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									                            5 Websites That Will Help You Fix Your Computer

Below you can find some insight into five top websites for your computer and software needs. Each site
offers some unique and step-by-step guides to enabling consumers to fix their own PC or software
issues. This is a general review of the sites. They each have a common goal, which is to teach and share
their knowledge to all users worldwide. Each offers a variety of tips and fixes to many common
computer issues.


This website is owned and ran by Gawker Medias. It was created in January of 2005. It offers many tips
and tools for consumers living and working in this technological age. It offers all of the latest news from
the development and software companies, which are popular now. It gives the reader useful tips on
correcting and fixing annoying or unwanted additions from software apps or gadgets. Lifehacker allows
users to tweak programs to their personal preferences.

Technical specifications and reviews can be researched to give the buyer more information about
upcoming or just released software programs. The site's goal is to provide you with needed tools and
knowledge to fix or maintain your own computer or android gadgets. It wants to empower the user with
knowledge, as well as, keeping consumers up to date with technological issues. There is a section for
gamers, so they can keep up with the latest news and information pertaining to the gaming world.


Howtogeek.com was created in 2006, it is loaded with thousands of how to articles. It is the largest
content website available for consumers desiring to learn more about their computers and its software
programs. Consumers can get help with any PC issue they may be experiencing. They will get detailed
advice of the steps to correct or maximize their systems.

This site offers consumers the knowledge and step-by-step directions to work on their own computer.
They have articles that teach and support Windows, Office and even Linux. This is a mass of detailed
oriented information which can empower geeks everywhere. The company promotes its site as the
friendliest source of online how to content. They also, encompass knowledge for tablets and android
gadgets. This information is set in very simple to understand guidelines.


This is another online help site, which offers free advice and guides to consumers having computer
issues. Computerhope.com is a free compilation of data, regarding computer related technical
problems. This company does offer free technical support. This encompasses a wide array of computer
and software questions and directions to tweaking their systems.
Consumers can search the databases and email in any questions or issues they need help solving. They
have set up an interface, which is very simple, easy to use and to understand. They have been
established since, 1989 and can be used as a reference to basic computer knowledge. They have many
volunteers which keep the websites running efficiently and effectively.


This website was generated in 2004 by Lawrence Abrahms. It is set up to be a mountain of resource for
computer users worldwide. They can help answer questions relating to service of your PC or any security
concerns, which many new users deal with on a daily basis. This site does offer many tutorials for
consumers desiring to learn about more in-depth aspects of software and computing.

Bleepingcomputer.com is set up to help lessen the frustrations by giving consumers the knowledge base
for success. The site does not require users to register in order to reap the benefits of the information

They help users with critical information, such as the download of software and the removal of
programs called anti-spyware. This site was mentioned and recommended in PC World magazine. Every
service offered on this site is free to the public.


This is another great website, which you can utilize to get more information and instructional guides for
your computer. The site will help show you how to diagnose and repair software issues or teach you to
diagnose hardware problems. You can view tutorials for Windows or learn about malware. Users will get
tips on how to optimize their PC's. They will get step-by-step video guides and tutorials for literally,
thousands of topics. The site consists of basic knowledge, which users should have of their computers.

These websites can help give the user extra support and allow them to do their own maintenance.
Fortunately, many problems computer users have can be fixed with a little bit of knowledge. However, it
never hurts to have technicians accessible to assist you with any questions that may arise. These are all
great tools to have in your technological toolbox.

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