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					                             INTERNATIONAL VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS
                           United Nations and Other International Organizations
                                         Report generated as of November 28, 2012
                       Qualified individuals interested in competing for any of the below listed vacancies should
                              submit their applications directly to the international organization of interest.
                     Organization addresses/contacts are provided on the Department’s internet site noted above.


                                                          Typical benefits include:
                              Competitive Salary, Generous Health Benefits Plan, Attractive Pension Plan
                                   Education Grant for Dependents (including college – 4 years)
                                             Generous Leave, Home Leave Travel Costs,
                                                   Relocation Costs, Holidays (10+)

    Most salaries shown are NET of taxes and include a cost-of-living adjustment. Additional allowances and benefits apply.

    Position Title                       Int'l Org    Vacancy Number         Duty Station      Relevant     Adv     Closing Grade        Lang
                                                                                               Yrs Exp     Deg 2/    Date
    Salary 1/   Field(s) Of

    Senior Posts
1   DIRECTOR, Independent Office          IFAD                       1111     Rome, Italy         15+       Yes     11/30/12      D-2
    of Evaluation
                Accounting/Business Administration/Finance - General/Management – General/Management & Analysis

2   DEPUTY DIRECTOR                       UNEP       12-PGM-UNEP-25117- New York, United          15+        No     12/01/12      D-1
                                                         R-NEW YORK (X)     States
                International Economics/International Relations - General/Environmental Management/Environmental Science/Social Science

3   CHIEF, Info System Technology          UN         12-IST-DM-25327-R- New York, United         15+        No     12/03/12      D-1
    (Strategic Mgmt Services)                              NEW YORK(G)       States
                Business Administration/Management Information Systems/Computer Science/ Info Tech/Software Engineer/Systems
                Development/Engineering/Mathematics - General
4   CHIEF ELECTORAL AFFAIRS             UN Field 12-ELA-PMSS-425890          Multiple D/S,        15+        No     12/06/12      D-1   Arabic/Fr
    OFFICER                                          -R-MULTIPLE D/S           Various
                Public Administration/International Economics/International Relations - General/Law - General/Political Science
5   CHIEF, Staffing Service                UN          12-HRE-DM OHRM- New York, United           15+        No     12/07/12      D-1
                                                      25468-R-NEW YORK     States
                Business Administration/Human Resources Management – General/Public Administration/Social Science

6   DIRECTOR, Policy Evaluation &         DPKO       12-ADM-DPKO-25263- New York, United          15+        No     12/08/12      D-2
    Training Division                                    D-NEW YORK (R)     States
                Business Administration/Development Studies/Staff Development & Learning/Peacekeeping/Humanitarian
                Affairs/Humanities/Social Science
7   DIRECTOR, UNHABITAT                  UNHABI 12-PGM-UNHABITAT-           Rio de Janeiro,       15+        No     12/08/12      D-1   Port/Sp
    Regional Office for Latin              TA       23991-R-RIO DE               Brazil
    America & the Caribbean                            JANEIRO (O)
                Architecture - General/Urban/Regional Development/Economics - General/Engineering - General/Human Settlements/Social
8   DIRECTOR, Office of the Special        UN        12-ADM-OSAA-23628- New York, United          15+        No     12/09/12      D-2
    Adviser on Africa                                    D-NEW YORK (R)     States
                Business Administration/Public Administration/Development Studies/Social Science

9   DIRECTOR, Emerging & Conflict ESCWA                  12-ECO-ESCWA- Beirut, Lebanon            15+        No     12/14/12      D-1
    Related Issues Division                           25650-R-BEIRUT (G)
               Public Administration/Development Economics/Economics - General/Law - General/Political Science/Social Science

10   CHIEF RULE OF LAW OFFICER          UN Field 12-JUR-PMS-425875-         Multiple D/S,       15+         Yes   12/17/12    D-1
                                                     R-MULTIPLE D/S           Various
               Development Studies/International Relations - General/International Law/Law - General/Rule of Law/International
               Studies/Political Science
11   DIRECTOR, Division for Ocean         UN       12-LEG-OLA-25624-R- New York, United         15+         No    12/18/12    D-2
     Affairs & The Law of the Sea                        NEW YORK (R)      States
               International Law/Law - General/Maritime-Marine Law/Public Law/Oceanography

