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									         Price Increases with Negative Gearing

Negative Gearing is a type of lose which a person can suffer while he is
dealing in real estate market. real estate market is a place where people
deal with property and property involves a huge amount of money and
many a times it happens that the person may not have so much amount to
deal in property so he would take a loan for a institute or a bank or a
personal loan or could be anything and in this the person might suffer from
negative gearing. Now what is negative gearing actually? Negative
gearing is a type of lose.

When a person takes a loan to buy a property but when he goes to sell the
assets that he bought against the loan the asset value is not as much as
the amount of the loan and the interest it is less than that, that is the loss
which is incurred on the person who took the loan as he has to pay the loan
and also the interest and the surplus amount he has to pay from his pocket.
There is only one way of dealing with this and that is when the property or
the asset is sold when the price increases.

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