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Technology in
the Learning
Date of Observation:
June 27, 2011

School Observed:
Saint Michael’s College
                  Group Six

Student Observers:
Saddam Bazer
Honey Swiert Larayos
Filipina Liquigan
Nasphia Malawani
                              Group Six

Target Competency

1. Identify resources that facilitate teaching
and learning processes

2. Classify resources that facilitate teaching
and learning process
                                   Group Six
   Learning  Resources available at the
      school according to location

           Learning                  Where to Find

Chemistry /physics lab     Marian Building 4th floor
General science/ biology   Marian Building 4th floor

AVR                        Marian Building 1st floor

Speech Lab                 Marian Building 1st floor

Library                    Assumption Building 2nd floor
Science Lab
Science Lab
Science Lab
Speech Lab
Speech Lab
                                   Group Six
             Learning                   Where to Find

Gymnasium                     Saint Joseph Building

Computer Lab                  Marian Building 1st floor

Creative Enhancement Center   Assumption Building 2nd flr.

Research Hub                  Assumption Building 2nd floor

Kids Area                     Assumption Building 2nd floor

Instructional Media Center    Assumption Building 2nd floor

Kiddies Activity Center       Assumption Building 2nd floor
Computer Lab
Computer Lab
Creative Enhancement
Kids Activity Center
Kids Activity Center
Instructional Media Center
Instructional Media Center
                       Group Six
Learning resources classified
according to their functions and
  Instructional    Characteristics         Functions

 Power Point      Audio visual       Teaching aid, word
                                     and object

 Science          Manipulative       Interactive learning
 apparatuses                         For experiments,
                                     hands on learning

 Science models Manipulative         Visual representation
                                     of concepts
                                      Group Six
  Instructional    Characteristics            Functions

Audio and video   Audio visual        Enhancement of
tapes                                 subject matter/lesson
                                      i.e. history, literature,

Speech cubicle    Oral/audio visual   Interactive,
                                      enhancement of
                                      speaking skills,
                                      correct pronunciation,
                                      grammar, etc.

                                      Content support
Books             Visual
                                      For graphical
Maps              Visual              representation
                                    Group Six
 Instructional    Characteristics         Functions

News papers/     Visual             To update learners to
Magazines                            current information
                                     and events

Computers        Audio visual       Computer based

Research hub     Audio visual       Computer literacy
                                    Educational research

Creative         Wide and fully     Workshop area for
enhancement      equipped with      dancing,
center               audio visual     acting, etc.
                                      Group Six

   Instructional    Characteristics          Functions

Kiddies Activity   Wide, colorful, well For enhancement
Center             ventilated, full of  of motor skills and
                   manipulative toys socialization
                                         among pre-
 Saddam Bazer
Remembering the different learning resources that we
have observed in Saint Michael’s College Basic
Education campus is such an amazing feeling, amazing
because somehow it shows me the real picture of what
a learning environment really is. A learning environment
that is full of various learning resources such as
laboratories (computer, physics, chemistry, and etc.),
learning centers, creativity areas, play rooms, and etc.
that could respond to the aspirations of the learners and
teachers, develop learners’ skills and
abilities (cognitive, psychomotor, and affective),
and create psychological climate for the learners
which could support and help teachers to attain
their intentions, goals, and objectives in order to
have a beneficial effect or successful learning
outcome. With these observations, I have come to
realize that indeed learning resources have a great
impact on students’ learning (growth and
development) particularly to the elementary
learners for it could help them see, feel,
manipulate, hear, and taste the concepts (from
basic to complicated things) that they deserve to
And that as future educators, we need to
discover these things for we never know where
are we going to teach in the future (public or
private) and somehow we could adapt it and find
ways and means to innovate it (in a cheaper
way) in order to apply it in the future teaching
learning process because I believe that teachers
are imaginative and creative in utilizing any
available instructional material, after all according
to Hargreaves and Fullaw, “it is what teachers
think, what teachers do, and what teachers are …that
ultimately shapes the kind of learning that young
people get”.
Filipina Liquigan
Upon entering Saint Michaels College, I didn’t
expect that this would be one of the unforgettable
observations that we have done ever since we having
our Field Study. The school was nice and wide that it
may occupy their enrollees there. They have
laboratories there for the students to perform in the real
scenario. They have their amazing library that they will
use when they have something to look for. Aside from
those amazing views, we also observed classroom which
enhances our knowledge and skills in teaching.
I mean techniques that can be used in the near
future. As I go back to what we have observed,
teacher should be creative and innovative that we
have to reuse that visual materials that we’ve been
using in the past lesson. It is our responsibility to find
out what is going on with the students in the
classroom, we have the opportunity to guide
students’ discoveries, and learn a great deal in the
process. Also one of the roles that a teacher carries
is to encourage students in the issues that bother
them about school in their personal life.
It could make a big difference in the student’s life if
he/she is lift up to keep going and to not let
anything put us down.

