mr. Frikk Nesje
                                         Ms. Penny Davies                      Changemaker Norway
Robin Prime
                                         Policy Officer Climate Change
                                                                               Mr. Jarand Ullestad
Ms. Sarah Moss                                                                 Advisor on Climate
Disaster Risk Reduction Unit Manager                                           Changemaker
                                         Mr. Carl-Henrik Olaison Jacobsson

Mr. Jeff Williams                        Mr. Bo Forsberg                       Ms. Camilla Udenaes

Mr. Branwen Niclas                                                             Kjetil Selmer-Olsen
                                         Mr. Petter Jakobsson

Mr. Jack Martin                                                                Per Otto Larsen
                                         Ms. Julia Daniels

Ms. Jenny Kehoe                          Ms. Tove Zetterström                  Ms. Therese Vangstad
                                         Policy Officer, Climate Change        Policy Advisor on Climate Change
Ms. Yumma Martin                         Diakonia
                                                                               Ms. Inge Maria Vianen
Ms. Lizzie Bush                          Ms. Erika Bergman                     Policy Advisor
                                                                               Interchurch Organisation for Development
Ms. Abi Knowles                          Mr. Morten Schmidt

                                                                               Mr. Jacobus Daniel 't Gilde
Ms. Marlene Grundström                   Ms. Maria Gilljam                     Communication Advisor
APPRODEV, EU Office - Brussels
                                         Mr. Harald Nyeggen Sommer             Mr. Hans Schravesande
Ms. Johannah Bernstein                   Policy Advisor, Climate Change
                                                                               Regnera van der Geest
                                         Mr. Isaiah Kipyegon Toroitich
Ms. Halyna Zalucky                       Communications and Advocacy Officer
                                         Norwegian Church Aid                  Mr. Jack van Ham
                                                                               General Director
Mr. Rob van Drimmelen

Mr. Mattias Söderberg
                                                       - 78 -

Christian Aid (continued)            Ms. Ana Carolina Amaya Tobar              Mr. Augustine Njamnshi

Mr. Piet van Ommeren                 Shrinivas Krishnaswarmy                   Mr. Addmore Kakunura
Head, Policy Department
                                     Mr. Bhagat Ghanshyam                      Ms. Darika Salaimanova
Gemma Boetekees
                                     Mr. Sharma Ramesh Chandra                 Mr. Lay Sophea
Mr. Gert de Gans                     Christian Aid India
                                                                               Mr. Kushal Pal Singh Yadav
Saskia Bolt                          Ms. Kashyap Shradha
                                                                               Mr. Simon Apolo Lowot Nangiro
Stineke Oenema                       Mr. Koshariya Arun Kumar                  Programme Manager
                                                                               Karamoja Agropastoral Development
                                                                               Programme (KADP)
Carla Kivits                         Ms. Swain Bishnupriya

                                                                               Mr. Tamiru Sebside Weldemariam
Mr. Anton Johan Wijnand Duyvendak    Mr. Desai Laljibhai Gafurbhai
                                                                               Poverty Action Network Ethiopia
                                     Mr. Periyapatna Venkatasubbaiah
                                                                               Ms. Mahlet Eyassu Melkie
Mr. Henrik Looij                     Satheesh
                                                                               Forum for Environment

Mr. IJmert Muilwijk                  Mr. Anshuman Das
                                                                               Mr. Desta Zerihun Hailu
Volunteer                                                                      The Ethiopian Evangelical Church
FairClimate                          Mr. Bar Jesang Hadhu                      Mekane Yesus

Mr. Matthijs de Raad                 Ms. Desai Geeta Jivanbhai                 Ms. Rahel Belete Eshete
Volunteer                                                                      Action for Development
                                     Mr. Ram Kishan
                                                                               Mr. Alebachew Adem Nurye
Ms. AnneMarie Kortleve                                                         Environmetal Researcher
Volunteer                            Ms. Masanagari Narsamma
                                                                               Forum for Social Studies
                                     Ms. Begari Sammamma                       Mr. Habtemariam Abate Gorfe
Chris van Assen                                                                Sustainable Land Use Forum (SLUF)
                                     Ms. Begari Laxmi
Mr. Stijn Aalbers                                                              Negusie Retta Woldemichael
                                     Ms. Evelyn Maria Jeya
Mr. Steyn Hoogakker                                                            Mr. Araya Asfaw
                                     Ms. Tanushree Patra                       Interim Director, Horn of Africa Regional
Mr. Pablo Moleman                                                              Environment Centre/Network
                                     Ms. Sunita Murmu
Mr. Kees Tinga                                                                 Satishkumar Belliethathan
                                     Ms. Seno Tsuhah
Ms. Gunnel Axelsson Nycander                                                   Mr. Mekuria Argaw Denboba
Policy Adviser                                                                 Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the
                                     Mr. Miguel Magalangis                     Center - Ecology and Natural Resource
Mr. Jacob Risberg                                                              Horn of Africa Regional Environment
                                     Ms. Shirley Bolanos
Advocay Officer, Climate Change                                                Center and Network
                                     Mr. Marcos Nordgren
Mr. Alexander Sjöberg                                                          Mr. Ato Negash Teklu Gebramichael
                                     Centro de Investigación y Promotión del
Campaign Coordinator, Countdown to
International Department                                                       Mr. Mulualem Birhane Lieh
                                     Ms. Elisabeth Peredo
Mr. Antti Pentikainen                                                          Ms. Seng Sothira
                                     Mr. Umedzhon Nabiev                       Environment Project Officer
Mr. Mohamed Adow
                                     Ms. Zenabou Segda                         Mr. Nelson Garcia Lobo
Mr. Rajan Khosla
                                     Mr. Joseph Mithika Mwenda                 Mr. Edgardo Chevez
Mr. Feyera Abdi
                                     Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance      Sudha Padmanabha
                                     All Africa Conference of Churches
Mr. Horace Fisher
                                                                               Mr. Moses Swaray
                                                           - 79 -

Christian Aid (continued)               Ssengendo Kaweesa                  Nobert Ochieng Nyandire
                                        Keefa, ECOVIC                      KOEE
Ms. Adam Maiga
                                        John Nkusi                         Ms. Christine Waithira Maina
Ms. Tashina Esteves
                                                                           Ms. Janet Ngombalu
                                        Passe Senand Patrice               KENFAP
Mr. Rahul Sharma

                                        Nforngwa Eugene Ndiboti            Charles Wangenye
Mr. Samuel Nnah                         Standard Tribune
                                                                           Zacharia Marigu Makanya
Mr. Luis Martinez                       Mr. Robert Chibwana                PELUM-Kenya
                                        Zambia Network on Climate Change
Mr. Myrta Pereira                                                          Cosmas Muendo Kasimu
                                        Maria Kanini Wanza
Mr. George John                         NPI Africa
                                                                           Temi Mutie
Ms. Joan Carling                        Mr. Geoffrey Manyara
Secretary General                       ITM Africa
                                                                           Jonah Marahpash Sumare
                                                                           Elarai Conservation Project-Amboseli
Mr. Famark Hlawnching                   Ms. Nancy Githaiga
President                                                                  Ms. Agnes Masika
                                        Mr. Joseph Ngondi                  CLOUT
Mr. John Bideri                         KCCWG
Program Officer, Climate Change                                            Martin Mutei
Rwanda Rural Rehabiltation Initiative   Mr. John Kanywithia Mutunga        Integrated Ecosystems
(RWARRI)                                KENFAP
                                                                           Margaret Kerubo Ogeto
Mr. George Awundi                       Mr. John Kioli                     RECONCILE
                                        Green Africa Foundation
Mr. Aboua Gustave                                                          Mumo Nzuki
NESDA Ivory Coast RENGOF                Ms. Anita Msabeni                  PACJA

Twahirwa Stephen                        Mwandawiro Mghanga                 Ochieng Khairalla
PACJA                                   KCCWG                              Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance

Vera Magittu                            Judy Mukami                        Mr. Joseph Kurauka
                                                                           African Nature & Environment
Haji Rehani                                                                Conservation
                                        Ms. Pamela Munyolo Omwodo
Rwibasira Eugene                                                           Monica Anyango Yongo
                                        Ezekiel Kiama Kaara
Kayiganwa Francoise                     PACJA
                                                                           Mr. Joseph Aringo Otieno
Nema Raphael                            Tito Kariuki
                                                                           Hajeet Patnaik
Moshe Tsehio                            Stephen Mwakesi
                                        Kenya Young Greens
                                                                           Mr. Christian Paauw
Ms. Josephine Kamel                                                        DanchurchAid
                                        Mr. Frank Msafiri Kairura
Rose Lala Biasima                                                          Mr. Addmore Makunura
                                        Obeiro Ong'ang'a
                                        OSIENALA                           Ms. Seng Sothria
Ms. Daisy Owomugasho                                                       DanchurchAid
                                        Clayton Opiyo
Mr. Kapupu Diwa                                                            Ms. Sabine Gruber
REPALEAC, DRC                                                              Diakonie Austria gem.GmbH-
                                        Mr. Samson Maleshi Shivaji
                                        CARITAS Kenya
Justin Ojiambo
                                                                           Mr. Michael hands
                                        Mr. Joseph Muthari M'eruaki
Tolbert Jallah                                                             Latin america/caribbean-Media Team
                                        Ms. Juliet Makokha
                                                             - 80 -

Christian Aid (continued)                 Ms. Sasiprabha Stanley                        Mr. Sanjay Kumar Khatua
                                          Integrated Rural Development of Weaker        Dhara
                                          Sections in India
Mr. Adam Wakeling
Latin america/Caribbean-Media Team                                                      Mr. Santosh Kumar Patnaik
                                          Mr. Pradhan Manoj Kumar                       Orissa Development Action Forum
                                          Executive Director
Jan Golden                                Council of Professional Social Workers
                                                                                        Mr. Sailesh Chakravarty
                                                                                        Society for Participatory Action and
Ms. Lottie Gammon                         Mr. Pattanaik Pramod Kumar                    Reflection*
Latin America/Caribbean-Media Team        Seva Bharathi
                                                                                        Ms. Sabine Minninger
Emily James                               Mr. Sankarsana Hota                           Researcher
                                          People's Institute for Participatory Action
Mr. Johannes Tonderayi Chigwada           Research
                                                                                        Mr. S. Jahangir Hasan Masum
Programme Officer, Climate Change                                                       Executive Director
Pan African Civil Society Network         Mr. Mohanty Sukanta Kumar                     Coastal Development Partnership
                                          Orissa Development Action Forum
Church Development Service                                                              Mr. Praeses Alfred Buss
                                          Mr. Gomolial Prakash Samontray                Evangelical Church of Westphalia
Mr. Richard Brand                         Samajika Parivartana Vikas Kendra
Policy Advisor, Climate and Energy                                                      Mr. Caesar D'Mello
                                          Mr. Nabin Chandra Prem Bhushan Benya          Director
Ms. Sheila Benjamin                       Rural Action for Development                  Ecumencial Coalition on Tourism
Executive Director
SCINDeA                                   Mr. Prem Patro Jani                           Mr. Jürgen Reichel
                                          Loko Unnayan Sangh                            Department Head Development Policy
Mr. William Stanley                                                                     Desk
Executive Secretary                       Mr. Reginald Sathish Samuel
Roral Development Humanitarian            Kindernothilfe                                Mr. Heinz Fuchs
Assistant                                                                               Senior Policy Advisor Tourism Watch
Orissa Development Action Forum
                                          Mr. John Devavaram
                                          Resource Center for Participatory             Mr. Michael Frein
Ms. Indira Dasgupta                       Development Studies                           Policy Adviser, Trade and Environment
Director, PIDT
                                          Mr. A. Arunothayam Erskine                    Mr. Rudolf Ficker
Mr. Wilfred DCosta                                                                      Director
General Secretary INSAF
                                          Mr. Tharmaraj James Newton
                                          Ponnamuthan                                   Ms. Ruth Irlen
Ms. Dayamani Barla                        Resource Center for Participatory             Project Assistant, Climate and Energy
Indian Social Action Forum                Development Studies
                                                                                        Mr. Sumesh Mangalassery
Mr. Santosh George                        Mr. Sreedhar Ramamurthi                       Kabani
Church of North India - Synodical Board
of Social Services
                                          Ms. Ajita Tiwari                              Mr. Michel Takam
                                          LAYA*                                         Executive Secretary / Expert, Climate
Mr. Sudeep Sanchit Tigga                                                                Change and Renewable Energies
Church of North India - Synodical Board                                                 IEDID / ADEID
of Social Services                        Mr. Zulfikhar Akram
                                                                                        Action pour un Développement Équitable,
                                          National Youth Foundation
                                                                                        Intégré et Durable
Mr. Pradip Kumar
Action For Food Production                Mr. Dominic D'Souza
                                                                                        Ms. Katja Breyer

Mr. Mumai Pheiga                                                                        Mr. Klaus Breyer
Rongmei Naga Baptist Association          Mr. Aarika Krishna Rao
                                                                                        German NGO Forum on Environment and
Mr. Mani Kumar Kalanand                   Mr. Walter Mendoza
Peaceful Society                                                                        Mr. Andreas Zotz
                                          Mr. Y. V. Malla Reddy
Mr. Hanak Tading                                                                        Church of the Brethren
Loko Unnayan Sangh                        Mr. John George
                                                                                        Mr. Shantilal P. Bhagat
Mr. Andrew Daniel Anand Raj               Mr. Herjeet Alax Patnaik
Palmyra Workers Development Society       Thread
                                                             - 81 -

Citizens Alliance for Saving the           Mr. Nakamura Teruhisa      Mr. Fujimoto Nariaki
Atmosphere and the Earth
                                           Ms. Nakasugi Satoko        Mr. Yu Nakamura
Mr. Mitsutoshi Hayakama                                               Secretary General
Managing Director                                                     Japan Center for Climate Change Actions
                                           Ms. Kawai Naomi

Mr. Masatake Uezono                                                   Ms. Okamoto Fumiko
                                           Mr. Yugo Nishizawa
                                                                      Ms. Matsumoto Yoko
                                           Mr. Yuki Nakatsuji
Ms. Yuri Okubo
Climate Policy Adviser                                                Ms. Hashimoto Taeko
                                           Mr. Keisuke Iwao
Mr. Hiroshi Ota                                                       Ms. Shoji Ritsuko
Member                                     Mr. Nagato Sachio
United Nations University - Institute of
Advanced Studies                                                      Ms. Fujinaga Nobuyo
                                           Mr. Imanaka Masaki

Mr. Daisuke Yokoyama                                                  Mr. Matsuoka Kenji
                                           Ms. Ono Satomi

Mr. Yutaro Yasui                                                      Mr. Koyama Masato
                                           Mr. Kawano Kazumoto

Mr. Yoshihiro Hashimoto                                               Ms. Yamamoto Sayoko
                                           Ms. Haga Midori
The Japan Network for Earth
Environment and Prevention Pollution                                  Mr. Koba Motoharu
                                           Mr. Ueda Yasuji
Ms. Okuda Sagako                                                      Mr. Yoshinaga Kohei
                                           Mr. Nakai Hisaichi
Ms. Kato Ikuko                                                        Ms. Kamada Taeko
                                           Ms. Ikeda Machiko
Mr. Ito Akio                                                          Ms. Matsuo Yuka
                                           Ms. Kawabata Mami
Mr. Watanabe Akira                                                    Mr. Hatayama Ryo
                                           Mr. Tochio Jun
Ms. Kawai Kirie                                                       Mr. Nakajima Hikaru
                                           Mr. Yokomizo Yukinori
Mr. Noguchi Akinori                                                   Ms. Tsuda Yaeko
                                           Mr. Kohma Shiro
Mr. Enokida Motoaki                                                   Ms. Shimizu Yoriko
                                           Mr. Mitsuhira Tadashi
Ms. Enokida Yuko                                                      Ms. Yoshida Yaeko
                                           Ms. Yasuko Goto
Mr. Shigeno Yoshio                                                    Mr. Omosu Takashi
                                           Ms. Kitada Hatsue
Mr. Izumi Takashi                                                     Ms. Yamamoto Akemi
                                           Mr. Kusuda Hideo
Mr. Morinaga Yoshinori                                                Ms. Kodama Toshiko
                                           Ms. Kusuda Rumi
Ms. Takahashi Kazue                                                   Ms. Kondo Nobuko
                                           Mr. Enshu Hiromi
Mr. Kiyooka Koichi                                                    Mr. Hideo Iida
                                           Ms. Terumichi Kazuko
Mr. Nakayama Masunori
                                                                      Ms. Yabuta Yukie
                                           Mr. Taniguchi Sekiyoshi
Mr. Nakamura Hisashi
                                                                      Ms. Misawa Tomoto
                                           Ms. Okada Makiyo
Mr. Takeda Shinya
                                                                      Ms. Minako Inaoka
                                           Mr. Okada Minori
Ms. Mitsukawa Akiyo                                                   Save the Earth! Action 97

                                           Ms. Kameoka Shoko
Mr. Tsurukawa Nobuyuki                                                Mr. Inaoka Kozo

                                           Ms. Yoshimura Yukiko
                                                                      Ms. Sawai Sachico
                                                              - 82 -

Citizens Alliance for Saving the            Mr. Yeseob Sin                  Ms. Ciara Shannon
Atmosphere and the Earth                                                    CEO
(continued)                                                                 Eden Ventures
                                            Mr. Kangoh Lee
                                                                            Eden Ventures

Ms. Kazumi Kitagawa                         Mr. Changhyun Lee
                                                                            Mr. Aditi Bhatia
                                                                            Assistant Professor
Mr. Toshihiko Yagi                          Mr. Junewoo Park                Department of English
Director                                                                    City University of Hong Kong
                                            Mr. Hyoungcheol Youm
Mr. Nemoto Akihiko                                                          Mr. Graham Smart
                                                                            Associate Professor
                                            Mr. Junkwan Ahn
Mr. Satoshi Iwamoto                                                         School of Linguistics and Language
Executive Director                                                          Studies
                                            Ms. Sujin Yim                   Carleton University
Mr. Nemoto Junya
                                                                            Lijue Zhu
                                            Mr. Jinwoo Lee                  Copenhagen Business School
Ms. Ozeki Haruka                            Coorinator
                                                                            Civil Power Africa*
Mr. Masahiko Iguchi                         Ms. Boyoung Cho
                                                                            Mr. Okechukwu Friday Nwanoka
Ms. Akiko Furuya                                                            Executive Director
Programme Officer                           Mr. Jungpil Lee
Research and Coordination Sector, Project   Coordinator
Division                                                                    Ms. Chinyere Nwanoka
Global Environment Centre Foundation                                        Head, Partnerships and Projects
                                            Mr. Jeawook Kwon

Mr. Iwase Tatsuhiko                                                         Mr. James Odih
                                            Mr. Namyoung Rhu                Programme Manager
Mr. Ochi Takeshi
                                                                            Mr. Onyekachi Nweke
                                            Mr. Chelhee Cho                 Senior Project Associate
Mr. Mine Seiya                              Youth Group CMEJ
                                                                            Mr. Leonard Nzenwas
Ms. Hiroko Kanehira                         Mr. Hyunwoo Kim                 Managing Consultant
Researcher                                  Coordinator
                                                                            Civil Society's Climate Forum*
Ms. Kawasaki Motoko                         Mr. Keunweon Lee
                                                                            Mr. Morten Hansson
Ms. Kyoko Hosoki                            Mr. Moonju Chung                Member of the Board
JEE (Global Voice in Kyoto, G-21)
                                            Mr. Kisoo Yoo                   Mr. Tony Andersen
Ms. Ozaki Honami                            Researcher                      Architect, Member of the board

Ms. Kadota Kimie                            Mr. Youngbae Chang              Ms. Kirsten Gamst-Nielsen
                                                                            Member of the board
Ms. Nakanishi Misaki                        Mr. Chisoon Suck
                                            Researcher                      Mr. Thoger Lund Sorensen
Ms. Matsuura Eri                                                            Member of the board
                                            Ms. Soyoung Lee
Citizens' Movement for                                                      Mr. John Holten Andersen
                                            Ms. Misol Kim                   Associate Professor
Environmental Justice

                                                                            Ms. Annette Kjarulff Davidsen
Mr. Sungdon Cho                             Civic Exchange
                                                                            Member of the board
Research Fellow
Environmental Justice Institute
                                            Ms. Christine Loh
                                                                            Mr. Malte Timpte
                                            Chief Executive Officer
                                                                            Member of the Board
Ms. Jiwon Ha
                                            Mr. Andrew Lawson
                                                                            Ms. Anne Safania Normann Eriksen
Mr. Jingu Yeo                               Environment Programme Manager
                                                                            Head of Activities and Logistics

Ms. Heaae Kim                               Ms. Sophie Le Clue
                                                                            Ms. Lisbet Nielsen
                                                                            Financial Manager
                                            ADM Capital Foundation
Mr. Jongsan Lee
                                                              - 83 -

Civil Society's Climate Forum*             Ms. Catherine Witherspoon              Ms. Anna Marie Abaagu
(continued)                                Project Consultant
                                           Climate Works
                                                                                  Mr. Frank T. Yawon
Mr. Niels Fastrup
Head of Press                              Mr. Julio Friedmann
                                                                                  Mr. George Akor
                                           Carbon Management Programme Leader

Mr. Richard Steed                                                                 Mr. Rufai Sirajo
International Press Relations              Mr. Tomas Diaz De La Rubia
                                           Chief R&D Officer
                                                                                  Onuvae Israel Ozovehe
Ms. Kristine Holten-Andersen
Press Officer                              Mr. Tad Bell
                                           Principal Conusltant                   Mr. Obono Martins Obono
                                           Velo Consulting Group
Ms. Jasmina Rachael Gedrich Nielsen
Journalist                                                                        Mr. Mohammed Namadi Sambo
                                           Mr. Andreas Stohl
                                           Senior Scientist
Ms. Lise Lotte Urfe                        Norwegian Institute fir Air Research   Mr. Mohammed Bawa
Head of Cultural Programme
                                                                                  Mr. Daniel Gwary
                                           Clean Energy and Safe
Mr. Asmund Birkals
                                           Environment Initiative
Head of Volunteers                                                                Uloma Onuwa
                                           Mr. Emmanuel Obot
Ms. Anni Bach                                                                     Onochie Anwara
Volunteers Assistant
                                           Nigeria CAN
                                                                                  Mr. Echezonachukwu Prince Asuzu
Ms. Laerke Stig Carlsen
                                           Ms. Vivien Isaac Njemanze
Project Assistant
                                           Member                                 Ms. Anne Awele Addeh
Mr. Tue Tobias Kosack
                                           Ms. Tina Omite Huzi                    Ms. Felicia Iyore Onibon
Project Assistant

Ms. Line Andersen                                                                 Ms. May Ikoku
                                           Mr. Musa Kibiya Umar
Project Assistant
                                                                                  Mr. Chux Daniels
Ms. Anni Bach-Smed
                                           Mr. Kevin Gambo Yilme
Project Assistant
                                           Associate                              ClientEarth*

Ms. Mathilde Kaalund-Jorgensen
                                           Ms. Priscilla M. Achakpa               Ms. Karla Hill
Coordinator of the declaration process
                                                                                  Climate and Energy Lawyer
                                           Mr. Festus Iyayi
Ms. Maria Ines Aiuto
                                                                                  Ms. Janet E. Meissner Pritchard
Facilitator of declaration consultations
                                                                                  Climate and Forests Lawyer
                                           Ms. Mina Margaret Ogbanga
Mr. Juan Nelson Rojas
Facilitator of declaration consultations   Ms. Josephine Kamel Youssef            Climate Action Network - Europe

Mr. Hans-Henrik Lorentz Kruse              Ms. Daisy Owmogashu                    Mr. Matthias Duwe
300455-0489                                                                       Director
Bella Center Copenhagen
                                           Ms. Vivi Amakpo
                                                                                  Ms. Ulriikka Aarnio
                                                                                  Senior Policy Officer
Clean Air Foundation                       Ms. Suzanne Matale
                                                                                  Ms. Vanessa Bulkacz
Ms. Ljudmila van der Marel                 Ms. Rose Biasima Lala                  Communications Manager
                                           Ms. Glory A. Izima
Clean Air Task Force                                                              Mr. Tomas Wyns
                                           Ms. Monica Samec                       Senior Policy Officer
Mr. Armond M. Cohen
Executive Director                                                                Ms. Erica Hope
                                           Mr. Abou Gustave
                                                                                  Senior Policy Officer
Mr. Jonathan Banks
Climate Policy Coordinator                 Mr. Viktor Ukom
                                                                                  Ms. Mechthild von Knobelsdorff
                                                                                  Research Assistant
Ms. Ellen K. Baum                          Mr. Barry Rawn
Senior Scientist
                                                          - 84 -

Climate Action Network - Europe           Ms. Emma Katarina Lindberg                Tom Kucharz
(continued)                               Climate and Energy Expert                 Agriculture Policies Coordinator
                                          Swedish Society for Nature Conservation   AEDENAT/CODA (Ecologistas en
Marieke Vangoidsenhoven
Volunteer                                 Ms. Ylva GRUDD
                                          climate network/dept of organization      Francisco Iturbe
                                          Swedish Society for Nature Conservation   Assistant Energy Policies
Ms. Brigitta Bozso                                                                  AEDENAT/CODA (Ecologistas en
Expert                                                                              Accion)
Energy Club                               Mr. Mikael Karlsson
                                          chairman SSNC
                                          Swedish Society for Nature Conservation   Christian Martinez
Mr. Reinhold Pape                                                                   Assistant Water Policies
Director                                                                            AEDENAT/CODA (Ecologistas en
Air Pollution and Climate Secretariat     Ms. Hanna Wolf
                                          Climate Policy
                                          Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Pat Finnegan                                                                        Ms. Anja Koehne
                                                                                    Project Manager
                                          Mr. Goran Ek
Mr. Artashes Sargsyan                                                               WWF - European Policy Office
                                          Climate Policy
Chairman                                  Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Energy and Environmental Consulting                                                 Ms. Elizabeth Drury
NGO                                                                                 Consultant
                                          Ms. Emelie Karre
Mr. John Maggs                            Climate Network/ Dept. of Organisation    Mr. Thomas Duwe
Senior Policy Officer                     Friends of the Earth International        Volunteer
Seas at Risk

                                          Mr. William James Bill Hemmings           Ms. Anika Reetsch
Ms. Monica Verbeek                        Policy Officer                            Volunteer
Executive Director                        European Federation for Transport and
Seas at Risk                              Environment
                                                                                    Mr. Patrick Finnegan
Natalie Kontoulis                         Mr. Jos Dings                             Greenhouse Ireland Action Network
Communications and Policy Assistant       Director
Seas at Risk                              European Federation for Transport and
                                                                                    Mr. Philip Anthony McCoan Thornhill
                                                                                    Policy officer
Mr. Mordur Arnason                                                                  Campaign Against Climate Change
Iceland Nature Conservation Association   Mr. Dudley Curtis
                                          European Federation for Transport and
                                          Environment                               Climate Action Network -
Mr. Phil Thornhill
                                                                                    Southeast Asia

Abi Edgar                                 Ms. Kerstin Meyer
                                          GERMANWATCH                               Mr. Gurmit Singh K. S.
Policy officer
Campaign Against Climate Change
                                                                                    Centre for Environment,Technology and
                                          Mr. Tim Johnson                           Development
Mr. Leo Stranius                          Director
Climate Specialist                        Aviation Environment Federation
                                                                                    Mr. Anthony Tan Kee Huat
Finnish Association for Nature
                                                                                    Executive Director
Conservation                              Mette Bak Andersen                        Centre for Environment,Technology and
                                          Designer                                  Development
Ms. Bryony Worthington
Director of Sandbag Climate Campaign      Mr. Pablo Cotarelo Alvarez
Sandbag Climate Change Campaign                                                     Climate Action Network Australia
                                          AEDENAT/CODA (Ecologistas en
Ms. Anna Pearson                                                                    Ms. Georgina Frances Woods
Sandbag Climate Campaigner                                                          International Coordinator
                                          Mr. Jaume Grau López
Sandbag Climate Change Campaign           Fundación Nueva Cultura del Agua
                                                                                    Ms. Kelly Dent
Mr. Damien Morris                                                                   Economic Justice Advocacy Coordinator
                                          Ms. Carolina Maria Hoogland
Sandbag Climate Campaigner                Assistant Climate Negotiations
Sandbag Climate Change Campaign           AEDENAT/CODA (Ecologistas en              Ms. Cara Bevington
                                          Accion)                                   Campaigms Coordinator, NSW and ACT
Mr. Svante Axelsson
Secretary General                         Santiago Martin                           Ms. Beck Sheffield-Brotherton
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation   Water Policies Coordinator                National Toxics Network
                                          AEDENAT/CODA (Ecologistas en
Mr. Niclas Hällström                      Accion)                                   Mr. Bro Sheffield-Brotherton
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation                                             Scientific Advisor
                                                                - 85 -

Climate Action Network Australia             Ms. Natalie Latter                   Mr. Nathaniel Lawrence Spohn
(continued)                                                                       Student
                                             Mr. Stephen Leonard
Ms. Jill Finnane                             Australian Climate Justice Project   Ms. Jesse Elders
Eco-Justice Coordinator                                                           Student
                                             Ms. Patricia Olive Corowa
Ms. Maria Tiimon                             Sovereign Ancient Nation of Eora     Mr. Stupka Robert
Pacific Outreach Officer                                                          Master's of engineering student University
                                                                                  of Toronto
                                             Climate Action Network Canada
Mr. Phil Glendenning
Director Edmund Rice Centre                                                       Mr. Leonard Josephy
                                             Mr. Rick Smith                       student
                                             Executive Director
Ms. Pelenise Maike Alofa Pilitati
Liason Person, Pacific Calling Partnership                                        Ms. Leah Sumnauth McIntosh
                                             Ms. Andrea Mary Koehle Jones         Project Coordinator

                                             Mr. Matt Price                       Ms. Claire-Helene Heese-Boutin
Ms. Geraldine Kearney                        Policy Director
Delegate for Social Responsibility                                                Student
Sisters of the Good Samaritan
                                             Ms. Andrea Harden                    Ms. Gurushabd Khalsa
                                             Energy Campaigner                    student
Mr. Tom Zubrycki

                                             Mr. David Robert Michael Jones       Ms. Kristyna Balaban
Mr. Tangaroa Arobati
                                             Ms. Kari Hergott
Mr. Piers Verstegen
Director                                                                          Mr. Graham Anderson
Western Australia                            Ms. Emily A.J. Hunter                Student
Government/Environment and
Conservation Office                          Ms. Lauren Drainie                   Mr. Ian Jonathan Davidson
Australian and New Zealand Environment                                            Executive Director
                                             Climate fellow
and Conservation Council

                                             Mr. Rob Stewart                      Mr. Mark Leiren-Young
Mr. Paul Hardisty                                                                 Communications assistant
                                             Ms. Emilie Moorhouse
Mr. Duncan Jinks                                                                  Ms. Elizabeth Ferris
Convenor                                                                          Capaign Assistant
                                             Mr. Warren Needler
Ms. Philippa Rowland                                                              Ms. Maryam Adrangi
Clean Energy for Eternity                    Mr. Jeff Packer

                                                                                  Mr. Bobby Jo Kenneth Bodnar
Mr. Daniel McNamara                          Mr. Brennan Grange

                                                                                  Ms. Gillian Cerbu
Ms. Laura Adams                              Ms. Merran Smith                     Canadian Youth Delegation
                                             Climate Director
Ms. Mithra Cox                                                                    Ms. Josee Madeleine Charlebois
                                             Ambika Atwal
Mr. Martin Cubby                                                                  Mr. Amber Church
                                             Ms. Laura Zizzo
Mr. Brian Wyatt                                                                   Mr. Andrew Jameson Cuddy
                                             Lawyer and climate change advisor

Mr. Ed Coper                                                                      Mr. John Custer
                                             Mr. Robert Holmes Thomson
                                             Candian actor
Mr. Simon Sheikh                                                                  Mr. Tria Michelle Donaldson
                                             Ms. Irene Connie Tumwebaze
Mr. Brie Rogers Lowery                       Graduate student Osgoodfe Hall Law   Mr. George Alexander Doukas
Mr. Tim Longhurst                                                                 Ms. Lindsay Fischer
                                             Mr. Jamie Biggar                     student
Mr. Philip Ireland
                                                                                  Mme Catherine Gauthier
                                             Ms. Joanna Dafoe
Ms. Hannah Hancock
                                                                                  Ms. Kimia Ghomeshi
                                             Ms. Laura Read                       National Program Manager
Ms. Julie Pettett                            National Coordinator
                                                             - 86 -

Climate Action Network Canada             Mr. Daniel John T'seleie                  Mr. Taukiei Kitara
(continued)                                                                         National Focal Person
                                                                                    Tuvalu Association of NGOs
                                          Ms. Lyndsay Danielle Taibossigai
Ms. Maia Selene Alexander Green
                                                                                    Sr. Gerardo Tibor Honty
                                          Mr. Douglas Vincent Tingey
Ms. Jeannie Janice Christina Grey Scott   International Counsel
                                                                                    Centro Uruguayo de Tecnologías
                                          Leuser International Foundation
                                          Finance Canada
Ms. Caroline Lee
Canadian Youth Delegation                                                           Mr. Geoffrey Kamese
                                          Ms. Laura Tozer
                                                                                    Programme Officer, Chemicals
                                          Research Assistant, Department of
Ms. Joanna Petrasek MacDonald                                                       Management, Energy and Climate Change
                                                                                    National Association of Professional
                                          University of Guelph - Global
Mr. Adam MacIsaac                         Environmental Change Group

                                                                                    Mr. Rajendranath Awotar
Ms. Margaret Marean                       Ms. Rhidaya Shodhan Trivedi
                                                                                    Executive Director
Vege                                                                                Mauritius Council for Development,
                                          Ms. Ashley Tufts                          Environmental Studies and Conservation
Mr. Andrew Matheson Thomson
Student                                   Mr. Thomas Welt                           Ms. Ana Luz Romero Salcedo
                                          Member, Board of Directors                Presencia Ciudadana Mexicana A.C.
Ms. Zanna Matson                          QuebecKyoto
Student                                                                             Mr. David Ngatae
                                          Ms. Thea Whitman                          Coordinator
Ms. Gillian McEachern                     Canadian Youth Delegation                 Cook Islands CAN

Ms. Meagan McKeen                         Ms. Devon Willis                          Ms. Fei Xiaojing
TakingITGlobal                                                                      Project Director
                                                                                    DAO Institute for Environment and
                                          Climate Action Network                    Development
Ms. Taryn McKenzie-Mohr                   International
Canadian Youth Delegation
                                                                                    Mr. Sanjay Vashist
                                          Mr. David Turnbull                        Coordinator
Ms. Hannah McKinnon                       Director                                  Climate Action Network - South Asia

Climate Action Network Canada             Ms. Shruti Shukla                         Sr. Enrique Gabriel Maurtua
(continued)                               Southern NGO Coordinator                  Konstantinidis

Mr. Dean Medeiros                         Mr. Hunter Cutting                        Ms. Sylvia Wambui
                                          Associate Director - Energy and Climate   Programme coordinator
                                          Issue Research, Climate Science,          African Youth Initiative on Climate
Mr. Nicolas Nadeau                        Broadcast Meteorology                     Change
Canadian Youth Delegation                 Resource Media
                                                                                    Mr. Nithiyananthan S. Nesadurai
Ms. Harleen Panesar                       Ms. Këri Bolding                          Director, Nesa Communications
student                                   Vice President, Energy/Climate
                                          Resource Media
                                                                                    Ms. Malini Mehra
Mr. Louis-Philip Pontbriand                                                         Founder and Chief Executive
Alumn                                     Mr. Zach Warnow                           Centre for Social Markets
McGill University                         Issue Research, Climate Science,
                                          Broadcast Meteorology
                                          Resource Media                            Ms. Viva Kermani
Mr. Graham Kennedy Saul                                                             Regional Manager (South)
Executive Director                                                                  Centre for Social Markets
                                          Ms. Zoe Frances Caron
Mr. Adam Scott                            Partnerships and Project Manager
                                          Pew Charitable Trusts                     Mr. Tauni Lanier
Canadian Youth Delegation                                                           Adviser
                                                                                    Centre for Social Markets
Mr. Adam B. Scott                         Ms. Julie-Anne Richards
Researcher                                Climate Change Advocacy Coordinator
                                          CAN International Board                   Mr. Pranav Sinha
University of Guelph - Global                                                       Senior Programme Officer
Environmental Change Group                Oxfam - Australia
                                                                                    Centre for Social Markets

