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Civics and Economics Review Book _2


									Civics and Economics
   Review Book #2

This Book Belongs To:
Marbury versus Madison in Action

                                          Judicial review                              Case that decided it
A teacher leading a school prayer         Constitutional     Unconstitutional

Burning a U.S. flag                       Constitutional     Unconstitutional

Setting aside college slots for African   Constitutional     Unconstitutional
The death penalty for people              Constitutional     Unconstitutional
convicted of murder
Using evidence in court that was          Constitutional     Unconstitutional
illegally obtained by the police
A principal searching a student           Constitutional     Unconstitutional
without a warrant
A student wearing a rainbow ribbon        Constitutional     Unconstitutional
to promote gay rights

Match the part of the Constitution with what it means:

Preamble                                                    Constitution is the highest law

“We The People, do ordain and establish…”                   legislative branch

The Supremacy Clause                                        goals of the U.S. government

The Necessary and Proper Clause                             gives Congress implied powers

The Full Faith and Credit Clause                            judicial branch

Article I                                                   executive branch

Article II                                                  popular sovereignty

Article III                                                 all state records (marriage certificates, driver’s licenses) must be
                                                            Recognized by the other states

Philosophers that Influenced the American Political System
1688: _______________________ philosophy of government rejects the divine right of kings; rather,
every person is entitled to certain natural rights: life, liberty, and property. Locke believes it is the duty
of the government to protect these rights.

1748: _______________________ believed government should be divided into three branches and that
each branch should place limits on the other.

1762: _____________ most important work is ‘_____________’ that describes the relationship of man
with society.

1776: ____________________ said it was “Common Sense” to break away from England!
Name the fraction……….what do they pass?

       1/2 plus 1
What is in a Name?

Acronym       What does it stand for      What do they do?





D of HS







Let’s Party……………………..what kind of system is it?

                                                  One political party controls everything
                                                  Are their differences of opinion? ________
                                                  Do people get to say what they believe? _______
                                                  Are people afraid to be honest? __________
           One Party System
                                                  Two political parties debate issues and come to a resolution
                                                  Is it often hard to decide what to do? _________
                                                  Do people get to discuss issues freely? _______
                                                  Name the two parties in the U.S.__________________________
                Two Party System
                                                  Many political parties exist
                                                  Do many candidates exist? ________
                                                  Is there a lot of candidates to research? _________
                                                  Are too many choices overwhelming?____________
                                                  Do you get to know a candidate well?_________
Multi Party System

                                          Where Does Your Vote Go?

  A person casts their ballot at                                    The votes are then sent to the
        their ________                                                    ______________

                                   Volunteers count the returns
                                      and send the results to

Elections! ELECTIONS! Elections!

Can vote a straight or a split ticket                    Primary                  General
Narrows down candidates for members                      Primary                  General
of a certain political party
Must be registered with a political party                Primary                  General
Can vote for members of both parties                     Primary                  General
Can be open or closed                                    Primary                  General
Occur on the first Tuesday after the first               Primary                  General
Monday in November
People choose government officials                       Primary                  General
Steps in a Criminal Trial

                •Bail is set                                                                     •Two lawyers
                •Make sure                                                                        become
                                                            •Person enters                        adversaries
                 defendant has
                                                                                                  and argue the
                 a lawyer                                    a plea
    H____                                    A_____                                   T______     case
                •Person is                                  •Guilty or Not                       •The jury must
                 informed                                    guilty                               come to a
                 what the                                                                         unanomous
                 charges are                                                                      decision

What Type of Law is It?

Written by the legislative branch                               Statutory    Administrative     Common
Judges make decisions                                           Statutory    Administrative     Common
Use precedents                                                  Statutory    Administrative     Common
Criminal law                                                    Statutory    Administrative     Common
Civil law                                                       Statutory    Administrative     Common
Made by government agencies                                     Statutory    Administrative     Common
Passed by the Environmental Protection Agency                   Statutory    Administrative     Common
Passed by Congress                                              Statutory    Administrative     Common
Government regulations                                          Statutory    Administrative     Common
Acts, statutes, and ordinances                                  Statutory    Administrative     Common
Passed by the General Assembly                                  Statutory    Administrative     Common

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What you gonna do? What police agency does this?

