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					Ho me            Pets Fo r Sale       Map

 Pe t s
Do gs
Ferrets                              Pet Shop Tweed Heads South
Guinea Pigs                          Welcome to our website Pet Shop Tweed
Hermit Crabs                         Heads South (Perfect Pets) has been
Mice                                 operating for over 20 years.
News                                 We are a family owned and operated business!
Rabbits                              The o wners have changed but the co ncept
Rats                                 remains the same.
Uncatego rized                       We sell a wide range o f: Small Animals (Do gs,
                                     Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Rats and Mice),
                                     Fish (Go ldfish, Tro pical and Cichlids), Birds
 Re ce nt Po st s                    (Finches,     Quails, Budgies, Lo vebirds and
                                     Co ckatiels).
Alexandrine & Green Cheek
Co nure Fo r sale at Tweed
So uth Perfect Pets
                                     We also sell sensible housing
Maltese/shihtzu/silky Pups fo r      solutions
sale at Tweed So uth Perfect
Pets                                        Cages fo r birds, rabbits, guinea pigs,
Maltese x Shih Tzu Pups at                  rats, mice and ferrets
Tweed So uth Perfect Pets                   Enclo sures fo r reptiles
Peachface/lo ve birds fo r sale at          Aquarium tanks fo r fish
Tweed So uth Perfect Pets

Tweed So uth Perfect Pets
Baby Budgies fo r sale at Tweed   Pet Food Available Tweed Heads
So uth Perfect Pets
                                         A wide range o f fresh Bird seed
 Page s                                  Rabbit & Guinea Pig fo o d including Lucerne and Vitamin pellets
                                         Rat & Mo use fo o d
                                         Fish fo o d fo r all varieties o f fish (fresh and fro zen)
Ho me
                                         Reptile fo o d fro zen and fresh varieties fo r Snakes, Lizards & Turtles
  Privacy Po licy
Pets Fo r Sale                    Pet Medication Available in Tweed Heads
                                  Medicatio n is also available fo r do gs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and Ferrets when a vet is no t necessary. Flea
                                  and Tick treatments, wo rming tablets and arthritic are available.
                                  We do stress the abso lute need fo r vet assistance fo r mo re co mplex issues.

                                  Pet Toys and Treats
                                  Do g treats, to ys and brushes are always in sto ck. Bedding includes beds, replacement co vers and litter if
                                  Bird seed is so ld in any quantity to suit yo ur individual needs. We reco gnise the need fo r quality fresh
                                  ingredients to keep yo ur pet bird healthy.
                                  In sho rt, Pe t Sho p Twe e d He ads So ut h Perfect Pets tries to cater fo r mo st o f yo ur pet essentials, with
                                  quality, ho nesty and fair prices.

                                  Our Pet Store Video
                                  Please view o ur sho rt pet sho p video belo w and see so me o f o ur beautiful pets that have been fo r sale just
                                  recently! They really are ado rable!

                                  Re lat e d art icle s

                                         To p 10 Mo st Po pular Pets (supperpets.wo m)
                                         VIDEO: Visit a guinea pig village in Ho lland ( m)

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Description: Pet Shop Tweed Heads South (Perfect Pets) Call 07 5523 1623 Right opposite the Mall and has a wide range of beautiful happy pets! See you today!