Honey Swiert Larayos
  As my professors in English subjects would always say,
"We cannot teach what we don't have and what we
don't know. Student teachers who are likely to become
teachers in the future should always put in their minds
that learning always starts with the teacher." Upon
reflecting to this idea and reminiscing the things we
have seen and experienced upon visiting the Basic
Education Department of Saint Michael's College, I
could say that, I'm way too excited to teach and yet
there are still lots of things that I need to know, to
understand and apply. My college days were way too
Concepts and theories kept on adding up in my
head, yet I felt like something important is lacking.
Then I realized that I was craving for true to life
experiences, an application to the concepts of
teaching to the real classroom scenario. I find field
study subjects vital avenue for us student teachers
to see what our life would likely be if we pursue
teaching as our profession. When I get to realize the
idea that learning starts with the teacher, I could
imagine the burden on my part as becoming one
someday. I will be very honest to say that I’m
literate when it comes to computer use but when it
comes to uploading videos, sound clips and
making discussion in Prezi format, I find it very
challenging to do. I know that there are so many
Things that internet and advance technology of the
21st century could offer to the success of teaching
Learning experience yet there is so much learning
and practicing that is left for me to do. I have to
learn, I have to adjust and I have to be proficient
with technology for I am soon to become a
teacher. At SMC, during my high school years, I
could see that our teachers really loved their work
for they don’t stop to where the book could
only offer.
I remembered that in our Economics class we
Seldom stay in our classroom. Our Economics
Teacher invited us to a field trip inside the school,
we discussed under a tree. The setting may not be
familiar, but the important thing is we learned.
When we give reports, we don’t present it inside the
classroom instead we proceed to the Audio Visual
Room and do the reporting with power point
presentation. We even do role playing and talk
show for this subject. In our Filipino class our teacher
made us draw our favorite chapters in El
Filibusterismo and then we present our work to the
I could only imagine how my teachers have come
into those ideas, maybe because they were really
creative and they are seeing effective avenues of
teaching beyond the classroom. And now, the
school never ceases to innovate the resources that
they have and update it with the latest trend in
technology. Especially in the primary years, pupils
will likely have greater retention to what is taught to
them when teaching is presented in way that it
captures their curiosity and attention and when
senses are used. That is why we have the idea “fun
in learning.”
In this way I could say that even though teachers
are the best instructional media, still we cannot
deny the fact that teacher alone isn’t enough, we
need the different learning avenues that learning
resources could offer. Some concepts and contents
in the subjects we are teaching needs
demonstration, graphical and auditory
representation to make teaching and learning
easier. Now the bottom line of all the things I have
Realized on that day is this, “Teachers, being the
catalyst of learning should see teaching beyond
the things provided to them.”
As future teachers, we should seek or even make
opportunities to make learning become fun-filled and
relevant to our learners. As productive mentors it is
important for us to know our learners and take note of
their weaknesses and strengths in order for us to
develop lesson plans and use instructional materials
that will fit to the kind of learners that we have. We
should always remember that the learning resources
that each school provides is intended for better
learning of the students, we should use it and make the
best of the things that it could offer. If ever we face a
scenario of limited resources then it is our responsibility
to indulge our mind into creative and productive
thinking for us to develop learning aids from available
Nasphia Malawani
  "Learning starts with the teachers." This is the
phrase that we should not forget as a future
educator. As an education student we have
learned that teaching profession is not that easy,
that teacher is the most crucial role, and that
teacher is a character and education builder.
Visiting or shall we say observing the Basic
Education Department in St. Michaels College
shows the real picture of my dream school. They
have lots of updated learning resources that help
The teachers and learners make schooling life easy.
But in a real life situation majority of the schools
here in Philippines don't have such learning
resources. Visiting the school does not just
introduce me the learning resources and its use but
also somehow shows me the difference between
public and private school. It warned me that
public is far low tech to that private school. It made
me realize that being flexible, imaginative,
creative, and resourceful is all what we need to
have learning resources that can be competed to
the other high tech gadgets/learning resources.
We can recycle and innovate things, and we can
use real objects that can be seen in our
environment. There’s a lot of way of making
learning resources for the learners to meet the
objectives of a lesson. I believe that teachers don’t
have the right to reason out that he/she is not an
effective teacher just because of lack of learning
       Group Six

God Bless

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