2009_sep_21_ombudsmen_response by KylieFowler


									        Office of the 1 it Ombudsmen
                         Te Tari-o-Nga Kaitiaki Mana Tangata

OurRef: C10867
Contact: Letitia Parry

21 September 2009

Ms K Fowler
322 Gore Street
Bluff 9814

Dear Ms Fowler

On 24 July 2009 you requested three items of information from the Chief
Executive Officer of Invercargill City Council about the Bluff Community
Charitable Trust. You received a response from the Council, including a copy of
a legal opinion on 24 August 2009. The Council refused your request on the
grounds that the Bluff Community Charitable Trust is not a Council organisation
and as a result the Council did not consider the requirements of the LGOIMA
covered this organisation. In the response you received from the Council it was
suggested that you could obtain the information from the Charities Commission.
Enquiries have been made of this Commission and I have been told that it does
not hold the information you requested for the 2007/2008 financial years.

Ombudsman David McGee has taken up an investigation of your complaint about
the Council's refusal to provide you with the information you requested. Your
complaint has been notified to the Council and I have asked for a report. I will
write to you when a response is received.

Yours sincerely

Letitia Parry
Acting Assistant Ombudsman

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