Ms. Jasmeet Sidhu                         Ms. Montana Burgess
                                          Program Coordinator                       Ms. Kaavya Nag
Canadian Youth Delegation                                                           Programme Officer
                                                                                    Centre for Social Markets
Ms. Yanyun Su                             Mr. Matthew Maiorana
                                          Programm Assistant
                                                         - 87 -

Climate Action Network                  Ms. Talwisa Miriam                        Mr. Tobias Thomsen
International (continued)               Uganda Youth Coordinator                  Logistics Intern

Mr. Raman Mehta                         Mr. Nacanieli Bolo                        Mr. Luc Chartrand
Programme Manager                       Project Officer                           Jounalist
ActionAid International - India         WWF - South Pacific Programme Office
                                                                                  Mr. Joao Fernando Goncalves
Ms. Iryna Stavchuk                      Ms. Yu Han
Climate Change Programme Coordinator    Program Officer
                                                                                  Ms. Marietta Marciano
National Ecological Centre of Ukraine   DAO Institute for Environment and

Mr. Anton Davitadze                                                               Mr. Laurent Racine
media and PR                            Ms. Marina Ahmad
National Ecological Centre of Ukraine   Volunteer
                                                                                  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Mr. Rustam Murzakhanov                  Ms. Garces Acuña Diana Lucia
                                                                                  M. Ryan Smith
Research Officer                        Organizer
                                                                                  Communication Officer
NGO Environmental Law Center            Climate Action Network Latin America
                                                                                  Natural Resources Canada
                                        Sahbaa Chavan
                                        Programme Coordinator                     Climate Action Network Latin
Ms. Maryana Bulgakova
Senior lawyer, climate change program   Climate Action Network - South Asia       America
Environment-People-Law                  Mr. Navroz K. Dubash                      Sr. Valentín Antonio Bartra Abensur
                                        Senior Associate                          Regional Coordinator
Mr. Ievgen Kolishevskyi
Executive Director                      Palash Kanti Das                          Ms. Dulia Araoz
The Voice of Nature                     Board Member
                                        Climate Action Network - South Asia       Sr. Alberto Paniagua
Khrystyna Rudnytska                                                               Managing Director
climate change program coordinator      Lam Dorji                                 Profonampe
National Ecological Centre of Ukraine   Executive Director
                                        Royal Society for Protection of Nature    Mr. Daniel Lovera
Mr. Yuri Mun
Project manager                         Ms. Chime P. Wangdi
Environmental Club "Eremurus"                                                     Mr. Jorge Enrique Vidas Goicochea
                                        Secretary General
Youth Environmental Network             Tarayana Foundation
Uzbekistan                                                                        Sr. Jorge Ueyonahara
                                        Mr. Chukey Wangchuk                       Instituto Andino y Amazónico de Derecho
Ms. Amalia Hambartsumyan                Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental
President                               Conservation
Khazer Ecological and Cultural NGO                                                Mr. Victor Emilio Sanchez Campos
                                        Damandeep Singh
Mr. Dimitry Kalmykov                    Advisor                                   Sra. Erika Um Flores
Director                                LEAD India                                Researcher
Karaganda Ecological Museum                                                       Instituto Andino y Amazónico de Derecho
                                        Mr. Gopal Raj Joshi
Mr. Andrii Zhelieznyi                   Clean Energy Nepal                        Mr. Juan Pilco Huillca
Climate change coordinator assistant
National Ecological Centre of Ukraine
                                        Aditi Kapoor                              Sr. Leonicio Julio Ugarte Guerra
                                        Chair-National Steering Committee for     Researcher
Mr. Adam Kahane                         India                                     El Centro Mundial de Agroforesteria
Member                                  Climate Action Network - South Asia
South African Climate Action Network
                                                                                  Mr. Aurelio Anthony Jo Noles
                                        Ms. Olga Louise Petersen EGE
Mr. Geoffrey Musonda                    Logistics Intern
Mechanical Engineer/Renewable Energy                                              Mr. Joseph Pallant
Department of Energy
                                        Ms. Anja Marie Nielsen                    Ms. Allison Wallace
                                        Logistics Intern
Mr. Alexander Birk Petersen Ege
Copenhagen Logistics Coordinator                                                  Ms. Filomena Siqueira e Silva
                                        Ms. Sofie Josefine Emilie Hoim Johansen
                                        Logistics Intern
Mr. Zwane Andile Brian                                                            Mr. Victor Raul Nomberto Bazan
Yonge Nawe Environmental Action         Mr. Sander Wijsman
Group                                   Technical Support - ECO                   Mr. Moises Alberto Paniagua Villagra
                                                           - 88 -

Climate Action Reserve                  Mr. George Malcom                         Ms. Yvonne MacIntyre

Mr. Esposa Jorge Amanajas               Mr. Michael Gibbs                         Mr. James Mair

Ms. Linda S. Adams                      Mr. Christopher Gonzales                  Ms. Felicia Marcus
California Environmental Protection     Mr. Ayla Guvenoz                          Ms. Nancy McFadden
Agency                                                                            Senior Vice President for Public Affairs
                                                                                  Pacific Gas & Electric Company
                                        Mr. Justin Heath
Mr. Gary Gero
President                                                                         Mr. John Melby
                                        Mr. John Hewitt
Mr. John Althausen                                                                APX
                                        Mr. Klaus Hieronymi
Mr. Jorge Amanajas                                                                Mr. Peter Miller
                                        Mr. William Ichord
Mr. Fredrick Anderson                                                             Mr. Seth Mones
                                        Mr. Marcelo Inacio Roza
Mr. Joby Anderson                                                                 Mr. Shaun Montgomery
                                        Mr. Larry Irving
Ms. Anne Baker                                                                    Mr. Aram Nadjarian
Deputy Secretary for External Affairs   Ms. Ellen Jackowski
                                                                                  Ms. Mary D. Nichols
Ms. Indira Baklisoon                    Ms. Wendy James                           Chairman
                                                                                  California Air Resources Board
Ms. Elizabeth Barthelmes                Ms. Engelina Jaspers
                                                                                  Ms. BreAnda Northcutt
                                                                                  Deputy Secretary for Communication
Mr. Obadiah Bartholomy                  Mr. Keld Jersild Olsen                    California Environmental Protection
Mechanical Engineer, Renewable                                                    Agency
Generation Assets                       Mr. Justin Johnson
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
                                                                                  Mr. Ryan Okashima
                                        Mr. Robert E. Jones
Mr. Arnaldo Biacnchetti                 President of EcoLinx Foundation, c/o
                                                                                  Mr. Christopher Park
                                        NRDC, Washinton
Ms. Pamela Bonney
                                                                                  Mr. Robert Parkhurst
                                        Mr. Dean Kato
                                                                                  Climate Preotection Program Manager
Mr. William Boyd                                                                  Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Staff Assistant
                                        Ms. Holly Kaufmann
United States Senate
                                                                                  Ms. Fran Pavley
                                        Mr. Arthur Gen Kawamura                   Assemblywoman
Mr. Jorge Bracamontes                                                             California State
                                        Mr. Paul Kelley
Mr. Derik Broekhoff                                                               Ms. kathryn Palovsky
                                        International Council for Local
Ms. Margaret V. Bruce                   Environmental Initiatives - U.S. Office
                                                                                  Mr. Mark Poelking
Director, Center for Climate Action
                                        Ms. Susan Kennedy                         Mr. Edward Ranger
Mr. Jerald David
                                        Ms. Margret Kim                           Mr. Miguel Rescalvo
Mr. John Dayan                          China Program Director                    Project Manager
                                        California Environmental Protection
                                                                                  Det Norske Veritas
Mr. Johan Deschuyffeleer
                                                                                  Ms. Jean Roggenkamp
                                        Mr. Bruce Klafter
Mr. Jeffrey Dickey
                                                                                  Mr. Joshua Rosen
                                        Mr. Daniel Kreeger
Ms. Geraldine Edens
                                                                                  Mr. Aaron Rothberg
                                        Mr. Tom Lewis
Mr. Derik Emmersen
                                                                                  Ms. DeAnn Sarver
                                        Ms. Jane Long
Mr. Randy Evans
                                                                                  Mr. Arnold Say
                                        Mr. Deb Lyons
Ms. Jennifer Foronjy
                                                       - 89 -

Climate Action Reserve                Mr. Andreas Kress                       Ms. Emma Frederike Lischke
(continued)                           Expert Forestry
                                      European Secretariat
                                                                              Ms. Ida Vansgaard Christensen
Mr. Jan Schori
                                      Ms. Madoka Omi
                                                                              Ms. Isabell Schacht Nielsen
                                      Project Manager
Mr. Steven Shenian
                                                                              Ms. Ivana Susic
                                      Mr. Miguel Morcillo
Mr. Jon Sohn
Climate Change Capital                                                        Mr. Joscha Samuel Wendland
                                      Mr. Carsten Kuhn

Mr. Dan Sperling                                                              Mr. Luca Bilbo Rasmusssen
Director                              Mr. Wolfgang Kuhlmann
Institute of Transportation Studies
                                                                              Mr. Marius Hedegaard Pliess Larsen
                                      Mr. Philip Franz Fridolin Gondecki
Mr. Brian Storms
Chairman and CEO                                                              Mr. Moritz Sebastian Hanke
                                      Mr. Patrick Stötzel
                                                                              Ms. Safura-Luise Heidari
                                      Mr. Fredy Brunner
Ms. Rachel Tornek                     Councillor
Manager                               City of St Gallen                       Mr. Timon Wedekind
Member Services and Outreach

                                      Mr. Josef Danksagmüller                 Mr. Dominik Fachet
Mr. Manuel Trevino                    Mayor
                                      Municipality of Stetteldorf am Wagram
                                                                              Climate Alliance Austria
Mr. Brian Turner
                                      Mr. Joachim Lorenz
                                      City councillor                         Mr. Peter Molnar
Ms. Eileen Tutt
                                      City of Muenchen                        Director
Deputy Secretary Climate Change
California Environmental Protection
Agency                                Ms. Melanie Maatman                     Ms. Maria Hawle
                                      Director of Policy Urban Development    Project Manager
Ms. Andrea Tuttle                     Department
Board Secretary                       Municipality of Den Haag                Ms. Petra Hrachovina
Pacific Forest Trust                                                          Project Manager
                                      Ms. Manuela Rottmann
Ms. Jennifer Weiss                    Councillor for Environmental Health     Mr. Wolfgang Mehl
Communications Director                                                       Managing Director
                                      Mr. He Huang
Mr. Steve Westly                      Student                                 Mr. Hannes Höller
                                      MESPOM Cohort                           Project Manager
Mr. Carl Zichella
Regional Director                     Mr. Hans-Peter Lau                      Mr. Norbert Rainer
Sierra Club                                                                   Project Manager
                                      Ms. Denise Dewey
Ms. Patty Zwarts                                                              Ms. Martina Nagl
                                      Ms. Vanda Knowles                       Project Manager
Climate Alliance (Klima-Bündnis)      Director
                                      Eurocities                              Mr. Markus Niedermair
                                                                              Head Climate & Energy
Ms. Ulrike Janssen                                                            WWF - Austria
Director                              Ms. Eva Baños De Guisasola
                                      Policy Officer
                                      Environment                             Ms. Kathrin Hebel
Mr. Thomas Brose                      Eurocities                              Project Manager
Director                                                                      WWF - Austria
                                      Ms. Pirita Lindholm
Mr. André Muno                                                                Mr. Franko Petri
Event and Project Manager                                                     Project Manager
                                      Mr. Friedemann Seibold

Ms. Silke Lunnebach                                                           Mr. Christine Rath
Project Manager, Indigenous People    Ms. Alexandra Pitzner-Jørgensen

Mr. Dag Schulze                       Mr. Anton Deussen
                                                                              Mr. Daniel Kutschera
Project Manager Energy                                                        Student
                                      Ms. Elisa Maria Kollmann
                                                         - 90 -

Climate Alliance Austria                 Mr. Asmerom Gilau                        Mr. Iver Hoj Nielsen
(continued)                              Senior Associate
                                         Triple E Systems
                                                                                  Mr. Kristian Wederkinck Olesen
                                         Triple E Systems
Ms. Martina Viehböch                                                              Communication Advisor
                                         Ms. Sarita Anne Bartlett
                                                                                  Mr. Soren Gisselmann
                                         Member of the Board
Ms. Irene Ehrengruber                                                             Communication Advisor
                                         Cornland International Environment and
Student                                  Development Initiatives
                                                                                  Ms. Majken Kalhave
Ms. Ulrike Erber                         Mr. Attipalli Mohan Reddy
Professor                                Director                                 Ms. Anne Gry Brostrom
                                         Zenith Corporate Services
Mr. Patrick Peier                                                                 Ms. Anne-Louise Lundvig
Student                                  Ms. Devasena Attipalli
                                         Zenith Corporate Services
                                                                                  Mr. Esben Hegnsholt Olsen
Mr. Wallatraud Dallago
Professor                                Mr. Francis Nkuba
                                                                                  Ms. Anette Korschen Braender
                                         Director of Planing
Ms. Katja Breitegger                     Mkonge Energy System Co. Ltd.
Student                                  Mkonge Energy Sustems Co.Ltd.            Mr. Thomas Boisen

Ms. Verena Rauchenwald                   Mr. Alphonce T. Kyariga                  Mr. Claus Schmidt
Student                                  Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
                                         Rural Energy Agency
                                         Rural Energy Agency                      Mr. Martin Manthorpe
Climate Alliance Italy
                                         Mr. Simon Ngure                          Lone Wiggers
Mr. Karl-Ludwig Schibel                  Regulatory Affairs Director
Coordinator                              Kenya Electricity Generating Company     Hanne Christensen
Board of Klima Buendnis/Alianza del      Ltd.
Clima                                    Kenya Electricity Generating Company
                                                                                  Mr. Kim Herforth Nielsen

Ms. Maria Guerrieri                      Climate Change Coordination
Director                                                                          Mr. Michael Nielsen

Ms. Nicola Zingaretti                                                             Mr. Jonas Moller
                                         Mr. Talaibek Makeev
Presidente                               Executive Director
                                                                                  Mr. Mads Gede
Mr. Carlo Angeletti                      Ms. Aigul Suleimenova
                                         Manager                                  Anita Larsen
Mr. Pier Michele Civita
                                         Mr. Syrym Nurgaliyev                     Mr. Christian Lerche
Ms. Valeria Barbie                       Project Coordinator
                                                                                  Mr. Michael Koch
Climate Business Network                 Ms. Irina Goryunova
                                         Climate Change and Sustainable Energy
                                                                                  Mr. Lars Bo Lindblad
                                         Program Manager
Mr. Peter Noel Pembleton                 The Regional Environmental Centre for
President                                Central Asia                             Ms. Pia Wiberg

Ms. Deborah Wilson Cornland              Mr. Serikzhan mambetalin                 Mr. Peter Theibel

                                         Climate Consortium Denmark*              Mr. Soren Rise
Mr. Janewit Pitayataratorn
Secretary General
                                         Mr. Finn Mortensen                       Mr. Henrik Garver
                                         Executive Director
Mr. Clemens Ploechl
Managing Director                                                                 Mr. Preben Boock
Energy Changes Projektentwicklung        Mr. Thomas Lykke Pedersen
GmbH                                                                              Ms. Nina Lusty
                                         Mr. Torkil Bentzen
Mr. Patrick Karani                                                                Mr. Thomas Overgaard Jensen
Executive Director - BEA International   Mr. Marius Sylvestersen
B.E.A. International                     Business Manager                         Mr. Simon Kvist Olesen
                                                  - 91 -

Climate Consortium Denmark*   Mr. Bjørn Serrityzlev Bedsted             Mr. Jackson Ewing
(continued)                                                             Policy and Research Manager
                                                                        Climate Institute Australia
                              Mr. Lars Klüver
Mr. Carl Aage Dahl
                                                                        Mr. William McGoldrick
                              Ms. Le Giang Lam
                                                                        Policy and Research Manager
Mr. Stig Drost Petersen                                                 Climate Institute (Australia) Limited
                              Ms. Le Thi Huong
Ms. Anette Kofod Echwald                                                Mr. Erwin Jackson
                              Mr. Samir Sedky                           Director, Policy and Research
Mr. Steen Riisgaard                                                     Climate Institute (Australia) Limited
                              Ms. Merit El Sayed
Mr. Fleming Voetman                                                     Climate Law and Policy Project
                              Mr. Jørgen Madson
Kirsten Birkegaard Staer                                                Ms. Alyssa Johl
                                                                        Staff Attorney
                              Ms. Malthilde Serup
Nickie Spiele
                              Mr. Kent Martinussen                      Mr. Nicolas Boittin
Mr. Zhu Xiaoqing
                                                                        Mr. Lance E. Laack
                              Ms. Nanna Bjerre Hjortenberg
Mr. Pedro Luiz Fernandes
                                                                        Mr. John Bonine
                              Ulrik Bliss
Mr. Javier Leirado
                              Mr. Michael Gahrn                         Ms. Svitlana Kravchenko
Mr. Justin Perrettson
                                                                        Ms. Erika Lennon
                              Ms. Kim Vedsted
Mr. Johan Melchior
                                                                        Ms. Rachel Kirby
                              Mr. Lars Blicher-Hansen
Thomas Nagy                   Manager Special Projects
                                                                        Mr. Winfield Wilson
Mr. Poul Ruben Andersen       Mr. Jørgen Tandrup
                                                                        Ms. Mille Porsild
Mads Madsen                   Mr. Jon Fixdal
                                                                        Mr. Aaron Doering
Mr. Thomas Sonne Johansen     Ms. Andrea Hvattum
                                                                        Ms. Christine Germano
Ms. Marianne Glade Kranker    Ms. Lene Sørensen Rose
                                                                        Mr. Fred Lassander
Mr. Jens Lausten              Mr. Florian Friis
                                                                        Ms. Marit-Sofie Mathisen
Mr. Eelco van Heel            Mr. Thomas Friedman
                                                                        Ms. Jens Kristian Baustad
Mr. Pia Helena Bodal          Mr. Peter Clausen
                                                                        Ms. Emily Karpik
Mr. Peter Engberg Jensen      Climate Institute
                                                                        Ms. Jenna Kilabuk
Ms. Bente Overgaard           Mr. John C. Topping, Jr.
                              President                                 Ms. Julie Alivaktuk
Mr. Nels Petersen
                              Mr. Nasir Khattak                         Mr. Johnny Kilabuk
                              Director, Global Environmental Programs
Ms. Christine Bosse
                                                                        Mr. Danny Ishulutak
                              Ms. Corinne Kisner
Mr. Richard Ward
                                                                        Ms. Janet Evic
                              Mr. Carsten Hansen
Mr. Patrick Liedtke
                                                                        Ms. Helga Nielsen
                              Ms. Jane C. S. Long
Mr. Lars Bonde
                                                                        Mr. Pipaluk Hammeken
                              Mr. John Connor
Mr. Walter Stahel             Chief Executive Officer
                                                                        Mr. Michael Jakobsen
                              Climate Institute (Australia) Limited
Ms. Brigitte Kofod Olsen
                                                             - 92 -

Climate Law and Policy Project             Mr. Issac Kalua                             Mr. Syed Iqbal Hasnain
(continued)                                Director of Policy
                                                                                       Ms. Luisa Molina
Mr. Kenneth Nielsen Fleischer              Mr. Tang Koon Peng
                                           Assistant Director
                                                                                       Ms. Kathleen Cravero
Mr. Aviaq Fly
                                           Ms. Bernadette Losha Wendy
                                                                                       Mr. Kenneth James Newcombe
Ms. Colleen Deighton                                                                   C-Quest Capital
                                           Ms. Rose Osinde Alabaster-Kenya

Ms. Meghann Piscoya                                                                    Mr. Mark Grobmyer
                                           Mr. Stephen Mutiso

Ms. Janelle Pootoogooluk                                                               Mr. Christian Langaard
                                           Mr. Kevin Odhiambo

Mr. Yves Lador                                                                         Ms. Rebecka Pearson
Representative                             Mr. Walid Armrane
                                                                                       Ms. Eva Goossens
Mr. Herculano Nava Batista                 Ms. Saquina Filimone Mucavele
Member of Council                                                                      Mr. Ricardo Fernandez
                                           Ms. Serafina Carlos
Mr. Alejandro Argumedo                                                                 Mr. Adam Markham
Associate Director                         Ms. ebeca Mabui
Indigenous People's Biodiversity Network
                                                                                       Climate Strategies
                                           Mr. Mohammet N. Lamine
Climate Network Africa
                                                                                       Mr. Jon Price
                                           Mr. Francis Ngambi                          Managing Director
Mr. Fanuel Tolo
Projects Officer
                                           Mr. Katuma Abdullahi                        Mr. Michael Grubb
Ms. Fathiya Abdulmajid
                                           Mr. John Kipkorir Kiptoo                    Mr. Thomas L Brewer
                                           Programme Coordinator
Ms. Isabella Masinde                       Capital Youth Caucus Association
Programme Manager                                                                      Ms. Dora Fazekas
Intermediate Technology Development        Mr. Rashid Mohamed Diis
                                                                                       Ms. Simone Alissa Cooper
                                           Mr. Hajir Haji Mohamed
                                                                                       Ms. Emily Fraser
Ms. Joanna Elliot
                                           Mahfud Alwakid
                                                                                       Mr. Nick Faith
Mr. David Konde Matole
Eco Build Africa                           Job Siekei Mogire
                                                                                       Ms. Susanne Droege
Mr. Lorna Eshiwani                         Mr. David Otieno Arunga
Projects Officer                                                                       Mr. Karsten Neuhoff
                                                                                       German Institute for Econmic Research
                                           Climate Outreach Information
Mr. Amina Mahamoud                         Network*
Projects Officer                                                                       Ms. Sarah Lester
                                                                                       German Institute for Econmic Research
                                           Mr. Timothy Baster
Mr. Titus Wamae                            Executive Director                          Mr. Tim Laing
                                                                                       Faculty of Economics
Ms. Florence Opiyo
                                           Mr. Francis Marshall
                                                                                       Mr. Adam Martin Rysanek
Ms. Pamela Akinyi                                                                      Department of Engineering
                                           Ms. Hannah Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Solar Solution Africa                      Ms. Catrina Pickering                       Ms. Cath Bremner
                                           Project Manager                             The Carbon Trust
Ms. Jennifer Mbithi
Projects Officer                           Climate Policy Center                       Mr. Hans Jürgen Stehr
                                                                                       Danish Energy Agency
Mr. John Kioli Kalua                       Ms. Pam Pearson                             Danish Energy Agency
                                           Mr. Brooks B. Yeager
                                           Executive Director, Climate Policy Center
                                                                 - 93 -

Climatenet                                   Ms. Marie-Theres Sauer                       Mr. Martin Gehrig
                                             University of Applied Science Konstanz
Mr. Axel Michaelowa                                                                       Mr. Jonas Katz
Senior Founding Partner Perspectives         Ms. Julia Gallus
Perspectives GmbH                            University of Applied Science Konstanz
                                                                                          Ms. Ana Pueyo

Mr. Sven Bode                                Mr. Alexander Vasa
                                                                                          Ms. Ingrid Nestle
Head of Research                             University of Rotterdam
arrhenius consult GmbH                       Erasmus University Rotterdam
                                                                                          Ms. Sarah Conradt
Mr. Nicolas Müller                           Ms. Mareike Niemann
CDM/JI Consultant                            CDM/JI Consultant                            Mr. Kjell Bettgenhauser
Perspectives GmbH - Zurich Office            Perspectives GmbH
                                                                                          Mr. Sven Schimschar
Mr. Marc Andre Marr                          Mr. Stefan Wehner
Head, CDM/JI Management                      CDM/JI Consultant
                                             Perspectives GmbH                            Sra. Nancy Liliana Gamba Cabezas
Perspectives GmbH
                                                                                          Prfesional Especializado

Mr. Reimund Schwarze                         Ms. Katja Michaelowa
                                             University of Zurich                         Ms. Anne Palenberg
Senior Associate
Helmholtz - Center for Environmental
Research - UFZ                               Mr. Sascha Michaelowa
                                             University of Zurich                         Mr. Maximilian Mayer
Ms. Paula Monica Castro Pareja
Researcher, Institute of Political Science                                                Ms. Tabitha Stang
                                             Mr. Jens Oliver Kügler
and Center for Comparative and               Arhus University
International Studies
University of Zurich                                                                      Club of Madrid
                                             Mr. Henning Stöcks
                                             Geschaftsführender Gesellschafter, dejs.de   Ms. Luciana Silvestri
Ms. Julia Fauth                              Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research Assistant                                                                        Responsible fo the Climate Change and
Center for Comparative and International                                                  Energy Programme
Studies                                      Mr. Moritz Profitlich
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,       University of Applied Science Konstanz       Mr. Nicolas Rougy
ETH Zurich                                                                                Communications Director
                                             climatepolicy.net e.V.
Mr. Florian Weiler                                                                        Ms. Sophie Huguenet
Research Assistant                                                                        Assistant to the Director
                                             Mr. Niklas Höhne
Center for Comparative and International
Studies                                      Chairman
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,                                                    COBASE, Cooperativa Tecnico
ETH Zurich                                   Mr. Christian Ellermann                      Scientifica di Base
Ms. Stefanie Bailer                                                                       Mr. Massimo Pieri
University of Zurich                         Mr. Markus Hagemann                          President
Mr. Florens Flues                                                                         Ms. Valentina Jappelli
Researcher, Institute of Political Science   Ms. Katja Eisbrenner                         Vicepresident
University of Zurich                         Member
                                                                                          Mr. Stefano Mannacio
Mr. Matthias Krey                            Ms. Sara Moltmann                            Project Director
Managing Director, Switzerland
Perspectives GmbH - Zurich Office                                                         Mr. Mario Fua
                                             Ms. Marion Vieweg
                                             Member                                       Advisor
Ms. Sonja Butzengeiger
Managing Director, Germany
Perspectives GmbH                            Ms. Martina Jung                             Cohort for Research on
                                             Member                                       Environment, Urban Management
                                                                                          and Human Settlement
Mr. Daisuke Hayashi
Head, Methodology Department                 Mr. Murray Ward
Perspectives GmbH - Zurich Office            Member                                       Ms. Elisabeth Akinyi Nzioki
                                                                                          Head of Gender and Senior Research
                                             Mr. Philipp Breil                            Associate/ Executive Director
Ms. Sünje Callsen
Kyoto Mechanisms Specialist
                                             Ms. Lena Kitzing                             Mr. Johnston M. Kiamba
                                                                                          Senior Research Associate
Mr. Soren E. Lutken
Caspervandertak Consulting Beijing           Ms. Jacqueline Gehrig-Fasel
                                                         - 94 -

Cohort for Research on                Ms. Doreen Stabinsky                       Mr. Steve Ogle
Environment, Urban Management         Professor                                  Research Scientist
and Human Settlement (continued)      Global Environment Politics                Natural Resources Ecology Laboratory

Ms. Catherine Warue Kariuki           Ms. Geena Berry                            Columbia University
Senior Research Associate
                                      Ms. Annick Bickson                         Mr. Jeffrey D. Sachs
Mr. Christopher Muthini Mbatha                                                   Director, Earth Institute
Senior Research Associate             Ms. Lisa Bjerke
                                                                                 Shazeen Attari
Ms. Jennifer Mumbi Murigu             Ms. Lindsay Britton                        Postdoctoral Fellow
Senior Research Associate
                                      Mr. Oliver Bruce                           Mr. Kevin Krajick
Mr. Nicky Munyaka Nzioki                                                         Senior Science Writer
Chief Research Associate& Head of                                                The Earth Institute
Organisation                          Mr. Brett Ciccotelli
                                                                                 Ms. Gweneth Thirlwell
Ms. Isabella Wachira                                                             Program Coordinator
Senior Research Associate             Mr. Michael Keller
                                                                                 Mr. Michael Gerrard
Mr. Sylvester M. Masu                 Mr. Noah D. Hodgetts                       Director, Center for Climate Change Law
Senior Research Associate
                                      Mr. Matt McInnis                           Ms. Dana Fisher
Mr. Laban Kuria                                                                  Associate Professor
Group Manager Nairobi South Youth     Ms. Jane Ivy Pearl Nurse
Group, Leader Makadara Youth Group,                                              Ms. Graciela Chichilnisky
Coordinator FOYA Kenya                                                           Professor of Economics and Statistics
Makadara Coumminity Develpment Fund   Ms. Emily Postman

                                                                                 Mr. Peter Eisenberger
Colegio de Abogados Especialistas     Mr. Julian Taj Tamler Schottland
en Derecho Ambiental de Colombia
                                      Mr. Samuli Sinisalo
                                                                                 Mr. Pedro Sanchez
Sr. Gilberto Rincon                                                              Director, Tropical Agriculture and Rural
Presidente                            Mr. Juan Carlos Soriano                    Environment Program

Sr. Adrien Brunetti                   Mr. Richard Alan Van Kampen                Mr. Jeffrey Lagomarsino
                                                                                 Columbia Consortium for Risk
Sra. Jimena Nieto Carrasco            Ms. Brooke Welty
Coordinadora del Grupo de Asuntos
                                      Mr. Aldous Sperl
Ministerio de Ambiente, Vivienda y                                               Mr. Benjamin Bronfman
Desarrollo Territorial                                                           Associate
                                      Colorado State University*                 Columbia Consortium for Risk
Sr. Guillermo Tejeiro
                                      Ms. Michele M. Betsill
Sr. Santiago Aparicio                 Associate Professor                        Comite pour les relations
                                                                                 internationales de jeunesse
Sr. Keith Michael Casto               Mr. Chandrasekar Venkatachalam
                                      Professor and Associate Dean for           Ms. Valentine van Gameren
                                      International Research                     Researcher
Sr. Luis Fernando Macaìs                                                         Institut de Gestion de lÉnvironnemnt et d'
                                      Ms. Linse Anderson                         Aménagement du Territoire
Sr. José Antonio Lucio                PhD Student
                                                                                 Mr. Martin Van Damme
Sra. Elsa Victoria Silva              Mr. Bryan Willson                          Institut de Gestion de lÉnvironnemnt et d'
                                      Director, CSU Clean Energy Supercluster,   Aménagement du Territoire

Sr. Jaime Romero                      Director CSU Engines&Energy
                                                                                 Ms. Anne Bocuet
                                      Mr. Tim Reeser                             Institut de Gestion de lÉnvironnemnt et d'
College of the Atlantic*              Chief Operating Officer                    Aménagement du Territoire

Mr. Kenneth Cline
                                      Ms. Eleanor Milne
                                      Coordinator, Component A of Carbon
Environmental Law
                                      Benefits Project
                                                  - 95 -

Committee for A Constructive   Mr. Justin Pulliam                         Mr. Alexander Sanchez
                               Mr. Brian OÇonnor                          Mr. Simon Espersen
Mr. Craig Rucker
Executive Director             Mr. Nicholas Prelosky                      Mr. Oliver Rumle Hovmand

Mr. David M. Rothbard          Ms. Jody Manley Clarke                     Commonwealth Club of California

                               Mr. Chris Toland                           Mr. Greg Dalton
Mr. Holger Thuss
Executive Director Europe
                               Mr. Hugh Leighton Steward                  Ms. Aaliyah Madyun
Mr. Wolfgang Muller
Member/Delegate                Mr. Martin Seebach Olsen                   Ms. Caroline Moriarity Sacks
Climate Change Programme                                                  INFORUM Director
                               Mr. Fred Singer
Mr. Michael Limburg            President                                  Ms. Nadine North
Senior Advisor / Delegate      Science and Environmental Policy Project   Advisor

Mr. Christopher Monckton       Mr. David Pontoppidan                      Mr. Kerry Curtis

Ms. Juliet Monckton            Mr. Himanshu Gulati                        Ms. Isis Schwartz

Mr. Steve Fielding             Mr. Glenn Simon Nerdal                     Community Forestry International
Senior Advisor
                               Ms. Karine Lien Skaret                     Mr. Mark Poffenberger
Ms. Susan Fielding                                                        Executive Director
Senior Advisor                 Mr. Herman Gjeitanger
                                                                          Ms. Kathryn Smith-Hanssen
Mr. Jens Robdrup               Mr. Christer Kjølstad
Policy Analyst
                                                                          Mr. Leslie Durschinger
                               Mr. Fredrik Nyland                         Climate Action Reserve
Mr. Graham Capper
Senior Advisor
                               Ms. Marita Moe                             Mr. Steven DeGreze

Mr. Espen Aalerud
Policy Analyst                 Ms. Kaoline Aspli                          Ms. Lauren E. Eastwood
                                                                          Assistant Professor, Department of
                                                                          Sociology and Criminal Justice
Mr. Einar DuRietz              Mr. Brahim Sandli                          State University of New York at
Senior Advisor                                                            Plattsburgh, Center for Earth and
                               Mr. Torbjørn Weisæt                        Environmental Science
Mr. Steve Stockman
Senior Advisor                 Ms. Alina Stenersen                        Compassion in World Farming*

Mr. Manuel de Araujo           Ms. Ida Marie Brevold                      Mr. Lasse Bruun
Senior Advisor                                                            Head of Campaigns
                               Mr. Mats Urdahl
Mr. Calvin Beisner                                                        Ms. Lesley Lambert
Senior Advisor                                                            Director of Research Education and
                               Mr. Per Arne Lundh                         Policy
Ms. Christina Wilson
Midwest Director               Ms. Helene Dorothea Alstad Bergh           Mr. Philip Lymbery
                                                                          Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Craig Burgers              Mr. Fredrk Juel Hagen
Advisor                                                                   Rebecca Deeny
                               Mr. Thorkil Simon Kowalski Værge
Mr. Ryan Rogge                                                            Ms. Joyce D'Silva
Advisor                        Mr. Daniel Nilsen                          Ambassador

Mr. Josh Nadal                 Mr. Henrik Sander                          Mr. Liam Slattery
                                                                          Head of Filmproduction
Mr. Brad Headley               Mr. Marius Clarke
                                                                          Ms. Eloise Shavelar
                                                                          Campaigns Coordinator
                                                       - 96 -

Compassion in World Farming*          Ms. Marta Gaworska                     Mr. Fabio Barbosa
(continued)                           Policy Advisor                         President

Ms. Wendy Smith                       Mr. Atilla Lengyel                     Mr. John Bredvig
PA and Researcher to the Ambassador   CEEC Policy Officer                    Member of the Board

Ms. Barbara Romanowicz                Ms. Leila Rasanen                      Mr. Shai Aggassi
Research Manager                      Project Manager                        Founder and CEO

Ms. Valentina Moressa                 Ms. Annika Valentin                    Mr. Joe Paluska
Media Coordinator                     CEPF Trainee                           Head of Communications

Competitive Enterprise Institute      Ms. Satu Lantiainen                    Mr. Julie Mullins
                                      Forest Coordinator                     Head of Public Relations
                                      Bureau of Nordic Forstry
Mr. Myron Ebell
Director, Energy and Global Warming                                          Ms. Karen Alter
Policy                                Mr. Lennart Ackzell                    Head of Marketing
                                      Senior Advisor

