What A Google Plus Hangout Is And How You Can Leverage This Platform For Easy Profits

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					If you want to know the basics on what a Google Plus Hangout is then you’ve come to the right

My intentions are to explain what a Google Plus Hangout is, how you can use it in whatever
business you are in, and how to turn a profit from it.

This is not for those computer geeks that know more than Einstein. And I do say that with all do

I am in no way a technical person however being an internet marketer I do keep my ear to the
street as far as what are the latest advancements in technology that I can leverage to make my
life a whole lot easier while profiting from it.

What Is A Google Plus Hangout
A “Google Plus Hangout” is nothing more than a video conferencing platform that you can use
to host meetings. Its pretty cool tool.

You must have a Google account (which almost everyone has right         ), then you must click
on the +You area which is to the top left of the screen (once you are logged in), click on start
hangout which is near the top right, and then boom you’ve got yourself a Google Plus Hangout
going on.

Now these are no fun when it’s by yourself.

So if you want to add friends to the “panel” where they will join you on the screen then you copy
and paste the URL link at the top of the Google Plus Hangout window and you send that link to
whoever you want on the panel with you.

Now you have a video conference going on no matter where anyone is in the world.

I’ll be honest, in my internet marketing business, sometimes my teammates and I jump on one
just to hangout and mastermind because we’ve missed each other.

The saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well a video is worth a gazillion words.

More Cool Basics About A Google Plus Hangout
With these bad boys you can actually record them and let the live stream play on your You Tube
channel. Pretty cool huh?
All you have to do is (following the step above) BEFORE you click start hangout, you must click
on the left hand side and name the hangout then you’ll see enable hangouts on air.

After that then click start a hangout.

The significance of this is branding and having an audience.

All you have to do is click on embed at the top of the Google Plus Hangout, then it’ll give you the
You Tube video link that you can send to your audience. I just normally post it on my Facebook
wall and put a compelling message like, “Hey if you want to see how to generate 41 leads in a
day and earn $10k a month then watch this live.”

One cool thing about it is that it’ll let you know how many people are viewing it.

THEN if you go to your You Tube channel people can leave a comment or ask questions and
you can respond back in real time.

Now if you want to cheat and watch the video below you can do that as well

Why Using A Google Plus Hangout Is Essential To Internet
Well one reason is that you can use this as a replacement to Ustream. If you don’t have a paid
version of Ustream then commercials will show all day long while the broadcast is live.
Another reason is it’s free and the quality is great.

You can also build brand recognition to your You Tube channel. I would encourage people to
leave comments because that drives up your popularity in the eyes of You Tube.

A sneaky little trick that I do is take the embed code from the video, put that HTML code in
a new blog post, and when I broadcast to my list, I send them the link of the blog post with
theGoogle Plus Hangout going on live there.

What that does is gets people to my “internet home” aka blog, where they can nosey around,
read all my blog posts, watch and learn from the webinar which obviously in reality is a Google
Plus Hangout, leave comments, and drive up my blog popularity in the eyes of Google.
Pretty cool huh??!!!

How To Monetize Off Google Plus Hangout
Well hopefully as an internet marketer you have something that you are selling. However what
I’ve found out is that not all products are created equally.

Meaning you may have gone through all the work to put together a webinar or Google hangout,
you broadcast this message to your list, have a crowd watching you do your thing, and then
when it comes to offering the product, no one buys.

There are several reasons why it may not happen and I don’t want to go into all the details.
Or you may not have a product to sell and looking for one so you can profit off these Google

Why not check out what I recommend that has everything that an internet marketer is looking
for: product in high demand, already created, holds high value, upsell system in place on the
back end to turn higher profits, automated approach to selling, and you earn a whopping 100%

When I do these Google Plus Hangouts that’s
what I ultimately sell besides dreams and hope.
And when people see it, understand it, and know that they can do it too, it’s a no brainer. To see
more of what I am talking about and how you can do the same thing on a Google Plus Hangout,
go to the website below and put in your email address, then watch the video on the next page.

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