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Live Webinar on
Fundamentals of the Family and Medical Leave Act

 Date: Thursday, December 20, 2012
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  Instructor: Kenneth A. Sprang                                                 Duration:     60 Minutes

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 Of the many government regulations affecting employers and employees, the one with which
 covered employers will deal regularly is the FMLA. The statute has been amended in the last few
 years and new regulations are in the works.

 In addition to being certain to comply with the FMLA in allowing employees up to 12 weeks of
 unpaid leave (and in some instances substantially more), employers need to make informed
 decisions regarding the structure and implementation of FMLA.

 Careful planning of your administration can help to reduce abuse of the leave benefit by
 employees. This webinar will explain details of the benefits provided by the FMLA, suggestions
 on administration of the FMLA, and suggestions on preventive steps employers can take to
 reduce employee abuse.

 Areas Covered in the Session:

     l   Overview of the FMLA
     l   Who is Covered By the FMLA
     l   Implementation of an FMLA Plan
     l   Administration of the FMLA
     l   Preventing Abuse of FMLA Leave

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     l   HR Directors
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     l   Persons administering FMLA leave
     l   Personnel involved in labor and employment matters

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