Mr. William Yeatman                                                          Mr. Ludo de Bock
Energy Policy Analyst                 Mr. Janne Näräkkä                      Senior Director, EU/NATO
                                      Forestry Specialist

Mr. Christopher Cochran Horner                                               Mr. Jens Mobeg
Correspondent                         Ms. Lea Jylhä                          CEO
                                      Forestry Specialist

Mr. Carlo Stagnaro                                                           Mr. Marianne Wier
Fellow                                Ms. Karin Seifert                      Public Affairs Manager
                                      Press and Communication

Mr. Matthew Sinclair                                                         Ms. Sara Helweg-Larsen
                                      Mr. Kai Juhani Lintunen                Director of Communications
                                      Communications Manager
Mr. Ben Lieberman                     Finnish Forest Association
Adjunct Scholar                                                              Mr. Morten Leth
Environmental Policy                                                         Chief Financial Officer
                                      Confederation of Danish Industry*
Mr. Steven Groves                                                            Mr. Henrik Linderberg
                                      Mr. Anders Würtzen                     Head of Marketing
                                      Head of Public Affairs
Kenneth Green
                                                                             Ms. Helle Hasse
                                      Ms. Birgitte Torntoft                  PA to Management
Mr. Phil Kerpen                       Communications Coordinator
                                                                             Mr. Mikkel Hvillum Roensbo
Mr. Tim Phillips                      Mr. Claus Madsen                       Research Assistant
Ms. Cecile Philippe                                                          Mr. Mikkel Linnet
                                      Ms. Dorte Schow                        Communication Consultant
Mr. Hugh Martyn Sharman               Director Communication and Marketing
                                                                             Mr. Mikkel Westenholz
                                      Mr. Henrik Thorlacius-Ussing           Business Analyst
Confédération européenne des
propriétaires forestiers
                                                                             Mr. Thomas Sandager Hedegaard
                                      Mr. Lars Marcher                       Development Manager
M. Christer Segerstéen
President of CEPF
                                                                             Mr. Torben Andersen
                                      Ms. Nønne Holm Carlsen                 Director of sales
Mr. Morten Thorøe
                                      Chief Communications Officer
Secretary General
                                                                             Mr. Peter Crammon
                                      Mr. Jørgen Mølholm                     Private Sales Manager
Mr. Philip Guttenberg
                                      Chairman of the Board
Board Director
                                                                             Mr. Klaus Henrik Jørgensen
                                      Mr. Johnny B. Hansen                   Marketing Manager
Mr. Henri Plauche Gillon
Board Director
                                                                             Mr. Niels Langvad
                                      Mr. Thomas Øster                       Development Manager
Mr. Donald Anderson
                                      Commercial Director
Board Director
                                                               - 97 -

Confederation of Danish Industry*           Mr. Thomas Bustrup                     Ms. Tanya Jacobsen
(continued)                                 Deputy Director General                Assistant

Mr. Peter Rindebæk                          Mr. Tom Togsverd                       Mr. Frank Jensen
CEO                                         Director                               Assistant

Ms. Gitte Brüsch                            Ms. Dorte Ibsen                        Mr. Tue Robi Jensen
Director                                    Adviser                                Advisor

Mr. Sigurd Andersen                         Mr. Stefan Kumarage Schou              Mr. Thomas Lyngsfeldt
CEO                                         Senior Advisor                         Advisor

Mr. Jimmi Andersen                          Mr. Stephen McGibbon                   Mr. Lisbeth Odgaard Mardsen
Director                                                                           Advisor
                                            Ms. Berit Ploug Frederiksen
Mr. Peter Christiansen                      Chief Advisor Intenational Trade and   Mr. Thomas Rønhard
CEO                                         Market Development                     Advisor

Mr. Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen                   Mr. Bjarne Palstrøm                    Ms. Anne Mette Benzon
President, Chief Executive Officer          Director                               Chief Project Manager

Mr. Jesper B. Jørgensen                     Mr. Lars Bach Jensen                   Ms. Birgitte Brinch Madsen
CEO                                         Climate Policy Advisor                 Vice President

Ms. Lene Riber Kjær                         Ms. Nethe Veje Laursen                 Mr. Claus Hvashøj Jørgensen
Executive Assistant                         Climate Policy Advisor                 Market Director

Mr. Jander Campos                           Ms. Camilla Damsøe Pedersen            Mr. Jens Ole Hansen
Director, Corporate Social Responsibility   Advisor                                Head of Department

Mr. Lars Frederiksen                        Mr. Troels Ranis                       Mr. Klaus Ostenfeld
CEO                                         Senior Advisor
                                                                                   Mr. Lars-Peter Søbye
Mr. Hans Peter Slente                       Mr. Martin Gram                        CEO
Director                                    Advisor
                                                                                   Mr. Marc Normann
Mr. Hans Skov Christensen                   Mr. Søren Falch                        Chief Project Manager
Director General and CEO                    Jounalist
                                                                                   Mr. Mogens Heering
Mr. Kim Graugaard                           Mr. Gordon Trier Holm                  Vice President
Deputy Director General                     Journalist
                                                                                   Mr. Rasmus Ødum
Mr. Lars Goldschmidt                        Mr. Jens Fuglsang Edelholt             President
Deputy Director General                     Journalist
                                                                                   Mr. Stig P. Christensen
Ms. Mette Rose Skaksen                      Mr. Rene Madsen                        R&D Director
Director                                    Journalist
                                                                                   Mr. Poul M. Schmidt
Mr. Ole Krog                                Mr. Ole Christensen                    CEO
Deputy Director General                     Senior Advisor
                                                                                   Mr. Jens Eg
Mr. Peter Thagesen                          Ms. Anne Dalgaard                      Director Sales
Director                                    Assistant
                                                                                   Mr. Bent Hansen
Mr. Poul Scheuer                            Mr. Peter Lykke Fick                   Director Energy
Deputy Director General                     Senior Advisor
                                                                                   Ms. Dorte Sørensen
Mr. Richard Larsen                          Mr. Karl Kristian Malling Granov       Director Environment
Director                                    Advisor
                                                                                   Mr. Jesper Olsen
Mr. Rolf Ejlertsen                          Mr. Marit Hvithamar                    CEO
                                            Mr. Mads Holm Iversen                  Mr. Steen Bernth
                                                                                   Director Sales
                                                          - 98 -

Confederation of Danish Industry*      Mr. Michael von Bülow                     Mr. Esben Mortensen
(continued)                            VP Communications & Investor Relations    Senior Advisor

Mr. Arne Børge Larsen                  Ms. Ana Maria Bravo-Angel                 Mr. Henning Mortensen
Strategy Director                      Director Communications& Public Affairs   Senior Advisor
                                       , Genencor

Mr. Kim Christensen                                                              Mr. John Sarborg Pedersen
Senior Vice President                  Mr. Martin Kirstein Madsen                Senior Advisor

Mr. Kim Fausing                                                                  Mr. John Kristensen
Coo & Executive Vice President         Mr. Lasse Jensen                          Senior Advisor

Mr. Ole M. Daugbjerg                                                             Ms. Ulla Scherfig Gilberg
Chief Reputation Officer               Mr. Bente Melbye                          Advisor
                                       Senior Advisor

Mr. Lars Dyrhagen                                                                Mr. Aksel Mortensgaard
Senior Director, CorporatePublic and   Mr. Mikkel Mørch                          Director
Industry Affairs                       Advisor
Danfoss A/S                                                                      Mr. Frank Bill
                                       Mr. Jens Olesen                           Director
Mr. Michael Saxtorph                   President
Vice President                                                                   Ms. Anne Mette Koch Bangsgaard
                                       Mr. Anne Windfeldt Trolle                 Senior Advisor
Mr. Niels B. Christiansen              Director
President & CEO                                                                  Mr. Rune Noack
                                       Ms. Kristine van her Erve Grunnet         Advisor
Mr. Klaus Jørgensen                    Adviser
Vice President                                                                   Mr. Michael Svane
                                       Ms. Henriette Søltoft
Mr. Nikolaj Stig Nielsen               Director
                                                                                 Mr. Thomas Lund
Director                                                                         CEO
Danfoss A/S                            Ms. Hanne M. Sundin
                                                                                 Mr. Steen Mikkelsen
Mr. Torben Fich                                                                  CEO
Director                               Mr. Anders Sandberg Stouge
                                                                                 Mr. Hans Hellstrøm Henningsen
Mr. Trine Albæk                                                                  CEO
Public Affairs Manager                 Mr. Charlotte Eidsdal Henriksen
                                                                                 Mr. Anders Thorgaard
Ms. Helle Jagd Andersen                                                          CEO
Coodination Manager                    Ms. Julie Camilla Einhøj Lange
                                                                                 Mr. Andreas Nyborg
Mr. Troels H. Petersen                                                           Director Designer
President                              Mr. Hanne Roulund
                                                                                 Ms. Anne Wolf
Mr. Ole Møller Jensen                                                            Director HR
Senior Vice President                  Mr. Jakob Larsen
                                                                                 Ms. Annette Gottlieb
Mr. Hans Peter Boisen                                                            Director Marketing
Business Development                   Ms. Sissel Dyrholm Holst
                                       Project Manager
                                                                                 Mr. Kasper Cort Pedersen
Mr. Niels Christian Larsen                                                       Sales and Marketing Director
Internal Communications Director       Mr. Joakim Lau
                                                                                 Mr. Knud Steen Larsen
Mr. Tom Knutzen                                                                  CEO
CEO                                    Mr. Troels Weinreich
                                                                                 Mr. Lars Teglgård Jensen
Mr. Carl Johan Munch Corneliussen                                                Director
Media Relations Manager                Mr. Lars Bromsøe Termansen
                                                                                 Mr. Bo Lundberg
Mr. Jeff Hogue                                                                   Vice President Sales and Marketing
VP Sustainable Development             Mr. Casper Andersen
                                                                                 Ms. Camilla Nowak Rasmussen
                                                                                 Cand. Scient. Pol.
                                                          - 99 -

Confederation of Danish Industry*       Mr. Niels Henriksen                Mr. Ernst Tiedemann
(continued)                             CEO Inbicon                        President & CEO

Ms. Camilla Rygaard Hjalsted            Mr. Søren Gath Hansen              Ms. Trine Erdal
Senior Innovation Development Manager   Executive Vice President           Director Business Development

Mr. Carsten Krogsgaard Thomsen          Mr. Thomas Dalsgaard               Mr. Ole Tvede Larsen
Executive Vice President                Vice President                     Director

Mr. Charles Nielsen                     Mr. Ulrik Stridbæk                 Mr. Erik Frandsen
Director R&D                            Chief Economist                    Director

Ms. Christina Jacobssen                 Mr. Lise Lotte Lyck                Mr. Ole Juhl Henriksen
Senior Advisor                          Graduate                           Vice President

Ms. Cilla Harpsøe Clausen               Mr. Henrik Neergaard               Mr. Kristian Dammand Nielsen
Supervisor                              CEO                                Director

Mr. Filip Engel                         Mr. Kenneth Jørgensen              Mr. Henrik Hassing
Strategic Advisor                       Technical Director                 Director
DONG Energy
                                        Mr. Arndt Nørgaard                 Ms. Birgitte Holm Christensen
Mr. Frank Rasmussen                     Director of the Board              Director
Vice President
                                        Mr. Søren Meldgaard Hansen         Ms. Annemette Gertinger
Mr. Jakob Askou Bøss                    Director R&D                       Technical Director
Communication Director
                                        Mr. Jan Wilken                     Mr. Jens Brøbech Legarth
Mr. Jakob Forman                        CEO                                Vice President
Senior Business Developer
DONG Energy                             Mr. Steven Wilsen                  Mr. Jacob Holm
                                        Director Sales                     CEO
Mr. Jens Dandanell Petersen
Senior Business Developer               Mr. Lars Toft                      Mr. Gert Jacobsen
DONG Energy                             CEO                                Managing Director

Mr. Jonny Trapp Steffensen              Mr. Peter Hermansen                Mr. Birgit W. Nørgaard
Advisor                                 Chairman of the Board              CEO

Ms. Katja Birr-Pedersen                 Mr. Jens Almdal                    Mr. Hans-Martin Friis Møller
Senioe Energy Economist                 CEO                                Vice President

Ms. Kathrine Westermann                 Mr. Allan Søgaard Larsen           Mr. Ian Reeckmann
International PR Coordinator            CEO                                Vice President

Mr. Knud Pedersen                       Mr. laus Kiens                     Mr. Carsten Bjerg
Vice President                          CEO                                President & CEO

Mr. Kristian Heydenreich                Mr. Henrik Thorning                Ms. Helle Nyborg Gitz-Johansen
Strategic Advisor                       Managing Director                  Environment Manager

Mr. Kurt Bligaard                       Ms. Benedikte Jørgensen            Ms. Irene Quist Mortensen
Executive Vice President                Corporate Sustainability Manager   CSR Manager

Mr. Lars Clausen                        Mr. Peter Thorning                 Mr. Kim Klastrup
Executive Vice President                Head of Innovation                 President

Mr. Lars Kærgaard                       Mr. Søren P. Olesen                Mr. Kim Nøhr Skibsted
                                        CEO                                Group Vice President
Mr. Michael Persson                                                        Grundfos A/S
Vice President                          Ms. Nanna Arrøe
                                        Environment Coordinator            Mr. Lars Aagaard Nielsen
Mr. Niels Bergh-Hansen                                                     Group Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President
                                                     - 100 -

Confederation of Danish Industry*   Mr. Maarten van Engeland          Mr. Steve Lippman
(continued)                         CEO                               Director, Environmental Engagement

Mr. Niels Due Jensen                Mr. Carsten Cramer                Mr. Claus Hansson
Group Chairman                      Busiess Development Manager       CEO

Mr. Søren Østergaard Sørensen       Mr. Finn Vestergaard              Mr. Bjørn Thygesen
Group Executive Vice President      Director HR                       Managing Director

Ms. Mette Ø. Thomsen                Mr. Steen Nielsen                 Mr. Steffen Ring
                                    Managing Director                 CTO

Ms. Ellen Lerch Høj Arnskjold
Consultant                          Mr. Tommy Bisgaard                Mr. Sune Fraes Diernæs
                                    Director                          Director Business Development

Mr. Henrik Leth
CEO                                 Mr. Per Asmussen                  Mr. Carsten Toft Boesen
                                    CEO                               CEO

Mr. Henrik Sørensen
Chairman                            Mr. Flemming Jensen               Mr. Niels Bahnsen
                                    Product Group Manager, Metering   Director Energy
                                    Systems Division
Mr. Mogens Nielsen
CEO                                                                   Mr. Morten Pedersen
                                    Mr. Ulrik Gammelgaard             CDM Business Development Manager
Mr. Jens Hempel Hansen
CEO                                                                   Ms. Sine Skov
                                    Mr. Brian Petersen                CDM Project Manager
Mr. Ulf Wiinberg
President & CEO                                                       Ms. Tina Sommer
                                    Mr. Asbjørn Berge                 CDM Project Manager
                                    Chairman of the Board
Mr. Jens R. Rostrup Nielsen
CEO                                                                   Ms. Camilla K. Damgaard
                                    Ms. Susanne Kuehn                 Evironment Economist
                                    Chief Consultant
Mr. Helge Holm Larsen               Rockwool International A/S
Director, Business Development                                        Mr. Morten Holm
                                                                      Economist Analyst
                                    Ms. Louise Merete Münter
Mr. Arne Jacobsen                   Head, Media Relations
Manager Stack Development                                             Ms. Connie Nielsen
                                    DONG Energy
                                                                      Economist Analyst

Mr. Jens-Ole Aagaard Jensen         Mr. Erik Nielsen
CEO                                                                   Mr. Erik C. Wormslev
                                    Director Development
                                                                      Director Business Development, Clmate
                                                                      Change & Energy
Mr. Henrik Karup Jørgensen          Ms. Dinne Smederup Hansen
CEO                                 Senior Project Manager
                                                                      Mr. Jens Thiesen
                                    COWI A/S
                                                                      Environment Manager
Mr. Kim Østrup
Vice President                      Mr. Henrik Peter Jørgensen
                                                                      Mr. Thomas Hofman-Bang
Mr. Preben Thalund Madsen
Country Manager GBS Denmark         Mr. Lars Kragh
                                                                      Mr. Søren Isaksen
                                                                      President & CEO
Mr. Carsten Bisgaard
Director QSE & Product Management   Mr. Lars Barkler
                                                                      Mr. Niels Nordgaard
                                                                      Senior Vice President
Mr. Jens Iwer Petersen
Managing Director                   Mr. Kurt Weis
                                                                      Mr. Ole Arenfeldt Jensen
                                    Vice President
Mr. Poul Bruun
Deputy Director                                                       Mr. Henning Jensen
                                    Mr. Preben Tolstrup
                                    President & CEO
Mr. Søren Wichmann
Director Marketing and Sales                                          Mr. John Pedersen
                                    Mr. Frank McCosker
                                    Managing Director
Mr. Jørgen Lundsgaard
Director R&D
                                                     - 101 -

Confederation of Danish Industry*    Mr. Claus Bugge Garn                    Mr. Claus Spiegelhauer
(continued)                          Vice President                          CEO

Mr. Kasper Westphal Pedersen         Mr. Eelco van Heel                      Mr. Gorm Ellegaard Andersen
Director                             Group President                         Managing Director

Mr. Jens Piper                       Mr. Jakob Sørensen                      Mr. Henrik Poulsen
Director                             Senior Vice President                   CEO

Mr. Jørgen Abildgaard                Mr. Lars Woodschow                      Ms. Eva Bernanke
Managing Director                    Corporate Communications Manager        Senior ExecutiveVice President

Mr. Torben Hestbech                  Mr. Thomas Nordli                       Mr. Stig Myken
Sales Manager                        Senior Consultant, Group                Senior Executive Vice President
                                     Rockwool International A/S
Mr. Kasper Holst Pedersen                                                    Mr. Simon B. Høgsbro
Master of Craftsmen                                                          Senior Director
                                     Mr. Thorkild Diness Jensen
                                     Vice President, Group Communications
Ms. Mona Sørensen                                                            Mr. Henrik Clausen
                                     Rockwool International A/S
Sales Manager, Nordic                                                        CEO

                                     Ms. Susanne Dyrbøl
Mr. Henrik Kohberg                                                           Mr. Jesper Hansen
                                     Public Affairs Manager
Managing Director                                                            CMO Business

                                     Mr. Michael Petersen
Mr. Nikolaj Haulrik                                                          Mr. Jesper Brøckner Nielsen
Director Marketing                                                           CEO

                                     Mr. Martin Porsgaard
Ms. Natalie Weber                                                            Ms. Felicia Elisabeth Jackson
                                     Director Environment & Sustainability
Media Relations Manager                                                      Communications Manager
                                     Mr. Lars Andersen
                                                                             Mr. Jens Maaløe
Mr. Joakim Haulrik                                                           President & CEO
Technical Director
                                     Ms. Kristina Fløche Juelsgaard
                                                                             Mr. Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen
                                     R&D Director
Ms. Hanne hristensen                                                         Vice President, Strategic Marketing
Director Climate
                                     Mr. Thomas N. Mikkelsen
                                                                             Mr. Lars Liebst
                                     Marketing Director
Mr. Anders Dyrelund                                                          CEO
Market Director
                                     Mr. Jukka Pertola
                                                                             Mr. Jesper Møller
Mr. Lisbet Creutz                                                            President & CEO
Market Assistant
                                     Mr. Leif Getreuer
                                                                             Ms. Charlotte Blak Møller
Ms. Merete Skibelund                                                         Environmental Manager
                                     Mr. John Finnich Pedersen
                                                                             Mr. Lauritz Rasmussen
                                     Communication Director
Ms. Mette Søs Lassessen                                                      CEO
Head of Group Knowledge Management
                                     Mr. Claus Møller
                                                                             Mr. Christian Pedersen
Mr. Nadeem Niwaz                                                             CEO
                                     Mr. Flemming H. Tomdrup
                                                                             Mr. Bjarne Korshøj
                                     President & CEO
Mr. Søren Holm Johansen                                                      Vice President
President & CEO
                                     Mr. Christian B.S. Christensen
                                                                             Mr. Erland Christensen
Mr. Jes Jensen                                                               Head of Heat Nordic
                                     Mr. Henrik Mortensen
                                                                             Mr. Hans Jørgen Jensen
Mr. Johan Prior Knock                                                        Public Affairs Manager
                                     Mr. Martin Wittrup Hansen
                                                                             Mr. Jørgen Nielsen
Mr. Bo Rygaard                                                               Director Stretegy
Senior Vice President
                                     Mr. Morten Brøgger
                                                    - 102 -

Confederation of Danish Industry*   Mr. Suresh Prabhu                          Ms. Martine Antoinette Maria Ferre
(continued)                         Member of Parliament                       Technical Support
                                    Global Legislators Organisation for a      La via Campesina
                                    Balanced Environment - UK
Mr. Marianne Reedtz Sparrevohn
Director Communications                                                        Mr. Alberto Gomez Flores
                                    Mr. Pramod Chaudhari                       International Coordinating Committee
                                                                               La via Campesina
Mr. Per Ebert
CEO                                 Mr. Roop Salotra
                                                                               Mr. Ibrahima Coulibaly
                                                                               International Coordinating Committee
Mr. Bo Eske Nielsen                 Mr. Rakesh Sarin
                                                                               La via Campesina
Public Affairs
                                    Mr. Raghupathy Sankaran
                                                                               Ms. Juana Ferrer Paredes
Mr. Christian Bækgaard              Administrative Services
                                                                               International Coordinating Committee
CSR & Public Affairs                                                           La via Campesina
                                    Mr. Rajesh Menon
Mr. Henrik Bjerregaard                                                         Mr. Fergal Anderson
CSR & Public Affairs                Confédération paysanne*                    Technical Support
                                                                               European Coordination Via Campesina
Mr. Jørgen Tang-Jensen              Ms. Jocelyne Riffaud
CEO                                 Member of International Coordinating       Ms. Leonida Zurrita Vargas
                                    Committee                                  La via Campesina
Mr. Mette Belling Skov              European Coordination Via Campesina
CSR & Public Affairs                                                           Ms. Itelvina Massioli
                                    Mr. Philippe Collin                        International Coordinating Committee
Mr. Michael Kragh Rasmussen         Spokesperson                               La via Campesina
Director Energy
                                    Mr. Jean-Baptiste Chavannes                Ms. Irmi Salzer
Mr. Kurt Emil Eriksen               Member of the International Coordinating   European Coordination Via Campesina
Busiess Development Manager         Committee
VELUX A/S                           La via Campesina                           Ms. Karin Okonkwo-Klampfe
                                                                               European Coordination Via Campesina
Ms. Ellen Kathrine Hansen           Ms. Claude Girod
Project Manager Active House and                                               Ms. Geumsoon Yoon
Strategic Projects                  Mr. Henry Saragih                          International Coordinating Committee
                                    General Coordinator / Member of            La via Campesina
Mr. Jesper Sand                     International Committee
Director R&D                        La via Campesina                           Ms. Dena Hoff
                                                                               International Coordinating Committee
Mr. Frands Grex                     Mr. Antonio Pacor                          La via Campesina
Director                            Media Team
                                    La via Campesina                           Mr. Javier Sanchez
Confederation of European Paper                                                International Coordinating Committee
                                    Mr. Georges Baroni                         European Coordination Via Campesina

                                    Ms. Bettina Gozzano                        Mr. Renaldo Chingore Joao
Ms. Teresa Presas
                                    Media Team                                 International Coordinating Committee
Managing Director
                                    La via Campesina                           La via Campesina

Mr. Marco Mensink
                                    Mr. Samuel Cole                            Mr. Rafael Pedro Alegria Moncada
Energy and Environment Director
                                    Media Team                                 International Coordinating Committee
                                    La via Campesina                           La via Campesina
Mr. Bernard De Galembert
Forest and Research Director
                                    Ms. Elisha Kartini Tenalema Samon          Ms. Shanta Manavi
                                    La via Campesina                           International Coordinating Committee
Ms. Daniela Haiduc                                                             La via Campesina
Communications and Public Affairs
Manager                             Mr. Boaventura Monjane
                                    Media Coordinator                          Mr. Yudhvir Sing
                                    La via Campesina                           International Coordinating Committee
Confederation of Indian Industry                                               La via Campesina
                                    Ms. Catherine Bescond-Sands
Mr. Jamshyd N Godrej                Technical support                          Ms. Yolanda Areas Blass
                                    European Coordination Via Campesina        International Coordinating Committee
                                                                               La via Campesina
                                                            - 103 -

Confédération paysanne*                     Ms. Clea Paz Rivera                       Mr. Jonah Busch
(continued)                                 Programs Manager                          Post Doctoral Fellow in Economics
                                            Conservation International - Bolivia

Ms. Fatimatou Hima                                                                    Mr. Juan Franco
International Coordinating Committee        Mr. Conrad Savy                           Climate Change Coordinator
La via Campesina                            Biodiversity Analyst                      CI-Mexico

Ms. Alphonsine Nguba                        Mr. Cyril Kormos                          Ms. Kana Yamashita
International Coordinating Committee        Policy Advisor                            Program Coordinator
La via Campesina                                                                      Conservation International - Japan
                                            Ms. Darcy Smith
Ms. Isabelle Delforge                       International Climate Coordinator         Mr. Katrin Olson
Communications Coordinator                                                            Manager Corporate Communications
La via Campesina                            Mr. David Hole
                                            Climate Change Researcher                 Ms. Lilian Spijkerman
Mr. Tejo Pramono                                                                      Senior Director Government Relations
Technical Support                           Mr. David Singh
La via Campesina                            Executive Director                        Ms. Lisa Famolare
                                            Conservation International - Queenstown   Vice President, Guianas Regional
Mr. Andoni Garcia                                                                     Program
                                            Mr. Francois Tron
Consejo Empresario Argentino                Team Leader Province Nord                 Mr. Manuel Oliva
                                            CI New Caledonia                          Director, US Climate Policy
para el Desarrollo Sostenible

                                            Mr. Frank Larsen                          Mr. Manuel Ramirez
Sra. Virginia Vilariño
                                            Research Associate                        Senior Director, Southern Mesoamerica
Scenarios Unit Coordinator
                                                                                      CI - Costa Rica
                                            Mr. Frederick Boltz
Conservation International                  Senior Vice President, Conservation       Mr. Marc Steininger
                                            Srategies and Climate Change              Scientific Director, CABS Regional
Mr. Agustin Silvani                                                                   Analysis
Director, Carbon Finance                    Mr. Free De Koning
                                            Technical Director, Conservation          Mr. Matt Foster
Mr. Alex Peal                               Strategies Unit                           Director, Conservation Outcomes
Country Director                            CI - Ecuador
                                                                                      Mr. Muhammad Farid
Mr. Andrew Rosenberg                        Mr. Haja Rasambainarivo                   Technical Officer, Climate Change and
Senior Vice President, Science and          Senior Field System Engineer, IT          REDD
Knowledge                                                                             CI - Indonesia
                                            Ms. Hannah Campbell
Sr. Angel Parra                             Sen.Manager, Climate Adaption Policy      Mr. Niels Crone
Technical Advisor, Forest Carbon Projects                                             Chief Operating Officer
and REDD Initiatives                        Ms. Ingrid Arias
                                            Technical Coordinator                     Mr. Olaf Zerbock
Ms. Annette Tjonsiefat                      CI- Guatemala                             Manager, Climate Change Projects
Operations Director
CI - Suriname                               Mr. Iwan H Wijayanto                      Sr. Oliver Coroza
                                            Development and Partnership Director      Spatial Analysis and Information Systems
Mr. Ben Vitale                              CI - Indonesia                            Director
Managing Director, Conservation and                                                   Conservation International - Philippines
Community Carbon Fund                       Mr. Jatna Supriatna
                                            Regional Vice President, Indonesia and    Mr. Olivier Langrand
Mr. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez                 Philippines Program                       Senior Vice President, International
Vice President, Conservation Policy         CI - Indonesia                            Government Relations

Ms. Celia Harvey                            Ms. Jennifer McCullough                   Mr. Patrick Manu
Vice President, Global Change and           International Events Manager              Manager IT Help Desk
Ecosystem Services
                                            Ms. Joanna Durbin                         Mr. Peter Seligmann
Ms. Cristina Mittermeier                    Director, Climate Community and           Chairman of the Board and Chief
Senior Director, Strategic Marketing and    Biodiversity Alliance (CBBA)              Executive Officer
Global Communications
                                            Mr. Johnson Hugo Cerda Shiguango          Mr. Pieter Borkent
Mr. Claude Gascon                           Indigenous Advisor
Executive Vice President, Science and                                                 Radhika Dave
Programs                                                                              Manager, Climate Change Adaption
                                                            - 104 -

Conservation International                  Consortium for Trade and                  Ms. Dana Lanza
(continued)                                 Development                               Executive Director
                                                                                      Environmental Grantmakers Foundation

Ms. Rebecca Chacko                          Mr. Linu Mathew Philip
Climate Policy Director                     Executive Director                        Mr. Andrew Bowman
                                                                                      Program Director

Mr. Ricardo Hernandez                       Ms. Divya Sharma
South East Program Director                 Associate Fellow                          Ms. Kathleen Donelly
CI-Mexico                                                                             Prgram Officer

                                            Ms. Jayashree Gopalan
Sr. Ricardo Ulate Chacon                    Programme Officer                         Mr. Marcus Schneider
Asesor Forestal del Despacho/ Advisor,                                                Program Officer
Policy and Economics                                                                  The Energy Foundation
                                            Mr. Anurag Srivastava
Conservationa International - Costa Rica
                                            Programme Coordinator
Ministerio de Ambiente, Energía y                                                     Ms. Rachel Leon
Telecomunicaciones                                                                    Executive Director
                                            Construction, Forestry, Mining
Mr. Rob McNeil                              and Energy Union
                                                                                      Mr. Mark Randazzo
Director, Media Strategy+International                                                Director, Funders Network on Trade and
Outreach                                    Mr. Tony Maher                            Globalization
                                            National President                        Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.*
Mr. Romeo B. Trono
Country Director                            Mr. Peter Colley                          Ms. Melissa Cariño
Conservation International - Philippines    National Research Director                Coordinator
                                            International Trade Union Confederation
Mr. Russell Mittermeier                                                               Mr. D. Chet Tchozewski
President                                   Mr. Michael O'Connor                      President
                                            National Secretary
Ms. Sarshen Marais                                                                    Mr. Joshua Stanbro
Coordinator                                 Mr. Robert Smith                          Program Director
Climate Action Partenrship - South Africa   Advisor
                                                                                      Mr. Deb Callahan
Mr. Steve Panfil                            Consultative Group on Biological          President
Senior Manager
Climate, Community and Biodiversity
Alliance                                                                              Mr. Jonathan Cracknell
                                            Ms. Paige Brown                           Friends of the Earth International
Mr. Thomas Brooks
                                            Climate and Energy Funders Group          Ms. Harriet Williams
Vice President, Conservation Priorities
and Responses                                                                         Deputy Director
                                            Ms. Kathleen Welch
                                            Advisor                                   Mr. James Jubelirer
Mr. William Liao
                                            Pew Charitable Trust Program              President
Vice President
                                            Ms. Elizabeth Ann Renstrom                Mr. Bing Gong
                                            Director                                  Trustee
Mr. Yasushi Hibi
Country Director
Conservation International - Japan          Mr. Robert Perkowitz                      Ms. Eleanore Despina
                                            Director of Renstrom-Perkowitz Social
Ms. Yoji Natori                                                                       Ms. Beatrice Schell
                                            Renstrom-Perkowitz Social Investing &
Program Associate                                                                     Programme Officer
                                            Bonwood Foundation
                                                                                      Oak Philanthropy Limited
Mr. Carlos Rodriguez
                                            Mr. Gleb Raygorodetsky
Director Highlands Guatemala and                                                      Mr. Leonardo Lacerda
                                            Global Program Officer
Mexico                                                                                Environment Programme Director
                                            The Christensen Fund
CI-Guatemala                                                                          Oak Philanthropy Limited
                                            Mr. Jeffrey Campbell
Ms. Jennifer Morris                                                                   Mr. Kristian Parker
                                            Senior Program Officer
Senior Vice President, Ecosystem Finance
                                            Ford Foundation
                                                                                      Ms. Leslie Anne Harroun
Mr. Stavros Papageorgiou
                                            Ms. Elisabeth Taylor
Manager, Forest Carbon Projects
                                            Trustee                                   Ms. Nancy Youman
                                            Town Creek Foundation                     Deputy Director
Conservation Law Foundation                                                           Open Society Institute

Ms. Jennifer W. Grimm                                                                 Ms. Astrid Kann-Rasmussen
                                                       - 105 -

Consultative Group on Biological      Ms. Maherunesa Khandaker                  Ms. Mette Boye
Diversity (continued)
                                      Ms. Jaiok Kim                             Mr. Mikael Stenvang
Mr. Hans Kann Rasmussen
                                      Mr. Vokyung Song                          Ms. Sofie Krogh Holm
Ms. Julie Kann Wilson
Trustee                               Ms. Suhhae Lee                            Mr. Thomas Faergeman
V.Kann Rasmussen Foundation

                                      Mr. Piarapakaran Subramaniam              Mr. Samuel J Ochieng
Ms. Anne-Margrethe Ogstrup-Pedersen

                                      Ms. Lim Shok Hong                         Mr. Dorcas Wangechi Kamunya
Mr. Kristian Kann-Rasmussen

                                      Mr. Hagbe Matipa Serge Olivier Stephane   Ms. Johanna Witt
Ms. Irene Krarup
Associate Director
V.Kann Rasmussen Foundation           Mr. Muyunda Ililonga                      Cooperation Internationale pour le
                                                                                Developement et la Solidarite
Ms. Lois Smith Porter                 Ms. Monika Büning
                                                                                Mr. Jeffrey A. Sayer
                                      Ms. Christina Denz                        Director General
Mr. Stephen Colwell
                                                                                Center for International Forestry Research

Ms. Sarah Christiansen                Ms. Julia Balz
                                                                                Mr. Tiago Tavares

Ms. Sonja Swift                       Mr. Claus Jørgensen
                                                                                Ms. Nicole Piepenbrink
Environmental Defense Fund
                                      Mr. Niels Vagn Jelsøe                     MISEREOR, German Catholic Bishops'
Ms. Karen Swift                                                                 Organisation for Development
Consultant                            Ms. Benedicte Federspiel                  Cooperation*
Environmental Defense Fund

                                      Ms. Anne Skjerning                        Ms. Barbara Wiegard
Mr. Richard Mott
Vice President
                                      Mr. Bent Bøkman                           Mr. Valentine Morgan
Living Planet Campaign
                                      Ms. Camilla Udsen                         Mr. Chris Hegarty
                                                                                Advocacy Manager
Ms. Suzanne Biegel
                                                                                Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund
                                      Ms. Dea Forschhammer
Consumer Unity and Trust Society                                                Ms. Lexi Barnett
                                      Ms. Helene Flethøj Nottelmann
Mr. Atul Kaushik                                                                Mr. Andreas Lustenberger
Director                              Mr. Henrik T. Lund
                                                                                Ms. Alice Mary Higgins
Mr. Rashid S. Kaukab                  Mr. Jeppe Juul
                                                                                Ms. Josefa Molitor-Ruckenbauer
Consumers International*              Mr. Klaus Melvin Jensen                   Campaign Coordinator
                                                                                Coordination Office of the Austrian
Mr. Rasmus Kjeldahl                   Ms. Lis Hornø                             Episcopal Conference for International
Executive Director                                                              Development and Mission

                                      Ms. Lise Lybeck Sørensen
Ms. Ruth Golding                                                                Mr. Karel Clementine Malfliet

                                      Ms. Louise Rohde
Mr. Bjarne Pedersen                                                             Ms. Niamh Anne Garvey
Director of Operations                                                          Policy Officer, Environmental Justice
                                      Ms. Lærke Cecilie Lindegard               Trócaire

