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									December 2nd, 2012                                                                                            Published by: robertdorsey

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                                                                     Sadly Dick and Jane might not be particularly effective at MLM
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  Creator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF,             So you have to go find one or two more people and since you
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                                                                     you will have to place these new recruits UNDER, say either,
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                                                                     Or perhaps you will place one under Fred and the other under
                                                                     Sally. Either way you need to find a spot for them.

MLM Binary Compensation
Plans Explained                                                      Now what’s MLM Binary Spillover?
December 2nd, 2012

                                                                     Your two new sign ups went into the down-lines of Dick and
         MLM Binary Compensation Plans Explained                     Jane and that is simply what binary spillover means. You
                                                                     have helped them build their business by giving them the first
You will need to be aware of an “MLM binary“ compensation            people in their downline.
plan so you are able to choose the right MLM company for your        This is one of the huge advantages of the MLM binary plan and
home based business.                                                 if you have an active up line, this may be happening all of the
So you think you’re ready to start your new MLM marketing            time and may help you to build your leg of the business.
business and you have done your homework.                            But, you do not stop there. You still need to continue to
Then when a person talks with you about the compensation             sponsor and recruit huge amounts of people and still keep
plan they mention the term MLM binary and you scratch your           balancing the two legs of the plan with the right people because
head! What does this mean?                                           most plans only pay a commission when the product volumes
You are not the only one to be confused. Most MLM
compensation plans are incredibly difficult to understand            You can enjoy a large amount of spillover, but you’ll only be
unless you happen to be good at math.                                compensated when you keep adding new people to each leg.
MLM binary programs, fortunately, are a few of the simplest
to comprehend.
                                                                     “MLM Binary” – Plan Your Work And
                                                                     Work Your Plan
So What is an MLM Binary Plan?
                                                                     So this is one of the preliminary points you should understand:
As we all know binary means two. So in this plan everything
comprises of two.                                                       • It is not a question of whether MLM binary is right for
                                                                          you but the big issue is how are you able to market your
When you start your new MLM business part of that business                business effectively?
will be to find two other people who will want to join you
in your opportunity, and so you’ll go out and find those two            • You must have a plan in place to promote your
people first.                                                             opportunity and your produce.
After you sign these two people up they’re going to be what is
                                                                     What type of budget do you have for advertising and selling?
called your front line.
                                                                     Have you thought about employing a lead generation system,
Because you are working in a binary program you can only hire
                                                                     which by the use of attraction marketing should help to
two other marketers and those two can only hire two each as
                                                                     explode your business.
well. That’s it. Only two.
                                                                     Have you thought about leadership, because your downline
So now you have hired two others into your front line, let’s call
                                                                     will look to you as a leader and coach so that you can assist
them Dick and Jane. If they follow the plan, Dick and Jane
                                                                     them in achieving the results they so desperately need in their
can then go out and sponsor two more people and so on, and
                                                                     own businesses?
everybody gets rich and achieves their goals.

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December 2nd, 2012                                                                                        Published by: robertdorsey

These questions are very important and must be addressed,
because really it’s not the MLM binary compensation plan that
is so important; it is how you approach your business.
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