12   CHIEF POLITICAL AFFAIRS            UN Field        12-POL-UNAMI-      Baghdad, Iraq        15+         No    12/21/12    D-1     Arabic
     OFFICER                                        425904-R-BAGHDAD
               Public Administration/Economics - General/Conflict Resolution/Diplomacy/Mediation/International Relations -
               General/International Law/Law - General/Political Affairs/Political Science/Social Science
13   HEAD, UN Project Office on           UN       12-PGM-DESA-25485-       Seoul, Korea,       15+         No    12/25/12    D-1
     Governance                                           R-SEOUL (E)         Rep. of
               Business Administration/Governance/Public Administration/International Relations - General

14   CHIEF, Threat & Risk                 UN       12-SEC-DSS-24886-R- New York, United         15+         No    12/29/12    D-1
     Assessment                                          NEW YORK (G)      States
               International Relations - General/Criminal Justice/Criminology/Law Enforcement/Security - General/Political Science

15   PRINCIPAL OFFICER,                  UNEP      12-ADM-UNEP-25165- Montreal, Canada          15+         No    12/30/12    D-1
     Secretariat of the Convention on                  R-MONTREAL (X)
     Biological Diversity
               Financial Management/Human Resources Management – General/Sustainable Development/Environmental Law/International
               Law/Environmental Science/Natural Resource Mgmt/Science and Technology
16   DIRECTOR, Division of               IAEA                  2012/106    Vienna, Austria      15+         Yes   12/31/12 D-1;D-
     Operations B-Safeguards                                                                                                 2
               Engineering - General/Chemistry/Physics

17   DIRECTOR, UN Information             UN       12-PUB-DPI-25494-R-      Tokyo, Japan        15+         Yes   01/05/13    D-1    Japanese
     Center                                                 TOKYO(G)
               Communications/Journalism/Press/Public Affairs – General/Public Relations/International Relations - General

18   REGIONAL DIRECTOR, ITU               ITU       ITU/BDT/FIELD/2012/    Brasilia, Brazil     15+         Yes   01/16/13    D-1
     Regional Office for the Americas                              D57
               Administration/Business Administration/Public Administration/International Development/Development Economics/Economics -
               General/Telecommunications - General
19   CHIEF SCIENTIST                     UNEP      12-ADM-UNEP-25675-      Nairobi, Kenya       15+         No    01/21/13    D-1
                                                         R-NAIROBI (X)
               Environmental Management/Environmental Science/Natural Science/Social Science

20   PRINCIPAL POLITICAL AFFAIRS         DPKO      12-POL-DPKO-25766- New York, United          15+         No    01/22/13    D-1       Fr
     OFFICER                                           R-NEW YORK (R)     States
               Economics - General/International Economics/International Relations - General/International Law/Law - General/History/Political
               Science/Social Science

     Professional Posts
21   UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATE             UN                 Apply Here New York, United         1+         No    11/28/12    P-1
     EXPERT PROGRAM                                                         States
               Administration/Business Administration/Governance/Human Resource Planning/Policy/Human Resources Management –
               General/Management – General/Economics - General/Political Affairs/Political Science/Social Science
22   ECONOMIC ADVISER                    SPC                       12 59      Suva, Fiji                    Yes   11/28/12    N/A

               Research & Analysis/Socio-Economic Development/Economics - General

23   EDUCATION OFFICER                   IAEA                  2012/122    Vienna, Austria       7+         Yes   11/28/12    P-4

               Education - General/International Law/Law - General/Nuclear Safeguards

24   FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT               SPC                       12 57   Noumea, New                      Yes   11/29/12    N/A
     ADVISER                                                                Caledonia
              Fisheries Aquaculture/Marine Science/Biology

25   UNFPA REPRESENTATIVE              UNFPA                      2138     Lome, Togo          10+       Yes     11/29/12 ICS12          Fr

