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john gilbert craig adv._ inc. the cramer-krasselt co. james t by zhouwenjuan


									Sciver F u r n i t u r e Co.; Excel P r o d u c t s Co.             Federal Savings; First Wisconsin N a t l B a n k ;
(Aluminum P r o d u c t s ) ; Republic Fuel &                       Flexy, Inc.; Glass Container Institute; Mil-
B u r n e r Co.; Miller, N o r t h Broad Storage                    waukee Co.; Patek Bros. Inc.
   TV Accounts:         Badder & Snoke (Shoes) ;                             JAMES T. CUNNINGHAM
Crescent N u t & Chocolate Co.; Excel Prod-
ucts Co. ( A l u m i n u m P r o d u c t s ) ; Republic
Fuel & B u r n e r Co.                                                  520 Madison Ave., Toledo 4, Ohio
                                                                                P h o n e : Fulton 1151
                                                                    Proprietor               James T . Cunningham
JOHN GILBERT CRAIG ADV., INC.                                         Radio-TV Accounts:        Laurel C. W o r m a n ,
   913 Washington St., Wilmington, Del.                             Inc. (Packard-Kaiser-Willys).
                P h o n e : 5-6185
           NAAN—AMA—-NIAA                                              CUNNINGHAM & WALSH, INC.
President                           J. Gorman Walsh                      260 Madison Ave., New York 16, N. Y.
Sec.-Treas                         Kathleen A. Walsh                               P h o n e : MUrray Hill 34900
Account Executives                 J. Gorman Walsb,                       AAAA—ANPA—PPA—ABP—NOAB
  Kathleen A. Walsh, William H . Gordy                                                           ABC—APA
  Radio Accounts: J o s e p h Bancroft & Sons                       Chairman of the Board                           F r e d H . Walsh
Co. (Textile F i n i s h i n g ) , Brosins & Smedley                President                            J o h n P. Cunningham
(Lumber-Millwork-Coal), Wilmington, Del.;                           Secretary                           Richard L. Strohridge
Delaware Coach Co., Delaware Power &                                TV-Radio (Liggett & Myers)
Light Co., Wilmington, Del.; Diamond Ice                                Vice-Pres                                      Norman Gort
& Coal Co. (Fuels, H o m e P r o d u c t s ) , Equit-               TV-Radio Dept. ( G e n e r a l )
able Trust Co., Greenhill Dairies, Inc., Wil-                           Director                                J o h n R. Sheehan
mington, Del.; Group Hospital Services, Inc.                        Assistant                                      David P. Lewis
  TV Accounts:        Equitable Trust Co., Wil-                     Production                                      T o m De Huff
mington, Del.; Delaware Power & Light Co.                           Production                              Joseph McDonough
(Gas & Electric Service), Wilmington, Del.;                         V. P. Media                                 N e w m a n McEvoy
Group Hospital Services, Inc.                                                                 Branch Offices
                                                                        8420 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood 46, Calif.
                                                                                            P h o n e : GR 6131
     THE CRAMER-KRASSELT CO.                                               49 E. Superior St., Chicago 11, 111.
733 North Van Buren St., Milwaukee 2, Wis.                                             P h o n e : SUperior 7-3116
               P h o n e : BRoadway 6-3500                              Radio Accounts: Liggett & Myers (Ches-
          AA A A—AB C—ABP—ANPA—AFA                                  terfields & L & M C i g a r e t t e s ) ; Colgate
President                                         Walter Seiler     Palmolive Co., (Super Suds) ; Sunshine Bis-
Exec. Vice-President                            II. N. Pasteur      cuits, Inc. (All products) ; E. R. Squibb &
                                                                    Sons, (Sun 'N S u r f ) ; Narrangansett Brew-
Vice-Pres.-Treas                                   C. W. Faude
                                                                    ing Co., (Beer & Ale) ; P a n American Cof-
Secretary                                        F. Aumueller
                                                                    fee B u r e a u , (Coffee i n s t i t u t i o n a l s ) ; North-
Vice-Pres. in Chg. Media                             L. H . Ness    west Orient Airlines, ( T r a v e l ) ; Bank of t h e
Vice-Presidents               H . Dyson, C. H . Brehm,              Manhattan Co.; T h e New Y o r k Daily N e w s ;
    R. F. T i m m , N. L. Telander                                  McCall's, ( P a t t e r n s ) ; Italian Line, ( T r a v e l ) ;
Radio-TV Director                       R o g e r W . LeGrand       Clicquot Club, (Soft d r i n k s ) ; Eversharp,
Radio-TV T i m e Buyer                          Loretta Mahar       Inc.
Radio-TV Acct. Supers                              R. LeGrand,
    K. Hegard, J . Pritchard                                            TV Accounts: Liggett & Myers (Chester-
    Radio Accounts: P l a n k i n t o n Packing Co.                 fields & L & M Cigarettes) ; Colgate Palm-
 (Meat P r o d u c t s ) , Ed. Schuster & C o , Inc.                olive Co. (Super Suds) ; Sunshine Biscuits,
 (Department S t o r e ) , First Federal Savings &                  Inc. (All products) ; Narragansett Brewing
Loan Association of Wisconsin (Savings &                            Co.; A. T & T. (Yellow P a g e s ) ; P a n Ameri-
Loan Assoc.), Milwaukee, Wis.; T h e Mil-                           can Coffee Bureau, (Coffee Institutionals) ;
waukee Co. (Investments), M i l w a u k e e ; Wis-                  Northwest Orient Airlines, ( T r a v e l ) ; Bank
consin T e l e p h o n e          Co.;         Altorfer     Bros.   of the Manhattan Co.; New Y o r k Daily
 (Washers & Dryers) ; Associated Hospital                           N e w s ; McCall's ( P a t t e r n s ) ; Lentheric, (All
Service; First Wisconsin Nat'l B a n k ; Glass                      p r o d u c t s ) ; Universal-International, (Motion
Container Institute; DePree Co. ( N u l l o ) ,                     Pictures) ; E-Z Pop, ( P o p c o r n ) ; Eversharp,
Deodorant; Patek Bros. ( P a i n t ) .                              Inc.
    TV Accounts:            P l a n k i n t o n Packing Co.
 (Meat P r o d u c t s ) , Milwaukee Gas Light Com-                            CURTIS ADVERTISING
pany (Gas Utility), Milwaukee, Wis.; Wis-                                           COMPANY
consin Telephone Co., Milwaukee; Altorfer                                  270 Park Ave., New Y o r k , N. Y.
Bros. Co. (ABC-O-Matic W a s h e r ) , Peoria,                                  P h o n e : PLaza 5-6333
111.; Aluminum Goods Mfg. Co. (Cooking                                                   ABP-APA
Utensils), Manitowoc, Wis.; E v i n r u d e Mo-                     President                  Lawrence R. Curtis
tors (Outboard Motors) ; H u m p h r e y Chev-                      Vice-President                     S. R . Combs
r o l e t ; Associated Hospital Service; First                      Secy.-Treas                          Rose Berg

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