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                                               THE   DIRECTOR                        OF       FINANC                    JUN



MEETING        DATE:                                                  7 JUNE         2011

                                  SUPPLEMENTARY                                             REPORT

                                                GOVERNANCE                    STATEMENT

SUMMARYPrepared            by:                 Dean       Johnston,        Director-         Finance      and    Corporate

At the   Council        meeting       on      31    May       2011,     changes        were        made   to the     Council    Governance
Statement     which       is included         in the Statement             as attached.

It is recommended             that     this                   be received.

1           Has      this been       provided         for in the Long         Term                         Plan?


2.          Is a budget          amendment            required?


3.               this             significant         in terms        of Council's        Policy    on Significance?


4.          Implications
            No                   in terms          of other     Council     Strategic       Documents           or Council

5.          public       consultation
                        the views of required?                or interested       persons          been   obtained      and    is any



At the     Council    Meeting     on 31 May       2011,   it was     resolved    to combine          the     Policy    and    Finance
Standing      Committee's        into   one                 called     Finance      and     Policy    that    will    be chaired     by
Cr   Kruger     and    have     aII Councillors     as    members.         It was    also     resolved         that    Cr    Lewis   be
     INVERCARGILL                                                                    GOVERNANCE                               STATEMENT

1                         A GOVERNANCE                     STATEMENT?

        The     and how
        works Invercargill                 City Council's
                                          it involves   the              public
                                                                                in               Statement                 The
                                                                                                                       explains         how   to
                                                                                                                                      aim is the promote

        local     democracy                by                     sure     that     our     community             understands               how        its Council
        operates          and     how       they       can have           their     say.

        The      Council         is required              to    prepare           a Governance                  Statement                       each       triennial
        election       and      make         it available            to the public.            It includes          information           on:

                Council        functions,          responsibilities               and      activities.
                How    Councillors              and      Community                Board       members            are elected.
                The    roles     and        conduct        of those            elected        members.
                Governance                structures           and     processes.
                Public access
                Key planning                to policy
                                           and people          documents.
                                                               and the

2       THE Facilitate           solutions            to Iocal       needs.       AND                           OF THE                      AUTHORITY

        The      purpose         of the         Invercargill            City      Council       is to enable            democratic              Iocal     decision
        making         to promote               the     social,        economic,            environmental               and      cultural                              of
        the     Invercargill         District         in the present              and for the future.

        In meeting          its purpose,              Council's          roles      are to:

              Advocate    on behalf of the                           Invercargill          community            with    central      government,                 other
              Iocal authorities and other                            agencies.
                Develop         Iocal      resources.
                Manage          Iocal        network            (eg      roads,                                 and      community               (eg      Iibraries,

                Manage     the environment.
                Plan for the future needs                        of the        Invercargill         district.

        ANY                         the     legislation THAT CONFERS
                                                           that applies                     POWERS        authorities
                                                                                           to all local ON THE LOCAL                                           1), the

        Invercargill         City       Council         is also        bound        by pieces            of Iocal      Iegislation                      that    apply
        specifically       to              Those        Acts      are:

      Local      Act      Name                                                             Purpose

                                                                                           Appropriate           a                 of the        Town          belt    for
       Southland          Land      Drainage                                               the purposes              provision
                                                                                                                     of               for       Iand      drainage

                                                                                           within        the     Counties            of     Southland                 and

    Local      Act     Name                                                         Purpose

                                         Act     1958                               Validate              a memorandum                  of agreement              for
                                                                                    the          supply      of water          to                  beyond         the
                                                                                    City of Invercargill                 boundaries.

    Water Supply City
    Invercargill  Act                  1971
                                       Aluminium                                    Validate              an agreement                with    New        Zealand
                                                                                    Aluminium                Smelters          Limited        for the supply
                                                                                    of water.

                                        City                  Council               reclamation,
                                                                                    Authorise                       develop           and          dispose          of
                                 Empowering                Act      1973
                                                                                    reclaimed               Iand.

    Invercargill         City      Council            Vesting        and            Remove
    Empowering                                                        Act

    Southland            Flood           Relief           Committee                 Administration                  of the unexpended                    balance
    Empowering             Act     1992                                             of the Southland                   Flood                   Fund.

4    THE                                                                                                              FOR           EACH                      ITS
                  A                                                  OF IT AND WHEN                      ITWAS       MADE

     The     following       bylaws            apply      within     the district:

            Invercargill         City      Council         Bylaw                       - Trade            Waste.        This        Bylaw      controls       the
            discharge           of trade        waste       into Council's             sewerage             system.
                                  City         Council       Bylaw         2008/1           -     Environmental                HeaIth.         This       Bylaw
            addresses            the      issues         of mobile          traders,            Iiquor     ban,      solvent         abuse         and    untidy
            sections       and      abandoned               vehicles.
                                  City     Council          Bylaw       2008/2         - Animal             Control.           This        Bylaw      primarily
            addresses            matters         under              Dog      Control            Act.
            Invercargill          City     Council          Bylaw                       -        Cemeteries           and       Crematorium.                 This
            Bylaw      controls          the     burial     procedures           and        standards             for the Council's             cemeteries
            and     crematorium.
            lnvercargill          City     Council          Bylaw          2008/4       -        Roading,           Parking          and                     This
            Bylaw      controls          activities        within     the roadway                 by people,         stock      and vehicles.
            lnvercargill         City     Council          Bylaw                    - Solid              Waste.       This      Bylaw        regulates        the
            and              andsolid          waste       management.
                                                                of household                      recyclables          and      waste        and

            Invercargill         City     Council          Bylaw                       - Water             Supply.       This                                 the
            conditions             water supply
                                ofCity Council               Bylaw
                                                             to customers                -
                                                                                        and Fire                                                              His

            Bylaw      controls          fire in the rural                          of the district.
     THE                                                                                                          TO                         IT

     Invercargill           City        Council          currently            operates          its elections               under        the first              past    the     post
     electoral           system.               This                 of voting              is used           in                                                                elect
     Members               of    Parliament                      constituency                  seats.             Electors            vote        by      indicating            their
     preferred                                            and       the                                      that        receives              the        most          votes       is
     declared            the winner             regardless           of the                                  of votes          that                                    obtained.

     The       other         option                                 under           the        Local         Electoral            Act         2001          is     the        single
     transferable                vote         system                               This       system          is       used       in    District           HeaIth          Board
     elections.             Electors             rank      candidates                in order           of preference                   (1,       2, 3, 4                       The
     number           of votes           required           for a candidate                    to be elected                                  the                       depends
            the      number              of      positions          to        be     filled      and         the       number           of        valid         votes.          The
                           number              of candidates              to fill alI vacancies                     is achieved               first     by the counting
           first     preferences,                 then      by      a transfer                of a                             of votes                received           by     any
     and then              where
                          by the exclusion
                                  the number the votes for that
                                           of of Iowest polling                                          candidate                 in the transfer theof these
                                                                                                                                isand excess   of

     votes         in accordance                 with     voters'        second            preferences.

