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									Philippine Human Rights - Congress members

The human rights abuses in Tibet have captured the world's attention of late, but China is
hardly the only country with a less than pristine human rights record.

In the last two weeks, a congressional delegation from the Philippines has been in Canada
to raise awareness about human rights violations in that nation. Human Rights groups
accuse President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the Philippine military of being
responsible for the killing or abduction of hundreds of people, including left-wing
politicians, journalists and outspoken members of the clergy.

Later today and tomorrow, three Philippine opposition members will be appearing before
the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Human Rights, and two of them are with

Satur Ocampo is the President of the Bayan Muna, or "People First" Party. He's also the
Deputy Minority Leader of the Philippine's House of Representatives. And Luz Ilagan is
a Representative of the Gabriela Women's Party. They were both in Ottawa.

Philippine Human Rights - Ambassador

For the Philippine Government's view of the concerns that the opposition is raising, we
were joined by Jose Brillantes. He's the Philippine Ambassador to Canada, but he was in

Last Word - Paul Watson

As you may have heard on the news, Paul Watson -- the head of the Sea Shepherd
Conservation Society -- has posted bail for two of his group's members. They were
arrested aboard their ship, the Farley Mowat, over the weekend and accused of interfering
with the seal hunt. Mr. Watson paid half the ten thousand dollars bail in toonies and
accused the federal government of engaging in piracy, but not before Newfoundland
Premier Danny Williams called him a terrorist.

Of course, Paul Watson is no stranger to controversy or inflammatory rhetoric, but
stopping the seal hunt wasn't always so clear-cut a campaign for him. Several months
after he was voted off the board of Greenpeace -- an organization he helped found -- he
was interviewed by Barbara Frum on As It Happens. He suggested that the real reason
groups like Greenpeace champion the helpless harp seal is because it's an unparalleled

We left you this morning with an excerpt from that interview.
Listen to Part Three:

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CBC Radio interview with solons link (at the site please scroll to the bottom and press
"Play Part Three"):

Note from JC:

Below is a link to the CBC Radio's national broadcast of "The Current". It is an
interview with Satur Ocampo and Luz Ilagan, followed by a response (not very
convincing) by Philippine Ambassador to Canada, Jose Brillantes. When you get on the
page scroll down to part 3 at the bottom of the page and click on the play button. A short
classical music will start off the interview so please be patient.

If the link doesn't work, google CBC The Current and at the home page of CBC click on
"Whole Show blow-by-blow". Search for April 15 show.

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