              Public Administration/International Development/International Economics/Medicine - General/Public Health/International
              Relations - General/Census/Population Studies/Demography/Gender Studies/Mainstreaming/Sociology
26   TRAINING OFFICER                  DPKO     12-HRE-DPKO-24968- New York, United            7+         No     11/30/12   P-4
                                                    R-NEW YORK (X)     States
              Management – General/Education - General/International Relations - General/Peacekeeping

27   REGIONAL ECONOMIST                 IFAD                      1118     Rome, Italy         10+       Yes     11/30/12   P-5          Fr

              Agricultural Economics/Development Economics/Economics - General

28   INTERNAL AUDITOR                   WFP                  12-0012922    Rome, Italy         8+         No     11/30/12   P-4

              Accounting/Budget/Business Administration/Finance - General/Management – General

29   PROJECT OFFICER                    IUCN                       450 Brussels, Belgium       3+         No     11/30/12   P-1

              Earth Sciences/Ecology/Marine Science/Biology/Marine/Maritime/Microbiology/Natural Resource Mgmt

30   UNFPA REPRESENTATIVE              UNFPA                      2137 East Jerusalem,         10+       Yes     11/30/12 ICS10

              Business Administration/Public Administration/International Development/Economics - General/Medicine - General/Public
              Health/International Relations - General/Demography/Gender Studies/Mainstreaming/Sociology
31   PROGRAM SPECIALIST                UNFPA                      2142     Cairo, Egypt        7+        Yes     11/30/12 ICS11
     (Reproductive Health)
              Public Health/Women and Child Health/Social Science

32   PROGRAM SPECIALIST                UNFPA                      2141     Cairo, Egypt        5+        Yes     11/30/12 ICS10

              Management – General/Public Administration/International Economics/Medicine - General/Public Health/Women and Child
              Health/Census/Population Studies/Demography/Gender Studies/Mainstreaming/Sociology
33   REGIONAL MONITORING &             UNFPA                      2140     Cairo, Egypt        10+       Yes     11/30/12 ICS12
              Management – General/Public Administration/International Development/International Economics/Health Science - Gen/Public
              Health/Census/Population Studies/Demography/Gender Studies/Mainstreaming/Sociology
34   REGIONAL RESOURCE                 UNFPA                      2139     Cairo, Egypt        10+       Yes     11/30/12 ICS12        Arabic
              Communications/Fund-Raising/Management – General/Public Administration/Resource Mobilization/International
              Development/International Relations - General
35   REGIONAL COMMUNICATION            UNFPA                      2094     Cairo, Egypt        10+       Yes     11/30/12 ICS12        Arabic
              Communications/Journalism/Press/Media - General/Public Affairs – General/Public Relations

36   HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER             OHCHR           12-HRI-OHCHR          Geneva,            5+         No     12/01/12   P-3
                                                     DESIB RLENDB-         Switzerland
              International Relations - General/Law - General/Human Rights/Political Science

37   INFORMATION SYSTEMS                 UN       12-IST-DM-25503-R- New York, United          5+         No     12/02/12   P-3
     OFFICER                                           NEW YORK (X)      States
              Computer Science/ Info Tech/Information Systems/Mathematics - General/Statistics - General

38   HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER             OHCHR 12-HRI-OHCHR-25409              Geneva,            7+         No     12/02/12   P-4          Fr
                                                  -R-GENEVA (R)            Switzerland
              International Relations - General/Law - General/Human Rights/Political Science

39   SENIOR LEGAL OFFICER                UN     12-LEG-OLA-25457-R- New York, United           10+        No     12/02/12   P-5
                                                      NEW YORK (R)      States
              International Relations - General/International Law/Law - General/Maritime-Marine Law

40   DRUG CONTROL OFFICER             UNODC          12-DRU-UNODC-        Vienna, Austria      5+         No     12/02/12   P-3
              Business Administration/Public Administration/Economics - General/Pharmacology/International Relations - General/Law -
              General/Statistics - General/Criminal Justice/Criminology/Law Enforcement/Political Science
41   POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER            UN     12-POL-DPA-25337-R- New York, United          5+         No    12/02/12   P-3
                                                       NEW YORK (R)      States
              Conflict Resolution/International Relations - General/Political Science