     Under         the     Local         Electoral         Act      2001           the    Council            can       resolve         to change                the     electoral
     system          to     be     used           at the                                 elections           or                        a binding                 poll     on     the
     question,            or electors             can      demand             a binding              poll.        A poll       can     be initiated                by at Ieast
     5% of electors                signing            a petition          demanding                  that     a poll       be held.               Once          changed,          an
     electoral           system          must         be used        for at Ieast              the                        triennial           general            elections,         ie
     we     cannot          change             our      electoral         system           for one           election          and      then           change           back      for
     the              election.

     Council's            Iast review            of electoral             systems             was       in                        No change                     was     made        to
     Council's            electoral           system        for the 2010                  elections.              The      Council            is required              to review
6.   its                     system            prior     to the 2016

                                                                                                                  THE                             OF      ESTABLISHING
                                     OR                                              AND THE                                            TO                             THEM

     The       Invercargill               City         Council           is     governed                by        an     elected              Mayor,              12     elected
     Councillors            and the                      Community                  Board.

     Council         is required              to review          its representation                     arrangements                   at Ieast           once                    six
     years.         This        review         must      include         the following:

           The        number              of     elected            members                                  the       Iegal      requirement                     to                   a
           Whether               of elected   maximum
                                the six and a members                              of 30 members,
                                                                                          than the                              the
                                                                                                                    including shall be elected                            by the

                          district       (''at                      or whether                the district              will be divided                   into wards              for
           electoral    purposes,                        or whether                there        will     be        a mix         of    ''at                      and

            If election           by wards              is preferred,              then       the boundaries                   and     names              of those         wards
           and the number                      of members                that      will represent                 each      ward.
           Whether              or not to have              separate               wards       for electors              on the         Maori           roll.
           Whether              to have          Community                Boards              and      if so how           many,         their         boundaries               and
            membership                  and whether               to subdivide                 a community                 for electoral                purposes.
                 must       follow        the         procedure            set       out    in the         Local                             Act         2001        when
conducting             this     review,          and        should         also       follow        guidelines              published               by the           Local
to the Council,                               to Act gives   you wish.
                               and the right The be heard if you the right                                     to make             a

You     also      have         the     right     to                                  to any        decisions          on the           above         to the          Local
Government                 Commission                   which          will      make          a     binding          decision               on      the         appeal.
                 details        on      the      matters            that       the     Council             must       consider               in     reviewing            its
membership               and         basis      of election          can       be found            in the Local             Electoral             Act 2001.

The      Local         Government                 Commission                     determined                           2010)            the        representation
arrangements                 for the district             as:

(2)             Invercargill comprises the Mayor
                The Council City is not divided into and 12 members                                                         who shall be elected                         by

(3)          the electors of a
             There shall be the City as a                                             and

(4)          The                      Community                 Board          comprises              five      elected            members                  and       one
                member          of the Council                appointed              to the                              Board          by the Council.

Maori        Wards          and       Constituencies

The                    Electoral         Act      2001          also       gives       Council           the      ability     to establish                  separate
wards       for Maori           electors.             The       Council          may       resolve         to create          separate              Maori         wards
or conduct             a poll on the matter,                      or the community                   may        demand             a poll.          The        demand
for a poll can be initiated                       by a petition               signed        by 5% of electors                   within            the district.

Council          has     made          no resolution                with       respect         to Maori            Wards           and       Constituencies.
This    means           that    there          are no Maori             Wards          in the       lnvercargill            City       Council           district.

Community                Boards

Board.   This        City is Council
The Invercargill Board                  has
                              constituted                              under Community
                                                                       one    Section                     of the - Local
                                                                                                      49 Board       the                 Government                    Act

2002      to:

       Represent,              and     act as an advocate                        for, the      interests           of their        community.
       of interest          or
                           and concern            to any matter
                                                 on the Community
                                                                      Board. it by the
                                                                           to                                               Council          and         any

                        an                        of                       provided           by the Council                 within       the community.
       Prepare  an    with community
       Communicate annual submission                                   to Council
                                                                        organisations on expenditure
                                                                                          and special                          interest
                                                                                                                             in the               groups          in the

                            any other            responsibilities                 delegated           to it by the Council.

The                Community                   Board          has      a                              and         five      other        members.                    Five
members            are        elected          triennially          by        electors         in the          community,                and         the       Council
appoints         a member               from      its ranks.             The       Board          elects       its own        chairperson                  at its first
meeting                    the triennial              election.

The     Council          Iast        reviewed           the      Community                 Board         representation                  arrangements                    in
                    The                      representation                review          will     be                                 prior        to     the       2016


Using       Schedule             6 of the                          Government                 Act     2002,          electors            can                           the
formation         of a new            Community               Board           in the district.
The      Reorganisation                  Process

The      Local     Government              Act 2002            sets     out procedures                 which       must      be followed              during
proposals         to:

      Make        changes            to the boundaries                of the district.
      Create       a new         district.
      Create        a                    authority,          ie transfer            aII    of    the      functions           of    the      Southland
      Regional           Council                                                          to Invercargill           City     Council.
      Transfer          a                      function      or functions           to another             council.

The      procedures            for resolving            each     type      of proposal            are slightly                               In general
they begin            or a proposal
                    with by a petition                  either
                                                        signed       from 10% of Iocal authority,
                                                                      by    the    electors.                          the     Minister           of

Proposals          for a                                              or transfer         of functions   from one Iocal authority
to another         will be considered                   by one         of the                   Iocal authorities, or by the Local
                          Commission       if the                     Iocal  authorities                 refer   the                                  to the
                         or if they cannot    agree                    on which   of them                 should   deal            with    the        matter.
authority          for
                  will      the establishment by
                            be dealt    with                   the a Commission.
                                                               of     new district                   for      creation
                                                                                                 or Thesethe proposals                        a
                                                                                                                                          ofcannot         be

implemented              without       a poll of electors.

             information              on these          requirements               can      be found            in the      Local         Government
Act      2002.      The        Local      Government                  Commission                has      also      prepared          guidelines            on
procedures          for Iocal         government             reorganisation.

                                         AND           CONDUCT                              SPECIFIC               REFERENCE                  TO         THE
The      Mayor       STATUTORY
                    and the Councillors
                                   REQUIREMENTS Invercargill
                                         of the              City
                                                    AND CODE OF Council                                                     have      the     following


                   the policy          direction          of Council.
      Setting      rates.
      Adopting           Bylaws.
      Monitoring          the                              of the Council.
      Representing              the    interests               the     district                              all members              must       make          a
      declaration             that     they      will                      their     duties           faithfully      and                                and
      Employing     their best Executive
      according tothe Chief skill and judgment                                      the    best Government
                                                                                    in theLocal interests of theAct                          the        Iocal

      authority         employs          the    Chief      Executive,             who      in turn       employs           aII other                   on its

shares the same         by the district asas other
The Mayor is electedresponsibilities          a                                    members as of Council. electedaddition
                                                                                      and     one of the     In                                          the

Mayor      has the following                  roles:

      Presiding          member          at Council            meetings.            The      Mayor          is responsible                for ensuring
      the orderly            conduct           of business             during       meetings             (as determined                   in Standing

      Advocate           on     behalf         of the      community.               This        role      may       involve         promoting            the
      community            and representing                   its interests,                                 Iobbying        central,     regional
      and Iocal          government.    Such                 advocacy      will           be most                           where    it is carried
       Ceremonial            head of Council.
       Providing          Ieadership  and feedback                     to other            elected       members          on teamwork                     and
The chairing           Mayor         is elected         by the       members             of Council        at the first            meeting                 the

Council.          The      Deputy        Mayor          exercises          the     same       roles      as other        elected              members.
In addition,   if the Mayor                     is absent   or             incapacitated,     or if the                                        Mayor     is
          then the Deputy                      Mayor   must                         aII of the responsibilities                              and duties,
and may exercise                    the powers            of the Mayor              (as summarised                                       The Deputy
Mayor        may     be removed             from                   by resolution            of Council.