Mr. Joost Martens
Director General                      Ms. Maria Stove Romdal                    Ms. Rachel Lamb

Ms. Nicole Channer                    Ms. Marianne Søndergaard                  Mr. Stephen Mutiso

Mr. Justin Macmullan                  Mr. Martin Kaag                           Ms. Rowan Popplewell
                                                                                Policy Analyst
                                      Mr. Martin Lidegaard                      Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund
Mr. Luke Upchurch
                                                              - 106 -

Cooperation Internationale pour le          Ms. Lucy Hurn                             Ms. Anika Schroeder
Developement et la Solidarite               Campaigns Officer                         Policy Officer, Climate Change
(continued)                                 Catholic Fund for Overseas Development
                                                                                      Mr. Ever Mario Choquehuanca Callisaya
Mr. Jan Paul A Dessein                      Mr. Marcus Bernardo Nordgren
                                                                                      Ms. Lucy Anne Kearney
Ms. Alberta Guerra                          Ms. Maria Elena Arana                     Producer/Editor
                                                                                      Associated Press Television News -
Ms. Catherine Ginty                         Ms. Maria Sol Oyuela
                                            Policy Analyst, Climate Change
                                            Catholic Fund for Overseas Development    Ms. Mathilde Dupre
Ms. Katlijn Jeanne Hubert
                                            Ms. Orla Quinn                            Coordinadora de Organizaciones
Mr. Luca Francesco Basile                                                             de Agricutores y Ganaderos*
Expert on Poverty and Climate Change
Volontari nel mondo - FOCSIV                Mr. Ramiro Galindo Chavez
                                                                                      Sr. Andoni Garcìa Arrìola
                                            Ms. Sophie Bradley                        Comision Ejecutiva
Mr. Marco Antonio Gordillo Zamora
Campaign Coordinator
Manos Unidas                                Ms. Umme Kulsum                           Mr. Jose Luis Iranzo Alquezar

Ms. Marije Ivonne Broekhuijsen              Ms. Agnes Kithikii                        Coordinating Body of Indigenous
Climate Policy Officer                      Programme Officer, East Africa Disaster   Organizations of the Amazon Basin
CORDAID                                     Risk
                                                                                      Mr. Diego Ivan Escobar Guzman
Ms. Janine Nelida De Vries                  Mr. Bernd Nilles                          Coordinator, Territories, Environment and
                                            Secretary General                         Biodiversity
Ms. Kamil Sasja
                                            Ms. Astrid Schwietering                   Ms. Rosa Alvarado
Ms. Petronella Josephina Valerie Kierkels                                             Vice Coordinator
                                            Ms. Cliona Elizabeth Sharkey
Mr. Sergio Marelli                          Advocacy and Policy Officer               Mr. Omar Quiroga Antelo

Ms. Celia Evangelina Deane-Drumond          Mr. René Grotenhis                        Mr. Jose Valentin Muiba Guaji

Mr. Justin Kilkullen                        Mr. Antoine Malafosse
                                                                                      Mr. Juan Carlos Jintiach Arcos
                                                                                      Executive Co-director
Mr. Chirstopher Derek Bain                  Ms. Safia Abdi Dima
                                                                                      Amazon Alliance

Ms. Christina Luise Kelling                 Mr. Rafael Arcangel Quispe Flores
                                                                                      Mr. Melba Hurtado
Assistant Campaigns Intern
Catholic Fund for Overseas Development      Mr. Ever Mario Choquehuanca Callisaya
                                                                                      Mr. Victor Hugo Vela
Ms. Ciara Kirrane                           Mr. Alivio Aruquipa Lazo                  Confederación de Pueblos Indígenas de
Mr. Christian Gaston Dominguez Noco         Mr. Sylvester Christopher Madzova
                                                                                      Ms. Sonia Bone Guajajara Guajajara
Mr. Dario Kenner                            Ms. Clare Oliver
Programme Administrator                                                               Mr. Lucio Paiva Flores
Catholic Fund for Overseas Development
                                            Mr. Paul Jewell
                                                                                      Mr. Jorge Gabriel Furagaro
Ms. Elizabeth Peredo Beltrán                                                          President
Directora Ejecutiva                         Ms. Anuja Manoharan                       Organizacón de Pueblos Indigenas de la
Fundación Solón                             Visual Communications Officer             Amazonía Colombiana

Mr. Felix Laime Poma                        Ms. Christine Eberlein                    Mr. Leonardo Caicedo Portura

Ms. Katherine Harris                        Ms. Livia Alvarez                         Mr. Pepe Acacho

Mr. Kevin William McCullough                Ms. Maria del Pilar Seidel                Mr. Tito Puanchir
                                            Communication Manager                     Coordinatón de las Nacionalidades
                                            Manos Unidas                              Indigenas da la Amazonia Ecuatoriana
Ms. Elizabeth Leila Gallagher
Policy Research, Environment
Catholic Fund for Overseas Development      Ms. Gráinne Delaney                       Ms. Blanca Grefa
                                                            - 107 -

Coordinating Body of Indigenous           Ms. Lara Skinner                            Ms. Bente Danielsen
Organizations of the Amazon Basin         Cornell University
(continued)                               International Trade Union Confederation
                                                                                      Ms. Edith Hofer

Mr. Jhon Wajai                            Mr. Sean Sweeney
                                                                                      Ms. Anna Carlsson
                                          Cornell University
                                          International Trade Union Confederation
Mr. Nardo Aloema                                                                      Mr. Johan Carlsson
                                          Mr. Tom Van Haaran
Mr. Max Off                               Cornell University                          Mr. Lennart Göhl
                                          International Trade Union Confederation
Mr. Charles Auberic                                                                   Ms. Gunilla Åbrandt
                                          Corporación Grupo Tayrona*
Ms. Joycelyn Theresse                                                                 Ms. Dace Bite
                                          Mr. Juan Diego Valenuela
Ms. Ninfa Tividor                                                                     Ms. Katerina Sardi
                                          Mr. Juan Pablo Castro Morales
Ms. Natalia Green                                                                     Ms. Maxine Frerk
                                          Ms. Anantha Prasad
Mr. Henderson Regifo                                                                  Ms. Sarah Harrison
                                          Ms. Tamilla Khalilova
Mr. Luis Alberto Lopez Jamioy                                                         Ms. Sarah Samuel
                                          Mr. Thomas Martin Andersson
Mr. Jamioy Juajibioy                                                                  Mr. Martin Crouch
                                          Mr. Jean-Maire Emmanuel Fürbringer
Cornell University                                                                    Mr. Luca Lo Schiavo
                                          Corporate Europe Observatory
Mr. Samuel Bell                           Foundation*                                 Mr. Tahir Kapetanovich

Mr. Johannes Lehmann                      Mr. Georgios Vassalos                       Mr. David Halldearn
Associate Professor Crop and Soil         Researcher
                                                                                      Mr. Walter Boltz
                                          Ms. Nina Holland
Mr. Antonio Bento
                                                                                      Mr. Koen Locquet
                                          Mr. Martin Pigeon
Ms. Jennifer Leigh Hadden
                                                                                      Mr. Angel Semerdjiev
                                          Mr. Jens Clausen
Mr. Joel Laundry
                                                                                      Mr. Stelios Petrides
                                          Ms. Jessica Wallace
Mr. Benjamin Leard
                                                                                      Mr. Josef Firt
Nordic Council of Ministers               Ms. Zoï Dethier
                                                                                      Mr. Blahoslav Nemecek
Mr. Benjamin Ho
                                          Council of European Energy
                                          Regulators*                                 Mr. Finn Dehlbaek
Mr. Corey Lang
                                          Ms. Michela Beltracchi
                                                                                      Mr. Märt Ots
Mr. Chuck Green                           European Policy Coordinator

                                                                                      Ms. Asta Sihvonen-Punkka
Mr. Ying Hua                              Ms. Lucia Passamonti

                                                                                      Mr. Philippe de Ladoucette
Ms. Jocelyn Rose                          Mr. Petru Lificiu
                                          Chamber of Deputies,Committee for
                                          Public Administration Terrtorial Planning   Mr. Johannes Kindler
Mr. Joseph Bernado
                                          and Ecological Balance
                                          Parliament of Romania
                                                                                      Mr. George Koutzoukos
Mr. Oliver Gao
                                          Ms. Adriana Baz
                                                                                      Mr. Philippe Raillon
Mr. Jill Kubit
                                          Ms. Claude-Albane Swanson
                                                                                      Ms. Patricia de-Suzzoni
Mr. Sarah Edelson
International Trade Union Confederation
                                          Mr. Nicolas Paree
                                                                                      Mr. Michael Thomadakis
                                              - 108 -

Council of European Energy   Ms. Zsuzsanna Szeles                      Ms. Rikke Lundsgaard
Regulators* (continued)
                             Mr. Ester Tucekova                        Ms. Susanne Ogstrup
Mr. Zoltán Matos
                             Ms. Jean-Michael Glachant                 Ms. Ella Maria Bisschop-Larsen
Mr. István Pataki
                             Council on Foreign Relations*             Mr. René La Cour Sell
Mr. Gudni Johannesson
                             Mr. Michael A. Levi                       Mr. Anders Danielsen
Mr. Michael G Tutty          Senior Fellow
                                                                       Mr. Gustav Brade Johansen
Mr. Alessandro Ortis         Mr. George Pataki
                                                                       Mr. Merian Skouw-Rasmussen
Mr. Carlo Crea               Mr. Jagdish Bhagwati
                                                                       Mr. Tine Gjerlov Pedersen
Ms. Valentina Andrejeva      Ms. Katherine Michonski
                                                                       Mr. Claus Skovhus
Mr. Ainars Mengelsons        CropLife International*
                                                                       Ms. Eva Frydensberg Holm
Mr. Virgilijus Poderys       Ms. Isabelle Coche
                             Communications Researcher                 Ms. Jette Hagensen
Ms. Odette Wagener
                             Mr. Aaron Smethurst                       Ms. Lene Skafte Bestmann
Mr. Jacques Prost
                             Mr. Siang Hee Tan                         Eva Vibeke Aerø Hansen
Mr. Austin Walker
                             Dalhousie University - Marine and         Mr. Leif Bach Jorgensen
Mr. Peter Plug               Environmental Law Institute
                                                                       Mr. Ole Leinikka Dall
Mr. Robert Spencer           Mr. Meinhard Doelle
                             Head of Delegation, Associate Professor
                                                                       Mr. Soren Dyck-Madsen
                             and Director
Ms. Marit Fossdal                                                      Energy and Climate Officer
                             Marine&Environmental Law Institute
                                                                       The Danish Ecological Council

Ms. Anne Doennem             Danish 92 Group - Forum for               Mr. Aslak Kjærulff
                             Sustainable Development
Mr. Mariusz Swora
                                                                       Mr. Christian Ege
                             Mr. Troels Dam Christensen
Ms. Halina Bownik-Trymucha   Coordinator
                                                                       Ms. Susanne Bruun Jakobsen

Mr. José Braz                Mr. Peter Andreas Klenow With
                             Climate Project Coordinator               Ms. Anne-Mette Wehmüller

Ms. Natasa Hudcovicova
                             Ms. Dorthe Bach Egemose Agger             Asbjørn Wejdling
                             Climate Project Officer
Mr. Marko Sencar
                                                                       Ms. Jette Kragh
                             Ms. Janne Foghmar
Mr. Rafael Gomez Elvira
                                                                       Mr. Torleif Jonasson
                             Ms. Rikke Roerup
Mr. José Sierra              Assistant Coordinator                     Mr. Morten Thulstrup

Ms. Yvonne Fredriksson       Tarjei Haaland                            Dorte Munch

Mr. John Mogg                Ms. Janne Wichard Petersen
President                                                              Mr. Karsten Fledelius

                             Mr. Christian Søren Poll                  Ms. Christine Stilling Jessen
Ms. Fay Geitona
Secretary General
                             Mr. Jens La Cour                          Ms. Pernille Lausen Hansen
Ms. Natalie McCoy
                             Sine Beuse Fauerby                        Mr. Henrik Docker
Ms. Una Shortall
                                                   - 109 -

Danish 92 Group - Forum for      Mr. John Ndebele                     Mr. Kai Arne Armann
Sustainable Development
(continued)                      Ms. Benadette Kodili Chandia         Mr. Jens Galschiøt

Mr. Lave K. Broch                Mr. Signe Mørk Sørensen              Lasse Marcus

Mr. Nils Brøgger Jakobsen        Ms. Sarah Gabriella Viktoria Zaken   Ms. Franziska Oswald
Campaign Coordinator
ActionAid International
                                 Ms. Nina Maria Klok                  Mr. Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen

Mr. Frans Mikael Jansen
General Secretary                Mr. Vibe Jensen                      Sanne Dahlbom
ActionAid International
                                 Ms. Liv Maria Detlif                 Ms. Helene Gjerding
Ms. Kirsten Hjornholm Sorensen
Policy Officer                   Trine Petrou Mach                    Vagn Berthelsen
ActionAid Denmark
ActionAid International
                                 Ms. Henriette Winther                Ms. Marie Bohn Olsen

Ms. Birthe Hald
                                 Ms. Mama Koite                       Mr. Henrik Jøhnk Hess

Mr. Marc Woodall
                                 Ms. Kongo Baba                       Mr. Andreas Guttorm Thomsen
                                 Vice-chair of FEMNET-Mali
Ms. Nanna Brendholdt Thomsen     African Women's Development and
                                                                      Ms. Sara Høyer Kragelund
                                 Communications Network-Mali
Mr. Bjørn Hansen
                                                                      Ms. Sarah Johansen
                                 Ms. Maria Glinvad
Mr. Rune Baastrup                Climate Officer
                                 KULU - Women and Development         Ms. Emilie Sofie Frank

Mr. Martin Jensen
                                 Ms. Janice Goodson Førde             Ms. Cecilie Tellefsen

Mr. Malthe Warnburg
                                 Ms. Anne-Lee Grundtworm              Ms. Nina Thøgersen

Ms. Maja Marjun Andersen
                                 Ms. Filomenita Hogsholm              Ms. Mette Mie Skaarup

Mr. Dominique Walubengou
                                 Ms. Martha Salazar                   Ms. Lise Schou Noergaard
                                 Climate Officer
Ms. Gladys Nabiswa               Kulu-Women and Development
                                                                      Ms. Ann-Sofi Olsen

Mr. Nuria Golo Halake            Ms. Karen Rald
                                                                      Ms. Tasia Spangsberg

Mr. Philip Mrema                 Mr. Tove Krag
                                                                      Ms. Connie Yilmaz Jantzen

Mr. Falguni Guharay              Ms. Lene Pind
                                                                      Mr. Morten Emil Hansen

Ms. Esther Diana                 Ms. Louise Larsen
                                                                      Ms. Lene Ejg Jarbøl

Mr. Adrian Nzamba                Ms. Sara Nicolaisen
                                                                      Ms. Lisbeth Engbo Hansen

Ms. Joyce Josephat Anjiri        Ms. Annemarie Balle
                                                                      Ms. Maia Kahlke Lorentzen

Ms. Edith January                Ms. Britta Poulsen
                                                                      Ms. Elsebeth Gravgaard

Mr. Albert Mwesigwa              Ms. Louise Albers
                                                                      Mr. Erling Pedersen

Ms. Martina Aloo Ooko            Mr. Helle Nielsen
                                                                      Mr. Antonio Ruìs

Mr. Peter Kalule                 Ms. Amalie Lundsteen
                                                                      Ms. Suzanne Maria Maas

Mr. Mitchelle Magero             Mr. Lars Myrthu-Nielsen
                                                     - 110 -

Danish 92 Group - Forum for          Mr. Christian Tanggaard Ingemann     Mr. Ove Holm
Sustainable Development              Director                             Consultant
                                     Mr. Erik Ostergaard                  Mr. Per Klavsen
Ms. Rebecca Bolt Ettlinger           CEO                                  CEO
Climate Policy Worker
Nepenthes                            Fritjof Lind                         Mr. Soren Espersen
                                     Public Sector Director               Director
Ms. Ditte Steffensen
                                     Mr. Henrik Sorensen                  Mr. Steffen Luders
Mr. Jens Kanstrup                    Public Sector Director               CEO

Mr. Kristian Jørgensen               Mr. Jan Boesen Olsen                 Mr. Torben Benders
                                     Chairman                             Managing Partner

Mr. Jakob Ryding
                                     Mr. Jan H. Nielsen                   Danish Society of Engineers*
Ms. Marie-Anne Christoffersen
                                     Mr. Jens F. Kofoed                   Ms. Pernille Hagedoru-Rasmussen
                                     Managing Director & Senior Partner   Advisory Officer
Aviaja Hauptmann
                                     Mr. Jens Klarskov                    Mr. Bjarke Fonnesbbech
Mr. Andreas Jørgensen                CEO
                                                                          Mr. Lars Bytoft
Ms. Maren Eva Maria Rosa Urban       Mr. Jesper Kofoed
                                     Senior Partner
                                                                          Mr. Ib Oustrup
Ms. Sarah Bolt Ettlinger                                                  CEO
                                     Ms. Katia Knipschildt Ostergaard
Bjarne Andreasen                     Director
                                                                          Ms. Jette Lund Sørensen

Mr. Hans Peter Dejgaard Kristensen   Mr. Lauritz Ronn
                                     Director                             Ms. Lone Retoft

Mr. Hans-Otto Sano                                                        Ms. Lisbeth Andersen
                                     Ms. Linda Jakobsen
                                     Chief Consultant
Ms. Lone Christiansen                                                     Mr. Per Klok
                                     Ms. Lisbeth Hagelund
Mads Thau Loftager                   Consultant                           Mr. Fin Krogh Jørgensen

Yanfang Zhou                         Ms. Lisbeth Kieme                    Mr. Ulrik Frandsen

Tianlan Ma                           Mr. Magnus Sonnorp                   Mr. Ole Haun
Ancheng Liu                                                               Mr. Peter Mose
                                     Mr. Martin Aabak
Canfa Wang                                                                Mr. Andreas Vig Lannov

                                     Mr. Martin Delfer
Jiaru Hou                                                                 Ms. Marit Stykket

Ms. Lise Bjørg Pedersen                                                   Mr. Tone Tønnesen
                                     Ms. Mette Baden
Loa Bendix                                                                Mr. Trond Markussen
                                     Ms. Mette Laursen
Ms. Lotte Ruby                       CEO                                  Mr. Andrew Webster

Danish Chamber of Commerce*          Mr. Michael Rugaard                  Mr. Michael Simonsen
                                     Industrial Policy Manager
Mr. Allan Fatum                                                           Ms. Rita Susan Congera
                                     Mr. Michael Thygesen
Mr. Anders Heede                                                          Mr. Timothy Andrew Fox
                                     Mr. Morten Bangsgaard
Mr. Christian Kurt Nielsen
                                                      - 111 -

Danish Wind Industry               Mr. Carsten Sass Husum             Mr. Søren Paaskesen
Association*                       Head of Projects                   Project Manager

Mr. Jan Serup Hylleberg            Mr. Henrik Rosenberg               Mr. Martin Christensen
Chief Executive Officer- CEO       Head of Projects                   Director

Mr. Kaj Lindvig                    Mr. Jarle Nedkvitne                Mr. Per Sønderiis
CSO                                Project Manager                    Global Sales Manager Wind Energy
                                   Mr. Tom Axelsen                    Mr. Per Sønderriis
Mr. Jens Frederik Hansen           Project Manager                    Global Sales Manager Wind Energy
CEO                                                                   Danfoss A/S
A2SEA                              Ms. Helena Segerberg
                                   Project Manager                    Mr. Hans Peter Jespersen
Mr. Hans Schneider                                                    Business development manager
COO                                Mr. Peter Calmar Hansen
A2SEA                              Project Manager                    Mr. Thomas Knudsen
                                                                      Section Manager
Mr. Claus Madsen                   Mr. Svend Aage Hjortdam
CEO                                Project Engineer                   Mr. Michael Tønnes
Office in Denmark                                                     Senior Director Power Stacks
ABB Group - Automation and Power
Technologies                       Mr. Ørn I. Björgvinsson
                                   Project Engineer                   Mr. Bruno Lund Pedersen
                                                                      Senior Director Wind Power
Mr. Niels Immerkjær
Managing Director                  Mr. Arnar M. Loftsson
                                   Project Engineer                   Mr. Torben Aarris
                                                                      Country Manager
Mr. Niels Koldsø
Managing Partner                   Mr. Bent Stubkjær
Actua Aps                          Director                           Ms. Dorte Burin Møller
                                                                      Senior Advisor
Mr. Helge Jensen                   Mr. Frode Birk Nielsen
SW Developer / Partner             Partner                            Mr. Anders Mika Dalegaard
Actua ApS                                                             Advisor
                                   Ms. Michelle Nielsen-Dharmaratne
Mr. Jesper Laage Kjeldsen          BirkNielsen tegnestue              Ms. Hanne Jersild
Lawyer                                                                Senior Advisor
Advokat-aktieselskabet BORCH       Ms. Emma Hessner
                                   BirkNielsen tegnestue              Mr. Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen
Ms. Birgitte Stougaard Madsen                                         Head of Press
Senior Underwriter                 Mr. Lars Blicher
                                   CEO                                Ms. Karina Lindvig
Mr. Erik Skovgaard Nielsen                                            Advisor
Vice Director                      Ms. Rikke V. Stoltz Landi
                                   Director Business Development      Mr. Peter Alexandersen
Mr. Tom Weiling                                                       Advisor
Managing Director                  Mr. Birger T. Madsen
                                   Director                           Ms. Mette Rye Andersen
Mr. Henrik Krabbe                                                     Advisor
Chairman                           Mr. Feng Zhao
                                   Consultant                         Ms. Marie-Louise Hammer Marker
Mr. Henrik Vendelbo                                                   Advisor
Head of Sales                      Mr. Peter Balleby
                                   Industry Manager                   Mr. Diogo Nóbrega
Mr. Daniel Mortensen                                                  Advisor
CEO                                Ms. JingJing Ma
                                   Senior Project Manager             Mr. Niklas Snekloth Kongsgaard
Mr. Martin Frederiksen                                                Advisor
Advisor                            Mr. Paw Cortes
                                   CEO                                Ms. Jeanette Sevelsted
Mr. Flemming Alber                                                    PA
Advisor                            Mr. Flemming Larsen
                                   Manager consulting and sales       Mr. Jakob Lau Holst
Mr. Henrik Jensen                                                     Chief Operating Officer
Managing Director
                                                - 112 -

Danish Wind Industry            Mr. Jesper T. Kjelds                 Ms. Tilde Frostholm
Association* (continued)        Head of marketing                    Executive Assistant

Ms. Rosa Andersen               Mr. Michael macdonald Arnskov        Mr. Henning Pedersen
Advisor                         Marketing coordinator                Office Manager

Mr. Sune Strøm                  Ms. Tove Feld                        Mr. Poul Lind
Economist                       Country Manager                      CEO

Mr. Steen Broust Nielsen        Mr. Kasper kjøller Lou               Mr. John Hansen
Advisor                         Manger                               Director

Mr. Asbjørn Bjerre              Mr. Morten Sommer                    Mr. Kristoffer Sandberg
Managing Director               Project Manager                      Deputy Director

Mr. Henrik Skotte               Mr. Michael Østergaard               Mr. Thomas Gaardbo
                                Economist                            CEO

Mr. Kristian Jakobsen
                                Ms. Fabiana Hartkorn Giraldi         Mr. Ole Dinesen
                                Communication consultant             Production Engineer
Mr. Hans Chr. Sørensen
                                Mr. Kim Bertelsen                    Mr. Tom Larsen
Mr. Ole Bak Nielsen             Managing Director                    Director

Mr. Anker Nielsen               Mr. Søren Find Madsen                Ms. Nina Skovby lundkvist
                                Technical Director                   Project Manager
Mr. Niels Jørgen Madsen
                                Mr. Peter Jørgensen                  Mr. Tommy Gundelund Jespersen
Mr. Lars Knudsen                                                     Managing Director
                                Ms. Dorthe Vinther
Mr. Linette Riis                Development Director                 Mr. Peter Nielsen
                                                                     Sales Director

Mr. Jørn Larsen                 Mr. Per Lund
                                Chief of system development          Mr. Claus Hoffmann
                                                                     Managing Director
Ms. Rikke Berg
Business sector Manager         Mr. Ole Ingrisch
                                Mangaging Director                   Mr. Per Fenger
Mr. Richard Thomsen
Managing Director               Mr. Søren Clemmensen
                                Sales & Marketing Director           Ms. Maria Fenger
Mr. Søren Rasmussen
Business Development Manager    Mr. Henrik Monefeldt
                                Sales Manager                        Ms. Lone Granzow Andersen
                                                                     LM Glasfiber
Mr. Mikael Pedersen
Business Development Manager    Mr. Marcin Daraz
                                Prject Manager                       Ms. Lene Mi Ran Christensen
                                                                     LM Glasfiber
Mr. Karsten Havnø
Management Director             Mr. Glenn Aagesen
                                General Manager                      Mr. Richard Andrew Bevan
                                                                     LM Glasfiber
Mr. Jacob Høst Madsen
Director                        Mr. Niels Kåre Bruun
                                Vice President of Force Technology   Mr. Roland Sunden
Mr. Jørn Rasmussen
Director                        Mr. Mads-Ole Astrupgaard
                                CEO                                  Mr. Ian Telford
Mr. Jørgen Erik Larsen
Head of department              Mr. Wren Aigaki-Lander
                                Proeject Consultant                  Mr. Jørgen Gade
Mr. Henrik Kofoed-Hansen
Head of department              Mr. Olaf Petzschmann
                                Project Consultant                   Mr. Ian Gow
Mr. Erik Damgaard Christensen
Head of innovations             Mr. Luke Miller
                                Project Consultant
                                              - 113 -

Danish Wind Industry        Mr. Johan Vedel                   Ms. Lone Tikkanen
Association* (continued)    Head of Communication             Parker Hannifin Danmark

Mr. Michael Hakes                                             Mr. Dheeraj Choudhary
Management                  Ms. Lene Straarup Skygebjerg      Global business Unit market Re. energy

Mr. Randall Hoeflein                                          Mr. Brian Lumby
Management                  Mr. Torben Chrintz                Product manager
                            Head of climate

Mr. Frank V. Nielsen                                          Mr. Per Andersen
Management                  Mr. Kasper Dam Mikkelsen          Product Manager
                            Project manager

Mr. Roman Thomassin                                           Mr. Henning O. Lippert
Management                  Ms. Anne Seth Madsen              Product Manager
                            Project manager

Mr. Søren Høffer                                              Mr. Jan Rose Andresen
Management                  Ms. Louise Laumann Kjaer          Key Account Manager
                            Project manager

Mr. Jens Brylle                                               Mr. Christian Halskov Sauer
Sales & Marketing           Mr. Jonas Valdimarsson            Lawyer
                            Project manager

Mr. Michael Fenger                                            Mr. Thomas Bjørn Roldskov
Sales & Marketing           Mr. Jens Christian Riise          Lawyer
                            Project manager

Mr. Rasmus Christensen                                        Mr. Anton Flou
Sales & Marketing           Mr. Claus Jorgensen               Lead Investigation & Safety Organization
                            International Chief region Asia   Coordinator

Mr. Søren Kristensen
Sales & Marketing           Mr. Claus Jørgensen               Mr. Henning Kruse
                            International Chief Region Asia   Manager, International Relations
Ms. Helle Larsen Andersen
Communications                                                Ms. Tanja Thorsteinsson
                            Ms. Jane Bech Larsen
                            Project manager agriculture
Mr. Jorge R. Alvarez                                          Mr. Jesper Øhlenschlæger
LM Glasfiber                                                  CEO
                            Ms. Barbara Louise Bech
                            Project manager climate
Mr. Michael Schäfer                                           Mr. Niels Brix
LM Glasfiber                                                  Vice President, Business Development
                            Mr. Carsten Wengel
Ms. Celia Sun                                                 Mr. Steen Kaasgaard
Chief Executive                                               CEO
                            Mr. Claus Madsen
Ms. Tian Tian                                                 Mr. Claus Sejrsen
Business Analysist                                            Managing Director
                            Mr. Erik Fogt
Mr. Leon Kong                                                 Mr. Lars Ellyt
MAKE Consulting                                               International Sales Engineer
                            Ms. Martina Köhn
Mr. Kelly Langkilde                                           Ms. Yvonne Küttemann
Managing Director                                             Marketing Manager
                            Mr. Kristian Maansson
                            Project manager
Mr. Lars Boye Mortensen                                       Mr. Tulsi Tanti
Head of Division
                            Mr. Kristian Månsson
                                                              Mr. Sumant Sinha
                            Project Manager
Mr. Søren A. Nielsen                                          COO
Project Chief
                            Mr. Poul Rønholt
                                                              Mr. Chintan N. Shah
Mr. Erik C. Wormslev                                          Head, Strategic Business Development
Head of development
                            Mr. Martin Impgaard
                                                              Ishwar Hegde
                            Project Manager
Mr. Johan Vedek                                               Chief Economist
Head of communication
                            Mr. Iver Møller
                                                              Mr. Peter Stabell
                            Proejct Manager
Mr. Eric C. Wormslev                                          Head of legal
                                                  - 114 -

Danish Wind Industry             Mr. Rune Thode Nielsen                      David Suzuki Foundation
Association* (continued)
                                 Mr. Padley Bock                             Mr. Dale Timothy Marshall
Mr. Tomas Kjaer Andersen                                                     Climate Change Policy Analyst
VP Project Development           Ms. Monique Mouton
                                                                             Mr. James Hoggan
Mr. Ali Mustaq Butt              Mr. Jonathan Wilsnach                       Chair

Mr. Mo Siddiqui                  Ms. Maria del Rosario Torres Berruecos      Ms. Kristen Ostling
Sales Manager                                                                Climate Change & Energy Policy
                                                                             Communications Specialist
                                 Ms. Thalia Viveros Uehara
Mr. Erik Winther Pedersen
CEO                                                                          Mr. Ian Bruce
                                 Mr. Zair Dominique Trinidad                 Climate Change Campaigner
Mr. Jørgen Højstrup
Head Global Wind & Site          Mr. Abdullah A.S.A. Mohammed                Demand Response and Smart Grid
Mr. Claus Andersen               Mr. Adel A.M.E.S. Aldegisham
CEO, Sales                                                                   Mr. Dan Delurey
                                 Ms. Hanen Kallel
Ms. Tanja Middelhede                                                         Mr. Justin Baird
Marketing Coordinator            Dartmouth College*
                                                                             Mr. Charles Baron
Ms. Tina Raekby Pedersen
                                 Ms. Patricia A. Palmiotto
Marketing Manager
                                 Director, Allwin Initiative for Corporate   Mr. Dan Berlin
Mr. Flemming Reinholdt
VP Sales                                                                     Mr. Hiram (Ward) Camp
                                 Ms. Anant Sundaram
                                 Professor, Tuck School of Business
Mr. Frank Stuhr Petersen                                                     Mr. Rick Counihan
                                 Mr. Bennett P. Collier
                                 Student, Tuck School of Business            Mr. Mike Gordon
Mr. Niels Peter Kjeldahl
Flight Chief                                                                 Mr. Noel Gorelick
                                 Mr. Adam DeRosier
                                 Student, Tuck School of Business
Mr. Nicki Winther Pløk                                                       Mr. Matt Hancher
Safety Management Manager
                                 Mr. Itamar Goldminz
                                 Student, Tuck School of Business            Mr. John Harris
Ms. Vibeke Olesen
Project Manager
                                 Mr. Prashant Hedge                          Ms. Ginny Hunt
                                 Student, Tuck School of Business
Mr. Arne Rahbek
Communication Consultant                                                     Mr. Vsevolod Ilyushchenko
                                 Mr. Frank Madden
                                 Student, Tuck School of Business
Mr. Peter Møller                                                             Ms. Chelle Izzi
                                 Mr. Stephen L. Parks
                                 Student, Tuck School of Business            Ms. Amy Jarvis
Danish Youth Association of
Science*                         Mr. Manoj Sahoo                             Ms. Tanya Keen
                                 Student, Tuck School of Business
Mr. Rune Joachim Clausen                                                     Ms. Sandra Kreis
                                 Mr. Karl A. Reichstetter
Ms. Diana Madsen                 Student, Tuck School of Business            Ms. Amy Luers

Ms. Elisabeth Helen Anna Mills   Ms. Wynne C. Washburn                       Ms. Robin Lumsden Delurey

Mr. Gregers Nis Soborg Larsen                                                Mr. Jeff Lund
                                 David and Lucile Packard
Ms. Kirstine Fleng Steffensen                                                Mr. Brian McClendon

                                 Mr. Daniel Zarin
Ms. Milena Laban                 Senior Advisor, Tropical Forest Carbon      Mr. Mark Ossel
Mr. Rasmus Hilbert Jensen        Conservation and Science Programme
                                                        - 115 -

Demand Response and Smart Grid        Ms. Kathleen O'Leary                Mr. Christoffer Klyve
Coalition* (continued)                                                    Utviklingsfondet
                                      Ms. Renee Patten
Ms. Jeanette Pablo                                                        Mr. Aksel Næstad
Director, Legislative Affairs                                             Utviklingsfondet
                                      Mr. Luke Rygh
PNM Resources Inc
                                                                          Mr. Sigurd Jorde
                                      Mr. Jon Tinkler
Ms. Milli Peled                                                           Information Officer
                                                                          Development Fund
                                      Ms. Kiernan Veith
Mr. Colby Ranger
                                                                          Ms. Siv Helen Strømland
                                      Ms. Brenna Walsh                    Utviklingsfondet
Mr. Dan Reicher
Director, Climate Change and Energy
Initiatives                           Development Alternatives            Mr. Chiza Nyirongo
Google Inc.                                                               Utviklingsfondet
                                      Mr. Ashok Khosla
Mr. Jeffrey Renaud                    Chairman                            Ms. Elisa Gasperini

Ms. Katherine Kara Saul Rinaldi       Mr. George C. Varughese
Policy director                       President                           Ms. Vibeke Hermanrud
Environmental Resources Management                                        Utviklingsfondet
                                      Mr. Arun Kumar
                                      President                           Mr. Rajju Malla Dhakal
Mr. Michael Taylor                                                        Utviklingsfondet
                                      Ms. K. Vijaya Lakshmi
Mr. Michael Terrell                   Vice President                      Ms. Jean L. Yasol
Program Manager                                                           Utviklingsfondet
Google Inc.
                                      Ms. Kiran Sharma
                                      Vice President                      Mr. Mulungeta Berbanu Bedanea
Mr. Karin Tuxen-Bettman                                                   Utviklingsfondet
                                      Ms. Indira Mansingh
DePaul University*                    Chief Advisor                       Mr. William Chadza
                                      Development Alternatives            Utviklingsfondet

Mr. Hugh E. Bartling
Associate Professor                   Ms. Zeenat Niazi                    Ms. Johanne Sæther Houge
                                      Programme Director                  Utviklingsfondet

Ms. Jennifer Abercrombie
                                      Mr. Anand Kumar                     Ms. Elisabeth Veivaag Helseth
                                      Programme Manager                   Board Member
Ms. Alissa Battaglia                                                      Utviklingsfondet
                                      Mr. Mustafa Ali Khan
Mr. Marisol Becerra                   Environment Scientist               Mr. John Nelsen
                                      Development Alternatives            Utviklingsfondet
Mr. Alex Bertolucci
                                      Ms. Neelam Rana                     Mr. Hallvard kjos Surlien
Ms. Megan Braun                       Environment Scientist               Utviklingsfondet