42   SENIOR INFORMATION                   UN      12-IST-OICT-25388-R- New York, United        10+        No    12/03/12   P-5
     SYSTEMS OFFICER                                    NEW YORK (G)       States
              Business Administration/Change Management/Public Administration/Computer Science/ Info Tech/Information Science

43   ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER               UN      12-ADM-DPA-25185-R New York, United          5+         No    12/03/12   P-3
                                                       -NEW YORK (X)     States
              Accounting/Business Administration/Finance - General/Financial Management/Human Resources Management –
              General/Management – General/Public Administration
44   HUMAN RIGHTS ADVISER              OHCHR 12-HRI-OHCHR-24963 Lilongwe, Malawi               10+        No    12/04/12   P-5
                                                 -R-LILONGWE (X)
              International Relations - General/Law - General/Human Rights/Political Science

45   HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS               OCHA      12-HRA-OCHA-25442- New York, United          5+         No    12/04/12   P-3
     OFFICER                                          R-NEW YORK (X)     States
              Public Administration/Economics - General/Engineering - General/Earth Sciences/Crisis and Emergency Relief
              Mgmt/Humanitarian Affairs/International Studies/Political Science/Social Science
46   DEPUTY SECRETARY OF THE            ESCAP         12-PGM-ESCAP- Bangkok, Thailand          7+         No    12/04/12   P-4
     COMMISSION                                     25424-R-BANGKOK
              Administration/Management – General/Economics - General/Social Science

47   FISHERY INDUSTRY OFFICER            FAO                    IRC2163       Rome, Italy      7+         Yes   12/04/12   P-4      Fr/Sp

              Administration/Business Administration/Agricultural Economics/Economics - General

48   FISHERY INDUSTRY OFFICER            FAO                    IRC2143       Rome, Italy      7+         Yes   12/04/12   P-4      Fr/Sp

              Engineering - General/Medicine - General/Veterinary Medicine

49   SENIOR FISHER INDUSTRY              FAO                    IRC2164       Rome, Italy      10+        Yes   12/04/12   P-4      Fr/Sp
              Administration/Business Administration/Economics - General/Trade - General

50   CHIEF OF FUND                      OSCE               vnnakpooo25      Tbilisi, Georgia   4+         No    12/04/12   P-2       Ru
              Accounting/Administration/Business Administration/Finance - General/Public Administration

51   LEGAL OFFICER                       FAO                    IRC2166       Rome, Italy      5+         No    12/05/12   P-3      Fr/Sp

              Law - General

52   LEGAL OFFICER (Legal                FAO                    IRC2165       Rome, Italy      5+         No    12/05/12   P-3
     Database Management)
              Computer Science/ Info Tech/Information Science/Law - General/Political Science/Social Science

53   GENDER OFFICER (Agriculture         FAO                    IRC2136      Cairo, Egypt      7+         Yes   12/05/12   P-4   Arabic/Fr
     & Rural Development)
              Development Studies/Rural Development/Development Economics/Economics - General/Social Science

54   COMMUNICATION OFFICER               FAO                    IRC2203 Bangkok, Thailand      7+         Yes   12/06/12   P-4      Arabic

              Communications/Media - General/Information Science/Development Studies/International Relations - General/Industrial
              Relations/Political Science/Social Science/Telecommunications - General
55   SENIOR ADMINISTRATIVE               FAO                    IRC2183     Santiago, Chile    10+        Yes   12/06/12   P-5       Sp
              Administration/Business Administration/Finance - General/Public Administration/Social Science

56   ANIMAL PRODUCTION &                 FAO                    IRC2137      Cairo, Egypt      7+         Yes   12/06/12   P-4   Arabic/Fr
              Veterinary Medicine

57   POLICY SUPPORT OFFICER,            OSCE                vnsecp00717     Vienna, Austria    6+         No    12/06/12   P-3       Ru
     Central Asia Desk
              International Relations - General/International Law/Public Law

58   UNFPA REPRESENTATIVE              UNFPA                       2136        Lima, Peru      10+       Yes     12/06/12   P-5         Sp