Council        may      create        one      or more                               of Council.           A committee                   chairperson
is    responsible            for     presiding          over       meetings          of the          committee,                                 that       the
                    acts     within      the     powers          delegated           by Council.           A                             chairperson
may        be removed          from                    by resolution         of Council.

The     Chief      Executive           is appointed             by the Council              in accordance           with        Section             42 and
Clauses         33 and         34 of Schedule                   7 of the         Local      Government            Act     2002.               The      Chief
                   implements            and manages                the Council's             policies     and objectives                     within the
                    constraints          established             by the          Council.       Under          Section         42        of the        Local
Government              Act 2002,        the responsibilities                 of the Chief            Executive         are:

       lmplementing                the decisions             of the Council.
      Providing           advice to the Council      and                            Community   Board.
      Ensuring            that aII responsibilities,                                 and powers    delegated                            to    the      Chief
      Executive            or to any           person         employed            by the       Chief                               or    imposed             or
      Maintaining         by systems
                          the any Act, to of the Councilbylaw
                               activities regulation
                                             enable  or                            are properly
                                                                                   planning and            accurate                                  of the

      financial        and                                           of the Council.
     Providing   Ieadership                 for the          of the Council.
Elected     members     have                 specific
                                                         obligations theasterms their employment
                                                                    of       to   of    conduct                                    the
                                                                                                                              in for thefollowing


      Schedule            7 of the      Local      Government              Act      2002,     which                       obligations                to act
      as     a good          employer           in respect           of the         Chief      Executive          and      to       abide           by     the
      current       Code       of Conduct              and    Standing           Orders.
      The       Local        Authorities                                                      Act       1968      which            regulates               the
      conduct          of elected        members              in situations          where       there     is, or could                 be, a conflict
      of    interest         between           their      duties      as     an      elected          member            and        their        financial
      The     Secret             direct
                              Commissions                 Act      1910,         which       prohibits         elected         members                   from

      accepting                     or rewards           which                    be seen        to sway          them        to                         their
      duties       in a                     way.
      AIl elected       members               are required           to adhere          to a                                                             such       a
                is a requirement                  of the     Local         Government               Act        2002.          Once      adopted          such       a
                may                be amended               by a 75%          or more             vote     of the        Council.          The     code      sets
            relate to one understandingto
      will the Council's   another,                             and to the media
                                                                     expectations                    and      the general
                                                                                                    of howto the Mayor and public                          in the

      course       of their        duties.        It also   covers         disclosure             of information               that    is received          by or
      is in the      possession              of elected        members,               and     contains           details        of the     sanctions         that
      the    Council         may     impose         if an individual           breaches             the code.              Copies         of the full Code
                              may          be      obtained           from       the         Council's             Secretarial                               and

8.    Communications                     Manager       or from        the website

                                                            AND                                                                AND DELEGATIONS

8.1   The     Role      of    Council,            Council       Standing                                          and         Appointments                 to the

      Council   reviewselection. committeeIast structure wasat carried
      each triennial        its     The        review           Ieast                                            June
                                                                                                         out in three            years,
                                                                                                                                2011.        usually


      Council      meets                     six weeks:

      From      time    to time,                                     meetings           may        be called            for                  of an urgent


      Standing         Committees

      Council        has      against           Long Standing
                              established the four      Term                    Council            Community
                                                                                                        which                 Plan  /     to
                                                                                                                              will meetAnnual               Plan,

                                          requiring         Council          decisions             and          develop          and        review         policy
      (The Mayor and bylaws
                  is an ex
      General Delegation:                                         the standing
                                                       member to of aIIactivities of the

      Where       any       hearing          is delegated           to a                                                       a hearing         held      under
      section  34 of       Resource
      the full hearing themay                              in the
                                                       Management discussions
                                                                       Act 1991) and have aCouncillor
                                                                                   then any deliberate                                        vote
                                                                                                                                             who         on the


      Finance  and
      The Finance             and
                             Policy Policy
                                            Committee                      is responsible                for    Council         strategy,         policy     and

      planning the    promotes and Community
      being of whichcommunity                    Outcomes.
                                the social, economic,  environmental                                                                   objectives
                                                                                                                                      and cultural of the

                       are to             manage,        control        and       monitor Council's  finances,    including                                   the
      Council      Contingency              Fund        and the        Audit      and Risk Committee,      in accordance                                     with
      good      practice.

      This      includes           the     formation          of,     at     Ieast,         the     philosophical                framework                    the
      development             of new,         or revision           of existing,            policies,          plans,      strategies        and        bylaws.
      If appropriate,          these         may     then     be referred             for                  development                 to other      standing
                              lt                includes        ensuring         Council           activities           are                      in a fiscally
      responsible           manner.
              where      hearings             are      delegated             to other                                        heard       directly         by full
                the     Finance               and      Policy          Committee              meetings             will       hear       and        consider
                            on         Council            policies,                strategies             and                                and          make
                                     to Council.          This         may      include         hearing,        considering                  and    deciding
                       under           the      Dog                          Act      1996,       Sale       of         Liquor         Act      1989,        and
Responsible           Gambling               Act 2003.

The Finance             and Policy                                      is also responsible                       for        developing    the Long
Term Council            Community                Plan,        Annual      Plan and                                             and for Iiaising with
key i r:
C h a stakeholders               /                   and Joint

                                                     Cr J Kruger
                                                     AII Councillors

                                                                                   and                          up to $5oo,ooo

Pursuant 26 to
Section                the       Dog         Control            1996
                                                          Act Section              31
                                                                                   and     Section         22                   Sections           33B,     33C

and     33D                                                            55                                  of that            Act,     the    authority         to
hear and determine                    objections          under the above sections;                          and

Pursuant        to Section             77 and         Sections          106 to 114 of the                  Sale         of Liquor        Act       1989,     the
authority      to hear objections                    and determine                 applications           for Special                                 and

Pursuant          Gaming Machine
                to the Responsible                       Gambling
                                                        Venue                   Act      the
                                                                                          2003     and       the          hear
                                                                                                                         Council's and          determine

applications          for territorial           authority           consent           where       an application                     is referred        to the
Council's       Hearings                                  under        that     policy.

Note:         The     Finance            and         Policy        Committee              may     delegate              to     the      other       standing
committees,            on     a case            by     case         basis,      the      development                or        revision        of    policies,
strategies,         plans        and         bylaws,      some          including          the     hearing              of                            and/or
submissions         of in relation                               identified
                                             to specifically six weeks

     of current Policy and
List General      Council                    Bylaws.

      Strategic Planning.
      Long Term Council                      Community              Plan.
      Democratic             Process                                         Code        of Conduct,              Representation                    Review,

      Shared        City Holdings                      Limited.         Venture

      Investment Industrial
      Awarua                            Estate.

