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					Dog Pound Development 2011

                          Dog Pound Development 2011

This is Council’s Statement of Proposal for consultation on the development of a new Dog

The Invercargill City Council proposes to build a new Dog Pound comprising of 25 kennels
that meet the requirements of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee’s minimum standards
for kennels. The estimated cost of this rebuild is $550,000. The detail is presented as
Option 1 below.

The Invercargill City Council’s existing Dog Pound falls short in terms of the infrastructure
needed to support the increasing demand on the service. The pound has insufficient
capacity to accommodate the demand being placed on it to impound wandering dogs. It
does not meet the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee’s minimum standards for kennels,
and floods on an average of every two years. The limited capacity of the pound impedes
Council’s ability to re-home suitable dogs as Council is unable to house unclaimed dogs for
any length of time exceeding the legal requirement of seven days. Security issues have also
been identified with the existing Dog Pound vulnerable to break-ins over recent years.

The Long Term Council Community Plan identified the issues relating to the Dog Pound:

“There are security and capacity issues associated with Council’s Dog Pound which will need
to be addressed.”

Council’s preferred option in this Statement of Proposal is to develop a new Dog Pound and
operate it as a shared arrangement with the Southland District Council (Option 1). The three
options being considered are:

Option 1      Build a new Dog Pound comprising of 25 kennels that meets the requirements
              of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee’s minimum standards for kennels.
              The Dog Pound will function as a shared service with Southland District
              Council who have signalled a commitment to the shared service and will
              require between three and five of the kennels. The estimated cost of building
              the new pound is approximately $550,000. This is to be financed by funding
              from the Animal Control Reserves Fund, Animal Registrations and from a 10%
              ratepayer contribution.

Option 2      Retain the existing Dog Pound.

Option 3      Develop a new Dog Pound as detailed in Option 1 and operate it without the
              arrangement to share kennels and operations with the Southland District

Council has established the following main objectives for dog control:

   To promote responsible dog ownership, good dog care and dog welfare.
   To minimise danger, distress and nuisance caused by dogs.
   Facilitate the harmonisation of Public Safety and Dog Ownership.

Council considers that Option 1 is the most efficient and effective means of achieving the
objectives for dog control.
Submission Period
Submissions are invited on the Statement of Proposal. Submissions must be received by
Council no later than 5.00 pm on Wednesday, 27 April 2011.

Submissions should clearly show the submitter’s name, address and contact phone number.

Submissions can be:

Posted to:     Invercargill City Council
               Private Bag 90104
               Invercargill 9840

Delivered to: Helpdesk, Invercargill City Council, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill

Faxed to:      03 2111 433

E-mailed to:   service@icc.govt.nz

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