Mr. Dan Daiglar                       Ms. Dhanya Nambiar                  Mr. Anhita Yousefi
                                      Freelance Consultant                Utviklingsfondet
Ms. Nikki Donnelley
                                                                          Ms. Lan Marie Ngyen Berg
                                      Paravavastu Rambabu                 Utviklingsfondet
Mr. Adam Enright                      Managing Director - Asia
                                                                          Mr. Marita Hagen
Ms. Joanna Gilkeson                   Kondreddi Suryanarayana Murthy      Utviklingsfondet
                                      Managing Director
Mr. Merrick Gilroy                                                        Ms. Guri Storaas
                                      Development Fund*                   Advisor
                                                                          Spire-Youth of the Norwegian
Ms. Stephanie Hughes
                                                                          Development Fund
                                      Ms. Gitte Motzfeldt
Ms. Emily Kettell                     Programme Advisor, Climate Change
                                                                          Ms. Kamilla Rønnestad
Mr. Ryan Metz                         Mr. Knut Harald Ulland
                                                         - 116 -

Development Fund* (continued)          Mr. David Munn                   Ms. Shana Starobin
                                                                        PhD student
Ms. Karen Sæther Houge                 Mr. Luan Nguyen
Utviklingsfondet                                                        Ms. Tali Trigg
                                                                        MEM student
                                       Ms. Jennifer Ramos
Mr. Andreas Berge
Utviklingsfondet                                                        Ms. Abbie Turianksy
                                       Kelly Rogers
                                                                        MEM student
Mr. Raed Merriam                       Mr. Philip Rothrock
Utviklingsfondet                                                        Ms. Shinsuke Kashikura
                                                                        MEM student
                                       Mr. Brett Schollenberger
Ms. Sylvia Namukasa
Utviklingsfondet                                                        Ms. Naima von Ritter
                                       Duke University                  Student
Mr. Kamalesh Adhikari
Utviklingsfondet                       Mr. Timothy Profeta              Mr. Mike Mian
                                       Director of Nicholas Institute   Student
Mr. Paras Kharel
Utviklingsfondet                       Mr. Brian Murray                 e-Parliament
                                       Director, Economic Analysis
Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist                                           Mr. Nicholas Dunlop
Association*                           Mr. Jonas Monast                 Secretary General
                                       Co-Director CCPP
Ms. Tan Yee Wong                                                        Mr. Jesper Grolin
                                       Ms. Jan Mazurek                  Executive Director
                                       Senior Policy Advisor
Ms. Ching-Hiu Chen
                                                                        Mr. Jasper Bouverie
                                       Ms. Lydia Olander                Communications Director
Mr. David Francis Kabacinski           Senior Associate Director
                                                                        Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Mr. Zarko Andricevic                   Ms. Nicole St. Clair Knobloch    India Director
                                       Research Project Manager
Mr. Jeffrey Edward Block               Associate Director,Washington
                                                                        Mr. James Corre
                                       Office/Nicholas Institute for
                                                                        Programme Officer
                                       Environmental Policy Studies
Mr. Phrakhrupaladsuathanavachirakhun
                                                                        Ms. Susana Martins Guerreiro
                                       Mr. Joshua Schneck
Dickinson College*                                                      Programme Officer
                                       Associate in Research

Mr. Cornelilus (Neil) Leary                                             Mr. Graham Watson
                                       Mr. Jon Anda
                                                                        Member European Parliament
                                       Visiting Fellow
Ms. Sarah Brylinsky
                                                                        Mr. David Chaytor
                                       Mr. Victor Flatt
                                                                        Member of Parliament
Mr. Barry Solomon                      Professor of Environmental Law
                                                                        House of Commons
                                       School of Law

Mr. Jared Bernhardt                                                     Mr. Anders Wijkman
                                       Mr. Prassad Kasibhatla
                                                                        European Parliament
                                       Associate Professor, Dean for
Ms. Bettina Cerban                     International Programs
                                                                        Ms. Sonia Dunlop
                                                                        Press and Communications Officer, Office
Ms. Andrea Dominguez                   Mr. Matthew Kaufmann
                                                                        of Sarah Ludford MEP
                                       Joint MEM/MBA student
Ms. Gwen Dunnington
                                                                        Mr. Mungo Park
                                       Mr. Peter Maniloff
                                       PhD student
Ms. Danielle Hoffman
                                       Ms. Elise Richards
Ms. Grace Lange
                                       Joint MEM/MBA student            Mr. John Stowell
                                                                        Vice President
Ms. Kristen Lee                                                         Duke Energy Corporation
                                       Ms. Courtney Shephard
                                       MEM student
Mr. Brandon McCall                                                      Mr. Kevin Leahy
                                       Ms. Jeannette Sorice             Managing Director Climate Policy
Ms. Han (Maria) Mei                    Joint MEM/MBA student            Duke Energy Corporation
                                                             - 117 -

e8 (continued)                             Earth Child Institute*                     Mr. Quentin Gee

Mr. Jean-Paul Bouttes                      Ms. Donna Goodman                          Ms. Corie Radka
Director Prospective and International     Executive Director
Affairs                                                                               Ms. Elizabeth Farrington
Electricité de France
                                           Mr. Steven Lovink
                                           President                                  Ms. Courtney Walker
Mr. Francois Dassa
International Relations Committee
                                           Ms. Mary Otto-Chang                        Ms. Tiffany Mayville
Electricité de France
                                                                                      Ms. Genevieve Stevens
                                           Mr. Jose Antonio Martins
Mr. David Pierre Bornstain
International Relations Committee
                                                                                      Ms. Emma Fujii
Member                                     Mr. David Koch
Electricité de France
                                                                                      Ms. Natasha Edman
                                           Mr. Carlos A. Sodre
Ms. Vanessa Tadeshi
Advisor                                                                               Ms. Jessica White
ENEL                                       Ms. Emily Jane Lewis Brown
                                           UK Field Organizer
                                           Sustainable Markets Foundation - 350.org   Ms. Jennifer Reichardt
Mr. Mauro Battocchi
Head of International Affairs
                                           Ms. Dianne G. Dillon-Ridgley               Ms. Jennifer Helfrich

                                           Earth Council                              Ms. Riccardo Dina
Mr. Andrea Falessi
                                           Mr. Daniel Stauffacher                     Mr. Ryan Sweeney
Ms. Angelica Carnelos                      Member of the Board
Country Manager                                                                       Mr. Bennet Duval
ENEL                                       Earth Day Network
                                                                                      Mr. Florian Fuchs
Mr. Filippo Rodriguez                      Ms. Michelle Wyman
Manager Assistant                          Executive Director                         Mr. James Hanusa
ENEL                                       International Council for Local
                                           Environmental Initiatives - U.S. Office
                                                                                      Ms. Amy Elvidge
Mr. Toyota Matsuoka
Director Research and International        Ms. Jeani Murray
Relations                                                                             Mr. Skye Featherstone
Tokyo Electric Power Company
                                           Mr. Warren Stone
                                           Coalition on Jewish Life and Environment   Ms. Ashley Craig
Mr. Naotaka Shibata
Manager Research Institutional Relations
Tokyo Electric Power Company               Ms. Lisa Swann                             Ms. Alexa Layton
                                           Press Director
                                           Environmental Defense Fund                 Ms. Beth Goodman
Mr. Wolfgang Strassburg
Vice President, Special Projects
RWE AG                                     Nate Byer                                  Mr. Eric Olsson

Mr. Hidehiko Yukawa                        Ms. Jennifer Resick                        Mr. Simon Steger
The Kansai Electric Power Company
                                           Mr. Sean Miller                            Ms. Hannah Wright
Mr. Toshihiro Sueo
Manager International Network              Ms. Elizabeth Larson
The Kansai Electric Power Company                                                     Mr. Clayton Carlson

                                           Ms. Suzanne den Daas                       Ms. Jessy Tolka Tolka
Ms. Johane Meagher
Executive Director
                                           Mr. Julian Popof                           Mr. Whit Jones
Mr. Luis Calzado
Project Advisor                            Ms. Kathleen Rogers                        Mr. Michael Silberman
Ms. Ghita Benessahraoui                                                               Mr. Michael Cox
Communications Coordinator                 Earth Island Institute, Inc.
                                                                                      Mr. James Tolkan
                                           Ms. Violetta Muselli
                                                 - 118 -

Earth Island Institute, Inc.   Ms. Jessica Tolkan                        Mr. Ryan Flynn-Kasuba
(continued)                    Deleagte
                                                                         Ms. Anna Bugey
Mr. Aaron Marcus Ryan          Earthjustice
                                                                         Ms. Judith Jäger
Ms. Rebecca Miller             Mr. Martin Wagner
                               Managing Attorney, International          Ms. Sinikka Lennartz
Ms. Emilee Turner
                                                                         Ms. Sonja Völker
                               Ms. Erika Rosenthal
Mr. Jushua Cowan               Project Attorney, International Program
                                                                         Ms. Ronja Ratzbor
Ms. Nancy Cole
                               Earthwatch Institute*
Earth Child Institute*                                                   Mr. Max Schmid
                               Mr. Nigel Winser
Mr. Michael Marcus                                                       Mr. Florian Schneider
                               Executive Vice President and Head of
Earth Child Institute*
                                                                         Ms. Svea Obermaier
Mr. Eric Veium
                               Mr. Daniel Patrick Bebber
Earth Child Institute*
                               Head, Climate Change Research             Ms. Kathrin Schrelmann
Mr. Neil Bulger
                               Mr. Duncan Parker                         Ms. Janina Gutermann
Mr. Chad Worth
                               Eberhard Karls Universitat                Mr. Benjamin Dietrich
Mr. Ian Slater
                                                                         Ms. Carina Linder
                               Ms. Henrike Holzwarth
Mr. Ariel Voss                 Researcher
Mr. Nicholas Allen             Ms. Carina Zell
                                                                         Ms. Olga Ponizova
                                                                         Executive Director
Mr. Kenneth Smokoska           Mr. Germar Dahms
                                                                         Ms. Olga Speranskaya
Mr. Kevin Vielbaum             Ms. Dorothee Lorenz                       Head of Eco-Accord Program

Ms. Krystal Acierto            Mr. Nikolas Hagemann                      Ms. Elena Vasilieva
                                                                         Expert on Climate Change, health and
Ms. Darlene Khalafi            Ms. Katrin Pehl                           adaption

Mr. Michael Hewitt             Ms. Britta Doppl                          EcoArts Connections*

Mr. Andrew Dunn                Mr. Matthew Cuisnier                      Ms. Marda Kirn
                                                                         Executive Director
Ms. Michelle Gerigk            Mr. Hagen Krohn
                                                                         Ms. Lissa Merete Pedersen
Ms. Natasha Weidner            Ms. Eva Mund
                                                                         Ms. J.C. Martel Leed
Mr. Michael Symmes             Ms. Malin Elsen
                                                                         Ms. Jane McMahan
Mr. Sam Gross                  Mr. Jan-Felix Meessen
                                                                         Mr. Ronald Loren McMahan
Mr. James W. Jones             Mr. Florian Kopp
                                                                         EcoCarbon Incorporated
Mr. Tommaso Boggia             Mr. Bruno Konnerth
                                                                         Ms. Vanessa Rauland
Mr. Timothy Kreuger            Mr. Michael Tarantik
                                                                         EcoLogic Development Fund*
Ms. Linda Kay Brunjes          Mr. Martin Reichenberger
Executive Assistant                                                      Mr. Shaun Paul
Biochar Energy Corporation                                               Executive Director
                               Ms. Marie-Leonie Bohlen
                                                         - 119 -

EcoLogic Development Fund*               Ms. Lakshmi Narayanan                    Ms. Anupama Pandey
(continued)                              General Secretary                        Coordinator

Mr. Bryan Foster                         Ms. Baida Gaikwad                        Mr. Jai Prakash Choudhary
CarbonPlus Director                      Executive Committee                      Secretary
                                                                                  Safai Sena Welfare Association

Ecologic Institute                       Mr. Alejandro Chavez Tristancho
                                                                                  Mr. Mohammed Tajuddin
Mr. R. Andreas Kraemer                   Ms. Yamini Parikh
                                                                                  Safai Sena Welfare Association
Director                                 Coordinator, Waste Pickers

                                                                                  Mr. Khokhan
Mr. Michael Mehling                      Ms. Minal Trivedi
Research Associate                       Senior Organizer, Waste Pickers
                                                                                  Safai Sena Welfare Association
Foundation Environment - Law - Society
                                         Ms. Santokben Parmar
                                                                                  Mr. Heng Yon Kora
Mr. Dominic Marcellino                   Senior Leader, Waste Pickers
                                                                                  Executive Director
Administrative Officer, International
Climate Policy                           Ms. Nohra Padilla Herrera
                                                                                  Mr. Aldrin Calixte
                                         Executive Director, Waste Picker
                                                                                  Executive Secretary
Ms. Christiane Gerstetter
                                         Mr. Silvio Ruiz Grisales
                                                                                  Mr. Sanjay Gupta
Ms. Charlotte Moser                      Director, Colombian Wastepicker
                                         Association GAIAREC
                                                                                  Water, Sanitation and Livelihood
Ms. Katharina Umpfenbach
                                         Mr. Severino Lima Junior
                                                                                  Mr. Sven Bobby Peek
                                         Wastepicker, Articulation Committee of
Ms. Grit Martinez                                                                 Director
                                         the Brazilian National Movement
                                         Latin American and Caribbean
Mr. Daniel Blobel                        Wastepicker Network                      Mr. Musa Chamane
Senior Analyst                                                                    Director
                                         Ms. Beatriz Alicia Montoya
Ms. Susanah Stoessel                     Technical Committee Coordinator          Mr. Rico Euripidou

Ms. Elena von Sperber                    Mr. Ricardo Valencia Ramirez
                                         Project Analyst                          Ms. Ruth Anne Larracas
                                         Fundación Avina para el Desarrollo       Wastepicker Workgroup Coordinator
Ms. Siobhan Carolyn Farey                Sostenible en America Latina
                                                                                  Ms. Christine Keith
Ecology Center                           Ms. Zoraida Sanchez                      Development Coordinator
                                         Projects Analyst
Mr. Neil Tangri                                                                   Mr. Emmanuel Calonzo
Waste and Climate Change Campaign        Mr. Gonzalo Roqué                        International Coordinator
Director                                 Projects Analyst
                                                                                  Mr. Ricardo Arnoldo Navarro Pineda
Mr. Joan Marc Simon                      Ms. Sonia Maria Dias                     Director
Europe Coordinator                       Wastepicker Sector Specialist
                                                                                  Ms. Jyoti Mhapsekar
Ms. Yuyun Yunia Ismawati                 Ms. Lucia Fernandez                      President
Executive Director                       Wastepicker Global Coordinator
                                                                                  Ms. Shabana Ansari
Ms. Laila Iskandar Kamel                 Mr. Carlos Alencastro Cavalcanti         Translator
Chair                                                                             GAIA
                                         Mr. Roberto Laureano
Ms. Bharati Chaturvedi                   Director                                 Ms. Cecilia Allen
Executive Director                                                                Latin America Coordinator
                                         Mr. Luis Henrique da Silva
Mr. Hector Marrelo Loto                  President                                Ms. Sushilabai Sabale
Ms. Poornima Chikarmane                  Ms. Matilde Ramos
Advisor                                  President                                Mr. Sushila Sable
                                                                                  Stree Mukti Sanghatana
Mr. Exeguiel Roberto Estay Tapia         Ms. Elisabeth Grimberg
                                         Executive Director                       Ms. Nalini Shekar
Ms. Kanta Misal
Executive Committee Member
                                                      - 120 -

Ecology Center (continued)           Ms. Baby Mohite                         Ms. Isabel Hilton
                                     Member                                  CEO
                                                                             China Dialogue Trust
Ms. Sarubai Waghmare
Wastepicker                          Ms. Kavita Pawar
                                     Member                                  Ms. Lakshimi Narayanan
Ms. Ashwini Jog
Adviser                              Ms. Nirmala Kokane                      Ms. Mathilde Ramos
Mr. David Ciplet                                                             Ms. Melaine Samson
Consultant                           Ms. Elizabeth Fende Midiki Atang        Consultant
                                     Student/Youth Coordinator
Ms. Melanie Samson                                                           Mr. Stuart Scott
Consultant                           Yurfee Shaikalee                        Climate Corps
                                     Coordinator/Environmental Reporter
                                     Action Against Climate Change
Mr. Ugyen Tsephel                                                            Ms. Sarubai Waghmere
Assistant Director                                                           Wastepicker
                                     Ms. Upasana Choudhry
Ms. Vatsala Gaikwad                                                          Economic Development
Wastepicker                                                                  Foundation*
                                     Ms. Carmen Roca
                                     WIEGO Latin America Coordinator
Ms. Suman More                                                               Mr. Mahir Ilgaz
Wastepicker                                                                  Senior Researcher
                                     Mr. Gustavo De La Torre
Ms. Mangal Gaikwad                                                           Economic Research Institute for
Wastepicker                                                                  Northeast Asia
                                     Ms. Zeljka Leljak Gracin
                                     Environmental Law Coordinator
Ms. Malati Gadgil                                                            Ms. Enkhbayar Shagdar
Climate Campaigner                                                           Associate Senior Researcher, Research
                                     Mr. Tomislav Tomasevic
                                                                             Division and External Relations Division
                                     Programme Coordinator
Mr. Noor Afsar                       Zelena Akcija
                                     Mr. Kouassi Sebastien Dohou
Mr. Mohammed Nazir                   Director                                Ms. Hanna Hopko
                                                                             Scientific and Research Center
                                     Ms. Rose Mary Olive Mbone Enie
Mr. Radhyesham Singh                 Member                                  Mr. Sergej Nikolayevich Sergeev
                                                                             Chief Executive Officer
                                     Ms. Baidabai Gaikwad                    Scientific and Research Center Ecosphere
Mr. Mohammed Salman                  Executive Committee Member
Member                               Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat   Ms. Nataliya Shulga
Chintan Environmental Research and
                                                                             Chief Executive Officer
Action Group
                                     Mr. Jaiprakash Chaudhary                Ukranian Scientific Club

Ms. Rhonda Douglas
Global Projects Director             Mr. Richard Lord                        Ecosocial Forum Europe*
Wiego Manchester
                                     Mr. Mohan Nanavare                      Ms. Taina Maaria Järä
Ms. Demetria Tsoutouras                                                      EU Policy Coordinator
Media Coordinator                    Ms. Lushendrie Naidu
WIEGO Manchester                                                             Ms. Sarah Stamatiou

                                     Ms. Justina Pena-Pan
Ms. Elaine Jones                                                             Edison Electric Institute
                                     Mr. Martin Aril Choudhary
                                                                             Ms. Claire E. Buchan
Ms. Chris Bonner
Adviser                              Ms. Noor Asfar
WIEGO                                Wastepicker                             Sr. Angel M. Cavanagh
Women in Informal Employment                                                 Director
Globalizing and Organizing                                                   Clean Air, S.A
                                     Ms. Shalini Ashok Trivedi

Mr. Alan Watson                                                              Mr. James Laurence Connaughton
                                     Ms. Alejandra Chave                     Chairman
                                                                             Council on Environmental Quality
                                     Ms. Tighe Geoghegan                     Executive Office of the President
Ms. Tighe Geoghegan
                                                           - 121 -

Edison Electric Institute                Mr. Dennis Welch                           Mr. Karsten Capion
(continued)                              Executive Vice President
                                         American Electric Power
                                                                                    Mr. Torben Frandsen
Mr. Gustavo Furini                                                                  Contact Person
Manager                                  Mr. Brian Wolff
C-Trade Comercializadora de Carbono                                                 Ms. Lana Sukhodolska
C-Trade Comercializadora De Carbrbon     Eikosphere Foundation*
                                                                                    Ms. Elisabeth Westerman
Mr. William Lincoln Fang                 Ms. Catherine Ann Cunningham
Deputy General Counsel                   Executive Director                         Ms. Piret Liivak
Mr. David B. Finnegan                    Mr. Marc Pop
Attorney                                                                            Mr. Kai Heussen
                                         Relations Manager
Mayer, Brown, Rowe and Maw
                                                                                    Ms. Camille Palumbo
                                         Ms. Bojana Fazarinc
Mr. Ray L. Harry                         Communications Director
Director, Environmental Affairs                                                     Mr. Andreas Skov Petersen
Southern Company
                                         Ms. Barbara Cunningham
                                         Events Coordinator                         Ms. Sibel Karina Arnes
Mr. Eric Holdsworth
Director, Climate Programs
                                         Ms. Laila Pawlak Larsen                    Ms. Kira Stacy Petersen
                                         Premiere Event Manager
Mr. Thomas Kuhn
President of EEI                                                                    Ms. Allison Wing Shan Man
                                         Mr. Herman Mulder
                                         Vice Chairman
Ms. Claire Loeffelman                                                               Mr. Walter Jimenez Sanchez

                                         Mr. Gerald Davis                           Mr. Thomas Martin Leth
Mr. Paul H. Loeffelman                   Chairman
Director, Environmental Public Policy
American Electric Power                                                             Ms. Eike Marie Thaysen
                                         Mr. Daniel Brockett
Mr. Martin McBroom                                                                  Ms. Ashley Marie Heemer
Director, Federal Environment Affairs
American Electric Power                  Electric Power Research Institute
                                                                                    Mr. Luke Pritchard
Mr. Karl R. Moor                         Mr. Adam Diamant
Vice President & Associate General                                                  Ms. Mirabelle Abamut Ewunkem
Southern Company                         Mr. John Novak
                                         Executive Director, Federal and Industry   Mr. Edimar Luiz de Oliveira Filho
Ms. Elizabeth Monahan                    Environment and Generation                 Mr. Bishal Baniya

Mr. James C. Odom                        Energie-Cités*                             Mr. Thet Lin Thu

Mr. John L. Pemberton                    Mr. Gérard Magnin                          Mr. James Hallowell
Director, Federal Legislative Affairs    Executive Director
Southern Company
                                                                                    Mr. Mohamed Sankoh
                                         Mr. Jean Luc Daubaire
Mr. James Rogers                         Deputy Mayor
Chairman and CEO                         City of Rennes                             Mr. Ishmeal Sesay
Duke Energy Corporation
                                         Ms. Kristina Dely                          Ms. Macella Danika Conteh
Mr. Ronald C. C. Shiflett                Head, Brussels Officer
Executive Director
                                                                                    Mr. Safiatu Sesay
International Utility Efficiency
Partnerships                             Mr. Moundir Zniber
                                         President                                  Ms. Ampaire K. Yvette
Mr. Joseph Stanko
Counsel                                  Ms. Caroline Orjebin                       Ms. Ann Kyokusiima
House Commerce Committee                 General Secretary
United States House of Representatives   Association our un Maroc Vert
                                                                                    Mr. Merwyn Lopes
Mr. William Tyndall                      Energy Crossroads*
Vice President
                                                                                    Mr. David Ssemwogerere
Environmental Services                   Mr. Michael Deichmann Plesner
Cinergy Corporation                      President
                                                          - 122 -

Energy Crossroads* (continued)          Mr. Tom McShane              Ms. Qian Zhang

Mr. Martin Malthe Borch                 Ms. Chloe Courtauld          Ms. Yaqi Wang

Mr. Adam Lentz                          Ms. Sacha Macey              Ms. Wenjing Yan

Mr. Casper Mølk                         Mr. Philip Whalley           Ms. Xiaowei Yan

Mr. Anders Gerhard Jørgensen            Mr. Mohamed Fouad Bergigui   Mr. Detian Tao

Ms. Mille K. Hansen                     Ms. Chen Wang                Ms. Mengjiao Yang

Ms. Ida Nicolajsen                      Ms. Hong Ling Chang          Ms. Huijuan Wu

Mr. Kasper Gade                         Ms. Xiaoming Sun             Ms. Ling Li

Ms. Signe Agner Holm                    Mr. Xiangyu Zhao             Mr. Yadong Zhang
                                        China Youth Partner
Mr. Jacob Risgaard Knudsen                                           Mr. Bin Zhang
                                        Ms. Jing Ma
Mr. Lindy Charlery                                                   Ms. Yang Ju
                                        Ms. Lina Li
Tassa Daniel Aja                                                     Mr. Ruigang Dou
                                        Ms. Yueyue Wang
Ms. Luz Milena Nino                                                  Mr. I Wang
                                        Ms. Tingting Si
Mr. Marco De Marinis                                                 Mr. Kaitan Guo
                                        Ms. Si Meng
Mr. Ugo Guarnacci                                                    Mr. Yidi Zhang
                                        Mr. Jing Huang
                                        Deputy Director
Mr. Reymondo A. Caraan                                               Mr. Senxing Ding

                                        Mr. Fenglei Ma
Ms. Linda Romanovska                                                 Mr. Jialiang Wang

                                        Mr. Ning Wang
Ms. Anna Pattis                                                      Mr. Yufeng Zhan

                                        Ms. Xi Sun
Mr. Tapuwa Rodwell Marapara                                          Ms. Xin Xin

                                        Ms. Yihan Meng
Mr. Friedrich Wochinger                                              Ms. Mengqi Yu

                                        Ms. Yanjun Liu
Mr. Sascha Schröder                                                  Xu Zhang

                                        Ms. Furong Yang
Mr. William Schneider                                                Ms. Linglang Xiong

                                        Ms. Rui Wang
Mr. Felipe Berlinski de Brito e Cunha                                Ms. Meiqi Liu

                                        Mr. Lei Huang
Ms. Tine Nagy                                                        Mr. Michael Siaw Asante

                                        Ms. Dongli Zhang
Mr. Sridhar Pabbisetty                                               Mr. Simon Kodjo Simon

                                        Ms. Yiting Wang
Ms. Anna Devigili                                                    Mr. David Waiganjo Njoroge
                                        Ms. Jiaojie Ren              Youth Environment Network-Kenya
Mr. Chetan B. Singai                                                 Youth Environment Network
                                        Mr. Le Yu
Mr. Robert Swan                                                      Mr. Noel Ngomeni Mbaru
                                                                     Kenyatta University Environmental Club
                                        Ms. Xiaolu Zhao
Ms. Anne Kershaw                                                     (KUNEC)

                                        Ms. Mong Tse
Ms. Laura Beyers                                                     Mr. Winnie Asiti Khaemba
                                                                     Kenyatta University Environmental Club
                                                            - 123 -

Energy Crossroads* (continued)              Mr. Wim Sinke                          Mr. Brendan Bateman
                                            ECN Solar Energy                       Partner
Mr. Musa Ansumana Soko
Executive Coordinator                       Mr. Jos Beurskens                      Mr. Tim Nelson
                                            European Wind Energy Association       Manager, Government Affairs
Momdou Drammeh
                                            Mr. Benjamin Firmenich                 Mr. Andrew Dudgeon
                                                                                   Manager, Carbon Monitoring and
Ms. Ming Chu Daisy Chee                                                            Verification
Project Officer                             Mr. Ton Hoff
Hong Kong People's Council for              Director
Sustainable Development Limited                                                    Mr. John Ridley
                                                                                   Managing Director
                                            Ms. Heleen de Coninck
                                                                                   Ocean Nourishment Corporation
Mr. Harry McCormack                         Energy Researcher, Group manager

                                                                                   Mr. Murray Scott
Mr. Atam Chi Ngu A                          Mr. Willem Ligtvoet
                                                                                   Finance Director

Ms. Anna Feliu Castells                     Ms. Carolyn Steel
                                                                                   Ms. Marisa Meizlish
Reporter                                                                           Director
                                            Energy Supply Association of
Energy Research Austria                     Australia Limited                      Mr. Alden Andersen
                                                                                   Associate Chemical Engineer
Mr. Robert Hinterberger                     Mr. Brad Page
Managing Director                           Chief Executive Officer                Mr. Tony Lovell
                                                                                   Managing Director
Energy Research Centre of the               Environment Business Australia
Netherlands                                                                        Ms. Katrina Pollard
                                            Ms. Fiona Jean Wain                    Engineer
Mr. Stefan Bakker                           Chief Executive Officer
Scientific Researcher                                                              Mr. James Kwok
                                            Mr. Robert Purves                      Principal
Mr. Xander van Tilburg                      Chairman
Scientific Researcher                                                              Leigh Sullivan
                                            Mr. Jack Whelan                        Director
Mr. Pieter Boot                             Chief Operating Officer
Senior Researcher                                                                  Mr. Barrie Harrop
                                            Ms. Emma Pollard                       Executive Director
Ms. Alessia de Vita                         International Relations Executive
Junior Researcher                                                                  Mr. Karl Mallon
                                            Mr. Rhett Purves
Ms. Laura Würtenberger                                                             Mr. Donovan Burton
                                            Mr. Scott Purves                       Head of Planning
Mr. Johan Remko Ybema
ECN Policy Studies                          Mr. Andrew Petersen                    Mr. Sean Kidney
                                            Partner                                Head of Climate Risk UK
Mr. Jozef Andreas Oude Lohuis
Scientific Researcher                       Ms. Liza Maimone                       Mr. Andrew Lawson
                                            Head of Practice, Sustainability and   Managing Director
Mr. Jasper van Vliet                        Climate Change
Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and                                          Mr. Enrico Bombardieri
the Environment                             Ms. Elisabeth Peet                     Commercial Manager
Ms. Anneke Oosterhuis                                                              Mr. Tony St Clair
                                            Mr. David Parken                       Agri Business Manager
Mr. Stephan Slingeland                      Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                   Environmental Defender's Office
Mr. Willem Jan Lenstra                      Ms. Melinda Dodson                     Ltd.*
Directorate Climate Change and Industry     President
Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and                                          Mr. Amelia Thorpe
the Environment                             Mr. Graeme J Dennis                    International Director
                                            Partner, Energy, Corporate Advisory,
Mr. Bart Verheggen                          M&A                                    Mr. Robert Ghanem
                                                                                   Policy Officer
Mr. Alex Vermeulen
                                                           - 124 -

Environmental Defender's Office           Ms. Julia Haley                            Mr. Ian Lloyd
Ltd.* (continued)                         Program Manager
                                                                                     Ms. Mary Knigge
Ms. Elizabeth Caldwell                    Ms. Jenny Cooper
Climate Change Intern                                                                Ms. Christina Page
                                          Mr. Ronald Wu
Ms. Lee Stickells                         Consultant
                                                                                     Mr. Glenn Hurowitz

Ms. Sonia Stickells                       Mr. Richie Ahuja
                                                                                     Zeke Spears
                                          Program Manager, India

Mr. Simon Kritsotakis                                                                Ms. Christine Ackerson
                                          Ms. Christina McCain
                                          Biodiversity and Climate Science Policy
Environmental Defense Fund                Advisor                                    Ms. Anne Lieberman

Mr. Fred Krupp                            Mr. Bryan Weigle                           Mr. David Yarnold
President                                 Project Manager                            Executive Vice President

Ms. Jennifer Haverkamp                    Ms. Jenny Andreassen                       Ms. Paula Hayes
Managing Director, International Policy
and Negotiations
                                          Mr. Anthony (Tony) Kreindler               Ms. Kirsten Feldman
                                          Media Director
Ms. Carol Annette Petsonk
International Counsel                                                                Mr. Carl Ferenbach
                                          Ms. Sharyn Stein

Mr. Gustavo A. Silva-Chávez                                                          Ms. Judy Ferenbach
International Climate Change Policy       Mr. Alexander A. Golub
Analyst                                   Senior Economist
                                                                                     Mr. Frank E. Loy
                                                                                     Chairman, Board of Directors
Mr. Jason Funk                            Ms. Miriam Chaum                           Resources for the Future
Conservation Analysrt
                                          Mr. Nathaniel Keohane                      Ms. Elaine Orr
Mr. Gernot Wagner                         Director of Economic Policy and Analysis
Economist                                                                            Mr. Gary Rieschel
                                          Ms. Melissa B. Carey Heissenbuttal
Mr. Cornelis Cozijnsen                    Climate Change Policy Specialist
                                                                                     Mr. Stuart Eizenstat
Consultant                                                                           Member of Advisory Board
                                          Ms. Kusai Merchant                         Sustainable Forestry Management Ltd.
Ms. Andrea Welsh                          Policy Specialist
International Media Director                                                         Ms. Sue Mandel
                                          Mr. John Mimikakis
Mr. Christopher William Meyer             Senior Policy Manager
                                                                                     Sasha Hoff
Amazon Project Coordinator
                                          Mr. Derek Walker
                                          Director, California Climate Initiative    Ms. Molly Moore
Mr. Georgy Safonov                                                                   Consultant
Director, Center for Enviromental
Economics                                 Mr. Steve Hamburg
Higher School of Economics                                                           Environmental Institute of
                                          Mr. Michael Oppenheimer
Mr. Stephan Schwartzman                   Director
Director, Tropical Forest Policy          Princeton University                       Ms. Christina Hacker
                                                                                     Member of the Board of Directors, Expert,
                                                                                     Nuclear Energy
Mr. Ruben Lubowski                        Ms. Sara Brodnax
Forest Carbon Economist                   Consultant
                                                                                     Ms. Karin Wurzbacher
                                                                                     Physicist, Expert for Climate and Energy
Mr. Daniel Anderson                       Ms. Hao Trinh
Program Assistant                         Consultant
                                                                                     Environmental Investigation
Mr. Pedro Piris Cabezas                   Nguyen Thi Thu Thao
Consultant                                Consultant
                                                                                     Mr. Allan Thornton
Mr. Peter Goldmark                        Ms. Maura Kelly
Programme Director, Climate and Air                                                  Mr. Samuel LaBudde
                                                                                     U.S. Director, Climate Policy
                                          Mr. Benjamin Court
                                                      - 125 -

Environmental Investigation         Environmental Markets              Mr. Yung-Tan Chen
Agency (continued)                  Association                        Programme Coordinator

Ms. Andrea Johnson                  Ms. Allison Wood                   Mr. Shen-Chih Wang
Director, Forests Campaign                                             Programme Coordinator

                                    Ms. Oneshin Aiken
Ms. Clare Perry                                                        Ms. Hui-Yin Sung
Senior Campaigner                                                      Programme Coordinator
                                    Mr. R. Shawn Burns

Ms. Lisa Handy                                                         Ms. Chia-Ying Lee
                                    Mr. Jeff Muffat                    Programme Coordinator
Senior Policy Advisor

                                    Mr. D. Cameron Prell               Ms. Chih-Yin Lai
Ms. Julia Urrunaga
Forest and Climate Policy Advisor                                      Programme Coordinator
                                    Ms. Lorena Riedel
Mr. Alexander von Bismarck                                             Ms. Shao-Fen Lin
Executive Director                  Ms. Jennifer Smokelin              Campaign Coordinator

Ms. Fionnuala Walravens             Environmental Quality Protection   Environmental Services
Global Environment Campaigner       Foundation                         Association of Nova Scotia

Ms. Faith Brunskill                 Mr. Dennis Liang                   Ms. Gay Harley
                                    Vice Secretary General             Vice President, Policy and research
                                                                       Fourth Generation Capital Corporation
Mr. Mark Roberts
Policy Advisor                      Ms. Chui-Ha Liang
                                    Programme Coordinator              Mr. Cameron Ells
                                                                       Project Engineer and Manager
Environmental Justice                                                  Cameron Consulting
Foundation*                         Mr. Kung-Yueh Chao
                                    Programme Coordinator
                                                                       Mr. Robert Niven
Mr. Steve Trent                                                        President
Executive Director                  Mr. Ho-Ching Lee                   Carbon Sense Solutions Inc.
                                    Senior Technical Adviser
Ms. Juliette Williams                                                  Mr. Moataz Elshafei
Director                            Mr. Huang-Ming Chang               President
                                    Programme Coordinator              8TE Engineering
Ms. Tori Timms
Campaigns Assistant                 Ms. I-Shu Ku                       Ms. Marion Sensen
                                    Programme Coordinator
Ms. Eleanor Church                                                     Mr. Janice Ashworth
                                    Mr. Po-Jui Lin
                                    Programme Coordinator
Environmental Law Institute*                                           Mr. Jason Alphi Dionne
                                                                       Sierra Club Canada
                                    Mr. Po-Tsang Chen
Mr. Nelson Manuel Pimentel Reyes    Programme Coordinator
Attorney                                                               Mr. Robert Leth

