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Compact Beacon SECUTEC GmbH


PMZ 4581
The COMPACT safety beacon system
PMZ 4581 is a folding system.

The PMZ 4581 has been designed from the point of
view of damage minimisation, both to the colliding
vehicle and to the beacon system itself.

If the beacon system is hit by a vehicle from the
front, the force of the Impact activates the folding
mechanism between the beacon panel and the

In a fraction of a second, the beacon panel is thereby
levered out of its connection with the footplate by
the horizontally acting force, and then folded back by   1
90° by means of the jointed connection created. The
Individual functional components of the footplate
and beacon panel engage perfectly into each other,
so that the beacon panel can fold down neatly onto
the footplate.

SAFETY BEACON SYSTEm                                     3

1 The warning light...
... is an accessory. The most common warning
lights available from the various suppliers were
included in the testing procedure, and have been
approved under WL Class „B“ (which includes WL
Class „A“) for the COMPACT PMZ 4581 system.

2 The beacon panel...
... is a hollow component made of recyclable
plastic, which is reinforced on both outer edges by
inset steel tubing.

Dimensions: 1250 x 282 x 43 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg

 3 The film...
... is available in 3 qualities
(Type 1-3) with different
reflective levels corresponding
to the actual application.

4 The battery...
... is an accessory in standardised
dimensions and output.

 5 The battery attachment...
... is an accessory of galvanized steel, which
attaches the battery firmly to the footplate.

6 The beacon footplate...
... consists of recycled material and in addition to
the insert/joint device for the beacon panel has two
further insertion openings, a battery compartment
and a handle projecting from the side.

Dimensions: 810 x 425 (500) x 115 mm
Weight: approx. 28 kg
Insertion openings: 40 x 40 mm und 60 x 60 mm                6
                                              pmZ 4581

          In case of a collision...

          ...the beacon panel folds over and remains
          connected to the footplate.

          The COMPACT PMZ 4581 safety beacon system
          has been tested by the „Bundesanstalt für
          Straßenwesen (BASt)“ (German road transport
          authority) to „TL-Leitbaken 97“ and approved
          under the testing no. 01 2K 02 (B) 80.

          As a result:

          all system elements - as required by the
          legislation - remain firmly connected to each
          other in the event of a collision

          frontal damage to the colliding vehicle is
5         reduced, and the danger of injury to the driver
          and passengers minimised

          the footplate remains flat on the ground, so
          that the vehicle can roll over the beacon system
    90˚   without causing damage to the underside of the

          the beacon system is hardly damaged following
          a collision, and can be reused again immediately

          weaker forces caused by such things as gusts of
          wind, kicks and knocks by people or collisions
          from vehicles at below walking speed do not
          activate the folding function
                                                               The production of the COMPACT PMZ 4581 sa-
                                                               fety beacon system is subject to the following
                                                               regulations and directives:

                                                               TL - Technical delivery conditions for direction
                                                               and warning beacons.

                                                               RSA - Directive for the safety of road works.

                                                               ZTV-SA - Additional technical contract con-
                                                               ditions and directives for the safety of road
                                                               works and comprehensive and continual quali-
                                                               ty assurance by the manufacturer and external
                                                               testing authorities.

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