                                       Finances          - Venture             Southland,             Regional               Heritage         Committee,

      Funding   for          Specialised              Community                                                         Park                              Trust
      Board,                 Maritime           Trust         Board,         Southland           Indoor      Leisure             Centre         Charitable
      Trust,                            Museum                and                             Trust       Board,             Vibrant         City     Centre
      Sister Cities.
     Rates      Rebates          / Rates      Relief.
     Rates Review.
     Statements  of Intent                - Council          Controlled            Organisations.

The unbudgeted              expenditure.      Fund       Committee               is                          for    considering

Its objective         is to ensure that Council                     can respond            in a timely manner                  to requests.

Chai r:                                          His Worship              the Mayor,         Mr T R Shadbolt
Mem bers:                                        Cr J Kruger
                                                 Cr G D Lewis

                                                 Up to $25000

Frequency           of meetings:                 As required

The objective and to Risk
      Audit    is     ensure                      N
                                              Cr G D Elder
                                          financial J isLewis
                                                          responsible                     for                         audit     and


                                                 Cr J Kruger

Delegations:                                     NiI

Frequency           of meetings:                                    and    as required

The Community                      Standing                          is responsible              for    the                      and   facilities

provided       by                 for the community's                     use.

lts objectives             are to encourage                  and monitor              the provision                of quality,     accessible
community                          and     facilities.          These         and                      for     specialised         community
               contributes             towards         the    social        and       cultural                            of     the   district's


The Monitors                               against
                                           Standing          the LTCCP,

     Reviews          existing     activity        plans,                        bylaws         and    strategies        and,     if no Ionger
    fit for    purpose,          refers     these        back       to the         Finance       and     Policy                          for full
     council        consideration,
     Develops              new   or      revises         activity         plans,                        bylaws          and      strategies         if
    delegated          to do so by Finance                   and                   Committee.
     Liaises        with    relevant      stakeholders

Chair:                                        Cr L Abbott

                                                   D Boniface
                                              Cr N J Elder

                                              Cr T Buck
                                              Cr I L Esler
                                              Cr G D Lewis

Frequency           of meetings:                           six weeks

      of     Defence
      Civilcurrent     Emergency
                    Council                           Management.

      Community Care Archives.
      Housing   and Development


      Regional            Heritage.
      Safer       City.

                                                                                   and    Planning                        Standing

The                                            Committee           is responsible         for                which     implement
and      enforce        minimum         standards        for development            and       behaviour.

Its objectives      to provide
which implementare Government                          and monitor development
                                                       Iegislation in the Invercargill               environment.
                                                                                                    and                  Achieved

through         information,          promotion        followed      by enforcement.

The                                          Standing       Committee:

      Monitors                                against  the Long             Term Council          Community    Plan.
      Reviews           existing      activity   plans, policies,            bylaws and          strategies and, if no longer
      fit for     purpose,         refers     these      back      to the      Finance    and      Policy   Committee        for full
      council  consideration.
      Develops     new     or             revises       activity      plans,      policies,       bylaws    and      strategies      if
      delegated           to do so by Finance               and    Policy      Committee.
      Liaises       with     relevant       stakeholders.

Chair:                                                 D J Ludlow

Members:                                           G J Dean
                                                Cr C G Sycamore

                                                Cr A G Dennis
                                                Cr l L Esler
                                                Cr l R Pottinger


Frequency          of                                     six weeks

List of current           Council       activities:

      Animal       Control.
      Building   Consents.
      Environmental     HeaIth.               Parking       and     Mobility

      Resource            Management.
The                    and
          Infrastructure           and                                         and is                     for
                                                                                         responsible Standing         the                      and

                  infrastructure         reflecting       an area's           Ievel     of development.

while      minimisingare the                    and       the     environment.              The enable          the    district      of quality,

The               levels
         Infrastructure      of                Standing           Committee:

      Monitors                         against the Long Term Council        Community    Plan.
      Reviews    existing
      for purpose,              these plans, topolicies,
                       refers activity    back    the Finance
                                                           bylawsandand strategies
                                                                      Policy                if       council
                                                                                      and, for fullIonger

        consideration. new
        Develops                   or    revises          activity      plans,          policies,     bylaws          and         strategies       if
        Liaises            do so       Finance
        delegated with to relevant bystakeholders. and               Policy

Chai r:                                            Cr C G Dean

M e m be rs :                                         I Abbott
                                                   Cr L R

                                                   Cr T Buck
                                                   Cr A G Dennis
                                                   Cr J Kruger

                                                                  tenders         in     accordance         with       approved          Annual
                                                   Plan     budgets.

     of current
List Cemeteries            and
                          Council Crematorium.                  six weeks

        Council     buildings.
        Parks Toilets.
        Public and                        (aII responsibilities               under                       Act


        Solid Waste          Management

      Water        Supply.

Hearings          Panel

The      Hearings         Panel     is responsible              for hearing,          considering         and   deciding          applications
under      the    Resource         Management              Act       1991,     Dog      Control     Act    1996,      Sale           Liquor    Act
1989,      and     Responsible           Gambling          Act 2003.

Its objective        is to                 quality     decision          making          through    equitable,                         hearings
and the                      of robust     decisions            by trained        panel     members.
Chair:                                  N D Boniface
                                        D J Ludlow
                                     Cr J Kruger


                                     Cr C G Dean
                                     Cr A G Dennis
                                     Cr G J Sycamore

Mr     I F Capitaneas                               Councillor         who      is                                             Management

(i)      Pursuant  determine
         hear and to Section                    34 of applications
                                                any                      resource
                                                       the Resource for Management                        Act     within       Council's
                                                                                                                1991, thetheauthority

         jurisdiction      in the lnvercargill               City district      which                      a                      decision         or
         a     hearing       except             where                         resolves         to        appoint        an      independent
         Commissioner               or Commissioners                  to hear        and    determine           an   individual          consent


         Pursuant   33D
         33C and 26to the            Dog         Control     Act    1996 and 31Section
                                                                     Section  55                     22                     that Act,
                                                                                                                        of Sections               the

         authority       to hear and determine                  objections           under the above                              and

         Pursuant to to hear objections and      106 to    applications        Liquor
         the authority Section 77 and Sections determine 114 of the Saleforof Special Act

(iv)     Pursuant    Gaming Machine
         Electronic to the Responsible                      Gambling
                                                           Venue                  2003 and the Council's
                                                                              Act the authority to hear and determine

         applications        for     territorial        authority      consent         where        an    application         is referred          to
         the Council's        Hearings                                under     that     policy.

         The    quorum        for        each      Hearing       Committee             be three          members         provided          that     a
         qualified       Chairman          is           present.

         The    Director      of Environmental                  and     Planning                            in consultation              with     the
         Chairman,         allocates        hearings         to Committees             as an administrative                  function.

Frequency        of meetings:                      As required

Cr G D Lewis
Council Appointment
Chair: Community                    to             Cr C G

                                                   Mrs J Mitchell

Members:                                           Mr S Allan
                                                   Ms P Coote
                                                      B Procter
                                                   Mr C Te Au

The            Community                Board    has   the     authority   to            any   of the   powers    granted
      the Council,         with    the exception       of:

(a)      Those powers specifically excluded by the Iaw.
(c)      Those powers which Council delegatesexercise of involved. powers,
         beyond the community would by the
                       which      of the Community to Board those                                       have     an

(d)      Resource consent applications.
(e)      Those matters specifically delegated                         to the Standing    Committees      of Council.

