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					                             TEXAS WOMAN’S UNIVERSITY
                                  PROGRAMS IN FASHION AND TEXTILES

                                           DEGREE REQUIREMENTS
                                            B.A. in Fashion Design

                        For Catalog Years 2009 – 2010, 2010 – 2011, 2011 – 2012

                      GENERAL CORE and CORE COMPETENCY REQUIREMENTS (45 Credit Hours)

COMPOSITION (6 hrs)                          NATURAL SCIENCE (6 hrs)                     MULTICULTURAL
ENG 1013 Composition I                       3 credit hours                              WOMEN’S STUDIES (3 hrs)
ENG 1023 Composition II                      3 credit hours                              3 credit hours

HISTORY (6 hrs)                              VISUAL AND PERFORMING                       SOCIAL SCIENCE (3 hrs)
HIST 1013 U.S., 1492-1865                    ARTS (3 hrs)                                ECO 1013 Microeconomics
HIST 1023 U.S., 1865-present                 ART 1303 Basic Drawing*                       or ECO 1023 Macroeconomics*

GOVERNMENT (6 hrs)                           COMPUTER LITERACY (3 hrs)                   ORAL COMMUNICATION
GOV 2013 U.S. Government                     CSCI 2433 Microcomputer App*                Completion at TWU of 2 courses
GOV 2023 Texas Government                                                                among FT 2403, FT 4033, and FT
                                             MATHEMATICS (6 hrs)                         4213 with documented success of
HUMANITIES (3 hrs)                           MATH 1013 Quantitative Literacy*            oral presentations, or SPCH 1013,
3 credit hours                               MATH 1303 Elementary Analysis I*            or BUS 3513

* indicates specific degree requirements

                                           REQUIRED ELECTIVES (9 Credit Hours)

ART 2223 Computer-Based Art                  ART 2303 Figure Drawing                     BUS 3113 Principles of Marketing

                                   MAJOR COURSE REQUIREMENTS (66 Credit Hours)

FT 1003     Design Development               FT 2403   Production Techniques             FT 4033   Fashion Portfolio
FT 1013     Design Construction              FT 3013   History of Costume                FT 4083   Global Dress
FT 1073     Textiles                         FT 3023   Career Development                FT 4213   Collection Design
FT 1083     Fashion Products                 FT 3043   Global Production                 FT 4303   Computers in Design
FT 2013     Fashion Sketching                FT 3103   Merchandise Planning              FT 4403   Tailored Design
FT 2033     Fashion Marketing                FT 3203   Quality Evaluation                FT 4603   Event Planning
FT 2113     Pattern Design                   FT 3403   Draping & Couture Tech.           FT 4966   Internship

                         Information about Bachelor’s Degrees from TWU and the State of Texas

    Complete a minimum of 120 semester credit hours with a minimum of 36 advanced hours (courses at 3000 or 4000 level).
    Complete a minimum of 25% of overall credit hours and 50% of advanced courses in the major and the minor at TWU.
    Thirty-six hours in the major must consist of upper-level courses.
    FT 3043 and FT 4083 must be taken to complete the University global perspectives graduation requirement.
    For application to the degree plan, a “C” or higher grade is required for all major, business, and math courses.
    Complete coursework with an overall GPA, TWU GPA, core curriculum GPA, and major GPA of 2.00 or higher.
    General core courses listed in italics must be taken with no substitutions allowed and no fewer hours allowed.
    Courses taken for a third time will be subject to out-of-state tuition.
    Any student who entered higher education in a Texas public college (a) before Fall 2006 and enrolls in more than 45
     hours beyond the degree plan, and (b) in Fall 2006 or thereafter and enrolls in 30 hours beyond the degree plan must pay
     additional tuition per credit hour.
    Students transferring into TWU “core complete” from a State of Texas public school are not required to complete the
     MultiWS requirement or the MATH 1013 requirement, but must complete 6 hours of Math prior to graduation for degree

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               SUGGESTED COURSE ROTATION, 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 DEGREE PLANS
                                     B.A. in Fashion Design
                     FALL                                       SPRING                                       SUMMER
                                                    FRESHMAN YEAR (30 hours)
FT 1003     Principles of Design Development    FT 1073      Textiles
FT 1013     Principles Of Design Construction   FT 2013      Fundamentals of Fashion Sketching
ART 1303    Basic Drawing                       FT 2113      Tech. of Pattern Design
ENG 1013    Composition I                       ENG 1023     Composition II
MATH 1013   Quantitative Literacy               MATH 1303    Elementary Analysis I

                                                  SOPHOMORE YEAR (30 hours)
FT 1083     Fashion Products & Industries       FT 3103      Mdse Planning & Control
FT 2033     Principles of Fashion Marketing     FT 3403      Draping & Couture Techniques
FT 2403     Production Techniques               ART 2223     Computer Based Art
ART 2303    Figure Drawing                      HIST 1013    U.S. History, 1492-1865
CSCI 2433   Microcomputer Applications          Humanities   3 credit hours

                                                      JUNIOR YEAR (33 hours)
FT 3013     History of Costume                  FT 3023      Career Development Strategies         FT 4966    Internship in Fashion Design
FT 3043     Global Production & Trade           FT 4603      Fashion Event Planning & Production
FT 3203     Quality Assurance & Textile Eval.   ECO 1013     Microeconomics
FT 4403     Contemporary Tailored Design         or 1023     Macroeconomics
GOV 2013    U.S. Government                     HIST 1023    U.S. History, 1865 to the present

                                                      SENIOR YEAR (27 hours)
FT 4033     Portfolio Development               FT 4213      Collection Design & Development
FT 4083     Global Perspectives of Dress        GOV 2023     Texas Government
FT 4303     Computers in Fashion Design         MULTI/WS     3 credit hours
BUS 3113    Principles of Marketing             SCI          3 credit hours
SCI         3 credit hours

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