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									Pack performance
 Leadership lessons in team working

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Pack performance –
Leadership lessons in team working

The need for team working is
increasing as organisations seek
to respond to business
One of those challenges is the
winning and retaining of profitable
customers. It’s an issue that’s
increasingly difficult as markets
become more competitive,
products increasingly similar and
customers seek suppliers that
offer added values and efficiency
gains in the areas of pre and post
sales service. To respond
effectively businesses need to
directly involve departments that
deliver these services, many of
which would be outside the
traditional sales channels. For
these cross-departmental groups
to deliver the service in a
                                      Wolf packs owe their survival to team-working but not all characteristics are desirable in human teams.
coordinated, proactive and
customer oriented way requires an     Why wolves?                                   Conversely, there are also features
appreciation of the importance of     Whilst people around the world                of their behaviour such as:
teamwork and the knowledge and        have very different opinions on               • fighting for leadership
skills to run and participate in      wolves there is a common                      • hierarchies based on fitness
successful teams.                     understanding that their success                  and aggression
                                      and survival is due to the                    • in-fighting
The second challenge relates to a     exceptional level of team working             that should be avoided if human
drive for greater efficiency, cost    that they exhibit.                            teams are to perform well.
reduction and profitability. As
businesses focus on customer          Clearly there are aspects of wolf
processes and embrace lean            packs such as:
thinking it becomes apparent that     • a clear social structure
the major inefficiencies are often    • allocated responsibilities
found between the existing            • collective success or failure
functional areas or departments.      • a nurturing attitude
Improving business performance        • an ability to adapt size and
means ensuring these connections         roles in the pack to the
work well, putting pressure on           environment and challenges
managers to look for ways to build       faced
cross-functional teams that can       that are also characteristic of high
operate effectively across            performing human teams.
operational areas.
Workshop summary                    Workshop outcomes
Productive and proactive teams      Drawing upon parallels with           Target group
are an essential part of the        nature, this workshop explores the    Managers and supervisors with
success of modern organisations.    principals and skills needed for      responsibilities for teams
When teams work well they deliver   successful team working.
more than the sum of their          Delegates will:                       Course duration
members knowledge and skills        • Have an awareness of the            One day
and can deliver new solutions and     alignment and mismatches
increased levels of performance.      between performing packs and        Price
This can only be achieved if          performing teams                    £250 per person
managers and participants           • Recognise and understand the
understand how to set up and          five stages of teamworking
manage teams for maximum              (storming, forming, norming,
performance.                          reforming, adjourning)
                                    • Through observation and
Using “Lessons from Nature” this      discussion understand the need
unique and memorable workshop         for leadership and ownership in
considers wolf packs as an            teams based on integrity and
example of team working, and will     trust
explore the way teams work.         • Through observation and
Participants will have the            discussion understand the need
opportunity to observe wolf pack      for clearly defined roles in
behaviour, consider which             teams, characteristic roles team
behavioural characteristics are       members might have, and the
desirable in human teams and          requirement to adapt roles to
which we should recognise and         the changing situation
avoid as destructive.               • Understand the difference
                                      between proactive and reactive
                                      team working
                                    • Leave the workshop with tools
                                      for quick assessment of the
                                      performance of their current

                                    We will also explain how Festo
                                    Didactic Training & Consulting can
                                    support your own reflective
                                    learning processes after the event.
Workshops in the Lessons from    About Lessons From Nature             About Festo Didactic
Nature Series                    There is much that can be learned     Festo Didactic has been training
                                 from the natural world to help us     clients for over 40 years and is
Don’t Just Feed Me Chicken –     understand the modern business        able to assist them in meeting
employee engagement              environment and how to deal           their business objectives by
                                 with it.                              providing support in a number of
                                                                       areas that include:
                                 Lessons from Nature is a series of    • Management development
                                 short workshops that link key         • Communication skills
                                 business issues to an aspect of the     development
                                 natural world to provide              • Team development
                                 innovative, interesting and           • Technology & applications
Horse Whispering –               memorable experiences that            • Process development &
leadership lessons in coaching   stimulate new ideas and help to         re-engineering
                                 develop new skills.
                                                                       It has a full time workforce of over
                                 Should participants wish to           200 and operates in 70 countries
                                 continue their personal or            worldwide. Each year, it manages
                                 business development as a result      more than 230 consultancy
                                 of attending a Lessons from Nature    projects and runs more than 2,900
                                 workshop, each workshop is            open courses in 31 languages,
Winds of Change –                supported by a range of               involving some 42,000
change management                related training or                   participants.
                                 consultancy services
                                 from Festo Training and

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