Frequency        of Meetings:                    Six weekly

Joint G Dean
Cr C
Appointments                            Group          to Joint       Council

Cr I R Pottinger
Cr I L Esler
Regional     Heritage
AII Councillors                   and    Museums       Joint

Cr J Kruger
Regional     Land
AII Councillors                             Committee:

Cr C G Dean
AII Councillors

Cr I L Esler

Cr Councillors
AII N J Elder                Forum

Cr J Kruger
AII CouncillorsCivil                       Emergency         Management         Group:

His Worship          the    Mayor,        Mr T Shadbolt
His I Worship
Venture Dean the
    L Abbott
Cr C RG Pottinger                         Mr T
8.3   Appointments            to      Organisations          where       the     Appointment   is               in   the
      Age T Buck              Trust

      Cr   Abbott    the Mayor,
      His Worship Park                    Mr T R Shadbolt

      Cr L Abbott
      Cr N D Boniface

             Maritime Te Ara and
                          Executive Trust
      Mr R King, Chief Museum a             Board                                                   or   the   Mayor's
      Cr I L     and the City Manager
      nomineeEsler                        or the City                Manager's

      Ms Sumaria       Beaton
      Cr J Kruger
      Ms Andrae      Gold

      Southland Group
      Cr A G Dennis
                      Training Broadcasters
                                  Trust                     Charitable         Trust

      Cr I L Esler                 Buildings                         Trust

      Southland Indoor
      Cr C G Dean              Leisure         Centre   Charitable     Trust

      The I Norman
      Cr T R PottingerJones         Foundation

      The Sycamore
      Cr G Southland        Rural                   Trust
8.4                                    Which        Have        Requested             a   Council         Representative                   and        This
      Request            has     been       Granted

      New     Zealand            Historic        Places      Trust:

      Cr I L Esler

      Cr G D LewisYouth

      Iwi Liaison:

      Cr D J Ludlow

      Cr N Bonifaceand             Districts        Citizens        Advice     Bureau

8.5     50%
        A           of    Council
                          the shares
                                       or the voting isrights,
                                                  Organisations company appoint trustmore which
                                                             a      orand or           in  than                                   half     the     board

        managing               the organisation.               They     may    operate      as a trading            activity     for the      purpose
        of making              a profit.

        Invercargill City Holdings
        The Invercargill   City Council                         is a 100%            shareholder          in Invercargill           City      Holdings

        Limited,           a     Council          controlled          organisation        under        the        Local        Government             Act.
        Invercargill            City     Holdings         Limited     is a company         registered         under        the    Companies            Act
       1993 to         of     reasonable City Holdings its
      Subsidiaries provide Invercargill              to   Limited

                            City       Forests                        Ownership            Nature      and        Scope          Activities

                                                                          100%            Operate
                                                                                          business            a     silviculture
                                                                                                                    successful                     and

      Electricity         Invercargill                                    100%             Operate     in inthe
                                                                                                            a        the                electricity
                                                                                           distribution                          and     metering

                                                                                          electrical         and    energy       sectors.

      Invercargill                        Limited                            55%          Invercargill
                                                                                          Provision                                              at the
                  City      Holdings       Limited's          registered                  is in the         Invercargill         City   Council
Civic    Administration          Building,         101 Esk Street,            Invercargill.

                 City       Holdings      Limited         has a                         and four                    directors:

Chair:                                             Cr N Elder

                                                   Cr A Dennis
                                                   Cr G Sycamore
                                                   Mr M Cook
Invercargill     City       Forests                 C
                                         LimitedMr has a chairperson                 and                        directors:

                                                   Mr W Conway

Directors:                                         Mr L Pullar
Electricity     Invercargill          Limited      has
                                                   Mr A a chairperson             and four         other     directors:

Chair:                                             Cr N Boniface
                                                   Cr D Ludlow
                                                   Mr T Campbell
                                                   Mr P Mulvey
                                                   Mr R Smith

                               Limited      has a chairperson                and three         other       directors:

Chair:                                             Mr M Cook

Directors:                                         Mr A J O'Connell
Directors      are usually                      T Walton
                                  appointed Mr to Foggo                                 terms.         Under        the    Companies          Act

1993,                        company            directors'                    responsibility           is to the          best   interests      of
Invercargill     City       Holdings      Limited.           The   Council       cannot                                      the directors.

lnvercargill     City                     Limited       appoints       all directors          to                      companies.

               may      comment          on the           Statement          of Intent         setting        out the        objectives         of
                     City     Holdings          Limited        Group       for    the     coming            year.          Copies       of    this
statement       City
                may         Council,
                            be obtained
                                            fromBag 90104,    lnvercargill.
                                                   the Director    of Finance                          and      Corporate

Southland      of the and
The purpose Museum    Southland                      Museum          and                           Trust     is to                      and   tell

the            of Southland            - the experience             of people       and       places        over     time    - and      inspire
Southlanders          to explore         and     understand         the world       around          them.
The Trust
An annual         Statement
                  by thea Invercargill eight, G LJ Ludlow five the Trust. City City representatives
                           Board lntent City D including
                                of of     Cr developed
                                           is I    Sycamoreby           authority
                                                                 Iocal City

Invercargill        Community            Recreation            and                Trust:

The      Invercargill       Community            Recreation            and                 Trust     aims      to increase        lnvercargill
residents'        active                              in               and      physical      activities        and             and      cultural


The      Trust    has a Board         of six, appointed                by the     Invercargill        City     Council:

                                                   Cr J Kruger
                                                   Cr G Sycamore

Trustees:                                          Cr   Abbott
                                                   Cr T Buck
                                                   Cr A Dennis
                                                   Cr W Harpur

Invercargill        City    Charitable          Trust:

The      Invercargill       City    Charitable             Trust     aims    to provide          welfare                     to the      people
within     the    Invercargill      district.

The Trust         has a Board                     more        than           and     not     Iess    than             appointed           by the
Invercargill       City Council:

His Worship   the Mayor,   Mr T R Shadbolt
Deputy  Mayor,   Cr J Kruger
Chief      Executive                     Mr R W King

Invercargill        Venue         and Events Management
                                 and Events   Management                        Limited      aims      to                     manage         and

operate  the Civic Theatre                      and      Stadium        Southland          and      increase      greater       appropriate
use of both facilities.

The      company           has     a Board        of seven            with   three     appointed             by the       Invercargill       City
Council.         An independent            Chair         is appointed        by the company.

Chair:                                            Mr B Middleton

                                                  Mr M Johnston
                                                     D Main
                                                  Cr N Boniface

                                                  Mr G Muir
                                                  Ms K Moore
8.6   Council          Proxy           and      Elector             Nomination

      Appointment                 as proxy             for     voting        purposes              on     Council        owned             or related        companies
      and      companies               in which          Council          has a                           interest.

