Innovation and Implementation of Health and Human Rights by hcj


									Innovation and Implementation of
   Health and Human Rights


        Alexandra Coria, MS3, Dartmouth Medical School
      Fiona Somers, MS3, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
   Physicians for Human Rights Student Advisory Board
                               Why HHRE Matters

WHO. “25 Questions & Answers on Health & Human Rights.” Health and Human Rights Publication Series. 2002;1:1-34.
In Sujal’s Own Words
            Role of Health Professionals

 Health professionals
 have an obligation:

    To provide comprehensive
     and culturally competent

    To promote and protect
     human rights.

    To avoid violating human
            Role of Health Professionals

 Health professionals           Students must be
 have an obligation:             trained:

    To provide comprehensive       To understand the
     and culturally competent        relationship between
     care.                           human rights and health.

    To promote and protect         To identify and respond to
     human rights.                   human rights violations.

    To avoid violating human
                          HHR Education in the US

 Gaining momentum over the last two decades, due in
   part to student advocacy.

 Schools with HHR education are a minority.
   32% of medical schools

   54% of public health schools

   22% of schools have a full HHR course

 Significant variability in length, depth, size, and
Cotter LE, et al. PLoS One. 2009;4(3):e4916
        Katie                  Alexandra

Health, human             Health and Human
rights and                Rights Mentorship
humanitarian              Program
assistance elective
                                                      Med Ed
                                      Dr. Johansen Committee Dr. Lahey

       Elizabeth           Maija                  Laura

                                                                  Dr. Bayona
          Dean            That fourth-
       Nierenberg          year whose       Amy           Social Justice
                          name I don’t
                              know Dr. O’Donnell             Vertical
 HHR Session during                                        Integration
                                            Dr. Young        Group
 first-year orientation        Greg
                                                 Dr. Mangianello
 HHRE at Mount Sinai School of Medicine

 Student-run, 10-week-long HHR elective
                    MSSM HHR Curriculum

Week 1: Health           Weeks 2-4: Case               Week 5: Fact
and Human Rights         Studies and Planning          Finding and
Framework                Exercises                     Research Strategy:
• Case Study:            • Social Determinants of      Frameworks for
  International            Disease                     Social Change
  Campaign to Ban        • LGBT Health                 • Coalition Building
  Landmines              • Prison Health               • Direct Actions/Protests:
                                                         Choose the right action

Week 10:                 Week 9:                       Weeks 6-8 : Case
Assessing Impact         Communication                 Studies and
and Outcomes             Skills Building               Planning Exercises
• Quantitative and       • Messaging: How to tell      • Gender Based Violence
  Qualitative Methods      your story                  • The Environment and
                                                         Climate Change:
• Optional Independent   • Writing: How to get your
                                                         Determinants of Health
  Research Project         letter published
                                                       • Migration and Health
• Summer                 • Legislative Advocacy: How
  Opportunities            to meet with legislators
Evidence-Based Advocacy

           Strongly Disagree   Strongly Agree
                       MSSM Human Rights Clinic

Bowen A. “Proving Torture, to Help Win Asylum.” The New York Times. March 4, 2011.
                Students Advocating for Survivors

Bowen A. “Proving Torture, to Help Win Asylum.” The New York Times. March 4, 2011.
Considering a HHR Course at YOUR School?


                     Alexandra Coria:

                     Fiona Somers:

 Our thanks to the rest of PHR’s Student Advisory
    Jacob Imber, MS4, University of Kansas Medical Center
    Lakshmi Krishnan, MS2, Johns Hopkins University School of
    Aliza Norwood, MS4, University of Texas School of Medicine
     at San Antonio
    Mona Singh, MS3, Virginia Commonwealth School of
    Shaheja Sitafalwalla, MS2, Rush Medical College
 And of course, to our dear friend and SAB member,
 Sujal Parikh.

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