What You Need to Know BEFORE Knee Replacement Surgery

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                        What You Need to Know BEFORE Your Knee Replacement Surgery
                                                                  By Mary Hanna

  Knee Replacement is pretty scary, but you can do it, especially if you are prepared! After you and
your Doctor have decided you need your knee replaced, it’s time to make preparations.

First and foremost, check with your insurance company to make sure which benefits you have. Find
out specifically how long they will allow you to stay in the hospital. Many insurance companies will
make you leave the on the fourth day after the operation and they may send you to a “rehabilitation
facility”, which in their jargon could mean a nursing home.

In my experience, I was transferred to the nursing home on a Friday. This meant I would not be
evaluated by their visiting physical therapist until Monday. Because of that, I declined from a 90
degree bend in my new knee to a 70 degree bend, in just three days. All my rehab in the hospital had
just gone down the drain and I had to start all over again. Just so you know, you will be working
towards a 125 degree bend after the Knee Replacement Surgery.

It is very important to know how the insurance company will deal with you before, during and after the
knee surgery.

Call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask the following questions:

* Find out with whom you are speaking, their position and their extension number.

* I want to know what benefits I have for a total Knee Replacement.

* Do I have skilled Physical Therapy benefits in the hospital where the surgery takes place for the Knee
Replacement? Yes or No? If yes, what are they?

* Do I have Rehabilitation benefits for the Knee Replacement? Yes or No? If yes, what are they?
Where may I go for the services?

* Do I have Rehabilitation equipment and supplies covered for the Knee Replacement? Yes or No? If
yes, what are they? Is there a co-pay?

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

* Do I have ongoing outpatient therapy benefits for after the Knee Replacement? Yes or No? If yes,
what are they? Where may I go for services?

* Do I have home therapy benefits after the Knee Replacement? Yes or No? If yes, what are they?
Which Home Health agencies may I use after the Knee Replacement?

To maintain your independence at home, after your Knee Replacement Surgery, buy a bar refrigerator
that will go on a table next to your bed. This will be invaluable when you do come home. Stock it with
water, sodas, milk, Jell-O’s and individual pudding snacks. Fresh fruit is also a good snack. Purchase
the 2 oz boxes of cereals and stack them beside the refrigerator. Put a large plastic drinking cup next
to the bed and weight it with a golf ball, which will hold plastic utensils, knives, forks and spoons (the
golf ball keeps it from tipping over). Use a plastic bowl for the cereal and throw it away when you’re
done. Bumblebee Tuna makes an individual lunch kit that comes pre-made with crackers and a little
wooden spoon.

These little things will help you feel independent by being able to get breakfast, snacks and an
occasional lunch on your own. It also gives your care giver a little break. I found that there were some
days that I had no appetite due to pain and/or medication so I kept a stock of Slim Fast or Boost in the
refrigerator for basic nutrition.

If you smoke, now is the time to stop or at least cut down. Smoking constricts your blood vessels
which is not a good thing when you’re going in for major surgery. If you tend to be a little over weight
try to lose a few pounds. A little less weight on a new knee joint means a little less pain. Okay, no more

Line up the people that will be helping you after your Knee Replacement Surgery and, believe me, you
will need them. If you can afford it, hire someone to come in for 4-6 hours a day. They will help you
get out of bed, shower and get dressed. They prepare your meals, help you with your therapy
exercises, keep you company and give your spouse or significant other, a break. Interview them now
and let them know what your timing is. Your church would be a good place to find someone, or if you
live near a retirement community, many times they have companions of their own that are looking for
some extra income.

This isn’t essential but I think wise. Donate two pints of your own blood in case of an emergency.
Make sure that this is completed at least a week before the surgery. You have to donate one pint per
week. If you are taking antibiotics wait five days before giving blood. The blood bank will give you a
card with the unit number on it that you present upon admission to the hospital.

 You will need Grab Bars put into your shower/tub (don’t use your towel bars). Put them in before you
have the surgery, installation is not that difficult and you will be grateful for the assistance over the next
couple of months. This is a major safety issue. Balance will be tough after your Knee Replacement
Surgery especially the first couple of weeks. You should buy a shower stool so you can sit while
bathing. Your doctor may supply you with a cast protector to keep your new knee dry.