      His Worship                the Mayor

      Nomination                 as                          for                                        the                            Electric                       Supply

      His Worship                the Mayor

9     MEETING                                                                 SPECIFIC                  REFERENCE                     TO      THE         APPLICABLE
      AcT      1987
               Iegal        AND STANDING for
                               OF THE
                           requirements                            Council
                                                                           meetings                 are set
                                                                                                   OFFICIAL            INFORMATION   AND
                                                                                                                      down in the Local Government

      Act      2002        and         the      Local         Government                                   Information               and     Meetings           Act     1987

      AII    Council          and                                   meetings        must            be     open         to     the     public       unless       there         is
      reason          to       Although
                              consider            some
                                                  meetings itemare open                    to the                        members                      public
                                                                                                                                              of the called           do not

      have        speaking             rights         unless         prior     arrangements                   are      made          with     Council.          Council's
      Secretarial                                and         Communications                   Manager                should          be contacted            before         the
      meeting         to arrange              this.

      LGOIMA           contains              a Iist of the                                          where        councils             may                    items       with
      the    public        excluded.              These             circumstances              generally              relate      to protection                  personal
      privacy,   professionally                         privileged      or          commercially                   sensitive information,                     and the
      maintenance      of                               health,    safety           and order.                   The Council    agenda                     is a public
      document,             although                         may      be withheld             if the above              circumstances               apply.

      The       Mayor            or                                 Chairperson               is        responsible             for        maintaining          order        at
      meetings             and        may,      at his or her discretion,                          order       the     removal         of any        member           of the
      public      for disorderly                conduct,            or remove           any        member            of Council            who     does           comply
      with     Standing           Orders.

      Minutes          of meetings                must             be kept      as evidence                   of the      proceedings               of the      meeting.
      These        must be made publicly                             available,         subject          to the provisions                  of the LGOIMA.

      For    an                         meeting          of Council,            at Ieast           14 days'           notice         of the      time     and    place       of
      the    meeting          must           be given.                                        meetings               generally         can       be called       on three
      working         days'       notice.

      During        meetings             the      Mayor             and      Councillors            must        follow         Standing           Orders              set    of
      procedures            for conducting                                         The        Council           may      suspend             Standing        Orders         by
      a vote        of 75%             of the          members               present.          A copy               of the       Standing           Orders        can       be
      obtained         from           Council's          Secretarial                                and                                           Manager         or from
10   The Local Government                          Act 2002                                     82 and 83) sets out                                        consultation

     decisions.           This
                        and a procedure                      the
                                                            that          Iocal authorities
                                                                           special  consultativemust procedure, when is making
                                                                                                       follow           regarded                                           as     a

     minimum           process.

     The                  consultative              procedure                   consists        of the following                   steps:

           Step        One:          Preparation                of        a      Statement              of     Proposal                and      a                               of
           Information.              The      Council           must            prepare          a description                 of the        proposed              decision
                 course        of action.          The      statement                  must          be available            for distribution               throughout
           the      community           and        must         be available                   for     inspection             at the         Council                        and
           may       be made           available           elsewhere.                    The         Council        also       has         to prepare          a full       and
           fair                    of the proposal practicable.
                               to be reasonably      which must That distributed
                                                                 be    statement                                                    must be as the
                                                                                                                                   as widely included                     on an

           agenda         for a Council             meeting.
           Step Two: Public notice.                         The                            must publish                a notice in                     or               daily
           newspapers,  or in other                         newspapers                     of equivalent                circulation,                of the         proposal
           and      of the consultation                  being                                   and      invite       submissions.
           Step       Three:         Receive            submissions.                     The         Council        must           acknowledge                all written
           submissions               and                                               a reasonable                                            to    make           an      oral
           submission.               The      Council           must             allow     at                one       month                        the    date       of the
                        for submissions.
           Step       Four: Hear submissions.                                  Council        must       set aside                                  time     to hear            aII
           those       submitters             who         wish            to     speak          to     Council          on         their     submission.                   The
           hearings           must     be open           to the public.
           Step       Five:     Deliberate              in public.               AII meetings                where         the       Council         deliberates                on
           the      proposal         must     be open            to the           public                       there       is some            reason         to exclude
           the public under
           AII submissions               the
                                         must       be made                    available        unless         there       is reason           to withhold                them

           under Six: Follow
           Step   the                       up.     A copy            of the decision                  and     a                           of the reasons                 must

         be the Council submitters.
     By law, provided                 the
                      to must follow There special prescribed
                                             is no consultative                                                        procedure  before
                                                                                                                    format for such a                        it:

           Adopts       a Long         Term        Council            Community                  Plan                              or Annual         Plan.
           Amends         an                             Council               Community               Plan.
           Adopts,        revokes, reviews                  or amends                   a bylaw.
           Changes          the mode    of                         for                 a significant               activity                  example               from     the
           Council        to     a    Council            Controlled                 Organisation                 or     from          a     Council          Controlled
           Organisation              to a private               sector                                         if that        is not         provided          for        in an
           Long      Term       Council           Community                    Plan.

     The    Council        may        be required            to use the special                         consultative                 procedure             under          other
     Iegislation,       and      it may           use    this                              in other            circumstances                   if it wishes               to do


                                              Policy                      requires         it to consult              if the matter             is deemed                 to be
     significant        as      per     the        policy            or        Council          decides          that         it                    be     treated              as

                                        Engagement                Programme:

In 2009           Council          resolved         to adopt         a                                          engagement                 programme
for a trial        period        of three      years.

                 accepts         that                     communities             will prefer                                      of engagement
with                        and     when       preferences               become           apparent           will    tailor                             and
means            of     engagement             to                          community             preferences.                   The        programme
includes              clinics,      community               meetings           and         administrative                funding                           to
Residents'              Associations          which         meet     Council        criteria.

Clinics      and        Community             Meetings

Community                meetings areare held
                        clinics           proposed,
                                                monthly,with except
                                                              the timingduring coincide
                                                                            to     December
                                                                                         with                                      and
                                                                                                                                  consultation             on

the       Annual            Plan              Details        of     and
                                                                    dates, theIocations
                                                                                            and                  of            published
                                                                                                                times the areAnnual                        on

Council's and
Clinics         public
            website                     meetings            are      held      in    South            Invercargill,                         Invercargill

Clinics      and         meetings         are held in
                                        and the centralthe city
                                                              evenings                    in South           and                Invercargill,          and

during       the day         in the central           city to enable           aII members               of the community                   to attend.

