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    Lauren Barton
    EXPERTISE: IV&V Services, IT Process Assessments                           EXPERIENCE
    Ms. Barton, a senior consultant at PCG Technology Consulting               Prior to joining PCG TC, Ms. Barton worked for the California
    (PCG TC), has more than 40 years of IT-related experience ranging          Office of Systems Integration as the Project Director for the Child
    from application development to data center and IT department              Welfare Services/ Case management System (CWS/CMS). In this
    management both in the private and public sectors. Since joining           role, she led replacement system development and legacy system
    the firm in 2010, she has provided Independent Validation and              maintenance and operations for the California Department of Social
    Verification (IV&V) services for California and Hawaii state projects.     Services (CDSS) statewide system for administration of County
    Her IT expertise includes technical, process, project and administrative   Child Protective Services. Prior to that, Ms. Barton was Assistant
    management end-to-end, from operations support to customer                 Director of the Stephen P. Teale Data Center (now California
    relationship management, service management and business                   Technology Services) responsible for management and business
    development. Ms. Barton is ITIL Expert certified and has delivered         development of all customer facing services (Mainframe and non-
    ITIL certification training as well as ITIL maturity assessments.          mainframe platforms, database services, eGovernment platforms,
                                                                               shared collaboration services etc.). Her background also includes
    As many of Ms. Barton’s projects have been in the health and
                                                                               several IT management and product management positions at
    human services field, she brings expertise in the area of publically
                                                                               Intel Corporation, pre-sales support and consulting for Digital
    subsidized health and human services programs such as Medicaid
                                                                               Equipment Corporation and teaching management and leadership,
    and Child Welfare Services (CWS). With the recent release of MITA
                                                                               communications and IT-related university courses.
    V3.0, Ms. Barton has delivered IV&V services on MMIS projects in
    California and Hawaii to implement systems compliant with the              EDUCATION
    new architecture guidelines. Ms. Barton is currently delivering IV&V
    services on projects for the California Department of Health Care          Ms. Barton holds an MBA and a BA in Communications Studies from
    Services and the Hawaii Department of Human Services.                      California State University, Sacramento, with extensive coursework in
                                                                               Organizational Development and Communications

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