Investigates treason, espionage, and counterfeiting

Gives speeding tickets

Has the largest jurisdiction in the U.S.

Has the smallest jurisdiction in the U.S.

Runs county jails and serves warrants

Solves conflicts outside the city limits

Called in to assist investigate murders and rapes in N.C.

Investigates most crimes
Identify which U.S. Amendments correspond with the following court cases:

Furman v. Georgia __________                                Gideon v. Wainwright __________
Mapp v. Ohio __________                                     Miranda v. Arizona __________
Gregg v. Georgia __________                                 New Jersey v. TLO __________
Tinker v. Des Moines ________                               Engle v. Vitale __________
Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeir _______                               Brown v. BOE __________

Read the passages to decide which Supreme Court case it is referring to:

1. “Lawyers in criminal cases are necessities, not luxuries!”
2. “I am a victim of “reverse discrimination!”
3. “OK, so I confessed, but I didn’t know what I was doing!”
4.”My principal searched my purse because I was caught smoking in the bathroom!”
5. “We wear these armbands to protest the war!”
6. “I am exercising my freedom of speech by burning this American Flag!”
7. “There is no place for mandatory or voluntary prayer in school!
8. “I am an American citizen! Don’t lock me up in an interment camp!”
9. “The death penalty is now reinstated.”
10. “I don’t want to be bussed to school!”
11. “I, President Adams, do hereby appoint these judges . . . “

Order in the Court!! Order in the Court!! Order in the Court!!
There are ______Supreme Court Justices in the US __________
__________. They are ____________ by the President and must be approved
by the ___________. They serve for ___________. The powers of the
judicial branch are in the _____________ under Article__ . One of the most
powerful Chief Justices was ________ ___________. He helped to
establish the principle of ____________ _____________.

What factor of production does it match with?

   1.   Machines                                         Land       labor    capital   entrepreneur
   2.   Natural resources                                Land       labor    capital   entrepreneur
   3.   Money                                            Land       labor    capital   entrepreneur
   4.   Robots                                           Land       labor    capital   entrepreneur
   5.   dentist                                          Land       labor    capital   entrepreneur
   6.   Farmer                                           Land       labor    capital   entrepreneur
   7.   Manager                                          Land       labor    capital   entrepreneur
   8.   stockholder                                      Land       labor    capital   entrepreneur
Law and Courts Terminology Review:
     1. Term: A court ruling in an earlier case: ________________________________________
     2. Term: A formal accusation of a crime, issued by the grand jury: __________________
     3. Term: Procedures established by law and guaranteed by the US Constitution:
     4. Term: The criminal act of printing lies about others: ____________________________
     5. Term: $$ paid to the court by an accused person to guarantee that he/she will appear
     In court for trial: __________________________________________________________
     6. Term: Court order guaranteeing a person who is arrested the right to appear before a
     Judge: ____________________________________________________________________
     7.Term: An earlier model upon which judges may base decisions: __________________
     8. Term: The lowest levels of courts of the federal judiciary: _______________________
     9. Term: The power of the Supreme Court to say whether any federal, state, or local law
     is “unconstitutional:”_____________________________________________________
     10. Term: The written opinion by a justice who disagrees with the majority’s decision:
     11. Term: Court calendar: ____________________________________________________
     12. Term: An opinion by a justice who votes with the majority, but for different reasons:
     13. Term: Send a case back to a lower court: _____________________________________
     14. How many Supreme Court Justices are there? ________________________________
     15. How long do Supreme Court Justices serve? _________________________________
     16. Term: Less serious crimes: ________________________________________________
     17. Term: People who are being sued: __________________________________________
     18. Term: Serious crimes: _____________________________________________________
     19. Term: To reduce a criminal’s sentence: ______________________________________
     20. Term: people who file lawsuits: _____________________________________________
     21. Term: protects people from being tried twice for the same crime: ________________
     22. Term: Procedure in which accused is formally charged and enters plea:
     23. Term: Person convicted of a crime serves sentence at his/her house: _____________
     24. Art. I: Forbids punishing a person w/o a trial/hearing: __________________________
     25. Art. I: Police must explain why accused is being held: __________________________
     26. Art. I: Bans people from being punished for an action that was not illegal when the act was
     committed. __________________________________________________________
     27. Term: The govt. may not take our lives, liberty, and property away w/o proper legal
     procedures: _____________________________________________________________
     28. Term: a vote of “not guilty:” ________________________________________________
     29. Term: a court that reviews decisions made in lower district courts: _______________
     30. Term: a system of law based on precedent and customs: _______________________
     31. Term: to question a witness at a trial to check or discredit the testimony:
     32. Term: A jury that cannot agree on a verdict: __________________________________
     33. Term: A court’s authority to hear and decide a case: ___________________________
     34. Which Amendment guarantees the right to sue in a civil court? __________________
     35. Attorney is another name for a ____________________________________________

