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									Food in Colonial America
3rd Grade
George Hall Elementary
Food in American:
Colonial Times & Present Day
   Colonists got their food            Today people get most
    from several places:                 of their food from a
    ◦ People who lived on the            supermarket , store, or
      coast often caught fish and        farmer’s market.
                                        Many people hunt or fish
    ◦ Farmers grew crops like            for some of their food.
      wheat, barley, corn,
      tobacco, corn and rice.           Some people grow
      They would trade with              vegetables or fruit in
      others in the town.                their garden.
    ◦ Families raised pigs, goats,
      cows, and chickens.               Most farmers sell their
    ◦ People would hunt wild
                                         food to big companies
      animals and gather fruit           that process and sell
      from the wild to eat.              their food at the grocery
Food in American:
Colonial Times & Present Day
   Colonial Breakfast                     Breakfast Today
    ◦ Eaten early in the day if you         ◦ Eaten first thing in the
      were poor and later in the              morning.
      day if you were rich.                 ◦ Varies from house to
    ◦ Early settlers rose early               house.
      and went to work on their             ◦ Coffee, tea, milk or juice
      chores, then ate breakfast              are usually served.
      when they finished.
                                            ◦ Some people eat cold
    ◦ Many people ate cornmeal                cereal , breakfast bars, or
      mush, porridge, molasses,               toast.
      and cider.
                                            ◦ Larger meals are also eaten
    ◦ Richer people ate bread,                and may include: eggs,
      muffins, toast, fruit pastries,         bacon, sausage, pancakes,
      cold meats, and butter.                 etc.
Food in American:
Colonial Times & Present Day
   Colonial Dinner                     Lunch (Present Day)
    ◦ Mid-day meal (early                ◦ Served at or around noon.
      afternoon).                        ◦ Lighter meal for most.
    ◦ It was the biggest meal of         ◦ Wide variety of foods
      the day.                             served, but could include
    ◦ Stews(with meat, corn,               something light such as
      cabbage, and other                   soup, sandwiches, fruit, or
      vegetables) were served in           salad.
      trenchers or on a piece of
      hollowed out bread—then
      the bread was eaten as
      part of the dinner.
    ◦ Puddings, pies, fruit, nuts,
      salads, gingerbread cake,
      spice cake, and cheese
      were served in wealthier
Food in American:
Colonial Times & Present Day
   Supper (Colonial Times)              Dinner/Supper
    ◦ Some people did not eat             ◦ Main meal of the day.
      supper at all.                      ◦ Served at the end of the day.
    ◦ If supper was eaten, it was a       ◦ A variety of things are
      light meal served at the end          served for this main meal.
      of the day.
                                          ◦ It usually consists of more
    ◦ Made up of leftovers and              than one course, and may
      eaten before bed.                     include: appetizers, salad,
    ◦ Many people ate gruel or              main course, side items like
      pudding (boiling water mixed          vegetables and a starch, and
      with oats, Indian cornmeal,           dessert.
      or some other grain).
    ◦ Roasted/boiled potatoes,
      eggs, and other egg dishes
      were also served at
Colonial Food
 Colonial food was made from things that
 were readily available including: grains,
 wheat, certain fruits, meats (if you were
 wealthier you ate meat more often),
 cheese, eggs, molasses for sweetening
 (because sugar was expensive and hard to
 get), nuts, and salt. A lot of different spices
 were not used because they were hard to
 get and cost a lot of money.
Examples of Colonial Foods
 Hasty Pudding
 Boiled Potatoes
 Dried Apples & Other Fruits
 Brown Bread (sweetened with molasses)
 Molasses Cookies
 Tapioca Pudding
 Egg Pie (served for dinner)
Examples of Colonial Foods
 Onion Pie
 Beef Stew with Vegetables
 Hot Apple Cider
 Homemade Butter
 Goat’s Milk
 Mush (oats or other grains and hot
 Boiled Potatoes with Salt

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