                                    Mr. Shih-Han Hun
Mr. Luis Bianey Martinez Soto       Programme Coordinator              Mr. Pernille Fischer Boulter

                                    Ms. Chih-Ching Lan                 Ms. Jenny Slaunwhite
Mr. Kenneth Kakuru                  Programme Coordinator
Executive Director
                                                                       Ms. Melissa Cameron
                                    Mr. Hsien-Yu Chung
Ms. Lalaina Rakotoson               Programme Coordinator
Team Leader                                                            Environnement et Developpement
                                                                       du Tiers-Monde
                                    Ms. Man-Chen Yu
Tran Thi Huong Trang                Programme Coordinator
Director                                                               Mr. Jean-Philippe Thomas
                                                                       Coordinator, Energy and Environment
                                    Ms. Chi Yeh                        Programme
Mr. Pablo Colon                     Programme Coordinator
Executive Director
                                                                       Mr. Libasse Ba
                                    Ms. Ya-Hsu Lin                     Programme Coordinator
                                    Programme Coordinator
                                                                       Mr. Emmanuel Sobel Seck
                                                                       Programme Officer
                                                 - 126 -

Environnement et Developpement   Mme Marie-Éve Roy                       ETC Foundation
du Tiers-Monde (continued)       Chargée de projets
                                                                         Ms. Ana Rojas Blanco
Mr. Djimingué Nanasta            Mr. Thomas Duchaine                     ENERGIA Secretariat
Research Coordinator             Chargé de projet, changements
                                                                         Mr. Ian Stuart Tellam
Mr. Lawrence Stuart Flint                                                Senior Consultant
Programme Officer                Ms. Sylvie Parent

Mr. Boubacar Fall                Mr. Sylvain Gaudreault
Research Officer
                                                                         Mr. Kristian Aa
                                 Mr. Sylvain Labbé                       Vice President
Gifty Ampomah                                                            Statkraft AS
Research Officer                 Mr. Alain Tanguay
                                 Technician                              Mr. Rolf Jarle Aaberg
Ms. Aby Dramé Toure              CTV Montreal                            Business Development
Research Officer                                                         Statkraft AS
                                 Mr. Alexandre Cloutier
Mme Binetou Diagne                                                       Mr. Lars Aagard
Knowledge Sharing Officer        Mr. Alexandre Clutier                   Managing Director
                                                                         Danish Energy Association (to be lined
                                                                         with Dansk Energi)
Ms. Fatima Kaba                  Mme Louise Beaudoin
Research Officer                 Reporter
                                 Société Radio-Canada                    Mr. Eloy Alvarez Pelegri
                                                                         Director, Environment and R+D
Mr. Yacine Diagne Gueye
                                                                         Union Fenosa
Research Coordinator             Mr. Denis Tanguay
                                 Executive Director
                                 Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC)    Mr. Richard Bengsston
Mr. Sécou Sarr
                                                                         Senior Project Manager
Programme Coordinator
                                                                         E.ON Nordic
                                 Ms. Francois Tanguay
Ms. Touria Dafrallah
                                                                         Ms. Maria Benterud
Head of ENDA Lead Af.            Erasmus University Rotterdam            Coordinator Innovation & Growth
                                                                         Statkraft Development
Mr. Masse Lo                                                             Statkraft AS
                                 Mr. Frank Wijen
Lead Africa Assistant            Assistant Professor
LEAD Francophone Africa
                                                                         Ms. Marie Bjerborg Thiellesen
                                                                         Head of Brussels Office
                                 Mr. Gail Whiteman
Ms. Marie Skraeps                                                        Danish Energy Association (to be lined
                                 Associate Professor
Programme Officer                                                        with Dansk Energi)

                                 Mr. Edward Carberry
Oumarou Balde                                                            Ms. Cecilia Bladh
                                 Assistant Professor
ADARS Executive Secretary                                                Group CEO Office
                                                                         Vattenfall AB
                                 Mr. Taco Reus
Mr. Bocar Badji                  Assistant Professor
ADARS Manager                                                            Mr. Joakim Bogdanoff
                                                                         Government Relations
                                 Ms. Noreena Hertz                       E.ON Nordic
EPOTEC                           Professor
                                                                         Mr. Henrik Gunnertoft Bojsen
Mr. Alan Reed                    Mr. Christien Meindertsma               Consultant
President                        Designer and Researcher                 Danish Energy Association (to be lined
                                 Flocks                                  with Dansk Energi)
Mr. James N. Bradbury
Vice President, Science          Mr. Allister Slingenberg                Mr. Jon Brandsar
                                 Climate Change and Energy Researcher    Executive Vice President
Équiterre                        ECORYS/Netherlands Economic Institute   Statkraft AS
                                 Netherlands Economic Institute

Mr. Sidney Ribaux                                                        Mr. Hans Joachim Brandt
Executive Director               Ms. Lisa Eichler                        Head of European Department
                                 Climate Change and Energy Researcher    TUV Nord
                                 ECORYS/Netherlands Economic Institute
Mr. Steven Guilbeault            Netherlands Economic Institute
Deputy Executive Director                                                Mr. Jean-Yves Caneill
                                                                         Project Manager, Direction du
                                                                         dévelopment durable
M. Hugo Seguin                                                           Electricité de France
Public Affairs Coordinator
                                                          - 127 -

EURELECTRIC (continued)                  Mr. Lars Audun Fodstad                     Mr. Lars Josefsson
                                         Senior Advisor                             CEO
                                         Statkraft AS                               Vattenfall AB
Ms. Maria Carlsson
CEO Office
E.ON Nordic                              Mr. Lennart Fredenberg                     Mr. Kari Kankaanpäa
                                         Head of CEO Office                         Sustainability Manager
                                         E.ON Nordic                                Fortum Corporation
Ms. Melodie Cartel
Ecole des Mines de Paris
                                         Mr. Ignacio Galan                          Ms. Cecilia Kellberg
                                         CEO                                        Senior Advisor
Mr. Frans Clemmesen                      IBERDROLA                                  Svensk Energi-Swedenergy
Danish Energy Association (to be lined
with Dansk Energi)
                                         Mr. Thomas Geiran                          Mr. Jørgen Kildahl
                                         Senior Project Manager                     Executive Vice President
Mr. David Corregidor Sanz                Statkraft AS                               Statkraft AS
Deputy Director, Environment and
Climate Change
ENDESA                                   Mr. Christer Gilje                         Mr. Øystein Køstol
                                         Corporate Communications Advisor           Trainee
                                         Statkraft AS                               Statkraft AS
Mme Dorothée Coucharriere
Interinstitutional Relations Manager
                                         Mr. Sverre Gotaas                          Mr. Øystein Kvarme
                                         Senior Vice President,                     Business Development
Mr. Michael Ronning Dalby                Innovation&Growth                          Statkraft AS
Strategy Manager                         Statkraft Development
E.ON Nordic                              Statkraft AS
                                                                                    Mr. William Stanley Kyte
                                                                                    Senior Advisor
Mr. Stein Dale                           Mr. Lars Magnus Gunther                    Climate Change and Sustainable
Executive Vice President                 Corporate Communications Advisor           Development
Statkraft AS                             Statkraft AS                               E.ON UK

Mr. Ramon De Miguel                      Mr. Lars Hansen                            Ms. Jennifer Kyte
Advisor for International Affairs        Head of Department                         E.ON UK
IBERDROLA                                Danish Energy Association (to be lined
                                         with Dansk Energi)
                                                                                    Mr. Torbjörn Larsson
Mr. Victor Duse                                                                     Press Officer
Editor                                   Mr. Olav Hetland                           E.ON Nordic
E.ON Nordic                              Senior Vice President Solar Power
                                         Statkraft AS
                                                                                    Mr. Kristian Løksa
Ms. Kathrine Duun Moen                                                              Corporate Communications Advisor
Vice President Innovation & Growth       Mr. Jakob Holmström                        Statkraft AS
Statkraft Development                    Communicator
Statkraft AS                             E.ON Nordic
                                                                                    Mr. Havard Vaggen Malvik
                                                                                    Senior Advisor
Ms. Maja Egeland                         Mr. Bjørn Holsen                           Statkraft AS
Statkraft AS                             Vice President Innovation & Growth
                                         Statkraft Development
                                                                                    Mr. Gordon McGregor
Ms. Ellen Etholm                         Statkraft AS
                                                                                    Energy & Environment Director
Advisor                                                                             Scottish Power
Statkraft AS                             Mr. Philippe Huet
                                         Senior Executive Vice President Strategy
                                                                                    Mr. Adam Milczarczyk
Mr. Jesse Fahnenstock                    and Coordination
                                                                                    Vice President Business Development
Climate Advisor                          Electricité de France
Vattenfall AB                                                                       EDF Polska Sp.
                                         Mr. Bjørn Iuell
Mr. Carlos Fernandez Briones             Senior Environmental Advisor
                                                                                    Ms. Anni Birgitte Moeller
Environmantal & Quality Director         Statkraft AS
                                                                                    Sales and Marketing Manager
IBERDROLA                                                                           E.ON Nordic
                                         Ms. Stine Greena Jensen
Ms. Yolanda Fernandez Montes             Chief Consultant
                                                                                    Mr. Arne Mogren
Director of Environment                  Danish Energy Association (to be lined
                                                                                    Special Senior Advisor
(34-98)523-0350                          with Dansk Energi)
                                                                                    Vattenfall Power Consultant
HC Energia
                                         Mr. Maren Jone
                                                                                    Mr. Giuseppe Montesano
Mr. Laerke Flader                        Trainee
                                                                                    Head, Environmental Policies
Chief Consultant                         Statkraft AS
Danish Energy Association (to be lined
with Dansk Energi)
                                                            - 128 -

EURELECTRIC (continued)                  Mr. Åse Roen                             Ms. Maria Weber
                                         Senior Environmental Advisor             Editor
                                         Statkraft AS                             E.ON Nordic
Ms. Monika Morawiecka
PGE Polish Energy Group
                                         Mr. Tormod Andre Schei                   Ms. Fatima Yusuf
                                         Vice President Environment               Advisor
Mr. Simone Mori                          Statkraft AS                             Statkraft AS
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and
Corporate Strategy
ENEL                                     Ms. Anette Schneider                     Mr. Roberto Zangrandi
                                         Senior Advisor Environment and Climate   Head of European Affairs
                                         Change Policy                            Enel Holding - Brussels Office
Ms. Claude Nahon                         Danish Energy Association (to be lined
Senior Vice President, Sustainable       with Dansk Energi)
Development                                                                       Mr. Erik Anders Richard Bengtsson
Electricité de France
                                         Ms. Katharina Schumacher
                                         Assistant of European Department         Euro-Mediterranean Center for
Ms. Simonetta Naletto                    TUV Nord                                 Climate Change
Enel Holding - Brussels Office

                                         Ms. Joelle Scowcroft                     Mr. Antonio Navarra
Mr. Rune Nilsen                                                                   President
Vice President Innovation & Growth
Statkraft Development                    Mr. John Frederick Scowcroft
Statkraft AS                             Head, Environment and Sustainable        European Bioethanol Fuel
                                         Development Policy Unit                  Association*
Ms. Eva Nord
Brand&Communication                      Ms. Karin Seloos                         Mr. Robert Vierhout
E.ON Nordic                              Statkraft AS                             Secretary General

Ms. Grete Nykkelmo                       Mr. Mikael Sköldebrink                   Ms. Gloria Gaupmann
Vice President                           Communicator                             Assistant Secretary General
Statkraft AS                             E.ON Nordic
                                                                                  Mr. Christophe Pascal Oliver Bourillon-
Mr. Stefan Okstveit                      Ms. Arild Soldal                         Girard
Advisor                                  Advisor                                  Vice-President of Energy and
Statkraft AS                             Fjordkraft                               Environment Public Affairs
                                                                                  Iogen Corporation
                                                                                  International Institute for Sustainable
Mr. Aslak Øveras                         Ms. Charlotte Sondergren
Corporate Coummincations Advisor         Chief Consultant
Statkraft AS                             Danish Energy Association (to be lined
                                         with Dansk Energi)                       Ms. Anne-Grethe Møller Jacobsen
Ms. Monica Oviedo Cespedes
Climate Change Head Department           Ms. Kristin Steenfeldt-Foss              Mr. Rene Tronborg
IBERDROLA                                Senior Advisor
                                         Statkraft AS
                                                                                  Mr. Anders Lau Tuxen
Mr. Juan Pardo de Santayana                                                       Energy Strategist
Presidency Office                        Mr. Morten Stickler                      Biotechnology Industry Organization*
IBERDROLA                                Senior Environmental Advisor
                                         Statkraft AS
                                                                                  Mr. Anders Kristoffersen
Ms. Ulrika Petersen                                                               Manager, External Affairs
Project Coordinator                      Mr. Turid Strand                         Novozymes A/S
E.ON Nordic                              Senior Advisor
                                         Statkraft AS
                                                                                  Mr. Kåre Riis Nielsen
Mr. Mickael Petrovic
Head of Newsdesk                         Mr. Hans ten Berge
                                                                                  Mr. Peder Holk Nielsen
E.ON Nordic                              Secretary General

                                                                                  Mr. Alarik Sandrup
Mr. Asa Pettersson                       Mr. Luis Torres Basabe
                                                                                  International Federation of Agricultural
Head of Public Affairs                   Manager, Climate Change
Vattenfall AB                            ENDESA

                                                                                  Mr. Per Falholt
Ms. Cristina Rivero Fernandez            Ms. Lucia Velasco Cenal
                                                                                  Executive Vice President in R & D
Head, Environment and Climate Change     ENDESA
Asociación Espanola de la Industria      Mr. Henning Villanger
Eléctrica                                Senior Advisor
                                         Statkraft AS
                                                          - 129 -

European Bureau for Conservation          Ms. Catherine Sachweh                      Ms. Nataliya Petrov
and Development*                          Consultant                                 Consultant Emissions Trading and
                                          OneCarbon                                  Climate Projects, EU Law
                                                                                     Future Camp GmbH
Mr. Elias Henriksson
Climate Network                           Mr. Mike Paul Mason
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation   Head of Business Development,              Mr. Daniel Scholz
                                          Environmental markets                      Consultant Emissions Trading and
                                                                                     Climate Projects
Mr. Erik Kopberg                                                                     Future Camp GmbH
Climate Network                           Mr. Edward Hanrahan
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation   Executive Director, Environmental
                                          Markets                                    Ms. Caroline Hinnersen
                                          JPMorgan                                   Consultant Emissions Trading and
Ms. Mia Torpe                                                                        Climate Projects
Climate Network                                                                      Future Camp GmbH
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation   Mr. Peter Kriebel
                                          Director Strategy and Operations
                                          GCERM                                      Mr. Jörg Doppelfeld
Ms. Mélanie Lamaison
Parliament Liaison Officer
                                          Mr. Kolja Kuse                             Ms. Katrin Shaber
                                          Founder and Application Development
Ms. Despina Symons                        Technocarbon Technologies
Director                                                                             Fariz Tasdan

                                          Katalin Kuse
European Business Council for                                                        Ms. Desislava Tomova
                                                                                     Consultant Emissions Trading and
Sustainable Energy
                                          Mr. Hans Jochen Krieger                    Climate Projects
                                                                                     Future Camp GmbH
Mr. Sebastian Gallehr
                                          Mr. Roland Geres
Chair of the Board
                                          Managing Director                          Ms. Stefanie Hoelscher
                                          FutureCamp GmbH                            Consultant Emissions Trading and
Mr. Julio Lambing                                                                    Climate Projects
Managing Director                                                                    Future Camp GmbH
                                          Mr. Felix Nickel
                                          Project Manager JI, CDM and Emissions
Mr. Gudrun Merkle                         Trading                                    Ms. Irmgard Eicher
Project Manager                           Future Camp GmbH                           Consultant Emissions Trading and
                                                                                     Climate Projects
                                                                                     Future Camp GmbH
Mr. Hans Schuhmacher                      Ms. Annette Gruss
Policy Analyst                            Consultant
                                          FutureCamp GmbH                            Mr. Reinhard Störmer
                                                                                     Senior Consultant
Mr. Peter Linsenmann
                                                                                     Future Camp GmbH
Adviser Investment Industry and           Mr. Thomas Mühlpointner
International Trade                       Project Manager Emissions Trading,
Cosmart International                     Climate Projects, Energy                   Mr. Roland Vogel
                                          FutureCamp GmbH                            Head of CO2-Mananagement
Mr. Lutz-Günther Scheidt
                                                                                     FutureCamp GmbH
European Business Countil for             Mr. Dominik Glock
Sustainable Energy                        Project Manager Emissions Trading,
                                          Climate Projects and Trading               Nicholas Bjørndal
                                          Future Camp GmbH
Mr. Paul Edward Metz
Managing Consultant                                                                  Mr. Arnold Tolle
INTEGeR... consult                        Mr. Maresa Munsterer                       Director
                                          Project Manager Emissions Trading and      Dr. Tolle Energie & Umwelt Consulting
                                          Climate Projects
Mr. Ignacio Campino
                                          Future Camp GmbH
Representative of the Board of                                                       Mr. George William Meyrick
Management for Sustainability and                                                    Managing Director
Climate Change                            Mr. Andreas Kohn                           Energy and Environment Business
Deutsche Telekom AG                                                                  Services Ltd
                                          Wang Yan
Mr. Luis Neves                                                                       Mr. Jeremy Hinton
Head, Sustainable Development and                                                    Consultant
                                          Mr. Markus Gotz
Environment                                                                          Energy and Environment Business
                                          Consultant, Emission Trading and Climate
Deutsche Telekom AG                                                                  Services Ltd
                                          Future Camp GmbH
Mr. Carsten Witt                                                                     Mr. Kornelis Blok
ACTANOL Renewable Technologies                                                       Managing Director
                                          Ms. Sengül Cetiner
GmbH                                                                                 Ecofys Energy and Environment
                                          Consultant Emission Trading and Climate
Mr. Carsten Warnecke                      FutureCamp GmbH
                                                          - 130 -

European Business Council for             Mr. Joachim Krueger                      Ningke Peng
Sustainable Energy (continued)            Executive Director for Energy            Director
                                          HSE and Logistics Programme              Dow Chemical

Ms. Fiona Riddoch
Managing Director                         Mr. Philippe de Casabianca               Mr. Eric Kosmider
European Association for the Promotion    Senior Counsellor, Communications        Director
of Cogeneration                                                                    Dow Chemical
                                          Ms. Susanne Kuschel
Mr. Kees den Blanken                      EU Government Affairs                    Mr. Robert Kandel
Managing Director                                                                  Director
Nederland                                 Mr. Jean-Claude Lahaut
European Association for the Promotion    Executive Director and General Councel   Mr. Yongsoon Park
of Cogeneration                                                                    Manager
                                                                                   Korea Chemical Industry
                                          Ms. Caroline Andersson
Mr. Mark van Wees                         Senior Councellor
Director                                  World Chlorine Council                   Mr. Thomas Jostmann
Capacity for Sustainable Development                                               Chemical Environment
                                          Mr. Arseen Seys
Mr. Hans Erich Zillmann                   Director
                                          World Chlorine Council                   European Climate Forum
Mr. Marcus Friedrich
Managing Director                         Kotaro Katagiri                          Mr. Guido Axmann
Hedge Pensions                            Promotion Office of Global Warming       Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Christian Wittlinger                  UBE Industries
                                                                                   Mr. Jacob Bilabel
                                                                                   Chief Executive Officer
Sy Schlüter                               Mr. Motozo Yoshikiyo
Managing Partner                          General Manager
                                          Technical Affairs Department             Ms. Catarina Silveira
                                          Japan Chemical Industry Association      PhD Candidate
Ms. Beate Bund                                                                     Environmental Science Programme
Senior Advisor Roland Berger
                                          Mr. Peter Botschek
                                          Director, Energy, Health, Safety and     Ms. Maria Sharmina
Mr. Gunnar Ingelman                       Environment                              PhD Researcher
projektleder                                                                       Sustainable Consumption Institute,
                                                                                   University of Manchester
                                          Ms. Marit Holtermann Foss
Ms. Emma Jonson                           Assistant Director
Projektleder                              Federation of Norwegian Industries       Mr. Federico Caprotti
                                                                                   Assistant Professor
                                                                                   Environment Institute
European Chemical Industry                Mr. Russel Mills
Council                                   Global Director, Energy and Climate
                                          Change                                   Ms. Stephanie Levy
                                          The Dow Chemical Company                 Project Manager, Stewardship
Mr. Torben Berlin Jensen
Managing Director
BASF AG                                   Mr. Shigetaka Fujii                      Mr. Abdelaziz Babqiqi
                                          General Manager                          Engineer of State
                                          Japan Chemical Industry Association
Mr. Hans-Ulrich Engel
Member of the Board of Directors BASF                                              Mr. Jose Opazo
BASF AG                                   Mr. Kiyoshi Kasai                        DPhil Student
                                          General Manager
                                          Japan Chemical Industry Association      Mr. Ozmond Roshan
Ms. Elisabeth Schick
Senio Vice President                                                               Young Climate Expert
Communications&Government Relations       Mr. Ernst von Franck
BASF Group                                Bayer AG                                 European Climate Foundation*
                                          Ms. Gitte Finnich Pedersen               Mr. Andreas Merkl
Mr. Wolfgang Weber                        Bayer Norden                             Director, Global Initiatives
                                                                                   Climate Works Foundation
Ms. Nicola Paczkowski                     Mr. Alfred R. Sorensen
Senior Manager, Energy and Climate        Bayer Norden                             Mr. Hal Harvey
Policy                                                                             Environment Program Director
BASF AG                                                                            ClimateWorks Foundation
                                          Mr. Peter Molinaro
                                          Dow Chemical
Mr. Geoff Mackey                                                                   Ms. Heather Thompson
Head ofGovernmental Affairs/Sustainable
BASF AG                                                                            Mr. Chris Stori
                                                             - 131 -

European Climate Foundation*               Mr. Sebastian Schienle              Ms. Lucile Barras
(continued)                                Consultant                          Political Advisor
                                                                               Thema1 GmbH

Ms. Brigid McCormack                       Mr. Marco Albani
                                                                               Mr. Samuel Flückiger
Ms. Sarah Holmgren                         Ms. Sabine Miltner
ClimateWorks Foundation                    Director
                                           DB                                  European Confederation of
                                                                               Woodworking Industries
Mr. Eric Heitz
                                           Mr. Andrew Powell Jones
                                           Program Director                    Mr. Filip De Jaeger
Ms. Seema Paul                             Sustainability Institute            Secretary General

Mr. Hongjun Zhang                          Mr. Elizabeth Sawin                 Mr. Kris Wijnendaele
                                                                               Secretary General
Mr. Jules T. H. M. Kortenhorst             Mr. Edward S. Ayensu                European Confederation of the Plywood
Chief Eexecutive Officer                   Advisory Board                      Industry

Mr. Joerg Haas                             Mr. Mark Mwandosya                  Mr. Laszlo Döry
Programme Director, Climate Diplomacy      Minister for Water and Irrigation
                                                                               Mr. Aasmund Bunkholt
Ms. Delia Villagrasa                       Ms. Joanna Messing
Senior Adviser
                                                                               Mr. Frederik Lauwaert
                                           Ms. Susan Bell
Mr. Bert Metz                              The Hewlett Foundation              Ms. Gabriela Gorostiza

                                           Mr. Mark Burget                     Mr. Ward Vervoort
Mr. Thomas Heller                          ClimateWorks Foundation
                                                                               Ms. Kathy Van Damme
                                           Mr. John McCall McBain
Mr. Tom Brookes                            McCall McBain Foundation
Managing Director, Communications                                              European Consumers'
                                           Mr. Kristiane Parker
Mr. Tim Nuthall                            Trustee
Media Manager                              Oak Foundation                      Mme Laura Degallaix
ECF Energy Strategy Centre                                                     Head, Environment and Safety
                                           Ms. Angela Whelan
Mr. Dries Acke
                                                                               Ms. Sylvia Maurer
                                           Mr. Michael Vachon
Mr. Paul Bledsoe                                                               Project Coordinator

                                           Mr. George Soros
Mr. Julian Popov                                                               Ms. Anna Carbonaro
Advisor                                                                        Assistant to the Environment adn Safety
                                           Bernhard Lorentz                    Department

Mr. Donald Johnston
                                           Mr. Andre Wilkens                   Ms. Marie-Estelle Herbert
                                                                               Communications Officer
Mr. Robin Millington
                                           Mr. George Polk
                                           Executive Committee Chairman        European Copper Institute
Mr. Eric Beinhocker                        Head of The Catalyst Project
Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute
                                                                               Mr. Pierre Cazelles
                                           Ms. Fiona Napier                    Senior Manager, External Funding
Mr. Jeremy Oppenheim                                                           International Copper Association China
                                           Mr. Tamiko Bolton
                                                                               Mr. Roman Targosz
Mr. Marcel Brinkman                                                            Central European Electrical Manager
Associate Principal                        Ms. Iris Andrews
                                                                               Polish Copper Promotion Centre SA
                                                                               Polish Copper Promotion Centre SA
Mr. Christian Schumer                      Mr. Jamie Drummond
Engagement Manager
                                                                               European Dairy Association*
                                           Ms. Eloise Todd
Mr. Ben Irons
                                                                               Mr. Fergus Mc Reynolds
Engagement Manager                         Mr. Diego Llorens
                                                            - 132 -

European Dairy Association*               Mr. Adrian Gane                       Ms. Kinga Timaru-Kast
                                          European Nuclear Society              Mr. Benjamin Fontaine
Mr. Joop Frederik Kleibeuker                                                    EPIA Communication Officer
Secretary General                         Mr. Edouard Hourcade
                                          Researcher                            Mr. Giorgio Vitali
European Environmental Bureau             CEA-Saclay
                                                                                Mr. Winfried Hoffmann
Mr. John Hontelez                         Mr. Alexey Lokhov
Secretary General                         Researcher                            Mr. Murray Cameron
                                          CEA-Saclay                            Chief Executive
Ms. Catherine Pearce
Principal Policy Officer                  Mr. Matthias Istvan Horvath           Mr. Boris Klebensberger
C40 Climate Leadership Group
                                          Mr. Maxime Havet                      Mr. Anton Miller
Mr. Ian Lumley
Heritage Officer                          Mr. Arnaud Meert
The National Trust for Ireland                                                  Mr. Gunther Cramer

                                          Mr. Ralph Hania                       Mr. Christian Langen
Mr. Roel Posthoorn

                                          Mr. Steven Knol                       Mr. Michael Harre
Ms. Claire Kallenbach

                                          Mr. Niel Crewdson                     Mr. Stephan Hansen
Ms. Eline Ex

                                          Mr. Gerardo Del Caz Esteso            Mr. Oliver Schaefer
Mr. Urpo Taskinen
Climate Network Steering Group
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation   European Partnership for Energy       Mr. Luis Torres
                                          and the Environment
Mr. Thomas Bjornsson                                                            Mr. Christopher Burghardt
                                          Ms. Andrea Voigt
                                          Director General
European Federation of Regional                                                 Mr. Torgeir Ulset
Energy and Environment
Agencies/Fédération Européenne            Ms. Hilde Dhont
                                          Assistant Manager, Environment        Mr. Stanislaw Pietruszko
des Agences Régionales de
                                          Readiness Section
L'Energie et de L'Environnement           Daikin Europe N.V.                    Mr. Christos Protogeropoulos

Mr. Michael Geissler                      Mr. Martin Dieryckx
Secretary General                                                               Mr. Jochen Hauff
                                          Department Mananger, Environment      International Institute for Energy
                                          research centre                       Conservation - Europe
European Landowners                       Daikin Europe N.V.
Organisation                                                                    Mr. Laurent Dumarest
                                          Ms. Lieneke Slegers
Mr. Jethro Schiansky                      International Affairs Manager
                                                                                Mr. Aart van Iterson
Public Affairs Advisor
                                          European Photovoltaic Industry
                                                                                Mr. Martin Dubois
Ms. Louise Knops                          Association
                                                                                Ms. Sandy McLean
                                          Mr. Adel El Gammal
Mr. Michael Sayer                         Secretary General
Director Climate Change                                                         Mr. Fernando Anton
                                          Ms. Paula Llamas
Mr. Allan Buckwell                        Marketing and Communication Manager   Mr. Sebastian Goeke
Policy Director                           ad interim
                                                                                Mr. Christian Phillip
Mr. Thierry de lÉscaille                  Ms. Eleni Despotou
Secretary General                                                               Mr. Chandra Sekar
                                          Ms. Florence Limet
Ms. Susanne Adlercreutz                                                         Mr. Pietro Caloprisco
Assistant                                 Ms. Marie Latour
                                                                                Ms. Emmanuelle Lenain
Mr. Henry Robinson                        Mr. Daniel Fraile Montoro
                                                           - 133 -

European Photovoltaic Industry          European Water Partnership*         Cija Mast-Ingle Nielsen
Association (continued)
                                        Mr. Tom Vereijken                   Mr. Dag Hinrichs
Ms. Giorgia Concas                      Chairman
Policy Department                                                           Mr. Dan Lun
                                        European Wind Energy
Ms. Kristin Nordal                      Association                         Mr. Dennis Pagaard Thomsen

Mr. Gavin Tulloch                       Mr. Julian Scola                    Mr. Di Luo

Mr. Clemens Betzel                      Mr. Christian Kjaer Laursen         Mr. Ditlev Engel
                                        Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Yue Mi                                                                  Mr. Dorte Mundt Andersen
                                        Mr. Bruce Douglas
Ms. Hua Jing                            Chief Operating Officer
                                                                            Dorte Petersen

Ms. Kristin Blix-Elton                  Mr. Justin Wilkes
                                                                            Ms. Dorthe Nielsen

Mr. Thomas Rudolph                      Mr. Rémi Gruet
                                        Regulatory Affairs Advisor          Ms. Elisabeth Munch af Rosenchöid

Mr. Andrew Machirant                                                        Mr. Emmanuelle Raoult
                                        Ms. Gloria Rodrigues
                                        Policy and Projects Officer
Mr. Thierry Bodiot                                                          Mr. Erik Kjaer Sørensen
                                        Chris Rose
Ms. Marietta Grammenou                                                      Mr. Erik Therkelsen
                                        Mr. Tim Robinson
Mr. Patrice Pelletier                                                       Mr. Erik West Christensen
                                        Ms. Nancy Hitchins
Mr. René Desserrieès                                                        Mr. Finn Strøm Madsen
                                        Ms. Ali Neyzi
Mr. Brandon Mitchener                                                       Mr. Frank Leif Sterup
                                        Mr. Anders Ohlsson
Mr. Robert Wright                                                           Mr. Gary Pundsack
                                        Mr. Anders Søe-Jenen
Ms. Maja Wessels                                                            Mr. Guangping Du
                                        Mr. Andre Wilmes
Mr. Simon Decker                                                            Mr. Hans Jörgen Krabbenhøft
                                        Mr. Andreas Eichler
Mr. Thomas Chrometzka                                                       Mr. Hans Jörn Rieks
                                        Mr. Andreas Thomas
                                                                            Mr. Hans Vestergaard
European Renewable Energy               Mr. Andrew Hilton
                                                                            Mr. Helle Bay
                                        Ms. Anna Buxaderas Rierola
Ms. Gema San Bruno
                                                                            Mr. Henning Hansen
Secretary General
European Small Hydropower Association   Ms. Anna Olsson
                                                                            Ms. Henriette Juul
European Round Table of                 Ms. Annika Balgård
Industrialists                                                              Mr. Henrik Nørrenmark
                                        Ms. Annika Thiele
Mr. Jeroen van der Veer                                                     Mr. Henry Tilgham
Former Chief Executive                  Mr. Arvind Kaul
Shell International B.V.                                                    Mr. Holly Hong Cheng
                                        Bo Kokholm Pedersen
Ms. Xanthe Visram                                                           Mr. Jacob Larsen
Working Group Co-ordinator
                                        Mr. Carsten Madsen
                                                                            Mr. Jan Heine Olesen
                                        Ms. Cássia Simons Januário
                                        Policy Analyst, Vestas Government   Mr. Jan Nedertorp Nielsen
                                                     - 134 -

European Wind Energy                Mr. Marcelo Anton Pegler Hutschinski   Mr. Skipper Schandoff
Association (continued)
                                    Ms. Maria Øksenhøj Madsen              Mr. Søren Brouer
Ms. Jannik Termansen
                                    Ms. Marian Kjærgaard                   Mr. Søren Plagborg
Mr. Jens Henrik Haahr
                                    Ms. Martha Wyrsch                      Ms. Stephanie Astrid Madsen
Mr. Jens Rønnemoes Pedersen
                                    Mr. Matthew Delaney                    Mr. Svend Aage Pedersen
Mr. Jens Tommerup
                                    Mr. Michael Holm                       Ms. Theresa McCarty
Mr. Jesper Guldmann Petersen
                                    Mr. Michael Sejerø Christensen         Ms. Tina Ebler
Mr. John Childs
                                    Mr. Michael Zarin                      Ms. Tina Winther Schou
Mr. John Kalish                     Director
                                                                           Mr. Tommy Rae Jr.
Mr. Jon Chase                       Mr. Miguel Picardo Troyano
                                                                           Mr. Torben Bonde
Mr. Jorn Palle Spangenberg Jensen   Mr. Mikkel Robenhagen Berthelsen
                                                                           Mr. Torkild Bay
Ms. Josefina Björneland             Mr. Morten Albæk
                                                                           Ms. Trine Dalsgaard
Mr. Josep Lluis Cortes Oliva        Mr. Morten Dyrholm
                                                                           Ms. Ulla Andren
Mr. Julien Bluteau                  Mr. Morten Enggaard Rasmussen
                                                                           Ms. Ursula Bækkegaard
Mr. Ken Fiddes                      Mr. Morten Poulsen-Hansen
                                                                           Mr. Yanos Michopoulos
Mr. Ken McAlpine                    Ms. Natasha Schwartz Thomsen
                                                                           Mr. Yuqing Zhang
Mr. Kenneth Hald Jensen             Nette Bechmann Gjørtz
                                                                           European Youth Forest Action*
Mr. Kenneth Johansson               Mr. Nicolas Wolff
                                                                           Mr. Roy Pullens
Mr. Kenneth Kolvits                 Ms. Nina Schwartz                      Coordinator

Mr. Klaus Due Bærendsen             Mr. Ole Enggaard Sorensen              Ms. Mooness Davarian
                                                                           Project Coordinator
Mr. Klaus Rønde                     Palle Frederiksen
                                                                           Ms. Shannon Stephens
                                    Mr. Peter C Brun                       Project Coordinator
Mr. Klaus Steen Mortensen

                                    Mr. Peter Hartwig                      Ms. Carly Gregory
Mr. Kresten Ørnbjerg Christensen

                                    Mr. Rainer Karan                       Mr. Miodrag Dakic
Mr. Krister Poole Jønsson                                                  Group Leader

Mr. Lars Odby                       Mr. Rene Møller
                                                                           Ms. Natasa Crnkovic
                                                                           Network Member/Youth Project
Ms. Laura Nieburg                   Mr. Rikke Harbo                        Participant

Ms. Linda Nuber-Baron               Mr. Rikke Tikjøb Christiansen          Mr. Vojin Kopuz
                                                                           Network Member/Youth Project
Ms. Lisa Ekstrand                   Mr. Roald Steen Jakobsen

                                    Mr. Rob Sauven                         Mr. Ivan Napotnik
Ms. Liu Yanjun

                                                                           Mr. Veljko Dakic
Mr. Malin Stavlin                   Mr. Roby Roberts
                                                                           Network Member/Youth Project
Mr. Malte Meyer                     Mr. Sean Michael Lance Sutton
                                                        - 135 -