              Public Administration/International Development/International Economics/Medicine - General/Public Health/International
              Relations - General/Census/Population Studies/Demography/Gender Studies/Mainstreaming/Sociology
59   LEGAL OFFICER                         UN    12-LEG-OLA-25335-R- New York, United          5+        No      12/07/12   P-3
                                                       NEW YORK X)       States
              International Law/Law - General

60   EVALUATION OFFICER                 OIOS     12-MPA-OIOS-25416- New York, United           7+        No      12/07/12   P-4
                                                    R-NEW YORK (R)      States
              Program/Project Mgmt-Development/Public Administration/International Development/International Relations - General/Social
61   FOOD SECURITY OFFICER               FAO                   IRC2204    Santiago, Chile      7+        Yes     12/07/12   P-4         Sp

              Economics - General/Agri-Business/Political Science/Social Science

62   AGRIBUSINESS OFFICER                FAO                   IRC2205         Rome, Italy     5+        Yes     12/07/12   P-3        Fr/Sp

              Business Administration/Agricultural Economics/Agri-Business

63   SSC NETWORK SUPPORT                IUCN                        449          Gland,        1+        Yes     12/07/12   P-1        Fr/Sp
     OFFICER                                                                   Switzerland
              Biological Sciences/Botany

64   ECONOMIC AFFAIRS OFFICER          ESCAP          12-ECO-ESCAP- Bangkok, Thailand          5+        No      12/09/12   P-3
              Research & Analysis/Economics - General/Transportation Economics/Transportation - General

65   TEAM LEADER, Improving Key          SPC                      12 60         Suva, Fiji               No      12/09/12   N/A
     Services to Agriculture Fiji
              Management – General/Management & Analysis/Sustainable Development/Forestry/Plant-Agricultural Sciences

66   SENIOR ECONOMIC AFFAIRS               UN    12-ECO-DESA-25084- New York, United           10+       No      12/10/12   P-5
     OFFICER                                         R-NEW YORK (R)     States
              Research & Analysis/Development Economics/International Economics/Micro/Macro Economics

67   PROGRAM OFFICER                    UNEP     12-PGM-UNEP-25126-        Paris, France       5+        No      12/11/12   P-3
              Environmental Economics/Chemical Engineering/Environmental Management

68   AGRI-FOOD SYSTEMS OFFICER           FAO                   IRC2209    Santiago, Chile      7+        Yes     12/11/12   P-4         Sp

              Agri-Business/Political Science/Social Science

69   FORESTY OFFICER (Policy)            FAO                   IRC2207 Bangkok, Thailand       7+        Yes     12/11/12   P-4

              Development Studies/Environmental Science/Forestry/Natural Resource Mgmt

70   ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER              FAO                   IRC2211     Panama City,        7+        No      12/12/12   P-4         Sp
              Accounting/Administration/Business Administration/Public Administration

71   ECONOMIST                           FAO                   IRC2141         Rome, Italy     5+        Yes     12/12/12   P-3

              Agricultural Economics/Economics - General

72   INTERNAL AUDITOR                  IRENA       HR/VA/2012/O/3808 Abu Dhabi, United         7+        No      12/12/12   P-4
                                                                      Arab Emirates
              Accounting/Business Administration/Finance - General

73   PROGRAM SPECIALIST                  FAO                   IRC2212         Rome, Italy     5+        Yes     12/13/12   P-3        Fr/Sp
     (Vegetable Crops)
              Agri-Business/Environmental Science/Horticulture/Natural Resource Mgmt

74   FOOD STANDARDS OFFICER              FAO                   IRC2213         Rome, Italy     7+        Yes     12/13/12   P-4        Sp/Fr
               Public Health/Veterinary Medicine/Biochemistry/Microbiology

75   INFORMATION OFFICER                 FAO                  IRC2210         Rome, Italy      7+       Yes     12/13/12   P-4      Fr/Sp
               Veterinary Medicine/Agri-Business/Biological Sciences/Environmental Science/Geography

