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Online Job Applications
   4.6 people out of work and applying for every 1
    job posting
   Top 3 Job Search Sites:
     #1 Career Builder
     #2 Monster
     #3 Hot Jobs
Applying for Jobs
   Paper Applications – go prepared (have all
    information with you – resume passport), do not
    ask for pen, etc. Proper dress.
   Online Applications –
     Application tracking systems
     Use “keywords” in your resume
     Email your resume to a person in the company
      (Subject: Resume Body: Short Cover Letter)
Online Tracking Systems -
   Senior Technical Writer
       CYNET is seeking an experienced Senior Technical Writer to
        begin working on a project on Cleveland, OH. Document
        development work for three major projects. Complete technical
        system documentation, system and process flows based on
        business or functional requirements. Work with information
        based on business or functional requirements. Work with
        information provided by developers and analysts to obtain
        additional information. Attend project meetings. Technical
        report writing ability required. T-SQL and .NET. Strong
        technical and communication skills. Any telecommunications
        writing/technical experience helpful but not required.
Guidelines for Completing
   No two applications are the same
   Applications have deadlines (computerized
    system will not allow late applications)
   Applications have time limits (45 minutes-1 hour
    to prevent hacking)
   Fill out everything with an * in the CORRECT
    FORMAT (ex: mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy – or
    phone numbers)
Guidelines for Completing
Applications cont’d
 Be prepared for a test at the end
 Finish the application (you will receive an
  email stating your application has been
 Use keyword from the job posting in your
  resume (online tracking systems use
  keywords to find qualified applicants)
Information you will need
(resume passport)
 1.   Your Contact Information
 2.   Employment History (5-7 years)
 3.   Schools attended
 4.   Military Record
 5.   References
1. Contact Information
   Your contact information
     Name, home address, home number and cell number ( only
      cell number is acceptable, must have a professional voicemail
      and answer professionally)
     Email address (MUST HAVE ONE – professional name)
     Social Security (Why do they ask for this? To prevent
      multiple applications)
           Legally cannot do a background check without your signed consent
           Background checks cost money
           80% of employers complete background checks
           Google yourself
     Driver’s License Number
     Citizenship Papers
2. Employment History
   Company names, addresses, and phone
   Names of your supervisors, job titles, phone
    numbers/email addresses
   Your Job titles
   Salaries – starting and ending
   Dates of employment (month and year – month
    and year)
   Reason for leaving
2. Employment History cont’d
   Reason for Leaving
   DO NOT criticize former employers
   Don’t say terminated or fired (position eliminated)
   Downsizing (this was not your fault, acceptable to put on application)
   Rambling = covering something up
        “sought new opportunities”
        “career advancement”
        “job ended”
        “lack of financial gain”
         “left for a better opportunity”
         “too long commute”
        “lack of work”
         “plant closed”
   Your fault = lesson learned
3. Education
   Names and addresses of schools
4. Military Record
   If applicable
   Must be current and ask permission before you
   Potential References
     Former managers/supervisors
     Co-workers
     Teachers
     Volunteer work
     Church leaders
   Pick people who will give POSITIVE feedback
    about you and your work
References cont’d
   What should references be able to tell about
     Dates employed
     Position/job title
     Description of jobduties
     Quality of your work/your job skills
     Moral character
     Attendance/punctuality (are you on time? Do you call
      off frequently?)
     Professionalism (attitude/dress)
The Frustrations of the Online Job
   For every 1 opening, employers receive 100’s of applications (your
    application may never be looked at, seems unfair)
   Applications are screened electronically (looking for key words in
    your application and resume that match job description)
   The purpose is to screen out applicants
      Find out who the hiring manager is, send cover letter and resume via
       email in addition to application
      Human resources departments have been cut, they are short staffed
   They may be checking your online presence (facebook, etc.)
   You will never know why you did not get hired (you have no control
    over who else is applying…..manager’s best friend’s son)
Have you been convicted of a
 Yes, you may eliminate yourself from
 No, background check will find you out
 Not all criminal activity viewed equally

   Leave explanation blank or “will discuss at
    interview” Do not over - explain
Salary Desired
 “Negotiable”
 or

Easton, Bonnie. Cuyahoga County
Public Library. As presented on
12/2/10 “Online Job Search.”

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