European Youth Forest Action*          Ms. Ceylan Begüm Yildiz                   Ms. Rebecka Carlsson
(continued)                            Network Member/Youth Project
                                                                                 Ms. Maayke Damen
Mr. Leonid Bunkov
Group Leader                           Ms. Milen Nae
                                                                                 Ms. Kirsti Davies
                                       Network Member/Youth Project
Ms. Yuliana Kamardina                                                            Ms. Femke De Jong
Network Member/Youth Project
Participant                            Mr. Till Seidensticker
                                       Network Member/Youth Project              Mr. Elias Efvergren
Mr. Konstantin Vladimirovich Korolev
Network Member/Youth Project                                                     Mr. Gabriel Ehrling
Participant                            Mr. Rutger van den Dool
                                       Network Member/Youth Project
                                       Participant                               Ms. Lovisa Eriksson
Ms. Irina Morozova
Network Member/Youth Project                                                     Mr. Oskar Eriksson
Participant                            Mr. Pieter Cernelissen
                                       Group Leader
                                                                                 Ms. Ilaria Esposito
Mr. Ivan Sergheevich Blankov                                                     Representative
Network Member/Youth Project           Mr. Oleksandr Slavynsky
                                       Group Leader                              FNG-Member of the Youth Forum

                                       Mr. Illia Vlasiuk                         Ms. Sofie Faes
Ms. Alena Dubovik
Group Leader                           Network Member/Youth Project
                                       Participant                               Mr. Sydney Fleming-Gale
Mr. Aliaksandr Yarashevich
Network Member/Youth Project           Mr. Oleksandr Skoba                       Mr. Daniel Frelen
Participant                            Network Member/Youth Project
                                                                                 Mr. Senan Gardiner
Mr. Hleb Valoshka
Network Member/Youth Project           Mr. Benoit Kubiac
                                       Network Member/Youth Project              Mr. Blaz Gasparini
                                                                                 Mr. Auour Geirsdottir
Ms. Alena Nemik
Network Member/Youth Project           Mr. Ivan Gregov
Participant                                                                      Mr. Hanna Grekula
                                       Ms. Jelena Pudjak
Mr. Mikita Darashko                                                              Mr. Daan Grooten
Network Member/Youth Project           Mr. Richard Shore
Participant                                                                      Ms. Marieke Haafkes
                                       European Youth Forum
Mr. Dzmitry Platonau                                                             Ms. Kim Hagen
Network Member/Youth Project
Participant                            Mr. Ben Vanpeperstraete
                                       Bureau Member                             Ms. Hanna Hallin
Mr. Radomir Selyavko
Network Member/Youth Project           Ms. Julie Teng                            Mr. Niklas Hansen Gustafsson
Participant                            Policy Officer, Sustainable Development
                                       and Health
                                                                                 Mr. Henrik Hansson
Mr. Igor Truhanovich
Network Member/Youth Project           Ms. Anna Andreasson
                                                                                 Ms. Sara Haraldssonn
                                       Ms. Irma Arts
                                                                                 Mr. Matthias Harr
Mr. Siarhei Sliusar
Network Member/Youth Project           Mr. Rodion Bajureanu
Participant                                                                      Ms. Hanna Karin Helsingen

                                       Mr. Marija Bogdanovic
Ms. Nilufer Atac                                                                 Mr. Hans Hindriks
Group Leader
                                       Ms. Anela Beso
                                                                                 Ms. Susanna Honner
Ms. Gökce Gözüm
Network Member/Youth Project           Ms. Hanna Mia Brekkan
                                                                                 Amanda Jerneck
                                       Ms. Rakel Brynjolfsdottir
                                                                                 Mr. Linus Källander

                                       Mr. George Brooke
                                                - 136 -

European Youth Forum          Mr. Snaeros Sindradottir              Ms. Stefania Proietti
(continued)                                                         Professor of Economics
                                                                    Department of Industrial Engineering
                              Mr. Jon Steele
                                                                    University of Perugia
Mr. Jesse Klaver
                              Mr. Peik Stenlund
                                                                    Mr. Paolo Sdringola
Ms. Rosanne Kolvers                                                 Engineer
                              Ms. Johanna Storbjork                 University of Perugia
Mr. Rafi Korn
                              Mr. Diederik Ten Cate                 Mr. Guiseppe Tiradossi
Ms. Sarah Lawson                                                    Technician
                                                                    University of Perugia
                              Mr. Jorik Ter Horst
Mikael Leisjo
                              Ms. Mario Testa
                                                                    FACE Foundation
Ms. Kate Lyons
                                                                    Mr. Denis Martyn Slieker
                              Mr. Nikolaos Theodorakis
                                                                    Managing Director
Ms. Ilona Mäkinen
                              Mr. Matthias Tofvesson
                                                                    Mr. Marinus Willem Martijn Snoep
Mr. Anders Mankler
                              Ms. Afroditi Tsipra
                                                                    Mr. Raj Kumar Thakur
Mr. Sander Mann
                              Ms. Ana Sofia Valderas
                                                                    Mr. René Toet
Mr. Peter Matjasic
                              Ms. Vere Van Gool
                                                                    Mr. Franz Rentel
Ms. Laura Meuleman
                              Ms. Zoé Van Mansfeld
                                                                    Mr. Ludwig Bergeon Breton
Ms. Christie Miedema
                              Mr. Hans Vindeland
                                                                    Mr. Luis Fernando Jara Navarro
Ms. Ellen Milan                                                     PROFAFOR Del Ecuador S.A.
                              Ms. Linda Wallberg
Mr. Falko Mohrs                                                     Mr. Halake Kanchora Doti
                              Ms. Ella Weggem
Ms. Madgalena Musiala                                               Mr. Johan Kieft
                              Ms. Seher Yilmaz                      ACD Strategy & Programme
Mr. Omar Mustafa                                                    Development
                                                                    CARE International - Indonesia
                              Mr. Andre Zakharov
Ms. Imse Nilsson
                                                                    Mr. Charles Crosthwaite Eyre
                              Ms. Anouk Zoet
Mr. Per Olsson
                              Ms. Jane Vance                        Fauna and Flora International
Mr. Stijn Otten
                              Ms. Rebecca Mattingly                 Mr. Frank Momberg
                                                                    Asia Director of Programme Development
Mr. Christoph Parnitzke
                              Mr. Fernando Ignacio Rojes Navia
                                                                    Mr. Handrianus Andjar Rafiastanto
Ms. Loreta Pivoriunaite                                             Fauna and Flora International
                              Ms. Michaela Salome Christina
Mr. Georgios Polychronidis    Hogenboom
                                                                    Mr. Ahmad Kusworo
                                                                    Fauna and Flora International
Ms. Silvia Puscasu            Ev-K2-CNR Committee*
                                                                    Mr. Darmawan Liswanto
Ms. Gayathri Rathinavelu      Mr. Agostino da Polenza               Director, FFI Indonesia Programme
Mr. Lloyd Russell-Moyle                                             Ms. Dewi Risky
                              Ms. Elisa Vuillermoz                  Fauna and Flora International
                              SHARE Project Executive Coordinator
Mr. Amir Sajadi
Representative of LSU                                               Ms. Natasha Calderwood
                              Mr. Paolo Bonasoni                    Programme Coordinator, Environmental
Mr. Alessandro Scoppettuolo
                              Mr. Paolo Cristofanelli
                              CNR-ISAC/Ev-K2-CNR                    Mr. Julie Fischer
Ms. Lea Simma                                                       Community Specialist, Environmental
                                                            - 137 -

Fauna and Flora International              Federation of Electric Power              Mr. Hajime Butshuhara
(continued)                                Companies                                 General Manager
                                                                                     Energia Business Division
                                                                                     The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc
Ms. Helen Pitman                           Mr. Hiroshi Watanabe
Fauna and Flora International              General Manager, Siting and Environment
                                           Department                                Mr. Takayoshi Takeyama
Mr. Roger Ingle                                                                      Energia Business Division
Fauna and Flora International              Mr. Ichiro Maeda                          The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc
                                           General Manager, Siting and Environment
Mr. Oliver Yates                                                                     Mr. Hideo Yata
Executive Director                                                                   Staff Senior Manager
Macquarie Task Force                       Mr. Kazuhiko Matsumura                    Energia Business Division
                                           Manager, Siting and Environmental         The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc
Mr. Brer Adams
Senior Manager                                                                       Mr. Kenichi Irikawa
Macquarie Task Force                       Mr. Kenji Takahashi                       Assistant Manager
                                           Manager, Siting and Environmental         Energia Business Division
                                           Department                                The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc
Mr. Jason Howes
Fauna and Flora International
                                           Ms. Alisa Schackmann                      Mr. Shogo Tokura
                                           Assistant, International Affairs and      Office of Corporate Planning
Feasta Ltd                                 Environment Department                    The Kansai Electric Power Company

Mr. Feargal Duff                           Mr. Koji Toyama
Senior Policy Advisor                                                                Mr. Yasuhiro Sakamoto
                                           Senior Manager, Environmental
Mr. Padraig Carmody                        The Kansai Electric Power Company         Mr. Yoshiharu Ota
Lecturer in Geography
Trinity College Dublin                     Mr. Yoshinori Ueda                        Mr. Koki Watanabe
                                           Manager, Global Environment Group
Mr. Oliver Tickell                         Environment Department                    Mr. Kenichiro Yamaguchi
Kyoto2                                     The Kansai Electric Power Company         Senior Consultant
                                                                                     Global Warming Research Group
Ms. Juliet Anne Duff                       Mr. Tsuyoshi Sato                         Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.
                                           manager, Global Environment Group,
                                           Environmental Affairs                     Mr. Nobuyuki Kobayashi
Federation of Canadian                     Chubu Electric Power Company              Senior Consultant
Municipalities                                                                       Global Warming Research Group
                                           Mr. Hoku Saito                            Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.
Mr. Brock Carlton                          Assitant Manager, Environment Planning,
Chief Executive Officer                    Affairs Department                        Mr. Kuniyuki Nishimura
                                           Siting and Environment Department         Research Director
                                           Tohoku Electric Power Co. Inc             Global Warming Research Group
Mr. Basil Stewart
Mayor of Summerside, President of                                                    Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.
Federation of Canadian Municipalities      Ms. Sumie Nakayama
                                           Senior Manager, Climate Strategy,         Ms. Keiko Sato
                                           Corproate Planning and Administration     Consultant
Mr. Berry Vrbanovic
                                           Department                                Global Warming Research Group
                                           Climate Change Group, Corporate           Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.
Ms. Shannon Watt                           Planning and Adminstration Department
Environmental Policy Analyst               J-POWER
CFA                                                                                  Mr. Giacomo Valentini
International Federation of Agricultural                                             Senior Consultant
                                           Mr. Yasuhisa Iwasaki                      European Research Associates

                                           Mr. Koji Ikeda                            Federation of German Industries
Mr. Brad Woodside
Mayor, City of Fredericton
                                           Mr. Katsunori Nishioka                    Mr. Reinhold Achatz
Ms. Laura Rhodes                                                                     Siemens AG
Manager of Community Planning,             Mr. Shigeru Nambara
Business Strategies
                                                                                     Mr. Markus Appelhans
                                           Mr. Toshio Kurita                         BMW Group
Mr. Lois E Jackson                         General Manager of Group Management
                                           Div.                                      Mr. Martin Arlt
Mr. Joe Trasolini                                                                    BMW Group
                                                            - 138 -

Federation of German Industries          Mr. Klaus Draeger                        Mr. Jürgen Hambrecht
(continued)                              BMW Group                                Industrie-Förderung GmbH

Mr. Frank-Peter Arndt                    Mr. Christian Drepper                    Mr. Herbert Hauck
BMW Group                                EON AG                                   Trimet Aluminium

Mr. Norbert Aschenbrenner                Mr. Eberl Ulrich                         Mr. Stephan Heimbach
Siemens AG                               Siemens AG                               Siemens AG

Mr. Georg Bäuml                          Mr. Martin Eckert                        Mr. Joachim Hein
Managing Director                        Babcock-Hitachi Europe GmbH              Climate Department, Sustainable
Group Research, Environmental Strategy                                            Development, IV/2
and Mobility                             Mr. Carl Friedrich Eckhardt
Volkswagen AG                            Dornier Consulting                       Mr. Peter Heinacher
                                                                                  RWE AG
Mr. Stefan Becker                        Mr. Friedrich Eichinger
EON AG                                   BMW Group                                Mr. Jürgen Hellwig
                                                                                  Siemens AG
Mr. Thomas Becker                        Mr. Peter Engelhard
BMW Group                                RWE AG                                   Mr. Markus Hess
                                                                                  BMW Group
Mr. Oliver Bell                          Mr. Rainer Feurer
Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH         BMW Group                                Mr. Ulrich Hoffrichter

Mr. Wulf Bernotat                        Mr. Otmar Frey                           Mr. Herbert Höllschl
EON AG                                   Leiter Abt. Umweltschutzpolitik          BMW Group
                                         ZVEI-Zentralverband Elektrotechnik und
Ms. Birgit Berthold-Kremser              Elektroindustrie e.V.
                                                                                  Mr. Hanns Michael Hölz
Siemens AG                                                                        Deutsche Bank AG
                                         Mr. Georg Friedrichs
Mr. Constantin Birnstiel                 Vattenfall Europe
                                                                                  Mr. Thomas Holzner
Siemens AG                                                                        Siemens AG
                                         Mr. Ulrich Frieser
Mr. Michael Blabst                       Vattenfall AB
                                                                                  Mr. Ralph Huber
BMW Group                                                                         BMW Group
                                         Mr. Klaus Froehlich
Mr. Peter Blau                           BMW Group
                                                                                  Mr. Stephan von Hundelshausen
EON AG                                                                            WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle
                                         Mr. Joachim Ganse
Mr. Marc Breithecker                     Deloitte &Touche GmbH
                                                                                  Mr. Allan Hutchinson
BMW Group                                                                         Oxford Brookes University
                                         Mr. Martin Goetzler
Ms. Nicola Brüning                       OSRAM AG
                                                                                  Mr. Achim Itzhöfer
BMW Group                                                                         Bayer AG
                                         Mr. Ulrich Grillo
Ms. Christine Brunner                    WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle
                                                                                  Mr. Burkhard Ishler
Siemens AG                                                                        Siemens AG
                                         Mr. Groebler Gunnar
Mr. Sören Buttkereit                     Vattenfall Europe
                                                                                  Ms. Elisa Jäckel
Siemens AG                                                                        Forum fuer Nachhaltige Entwicklung der
                                         Mr. Wolfgang Grosse Entrup               Deutschen Wirtschaft
Ms. Martina Dashinger                    Bayer AG
BMW Group                                                                         Mr. Sven Janke
                                         Mr. Jürgen Grossmann                     Schäfer&Janke GbR kommod.tv
Mr. Stefan Denig                         RWE AG
Siemens AG                                                                        Mr. Cherno Jobatey
                                         Mr. Thomas Gründel                       Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen
Mr. Herbert Diess                        BMW Group
BMW Group                                                                         Mr. Hans-Joachim Kamp
                                         Ms. Sidonie Günther                      Philips GmbH
Mr. Heinrich Doppler                     Industrie-Förderung GmbH
ZVEI-Zentralverband Elektrotechnik und                                            Mr. Dirk Kabun
Elektroindustrie e.V.                    Mr. Tobias Hahn                          BMW Group
                                         BMW Group
                                                        - 139 -

Federation of German Industries          Ms. Barbara Kux                    Mr. Jörg Pohlmann
(continued)                              Siemens AG                         BMW Group

Mr. Jürgen Karthaus                      Mr. Marc Langendorf                Mr. Hans Rathgeber
Technolgy Services GmbH                  Siemens AG                         BMW Group
Bayer AG
                                         Mr. Dirk Langolf                   Mr. Norbert Reithofer
Mr. Andreas Keinath                      WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle     BMW Group
BMW Group
                                         Mr. Joachim Löchte                 Mr. Andreas Renner
Mr. Hans-Peter Keitel                    RWE AG                             EnBW Energie Baden Würtemberg AG
Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie
e.V.                                     Mr. Peter Löscher                  Mr. Henning Rentz
                                         Siemens AG                         Leiter
Mr. Dirk Kessler                                                            Umweltkoordination
BMW Group                                                                   RWE AG
                                         Mr. José Machado
                                         Siemens AG
Mr. Ulrich Klinkert                                                         Mr. Ralf Retter
Vattenfall Europe                        Mr. Markus Mailer
                                         BMW Group                          Mr. Mathias Riebel
Mr. Andreas Klugescheid                                                     EnBW Energie Baden Würtemberg AG
BMW Group                                Mr. Martin Mayerhofer
                                         BMW Group                          Mr. Peter Riedel
Mr. Martin Kneer                                                            BMW Group
WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle           Mr. Bill McAndrews
                                         BMW Group                          Mr. Ian Robertson
Mr. Uwe Knickrehm                                                           BMW Group
EnBW Energie Baden Würtemberg AG         Mr. Rainer Menge
                                         Xstrata Zink GmbH                  Mr. Michael Rossa
Mr. Knieps Ulrich                                                           Siemens AG
BMW Group                                Mr. Lutz Von Meyerinck
                                         Director                           Mr. Jörg Rothemel
Mr. Thomas Koenen                        Deutsche BP                        Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.
Forum fuer Nachhaltige Entwicklung der
Deutschen Wirtschaft                     Ms. Rebecca Middleton              Mr. Werner Rothfuss
                                         EON AG                             BMW Group
Mr. Thomas Korn
BMW Group                                Mr. Thomas Mock                    Mr. Florian Schäfer
                                         Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH   Schäfer&Janke GbR kommod.tv
Mr. Peter Krams
BMW Group                                Mr. Daniel Sebastian Müller        Ms. Julia Scharlemann
                                         Siemens AG                         RWE AG
Mr. Ulrich Kranz
BMW Group                                Mr. Henning Nannen                 Mr. Kurt-Christian Scheel
                                         Volkswagen AG
Mr. Josef Krems                                                             Mr. Klaus Scheuerer
Technische Universetät                   Mr. Martin Neipp                   BMW Group
                                         EON AG
Ms. Sandra Krommes                                                          Mr. Glenn Schmidt
BMW Group                                Mr. Michael Niese                  BMW Group
                                         WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle
Mr. Mirko Kruck                                                             Ms. Melanie Schmuda
EnBW Energie Baden Würtemberg AG         Mr. Alexander Nolden               Siemens AG
                                         Public Affairs
Mr. Harald Krüger                        RWE AG
                                                                            Mr. Werner Schnappauf
BMW Group                                                                   Director
                                         Ms. Kristina Nolte
Mr. Rolf Kuby                            EnBW Energie Baden Würtemberg AG
                                                                            Mr. Maximillian Schröbel
Industrie-Förderung GmbH                                                    BMW Group
                                         Mr. Reinhard Otten
Ms. Klaudia Kunze                        AUDI AG
                                                                            Mr. Jens Schreiber
Siemens AG                                                                  EON AG
                                         Ms. Angela Pasch
                                         AUDI AG
                                                        - 140 -

Federation of German Industries         Mr. Peter Wilbrandt                      Mr. Astha Batra
(continued)                             Aurubis AG                               Research Associate

Mr. Uwe Schriek                         Mr. Klaus Willnow                        Mr. Vibhav Nuwal
Corporate Technology                    Siemens AG                               Vice President
Siemens AG
                                        Ms. Juliana Wolf                         Mr. V K Gulhati
Mr. Martin Schroder                     BMW Group                                Director, Technical
Head of Forestry, Carbon Management
Service                                 Mr. Gerhard Wörle                        Federation of Young European
TÜV Süddeutschland Bau und Betrieb      BMW Group

                                        Mr. Dieter Zetsche                       Ms. Trina Mocanu
Mr. Dirk Schröter                       Daimler AG
Vattenfall Europe
                                                                                 Mr. Bruno Nicostrate
                                        Mr. Bernd-Michael Zinow                  Secretary General
Ms. Verena Schuler                      EnBW Energie Baden Würtemberg AG
BMW Group
                                                                                 Mr. Fabio Stevenato
                                        Mr. Holger Loesch
Mr. Ekkehard Schulz                     BDI respresentative
Thyssen Krupp AG                        Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie    Ms. Eline van Nistelrooij
Mr. Hubert Schurkus                                                              Ms. Göran Hådén
BMW Group                               Federation of Indian Chambers of
                                        Commerce and Industry                    Mr. Philippe Schockweiler
Ms. Franziska Schuth
Vattenfall Europe
                                        Ms. Anuradha RV                          Ms. Delfina Rossi
                                        Environmental Scientist
Mr. Bernhard Schwager
Robert Bosch GmbH                                                                M. Alexis Prokopiev
                                        Mr. Satish Kumar Sinha
Robert Bosch GmbH
                                                                                 Mr. Sebastian Power
                                        Mr. Abhijit Shivasirao Naik
Mr. Maximillian Schwalm
BMW Group                                                                        Mr. Devin Bahceci
                                        Ms. Vrushali Vijay Tapkir
Mr. Daniel Steiners                                                              Ms. Emily May Buning
Bayer AG                                Mr. Puneet Katyal
                                        Group Coordinator, Energy Conservation
                                                                                 Ms. Lilija Apine
Mr. Gunnar Still
Thyssen Krupp AG                        Sanjay Mande
                                                                                 Liene Tiesnese

Mr. Alexander Thorwirth                 Mr. Charu Gupta
BMW Group                                                                        Mr. Razvan Dragu

                                        Mr. Ashwin C Shroff
Ms. Alice Timm                                                                   Panos Zafiriou
Siemens AG
                                        Mr. Prashant Modi
                                                                                 Jan Guth
                                        President and COO
Mr. Eckhardt Wannieck
BMW Group                                                                        Jeiran Shirinoa
                                        Mr. RR Kanade

Mr. Hans-Jörn Weddige                                                            Jan Labohy
                                        Mr. Hemant Lodha
Head, Climate Change Policy
Environmental Affairs / Real Estate /
Quality                                                                          Mr. Laurance Louise D. Willemse
                                        Mr. Amit Nilawar
Thyssen Krupp AG
                                        Mr. Abhay Sancheti                       Esra Özkan
Mr. Dieter Wegener
Siemens AG                                                                       Mr. Durukan Dudu
                                        Sanjay Vashishtha

Mr. Oliver Weinmann                                                              Erdem Temel
Vattenfall Europe                       Mr. Karun Sharma

                                        Ms. Rita Roy Choudhury                   Mr. Jakop Dalunde
Mr. Dirk Westermann                                                              Young Friends of the Earth Europe
Technische Universität Ilmenau          Joint Director and Team Leader
                                        Environment and Climate Change
                                        Division                                 Erik Malm
                                                         - 141 -

Federation of Young European           Omondi Victor Odhiambo               Ms. Tiina Virtanen
Greens* (continued)
                                       FERN                                 Mr. Ilkka Räsänen
Mr. Luis Jazxhi
                                       Ms. Jutta Kill                       Ms. Miia Riihimäki
Mr. Ben Miller                         Climate Campaigner
                                                                            Ms. Eila Salomaa
Ms. Emily Freeman                      Ms. Kate Dooley
                                       Policy Advisor                       Ms. Lissa Nyrölä
Marek Powley
                                       Mr. Sitamon Saint-Jérôme             Ms. Laura Sokka
Benoît Verzat                          Maison de lénfant et de la femme
                                       pygmées                              Ms. Kati Koponen
Mr. David Drui
                                       Finger Lakes Institute, Hobart and   Finnish Institute of International
Maud Gerard                            William Smith Colleges               Affairs

Noe Pflieger                           Mr. Benjamin Ryan                    Ms. Anna Korppoo
                                       Student                              Senior Researcher
Michael Bloss
                                       Finnish Air Pollution Prevention     Mr. Alexandru Luta
                                       Society                              Research Assistant
Julia Grauvogel

                                       Ms. Marja Jallinoja                  Ms. Mari Luomi
Ms. Luise Neumann-Cosel
                                       President                            Researcher
Young Friends of the Earth Germany
                                       Ms. Sanni Turunen                    Mr. Andrew Jones
                                       Secretary                            Research Assistant
Max Anghel

Nuria Garcia                           Mr. Tommi Ekholm                     Focus on the Global South

Ms. Sabine Reichert                    Ms. Tiina Koljonen                   Ms. Nicola Mary Bullard
                                                                            Coordinator Climate Programme
                                                                            France, Paris
Simone Franceschini                    Mr. Kim Pingoud
                                                                            Mr. Walden Bello
Svenja Tidau                                                                Senior Analyst
                                       Mr. Alec Estlander
                                       Division Manager
Mr. Robin Riedmann                     Pollution Prevention                 Ms. Mary Louise Malig
                                                                            Research Associate
Sanka Chandima Abayawardena            Ms. Birgitta Markelin-Estlander
                                                                            Mr. Benny Kuruvilla
                                                                            Research Associate
Rior Santos                            Mr. Kari Wellman

Ms. Roberta Moreno Cirilo dos Santos                                        Ms. Dorothy Grace Guerrero
                                       Ms. Heli Antson                      Research Associate

                                       Mr. Olli Antson                      Mr. Jacques-Chai Chomthongdi
Johannes Langeveld
                                                                            Research Associate
                                       Mr. Kaarle Kupiainen
Jesùs Alberto Lòpez Monasterio
                                                                            Ms. Yu-Tin Su
                                       Mr. Niko Karvosenoja                 Research Associate
Kalpana Rasangika Ambepitiya

                                       Ms. Suvi Johanna Monni               Mr. Joseph Purugganan
Joa Maouche                                                                 Research Associate

                                       Mr. Jaakko Kuisma
Battal Erdogan                                                              Ms. Ines Martins Noronha Soares
                                                                            Research Associate
                                       Ms. Miia Wallén                      Focus of the Global South
Marina Dragomiretzkaya

                                       Ms. Anna-Maija Wikström              Ms. Magline Peter
Markus Drake
                                                                            Focus of the Global South
                                       Ms. Virpi Valkeapää
                                                         - 142 -

Focus on the Global South                Ms. Elena Gerebizza                 Ms. Venelina Velichkova
(continued)                              Research Associate                  Research Associate
                                         Focus of the Global South           Focus of the Global South

Mr. Kannaiyan Subramaniam
Focus of the Global South                Mr. Giulio Sensi                    Ms. Magdalena Slavova
                                         Research Associate                  Research Associate
                                         Focus of the Global South           Focus of the Global South
Mr. Ramananda Wangkheirakpam
Research Associate
Focus of the Global South                Ms. Janet Redman                    Ms. Vera Petkantchin
                                         Research Associate                  Research Associate
                                                                             Focus of the Global South
Mr. Ravindra Nath
Research Associate                       Mr. Kristina Korte
Focus of the Global South                Focus on the Global South           Ms. Szu-Ying Chen
                                                                             Research Associate
                                                                             Office Taiwan
Mr. Mmhonlumo Kikon                      Mr. Martin Bauhof
                                                                             Focus of the Global South
Focus of the Global South                Research Associate
                                         Focus on the Global South
                                                                             Ms. Maria Lisa Trajano Alano
Ms. Roma Malik                                                               Focus of the Global South
Research Associate                       Mr. Alexis Passadakis
Focus of the Global South                Member of the Board
                                         Berlin, Germany                     Mr. Rovik Obanil
                                         Focus of the Global South           Research Associate
Mr. Fu Tao                                                                   Focus of the Global South
Research Associate
Focus of the Global South                Ms. Stefanie Groll
                                         Research Associate                  Mr. Andri Fried
                                         Focus on the Global South           Research Associate
Mr. Srisuwan Kuankachorn
Research Associate
Thai NGO Coordinating Committee          Mr. Simon Straub                    Ms. Rebeca Sofia Leonard
Focus of the Global South                Research Associate
                                         Berlin, Germany
                                         Young Friends of the Earth Europe   Fondation INSEAD*
Mr. Sutti Atchasai
Research Associate                                                           Mr. Paul Kleindorfer
Focus of the Global South                Ms. Anne Steckner
                                         Research Associate                  Head of Delegation
                                         Focus on the Global South
Ms. Ueangfa Chumket                                                          Mr. Benjamin Warr
Focus of the Global South                                                    Senior Research Fellow
                                         Ms. Michelle Wenderlich
                                         Research Associate
Mr. Prue Odochao                         Focus on the Global South           Mr. David Drake
Research Associate                                                           PhD. Candidate
Focus of the Global South
                                         Ms. Lisa Kloft
                                         Research Associate                  Ms. Verena Butt
Ms. Kanya Pankiti                        Focus on the Global South
Research Associate
Focus of the Global South                                                    Mr. Alex Murray
                                         Mr. David Schumann
                                         Research Associate
Mr. Wichoksak Ronnarongpairee            Focus on the Global South           Fondation Mohammed VI pour la
Research Associate                                                           protection de l'environnement*
Focus of the Global South
                                         Mr. Patrick Stary
                                         Research Associate                  Ms. Mlle Nouzha Alaoui
Mr. Sittichok Khaekpathan                Focus on the Global South           Secrétaire général
Research Associate
Focus of the Global South
                                         Mr. Florian Rebstock                M. Abdelaziz Belhouji
                                         Research Associate                  Adviser
Mr. Songdet Konwimol                     Focus on the Global South
Research Associate
Focus of the Global South                                                    Fondation Nicolas Hulot
                                         Ms. Jitka Holaskova
                                         Research Associate
Ms. Pornpana Kuaycharoen                 Focus on the Global South           Mr. Jean Marc Jancovici
Research Associate                                                           Member of Scientific Board

                                         Mr. David Balleby Ronbach
Ms. Kingkorn Narintarakul Na Ayutdhaya   Research Associate                  Mr. Alain Grandjean
Research Associate

                                         Mr. Borislav Sandov                 Mme Cécile Ostria
Ms. Penchom Saetang                      Research Associate                  Directrice
Research Associate                       Focus of the Global South
Thai Group for Climate Justice                                               Mr. Gérard Feltzer
                                                      - 143 -

Fondation Nicolas Hulot               Food, Agriculture and Natural                Mr. Shankar Limbu
(continued)                           Resources Policy Analysis                    Lawyer's Associaiton for Human Rights
                                      Network*                                     of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples

Ms. Anne de Béthencourt
                                      Ms. Lindiwe Majele Sibanda                   Mr. Amrita Thebe
                                      Chief Executive Officer                      Lawyers' Association Human Rights of
Ms. Manuela Lorand                                                                 Indigenous Peoples

Mr. Pierre Charrier                   Mr. Francis Hale
                                                                                   Mr. Hugo Jabini
                                      Ms. Sithembile Ndema Ngwenya                 Association of Saramacca Authorities
Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

                                      Mr. Maniza Mugoya                            Sra. Antolina Benitez
Ms. Monica Eberle
CCMP Programme Manager                                                             Researcher
                                      Ms. Lindelwe Doris Ndlovu                    La Coordinadora por la
                                                                                   Autodeterminacion de los Pueblos
Mr. Lucia Annunziata                                                               Indigenas
                                      Ford Foundation
Mr. Francesco Bosello                                                              Sr. Carlos Chex
Researcher                            Mr. Peter W. Riggs                           Coordinator Programa Derechos
                                      Programme Officer                            Indigenas
                                                                                   SOTZ ÍL
Ms. Caterina Cruciani
                                      Forest Peoples' Programme*
                                                                                   Sra. Lily La Torre
Mr. Enrica de Cian
                                                                                   Policy Advisor
Resarcher                             Mr. Thomas Griffiths                         Racimos de Ungurahui
                                      Coordinator, Finance Programme
Mr. Renato De Filippo
Senior Researcher                                                                  Forest Stewardship Council
                                      Mr. Francesco Martone
                                      Policy Advisor, Finance Programme
Mr. Giovan Battista Di Giovanni                                                    Mr. Roberto Waack
                                      Ms. Julia Overton
Ms. Alice Favero                      Administrative Officer                       Mr. Chris van der Goot
                                      Mr. Andrew Wasley                            Mr. Andre de Freitas
Ms. Giulia Galluccio                  Communications Assistant                     Executive Director
KMPG                                  Ms. Lucy Newman                              Mr. Zoltan Paksy
                                      Communications Assistant
Ms. Alessandra Goria                                                               Ms. Alison Kriscenski
Communication Officer                 Ms. Daysi Zapata Fasabi
                                      Vice President
                                                                                   Ms. Marcelle Peuckert
Mr. Alessandro Lanza                  Asociación Interétnica de Desarrollo de la
                                      Selva Peruana
                                                                                   Mr. Stefan Salvador
Ms. Elisa Lanzi                                                                    Policy Manager
                                      Mr. Tony James
Mr. Martina Marian                    Amerindian Peoples Association               Ms. Dian Yusvita Intarini
Fund Raiser                                                                        Policy Intern
                                      Mr. Ron Anthony James
Mr. Emanuele Massetti                 Indigenous cartographer                      Forest Trends Association
                                      Amerindian Peoples Association
Mr. Leonardo Maugeri                                                               Mr. Michael Jenkins
                                      Mr. Maria Berenice Sanchez Lozada            President
Mr. Riccardo Mercuri                  Researcher
Climate Change and Emission Trading   Red Indigena de Turismo de Mexico
                                                                                   Ms. Katherine Hamilton
Manager                                                                            Program Manager, Carbon Program
ENI                                   Mr. Pacifique Mukumba Isumbisho
                                      Executive Director
                                      Centre d'Accompagnement des                  Mr. Maria Rivera Bandana
Mr. Renato Nunes Rosa
                                      Autochtones Pygmees et Minoritaires
                                      Vulnerables                                  Mr. Jose Roberto Borges
Ms. Serena Sabino
                                      Mr. Olinga Noel                              Unna Chokkalingham
Mr. Luigi Sampaolo                    Researcher
                                      Association OKANI Cameroon
                                                                                   Ms. Rebecca Vonada
Ms. Clara Sanna
                                                        - 144 -

Forest Trends Association               Mr. Carl Berg                             Mr. Jan Brouwer
(continued)                             Financial Director city of Rotterdam      Director CCS
                                                                                  TNO Built Environment and Geosciences

Mr. Jacob Olander                       Ms. Jeannette Bessembinder
Ecosystem Services Development Fund     Scientist                                 Mr. Frits Brouwer
                                        Royal Netherlands Meteorological          Royal Netherlands Meteorological
                                        Institute                                 Institute
Mr. David Tepper

                                        Ms. Ineke van Bijssum                     Mr. Tony Brunello
Ms. Bettina von Hagen                   Assistant Communication Officer           Deputy Secretary for Climate Change and
                                        Utrecht University                        Energy
Mr. Anthony Brunello                                                              Resources Agency-State of California
Deputy of Climate Change and Energy     Mr. Freerk Bisschop
                                        Managing Director                         Mr. Tom Bucx
Sr. Almir Narayamoga Surui              Ecofys Energy and Environment             Researcher
Coordinador General
                                        Mr. Albert Bloem                          Mr. Hugo Buis
Mr. Michael Richards                    Project Development Manager               Director Sustainable Energy Production
Ecosystem Services Program              Essent Energy Trading B.V.                Eneco

Ms. Rebecca Moore                       Mr. Peter Blom                            Mr. Frank van Bussel
                                        CEO                                       Programme manager Climate and Energy
                                        Triodos Bank NV                           Province of Drenthe
Ms. Jane Goodall
                                        Ms. Sara de Boer                          Mr. Mike Chrisman
Forum atomique européen                 Policy Advisor                            Secretary for Natural Resources
                                        Regional Public Waterauthority Aa en      Resources Agency-State of California
Mr. Hans Korteweg
Senior Manager, Institutional Affairs                                             Mr. Max Christern
                                        Mr. Quirijn Bolle                         Publisher
                                        Director Marqt                            Ode Nederland BV
Ms. Berta Picamal
                                                                                  Ode Magazine
Manager, Institutional Affairs
                                        Ms. Marieke Bolle
                                        Alderman city of The Hague                Mr. Maarten Claassen
Mr. Stefan Zeltner
                                                                                  Strategic Advisor
                                                                                  Waternet Amsterdam region
EnBW Energie Baden Würtemberg AG        Mr. Lucas Bolsius
                                        Alderman city of Rotterdam
                                                                                  Mr. Kees van Deelen
Mr. Adrian Jelev
                                                                                  Programme manager
Councilor                               Mr. Johan de Bondt
                                                                                  TNO Built Environment and Geosciences
                                        Chairman of the Regional Waterauthority
                                        Amstel, Gooi and Vecht
Mr. Håkan Wingren
                                                                                  Mr. Luc Desender
Vice President
                                        Mr. Matthijs Bonte
                                        Scientific Researcher Hydrogeology
Mr. Stefan Pall
                                        KWR Watercycle Research Institute         Mr. Wouter van Dieren
Deputy Secretary General
                                                                                  Institute for Environment and Systems
                                        Ms. Andrea vd Boogaart
Mr. Jonathan Cobb                                                                 Analysis
                                        Senior Advisor - Province of Drenthe
Media Director
World Nuclear Association
                                                                                  Mr. Joost van Dijk
                                        Mr. Peter Bosch
                                        Senior Researcher
Foundation DLO                          TNO Built Environment and Geosciences
                                                                                  Eon Benelux N.V.

