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					     SME Banking Practice Group Meeting

Assessing Baseline, Setting Targets and Monitoring Results
The AMSME Finance Program Web Based Reporting Tool

                                                      Washington, October 6, 2008
AMSME Internet Reporting System

    Goals and Objectives of today's presentation:

       1.   Discuss Baseline collection: How, when and accuracy of the data. Best
            Practice examples from our colleagues.
       2.   Setting targets and monitoring those targets. Incentives attached to
       3.   Demonstration of the AMSME Finance Program web based reporting
       4.   Identify it’s functionality for potential use across IFC’s Global SME
            Banking project work.
       5.   Get a better understanding of the needs of the different regions and
            how/if the tool would need to be adapted to be used effectively.

Program Reporting and Incentives

    Performance Based Incentives
    1.      Base line information to be collected early in the process.
    2.      Growth targets to be specified before the advisory work begins
    3.      IFC would expect minimum targets suggested in the below table.

                    Targets                          Year 1      Year 2      Year 3   Year 4   Year 5
    MSME outstanding yearly growth                    30%         70%        35%      35%      35%

         Reporting under the AMSME Program
         There is a straightforward on-line system in place for the program to assist the
         participating banks with reporting under the AMSME Finance Program. The
         reports required are:
            •     Monthly Data Reports
            •     Quarterly Data and Qualitative Reports
            •     Annual Written Update Reports
AMSME Internet Reporting System

   Open discussion on data collection timing and how best to get accurate data given
   the IT systems that we are working with in underdeveloped financial markets.

MSME customers & volume - Bank existing forecast                                                                       MSME Segment definition
 Partner Bank:                                      0                                                                  Commercial customers with loan
 Firm:                                              0                                                                  up to US$ 1Mio are identified as
                                                                                                                       MSME customers.
 Country:                                           0
                                                        Insert only the yellow fields!

MSME loans                                                Baseline           December-08   December-09   December-10    December-11       December-12
BANK existing forecast
MSME outstanding balance in LCY                                      LCY 0
MSME loan disbursement in LCY per year                               LCY 0
% Yearly growth of MSME loans outstanding balance                                  0.00%         0.00%         0.00%             0.00%            0.00%
Planed % Quality of portfolio (90 days overdue)                  0.00%             0.00%         0.00%         0.00%             0.00%            0.00%
No of MSME loans in the portfolio (products)
AMSME Internet Reporting System

    Introduction to AMSME Reporting System:

    1.   The IFC Africa MSME Finance Program is a web based system to capture
         results and data submitted by financial institutions under the program.

    2.   Currently, the program captures data on a monthly, quarterly and semi-
         annual basis.

    3.   The system was designed and caters to the specific requirements of the
         AMSME Finance program, however it is possible to extend or change the
         functionality and content as needed to a limited extent.

AMSME Internet Reporting System

    Functional System Features

      The system is internet based and all financial institutions can and need
      to access it very easily.

      The system consists of these main areas:

         1.   MSME program information and contacts
         2.   Report history
         3.   Reporting area
         4.   Upload/ Download area
         5.   Links to the IFC and other relevant IFC-external web-sites

AMSME Internet Reporting System

    Technical System Features

    •   Web based system accessible via a standard Internet Explorer browser

    •   Secure login with specific users and configurable user rights for institution

    •   The IFC has access to all institution data and reports on the system

    •   Institutions currently capture reports online and are also able to upload
        written reports into the system

    •   Automated email notifications are generated to each institution as the
        institutions reports become due

AMSME Internet Reporting System

    Technical System Features continued:

    •   The system currently provides a number of pre-defined output reports to the

    •   All historical data is stored in a database backend and further output reports can
        be added to the system as required

    •   Multiple currencies are catered for as well as the ability to display the indicator
        capture screens in the institutions choice of language.

    •   The system allows the IFC to upload documents to the system for the purposes
        of sharing templates, information etc. with the Institutions

AMSME Internet Reporting System

    Reporting Process

         Monthly and Quarterly (Data + Written) Reporting under the AMSME program is
         a shared responsibility between the consultant and the bank for the entire
         duration the RA is working in the bank (2 years).

    Uploads and Downloads
         The bank & the consultant group will be able to transfer the following documents
         to and from the website:
                      1. Inception Report (first report - 3th month into the program)
                      2. Quarterly Reports
                      3. Annual Report possible
                      4. Annual Reports as requested

         Templates are available for all to download and use for reporting purposes.

AMSME Internet Reporting System

     System Components
       The system is internet based and is easily accessible for
       program participants:
         1.   MSME program information and contacts
         2.   Links to various informative sites including the IFC home page
         3.   African and global financial institution information
         4.   Sales and contribution targets for each participating financial
         5.   Monthly reports generated for financial institution and IFC showing
              the development of the program
         6.   Upload and download section for additional documentation such as
              Inception report, quarterly reports, etc.

AMSME Internet Reporting System

     Reports Generated by The System
        The Financial institution will report on ten different indicators. Four of which are collected on
        monthly basis and the remainder quarterly and/or annually

          There are two predefined reports available on the internet, which the bank can download:
                   Monthly Reports Indicators                    Quarterly Reports Indicators

                                                          1.   Disburse Loans – Women owned Businesses
           1.   Disbursed Loans                           2.   Outstanding Loans – Women owned
           2.   Outstanding Loans
                                                          3.   Non-performing Loans – Women owned
           3.   Non-performing Loans                           Businesses
           4.   Deposits                                  4.   Institutional characteristic
                                                          5.   Profitability
                                                          6.   Bank Contribution

      The user is allowed (based on his/her rights in the system) to see individual institutions
      or the program over all. All reports are accompanied by charts for visualization.

AMSME Internet Reporting System

 System “Architecture”
AMSME Internet Reporting System

AMSME Internet Reporting System

AMSME Internet Reporting System

AMSME Internet Reporting System

AMSME Internet Reporting System

AMSME Internet Reporting System

     IFC’s view…..

AMSME Internet Reporting System

     IFC’s view…..

AMSME Internet Reporting System

     IFC’s view…..

AMSME Internet Reporting System

     IFC’s view…..

AMSME Internet Reporting System

     Next Steps:

        1. Agree on when to collect data and the best and most accurate method.

        2. Agree that the online system is the preferred global solution for IFC’s
           SME Banking practice area.

        3. Agree on indicators needed for a global reporting system.

        4. Agreement on Delivery deadline and live introduction of the system

        5. Set up of system (internally)