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    case study:
    Special Education Management, Progress
    Monitoring Software Development, Dashboard
    Portal Page Development

                                                                                 THE PCG APPROACH
                                                                                 PCG Education’s approach embraces the best practice of integrated
                                                                                 solutions. Our national experience affords us firsthand knowledge of how
                                                                                 school districts across the U.S. struggle with data quality issues when their
                                                                                 applications are not integrated. PCG Education offers a fully integrated
                                                                                 set of solutions to provide a more holistic picture of students’ educational
                                                                                 The IEP Online™ system provided GCPS with functionality for parent
    Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS), Suwanee, Georgia                      signature pages, doctor prescription forms, and other paper documents to
     •	 District type: large urban                                               be converted and stored electronically. Since implementing IEP Online™,
     •	 Total special education students: 17,617                                 GCPS has enhanced its application with many special customizations,
                                                                                 including its own discipline forms and behavior intervention forms.
     •	 Total student population: 161,000+
                                                                                 Data collected in STORI assists administrators with trend analysis,
    THE PROJECT                                                                  displaying students who are meeting and/or not meeting their objectives
      •	 Design and implementation of district-wide management                   before their attainment dates within their IEPs. Additionally, using
         system for special education                                            STORI data, administrators are able to determine if they need to assist
                                                                                 their teachers by offering alternative methods and/or approaches to
      •	 Design of district-wide progress monitoring data
                                                                                 achieve student success prior to the end of a reporting period. GCPS
         collection software application, including Functional,
                                                                                 district administrators are able to analyze their special education student
         Academic and Behavioral components
                                                                                 population achievements and areas of concern by district, school, groups
      •	 Design and implementation of a dashboard portal page                    of students, and by teacher. Teachers can judge their effectiveness in the
                                                                                 classroom and make adjustments to promote student achievement based
                                                                                 on the data gathered to monitor student progress towards objectives in
                                                                                 their IEPs.
    Gwinnett County Public Schools is the 12th largest district in the nation.   The PCG-designed dashboard portal includes a way to deliver training
    In 2003, PCG Education was selected by GCPS to design and implement          materials to all users, in video, PDF, and Word document formats. To
    our fully integrated, Web-based special education management system,         assist in compliance with eligibility and IEP meetings, upon login, case
    IEP Online™. The GCPS Special Education and Psychological Services           managers have a view of their caseloads, including a clear view of key
    department had a goal to make its Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)      timeline dates. To support the caseload view compliance, timeline-
    paperless. At the time, educators in the district either completed IEP       sensitive reports are available on the dashboard for staff members to
    documents by hand or through form-based computer software programs.          run on demand to maintain compliance with eligibility and IEP meetings
                                                                                 and testing accommodations. A calendar feature allows users to post
    In 2010, GCPS expanded its partnership with PCG Education to include a       upcoming events and communicate with GCPS support staff members
    software application development project called Student Target Objective     without leaving the dashboard. The dashboard also gives administrators
    Reporting Instrument (STORI). STORI would quantitatively assess and          a way to monitor server usage to negate any unexpected performance
    monitor achievement on a per student basis of progress made toward           issues and gives them instant notification if a server is not performing.
    objectives within the student’s IEP. GCPS also requested that PCG            Finally, the case managers’ data collection status per student is displayed
    Education design and implement a dashboard portal page to give users         on the dashboard so these staff members can keep track of student data
    one location for access to both IEP Online and STORI.                        collection.

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Case Study: Management, Progress Monitoring Software Development, Dashboard
Portal Page Development

GCPS educators now use a single integrated platform to support
special education management (IEP Online™) and progress monitoring
(STORI) programs. The integrated functionality enables GCPS to develop
individualized student plans and have the objectives from those IEPs
appear in STORI for data collection to provide progress monitoring for
student achievement. Additional efficiencies include minimized duplicate
data entry, simultaneous access to student records and data collection
by multiple users, and electronic, real-time stakeholder document review.

With IEP Online™, the district was able to streamline its process, improve
compliance levels, and provide access to data in support of student and
program decision-making. The integration of IEP Online™ and STORI has
given GCPS the ability to track effectiveness of interventions and support
in special education, leading to better resource planning and student
outcomes. Additionally, the dashboard portal page provides GCPS with
important compliance information, assisting them with critical timeline

“Please thank your team, a hundred times over, for their
willingness to deliver what GCPS needed. This will have a
dramatic impact on student learning and achievement, in
addition to teacher instruction. I look forward to moving
to Support and Maintenance and future projects with PCG.
This has been a great experience.”
Lori Hall - Instructional Support Center Team Lead
Gwinnett County Public Schools

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