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					                                        Pops Costumes List


Acappella Think of a “Tina Turner” look, in silver and gold (dresses, tops and
leggings or shorts)--nothing to revealing please! You can add appropriate accessories and please
find a pair of heels you can dance in too. If you are wearing a very short dress please treat it as a
top and wear leggings or heavy tights underneath it please.

Anchormen will need to find a light blue button up the front shirt, black pants and also a yellow
accent like a tie, an ascot, or suspenders. Black shoes (choir shoes will work)

Singer Girls in black dresses, red belts (a sash tie belt would be great) , red
accessories, and black shoes

Singer Guys in dress black pants, button up front black shirts, red accent
like (a tie, an ascot, or suspenders) and black shoes (choir shoes will work).

Treble Choir in white dresses, or white tops and white skirts, black shoes and
black accessories.

                                   Individual Group Numbers

Singers: You need to provide cat ears (and think tuxedo cat look) with mixed black/white or all
black, all white or all tan cats, etc. You can even mix orange and black. Here are some examples:
In black, tan or white leggings/tights, (or jazz pants), and a long sleeve tighter fitting crew neck
top (black, white, or orange) or a leotard. Or, a whole unitard with a fur vest over it, then add
some gloves, and black shoes (flat or jazz), socks (black and orange striped) or black and white
striped socks or just solid black or white socks… it depends on the look you are trying to
achieve! We will provide each of you with fur cuffs and fur collars!

Anchormen: Hoodie (must be black) sweatshirts, black pants, knee long black socks and
black shoes (can be choir shoes)or boots. We will provide all the rest! Most of your black top
will be covered up with the costume pieces we are providing!

Treble Choir: 1950‘s look. All girls must have a white or pastel color bandanna to tie
around your pony tail or your neck, and you could also have a handkerchief in your hand, (pastel
colors). You could do poodle skirts or capri pants with blouses, white tennis shoes ( keds shoes),
tennis sweater, pony tails....etc.

Accapella: Flapper look of purple, pink, yellow, or blue color dresses or tops and flapper
skirts that give the same look. Clorful (orange, blue, olive) stockings but they should be a
different color than your dress, or they can match your top if you are wearing a skirt and top.
Black shoes with little heels or character shoes, layers of long pearls/ beads look, and a sparkly
headband that goes around you forehead
                                          Closing Number

Choir uniforms, choir shoes and dark socks. Your hair pulled back away from your face, no

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