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									30 June 2010
   Introduction
   Why Partnership
   Wounded Warrior
   Hiring Process
   Internship/Mentorship
   Work In Shop
   Transition to Government
   Medical Issues
   Success Stories
   Operation Promise
   Questions
   Chance to give back to
    service members
   Allow Wounded Warriors
    opportunities to develop
    valuable skill sets
   Help to build their
   Assist in their transition
    into civilian life
   Win-win situation
   Fill your
    ◦ New young personnel
      looking for a new
   Easy to hire
   Opportunity for
    transition to
    government service
   Limited Training beyond
   Someone who will put in solid
    8 hours
   Eagerness to learn
   Proven dedication

                              Most are high school
                              2-4 years in the service
                              Some prior experience
                               ◦ Jason (auto mechanic)
                               ◦ Brett (high school science
                                 project on robots)
   Coordinate directly WW battalions
    and transition coordinators at
    military hospital
   Interview and résumé from personnel
   Develop plan for transition

                            Coordinate with customer to
                             find best possible fit
                            Many have very short notice for
                            Contractor can hire on very
                             short notice
                               Opportunities for
                                active duty personnel
                                to learn new skills
                                while in recovery
                               Give them something
                                to do beyond PT.
                               Offer guidance along
                                the way

   Set up a three tiered program.
    ◦ Phase I – Non-paid intern positions open to all WW’s
    ◦ Phase II – Transition to the work place / college
    ◦ Phase III – Continuing support
   Opportunities to move
    personnel between shops
    to find the best fit for each

   May take several changes
    ◦ Alex (Dive locker to

   No union issues to move
   Test drive while in
    shop to make sure
    fits the qualifications

   Meet veterans

   Has experience in
    shop to meet entry
                                Meet physical challenges
                                TBI issues
                                Put in structured
                                Specific goals and tasks

   Allow time for medical
   Adequate work setting
    according to personal
   Jason Carter    Mechanic, overhauling small diesel engines.
   Rich Gilbert    Training department, revising desk guides
                     and standard procedures. Running cableway
                     inspection course. Attending college
   Mike Johnson    Mechanic, Engineering/QA part time to
                    support going to college in Engineering
   Tre Felts        Mechanic, logistics support in the
                     engines production family .
   Ufrano Rios      Mechanic, working in flex hose shop.
   Mike Pacheco     Mechanic, working in flex hose shop.
   Meliek Bussey    Tech, working in the optical and night
                     vision shop.
   Alex Guzman Started in Dive Locker and ROV support moved
                  to the Test Equipment section as the induction
                  coordinator. Moved on to college.
   Sean Carlin   Maintenance Coordinator I, Completed
                  qualification and hired by government as Ship
   Brett Sobaski Mechanic, transitioned to Northrup Grumman
                   to work on UAV program.
   Joshua Peterson Mechanic, overhauling small diesel engines.
                    Left to go home to Michigan.
         Mission Statement:

•To provide support and supplemental
care to the caretakers and families of
wounded warriors, recovering in the
area, through partnerships with local
companies, agencies and non-profits.
   Up and coming non-profit sponsored by ESSential
   Focused on supporting and meeting the needs of
    caregivers of Wounded Warriors recovering in the area
   Challenging the community of San Diego to provide
    their support
   Primary areas of focus:
    ◦ Childcare – providing affordable, reliable, and
      convenient childcare
    ◦ Employment/Internships– Job database, fill gap in
      résumé, help financially
    ◦ Education – Discounted tuition rates, help applying,
    ◦ Recreation/Relaxation – Spa days, massages,
      acupuncture, tickets to events, etc.
    ◦ Continued Support – Mentoring, social network,
      redirecting to other services
   Jim Blasko - Senior Vice President &
    General Manager FES Sector
    ◦ jblasko@epsilonsystems.com
    ◦ Cell (619) 756-3105
    ◦ Office (619) 702-1700 ext 201

   Kristin Placey- Operation Promise Project
    ◦ kplacey@epsilonsystems.com
    ◦ Cell (207) 837-4284
    ◦ Office (619) 702-1700 ext 134

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