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                             AT 7.00 PM

PRESENT:                   Mr R W Powley – Chairman
                           Mrs A C Brocklehurst
                           Mrs J M Mitchell
                           Mr A K Perkins
                           Cr G T Piercy

IN ATTENDANCE:             Mr L A Pullar – Director Finance and Corporate Services
                           Mr L Beer – Bluff Publicity/Promotions Officer
                           Mrs H Williams – Manager Bluff Service Centre
                           Mrs E Tulett – Manager Communications and Secretarial


        S E Morrison.

        Moved A Perkins, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the apologies be

Note:   The Chairman sought leave of the meeting to take the item on 2006/2007 Budgets
               first. Leave was granted.

2.      2006/2007 BUDGETS

        The proposed budget had been circulated.

        At the Chairman’s invitation, the Director of Finance and Corporate Services made
                the following remarks:

         In many areas the budget is pretty much the same;
         The Manager Communications and Secretarial Services looked at actuals and
          adjusted them accordingly;
         The Higher Salaries Commission sets the honoraria figure;
         Last year you transferred $1,000 from reserves;
         There is not a lot left in reserves;
         If you want to split the Community Board Rate out to a rate and a Promotions
          Rate I am here to give you advice;
         It is a simple exercise;
         All we do is put another code in the system and tell them how much we want to
          collect via that;
         The mechanical side is relatively simple but the decision has to come from
          here and then is passed on to Council for ratification;
         The other thing you need to decide is if the $59,940 goes up to $62,834.
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        The Chairman said there was also the issue of a separate Hall Rate.

        He asked whether the Community Board had to get a letter from the Bluff
        Charitable Trust.

        The Director of Finance and Corporate Services said the Community Board could
        build the Hall Rate in as part of its budget, or the Charitable Trust could send the
        Council a letter asking for the Hall Rate and the money would be sent straight to
        the Charitable Trust. This second method would be “cleaner”, he said.

        The Chairman said the Town Hall Rate should really be identified as to the
        purpose it was being rated for.

        Cr Piercy asked how many ratepayers in Bluff. The Director of Finance and
        Corporate Services said there were approximately 1,200 ratepayers in Bluff.

        The Chairman said for a number of years the Director of Finance and Corporate
        Services had advised that the Community Board couldn’t keep dipping into
        reserves but would have to adjust the rates. His comments included:

         I personally think we have reached that stage now.
         Our Community Board rate is not a high one.
         I think we are pretty prudent.

        Cr Piercy said Bluff would have a “double whammy” this year because housing
        valuations had gone up 130%, which would put rates up.

        The Director of Finance and Corporate Services said as far as the Bluff
        Community Board Rate, the increase in Bluff house values would not make a
        difference, but in terms of general rates, where charges weren’t fixed, each
        ratepayer in Bluff would be affected.

        The Chairman said Board members should not be frightened to hold their heads
        up if the Community Board Rate was raised.

        The Chairman suggested leaving grants and subsidies in one code, rather than
        breaking them out.

        J Mitchell said ratepayers just get to see a general figure, so they don’t get to see
        the broken down figures.

        The Director of Finance and Corporate Services said on the rate demand there is
        just one line saying Community Board Rate, but if a member of the public asked
        for a budget breakdown, the Council would be obliged to give it to them.

        The Chairman said if there was to be a rate for the Town Hall it should be part of
        the Bluff Community Board’s budget, but still separated out as a separate rate.

        The Chairman asked for Board members’ views.

BCB 21 nov05 MINUTES.doc                   2
        J Mitchell wanted the Bluff Community Board Rate and Town Hall Rate to be
        shown separately on the rate demand.

        Moved A Brocklehurst, seconded J Mitchell and RESOLVED that a Bluff Town
        Hall Rate be added into the Bluff Community Board Budget for 2006/2007 at a
        level of $6,000 and that the budget as set be approved.


        That the Bluff Community Board set two separate rates, the Bluff Town Hall Rate
        on a Uniform Annual Charge basis and the Bluff Community Board rate on a Rate
        in the $ basis.


