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									Submission form                                       Stage One Consultation
Review of the Anderson Park Management Plan; and
Development of the Environmental Reserves Management Plan
(including - Joeys Island; Tikore Island; Red Tussock Reserve; Seaward Bush; Parnell
Sanctuary Reserve; Metcalf Bush Reserve; Omaui Reserve; Taiepa Dune Reserve; John Street
Reserve; Matua Road Reserve; Grant Road Reserve and Paterson Reserve; and the following
Esplanade Reserves - Ocean Beach; Stirling Point Pilot Station; Liddel Street; Beaconsfield
Road; Forde Road; McIvor Road; Mersey Street; Mill Road; Oteramika Road; Racecourse Road;
Short Road; Waihopai River and Colyers Island).

Consultation with the public is the first step in the management plan process. Your comments and
suggestions will be taken into consideration when the drafts of the Anderson Park and Environmental
Reserves Management Plans are prepared. You will have a further opportunity to comment on the
drafts when they are released to the public.
Please send your ideas and comments to the:    Parks Manager                Ph:    03 219 9070
                                               Invercargill City Council    Fax:   03 217 5358
                                               Private Bag 90104            Email:
                                               Invercargill 9840
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                              Please return to the Parks Manager by
                              4.00pm Friday, 15 April 2011

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