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									Real Birthstone for Month of May Is Emerald

Emerald is traditionally the birthstone for the people born in the month of May. It is basically a
mineral beryl variety and has eighty percent hardness on the mineral scale of the same. The stone name
is derived from the old French and Middle English word Esmeraude (TM). The stone has a mention in
various Persian and Latin religions and cultures and is graded for personal use, based on the color, cut,
clarity and crystal.


Emerald is green in color due to the traces of Chromium and vanadium. The crystal characteristic is
synonymous with the transparency it possesses. It is a less tough variant of the mineral beryl and
appears in hues that range from yellow to blue forms of green. Emeralds are usually medium to dark
toned green in color.


                                   Ancient people preserved and used it as a symbol for love and
                                   everlasting youth. The phenomenon of rebirth was also related to
                                   the use of the rich green emerald. People believed it made the
                                   wearer predictive of the events. Women were believed to escape
                                   epilepsy and also get rid of other illnesses with the use of this
                                   stone. The Mughalâ’(TM)s inscribed texts on them and used them as
                                   Talismans for love of the stone. The Emeralds great reserves and
                                   presence have been found in the Roman and Egyptian empires and
                                   their findings.

True significance

Memory and intelligence are the attributes which Emeralds bestow upon the wearer. It signifies
richness and is known to refresh the sight of the gazer.

Benefit on the wearer

The wearer of Emerald, if born in the month of May (Birthstones for Month of May), happens to
experience its effects in a more powerful manner. The benefits on the wearer can be seen with a great
difference in his or her speech intellect and memory. The wearer is a wiser person and has intuitive
powers based on which he can correct certain events. The mentality and the analytics of a person are
affected for the good. The wearer if weak on these terms benefits the most. Emerald is concerned
with giving the wearer the ability to handle delays, depressions and disputes. They help the wearer to
behave in good conduct when in disharmony. The stone also gives the wearer good decision making skills
and protects them from thefts.

Usually a May born person is hasty and thus benefit from the stone if he or she belongs to professional
fields such as writing, music, politics, teaching etc. It is also suggested that people from the business
environment too wear Emerald as it brings in good commissions and profits. The stone being related to
mercury is also beneficial for people who have speech impairments like stammering and lisping. It is
suggested to minimize loss, fraud, cheating and treachery in life for which it is suggested mostly to
people in from business backgrounds. The wearer of emerald also benefits in love and generosity from
wearing this stone. It is known to provide health, wealth and happiness to people born in the month of
May as well as people belonging to certain sun signs like Gemini and Virgo.

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