   1.   WHAT TYPE OF GOVERNMENT DOES CUBA HAVE? ___________________________
   2.   THE UNITED STATES IS A _____________________________________________
   4.   THE VIRGINIA HOUSE OF BURGESSES WAS THE FIRST EXAMPLE OF A ____________________________________________
        IN AMERICA.
   5.   A CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY HAS A ________________ AND A _______________.
   6.   _______________________ IS THE ABSENCE OF GOVERNMENT.
   7.   A ______________________________ IS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME AS A REPRESENTAIVE DEMOCRACY

Fill it in!
1. When two or more people are unable to settle their dispute, a ____________________
lawsuit occurs.
2. “Tort Law” is fancy talk for ____________________ lawsuits.
3. In North Carolina, Sheriffs are ____________________ in county elections.

Legal or Illegal????
A. A court order requires police to bring a prisoner to court and explain why they are holding
the person.
A. = ___________________________________ Legal or Illegal?
B. Laws that make an act a crime AFTER the act has been committed.
B. = ___________________________________ Legal or Illegal?
C. Laws that punish a person without a jury trial.
C. = ___________________________________ Legal or Illegal?

The right to a lawyer                        Texas v. Johnson
Protection from illegal search               Tinker v. Des Moines
Organized school prayer                      Gideon v. Wainwright
Flags can burn!                              Mapp v. Ohio
Arm bands are a form of speech               Engel v. Vitale

Art. I ____________________________ Branch _____________________ laws.

Art. II ____________________________ Branch ______________________ laws.

Art. III ____________________________ Branch _______________________ laws.

Colonies Matching:
1. Committees of Correspondence                         Wrote the Declaration of
2. salutary neglect                                     Tax collected on documents and

3. Boston Massacre                                      Effective line of communication
                                                        between 13 colonies

4. Proclamation of 1763                                 King of England

5. Stamp Act                                            Nationalism

6. Thomas Jefferson                                     French lose claims in North

7. George III                                           Group of men who protested

8. Sons of Liberty                                      Deadly confrontation between

9. Devotion to one's country                            Limited westward movement

10. French/ Indian War                                  Policy: not regulating the colonies

T/F: If false, tell why.

1. The Proclamation of 1763 temporarily closed the door to colonial settlement west of the Appalachians.

2. Colonists opposed the Stamp Act because it was the first attempt of Parliament to tax them directly.

3. The Tea Act closed the port of Boston to all shipping.


Classify the following British laws. Mark M if it was designed to make money, P if it was meant to punish
the Colonists, and A if it had another purpose.

