STRATEGIC ISSUES MANAGEMENTof POLRI, Paper Report by ferlinmogot


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                                    Stage III


                               Prepared by:

                    Ferlin Marcini R. Mogot

 Post Graduate Program Acceleration IIIB Honor

        The London School of Public Relations - Jakarta

                                                                    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

This report reveals an issue Chief Commissioner Wiliardi Wizar of Indonesian National Police
(POLRI). The issue has further affected public opinion that police officers are dishonest and
POLRI is negative. The issue of Wiliardi Wizar is currently emerging as dormant but the issue of
the POLRI negative image as an institution is critical. The primary focus of this issue is the
police officers or the internal public. The key publics of this issue are the Indonesian citizen in
general and the media. To improve from this issue a image restoration program is be set in
place. This program will use an internal campaign called The Professional Police campaign, a
new identity change, a TV program and media relations program. This program will be set for a
1 year schedule and use an estimate budget of Rp 10.885.000.000,-

                            STRATEGIC ISSUES MANAGEMENT: The Method

Do you or your institution have a public relation issue problem? How do you solve it? What are
the steps you have to go through?

Every day there are people, institution, products that are having PR issues such as workers
going on strike, a product being labeled as toxic, a President having an affair and many others.
All this issues can cause people that are your public to lose trust in you. If it is left not managed,
then the business side will also suffer such as decline in sales and stock value. This issues
needs to be managed strategically.

Hey everybody!,... welcome to this blog post.

The following series of blog is the final assignment that I did in order to get a certificate in
Strategic Issues Management from Edith Cowan University. My class was taught by Mrs. Ida
Bayuni & Mr. Kim Harrison at the Post Graduate Program, The London School of Public
Relations - Jakarta.

This course is about how an institution can handle their public relation issues by using a set of
guidelines to come up with a strategy plan. The steps in order to come up with plan are:

   1.   Background
   2.   Issue identification
   3.   Related organization
   4.   Identifying the public
   5.   Potential life cycle of the issue
   6.   Communication Management Plan
The Communication Management Plan is breakdown into a couple of sections, which are:

   1.    Problem
   2.    Situation analysis
   3.    Goal
   4.    Primary focus component of the plan
   5.    Objective
   6.    Strategy & tactic
   7.    Creative persuasive strategy
   8.    Evaluation
   9.    Timeline
   10.   Budget

In the paper assignment that I made, you can see these guidelines being applied to an issue as
a case study. I chose a topic which was current at the time I was taking the course during the
year 2009. The topic was about the issue POLRI, The Indonesian National Police, was
having specifically about a high ranking police officer that was involve in a high profile murder
case. In general POLRI's image is not trusted by society as a law enforcer because people
view them as corrupt.

For more explanation about the strategic issues management that I have written, please read it
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