76   HR PARTNER (Senior Human            ILO                   2012/22         Geneva,         7+        No     12/13/12   P-4
     Resources Officer)                                                       Switzerland
               Administration/Business Administration/Human Resources Management – General

77   CHIEF, Psychotropics Control      UNODC          12-DRU-UNODC-      Vienna, Austria       7+        No     12/14/12   P-4    Arabic/C
     Section                                       25486-R-VIENNA(G)                                                              h/Fr/Ru/S
               Health Science - Gen/Pharmacology/Public Health/International Relations - General/International Law/Drugs/Social Science

78   INTERNAL AUDITOR                    FAO                  IRC2214        Multiple D/S,     7+       Yes     12/18/12   P-4
               Accounting/Administration/Business Administration/Economics - General

79   SENIOR FISHERY &                    FAO                  IRC2215         Rome, Italy     10+       Yes     12/18/12   P-5      Fr/Sp
               Earth Sciences/Fisheries Aquaculture/Marine Science/Biology/Marine/Maritime
80   PROGRAM OFFICER, Statistics         FAO                  IRC2217         Rome, Italy      3+        No     12/18/12   P-2      Fr/Sp
               Administration/Business Administration/Economics - General/Social Science

81   AGRIBUSINESS OFFICER                FAO                  IRC2219         Rome, Italy      7+       Yes     12/19/12   P-4      Fr/Sp
     (Enterprise Development)
               Administration/Business Administration/Management – General/Agricultural Economics/Development Economics/Agri-Business

82   EXECUTIVE OFFICER                  UNEP     12-ADM-UNEP-25046- Bonn, Germany              7+        No     12/22/12   P-4       Fr
               Biological Sciences/Environmental Management/Environmental Science

83   SENIOR ADMINISTRATIVE              UNEP     12-ADM-UNEP-25181-          Nairobi, Kenya   10+        No     12/22/12   P-5
     OFFICER                                           R-NAIROBI (X)
               Administration/Budget/Business Administration/Finance - General/Financial Management/Human Resources Management –
               General/Public Administration/Resource Mobilization/Social Science
84   CHIEF, Budget Section               UN       12-FIN-UNOV-25573-     Vienna, Austria      10+        No     12/22/12   P-5
               Accounting/Budget/Business Administration/Finance - General/Financial Management

85   FINANCE & BUDGET OFFICER          ECLAC 12-FIN-ECLAC-25629-         Santiago, Chile       5+        No     12/22/12   P-3       Sp
               Budget/Business Administration/Finance - General/Financial Management/Economics - General

86   FINANCE OFFICER                     UN        12-FIN-DM OPPBA- New York, United           5+        No     12/23/12   P-3
                                                  24712-R-NEW YORK      States
               Budget/Business Administration/Finance - General/Financial Management

87   CHIEF, Finance Unit (Senior        OCHA      12-FIN-OCHA-25565- New York, United         10+        No     12/24/12   P-5
     Finance & Budget Officer)                        R-NEW YORK(X)      States
               Accounting/Administration/Budget/Business Administration/Finance - General/Financial Management/Public Administration

88   SOCIAL AFFAIRS OFFICER            ESCAP          12-SOC-ESCAP- Bangkok, Thailand          7+        No     12/25/12   P-4
               Socio-Economic Development/Economics - General/Law - General/Social Science/Sociology

89   SPOKESPERSON                      OHCHR         12-PUB-OHCHR-             Geneva,        10+        No     12/25/12   P-5       Fr
                                                 24900-R-GENEVA (X)           Switzerland
               Communications/Journalism/Press/Public Relations
90   HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER             UN      12-HRE-DPI-25186-R- New York, United          5+        No     12/25/12   P-3
                                                      NEW YORK (G)       States
              Administration/Business Administration/Human Resources Management – General/Public Administration/Education -
              General/Social Science
91   STRESS COUNSELLOR                   UN     12-MED-DSS-23592-R New York, United             7+        No     12/25/12    P-4      Ru
                                                     -NEW YORK (O)     States
              Education - General/Mental Health/Psychiatry/Psychology

92   LEGAL OFFICER                      IAEA                  2012/129    Vienna, Austria       7+       Yes     12/26/12    P-4