        Moved Cr Piercy, seconded J Mitchell and RESOLVED that the minutes be
        confirmed as a true and accurate record.


4.1     Murals

        The Chairman said Mr Hart had done some work on the murals but had not
        completed the job. The Chairman said it was disappointing.

4.2     Town Upgrade

        J Mitchell asked whether there had been progress on the funding applications for
        Stirling Point.

        The Chairman said a presentation had been made to NZAS and that an answer
        was expected by the end of the month.

        A planned meeting had not yet been held regarding the blue barrier outside the
        souvenir shop. It was understood the shop owner now had a petition about the

4.3     Healthy Homes Project

        Board members had attended the official opening earlier in the day.


        L Beer spoke to his report.

5.1     Stabi-Craft Fishing Tournament 31 March and 1-2 April 2006

        The Officer made the following remarks:

BCB 21 nov05 MINUTES.doc                 3
         The next media release is awaiting the Chairman’s approval and is focussed
          on the doubling of the teams’ prize;
         Banners have been updated and can be used at other events prior to March;
         Onshore activities are now being worked on.

5.2     Blokes and Boats

        The Officer said a meeting would be held on Wednesday night.

5.3     Event Calendar

        The Officer said that a dual-month calendar will be produced for the Christmas

5.4     Bluff Sesquicentennial Celebrations

5.5     Bluff Yacht Club – P Class and Starling Class South Island Champs

        The Officer said he had offered to put Bluff promotional Packs together for
               competitors in this event.

5.6     Motorsport Hill Climb

        The Officer made the following remarks:

         The Motorsport Hill climb is almost certainly to be held on 18 March;
         We have been approached by a sponsor;
         We are now talking to Southland TV regarding coverage. A helicopter would
          be needed for aerial shots, which is a prohibitive cost, so any coverage will
          involve shots at ground level.

5.7     Up and Over Bluff Hill Grunt

        The Officer said the date had still not had a date set. It was proving difficult to find
                a date.

        Moved Cr Piercy, seconded A Perkins and RESOLVED that the report be


6.1     Pools Report

        The report had been circulated.

        The Chairman made the following remarks:

         Figures are down;
         The Pools Manager is very supportive of the Bluff Pool;
         The Community Services Committee has discussed this issues and one
          Councillor suggested allocating a certain amount of money and bussing people
BCB 21 nov05 MINUTES.doc                    4
            to Invercargill.

        Board members were not pleased with that suggestion.

        A Brocklehurst asked why the schools figures were down.

        H Williams said that Form One and Two children were being bussed to Invercargill
        for swimming lessons.

        J Mitchell said the Pool Party numbers would also be reflected in these numbers.

        Cr Piercy said the Works Committee had discussed the question of maintenance
        on the pool but no decisions had been made.

        A Brocklehurst said the cost of repair was not excessive.

        The Chairman said the Director of Works had commented that the figure was
        infinitesimal in terms of the whole budget.

6.2     Exeloo Toilets

        Moved J Mitchell, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the report be


        There was a brief discussion on the proposed celebrations for 19 January 2006.


        A discussion about Bluff’s Emergency Management needs was held, following on
                from a presentation by the Principal Officer Emergency Management at
                the October meeting of the Bluff Community Board.

        The Chairman made the following comments:

           We are very vulnerable;
           A tidal wave would isolate us;
           A bushfire would be a major problem;
           We have had two or three incidents of children lighting fires.

        Cr Piercy made the following remarks:

         At the Community Boards’ Conference the point was made we need to take the
          community with us;
         We need to talk to the Bluff Emergency Services;
         We need a simple plan;
         Perhaps we should call a meeting in the New Year, where we take out a plan
          formulated by the Principal Officer Emergency Management and then go out
          and consult people?
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        The Chairman suggested that the Bluff Community Board meet with Police, Fire
        and Ambulance, draw up a plan and then consult over it.

        Cr Piercy said Bluff needed a plan so in the event of an emergency Bluff residents
        won’t have to wait for someone to arrive from Invercargill.