1. Sugar Act ______________________

2. Tea Act _________________

3. Stamp Act ______________________

4. Coercive Acts ____________________

5. Quartering Act ___________________

APPLY. Which principle does each statement refer?
1. New laws to protect children from internet scams __________________________

2. F.B.I., NC State Patrol, the Fayetteville Police Department __________________

3. The President vetoes a bill from Congress __________________________________

4. The President lied under oath _____________________________________________

5. Because no branch is to be trusted, the government is divided into 3 parts


6. Federal income tax, NC income tax, county property tax ____________________

7. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches ______________________________

8. Citizens vote to allow a lottery in North Carolina ___________________________

9. Congress, President, and Supreme Court __________________________________

10. The Congress declares war, not the President! ____________________________

                                            N.C. Either . . . Or!
Select the best answer

1. Which of the following Supreme Court Cases deal with school busing and desegregation?
   a. Brown v. B.O.E, Topeka, Kansas       b. Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg B.O.E.

2. Which term describes the N.C. Governor rejecting a bill passed by the NC Legislature?
   a. Veto                                    b. Override

3. What is the N.C. legislature called?
   a. Assembly of North Carolina              b. General Assembly

4. Which of the following is found at the local level of government?
  a. Representative                              b. Councilman

5. What are the three provisions in the 14th Amendment?
  a. Due process, citizenship, suffrage        b. Due process, citizenship, equal protection

6. Which level of government is responsible for regular garbage collection?
  a. State                                      b. Local

7. What is annexation?
  a. Government takes private property for public use
  b. Government takes over unincorporated land

8. How many counties are in N.C.?
  a. 100                                        b. 50

9. How many state senators are there in N.C. legislature?
  a. 100                                        b. 50
10. Which agency would be responsible for investigating child abuse cases?
  a. Department of Mental Health Services     b. Department of Social Services

11. Teresa sees a pair of Sketchers priced at $55 but pays $59.18 at check out. Why?
  a. She has to pay an excise tax                  b. She has to pay a sales tax

12. Which of the following defines citizenship?
  a. 14th Amendment                             b. 15th Amendment

13. How are term-limits and judicial review connected?
  a. They are checks on public official power   b. They tend to sustain state corruption

14. Which of the following is true about the N.C. District Courts?
  a. They hear cases from lower courts and review legislation passed by the General Assembly
  b. They hear misdemeanor criminal cases as well as minor civil suits

15. Which type of city government uses the mayor in ceremonial duties only?
  a. Mayor-Council Plan                      b. Council-Manager Plan

                                                 N.C. Fill-in
Fill in space with the best answer

1. The introduction to the N.C. Constitution is called the _________________________.

2. The N.C. Constitution divides N.C. government into three branches:
__________________________, _______________________, _______________________

3. The N.C. legislature consists of _________ houses: the House of Reps and the Senate.

4. Division of power between the national, state and local government is called _____________.

5. The ____________ have/has the power to approve or reject amendments to the N.C.

6. Each branch of N.C. government can limit the power of each other by a system of __________

7. The _________________________ has the power to pass statues, or laws that apply statewide.

8. Misdemeanor crimes are tried in ____________________ court.

9. The ________________is the smallest political subdivision of N.C.

10. Laws and regulations passed on the local level are known as ______________________.

11. The sheriff is a(n) ____________________ position in the _______________________.

12. The ________________is a hired position for public safety in city government.

13. A government that serves people in cities or towns are called ______________________.

14. Local governments in North Carolina spend the most money on ____________________.
15. In N.C., the _________________________ approves charters.

16. Cumberland County Schools wants to build 5 new schools, but doesn’t have the money to do
    it. They will get the money to build by selling _________________.

17. The Council of State is/are _________________ positions, the Cabinet is/are
    ________________ positions.

18. __________________ tax is a charge on a person’s income.

19. __________________ tax is a hidden charge, like on gas and alcohol.

