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Schmitz Cargobull AG
All Costs at a Glance − Fleet4You®
Award-Winning Trailer Innovation 2013 − Category "Safety"

Horstmar, September 2012 – Fleet4You® has been presented with the Trailer
Innovation Award 2013 by an international jury consisting of ten renowned
automotive journalists. The award has been presented at the IAA since 2002
and this year winners were chosen in a total of seven categories. Safety, in this
industry, means the absence of danger during transport and the operation of
trailers. Fleet managers need reliable data for safe decision-making, so that
every question can be answered immediately and at any time with a reproducible
data background. With Fleet4You®, data and information from the data handling
program for workshops known as the "Cargobull Repair System" and the trailer
telematics portal "TrailerConnect®" are intelligently linked. This offers vehicle
fleet operators a life cycle cost analysis at a glance and at any time for the vehicles
they operate.

There is hardly a fleet manager who in times of mobile telephones and the Internet will
complain that he has too few details and data on the operational status, wear and tear
or safety of his vehicles. Instead, there is more of a risk that with the large amount of
information and information channels available in everyday business life he will lose track
of such information. For years, development departments have mainly been working on the
synchronisation and linking of systems and databases in order to quickly provide the fleet
operator with an overview of the information he or she requires for secure management

In the new joint portal of the Schmitz Cargobull subsidiaries, Cargobull Parts & Services
and Cargobull Telematics, all data associated with and from the trailer is linked in one
customisable report. The self-explanatory, clear presentation informs the fleet manager
online in real time about the status of the vehicle fleet. “With Fleet4You® the vehicle fleet
manager receives a professional online tool which, at the press of a button, supplies
business and technical data about his fleet, such as the servicing and maintenance costs
of his entire trailer fleet or the individual vehicles,” says Dr. Peter-Hendrik Kes, Managing

Director of Cargobull Parts & Services. “As a result, he or she is in a position to see at any
time what costs are incurred per kilometre by his or her fleet of trailers and can then take
any action that is required.”

The user can also adapt these analyses individually to information requirements. The
operation of the Fleet4You® portal is based on the existing RES infrastructure, on which
T-Systems operates the trailer telematics system. Besides the numerous analytical functions,
it is also possible to define and display incidents or service statuses, which if necessary can
in turn trigger alarms for the driver or be integrated into customer-specific processes.

Anyone who wishes to use Fleet4You® for its fleet management, requires vehicles with
an active TrailerConnect® telematics unit, and workshop services have to be carried out
using the Cargobull Repair System. This is now in use at more than 300 service partners
of Schmitz Cargobull and can also be used by the customer's own or preferred workshop
if necessary.

"Together with Cargobull Telematics we provide the customer with the new Fleet4You®
with all of the relevant data at the press of a button," Kes says. An important feature of this
is the simple linking and preparation of the large amount of data and information available.

At a glance − Fleet4You® offers the fleet manager:
- The display of all relevant service and vehicle information in an individually customisable
report, filter and search functions − for rigorous cost control and cost analysis of the entire
trailer fleet.
- The initiation of controlled activities on the basis of incidents or service statuses which are
displayed on the platform.
- Online information via the internet platform as a tool for rapid analysis and decision-making
for fleet managers or other target groups.

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