Purchase three rubber mats, one for in the shower/tub and the other two to be lined up parallel outside
the shower/tub. You do not want to slip on a wet bathroom floor.

There is a product; a disposable body wash cloth, available that you can use to bathe in your bed.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

They can be placed in the microwave to be heated up and you can use them on days that you just
can’t face the shower. They come in packs of eight. While they say to use all eight for one bathing I
found that four were sufficient. Just close up the remaining four and use save them for the next time.

You will need a pair of slippers that cover the entire foot with a non skid bottom, flip flops are just too
dangerous. You will also need a pair of lace up shoes for stability.

Some other items that you may need are:

* TV with Remote Control

* Telephone/emergency numbers

* A night light for the bathroom

* Handi-wipes

* Bedside Commode/Toilet paper

* Tissues

* Dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste

* Bell to ring for assistance

Another suggestion is to clear all the pathways in your home. Scatter rugs and cords are often the
cause of falls, so are pillows and magazine. Remove articles from around the bed and chairs. Keep
your pets under control. A dozing cat or a playful puppy in the wrong area can cause accidents.

Please see my other article on what you need to know about the day of knee replacement surgery and
your rehabilitation.

Copyright, Mary Hanna, All Rights Reserved.

This article may be distributed freely on your website and in your ezines, as long as this entire article,
copyright notice, links and the resource box are unchanged.

Mary Hanna writes eBooks, Software Reviews and Practical Articles. Visit her websites at:
http://www.biaxininfo.com http://www.CruiseTravelDirectory.com All of the products recommended in
the article can be found at: http://www.MedicalCheap.com

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                                          Preparing For A Total Knee Replacement
                                                              By Daniel Sims

 In severe cases, total knee replacement surgery is used to resurface a person's knee, in the effort that
the new knee implant will mimic natural function and range of motion (ROM) of the knee joint.
Diseased cartilage and bone often times are removed in a total knee replacement surgery. The lower
end of the thigh bone (your femur), the upper end of your tibia (your shin bone and the poseterior
aspect of the knee cap can all be resurfaced in this surgical procedure.

How Should You Prepare for Surgery?

The total knee replacement surgery is important, but equally important are the actions you take before
the surgery ever begins. If you want to optimize your recovery, you should read the next section for
some key information.

It is important that you communicate with your physician and his/her support staff what devices you will
be needing when you are discharged from the hospital. Many times, your hospital may have a total
knee class you can take pre-operatively. At this class you can speak with nurses and therapists
regarding your various questions and needs. One key reminder about these recommended
products,....often times, you can obtain medical products online at much steeper discounts than you
would through conventional medical product vendors at the hospital. Keep this in mind!

It is important to note that you should analyze not only the potential benefits of a knee surgery, but also
the potential risks. A pre-operative coversation with your physician and his/her team will be very
helpful. Also, ask to speak with someone else who has undergone the same procedure with the same
physician prior to your surgery. Do yourself a favor and ask for this information. Physical aliments and
significant medical history such as fever and infections (etc.) should all be reported to your surgeon.
Medications you are taking and medications that you are allergic to are important to communicate to
your physician as well.

If there is a loss of blood, which can happen with any surgery, your physician may recommend that you
donate some of your own blood several weeks before your surgery. Your physician and his/her team
can instruct you about where and when you can donate blood.

Make sure the orthopedist performing the surgery is board-certified, which can be determined by
calling the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery at 919-929-7103.

Once your surgery takes place you will definately need support. Among the products that your
physician and his/her team may recommend is a post-operative hinged knee brace. The purpose of the
knee brace is to help stabilize your knee directly after surgery. This knee brace usually involves an
adjustable locking mechanism that can either help keep your leg straight, or allow for different degrees
of knee flexion. Usually, as you recover, your physician will allow for more knee flexion, but directly
after your surgery, the knee may need to be kept in pure extension (totally straight). It is important to
speak with your physician about the exact duration of wearing parameters and activity levels with
respect to your new knee brace as well. This post operative knee brace can be a great asset. The
DonJoy IROM Knee Brace can provide you the support you need in these instances, and via our
website, you can purchase this brace and save you several hundred dollars over that of a brace you

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                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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