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    Ken Wilmoth
    EXPERTISE: Technical Architecture Assessments                                   EXPERIENCE
    Mr. Wilmoth, a director with PCG Technology Consulting (PCG TC),                Prior to joining PCG TC, Mr. Wilmoth served as the technical project
    has more than 25 years of technical Enterprise Systems development              manager for Parole Leads Modernization project for the California
    and implementation experience. This experience is in both the private           Department of Corrections. His background also includes leadership
    and public sectors. Since joining the firm in 2010, with a focus on the         roles as Global Vice President of Information Technologies for
    technical aspects, he has led or participated in multiple public sector         a multi-national Semi-conductor company. Prior to this, Mr.
    project oversight engagements for the state of California. Mr. Wilmoth’s        Wilmoth worked both on the development and implementation for
    experience covers the entire spectrum of solution activities, including         numerous ERP implementations. His experience includes the design,
    project procurement, design, development, implementation as well as             development, testing, and deployment of most functional areas of
    ongoing maintenance and operations. This includes the creation and              Enterprise Resource Planning solutions.
    assessment of solution application and infrastructure architectures.
    As much of Mr. Wilmoth’s background is with the deployment of
    Enterprise solutions, he brings significant experience with all the technical
    aspects of large scale systems development and implementation. With
    the expansion of ERP systems into the public sector, Mr. Wilmoth has
    been focused on ERP solutions in and outside of the state of California.
                                                                                      To learn more about Ken Wilmoth            or other PCG
    Ms. Wilmoth is currently leading or participating in Independent
                                                                                      Technology Consulting Subject Matter Experts, contact us at
    Verification and Validation projects for Enterprise solutions for the
                                                                             or 1-800-210-6113.
    California State Controller’s Office, the California Public Utilities
    Commission, the California Department of Health Care Service as well
    as the joint Fi$cal project for the Department of Finance and the State
    Controller’s Office.

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