Clinics      are                        by two       Councillors            and     one     senior                   member          and the       public
meetings                             by three        Councillors            and                       members            at Director         Ievel.

                 of                       Associations

                 will      provide                                            up     to     $5000             per       group        to     Residents'
Associations              that     meet     the criteria          Iisted    below:

       The    group          represents         a geographically                  based      community                                             which
       already receives community assistance perspective
       The group has a Council        wide      and has a Community
                                                                than                                                   a single                    with       a

       community             development      focus               which      includes  consultation                     with Council.
       There is                      interest   and                            from that community                       to resource            and     run
       the association.
       The group has                 an appropriate               constitution,           a system            of electing                        and       an
       annual          budget.
                        financial       assistance           will    be towards            the    actual            administration           costs,       for
       example,             venue    hire           for     meetings,                                  and          photocopying,             postage,
                             of meetings,                          running           a website.
       Project          funding,        if required,         would          be obtained               by the individual                   groups      from
       other sources.
       Council  would               provide         other                     on     request,          for     example,         assistance             with
       setting         up the group           and a dedicated                Councillor          to                  group      meetings.
                                                                AND MEMORANDA                      OR AGREEMENTS                                   MAORI

       The      Invercargill         City       Council         acknowledges                the                            of tikanga              Mori     and
                     its relationship             with     both     tangata          whenua                                   and       ng         matawaka
       The        Mori councils are of Southland:
                four     who         not Ngi   Tahu                        Environment
                                                                           Iiving within               Southland                                     Regional

                          Southland             District        Council,       Gore         District       Council          and                             City
       Council        are charged             with    fostering          Maori       capacity        to contribute            to and                              in
       The     relationship          that     each       making
                                                         Council         has with      Ngi         Tahu     ki Murihiku           continues            to grow

       in     strength.           This        has        been      assisted           by     the       establishment               of       a                     of
       and the     councils.                              Ao Marama
                                                This Te relationship             allows
                                                                                   Incorporated Ao
                                                                                           Te                     Marama           Inc nga                     the

       tomokanga                                for consultation             between          Maori        and the councils.

       information provide
       Councils        and               resources
                                        financial           such             Te
                                                                         as the       provision
                                                                                      Ao     Marama
                                                                                                  of              Inc          advice, for
                                                                                                                          provides                     positive

       consultation,            clarification        on                    of significance              to lwi and         identifies            appropriate
       persons         for consultation.                 An atmosphere                of trust       and        openness          is the         cornerstone
            the relationship             which       was    formed         at the signing              of the                     of Understanding.

       The      Invercargill        City      Council       remains           committed            to ensuring            that                               are
       promoted           and                   for Mori           to build      capacity          and     to actively           engage           across     the
       range      of Council's                                           processes.

1 2.                                                       AND                                                                                              AND

       The      Local      Government                Act    2002          requires         Council         to    employ          a Chief           Executive
       whose         responsibilities            are to employ             other                on behalf          of the     Council,            implement
                      decisions         and      provide         advice      to the        Council.         Under       the      Local          Government
       Act,    the     Chief     Executive           is the       only     person       who        may                     give     instructions            to a
                member.            Any      complaint            about      individual                     members            should            therefore      be
       directed       to the Chief          Executive,            rather     than     the Mayor            or Councillors.

       The Chief                  the
                          Executive            lnvercargill    King.
                                              is Mr Richard City Council,
                                                                     The                       and
                                                                                              Chief        is employed has
                                                                                                           Executive                    a        a term      not
      Council       management              is organised             as follows:

                                                                Mayor       and Councillors

                                                               Chief Executive
                                                              Community       Process

                                                               Destinational          Marketing
             Environmental                and                Theatre
                                                             Investment Care
                                                                Finance and                                       Cameron
                                                                                                                     Works Mclntosh
       Pamela Gare

       Animal     Control                                    Council      Controlled                              Pools and
                                                                                                                  Passenger and
       Building Consents
       Civil Defence

       Compliance                                                                                                 Public
       Environmental             HeaIth
       Resource           Management                                                                              Sewerage
                                                                                                                  Solid              Management
                                                                                                                  Southland         Museum and

      The       Chief        Executive                             and         Directors           can      be       contacted            by      phoning
      (03)   2111         777.

      EQUAL       EMPLOYMENT                                                   POLICY

      Council        is                          to     ensuring           equality          of                            for      alI   current      and
      prospective           employees            and    to meeting             the various          Iegal        obligations         in the equitable
      recruitment,          selection,          development              and     conditions         of employment                of employees.

      KEY                                                    AND       POLICY         DOCUMENTS                    AND     THE       PROCESS          FOR
      The    DEVELOPMENTadopted
      THEIR Council has     AND                         and        approved           a    number           of     key     planning         and     policy

      documents            to assist       it in fulfilling         the     purpose          of Iocal        government,                                 its
      role   as     a Iocal        authority           and     exercising           the      powers,             responsibilities          and      duties
      conferred         on it.

      Long                  Council                                 Plan

      The    LTCCP          sets   out the Council's                priorities        over        the medium             to Iong term.
 Information            to    be     included              in the        LTCCP        is set       out     in Schedule             10 of the            Local
 Government               Act        2002,         and       includes           community            outcomes,            groups         of     activities,
 summaries              of assessments                     of water        and                                      and      waste       management
 plans,      development                   of Maori          capacity           to contribute            to decision         making           processes,
funding        and       financial          statements,              a determination                of significance,             forecast        financial
 statements,            funding           impact       statement            and                          forecasting          assumptions.

 Council's                                   LTCCP            was        adopted        in June            2009        and     can       be    found       on
 Council's        website                                                The      LTCCP        is reviewed                       three    years.

Annual         Plan

An      Annual          Plan         is     developed               in    the            years                                       Term         Council
Community                             showing              in detail      the activities           of Council          in those      years       and     how
 it is implementing                 the     LTCCP.            The        Annual       Plan     must       be adopted             by Council         before
the               of the           financial          year         (1                 It can        be found            on Council's              website

An Annual
Annual                               is prepared             at the conclusion                of             financial         year (30                         lt

compares              Council's           actual      activities         and                              against       what      was     intended         by
the     LTCCP            or     Annual             Plan.           The    Annual                          also      includes         a                    the
Council's        of     the        accounts.
                                   end   of          the
                                                          year.                  lt    must be found
                                                                                      can                    Council       website
                                                                                             be adopted onby Council's within

Asset        Management                   Plans

These         the    identify
             Plans Ievels of and                    describe
                                                         provided, detail the current
                                                                in                    state
                                                                      and to be provided                               and value
                                                                                                                       by the assets             and      the

develop followingassets. Plansassets:
ongoing     the
for the Management Councilrequirements adopted renew, 2008
                                    can be to found in   maintain,                                           and operate
                                                                                                           reviewed                      three

      Council          Buildings.

      Water Supply.

Activity      Plans

These        Plans       identify         the Ievels          of                  provided,         and to be provided,                  by Council's
activities      and      the      associated               ongoing         expenditure.             They         can    be found         on Council's
Activity      Plans           were         adopted           in 2008                    reviewed                         three                    for    the

      Animal          Control.
      Building         Consents.
              Defence            Emergency                 Management.
      Community               Development.
      Democratic              Process.
      Environmental                HeaIth.
      Housing    Care.
      Investment and Archives.

      Passenger and
      Pools.                  Mobility

      Resource    Management.
      Solid Waste   Management.
District  Plan

The       Invercargill        City     District      Plan     was        prepared            in accordance               with    the        Resource
Management               Act 1991.           It contains       objectives,                           and methods                                  rules
and                   for    the     sustainable            management                 of the     district's          natural        and     physical
resources.            The      Invercargill          City    District        Plan      became        operative             in                     2005
and               section          must      be reviewed            within      ten     years.       lt can         be               on Council's
website         Agreement

The       Triennial         Agreement          for    Southland             Iocal      authorities                                   City    Council,
details District the                         Shared     together
                                             will work District                 through and
                                                                                Forum    Memorandum
                                                                                          the                              Shared
                                                                                                                          of Understanding

and Triennial            Agreement            was                     in               and    is reviewed                       three       years.

