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    William Obernesser
    LARGE PUBLIC SECTOR ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS                                    Mr. Obernesser joined PCG as a senior advisor in 2012 after several
    Mr. Obernesser is a senior consultant with more than 30 years of          years of successful collaboration with PCG on a number of projects.
    experience in helping large organizations make effective use of           In more than 16 years as an independent consultant, he most recently
    information technology. He specializes in federally funded health         was the lead information technology consultant for the start-up
    and human services systems developed and implemented for state            of the California Health Benefit Exchange, where he developed
    programs such as Medicaid, Health Benefit Exchanges, and multi-           portions of that state’s first Level I Grant Application as well as
    program integrated eligibility. He is a specialist in project planning    the strategy for acquisition of a system integrator to develop the
    and funding, vendor procurement and contract management, project          Exchange’s IT system. Previously, he provided oversight and advisory
    management and oversight, and large project review, assessment,           services to the state of California on its unique statewide, county
    and risk management. He has participated in engagements with              consortium-based health and social services eligibility determination
    public agencies in 19 states and with a number of large private           system. He also provided advisory services to such agencies as the
    sector organizations.                                                     Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services,
                                                                              California Department of Finance, Technology Oversight and
    EDUCATION                                                                 Security Unit, and the California Department of General Services.
                                                                              He was previously a vice-president with MAXIMUS, Inc., and a senior
    Mr. Obernesser received a BA (Honors) from the University of California   manager with Price Waterhouse.
    at Davis and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

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