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									5 Important Tips for a Green Kitchen Remodel

An attractive, well-designed kitchen gives a home beauty and life. However, all that “liveliness” might amount to the biggest energy drain in your home. Los Angeles general contractor says that the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 41.5 percent of a home’s energy consumption is from Lighting, refrigeration and cooking. The energy consumption is in addition to the regular kitchen activities like water heating, space heating and cooling. When remodeling your kitchen, you have a huge opportunity to improve your home's energy performance says Santa Monica kitchen remodel designer. It’s critical to consider the entire scope of your project and include things like energy efficiency, ecological benefits, accessibility and health considerations that will provide long-term cost savings and comfort. Los Angeles remodeling contractor recommends these top 3 ideas which will be helpful in creating a "green" kitchen: 1.) Energy-Efficient Appliances: When shopping for a refrigerator, dishwasher or vent for your kitchen remodel, remember to consider the price tags in store and what you pay for in terms of energy uses at home. Energy Star qualified appliances are equipped with advanced technologies that use almost 50 percent less energy and water than the standard models. 2.) Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors: Homeowners can find great savings ranging from $100 to $400 a year by replacing single pane windows which are Energy Star qualified. Windows and doors that use glass with solar shading can increase the room’s comfort and protects items from sun damage. 3.) Induction Cooktop: Induction cooking uses electricity to produce heat. The cookware and the food gets hot but the stove top doesn’t. Less heat is wasted and the food heats faster saving time and energy. Induction cooking is about 90 percent energy efficient. Who wouldn’t want greater savings and warm food faster?! The hard part about a green remodel is to decide just how "green" you want to be. You don't have to do everything green says room addition Los Angeles contractor, but anything you can do will help our planet.

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