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					December 11th, 2012                                                                                            Published by: sneumann

Why You NEED an
Article Marketing Service
                                                                   personality as long as it’s interesting), there are various places
  You can write beautiful posts all day long, hundreds of          you’ll be able to find writers to construct your content for you
  them even, but if no one visits your page then you’ve            while you get on with other aspects of your business. Article
  wasted your time. You need article marketing service             submission might be a long and tedious job but by using a
  first for backlinks.                                             service like Article Marketing Robot it is possible to free up lots
                                                                   of your time. Effectively optimized articles are the cornerstone
                                                                   of any successful marketer on the internet. You can’t afford
Why You NEED an Article                                            NOT to do it if you’re going to compete online. The more you
Marketing Service                                                  write for your web site and for article submission internet sites,
                                                                   the greater you are going to rank in Google along with the far
By sneumann on December 11th, 2012
                                                                   more targeted traffic you are going to receive. It really is a
No doubt you’ve heard it said, “Content is King” on the            snowball effect.
internet and it is true. The reason is simple. The web runs on
search and search engine indexing, categorizing, and ranking       Here’s how article marketing service
content (your articles, blog posts, videos, pod casts and much     works:
more). So if you’re serious about driving far more site visitors
to you internet pages, you might need to take into account           1. Determine your audience (exactly who are you writing
adding a massive article marketing campaign to the arsenal of           to?)
promotional tools. Did you know it is possible to also hire an       2. Determine your goal (what do you want that person to
article marketing service that will actually write, publish and         do?)
promote the content material independent of your time and
                                                                     3. Research key words and phrases they might type into a
effort? Use an article marketing service and you get the best
                                                                        search engine.
of two worlds – fresh content material driving new visitors to
your website and widely distributed content which helps your         4. Produce an article around that keyword (or hire someone
other internet properties rank greater on the search engines            to write)
due to backlinks.                                                    5. Enter promotional articles into a “spinner’ to create
                                                                        unique versions
Outsource              an       Article      Marketing
                                                                     6. Distribute different versions of your promo article (with
Service                                                                 back links to your original article) to hundreds or
Productive marketers know that time equals money. In case               thousands of directories and social sites.
you hate to write, which is not really all that difficult with
blogging (you can get away with imperfect grammar and crazy

December 11th, 2012                                                Published by: sneumann

Article Marketing Software to the
AMR is an automated tool that builds back links for you
by submitting your articles to hundreds of article marketing
directories. Maybe that doesn’t excite you just yet, but
understand that your articles should be exclusive for every
single website you submit to, and that’s lots of WRITING.
But don’t worry. Article Marketing Robot not only will
automatically send your article to each of these web sites but
it will rewrite each and every article to ensure that it really
is distinctive for every single one. By submitting your articles
to a lot of websites you will soon be recognized as an expert
inside your chosen niche. Anybody searching for information
will be able to find YOUR articles and will be encouraged to
click through to your personal web site to obtain your product.

I Spin but I am Distinctive
Lots of people who use an article marketing service or use
automated software program like Article Marketing Robot
nonetheless tend to take short-cuts which, in the long run,
can really decrease internet site targeted traffic over time.
Essentially the most critical mistake is not taking the time
necessary to make certain every single piece of material getting
published across the internet is a minimum of 30% unique
and readable. If much less than 30% unique, you basically
wasted your time because the search engines don’t index
or rank duplicate content on the web. And if the “spun”
content is unreadable, it makes you and your business appear
unprofessional and fake. So invest the time to personalize the
copy produced by AMR until every article is exclusive and

Article marketing service NOT just for
Personally, I love to write. But I run a business first (not
a hobby) and its purpose is to make money. If my online
competitors are cranking out high-ranking articles and blog
posts quickly and with lots of promotion (backlinks, paid
ads, SEO, Etc…) than they are going to be established as the
experts and I am going to be left in their wake! Using an
article marketing service allows me to get blog posts published
quickly—while still adding my own voice and style—so that I
can spend my valuable time on income-producing activities
like marketing and promoting.
PS – Who else want to take their blogging to the next level…
you know, the massive money-making one? Get your own
optimized blogging platform and cutting edge training here.


Description: You can write beautiful posts all day long, hundreds of them even, but if no one visits your page then you’ve wasted your time. You need article marketing service first for backlinks.