20. The legislative body of a county consists of _______________________________________.

        Which government am I?
   1.    I am the leader of cuba. I make all of the decisions and have total control.
   2.   The result is chaos because there are no rules and no one is in charge.
   3.   I am Larry Shaw of Cumberland County. I make decisions on behalf of the citizens.
   4.   All citizens vote on all issues. _________________________________________________
   5.   My position is inherited and I rule until I die. _____________________________________

Issues and Solutions at the Constitutional Convention:
Issue: Should slaves be counted toward population?
Solution: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Issue: How should states be represented in Congress?
Solution: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
____________ Houses
_____________________________________________ based on population
_____________________________________________ equal representation
Issue: How should the President be chosen?
Solution: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Can You Name that Document?                                                 Written by Thomas
                                                                            Paine to persuade
                                        Last attempt for a
                                                                            the colonists to
  List of grievances sent to            peaceful resolution to
                                                                            break away from
  the King                              the Revolution
                                                                   Shays’ Rebellion would show the
                                                                   weaknesses of the Articles of
  Series of essays written by          1st Constitution of the     Confederation and this document
                                       United States               would replace the Articles
  the Federalists to support
  the ratification of the

                                                                  Written by the Pilgrims in 1620
                                                                  and established a direct
                                                                  democracy in America
 First 10 amendments            Written in 1215 and limited the
 of the Constitution            power of the British monarch
 that describes the             and established rule of law
 rights of citizens

Federalist or Anti-Federalist: use a red pencil to circle what belongs to the Federalists and
a green pencil to circle what belongs to Anti-Federalists

Wrote the Federalist Papers to support the
ratification of the Constitution

Alexander Hamilton, ben Franklin, and
james Madison

Would not support ratification of the
Constitution unless a Bill of Rights was

Wanted a strong central government

The constitution was sufficient in
protecting citizen’s rights

Thomas Jefferson, Samuel adams, john jay

The constitution took too much power from
the states
                                 EITHER OR . . . Circle the Best Answer!

1. Which of the following in considered the plaintiff in a court case?

      A. The person being sued       OR    B. The person who files the lawsuit

2. Which type of jurisdiction does the US District Court have?

      A. Appellate                  OR           B. Original

3. Which of the following has a jury sit in judgment?

      A. US District Court          OR           B. Appellate Court

4. What is the view of the U.S. Supreme Court justices who support a ruling on

    a case called?

      A. Majority Decision          OR           B. Concurring Opinion

5. What is another name for one of the regional federal courts of appeals?

      A. District Court             OR           B. Circuit Court

6. In the U.S. Supreme Court, a written opinion that supports the majority

  decision of the Court, but offers different reasons for reaching that decision

  is called?

      A. Dissenting Opinion         OR           B. Concurring Opinion

7. Which of the following describes authority of a court to hear arguments in a

   case and to decide that case for the very first time?

      A. Original Jurisdiction      OR           B. Exclusive Jurisdiction

Criminal Cases:

   1. A person ________________ of a crime may be ______________________ if the police have a
      ______________________ issued by a ___________________________ if the police have
   2. The accused must be _____________ their _____________ Rights and must have an opportunity to
      call a _____________________________.
   3. The case goes to the initial hearing where _______________________ is reviewed and the defendant
      enters a _______________.
   4. A ______________ is set and the _________________ takes place.
   5. A _________________ verdict may be _____________________ to a ________________ court.
Criminal Case Procedure:



           Supreme Court Case                  Description

                                Students have the right to go to the
                                school near them—separate, but equal is

                                Students must be bussed to integrate the

                                Students can be searched if there is a
                                reasonable suspicion.

                                Not all speech is protected in school—no

                                Black arm bands as a means of protest is
                                allowed in school!

                                School administration can limit speech in
                                school newspaper!

                                Recitation of prayer in school is a no-no!

                                The 14th Amendment applies to adults
                                and young people!

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