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									                                     Web Videos Production

Technologies have come down right to our doorstep. A few decades ago, only the rich could afford to
own a computer and even less people can use one. Presently technological innovations have invaded
every element of our everyday life. The internet, in particular, has had unprecedented relating our way
of life whether it is communication, business transactions, education and a host of many other areas.
One sector in which the internet has had a lot impact is media. The media is moving away from
common areas such as television and radios. Nowadays the internet has turned into a place to
showcase your media and to enjoy what other individuals have created.

Web video production is the emergence of the online world as a global media center where
information and facts can be shared with millions of people within seconds. Web videos are brief video
clips that are uploaded on the internet by people, organizations, businesses or companies for a
particular objective. There are various online video hosts on which individual or business videos can
be posted usually at totally free. Probably the most well-known web video hosts today are YouTube
and Vimeo. The video clips can also be posted on social sites like Facebook, on a blog or on a specific
internet site.

Web video production is different from the convectional type of video production for music and films.
This is because it requires very simple equipments to shoot the video. However, it is vital to produce a
quality video particularly if it is for advertising campaign purposes. Here are a few factors to take into
consideration when creating a video.

a) Length- Many online users have very short attention spans and will most likely not have the
patience to sit through a long video. So keep your online video short at maximum it should not go
beyond five minutes.

b) Script- Most of the people never put effort into the words said during the clip. Prior to shooting the
clip, sit down and plan what you're going to say. If it is a business video plan, the entire scene and
workout it. It's better you write down word for word the entire script.

c) Shooting equipment- If you're planning to use the clip for advertising then go for a proper camera.
It does not have to be a Hollywood type video camera, just something simple which is not a phone

d) Lighting and sound- Prepare the location of the shooting. Make certain that lights are standard
and suitable for the scene. For the sound, ensure that there's no echo and that the audio quality in all
the scenes in the same clip is the same.

e) Where to post it- once you complete creating the video clip, edit it and then post it on an online
location where lots of people will view it. This can be YouTube, Facebook or your blog site.

As soon as you post your video clip, it is good to observe its status. If it is not getting enough views
then you may want to change the keywords used to name it.
Web video production is rapidly growing to be a useful and cheap communication and advertising

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