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									Mesothelioma and the effects of Asbestos
Support Groups

Once you start researching you should have a few options
available to you in your local area.

The first place to start is your doctor's office. The staff will be able to point
you in the right direction in your
attempts to find mesothelioma support groups in your area. Hospital social
workers are well-versed in helping
individuals find the community programs that they need for their specific
conditions. You may find a great source
of information through and social workers in your
The local newspaper is another great source for finding organizations in your
area. There is often a section in the
paper dedicated to health related issues. If you search through that section you
may find the information about local mesothelioma support group meetings close
to home.
            The American Cancer Society offers a plethora of information and support for
            individuals with all kinds of cancer-
            related conditions. Your local chapter should be able to help you find
            mesothelima support groups in your location. This is one of the most valuable
            resources that you will come across in your search.

            Many individuals who are ill find attending public meetings too difficult at
            times. These people may want to seek
            out mesothelima support groups that meet online. These organizations offer
            helpful information but you may not get the one-on-one personal interaction
            that many people would like.

            Finding mesothelima support groups for your condition may seem like an
            overwhelming task but there is help out
            there if you look. Hopefully, your doctor and hospital social workers will aid
            you in your search. If you find that you need to conduct further research start
            looking online start with and The American Cancer
            Society is a great place to start.

Travis Mullins

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