              International Law/Nuclear-Atomic Energy Law

93   HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER           DPKO     12-HRE-DPKO-25634- New York, United             5+        No     12/28/12    P-3
                                                    R-NEW YORK(R)      States
              Business Administration/Human Resources Management – General/Public Administration/Staffing

94   INFORMATION MANAGEMENT            OCHA      12-IMA-OCHA-24752- New York, United            5+        No     12/28/12    P-3
     OFFICER (ReliefWeb Editor)                      R-NEW YORK (X)     States
              Journalism/PressSAFETY AND SECURITY/Human Rights/Humanitarian Affairs/Humanitarian Relief/International
              Studies/Political Science/Social Science
95   SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER                 UN      12-PUB-DPI-23765-R- New York, United           5+        No     12/28/12    P-3
                                                      NEW YORK(G)        States
              Communications/Journalism/Press/Photography/TV/Visual Media/International Relations - General
96   SOIL SCIENTITST                    IAEA                  2012/131     Seibersdorf,         7+       Yes     12/28/12    P-4

97   ENTOMOLOGIST                       IAEA                  2012/130    Vienna, Austria       7+       Yes     12/28/12    P-4

              Biological Sciences/Entomology

98   STATISTICIAN                        UN      12-STT-DESA-24599- New York, United            5+        No     12/29/12    P-3
                                                    R-NEW YORK (R)      States
              Economics - General/Mathematics - General/Statistics - General/Sociology

99   SENIOR HUMANITARIAN               OCHA     12-HRA-OCHA-25403- New York, United            10+        No     12/30/12    P-3
     AFFAIRS OFFICER/CHIEF OF                       R-NEW YORK (X)     States
              Business Administration/Finance - General/Public Administration/Economics - General/Engineering - General/Law -
              General/Earth Sciences/Humanitarian Affairs/International Studies/Political Science
100 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER              OIOS     12-ADM-OIOS-25684- New York, United            5+        No     12/30/12    P-3
                                                    R-NEW YORK (G)      States
              Accounting/Administration/Business Administration/Finance - General/Financial Management/Human Resources Management –
              General/Public Administration/Staffing/Law - General
101 INVESTIGATOR                        OIOS     12-LEG-OIOS-25054-       Nairobi, Kenya        5+        No     12/30/12    P-3

102 PROGRAM OFFICER                    UNEP     12-PGM-UNEP-25005-        Paris, France         7+        No     12/31/12    P-3
                                                        R-PARIS (X)
              Business Administration/Architecture - General/Sustainable Development/Engineering - General/Environmental Management

103 SENIOR NUCLEAR SECURITY             IAEA                  2012/217    Vienna, Austria      10+       Yes     12/31/12    P-5
              Civil Engineering/Engineering - General/Chemistry/Physics

104 CLIMATE CHANGE                      IFAD                      1122     Rome, Italy          8+       Yes     12/31/12    P-4
              Agricultural Economics/Agronomy/Climate Change/Geography

105 POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER            UN     12-POL-DPA-25663-R- New York, United            7+        No     01/01/13    P-4          Fr
                                                      NEW YORK(G)       States
              Conflict Resolution/International Relations - General/Law - General/Arms Control-Disarmament/Security - General/Political
              Affairs/Political Science
106 LIBRARIAN                            UN      12-PUB-DPI-25509-R- New York, United           5+        No     01/04/13    P-3
                                                      NEW YORK (R)       States
               Library Science/Information Science

107 CHIEF, International Trade Unit     ECLAC 12-ECO-ECLAC-25780          Santiago, Chile       10+       No     01/05/13   P-5     Sp
               Economics - General/International Trade Economics/Trade - General

108 INFORMATION SYSTEMS                   UN     12-IST-DESA-25683-R New York, United           7+        No     01/05/13   P-3
    OFFICER                                            -NEW YORK (R)     States
               Computer Science/ Info Tech/Information Systems/Sustainable Development/Mathematics - General/Statistics - General

