The Bet Characterization by karenmach


What does it say, what does it mean, why does it matter analysis of the characterization of the Banker in Chekov's THE BET.

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									The Bet—Characterization Analysis
 What does the text SAY?         What does it MEAN?         Why does it MATTER?
The banker, who was            The author tells the
younger and more nervous       reader the banker was
in those days, was             “younger and more           Example of DIRECT
suddenly carried away by
                               nervous” in those days.     characterization
excitement; he struck the
table with his fist and
                               Another example in this
shouted at the young man:
"It's not true! I'll bet you   passage of the author
two millions you wouldn't      telling the reader
stay in solitary               something about the
confinement for five           banker’s personality is
years."                        “suddenly carried away
                               by excitement”
The banker, spoilt and         The author tells the        This is an example of
frivolous, with millions       reader that the banker      DIRECT
beyond his reckoning, was      is “spoilt and frivolous”   characterization.
delighted at the bet.
"Think better of it, young     This passage shows the      This is an example of
man, while there is still      banker seeming to mock      INDIRECT
time. To me two millions       the young lawyer by         characterization. NOTE:
are a trifle, but you are
                               dismissively saying that    the significance of
losing three or four of the
                               the amount of money         INDIECT
best years of your life. I
                               the banker has is a         characterization is that
say three or four, because
you won't stay longer.         “trifle” and pretending     it requires the reader to
Don't forget either, you       to feel sorry for the       INFER something about
unhappy man, that              lawyer who is giving up     the character.
voluntary confinement is a     part of his life for this
great deal harder to bear      bet.
than compulsory. The
thought that you have the
right to step out in liberty
at any moment will poison
your whole existence in
prison. I am sorry for you."

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