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     Autism and spectrum disorders are complex things with no simple analysis or treatment regimen. Autism is a
     brain disorder which affects 1 out of every 150 people in the United States and is usually diagnosed at a very
                                                 early stage of a child.
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                                                    Autism - Living With Autism
                                                            By Rachel Evans

    Do you know children affected with autism find it difficult to communicate and to become
socialized? There are two notions about the existence of autism. One thought is that autism is due to a
bio-chemical imbalance, and the other notion is it is a psychological disorder. The autism-affected
children seldom communicate with others except to fulfill their needs.

Autism spectrum disorders can be called an umbrella term since it covers classic autism, pervasive
developmental disorder (PDD), and Asperger’s syndrome. Autism can be termed a spectrum disorder
as the intensity and the number of the symptoms of autism differs from person to person. Autism
causes impairments in the people in three areas: social relationships, communication, and restricted
patterns of behavior. The spectrum of autism can be classified as severely affected, less able, and
dependent on others. This also includes persons with above-average intelligence and independence,
but lacking social skills.

Autism sufferers lack a proper response to social and environmental stimulations. The affected child
would be in a separate world. The child’s communication will be very minimal and he will not be able to
communicate his emotions and feelings properly.

Malabsorption is the most common problem noticed in autism. Autism sufferers experience structural
compromise and chronic gastric inflammation in the digestive tract. The intestinal absorption is delayed
due to intestinal inflammation. The specific symptoms of autism are restricted behaviors and interests
and this is even seen towards the food choices. Self-limited and restricted diets are highly noticed in
the autism condition, which may cause deficiency in one or more essential nutrients.

The commonly occurring deficiencies in the children suffering from autism are Vitamin-A, Sulfate
deficiency, calcium deficiency, B12 deficiency, High copper: zinc ratio, etc.

There are numerous treatments available to cure the autism condition in children. Initially, nutritional
supplements are offered to the child suffering from autism. This might be followed by behavioral
training. In general Vitamin B12 is given as a supplement. The behavioral change noticed in autism
can be improved by giving suitable educational therapies, where the child is motivated to give good
response to the environmental and social changes promptly.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

Although it is easy to say that educational therapy is good for autism patients, the children found
difficult in learning the task, and they will intercept the process and show aggressive behavior to other
people to avoid learning any new task.

In order to improve the autism behaviors, Magnesium in the form of injections are given to the autism
sufferers. Within 2-4 weeks of administration of Vitamin-B12, autism behaviors can be reduced within 2
to 4 weeks. It can take more than 3 months for some children to respond with Vitamin-B12. The autism
child with speech problems can be treated with Dimethylglycine (DMG) for better results. DMG will
improve the immune system of one’s own body. Moreover, this improves frustration tolerance and eye

For negative attention-seeking behaviors of autism, it is advisable to eliminate the behavior by giving
attention to desired behavior rather than the negative behavior.

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                                                Understanding Autism In Children
                                                              By Rachel Evans

 Do you know autism affects male children four times more than female children? The characteristic
feature of autism in children includes non-verbal and impaired verbal communication. In addition to this
the autism in children creates imaginative social interaction and activity. Infantile autism in children
develops at about 30 months of age. Autism in children is a condition in which they find it difficult to
build normal relationships with others. This can easily be diagnosed by disturbances normal
characteristic behaviors.

It has been found that autism in children is occurring at a rate of 4 in 10,000 children. Moreover, autism
in children is considered a lifelong disease. The occurrence of the disease ranges from mild to severe.
In mild form, the child with autism can live independently, whereas in severe form the autism requires
medical supervision and support throughout his/her life.

The risk factors and causes of autism include viral infection. Viral infection, mainly rubella virus during
the first term of pregnancy, may predispose the occurrence of autism in children. Genetic, traumatic
and infectious factors are the physical bases considered to be the main culprits for the occurrence of
autism in children. In early stages, it has been considered that the autism in children is mainly induced
by the parents, but it is not true.

Autism in children can occur in two forms: Patients exhibit the symptoms of autism within the first few
months of life, or the child would be apparently normal up to 18 to 24 months of age, and then the
symptoms would occur suddenly.

The symptoms of autism in children include nonverbal and verbal communication skills, along with odd
facial expressions and speech difficulties. The language used by the children in the autism is often
immature, unimaginative and not concrete. The language will be stilted in nature. Keep in mind that all
of these symptoms may not be present in all children with autism.

Children with autism can also be less aware of stimulus in the external environment. In some cases,
they are unable to recognize their parents after the first few months of life. Autism in children can lead
to toilet training problems. The autism in children can hamper the child’s ability to smile and show
emotion and can end with behavioral abnormalities, such as walking on tiptoe, tantrums, unpredictable
behavior, strange postures, staring at hands, and rocking.

They may also prefer playing alone, remain aloof, and become segregated from other children. Autism
in children may cause the affected child to become obsessed with one action or topic, and extreme
confrontation to change of any kind. The children with autism may want to set a separate environment
for themselves and also may establish their own behavioral patterns.

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