The       principal                  of Invercargill TO City               Council       is Iocated            in

                                                                                                                     lnvercargill.           Contact
details      for the

                                                        Invercargill             City         Council,              Private      Bag          90104,


Fax:                                                    Helpdesk,              Civic      Administration                 Building,          101      Esk

                                                        Street,      Invercargill.

                                                              211       1777

                                                              21 1 1433

E m a i I:
     The      following         are the contact        details        for the elected               members:

              Shadbolt,         Mayor                     (03) 211 1672
     Jackie        Kruge q Deputy            Mayor        027 439            1362
                     Abbott                                           290    1142
          Boniface                                        (03) 217 0405
     Thelma Buck                                          (03) 216 3449
     Carolyn Dean                                         (03)     0546
     Alan        Dennis                                   027         274 4513
                     Elder                                (03) 211 1370
                 Esler                                           213        0404
     Graham          Lewis                                            676    647
     Darren         Ludlow                                (03) 215 4777
     Ian                                                  (03) 217 4579
     Graham          Sycamore                                         213    0727


                    takes       complaints         seriously      and        encourages              people    to come                         if they
     are            satisfied      with    the                 they                received.          As a general       rule:

            We            nOt deal                        the                           the area                are dealing           with (if not

            If                        -
                              this iswith             03 things
                                                 the way 21 1 1777 and
                                                                 are being                   handled          or the   result,       write     to the

     Complaints             are    investigated         and       responded             to     in    accordance         with        the      rules   of

     natural justice.

     Complaints            about     Elected       Representatives                 should      be directed        to the Mayor.

16                          FOR REQUESTS               FOR OFFICIAL                INFORMATION

     Under the   may
     any person Local              request                             from the Council. Meetings request 1987 information
                                                                        lnformation and    Any        Act  for

     is a request             made        under     LGOIMA.                 You    do               have   to say      you     are        making     a
     request        under       LGOIMA.

     Once         a request     is made            the Council must supply                           the   information         unless  reason
     exists       for withholding     it.          The LGOIMA    says that                                           may       be withheld    if
          Endangerthe the safety
     release   of      information               of any person.

            Prejudice         maintenance           of the Iaw.
                                   the privacy        of any person.
            Cause                    to
                          confidential tikanga
                                          or commerciallyor would disclose
                                                Maori         sensitive                              the   Iocation    of waahi           tapu.

            Prejudice         public health or safety.
            Compromise             Iegal professional    privilege.
            activities.              the Iocal authority    while                                                              or

            Allow     information          to be used      for improper              gain      or advantage.
The    Council      must    answer        requests       within   20   working    days                  there    are
           circumstances          where    this   time    frame   may    be                       Council       may
In the    for            you
charge first instance information            address
                                           under guidelines
                                                      requests setfor
                                                                    down            the
                                                                                 by information    of

Chief            City   Council

Private Bag 90104
Legislation                           Act 1966
                                     confers  obligations                  responsibilities       on     APPENDIX

Animal         Welfare            Act    1999
Animals         Act        1967
Animals          Law                       Act       1989
         Council           of New        Zealand           Toi Aotearoa        Act    1994
Auctioneers                Act    1928

Biosecurity             Act      1993
Building        Act 2004
Building         Research               Levy      Act    1969
Burial      and       Cremation             Act      1964
Bylaws         Act      1910

                      Professional               Engineers         of New      Zealand        Act 2002
Citizenship            Act       1977
Civil    Aviation           Act     1990
Civil    Defence             Emergency               Management           Act 2002
Civil            Act       1979
Commerce               Act       1986
Companies               Act       1993
                            Act      1987
Consumer              Guarantees               Act      1993
Copyright            Act      1994
Counties             Insurance           Empowering               Act   1941
Crown          Minerals           Act    1991

Disabled          Persons   Community                       Welfare      Act   1975
District                Act 1947
Dog      Control           Act    1996

                        Commissions                  Act    1993
Electoral         Act       1993
Electricity          Act      1992
Employment                                     Act 2000
Energy         Companies                Act     1992

Fair Trading               Act    1986
Fencing         Act        1978
Fencing         of                            Pools      Act    1987
Financial                                Act     1993
Fire                        Act     1975
Food      Act     1981
Foreshore             and        Seabed        Act      2004
Forest         and     Rural       Fires       Act      1977

Gambling             Act 2003
Gas      Act    1992
Goods          and                        Tax Act          1985
Hazardous                                        and     New       Organisms          Act    1996
HeaIth      Act     1956
HeaIth       and       Safety        in Employment                  Act     1992
Higher       Salaries          Commission                 Act      1977
Historic        Places        Act     1993
Housing          Act     1955
Housing          Corporation               Act    1974
                Rights        Act    1993

lmpounding              Act     1955
lncome          Tax Act 2007
Insolvency          Act 2006
Interpretation           Act        1999

Land      Act     1948
Land       Drainage           Act     1908
Land       Transfer       Act        1952
                               Act     1998
Land                           Amendment                 Act       1997
                 and     Mechanics'                Institutes         Act    1908
          Act     1979
           Authorities                                                       Act    1968
Local      Electoral          Act 2001
Local      Government                                   Act 2002
Local      Government                Act      1974
Local      Government                Act 2002
Local      Government                                  Information           and    Meetings       Act   1987

                   Act        1950
Minimum           Wage         Act     1983
Municipal         lnsurance
                 Provident            Fund
                                        Act       Restructuring              Act    1990

New      Zealand          Bill of Rights               Act     1990
New      Zealand         Geographic                Board                    Pou Taunaha            o            Act 2008
New                                                                Act      1939
New      Zealand         Walkways                Act     1990
Ngai     Tahu      Claims                                    Act    1998

Oaths       and    Declarations                  Act     1957
Ombudsmen                Act        1975
Overseas           lnvestment              Act 2005

Plumbers,                               and       Drainlayers             Act      1976
Privacy      Act       1993
                 Law Act 2007
Prostitution        Reform Act 2003
Public      Bodies        Contracts              Act     1959
Public      Bodies        Leases           Act     1969
Public      Records           Act 2005
Public      Works        Act        1981

Queen        Elizabeth              the Second                              Trust    Act    1977
Railways        Act 2005
Rating       Valuations          Act     1998
Rates       Rebate        Act     1973
                  Act 1977
Residential         Tenancies Act  Disposal
                  and Other Lands 1986                              Acts Public
                                                                    and           Bodies   Empowering   Acts

Resource                                     Act    1991

Sale       of Liquor      Act     1989
Secret       Commissions               Act     1910
                    Act   1978
Securities                         Act       1991
                       Environments                Act    1990
Soil                             and      Rivers         Control    Act   1941
Sovereign's                                                   Act    1952
Standards           Act    1988
Statutes        Land Charges ActsRegistration
               Amendment                                            Act   1928

                                   Act       1981
                    Proceedings           Act       1957

Te Ture        Whenua            Maori       Act    1993
Telecommunications                     Act                                        1987
Telecommunications                     Act 2001
Transit       New      Zealand         Act     1989
                 Act 1962
Treaty       of Waitangi  Act             1975
Trespass        Act       1980
Trustee       Act     1956

Unit Titles         Act   1972

Wild     Animal        Control      Act      1977
Wildlife      Act    1953

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