Majoring in a Fad

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					Majoring in a Fad
It is amazing what some universities offer for college credit. Even more amazing is what some
institutions of higher learning offer as under graduate degrees.

Courses include classes in Klingon, the language of a fictitious race in the science fiction franchise Star
Trek, basket weaving, and star gazing. Students to some universities around the nation can choose to
major in such things as bowling industry management, boiler making, art dance and drama therapy,
comic book art, and, perhaps the hardest degree to land a job with ever, Canadian studies.

All of these odd courses and majors available to tuition paying students leave some people wondering
how on earth somebody could rationalize enrolling in these courses or fields of study. Is in not just a
gigantic waste of money?

Majoring in Social Media Technology
Unfortunately some also see majoring in social media technology in the much the same light. Perhaps
                                              this is because they see social media as just another fad
                                              that society will soon throw off or perhaps they see it as
                                              nothing more than another vehicle for use by teenage
                                              girls to gossip.

                                                 Whatever the reasoning behind the similar disdain, some
                                                 individuals look lightly upon majoring in social media
                                                 technology just as they would look lightly upon majoring
                                                 in Canadian studies. For them it is a useless skill set that
                                                 can be mastered by a twelve year old and therefore has
                                                 no place in the professional work force.

This antiquated idea of social media could not be more false. Businesses the world over have
discovered the incredible advantage of using social media to reach and market to their potential

Effectively Using Social Media
Using social media effectively means that a company can promote their products or services online to
reach millions of persons. This effective range of a marketing campaign lunched over social media
platforms far exceeds that of traditional media sources such as print, television, and radio.

Because of this great advantage in marketing to prospective clients, every level of business from small
mom and pop shops to large industrial corporations are jumping at the chance to promote their
business through social media sites. But reaching new prospective clients is not the only desire or
design of these businesses.
Social media is also a revolutionary method for retaining existing clientele. This is accomplished by using
social media as a way to promote products and services to existing clients and by offering them deals
and coupons if they are following whichever social media account the business is running.

This aspect of social media in use by businesses is of special worth to small businesses because of the
vastly important role that client retention plays in the growth or decay of a startup business. Returning
clients will account for well over half of a small company’s total profits and their satisfaction, therefore,
is invaluable.

With this information in mind it is clearly seen that a degree in social media technology is far from the
useless fad degree it may appear to be. Industries and businesses across the globe are in need of
individuals who can properly run and orchestrate and business minded social media campaign turning a
social media page into a valuable tool of business.

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