109 SECURITY COORDINATION                 UN     12-SEC-DSS-24409-R- New York, United           7+        No     01/05/13   P-4
    OFFICER, Middle East & North                       NEW YORK (O)      States
    Africa Desk
               Public Administration/Law - General/Crisis/Emergency Relief Mgmt/Law Enforcement/Peacekeeping/Security - General/Political
110 HUMAN SETTLEMENTS                  UNHABI 12-PGM-UNHABITAT-           Nairobi, Kenya        7+        No     01/06/13   P-3
    OFFICER                              TA   25176-R-NAIROBI (E)
               Business Administration/Fund-Raising/Public Administration/Human Settlements/Political Science

111 HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER               OHCHR 12-HRI-OHCHR-24725            Phnom-Penh,          5+        No     01/07/13   P-3
                                              -R-PHNOM-PENH (R)             Cambodia
               International Relations - General/Law - General/Human Rights/Political Science

112 DRUG CONTROL & CRIME               UNODC            12-DRU-UNODC-     Vienna, Austria       7+        No     01/08/13   P-4     Fr
    PREVENTION OFFICER                               25784-R-VIENNA(G)
               Economics - General/International Economics/Health Science - Gen/International Relations - General/International
               Law/Drugs/Social Science
113 SECRETARY GENERAL                    IUCN                       455       Gland,            15+      Yes     01/15/13   N/A
               Business Administration/Management – General/Biochemistry/Biological Sciences/Earth Sciences/Environmental
               Management/Environmental Science/Marine Science/Biology/Marine/Maritime/Microbiology
114 SENIOR INFORMATION                  OCHA      12-IMA-OCHA-25744- New York, United           12+       No     01/22/13   P-5
    MANAGEMENT OFFICER                                R-NEW YORK (X)     States
    (ReliefWeb Coordinator)
               Business Administration/Management – General/Computer Science/ Info Tech/Economics - General/International Relations -
               General/Humanitarian Affairs/Social Science

The Department of State's Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) sponsors qualified U.S. citizens for employment
in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Junior Professional Officer (JPO) program and in the
International Organization for Migration (IOM) Associate Expert (AE) program. Although the qualifications for JPO and AE
positions vary by assignment, generally, a graduate or law degree in a relevant discipline and proficiency in at least one UN
working language in addition to English are preferred. Competitive applicants typically possess three (3) or more years of work
experience in a developing country and an academic background in fields related to human rights, forced migration, humanitarian
assistance, development, or immigration law. Prior work experience in or familiarity with the UN system or IOM is also helpful.
PRM-sponsored JPOs and AEs serve as entry-level international professional officers (the UN P-2 level) for 2 or 3 years in many
countries throughout the world. For additional information regarding the program, including any current vacancies and how to
apply, go to or visit PRM's website at and follow the link under "What
We Do". Applicants should be aware that the process is very competitive and that successful candidates are expected to deploy
within approximately 2 months of being selected.

1. For NATO Applicants Only: Please send a copy of the NATO application and any questions to:
2. We are unable to include on this list all the OPEN UN Department of peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) positions that appear on
the UN's website. If interested in viewing these positions, please check the following site: UN Secretariat (UN) (
3. Multiple D/S = Multiple Duty Stations
4. UN Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian

   1/ Usually, salaries are NET (after taxes) and include a cost-of-living/post adjustment that can fluctuate. Salaries quoted are the
      minimum for persons with dependents; higher salaries may be negotiated. Salary data is from actual vacancy
      announcements or other UN sources and subject to change.
   2/ Advanced degree: "Yes" is indicated only when this requirement is specified in the vacancy announcement.

                                                 CONTACT INFORMATION
                                                  (For U.S. Citizens Only)
                                        UN Employment Information & Assistance Unit
                                                 U.S. Department of State
                                              2201 C Street, N.W., Room 4808
                                                 Washington, D.C. 20520

Every effort is made to provide accurate and relevant information in this vacancy listing. However, we cannot guarantee that the
information contained in this list is in all cases complete and free of error. Each job seeker/interested party should confirm the
information listed here with the organization in question. The U.S. Government and the U.S. State Department assume no liability
for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information or process disclosed herein.

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