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									 On the Move
              Mark                             David
              Culhane,                         Meyer,
              Lithium                          Community
              Technolo-                        Bank of the
              gies                             Bay
               The Em-                        The Oakland
               eryville                       financial
provider of software            institution named Da-
that helps drive sales for      vid Meyer senior vice
retailers named Mark            president, and he will be
Culhane chief financial         working from the Danville
officer. Previously, he was     office. He served as a cli-
executive vice president        ent relationship manager
and chief financial officer     at Bay Commercial Bank.
at DemandTec.
              Drew Henry,                      Middleton,
              SanDisk                          Tendo Com-
             The Milpi-                        munications
             tas flash                         The San
             memory                            Francisco
             storage tools                     content
             provider ap-       marketing agency named
pointed Drew Henry senior       Steve Middleton vice
vice president of OEM           president of content mar-
marketing. Previously, he       keting. He is a founding
held executive positions at     partner at Alt., and a for-
Nvidia.                         mer executive at Publicis
              Hoberman,                        Michael
              Spin Trans-                      Morgan,
              fer Tech-                        Panzura
              nologies                        The San Jose
              The Fremont                     provider of
              developer of                    global cloud
magnetoresistive random                       storage tools
access memory technol-          appointed Michael Morgan
ogy named Barry Hober-          chief financial officer. Pre-
man chief executive offi-       viously, he served as CFO
cer. Additionally, he’s been    at Model N.
appointed to the board as
chairman. Previously, he                       Tobias
served at Crocus Technol-                      Nassif,
ogy as chief marketing                         Skybox
officer.                                       Imaging
                                              The Moun-
              Paul Inouye,                    tain View
              Moelis & Co.                    provider of
               The New          microsatellites and cloud
               York-based       services named Tobias
               global           Nassif senior vice presi-
               independent      dent of operations. He is
               investment       former vice president of
bank named Paul Inouye          satellite operations and
as a managing director. He      engineering at Intelsat.
will work out of the firm’s
new offices in Palo Alto.                      Philip
Previously, he held posi-                      Potasiak,
tions at Perella Weinberg                      Producers
Partners.                                      Forum
              Steve                           The Palo Alto
              Liddell,                        member-
                                venue for licensed real
               The mobile       estate sales professionals
               company          that provide tiered servic-
               that enables     es based on the member-
               businesses       ship level appointed Philip
to integrate services           Potasiak president and
appointed Steve Liddell         chief executive officer. He
chief executive officer, and    is former president at NEi
he will work from the San       Software.
Francisco office. He is for-
mer chief operating officer                    Al Sadler,
at Clearwire International.                    Panzura
              Chris Luo,                      The San Jose
                                              provider of
                                              global cloud
             The Moun-                        storage tools
             tain View                        named Al
             customer           Sadler vice president of
             loyalty            operations. He is former
             network for        vice president of opera-
local businesses named          tions at CloudShield Tech-
Chris Luo vice president        nologies and OpVista.
of marketing. He is former
global head of small and
medium business market-
ing at Facebook.

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