Ms. Ottelien van Steenis                                                          Mr. Daan Dijk
                                        Mr. Richard Bradley
Communication Officer                                                             Rabobank
                                        Head, Energy Efficiency and Environment
Mr. Willem Ackermans                    International Energy Agency               Ms. Linda Docter
Director Corporate Development                                                    Senior Advisor
Eneco                                                                             Province of Utrecht
                                        Mr. Wiebe Brandsma
                                        Head of environmental department
Mr. Hans Alders                         Province of Zuid-Holland                  Mr. Kees Dorland
Chairman                                                                          Free University Amsterdam, Institute for
EnergieNed                                                                        Environmental Studies
                                        Mr. Marius Brants
                                        Programme manager Energyfactory
Skou Andersen                           p2managers BV
Profesor Aarhus University
                                                        - 145 -

Foundation DLO (continued)              Mr. Maurits Groen                      Ms. Tia Hermans
                                        Director MGM&C                         Scientist
                                                                               Wageningen University
Mr. Rob van Dorland
Scientist                               Mr. Wouter Groenen
Royal Netherlands Meteorological        Senior advisor                         Mr. Jan van den Heuvel
Institute                               Province of Zuid Holland               Director
                                                                               Environmental Protection Agency
Mr. Peter Driessen                      Mr. Ernest Groensmit
Professor                               Project Manager CO2 Studies            Mr. Hans ten Hoeve
Utrecht University                                                             Policy Advisor
                                                                               Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and
                                        Mr. Cees van de Guchte
                                                                               the Environment
Mr. Ton Trost                           Head Climate Adptation and Risk
Region developer                        Managment
Regional Public Waterauthority          Deltares                               Mr. Jan Hofman
Rivierenland                                                                   Team leader Wastewater and Reuse
                                                                               KWR Watercycle Research Institute
                                        Mr. Hein Haak
Mr. John Dryzek                         Director
Scientist                               Royal Netherlands Meteorological       Mr. Jaap Hoogcarspel
Australian National University          Institute                              Managing Director
                                                                               Air liquide Industrie
Mr. Guido Dubbeld                       Mr. Erik de Haan
Director Trading                        Senior Advisor                         Ms. Judith Hoogenboom
Eneco                                   Province of Zuid Holland               Policy Officer
                                                                               Regional Public Waterauthority Aa en
Ms. Lenie Dwarshuis-van de Beek         Mr. Jeroen de Haas
Member of the executive board of the    Chairman of the Board Management
province of Zuid-Holland                Eneco                                  Ms. Fransje Hooimeijer
                                                                               Senior Researcher
                                                                               TNO Built Environment and Geosciences
Mr. Arjan ten Elshof                    Mr. Raimond Hafkenscheid
Director Eneco Nederland                Director
Eneco                                   Co-operative Programme on Water and    Mr. Jan de Hoop
                                        Climate                                Reporter
                                                                               De Hoop Lievaart Communicatie
Mr. Beau Van Erven Dorens
Televisie presentator - Park Lane       Mr. Maurice Hanegraaf
                                        Rotterdam Climate Initiative           Mr. Renze van Houten
Mr. Robert Galle                                                               Regional Public Waterauthority Aa en
Manager Energy Procurement              Mr. Paulien Hartog
Corus Group                             Strategic Advisor
                                        Waternet Amsterdam region
                                                                               Mr. Erik Hovingh
Mr. Kealan Gell                                                                Programme manager
Wageningen University                   Ms. Elsemieke Havenga
                                                                               The Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard
                                        Communication Manager
                                                                               District Water Board
                                        Elsemieke Havenga Communicatie
Mr. Chris Geurts
Senior Researcher                                                              Mr. Marc Jager
TNO Built Environment and Geosciences   Mr. Wilco Hazeleger
                                                                               Regional minister
                                                                               Province of Groningen
                                        Royal Netherlands Meteorological
Mr. Sven van der Gijp                   Institute
Department manager                                                             Ms. Marieke Jellema-Klaver
TNO Built Environment and Geosciences                                          Strategic consultant
                                        Mr. Erik van Heijningen
                                                                               Jellema Consultancy
                                        Member of the Executive board of the
Mr. Peter Glas                          province Zuid Holland
Vice-chairman                           Province of Zuid Holland               Mr. Ad Jeuken
De Dommel Water Board                                                          Expert Advisor
                                        Mr. Vlier Heinen
Mr. Eric Gloudemans                     Scientific Programme Officer
Policy advisor                          University of Amsterdam*               Mr. Wouter de Jong
                                                                               Member of the Executive board of the
Mr. Hasse Goosen                                                               province Utrecht
                                        Mr. Johan Helmer
Research Coordinator                                                           Province of Utrecht
                                        Communication manager
                                        The Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard
Mr. Hein Greven                         District Water Board                   Mr. Fokke de Jong
Manager Public Affairs & Media                                                 Web Manager
Relations                               Mr. Bas Hennissen
Eneco                                   Director Precesindustrie & Massagoed   Mr. Pavel P. Kabat
                                        Port of Rotterdam                      Professor
                                                             - 146 -

Foundation DLO (continued)                  Mr. Jaap Kwadijk                        Mr. Frans Nauta
                                            Senior Specialist                       Lector Innovatie
                                            Deltares                                Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
Mr. Norichika Kanie
Research Fellow
Tokyo Institute of Technology               Mr. André Lammerse                      Maarten Neelis
                                            Senior advisor                          Consultant
                                            Province of Zuid Holland                Ecofys Energy and Environment
Mr. Sjur Kasa
Senior Research Fellow
Center for International Climate and        Mr. Rafael Lazaroms                     Ms. Lotus van Nes
Environmental Research                      Policy advisor                          Programmamanager Duurzaamheid
                                            Dutch Association of Regional Water     Gemeente Groningen
Mr. Gerard Keijzers
Director Centre for Sustainability                                                  Mr. Jos Nijhuis
Nyenrode Business Universiteit              Mr. Peter Letitre                       CEO
                                            Director                                Schiphol Group
                                            International Groundwater Resources
Mr. Hidde van Kersen                        Assessment Centre
Director                                                                            Ms. Bernice Notenboom
Waddenvereniging                                                                    Communication
                                            Mr. Kees van der Leun                   The Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard
                                            Member of Board                         District Water Board
Mr. Klaas Kerssemakers                      Econcern
Business Development Manager                ECOFYS
Anthony Veder                                                                       Mr. Jan Oostdam
                                                                                    Programme manager
                                            Ms. Janine Leunessen                    The Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard
Mr. Ferdinand Kiestra                       Public Relations Offices                District Water Board
Project Manager                             Royal Netherlands Meteorological
Regional Public Waterauthority Aa en        Institute
Maas                                                                                Mr. Hans Oosters
                                            Mr. Pieternel Levelt                    The Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard
Mr. Bert Klerk                              Scientist                               District Water Board
Director                                    Royal Netherlands Meteorological
Prorail                                     Institute
                                                                                    Ms. Bernadet Overbeek
Ms. Tanja Klip-Martin                       Ms. Marike van Lier Lels                Royal Netherlands Meteorological
Member of the Executive board of the        Lels and Ko BV                          Institute
province of Drenthe
Province of Drenthe
                                            Ms. Coby van der Linde                  Mr. Jeroen Overgoor
                                            Director                                Director Communicatie en Public Affairs
Mr. Rens Knegt                              Instituut Clingendael                   Eneco
Director New Energy
                                            Mr. Maus A.P.C. van Loon                Mr. Kenneth Oye
                                            CEO                                     Professor
Mr. Arend Kolhoff                           Electrabel Nederland Sales BV           Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Technical Secretary
Netherlands Commission for
Environmental Assessment                    Ms. Nienke Maas                         Mr. Henk Pagnier
                                            Senior consultant                       Business developer
                                            TNO Built Environment and Geosciences   TNO Built Environment and Geosciences
Mr. Naud Köper
Pact Public Affairs                         Mr. Holger Meinke                       Ms. Florentiene de Pater
                                            Professor and Centre Head               Network Manager Knowledge Transfer
                                            Department of Plant Sciences            Institute for Environmental Studies
Mr. Wilbert Koppers                                                                 University of Amsterdam*
Business Developer
TNO Built Environment and Geosciences       Ms. Lian Merkx
                                            Deputy mayor                            Ms. Dorien Pessers
                                            City of Delft                           Professor
Ms. Sandera Korthuis                                                                Faculty of Law
Member of the board                                                                 University of Amsterdam*
Association of Netherlands Municipalities   Mr. Le Quang Minh
                                            Vice President
                                            Vietnam National University - Ho Chi    Mr. Pedro Peters
Mr. Koen Kramer                             Minh City                               Director
Senior Scientist                                                                    RET
                                            Ms. Marjan Minnesma
Mr. Eric Kuindersma                         Erasmus University Rotterdam            Ms. Valentina Pidlisnyuk
International affairs officer                                                       Director of NGO
Water Board Rivierenland                                                            Sustainable Development and Ecological
                                            Mr. Eddy Moors
                                                                                    Education Center
                                            Unit Head ESS-CC
                                                        - 147 -

Foundation DLO (continued)              Mr. Kaj van de Sandt                        Mr. Dirk van Steensel
                                        Scientific Programme Officer                Alderman City of Dordrecht
                                                                                    City of Dordrecht
Ms. Marjolein Pijnappels
Project Officer Knowledge Transfer      Mr. Henk van Schaik
                                        Managing Director                           Ms. Saskia Streekstra
                                        Co-operative Programme on Water &           PR adviseur
Ms. Henriette Prast                     Climate                                     Eneco
Professor                               UNESCO - Institute for Water Education
Tilburg University (Katholieke
Universiteit Brabant)                                                               Mr. Andre Struker
                                        Mr. Eric Schellekens                        Waternet Amsterdam region
                                        Programm manager Climate change and
Mr. Peter Prins                         innovation
Project leader Climatechange and                                                    Mr. Lodewijk Stuyt
Agriculture                                                                         Researcher
LTO Noord                                                                           ALTERRA - Green World Research
                                        Mr. Erik Schlip
Ms. Tanya Prozny                                                                    Mr. Jacob Swager
                                        Stichting Nationaal Historisch museum
Scientist                                                                           Advisor
Royal Netherlands Meteorological
Institute                               Mr. Baud Schoenmaeckers
                                                                                    Mr. Rob Swart
                                                                                    ALTERRA - Green World Research
                                        Synergos Communicatie
Ms. Annemarie Rakhorst
Director                                                                            Mr. Gert Jan Swaving
Search Ingenieursbureau B.V.            Mr. Rob Schoonman
                                                                                    Program Manager Energy
                                        Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and
                                                                                    Province of Groningen
                                        the Environment
Mr. Sean Randolph
Chair                                                                               Mr. William Sweet
Bay Area Council                        Ms. Vandana Shiva
                                                                                    Senior Editor
                                                                                    IEEE Spectrum magazine
Mr. Tim Reeder                                                                      Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Regional Climate Change Programme                                                   Engineers
Manager                                 Mr. Rudi Slager
Environment Agency                      Regional Minister
                                                                                    Mr. Pieter Tavenier
                                        Province of Groningen
                                                                                    Manager Wind
Mr. Roy Remme                                                                       Eneco
MSc Student Climate studies             Ms. Monique Slegers
                                        Project coordinator
                                                                                    Mr. Richard Taylor
                                        Programme Office Knowledge for
Mr. Martinus Johannes van Rijnsoever                                                Academic
Advisor                                                                             University College London
Synergos Communicatie
                                        Mr. Kees Slingerland
                                                                                    Mr. Jos Timmerman
                                        Director General
Mr. Rob Roggema                                                                     RWS Centre for Water Management
                                        Environmental Sciences Group
Program manager Climate Adaptation      Wageningen University
Regional Planning                                                                   Mr. Arend Timmermans
Province of Groningen                                                               Communication
                                        Mr. Adriaan Slob
                                                                                    VROM-Environment Magazine
                                        Team Leader
Ms. Emma Rose                           TNO Built Environment and Geosciences
IWA Programmes Officer                                                              Mr. Gerrit Jan van Tongeren
International Water Association                                                     Chairman CCS Business Platform
                                        Mr. Patrick Smeets
                                                                                    Rotterdam Climate Initiative
                                        Scientific Researcher
Ms. Margriet Roukema                    KWR Watercycle Research Institute
Senior Communication Advisor                                                        Ms. Katherine Trajan
Deltares                                                                            ALTERRA - Green World Research
                                        Ms. Edith Snoey
                                        ABVAKABO FNV
Mr. Wim Ruijgrok                                                                    Mr. Michael van der Valk
Member of the Board                                                                 Coordinator
Confederation of Netherlands Industry   Mr. Jan Sopaheluwakan
                                                                                    Co-operative Programme on Water and
and Employers                           Indonesian Institute for Sciences

Mr. Paul de Ruiter                      Ms. Hielke van der Spoel
                                                                                    Mr. Pier Vellinga
Architect                               Senior Policy Officer
Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter        Water Board Rivierenland
                                                                                    Faculty for Earth and Life Sciences

Mr. Herman Russchenberg                 Mr. Piet Sprengers
                                                                                    Mr. Frans van de Ven
Professor Remote Sensing of the         Head Sustainability Policy Department
                                                                                    Teamleader Urban Water Management
Environment                             ASN Bank
Delft University of Technology
                                                           - 148 -

Foundation DLO (continued)              Mr. Berend van Zeggeren                   Mr. Thomas Sterner
                                        Scientific Programme Officer
                                        University of Amsterdam*
Mr. Jeroen Veraart                                                                Ms. Jessica Coria
Scientific Programme Officer
ALTERRA - Green World Research          Mr. Gertjan Zwolsman
                                                                                  Ms. Åsa Lögren
                                        Team leader Integrated water management
                                        KWR Watercycle Research Institute
Mr. Henk Jan Verhagen                                                             Mr. Christer Karlsson
Head of the Hydraulic Engineering
Deptartment                             H.E. Mr. Bai Mass Taal
Plant Research International            Secretary of State                        Mr. Charles Parker
                                        Department of State for Fisheries and     Senior Researcher, Department of
                                        Water Resources                           Governance
Mr. Rob Verheem                                                                   Uppsala University
Deputy Director
Netherlands Commission for              Foundation Environment - Law -
Environmental Assessment                Society                                   Mr. Jean-Philippe Touffut

Mr. Ulco Vermeulen                      Mr. Michael Rodi                          Ms. Lucia Scharpf
Manager                                 Chairman
                                                                                  Ms. Therrese Goodlett
                                        Mr. Jörg Scharrer
Mr. Gé Verver                                                                     Mr. Gunnar Eskeland
                                        Ms. Franziska Peetsch                     Senior Research Fellow
Royal Netherlands Meteorological
                                                                                  Center for International Climate and
Institute                                                                         Environmental Research
                                        Mr. Christian Baatz
Mr. Wim van Vierssen
CEO                                                                               Foundation for the Rights of
                                        Ms. Sofia Lazaridis
KWR Watercycle Research Institute                                                 Future Generations*

                                        Ms. Dorothee Andrzejewski
Ms. Jannie Visscher                                                               Mr. Jorg Chet Tremmel
Wethouder gemeente Groningen                                                      Scientific Director
Gemeente Groningen                      Ms. Ana-Lena Lucau
                                                                                  Mr. Patrick Sebastian Wegner
Mr. Huib de Vriend                      Mr. Konrad Ott                            Chief Administrative Officer
Deltares                                Professor
                                        Botanical Institute
                                                                                  Ms. Marisa Quaresma dos Reis
Mr. Herman Wijffels                                                               Project Manager
Utrecht University                      Mr. Richard Paton
                                                                                  France Libertes - Fondation
Mr. Peter Wijsman                       M. Thanh Nhan Nguyen                      Danielle Mitterrand*
Program Manager
Arcadis                                 Foundation for International              Mme Danielle Mitterrand
                                        Environmental Law and                     President
Mr. Ton Wildenborg                      Development
Senior CCS Scientist
                                                                                  M. André Abreu de Almeida
TNO Built Environment and Geosciences
                                        Ms. Joy Hyvarinen                         Directeur du Developpement
Ms. Inge Willems
                                                                                  Mme Pauline Lavaud
                                        Ms. Anna Karklina                         Responsable Programme Droits des
                                        Programme Administrator                   Peubles
Ms. Isabel Wilmink
Senior Researcher
                                        Ms. Gloria Odiri                          M. Jean Luc Touly
TNO Built Environment and Geosciences

                                        Mr. David Wei                             M. Achille du Genestoux
Mr. Pieter Winsemius
Tilburg University (Katholieke
Universiteit Brabant)                   Foundation for Strategic                  M. Alfredo Pena Vega
                                        Environmental Research                    Directeur scientifique
Mr. Nicolas Ximenez Bruidegom
Shell Global Solutions International    Mr. Magnus Hennlock                       France nature environnement
                                        Assistant Professor, Department of
Ms. Natalia Zamudio                     Economics                                 Mr. Arnaud Gossement
Student                                 Gothenburg University
University of Oxford                    IVL Swedish Environmental Research
                                        Institute Ltd.                            Mme Gaelle Cognet
                                                                                  Charge de mission
                                                            - 149 -

France nature environnement               Ms. Franziska Borkel                    Ms. Annie Enriquez Geron
                                          Mr. Tobias Fleiter                      Ms. Robertha Estimo
Mr. Gregory Jean
                                          Mr. Jonathan Nowak Delgado              Mr. Joel Madjos
Ms. Céline Mesquida
                                          Mr. Wilhelm Bauer                       Mr. Victor Chiong
Ms. Béatrice Cointe
                                          Free University Amsterdam,              Freie Universität Berlin
Mr. William Vidal                         Institute for Environmental Studies
                                                                                  Mr. Stefan Werland
Franciscans International                 Mr. Harro Van Asselt                    Research Associate

Ms. Odile Coirier                         Mr. Christopher Charles West            Mr. Holger Bär
Environmental advocacy officer            Director and Focal Point                Research Associate
Franciscans International - Switzerland   UK Climate Impacts Programme
                                                                                  Mr. Jesko Eisgruber
Mr. José Ignacio Garcia                   Mr. Maarten Hajer                       Attac Germany
Franciscans International
                                          Mr. Roger Street                        Mr. Nils Simon
Mr. Jaques Haers                          Director
Franciscans International                 National Weather and Climate Networks   Ms. Sarah Kaufmann
                                          Environment Canada
Ms. Frances Orchard                                                               Fridtjof Nansen Institute
Franciscans International                 Ms. Constanze Haug

                                                                                  Mr. Steinar Andresen
Ms. Maria Helena Gabai                    Mr. Ken Kinney
Franciscans International                 Development Institute
                                                                                  Ms. Inga Fritzen Buan
Mr. Thomas Pickartz                       Mr. Laurens Bouwer
Franciscans International                                                         Ms. Liv Artzen Loechen
                                          Mr. Ralph Lasage
Ms. John McDonagh                                                                 Mr. Jon Birger Skaerseth
Franciscans International                 Mr. Miguel Rodriguez
                                                                                  Mr. Haakon Vennemo
Ms. Lilyam Schwabe                        Mr. Pieter Pauw
                                                                                  Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Ms. Mirele Goldsmith                      Mr. Frank Biermann
                                                                                  Mr. Martin Herold
Ms. Joan C. Kirby                         Mr. Frans Berkhout                      Research Assistant
                                                                                  GOFC-GOLD project office, Geography
Ms. Joy Peterson                          Mr. Eric Massey
                                                                                  Mr. Robert Eckhardt
                                                                                  Research Assistant
Ms. Joan Brown                            Mr. Philipp Pattberg
                                                                                  Ms. Nicole Richter
Ms. Jane Remson                           Mr. Jeroen Aerts                        Research Assistant

Ms. Mary Blaise Fernando                  Ms. Joyeeta Gupta                       Mr. Christian Richter
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems          Freedom from Debt Coalition Inc.*
and Innovation Research                                                           Mr. Steffen Kuntz
                                          Mr. Martin Tanchuling
Ms. Karoline Susanne Rogge                                                        GOFC-GOLD
Researcher                                Jubilee South
                                                                                  Mr. Valerio Avitabile Urban
Mr. Joachim Schleich                                                              PhD Student
                                          Mr. Bibiano C. Rivera, Jr.
Senior Researcher
                                                                                  Mr. Michael Schultz
                                          Ms. Dianne Marie Roa
Mr. Wolfgang Eichhammer                                                           Research Assistant

Mr. Kristin Reichardt                                                             Mr. Alexander Horst
                                          Ms. Mary Claire Miranda
                                                             - 150 -

Friedrich Schiller University Jena        Ms. Irene Velez                            Mr. Per Fischer
(continued)                                                                          Coomunications Officer
                                          Mr. Hildebrando Vélez
Ms. Stefanie Brinkel                      International Coordinator                  Ms. Mary Church
Research Assistant                        Friends of the Earth - Colombia
Martin-Luther Universtiy Halle-                                                      Mr. Francis Stuart
Wittenberg                                Mr. Makoto Ehara                           Parliamentary Officer
                                          Forest Campaigner
Ms. Barbara Weber                         Friends of the Earth - Japan
                                                                                     Mr. Senyonyo Nicholas
Research Assitant                                                                    Executive Director
Martin-Luther-Universaet Halle-           Ms. Mayuko Yanai
Wittenberg/Chair of Corporate             Campaigner
Environmental Management                                                             Ms. Sonja Meister
                                          Friends of the Earth - Japan
Martin-Luther Universtiy Halle-                                                      Climate Programme Coordinator
Wittenberg                                                                           Friends of the Earth - Europe
                                          Ms. Yumika Yamada
Friends of Environment and                                                           Ms. Magdalena Jadwiga Stoczkiewicz
Humanity Foundation
                                          Mr. Yuri Onodera                           Friends of the Earth - Europe
Mr. Wisdom Tettey                         Friends of the Earth - Japan
                                                                                     Ms. Susann Scherbarth
Executive Director
                                                                                     Campaigner, Climate Justice and Energy
                                          Ms. Anne Glucker                           Programme
Mr. Dadzie Kobina Bosumtwi                Volunteer                                  Friends of the Earth - Europe

Mr. Shadrach Ebo Wilson                   Ms. Antje von Broock                       Mr. Jens Karg
                                          Head, International Environmental Policy   Climate Campaigner
                                          Friends of the Earth - Germany             Global 2000
Mr. Prince Appafram

                                          Mr. Felix Ekardt                           Ms. Nicola Freeman
Ms. Belinda ofori Amanfo
                                                                                     Climate Justice and Energy Campaign
                                          Ms. Susanne Hammel
Mr. John Kofi Doe
                                          Friends of the Earth - Germany             Mr. Mohammad Hafijul Islam Khan
Friends of the Earth International                                                   Lawyer
                                                                                     Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers
                                          Mr. Gunter Witzsch
Mr. Richard Mergner                       Volunteer
Campaigner                                Friends of the Earth - Germany
Friends of the Earth - Germany                                                       Mr. José Miguel Elosegui Alzugaray
                                          Mr. Hubert Weiger
                                                                                     Friends of the Earth - Uruguay
Mr. Nnimmo Bassey                         Chair
Chairperson                               Friends of the Earth - Germany
                                                                                     Mr. Samuel Fleet
                                                                                     Communication Intern
Ms. Keania Michael Karikpo                Mr. Jasper Meya
Campaigner                                Volunteer
Friends of the Earth - Nigeria                                                       Ms. Francesca Gater
                                                                                     Communications Officer
                                          Ms. Katrin Riegger
                                                                                     Friends of the Earth - Europe
Mr. Damien Ase Aseari                     Communication Officer
Director                                  Friends of the Earth - Germany
Friends of the Earth - Papua New Guinea                                              Mr. David Heller
                                                                                     Communications Officer
                                          Ms. Laura Klein
                                                                                     Friends of the Earth - Europe
Ms. Ruth Pune                             Intern
Friends of the Earth - Papua New Guinea                                              Ms. Stine Nielsen
                                          Mr. Rüdiger Rosenthal
                                                                                     Events and Communications Officer
                                          Press Officer
Ms. Ursula Rakova                         Friends of the Earth - Germany
Campaigner                                                                           Mr. Asad Rehman
Friends of the Earth - Papua New Guinea                                              Head of International Climate
                                          Mr. Thorben Becker
                                                                                     Friends of the Earth - UK
Ms. Seph Galeva                           Ms. Tina Löffelsend
Campaigner                                                                           Mr. Christopher Richard Keene
                                          Head of National Climate Policy
Friends of the Earth - Papua New Guinea                                              Campaigner

                                          Mr. Duncan Mclaren
Mr. Ferry Irawan                                                                     Ms. Sarah Jayne Clifton
                                          Chief Executive
Campaigner                                                                           International Climate Campaigner
Friends of the Earth - Indonesia                                                     Friends of the Earth - UK
                                                       - 151 -

Friends of the Earth International   Ms. Hanna Sauli                           Mr. Nicholas Berning
(continued)                                                                    Director of Public Advocacy and Media
                                     Mr. Steven Heywood
                                                                               Friends of the Earth - USA
Mr. Joseph Benjamin Zacune           Campaigner
International Climate Campaigner
Friends of the Earth - UK                                                      Mr. Erich Pica
                                     Mr. Daniel Pentzlin
Mr. Tom Picken
International Climate Campaigner                                               Ms. Kari Fulton
                                     Mr. Paul de Clerck
Friends of the Earth - UK                                                      National Campus Coordinator
                                     International Campaign Coordinator
                                                                               Environmental Justice and Climate
                                                                               Change Initiative
Ms. Gita Parihar                     Mr. Jens Buurgaard Nielsen
Solicitor                            Climate Policy Specialist
Friends of the Earth - UK                                                      Mr. Ian Illuminato
                                                                               Health and Environment Campaigner
                                     Mr. Willem Verhaak
Ms. Joanna Watson                    Head of Campaign Climate and Energy
Heads of Events and Promotions                                                 Ms. Sara Schedler
Friends of the Earth - UK                                                      Clean Cars Program Associate
                                     Ms. Marlijn Dingshoff
                                     Communication Officer
Mr. Nicholas Beuret                                                            Mr. Richard Dent
Events and Promotions Officer                                                  Writer/Producer
                                     Ms. Anouk Van Baalen
                                     Climate Policy Specialist
Ms. Helen Wolfson                                                              Ms. Molly Walsh
                                                                               Policy and Advocacy Officer
                                     Ms. Linda Ijmker                          Friends of the Earth - Ireland
Mr. Andrew Atkins                    Climate Campaigner
Executive Director
Friends of the Earth - UK                                                      Mr. Longgena Ginting
                                     Ms. Helen Holder                          International Activities Coordinator
Mr. Henry Rummins
Communciations and Media Officer                                               Mr. Phil Lee
Friends of the Earth - UK            Mr. Adrian Bebb                           Website Coordinator
Mr. Dominic Murphy                                                             Ms. Esther Bollendorff
Publications Editor                  Ms. Stanka Becheva                        Climate Campaigner
                                     Campaigner                                Friends of the Earth - Europe

Mr. Adam Bradbury
Publications Manager                 Mr. Josep-Lluis Salazar                   Ms. Natacha Cingotti
                                     Staff                                     Staff

Ms. Anna-Riikka Ihantola
Campaigner                           Ms. Vera Roger                            Ms. Corinna Feldmann
                                     Programme Staff                           Campaigner

Ms. Annukka Berg
Researcher                           Ms. Adriana Sri Adhiati                   Mr. Benedikt Jordan
                                     Climate Change Program Staff              Youth Climate Campaigner
                                     Down to Earth                             Young Friends of the Earth Germany
Mr. Jonas Biström
Young Friends of the Earth Europe    Ms. Mohammad Riza Adha Damanik            Ms. Anna Holthaus
                                     Campaigner                                Campaigner
                                     Friends of the Earth Indonesia/National   Young Friends of the Earth Germany
Ms. Sini1 Eräjää                     Secretariat
Associate Editor                     Friends of the Earth - Indonesia
                                                                               Mr. Gabriele Diethers
Ms. Jonna Nummela                    Ms. Katherine Horner
Coordinator                          Forests and Trade Policy Analyst
                                                                               Ms. Susanne Mira Heinz
                                     Friends of the Earth - USA
Mr. Tapio Solala
Vice-Chairman                        Ms. Karen Orenstein
                                                                               Mr. Kogilam Iyer
                                     International Finance Campaign
Ms. Senni Luosujärvi                 Coordinator
Volunteer                            Friends of the Earth - USA
                                                                               Mr. Lukas Prinz
Mr. Mauno Särkkä                     Ms. Elizabeth Bast
Volunteer                            Director, International Programs
                                     Friends of the Earth - USA                Ms. Theresa Bittschi
Ms. Anna Kuhmonen
                                                     - 152 -

Friends of the Earth International   Ms. Isabella Viktoria Miller         Ms. Jantje Blatt
(continued)                          Campaigner                           Youth Climate Campaigner

Mr. Timo Jung                        Mr. Niklas Felix Boers               Mr. Robin Marwege
Campaigner                           Campaigner                           Youth Climate Campaigner

Ms. Stefanie Langkamp                Mr. Johann Martin Fabian Geilhufe    Mr. Nils Möllmann
Campaigner                           Campaigner                           Youth Climate Campaigner
                                     Young Friends of the Earth Germany

Ms. Jenny Blekker                                                         Mr. Caspar Felix Klein
Campaigner                           Mr. Christoph-Nikolaus von Unruh     Youth Climate Campaigner

Mr. Boris Alexandre Demrovski                                             Ms. Ines Blank
Campaigner                           Mr. Sebastian Christiansen           Youth Climate Campaigner
Young Friends of the Earth Germany   Campaigner
                                                                          Mr. Bas Ruyters
Mr. Heiko Niebur                     Ms. Celia Vasiliki Liagkoura         Campaigner
Campaigner                           Campaigner
Young Friends of the Earth Germany                                        Mr. Abdul Halim
                                     Mr. Malte Hentschke
Mr. Judith Hohmann                   Campaigner
                                                                          Ms. Siti Maimunah
Campaigner                                                                Jaringan Advokasi Tambang
                                     Ms. Verena Kobler
Mr. Stephan Grötschel                Campaigner
                                                                          Ms. Dwi Rahardiani
                                     Mr. Roman Podolski
                                                                          Ms. Famke Maria Vekeman
Mr. Mauro Ramos Pintos               Campaigner
                                     Mr. Josephine Louise Pasura
                                                                          Mr. Leopold Broers
Ms. Michele Ferris Dobles            Campaigner
Communications                       Young Friends of the Earth Europe

                                                                          Ms. Stephanie Long
Mr. Elhadj Brahim                    Mr. Johannes Krause
                                                                          Climate and Energy Program Coordinator
Campaigner                           Youht Climate Campaigner
                                                                          Friends of the Earth - Australia

Mr. Karianako JAmes                  Mr. Matthias Fellner
                                                                          Mr. Erik Lensell
Campaigner                           Youth Climate Campaigner
                                     Young Friends of the Earth Germany

Mr. Ahfi Hidayat Wahyu                                                    Ms. Eva Hallström
Campaigner                           Mr. Thomas Huwiler
                                                                          Energy Expert
                                     Youth Climate Campaigner
                                                                          Friends of the Earth - Sweden
                                     Friends of the Earth - Germany
Mr. Max Ramezani
Campaigner                                                                Ms. Kajsa Lindqvist
                                     Ms. Nina Dausch
                                                                          Change Agent
                                     Youth Climate Campaigner
Ms. Felice Douglas                                                        Friends of the Earth - Sweden
                                     Ms. Caroline Huwiler
                                                                          Ms. Julia Engström
                                     Youth Climate Campaigner
Mr. Ulrich Kreidenweis                                                    Student
                                     Mr. Alejandro Gomez Palma
                                                                          Mr. Peter Larsson
                                     Youth Climate Campaigner
Ms. Annemarie Räder                                                       Communications Officer
                                     Mr. Steve Döschner
                                                                          Mr. Sven-Erik Sjöstrand
                                     Youth Climate Campaigner
Mr. Tobias Grygier                                                        Board Member
                                     Mr. Fabian Huebner
                                                                          Mr. David Kihlberg
                                     Youth Climate Campaigner
Ms. Anna Heinrich                                                         Student
                                     Mr. Mirco Kiessig
                                                                          Ms. Sofie Säterhall
                                     Youth Climate Campaigner
Ms. Isabella Mahler                                                       Student
                                     Ms. Svea Blieffert
                                                                          Mr. Per Boberg
                                     Youth Climate Campaigner
Mr. Florian Winfried Sperk                                                Environmentalist
                                                       - 153 -

Friends of the Earth International   Ms. Tove Stibe                            Mr. Antoine Louchez
(continued)                          Student                                   Coordinator

Ms. Emma Broms                       Ms. Anna Bernstad                         Mr. Henning Bo Madsen
Student                              Student
                                     Friends of the Earth - Sweden
                                                                               Mr. Carlos Alejandro Garcia-Robles
Mr. Ian Fiddies                                                                Action Coordinator
Traffic Campaigner                   Mr. Jonas Ek                              Friends of the Earth - Denmark

Ms. Lina Persson                                                               Mr. Rui Hassenkam Serzedelo
Student                              Ms. Lina Olsson                           School Teacher

Ms. Josefine Hagelberg                                                         Ms. Ida Grubb
Student                              Mr. Per-Anders Jande                      Architect
                                     Friends of the Earth - Sweden
Mr. Nicholas Haluska                                                           Ms. Ludovica Cervi
Student                                                                        Lawyer
                                     Ms. Maria Petri

Ms. Annika Elmqvist                                                            Mr. Kim Ejlertsen
Drawer/Author                        Mr. Erik Borgström                        Climate and Energy Campaigner

Mr. Lars Igeland                                                               Mr. Tilde Nor Stalden Borum
Climate Expert                       Mr. Markus Auvinen                        Campaigner
                                                                               Friends of the Earth - Denmark

Ms. Ida Nilsson                      Ms. Werta Houman
Student                              Student                                   Mr. Mathias Vang Vestergaard
                                                                               Friends of the Earth - Denmark
Ms. Anna Jonsson                     Mr. tord Björk
Climate Expert                       Coordinator Eu Committee
                                                                               Mr. Dan Boding-Jensen
Ms. Frida Lager                      Mr. Dag Karlsson
Student                              Forestry Expert
                                                                               Ms. Ingrid Hind
Mr. Anders Schröder                  Mr. Venancio Cueno
Student                              Forestry Expert
                                                                               Mr. Lars Skaarup Mainz
Mr. Jakob Lundgren                   Ms. Annika Oskarsson
Student                              Environmental Volunteer TSO
                                                                               Mr. Henrik Jelstrup
                                                                               Film Crew
Mr. Markus Byst