        A Brocklehurst asked if there was a Civil Defence Coordinator for Bluff.       The
        Chairman said under the new system there was no Coordinator.

        It was suggested that South Port and Bluff Community School also be consulted.

        J Mitchell asked if the Lifelines Report could be sent to Bluff. The Manager
        Secretarial Services undertook to arrange for this to be sent to members.

        J Mitchell asked who would be invited.

        Cr Piercy said the plan needed to be written first and then the community asked to
        participate in a submission process.

        A Brocklehurst asked if the Principal Officer Emergency Management could be
        asked to set the plan up. The Chairman said the Principal Officer could be asked
        to do the job.

        Moved J Mitchell, seconded Cr Piercy and RESOLVED that in the New Year a
        meeting be held of Bluff Emergency Services and interested parties;


        That the Principal Officer Emergency Services be asked to formulate a plan that
        can be circulated for consultation.


9.1     Resource Consent Application – Southern Protein New Zealand

        A letter from Southern Protein New Zealand was tabled.

        The Chairman made the following remarks:

         We have had quite a bit of trouble with this plant;
         Environment Southland is now happy that they have taken steps to address
          the problem;
         The Principal Officer Environmental Health is happy;
         If there is a problem it will be acted on immediately.

        Cr Piercy said it was similar to the problems at Clifton because of the Wool Scour.
                He said it is very difficult to measure smell. What is offensive to one
                person isn’t offensive to another.

BCB 21 nov05 MINUTES.doc                  6
        The Chairman asked what the Board was going to do.

        J Mitchell suggested noting the previous problems and hoping that this would not
                happen again.

        Cr Piercy said if the company had met the standards they had to be allowed to

        Moved Cr Piercy, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the Bluff
        Community Board supports the application by Southern Protein New Zealand Ltd
        to Environment Southland for a Discharge to Air Permit.

9.2     Resource Consent Application – Ngai Tahu Property Limited

        A letter of application was circulated.

        Moved Cr Piercy, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the Bluff
        Community Board supports the application by Ngai Tahu Property Limited to the
        Invercargill City Council for Resource Consent at 14 Marine Parade Bluff.

9.3     Cancellation of Building Line Restriction – 183 and 179 Lagan Street Bluff

        A letter of application was circulated.

        Moved Cr Piercy, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the Bluff
        Community Board supports the application from the Invercargill City Council’s
        Investment Property Wing to the Invercargill City Council’s Environmental and
        Planning Services for cancellation of the Building Line Restriction at 183 and
        179 Lagan Street Bluff.

9.4     Cars in Blackwater Street

        The Chairman said cars from a property in Blackwater Street were again
        becoming a nuisance.

        Members’ remarks included:

         They are bumper to bumper;
         Yesterday one was parked on the footpath;
         First we should talk to the Police and get them to issue registration and warrant
         Then we should ask the Council’s General Inspector to investigate;
         There isn’t much you can do about the vehicles on the section;
         We can do something about the ones on the street.

        Board members were concerned that cars were once again outside the property.

9.5     Parking Outside the Service Centre

        The Service Centre Manager said motorists were parking outside the Service
              Centre and taking the ferry to Stewart Island.
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        J Mitchell said she had asked to the Director of Works to move the bus stop which
        was no longer needed.

        The Chairman suggested Parking 30 minutes signs be put up outside the Service

        A Brocklehurst suggested Parking 5 minutes signs on both sides of the road.

        Cr Piercy suggested Parking 5 minutes directly outside the Service Centre and
                Parking 30 minutes further along the street on either side.

        Moved Cr Piercy, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the issue of
              parking outside the Bluff Service Centre be referred to the Roading

9.6     Gorse

        The Chairman said there had been problems with gorse and children had set fire
        to it.

        It was reported that the Director of Works had confirmed that contractors had been
        employed to remove the gorse.

        Moved R Powley, seconded Cr Piercy and RESOLVED that the report be




        The Financial Statement was tabled.

        Moved J Mitchell, seconded A Perkins and RESOLVED that the report be



The meeting closed at 7.55 pm.

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